Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

Here are the best gifts for 12 year old boys. We’ve enlisted the help of a few 12 year olds for suggestions.

When it comes to 12 year old boys, it can be tricky coming up with creative gift ideas. At 12, they are in between a kid and teenager. They probably aren’t interested in the toys that they played with when they were kids.

What are the coolest Christmas gifts for 12 year old boys? The majority of 12 year old boys love video games, but blasters, gadgets, science kits, board games, construction sets, outdoor stuff, and remote control cars are great choices too. Here are the best gift ideas for a 12 year old boy in 2013.

Best Video Games For 12 Year Old Boys

You can’t go wrong with video games. Video games are probably the most popular gift for a 12 year old boy. Here are the ones he’s looking forward to.


Sony Playstation 4Sony Playstation 4Sony’s newest games console is at the top of most 12 year old boys’ wishlists. It’s 10X times more powerful than current systems. Plus, it’s $100 dollars cheaper than the new Xbox.
Microsoft Xbox OneMicrosoft Xbox OneIn addition to providing next generation gaming, Microsoft wants its newest games console to be at the center of your living room, allowing users to control all their electronic devices. It comes loaded with a more accurate version of Kinect.
Nintendo Wii UNintendo Wii UNintendo’s newest console has a tablet like controller which allows for unique game play and off screen play.  With a new Mario game out this year, the Wii U has a great line up of family friendly games.
Sony PS VitaSony PS VitaThe Playstation Vita is the most powerful portable gaming device with amazing visuals on its detailed 5 inch screen. Plus, it pairs up with the new Playstation 4 for remote play.
Nintendo 3DS XLNintendo 3DS XLNintendo has taken it’s popular 3D system and super sized the screen. The device feels great in your hands and it has the best lineup of games for a portable gaming device.
Nintendo 2DSNintendo 2DSThe Nintendo 2DS is an affordably priced gaming device for those that don’t care about 3D. It plays all of the games on the 3DS without the 3D effect.


Call Of Duty: GhostsCall Of Duty: GhostsRated M. Call Of Duty: Ghosts is one of the most wanted games of the year. The classic shoot em up gameplay is back along with new multiplayer modes. In the story mode, it’s up to players to stop a new superpower called the Federation from taking over. The action is over the top and frantic.
Batman: Arkham OriginsBatman: Arkham OriginsPlayers get to relive the life of Batman in his earlier days with this new game. The game keeps the fun combat of the earlier games, adding new gadgets and a fresh new story line. Fans will feel like just like the cape crusader.
Minecraft – Xbox 360Minecraft - Xbox 360Twelve year old boys are addicted to Minecraft and now it’s on the Xbox 360. The game plays great on a TV with a controller. Players walk through the world exploring and building whatever their imagination comes up with. It’s hours of fun.
Rocksmith 2014 EditionRocksmith 2014 EditionWhat a fun way to learn how to play the guitar. You plug in a real guitar into the console and the game teaches you through lessons and fun arcade like mini games. It’s great for beginners and intermediate players.
Pikmin 3Pikmin 3In Pikmin 3, your planet is starving. It’s up to you and the help of alien like creatures called Pikmin to harvest food for your planet. The game is so full of charm and magic. You will travel across beautiful lush environments and use strategy to complete tasks. 
Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario 3D WorldMario is back with some of the coolest power ups ever including a cat suit which allows him to climb up walls. For the first time in a 3D Mario, Nintendo has added the ability to play with 3 other players. The result is more fun and mayhem than you could imagine.
Zelda: A Link Between WorldsZelda: A Link Between WorldsIt’s about time that Nintendo release a sequel to the fan favorite- A Link to the Past. They have shaken up the formula with the ability to turn Link into a flat drawing, which forces players to think in an entirely different way to solve puzzles. Add to that some of the best boss fights in a Zelda game and you’ve got another golden entry in the series.
Lego Marvel SuperheroesLego Marvel SuperheroesWhy didn’t they come up with this before? This game lets players play with over 100 different Marvel characters in an open world. For fans, it is a dream come true.
Madden NFL 25Madden NFL 25Madden is back celebrating its 25th year in gaming. The next generation version delivers unprecedented realism that makes you feel closer to the field.
NBA 2k14NBA 2k14NBA 2K14 is one of the best basketball games. The next gen version practically sells itself with some of the most realistic looking players ever to hit the virtual court.

Gift Ideas For The 12 Year Old Gadget Lover

Almost 90% of teens between the ages of 12 and 17 want a electronic gadget for Christmas. At 12, he loves cool tech-y toys and gadgets. Here are some of the best.

GoPro Hero3: White EditionGoPro Hero3: White EditionFor the 12 year old daredevil that loves skateboarding or going of adrenaline pounding adventures, the GoPro Hero 3 is simply a gadget that is hard to live without. This version shoots incredible 1080P video.
Google ChromecastGoogle ChromecastThis cool gadget is an inexpensive way to watch Netflix or Hulu on your TV if you don’t already have support for it by streaming it from your phone, computer, or tablet.
Apple iPad MiniApple Ipad MiniThe iPad is the tablet that every 12 year old boy really wants. 24% of teens want a new iPad. For 12 year olds, we think the smaller iPad Mini is the best option because of its more compact design. While Apple has come out with a brand new one with a better display and processor, the old iPad Mini is more than adequate if you don’t care about the latest and greatest.
Apple iTouchApple iTouchThe newest iPod Touch borrows some of the best features of the iPhone except it can’t make calls. It’s also half the price. The screen is now wide screen which makes watching movies and playing apps look great.
Amazon Kindle Fire HDXAmazon Kindle Fire HDXIf you are looking for a budget tablet, the Kindle Fire makes a great first tablet for a 12 year old boy. The tablet makes it easy to watch video, buy apps, and read books.
Amazon Kindle PaperWhiteAmazon Kindle PaperWhiteThe Paperwhite is still the best way to read e-books with its bright and responsive display. Now it is easier than ever to flip through the book with Kindle Page Flip.

Best Science Kits For A 12 Year Old Boy

Science kits make excellent gifts for a 12 year old boy interested in math or science.

Snap Circuits SC-300Snap Circuits SC-300Snap Circuits is really a wonderful toy for 12 year old boys that want to know how electricity works. All of the pieces snap together so there are no wires or complicated soldering. There are so many different projects with by step by step directions.
Snap Circuits LightSnap Circuits LightSnap Circuits Light brings all the fun of the orginal Snap Circuits with the addition of lightup components. There are numerous projects to complete including a color organ which lights up to the beat of music from an iPod.
Thames & Kosmos Physics Kit Thames & Kosmos Physics Pro Kit12 year old boys can explore tons of fun physics projects including building a windmill and mars robot with this fun set from Thames and Kosmos.
Little Bits Starter SetLittle Bits Starter SetCreated by Ayah Bdeir, this snap together construction kit is like Legos for electronics. 12 year old boys can experiment with snapping the different components together to create different circuits.

Gift Ideas For The 12 Year Old Board Game Lover

Looking for the best gift for a 12 year old boy? Try one of these board games.

PerplexusPerplexusPerplexus is a maze game where players have to maneuver a ball though a difficult maze located inside a sphere.
Bop It TetrisBop It TetrisRemember Tetris? Bop It Tetris is perfect for 12 year old boys who love quick pick up and play game play. Players must quickly rotate the Tetris pieces and slide them into a open spot in the gird below before the time runs out. It’s addictive.
Lazer Maze Logic GameLazer Maze Logic Game12 year old boys will love this cool puzzle game not only because it has lasers but because it’s tons of fun. The idea is to bounce lasers around using mirrors and splitters to hit a target.
Ticket To RideTicket To RideThis award winning classic board game has players connecting cities using their colored trains. The player with the most points at the end wins the game.

Top Blasters For 12 Year Old Boys

Boys love anything that shoots. Blasters are still top gifts for 12 year old boys. Here are some that will satisfy his need to fire something.

Nerf CS-18Nerf CS-18Nerf blasters are very popular with 12 year old boys. The automatic CS-18 has plenty of fire power, shooting up to 75 feet. It includes a see through clip which allows boys to see how many darts they have left.
Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve BowZing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow12 year old boys love shooting toys and this dart gun is totally awesome. It launches foam darts that you clip into the two elastic rubber bands. The coolest part is that the darts can be shot up to 125 feet away.
Double Barrel Marshmallow GunDouble Barrel Marshmallow Shooter This marshmallow gun is a great gift for 12 year old boys. This one has double barrels which makes it look like it came straight out of a western. It shoots soft pillowy mini marshmallows out so make sure you get mini marshmallows along with it.
Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun At 12 years old, he’s probably begging for a new paintball set. The Spyder MR100 complete set is great for beginners. It comes with the proper safety gear and an air soft gun.

Gift Ideas For The Sporty 12 Year Old Boy

Got a 12 year old who loves playing outdoors? These sporty gifts are tons of fun.

Razor E200 ScooterRazor E200 ScooterThis battery powered scooter from Razor is tons of fun and great for 12 year old boys. It goes around 10 – 12 mph. It takes a bit of time to charge it at first but then it charges in about 4 hours. It’s got a great battery life too with over an 1 hour.
Ripstik Caster BoardRipstik Caster BoardThe Ripstick Caster board is really popular with the 12 year old crowd. It’s a modern day skateboard with 2 wheels. It’s got a rotating pole in the middle which allows you to turn the back and front of the board independently. Learning to ride it takes some practice, but it’s a lot of fun and it gets kids exercising.

Gift Ideas For The 12 Year Old Builder

These cool building toys make wonderful gift ideas for a 12 year old boy.

Lego Mindstorms EV 3Lego Mindstorms EV 3Lego Mindstorms Ev 3 is amazing. It lets kids create and program their own robots. When you first open the box, it can be overwhelming but the step by step instructions make it easy for any 12 year old to follow along. In the box, it comes with instructions to build the track3r, but there are 5 other robots to build.
Lego Minecrafts SetsLego Minecrafts SetsWith the popularity of the Minecraft games, Lego has decided to release a whole line of buildable Minecraft sets. The first set came out in 2012 with two new sets in 2013, The Nether and The Village. These sets are just as popular as the game with 12 year olds.
LEGO Ninjago Temple of Light LEGO Ninjago Temple of Light This ultra cool 565 piece Lego set contains the long awaited golden ninja. The temple of light is cool but the coolest part it that it comes with a golden mech robot with a sword that the golden ninja can ride in.
LEGO Chima Lion CHI TempleLEGO Chima Lion CHI TempleLego’s latest line is the Chima line which features animal like creatures battling for a mystical power called the Chi. This set is awesome and allows kids to act out the entire Chima storyline. It comes with 7 minifigs. The lion temple has a number of protective barriers including a launching canon and super cool lion head which jaws act as a gate.

Gift Ideas For The 12 Year Old Book Lover

Here are some books your 12 year old boy won’t be able to put down.

Guinness World Records 2014Guinness World Records 201412 year old boys won’t be able to put the latest Guinness Book Of World Records down. It’s filled with fascinating information like the “most passing yards in the first season” in the NFL.
The House of HadesThe House of HadesRick Riordan‘s The House Of Hades is another excellent entry in the Percy Jackson series. The book is packed with so much of action that it’s hard to catch your breath.

Best R/C Toys For 12 Year Old Boys

He’s going to love racing around these remote control toys.

Air Hogs RC Helix X4Air Hogs RC Helix X4 StuntThis unique helicopter from Air Hogs is powered by four fans and can do very cool tricks. For the first time you can charge it using USB.
Remote Control MachinesThames & Kosmos Remote Control MachinesThis fun kit from Thames & Kosmos lets 12 year old boys build their own remote controlled cars.

Best Toys For 12 Year Old Boys

Even though he’s getting to be a little older, these top toys for 12 year old boys are sure to make him feel like a kid again.

Minecraft Foam SwordMinecraft Foam SwordThis fun axe looks just like the axe in the Minecraft game. It’s great for any 12 year old that loves Minecraft.
Sonic ScrewdriverSonic ScrewdriverThis screwdriver is similar to the one used by Dr. Who. It not only makes cool sound effects, it has a ultraviolet pen which lets you write secret messages that can be revealed by the UV light.

Gift Ideas For The 12 Year Old Music Lover

These gifts for music lovers are sure to get his blood pumping with every beat.

Sol Republic HeadphonesSol Republic  HeadphonesThese headphones are as popular as Beats for 12 year old boys, but they are much more affordable. Not only do these pair of headphones look cool, they sound great giving sweet bass to any tune without drowning out the treble.
HMDX Jam+ Wireless SpeakerHMDX Jam Plus Wireless SpeakerThis hip looking speaker wirelessly beams music from your smart device for 4 hours of wireless play.

What Do You Think The Best Gift For A Boy Age 12 Is?

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