Best Gift Ideas For 13 Year Old Girls

We know it can be tough coming up with creative gift ideas for 13 year old girls. With these gifts, you’ll score major cool points.
At 13, your little girl is finally all grownup and her gift choices will reflect that she is now officially a teenager. Makeup, jewelry, nail polish, and glittery stuff, are things she is going to love.

Most girls at this age love money, but coming up with a gift idea that she loves will surprise her even more. For a girl, becoming thirteen is a big deal so anything with a little sentimental value would be great.  To find the best gift ideas, we decided to make life easier and ask teens what’s on their wishlist. All of the following gifts are things that 13 year old girls said they want or are extremely popular in 2015.

For The 13 Year Old Adventurer

So she loves the wind in her hair? Here are great gift ideas for 13 year old girls who can’t get enough of the thrill for adventure.

Swagway Self Balancing ScooterSwagway Self Balancing Scootercheck price

Could anything be cooler than a self balancing scooter? The Swagway is the number one wished for item on every 13 year old girl’s Christmas wishlist. It’s like a Segway without the handles. It just looks so super cool and is so fun. Because who has time for walking when you can stroll around in style at up to 12MPH? Anyone with this will literally be the coolest kid in town. Go get your swag on!

GoPro HERO+GoPro HERO+check price

Just about everyone wants the Go Pro Hero, but it’s way too expensive. This super popular wearable video camera lets girls capture all of their coolest adventures while skateboarding or biking. This year Go Pro has come out with an entry level version that won’t break the bank. The best part? The Go Pro Hero+ gives you the exact same video quality as the more expensive ones. It is only missing the built in screen, but with the built in Wi Fi you can stream the video to your phone.

Penny Graphic Complete SkateboardPenny Graphic Complete Skateboardcheck price

For some major street cred, the Pennyboard is awesome. With just one kick, you are skating down the street effortlessly. Even beginners won’t believe how smooth and easy to control this thing is. The coolest part? Offered in several designs, these designs are a throwback to the good old days of skateboarding back in the 1980s. These skateboards are worth every penny.

Atom Drop Through LongboardAtom Drop Through Longboardcheck price

Are you looking to feel something different? Forget skateboards! With a 40 inch wide curved deck, this longboard not only looks sick but it goes super fast downhill.

Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232check price

Riding a bike and being safe will never be the same. The Monkey Wheel Wheel light creates a stunning light display on your bike wheels. With over 40 patterns to choose from flowers to cross bones, people in their cars may want to slow down just to check you out.

EnergyFlux Hand WarmerEnergyFlux Hand Warmercheck price

When you love spending time in the great outdoors, you may need a little help to keep the chill at bay. The Energy Flux hand warmer does just that. With an amazing 6 hour run time, simply flip a switch and your hands get warm. The best part? It also doubles as an usb charger for your phone.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro 3-in-1Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro - 3-in-1check price

This is no ordinary flashlight. The Buckshot Pro is a portable speaker, phone charger, and flashlight all in one. With a rugged design, it’s the perfect hiking buddy.

iGotTech Texting GlovesiGotTech Texting Glovescheck price

Teens know that it’s a pain to take off your gloves to use your phone when it’s cold outside. Now you don’t have to with these texting gloves from iGotTech. Their made of conductive materials which allow you to text with the gloves on. Unlike other texting gloves, these ones actually work well.

For The 13 Year Old Gadget Lover

Gadget Lover

Gadgets rank high on your teenage girl’s wish list. Mp3 players are one of the most asked for items by 13 year old girls. Whether it’s a new m3 player, tablet, laptop, ereader, or digital camera, these gadgets are some of the most asked for this year by teens.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8Fujifilm Instax Mini 8check price

These super cute cameras are everywhere on Instagram, Pinterest, and just about every site. These are like the Polaroid cameras back in the day. They come in the prettiest colors. With a simple click, you have a picture that you can hold in your hand or even hang on a string. There is actually a new one out now.

Polaroid Cube HD 1080p CameraPolaroid Cube HD 1080p Cameracheck price

When they say big things come in small packages, they were talking about this little adorable action camera from Polaroid. It’s like a cheaper alternative to the Go Pro Hero that records 1080P video and takes 6 megapixels still pictures. This thing is tiny– a little larger than the size of a quarter. The coolest part? On the bottom it has a very powerful magnet that allows it to attach to magnetic things.

Amazon Fire 7″Amazon Fire 7check price

Amazon is making it incredibly easy for anyone to own a tablet with this budget priced tablet. It’s got a pretty decent 7 inch screen, good battery life, and a great app store. If you have got Amazon Prime, it’s the cheapest way to consume all its free content given to Prime members.

All-New Kindle PaperwhiteAll-New Kindle Paperwhitecheck price

Got a bookworm? With an improved screen and great battery life, it’s the perfect gift for teens who don’t want to carry around books and love reading.

Mpow Selfie StickMpow Selfie Stickcheck price

Who isn’t addicted to taking selfies and putting them up on Instagram? This selfie stick from MPow has Bluetooth so all you have to do is press is a button and you’ll turn into a professional photographer. Now you can take as many silly pictures as you like. The best part? Nobody has to know you took the photos.

TECHO HD Camera Lens Phone Kit TECHO  HD Camera Lens Phone Kit check price

These days everyone is taking pictures on their phone. There’s is only so much the lens built in your phone can do. People who love taking images on their phone should consider the Techno lens. It attaches to your phone and gives you a macro and wide angle lens usually found one super expensive digital slrs. This lens is super cheap and gives you amazing quality photos. Close up and wide angle shots never looked this good on a phone

Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Stickcheck price

The Amazon Fire TV stick brings streaming content from Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and more to your large screen television. Simply plug it into your TV’s HDMI slot.

Tile Gen 2 Phone FinderTile Gen 2 Phone Findercheck price

Don’t you hate it when you lose your wallet or phone? Tile is a little sticker that you can attach to anything that you have a habit of misplacing. Then you can find it with your Smartphone or computer. If it is within range, it will beep.

Nomadkey Lightning To Usb CableNomadkey Lightning To Usb Cablecheck price

This little inexpensive charging dongle for Apple devices attaches to your keychain and allows you to have a USB cable always with you. The best part? There is no tangled mess of wires to deal with. Everyone will want to borrow it.

Anker PowerCore+ Lipstick Phone ChargerAnker PowerCore+  Lipstick Phone Chargercheck price

The biggest complaint with cell phones is that you always run out of battery when you need them the most. The Anker PowerCore+ is a lipstick sized phone charger that is small enough to fit in any purse. It’s so inexpensive that everyone should carry one with them. It has enough energy to charge your iPhone 6 once.

Premium Leather OrbitkeyPremium Leather Orbitkeycheck price

13 year old girls love fashionable key rings. Here is a fun way to hold keys that is both fashionable and functional. This little device holds 7 keys in the most compact way. It saves so much space.

Techkey USB Flash DriveTechkey USB Flash Drivecheck price

You can’t go wrong with USB keys especially ones with a lot of sparkly bling bling. This sparkly lipstick case is actually a USB necklace. Could anything be cuter? While they might not be able to wear lipstick yet, they still have to go to school and USBs are pretty much required.

Otterbox Commuter Case Purple FlowersOtterbox Commuter Case Purple Flowerscheck price

There are many pretty cases for the iPhone 6S, but we like the protection of an Otterbox case. If your phone gets bumped, squashed, or falls you want this rugged case to be on your phone. The only problem? They kind of look just eh! That is until now. You can get some pretty high quality prints on them. We like this Purple flowers case, but there are other gorgeous prints.

Anker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S PlusAnker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Pluscheck price

Anker has a cool case that protects your phone and charges it without adding any bulkiness to the phone. It can add more than 5 hours of battery life to your phone.

Lumee Illuminated Cell Phone CaseLumee Illuminated Cell Phone Casecheck price

Who doesn’t want a little extra light when talking selfies for Instagram? Phones don’t take very good pictures under low light conditions. The LuMee Case has a built in light that allows you to take the most flattering pictures even at night.

ASUS Chromebook FlipASUS Chromebook Flipcheck price

The flexibility of this incredibly affordable 10-inch laptop makes it ideal for teens. It’s got a special hinge that allows the screen to rotate around to transform into a tablet. If you are open to using the Chrome operating system, it’s perfect for those who just need to check email or go online.

Apple MacBook AirApple MacBook Aircheck price

13 year old girls want their own laptop. The ultra thin 13 inch MacBook Air is made for teens, but it is super expensive. The most amazing feature is the battery life which seems to last forever at up to 12 hours.

Apple iPhone Rose Gold 6SApple iPhone Rose Gold 6Scheck price

Everybody dreams about the new iPhone 6S in Rose Gold. The new 4.7 inch screen is the best size for a phone. Apple has included a faster processor and the app store is still the best places for apps. The coolest part? It now includes a pressure sensitive screen which can do all sorts of neat things.

For The 13 Year Old Fashionista


Whether they’re preppy, edgy, or trendy, teen girls love fashion. Teens spend 40%  of their money updating their wardrobe. While it’s hard to shop for clothes unless you know her size, fashion accessories make great gift choices. Here are some great gifts for your fashionista.


Alki’i Pajama Bottom PantsAlki'i Pajama Bottom Pantscheck price

Everybody wants Victoria Secret jammies, but they are super expensive. Seriously, these pajama bottoms are the next best thing. Made out of 100% polyester fleece, they come in the cutest prints too from reindeer to snowman. They may you feel all Christmasy.

Victoria Secret Fireside PajamasVictoria Secret Fireside Pajamascheck price

13 year old girls just want anything from Victoria Secret. It’s super trendy and in style right now. PJs, sweats, underwear, leggings, or hoodies all make the perfect gift. With the cutest prints, girls will practically want to live in these super comfortable lightweight Fireside pajamas. They are super cute to have.

Paul Frank Sweet & Cozy Zebra Julius Hooded RobePaul Frank Sweet & Cozy Zebra Julius Hooded Robecheck price

This hooded robe is incredibly comfortable and trendy with the cutest monkey print on it. It’s perfect for wearing to and from shower or over pajamas. The color is very pretty. Even parents might want to steal it.

Del Rossa Women’s 100% Cotton Flannel Pajama SetDel Rossa Women's 100% Cotton Flannel Pajama Setcheck price

Nothing is more comfortable than putting on nice warm pair of pjs before getting online to chat with friends at bedtime.

Ninimour Pajamas OnesieNinimour Pajamas Onesiecheck price

When you are in a bad mood, have an essay to write, it’s raining outside, or the guy you like doesn’t notice you, there is nothing more comforting than an onsie. Baggy, warm, and adorable, every 13 year old should have one. With several characters to choose from, these ones are super cute. Who could pass up the chance of being a unicorn?

Hybrid Apparel Junior’s Fries Before GuysHybrid Apparel Junior's Fries Before Guyscheck price

No, this shirt isn’t about everyone’s favorite fast food item. It’s about friendship and loving your fries (aka girl friends). Not even a guy can come between you and your friends. Let your friends know how much you love them with this fun shirt. And guys, there’s is no need to read between the lines. French fries not you!

Neff Women’s Cat Ears BeanieNeff Women's Cat Ears Beaniecheck price

We all have bad hair days so why not have something adorably cute like this beanie from Neff to cover it up. It’s got cat ears on it. How adorable is that?

MissShorthair Plaid Tartan Infinity ScarfMissShorthair Plaid Tartan Infinity Scarfcheck price

Available in so many vibrant colors, this cute and trendy infinity scarf is perfect accessory for jazzing up any outfit. The colors look so beautiful. It looks a lot more expensive than it is. There are many ways to wear it and its delicate enough to wear it all year long. It comes in the cutest drawstring bag that makes for a nice gift.

TooLoud Shake It Off T-ShirtTooLoud Shake It Off T-Shirtcheck price

What more could a Taylor Swift fan ask for? Swifties will love this graphic tee with the words “Shake It Off” printed on the front of the shirt. Pair it with Taylor Swift tickets or the latest album and it makes the ultimate gift. Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Yoga Clothing Namast’ay in Bed HoodieYoga Clothing Namast'ay in Bed Hoodiecheck price

There is nothing more that teenage girls love than staying in bed all day. Ain’t no shame in that. We say celebrate that! This stylish hoodie is perfect for catching some zzzzs or wearing around town.

Soho Destructed Boyfriend JeansSoho Destructed Boyfriend Jeanscheck price

Oh my gosh! If you buy only one pair of jeans this year, buy these boyfriend jeans. They are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans, but just as flattering. The rips are tastefully done. Even your boyfriend may just want to steal them from you.

S-OK 1826 Skinny Ripped Distressed PantsS-OK 1826 Skinny Ripped Distressed Pantscheck price

Every 13 year old needs a pair of these jeans in her wardrobe. These ripped jeans are incredibly versatile and beyond pretty. With these ones, they have a layer of fabric underneath the holes. Usually they are pricey, but these are a bit more affordable.


Vera Bradley Wristlet WalletVera Bradley Wristlet Walletcheck price

Every teen needs one of these.  This wristlet from Vera Bradley is not only protective, it is fashionable. Whoever came up with the idea of  carrying around your smartphone, money, and credit cards in wallet is brilliant.

Vera Bradley Mini Hipster Crossbody BagVera Bradley Mini Hipster Crossbody Bagcheck price

What 13 year old wants to carry a big purse? With so many cute patterns and styles, this mini hipster from Vera Bradley is adorable and perfect for those times when you just don’t want to carry a lot. It’s got just the right amount of storage for the basics with six compartments, a place for ID, and a zippered pocket.

KAVU Rope BagKAVU Rope Bagcheck price

With the cutest patterns, this Kavu bag is so fashionable, stylish, and functional. It has a adjustable strap that you drape across your shoulder. You can wear it different ways. It’s super easy to pull from behind and quickly access . With 5 different pockets, you wouldn’t think it would hold much, but there is plenty of room inside.

KAVU Women’s Sidewinder BagKAVU Women's Sidewinder Bagcheck price

This bag from Kavu is perfect for lugging around all the stuff today’s teenagers carry around. There is a large main compartment inside. The coolest part? The zipper on the side expands to hold bulky items. There’s even additional pockets which are perfect for keeping things organized. Oh and it looks great too and doesn’t cost a fortune.

London Soho Cosmetic BagLondon Soho Cosmetic Bagcheck price

There is no better way to carry makeup around than with this attractive makeup bag. It has the cutest black and white zebra print. The coolest part? It’s got a blinged out gold zipper. For young girls, it’s the perfect size for storing makeup and makeup brushes inside.

Vera Bradley Duffle BagVera Bradley Duffle Bagcheck price

It’s Vera Bradley! What could you possibly not love? With a stunning print and design, this large duffle bag is the perfect companion while traveling or spending the night at a friend’s house. The best part? It has enough room inside to hold enough clothes for about 4 days.


Nume Lustrum Tourmaline Ceramic 5 Barrel Curling IronNume Lustrum Tourmaline Ceramic 5 Barrel Curling Ironcheck price

Everybody wants the Nume Titan curling wand. It’s being used by celebrity hair stylists and beauty gurus and now its popularity has exploded. With the Nume , you can create the most beautiful uniform curls ever. The best part? Unlike other curling irons, the curls seem to last forever. This one actually has 5 different sized interchangeable barrels so you can create different sized curls.

Art Naturals Detangling Hair BrushArt Naturals Detangling Hair Brushcheck price

Don’t you hate when you falling asleep and waking up with a tangled mess in your hair. With this detangling brush you don’t have to rip your hair out with a lot of force to remove knots. These brushes have a unique shape with different sized bristles which allows the brush to remove knots and move swiftly through the hair.

Remington S5500 Hair StraightenerRemington S5500 Hair Straightenercheck price

With automatic shutoff, this inexpensive flat iron from Remington makes a great gift. It has a cute purple color with 1 inch ceramic plates. The coolest part? It has a built in digital temperature control that allows you to go up to 410 degrees.

Braids, Buns, and Twists!Braids, Buns, and Twists!check price

Does your girl love trying our new styles? If there ever was a bible written on styling your hair with braids, this is it. The book is divided into different sections: braids, buns, twists. Girls will love the step by step directions along with the lovely photos. They might never have another bad hair day again.

For The 13 Year Old Jewelry Lover

Jewelry Lover

What girl doesn’t love jewelry? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on jewelry. These delightful gift items for a 13 year old girl hold tremendous sentimental value.

MyGift Jewelry TreeMyGift Jewelry Treecheck price

This elegant and lovely copper colored tree is a fun way to organize jewelry. Teens can hang earrings on the leaves or use the nest to hold rings and bracelets.

I Love You PendantI Love You Pendantcheck price

You don’t have to spend a fortune to let your 13 year old know that you love her. Let her know how much you love her with this elegant stainless steel pendant that says” I Love You To The Moon And Back.”

Alex and Ani Birthstone BraceletAlex and Ani Birthstone Braceletcheck price

Alex and Ani bracelets are super popular. There is no better way to celebrate the month you were born than with this birthstone bracelet from Alex and Ani. The coolest part? You can personalize it so it comes with your birthstone. What could be more unique?

Kate Spade “Heart of Gold” BraceletKate Spade check price

Girls have a huge crush on bracelets- especially stacking them. A girl can’t have too many bracelets. Kate Spade bracelets are really fun while at the same time fashionable because they go with anything. This elegant gold one from Kate Spade is really simple and inexpensive. On the inside, it has the words “Heart Of Gold.”

Pandora Silver Bracelet SnapPandora Silver Bracelet Snapcheck price

Over the last year, Pandora bracelets have become super popular with girls. An empty charm bracelet is the perfect gift idea. This way girls can string together different charms on the bracelet to make it their own, telling their own story. This simple but exceptional charm bracelet is a great way to start your Pandora collection.

925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ring925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ringcheck price

This beautiful princess ring is exquisite and looks more than it is worth. It has a shine and sparkle that even a teen princess would love. It’s a timeless piece and great way to express your love for your girl.

Michael Kors Slim Runway WatchMichael Kors  Slim Runway Watchcheck price

Micheal Kors watches are so in style right now. This one has a big face with beautiful logos on the face. Your teenage girl won’t be able to stop looking at the time with this beautiful classy watch.

Timex Women’s Weekender Gold-Tone Watch TW2P654009J Timex Women's Weekender Gold-Tone Watch TW2P654009J check price

What’s more fashionable and upbeat than a watch with white and gold polka dots on it? This inexpensive Timex watch is as fashionable as it is functional. It has a reversible strap with white on one side and polka dots on the other. With military and standard time, the large face makes it is easy to read. The coolest part? It has an Indiglo night light which you wouldn’t expect on such a fashionable watch.

CZ Crystal Leaves Ear Cuffs EarringsCZ Crystal Leaves Ear Cuffs Earringscheck price

With so many celebrities wearing ear cuffs, right now ear cuffs are totally in. These ones are elegant, classy, and edgy at the same time. The coolest part? Nothing says you are unique and different than an ear cuff with dangles.

Rose Gold Plated Stud EarringsRose Gold Plated Stud Earringscheck price

Who needs diamonds when you have cubic zirconium studs that gleam and sparkle like this? These earrings give you a whole lot of bling for the price. They look so real. The best part? Nobody has to know.

For The 13 Year Old Makeup Lover

Makeup Lover

Makeup is a great gift idea for a teen girl. At 13, girls are just beginning to play around with cosmetics. Gift or starter makeup sets are perfect way to let her try out different samples to find out the ones she likes best.

SHANY The Masterpiece Makeup Set SHANY The Masterpiece Makeup Set check price

This large set of makeup is perfect for 13 year old girls looking for their first makeup set. There is plenty to experiment with including blush, concealers, and foundation. Invite the friends over for a makeup date. It’s makeup heaven for a 13 year old girl.

Real Techniques Starter SetReal Techniques Starter Setcheck price

These makeup inexpensive brushes are some of the best according to many beauty blogs. The set comes with 5 brushes. Great for beginners and a great value, it’s a great first makeup brush kit.

eos Organic Lip Balm 5 Packeos Organic Lip Balm 5 Packcheck price

Leave your lips moist and supple with this great combo pack from EOS. The five organic and fruity flavors smell great. You’ll wonder why you ever used chapstick.

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby WooMAC Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woocheck price

Every wonder how Taylor Swift gets those signature red lips? Her secret is out — Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac. This highly pigmented bold red lipstick has a great color, texture, and goes on so smooth. It’s everyone’s favorite lipstick. It will be your teen’s too.

Pixnor P2016 Facial Brush 7 in 1Pixnor P2016 Facial Brush 7 in 1check price

A facial cleansing brush is a great part of any makeup or skin care routine. Exfoliating with a cleansing brush is much more efficient than manually exfoliating. It might not be a Clarisonic, but this inexpensive battery operated cleansing brush is great for deep cleansing pores and minimizing breakouts.

OPI Mini Nail Polish All Stars 2015OPI Mini Nail Polish All Stars 2015check price

With 10 mini bottles, this nail polish set makes a great gift for teens. It contains great colors from calm to wild. It’ a great price for such a great selection of colors.

Bundle Monster Nail Art Tool Kit SetBundle Monster Nail Art Tool Kit Setcheck price

Who doesn’t love nail art? With these set of brushes, you will have all the tools to create gorgeous nail art. The kit comes with 20 essential tools including dotters and different sized brushes that allow you to create the tinniest details.

Cool Nail ArtCool Nail Artcheck price

For girls, nail art has become the hottest accessory. Hannah Lee, better known as Hannah Rox Nails on Youtube, has been doing nail art tutorials for years. If you pick up her new book, you can get step by step written directions to do 30 different designs. The clear step by step photos make it even easy for even beginners to follow along. The best part? As you learn the techniques, you be able to create your own designs.

For The 13 Year Old Shoe Lover

Shoe Lover

There’s is nothing more that girls love than a new pair of shoes or slippers. These shoes make great gift choices.

UGG Australia Women’s Bailey Bow BootUGG Australia Women's Bailey Bow Bootcheck price

We know she’s been asking all year for these Ugg boots. These soft suede Ugg boots are more fashionable than ever before with their tassles and classic bailey button. These ones have the little bows on the back. Inside they are warm and comfortable.

SnooziesSnooziescheck price

If you haven’t heard of snoozies, they are a cross between a sock and slipper. They are the softest thing ever and come in incredibly cute patterns. They keep your feet warm and toasty. Your teen is probably going to never want to take them off.

Keds Taylor Swift Champion Fashion SneakerKeds Taylor Swift Champion Fashion Sneakercheck price

Keds have been around forever, but not like this. These are Taylor Swift Keds. We were drooling when Taylor Swift announced a collaboration with Keds. Now we can all strut the streets just like Taytay with these Keds with super cute patterns on them. Could there be anything cuter?

Nike Women’s Roshe Blue HeroNike Women's Roshe Blue Herocheck price

Nice Roche Run shoes have taken the fashion world by storm. They are unlike any other shoe because of their lightweight breathable design. These simple stylish sneakers look like running shoes but they are super comfortable and lightweight. Offered in several different styles and with a reasonable price, everybody wants these.

Adidas NEO Wedge High Top Fashion SneakerAdidas NEO  Wedge High Top Fashion Sneakercheck price

Aren’t these gorgeous? With an attractive shape, these high top sneakers from Adidas take fashion to a whole new level. There is something about the navy blue and the shape of the shoe that just works. The coolest part? You’ll actually look a little bit taller thanks to the hidden heel.

Converse Chuck High Top SneakersConverse Chuck High Top Sneakerscheck price

What’s old is new again! It seems like Chucks have been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. For those of you counting that was 100 years ago. This year the Chucks that we all love are getting a slight makeover. With a brand new sock liner, they are now as comfortable as they are stylish.

Fiorelle Norah Lacey Knee High Boot SocksFiorelle Norah Lacey Knee High Boot Sockscheck price

You have probably seen these around. Knee High Boot socks are the latest trend all over Instagram. Everybody has them. They are usually paired with boots, but they can be worn without boots. You could wear them with a skirt or even over the top of jeans. There are so many ways to wear them and they are too cute.

Solmate Mismatched SocksSolmate Mismatched Sockscheck price

This might sound strange, but 13 year old girls are totally into socks. Everybody has matching socks. Here is a little something different from Solmate. They are mismatched socks with the most adorable patterns on them. Get these and your feet will be happy.

For The 13 Year Old Perfume Lover

Perfume Lover

Teen girls love to smell good and love perfumes with light sweet fruity smells. These make excellent gift choices.

One Direction Our MomentOne Direction Our Momentcheck price

For Directioners, the wait is finally over. One Direction’s perfume has arrived. It comes in the cutest hexagonal shaped bottle. “Our Moment” perfume has a flowery blend of jasmine petals and frangipani, combined with wild berries. It’s has an unmistakable sweet smell that has a lot of staying power. It’s no wonder Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam can’t get enough of it in the commercial. What Directioner wouldn’t kill to get “one moment” with their favorite band.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Wonderstruck check price

What Swiftie doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Now we can smell like her. It comes in the most adorable shimmery blue bottle with 3 dangling gold charms. The bottle looks like an ornament. This girly perfume is sweet and fruity with a mixture of raspberry, dewberry, apple blossom, musk, and peach. When you spray it on you will smell like berries with a hint of apples and overtime you smell like a peach.

Justin Bieber SomedayJustin Bieber Somedaycheck price

Belibers can’t get enough of Justin Bieber and won’t be able to get enough of this sweet perfume. It comes in cool bottle with a heart shaped flower on top. With a mix of floral scents, vanilla, musk, and pear, it smells a lot like candy. It’s a scent that would definitely drive Justin Beiber mad.

Prada Prada CandyPrada Prada Candycheck price

Who wouldn’t like to smell like candy? With layered Carmel and vanilla, this fragrance lives up to its cute name. It smells a lot like cotton candy, but with a more grownup flair.

Vera Wang Princess PerfumeVera Wang Princess Perfumecheck price

Got a princess who loves perfume? Not only does this perfume from Vera Wang come in the cutest princessy bottle, it’s a smell that young girls love. With a light fruity floral scent and a hint of vanilla, this perfume makes you feel like a little princess.

Bath and Body Sweet Pea Spa Gift SetBath and Body Sweet Pea Spa Gift Setcheck price

There is nothing that says pamper me than anything from Bath & Body Works. With a subtle light and fruity raspberry scent, girls will love this gift set that includes a shower gel, body lotion, and mist. The spa set comes wrapped with a cute little ribbon on it. It’s a scent that any 13 year old girl will love.

Bath Bombs Gift Set by RejuvelleBath Bombs Gift Set by Rejuvellecheck price

You haven’t had a bath unless you have tried these bath bombs. These bath bombs are literally the bomb. There are six different bombs in this gift set including Yoga Surprise, Garden Of Gods, Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla Surprise, Sinus Relief, and Stressed Moms. It completely changes how you look at baths. The aroma combined with the fizz is so relaxing and intoxicating. You’ll want to stay in bath the whole day.

NEST Holiday Scented CandleNEST Holiday Scented Candlecheck price

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. Who doesn’t love Christmasy smelling scented candles? This one will make your whole house smell like snowy peppermint. You’ll swear that is snowing outside.

For The 13 Year Old Sports Lover

Sports Lover

Fitness gifts for teenagers make wonderful gifts. Anything that can help her meet her fitness goals is a good idea. Teens are really stocking up on athletic wear and leggings and yoga pants are the only options for them.

Fitbit OneFitbit Onecheck price

The Fitbit One is the perfect gift idea for teens who care about their waist line. Wear it on your wrist and this fitness tracker tracks steps, sleep, and calories you burn. For iphone and Samsung Galaxy users, it syncs directly through the fitbit app. It’s a great tool for keeping you on track with your fitness goals.

Fitbit ZipFitbit Zipcheck price

Getting in shape just got a little more affordable. The regular Fitbit is cool but it’s expensive. The Fitbit Zip is much more affordable and it does most of the things of its bigger cousin. It tracks how many steps you take, calories burned, and distance traveled. Plus, it comes in the cutest colors.

Danskin Women’s Supplex Ankle LeggingsDanskin Women's Supplex Ankle Leggingscheck price

Fitted black yoga pants are all the rage among teens right now. There’s nothing that will show of your hard work than a nice pair of Yoga pants or leggings. This one from Danskin fit wells and is not see through.

Lulu LemonsLulu Lemonscheck price

Leggings have become the go to pants for 13 year old girls. The most popular leggings on every 13 year old girl’s wish list- Lulu Lemons. But how do you justify dropping so much money on leggings? Compared to other yoga pants, Lulu Lemons are super durable and last forever.

Wilson Evolution Black Edition BasketballWilson Evolution Black Edition Basketballcheck price

There is a reason why the Wilson Evolution is the world’s most popular indoor basketball. With cushion core technology, this basketball practically melts in your hand. Its round and it bounces well. Is there anything more to say? Now it’s available in black.

Adidas Squad II DuffelAdidas Squad II Duffelcheck price

Made specifically for girls, the Squad II duffel from Adidas is the perfect gym bag for volleyball, gymnastics, or basketball. Offered in several varieties, there are a lot of pockets to keep your stuff organized. There is even a ventilated pocket. The coolest part? When you open the zippered pocket on the front, it has the words “Girls Rule.” With this gym bag, they sure do.

Savvy Infusion Water BottleSavvy Infusion Water Bottlecheck price

Who drinks 8 glasses of water a day? Water is so boring and tasteless, but you need to drink it. Finally, there is a product that makes water not so boring. The Savvy Infusion water bottle allows you to infuse your water with fruit, veggies, and herbs. Simply fill the little infuser with fruit and put it in the water bottle. So good! You never need to buy flavored water again.

Corkcicle CanteenCorkcicle Canteencheck price

This is no regular water bottle. It’s insulated with a triple steel vessel. A what? That just means it will keep drinks cold up to 25 hours and hot up to 12 hours. No matter where you are, your drinks will be perfect. How unbelievable is that?

For The 13 Year Old Music Lover

Music Lover
Got a teen that can’t get enough of her favorite artist? These musical gift ideas are sure to please your teen.

Bluedio A (Air) Bluetooth HeadphonesBluedio A (Air) Bluetooth Headphonescheck price

They might not be Beats, but these wireless headphones sound nearly as good and are just as fashionable. Put on the 3D sound option and “Bad Blood” from Taylor Swift never sounded better. The best part? They are super comfortable to wear for long periods of time. For the price, these can’t be beat.

Frends HeadphonesFrends Headphonescheck price

Everybody wants these. Like everybody. Perfect for the teen fashionista, the Frends headphones are the most beautiful headphones ever. Only a teen girl could rock these. Teens are going to want to make it a part of their wardrobe. It’s got a crystal like surface that reflects light. It’s not all looks, these headphones sound amazing too.

Beats Solo2 Wireless HeadphonesBeats Solo2 Wireless Headphonescheck price

Just about every 13 year old girl dreams about owning a pair of Beats. Now Beats has come out with a wireless one that everybody is swooning over. Finally you don’t have to worry about tangled cords. The Beats Solo2 Wireless headphones come in the most fashionable colors and are great sounding speakers with just the right amount of bass.

Panasonic In-Ear HeadphonePanasonic  In-Ear Headphonecheck price

Teen girls are practically glued to their music. The headphones that come with the iphone suck so it’s nice to have cheap inexpensive headphones under 10 dollars that sound amazing. These in ear headphone from Panasonic come in the cutest colors. Even if these break you can just buy a new pair.

JAM Plus Portable SpeakerJAM Plus Portable Speakercheck price

Teens can wirelessly send their favorite tunes from a smartphone or tablet to this amazing sounding bluetooth speaker for up to 4 hours of play.

JAM Rewind Wireless SpeakerJAM Rewind Wireless Speakercheck price

How cute is this? It’s a Bluetooth wireless speaker that is shaped like a cassette. Teen girls are totally digging retro products now, but this isn’t the cassette that our grandparents grew up with. When connected to an iPhone, this thing sounds amazing for such a tiny inexpensive device. You’ll swear it’s coming from a much larger speaker.

Bose SoundLink Wireless SpeakerBose SoundLink Wireless Speakercheck price

Any portable Bluetooth speaker is great, but if your want the best one it is the Bose Soundlink. It comes in totally adorable colors and streams music from your Smartphone or tablet with such a rich sound. It really brings music to life. With Bluetooth and up to 8 hours of battery life, it’s perfect for listening to music in your room or wherever you go.

UE ROLL 360 Wireless SpeakerUE ROLL 360 Wireless Speakercheck price

Portable Bluetooth speakers are great but one that you can wear is even cooler. The UE Roll 360 has a bungee cord strap that you can attach to just about anything even yourself. Streaming music up to 65 feet away, it has a battery life that lasts up to 9 hours. Who said the party has to stop when you’re at the beach or go rock climbing?

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Record PlayerJensen JTA-230 3 Speed Record Playercheck price

Nope you are not in the 1970s so don’t put on your disco shoes just yet. While some of us have never heard of them, record players are suddenly back. This one is fairly cheap and inexpensive. In fact, you can even find One Direction’s, Taylor Swift’s, Justin Bieber’s latest album on vinyl.

VicTsing Shower SpeakerVicTsing Shower Speakercheck price

Like seriously who doesn’t love singing Taylor Swift songs in the shower? Now we can sing with her with this wireless waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker. It streams music from your wireless Smartphone. You might just want to stay in the shower a little longer.

Room Décor

Room Decor
Who isn’t bored with their bedroom? Just about every 13 year old girl wants to redecorate their room to express themselves. She’ll love just about anything from PBTeen, but it’s super expensive. Here are some great gift ideas.

Redo Your RoomRedo Your Roomcheck price

Redo your room with this book, featuring 50 do it yourself activities that 13 year old girls can do in just a weekend. You can redecorate your room every weekend. The best part? None of the ideas require huge sums of money.

iHome Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm ClockiHome Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clockcheck price

Who wouldn’t love this alarm clock? This might be the coolest looking clock. Not only is it stunning to look at, there are so many cool features packed into it. It can charge your phone, play the radio, and even stream music from your Smartphone. The soft LED light changes colors and adds a great ambience to any room. The most boring feature? It wakes you up in the morning.

Emoji Poop Face PlushEmoji Poop Face Plushcheck price

Look ma! There is poop in my room. It’s a poop Emoji! Oh my gosh this is so adorable. Who knew that poop could be so cute that you want to hug it? The best part? It doesn’t smell.

Scotch Tape Shoe Dispenser Scotch Tape Shoe Dispenser check price

Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing ever. It’s a tape dispenser that is shaped like a shoe. Who doesn’t love shoes? It’s the perfect gift for girly girls and is the perfect piece to add to your room. Ordinary tape dispensers just got a whole lot more boring.

Qbedding Microplush Throw BlanketQbedding Microplush Throw Blanketcheck price

Your 13 year old will love rolling around in this throw blanket. Made of 100% Microfiber, it feels like you are sleeping on marshmallows. The throw is offered in several colors, so you can find a color that goes with your teen’s decor. While you are at it, you might want to get one for yourself.

Lava Lounger Bean Bag ChairLava Lounger Bean Bag Chaircheck price

Who knew that a bean bag chair could be so cute? The bean bag chair is great for lounging out and playing videogames or hanging with friends. Unlike traditional bean bag chairs, this one is filled with foam so it’s built to last. The only problem? Everybody is going to come to your room to sit on it.

MagicLight WiFi LED Light BulbMagicLight WiFi LED Light Bulbcheck price

A bulb? This is no ordinary bulb. It’s a Magic Light. You can connect to it with your smart device over Wi FI. Once connected, you can magically change the bulb’s color with over 16 million color choices to choose from. It can totally transform your room from boring to there’s a party going on in here.

Starry String LightsStarry String Lightscheck price

Everyone is decorating their room with fairy lights. You won’t believe how these fairy lights can transform your room. These aren’t Christmas lights with the thick wires; the wires are super thin. The best part? They are super bright. With a million ways to use them, they are so much fun to decorate with.

Snowflake Votive CandleholdersSnowflake Votive Candleholderscheck price

Oooh! These candle holders are so pretty and they’ve got pretty silvery snowflakes on them. The flameless candles inside make them a safe alternative to real candles. Christmas is not the same without them.

Creative Hobbies Light Up LetterCreative Hobbies Light Up Lettercheck price

There is no better way to light up room than with these LED lighted letters. You can buy different letters to spell out a name or a fun phrase like LOVE or HOPE.

Big Plush 5 Feet Tall Teddy Bear Big Plush 5 Feet Tall Teddy Bear check price

Okay we know we are all grown up but who can resist a teddy bear that is bigger than you. This is not the teddy bear we grew up with. This 5 foot teddy bear is ready to give lots of hugs and is a perfect way to decorate a room.

Pinzon Basics Body Pillow with CoverPinzon Basics Body Pillow with Covercheck price

We all know that teenagers love sleeping. There is nothing like curling up with a good body pillow. A full length body pillow about the size of an adult, this is the ultimate pillow. You will have to wrestle your 13 year old out of bed.

Justin Bieber Lifesize Standup PosterJustin Bieber Lifesize Standup Postercheck price

Posters make great gifts for 13 year olds especially if you know their favorite artist. Some 13 year old girls absolutely love the Biebs but some hate him. The Beliebers in your life will go nuts for this life sized cardboard poster of him. It looks just like him right down to his height. If you have a Justin Bieber fan, you can’t go wrong with this gift especially when it is paired with his latest Album.

Mary Engelbreit 2016 Wall CalendarMary Engelbreit 2016 Wall Calendarcheck price

There is nothing that will but a smile on a girl’s face than a cute calendar. This one features beautiful artwork and inspiration quotes for each month like “Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success!” It’s a calendar that is both beautiful and inspirational to look at.

HOSL You Are My Sunshine Pillow CoverHOSL You Are My Sunshine Pillow Covercheck price

Decorative pillow cases make great gifts for 13 year old girls. You can get ones with quotes on them to show your 13 year old how much you love them like this one that says “You Are My Sunshine You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray.” It looks lovely and adds a pop of color to any room, but you do need to buy the pillow separately.

Tamil 3 Piece Duvet Cover SetTamil 3 Piece Duvet Cover Setcheck price

Who doesn’t love their bed? It should be the coziest place in your room. The easiest way to refresh the theme of a room is with a nice duvet cover. There are some really great ones for teens at PBTeen but they are super expensive. This one really gives the room a happy summer vibe that teen girls will love and is reasonably priced. Available in multiple sizes, it comes with a cute decorative pillow and 2 shams.

For The 13 Year Old Gamer


Teenagers love video games. Here are some of the most popular gift ideas for gamers.

Sony PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4check price

While it depends on which games you like, these days teens are mostly playing on the Playstation 4. It’s got 10X times the power of the last Playstation and features more realistic graphics and game play. For pure gaming out of the box, it’s a great system with lots of upcoming exclusive games. The best part? With a recent price cut, now the Playstation 4 is cheaper than ever before.

Xbox OneXbox Onecheck price

Microsoft has its own gaming platform called the Xbox One. In addition to gaming, it also allows you to access all your entertainment with one box. This year Microsoft arguably has the strongest lineup of exclusive games including Halo 5, which you can only play on the Xbox One. The most compelling reason to own the Xbox One? It’s now backward compatible with the Xbox 360.

Fallout 4Ages 17+Fallout 4check price

Fallout 4 is the most awaited video game of the year. This game is rated M with blood, violence, foul language, drugs, and gore. That’s why teens want to play it. The game’s premise? Everyone is frozen and 200 years later someone defrosts your character only to kidnap your son. You must get him back.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIAges 17+Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIcheck price

Call Of Duty is probably one of the most popular games with this age group. The game is rated M so expect a lot of gory violence and strong language with guns, grenade launchers, and other weapons. Gamers are thrown into the role of a futuristic soldier that basically finds an excuse to blow things up, smash things, and take control of enemies.

Halo 5: GuardiansAges 13+Halo 5: Guardianscheck price

Who doesn’t love Halo? Halo is back this year with all new weapons, vehicles, and levels. The best part? Though it is disappointing they took out split screen gaming, the multiplayer is still fun thanks to the cool maps.

Just Dance 2016 Just Dance 2016 check price

Girls can get their move on dancing to some of the hottest hits this year including Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” and Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love”.

For 13 Year Old Foodies

Like seriously who doesn’t love food so why not get them something that allows them to make it themselves? Here are great gifts for the 13 year old foodie in your life.

Great Northern 15-Inch Gumball MachineGreat Northern 15-Inch Gumball Machinecheck price

Who wouldn’t want their own gum ball machine? Now you can bring home your very own gumball machine complete with fun colors, a glass globe, and sturdy legs. It’s pretty much the real thing and it works the same way too. Fill it with your favorite treats and put some coins in it to dispense the goodies inside.

Sunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie MakerSunbeam FPSBFCM40 Fortune Cookie Makercheck price

Who doesn’t love fortune cookies? Now you can create your own with this fun device. The coolest part? You can put your own fortunes inside. Let’s see: In the near future, you don’t need to order Chinese ever again.

Holstein Housewares HF-09013M Fun Cupcake MakerHolstein Housewares HF-09013M Fun Cupcake Makercheck price

Cupcakes are delicious but the only problem is making them. Now they just got easier to make with this cupcake maker that bakes up 6 delicious golden cupcakes. It couldn’t be easier. Just pour in the batter, close the lid, and bake. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have delicious cupcakes. It’s super easy to clean too. You’ll want to make cupcakes every day.

Nostalgia Electrics GCM600 Gummy Candy MakerNostalgia Electrics GCM600 Gummy Candy Makercheck price

Who doesn’t love gummy bears? Here’s a crazy idea: What if you could make your own? All you need is a little jello and unflavored gelatin. The gummy maker comes with molds that allow you to create all types of gummies from worms to little bears. You may never need to buy gummy bears again.

YonanasYonanascheck price

Can you ever get enough of ice cream? Sometimes you eat it right of the carton. Here’s a little something different. Yonanas lets your create creamy ice cream out of frozen fruit. You can make all different types of flavors simply by throwing in different frozen fruits like bananas, mango, or strawberries. The best part? It’s healthy.

Ferrero Rocher Gift CubeFerrero Rocher Gift Cubecheck price

Chocolate lovers won’t be able to resist these smooth creamy chocolates with a hazelnut inside. Could there be a more perfect combination? This beautiful gold gift box contains 18 of the most delicious sinful treats inside.

Hershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate BarHershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate Barcheck price

Take a delicious Hershey’s chocolate bar and magnify by 50 times and you get this humongous 5 pound Hershey’s chocolate bar. You just died and went to chocolate heaven. It’s probably in the Guinness Book of World records for the World’s Largest Hershey bar.

Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe Chocolates Gift BoxHershey's Kisses Deluxe Chocolates Gift Boxcheck price

Hershey Kisses just got a major makeover. It might be the biggest innovation in chocolate of the year. These Hershey kisses are 2 times bigger and feature yummy milk chocolate wrapped around a hazelnut. These premium Hershey kisses are perfect for gift giving or stocking stuffers. They come in an adorable box.

Presto Belgian Waffle MakerPresto Belgian Waffle Makercheck price

Who doesn’t love freshly baked Belgian Waffles? This inexpensive waffle maker makes golden brown waffles in less than 5 minutes. Simply whip up the batter and pour it in. This one has a flip down design. The best part? It’s made of super non sticky material that is easy to clean.

KitchenAid 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand MixerKitchenAid 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixercheck price

For the serious foodies, this Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a wonderful gift. If she loves cooking, she will love baking all types of sweet treats from Christmas cookies to delicious cake. It’s a tool that your daughter will be able to use for a long time.

For The 13 Year Old Book Worm

Book Lover

There is a book that every 13 year old girl will love whether its a novel, autobiography, or how to book. If your 13 year old girl just won’t put down the book she is reading, these books will make thoughtful gift ideas.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old SchoolDiary of a Wimpy Kid: Old Schoolcheck price

What would life be like without cell phones and modern electronics? That’s the premise of the new Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Greg must find a way to survive without electronics as his town decides to unplug.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 1Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 1check price

Fans of Percy Jackson and Rick Riordan will love this thrilling adventure about Norse mythology and Vikings. With excellent character development, follow Magnus as he learns that he is no ordinary kid and is the son of a Norse god.

The Maze Runner SeriesThe Maze Runner Seriescheck price

Containing the entire trilogy of the Maze Runner series, this set is the perfect gift for Hunger Games and Divergent fans. The story is set in a post apocalyptic world with constant action. With related characters, the Sci Fi action keeps you on the edge of your seat that it is impossible to put down.

Divergent Series Ultimate Four-Book Box SetDivergent Series Ultimate Four-Book Box Setcheck price

The Divergent series is great for girls who enjoy sci fi stories set in the future. The series and story of Tris is just as addictive as the Hunger Games. 13 year old girls will love that the heroes of the story are teenagers that they can relate to. If they love the movie, the books are much better with greater detail. There is something always happening that you just want to keep reading.

Fangirl: A NovelFangirl: A Novelcheck price

Fangirl follows the life of Cath in her freshman year in college. If you have ever been obsessed with something, it’s easy to relate to the main character.

WonderWondercheck price

A New York Times best seller, Wonder, is the powerful story of fitting in. The main character Auggie is born with facial deformities. It’s a heartwarming story that every teen should read.

Justin Bieber Getting StartedJustin Bieber Just Getting StartedWhile some teens may have outgrown Justin Bieber, Beliebers will go crazy for this autobiography. Filled with pictures and personal stories, it really lets you see the human side of Justin Bieber.
1D: Where We Are1 D: Where We AreDirectioners have to own this book. It’s a great look into the lives of One Direction. Filled with colorful pictures, the book chronicles both the ups and downs in their lives over the last two years.

For The 13 Year Old Scientist

Is she fascinated by science? Then she will love these gifts.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Ultimate Starter KitCanaKit Raspberry Pi 2 Ultimate Starter Kitcheck price

The Canakit contains everything you need to build your own computer. The Rasperry Pi is a low cost computer about the size of a credit card. It’s amazing all the stuff you can do with this computer. It includes the Rasberry PI 2 and everything you need to get started. All you need to do is to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It’s a great way to introduce your daughter to the world of engineering and computers.

Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000check price

For science lovers, Chem C3000 is a massive chemistry set with 333 experiments. It comes with a manual that’s like a book. Girls will use real lab tools like test tubes, an Erlenmeyer flask, and real chemicals to conduct all different experiments. Unlike other kits, this is real chemistry and makes you feel like a mad scientist.

Thames & Kosmos TK1 Telescope & As​tronomy KitThames & Kosmos TK1 Telescope & As​tronomy Kitcheck price

Who doesn’t love looking at the stars? Future astronomers will love this gift. With this Telescope you can not only explore the moon but see distant plants including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. It even comes with a study stand.

AmScope M500 Monocular Compound MicroscopeAmScope M500 Monocular Compound Microscopecheck price

Every scientist needs a real microscope. With a 10X wide field eyepiece, 4 lenses, and high quality optics, this inexpensive microscope is something you would see in high school class rooms. It’s fun just to stick things underneath it to see a whole new world that most of us never see.

For The 13 Year Old Art Lover

Art Lover

Is your 13 year old girl artistic or does she love crafts? Here are some  excellent gift ideas for her.

DIY Lip Balm KitDIY Lip Balm Kitcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make your own lip balm? With this lip balm kit, you have everything you need. It comes with all of the ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and almond oil. The kit comes with fun flavorings including tangerine, peppermint, pineapple, and tropical punch. It even comes with 12 tubes to store them in. The best part? The instructions are easy to follow.

X-cords Paracord Friendship Bracelet KitX-cords Paracord Friendship Bracelet Kitcheck price

Friendship bracelets are so cool. These aren’t ordinary friendship bracelets. This set from XCords has everything you need to create thick high quality bracelets made out of paracords. These aren’t the flimsy friendship bracelets that we are used to seeing. You get 10 different gorgeous paracords and step by step directions to make your own bracelets. So your bffs can be friends forever.

10 Rolls Duck Duct Tape Colored Patterns10 Rolls Duck Duct Tape Colored Patternscheck price

One of the latest fashions is personalizing your accessories with duct tape or washi tape. You can take something as ordinary as a pencil and wrap it with duct tape to create your own personalized pencil. This kit comes with 10 different tapes with everything from plaid patterns to cute dogs.

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye KitTulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kitcheck price

With this tye dye kit you can take ordinary t-shirts, socks, or underwear and transform them into works of art. Just add a little water to the die, shaking it. Then you apply the die to the clothing. The result? Beautiful colored clothing. It’s the perfect kit for sleepovers or Birthday parties.

DIY T-Shirt CraftsDIY T-Shirt Craftscheck price

Who knew you could make so many cool things out of ordinary T-shirts? With this book, you will never look at T-shirts the same. The book has fun crafts projects that show you how to create everything from jewelry to pillows out of T-shirts. There are 50 fun projects. If you have a stash of T-shirts lying around, you need this book.

Ravensburger 3D The Earth PuzzleballRavensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleballcheck price

Jigsaw puzzles are boring, but this is no ordinary puzzle. It’s 3d puzzle that forms an Earth when you are done. It adds a whole new dynamic to puzzle creation because you have to think about how the pieces fit from all sides. The pieces are surprisingly sturdy too. The best part? When you are done, the puzzle creates a perfect sphere that can be displayed on the included stand.

AmazaPensAmazaPenscheck price

Yes, boring pens. 13 year old girls love pens and cute stationary. These Amazapens are not ordinary pens; they last longer than other pens and glide over the writing surface. They are perfect for the 13 year girl that loves to write, doodle, or even for taking notes in class. They even come in cute colors like neon, glitter, and pastel. For doodlers, pair it up with an adult coloring book and it makes a great unique gift.

Royal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box SetRoyal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Setcheck price

Do you have an artist? Then these deluxe art kits from Royal & Langnickel make great gifts. There are 3 different sets to choose from including oil colors, sketching, and water colors so you can even try something new. For those who love drawing, the sketching set is wonderful with 50 different tools from graphite pencils to pastel pencils.

The Fashion SketchpadThe Fashion Sketchpadcheck price

Future fashion designers will fall in love with The Fashion Sketchpad. It’s a sketch book kit that allows girls to create their own fashions on the silhouette drawings in the book. You can dress the models how you like by sketching in the clothes. There is even a little fashion encyclopedia inside for reference.

Temporary Henna TattoosTemporary Henna Tattooscheck price

Could anything be cooler than temporary henna tattoos? This kit contains so many fun designs and it’s fun to mix and match them to create your own style. For 13 year old girls, the best place to place them on the wrists and hands. It’s the perfect gift idea for birthday parties to share with friends. The best part? It’s not permanent and the tattoos wash away after a week.

Echo Park Scrapbook KitEcho Park Scrapbook Kitcheck price

Starting a scrapbook is a fun way for teens to preserve memories through decorated photos. This excellent scrapbook kit from Echo Park contains 12 double side patterned papers and embellishment stickers.

Doodle by Stitch 200Doodle by Stitch 200check price

This fun pillow case allows teens to write a short message or draw a picture on it. It comes with washable markers. If you want to create a new masterpiece, you simply wash the pillow case.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards
13 year olds love receiving gift cards. If you are shopping for some else and you don’t know their size or style, gift cards or money can be the perfect gift. Then they can pick out their gift themselves. Here are some of the places 13 year old shop and some fun ways to dress up gift cards or money.

Money Maze For A Fun Twist On Gift-GivingMoney Maze For A Fun Twist On Gift-Givingcheck price

Everybody has to work for money. If they love money or gift cards, make them work for it with this fun money puzzle maze. You can stuff money or a gift card inside. You have to get the ball through the maze to release the hidden gift inside. It’s a fantastic way to give a gift.

Green Money Machine Cash DispenserGreen Money Machine Cash Dispensercheck price

If you are giving money to a 13 year old, this is much better than stashing cash in an envelope. You simply tape all the bills you want to give end to end using the easy peel tape. Then you roll the money in. You can roll over 20 bills inside. It’s fun to watch the expression on her face when she pulls out the cash. Now if they could only make one that actually prints money.

Gift Card Ideas

Do You Have A 13 Year Old Girl On Your Gift List?

We love to hear your comments about the gifts selected. What are you most excited for? Do you hate all the gift items? Feel free to comment as we are constantly looking for new suggestions. Please leave a comment. Thanks!

Want to see even more cool toys? Check out our most popular Gift Guide on the top toys for christmas 2015.

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