Gifts For 13 Year Old Boys

Find the best gifts for 13 year old boys with our ULTIMATE gift guide for 13 year old boys. We found out from 13 year olds what they want the most for 2015.At 13, your boy is now an officially a teenager. Finding gifts for teenager guys is not exactly easy. Most boys at this age are still trying to discover who they are. Don’t try to get overly fancy. That new set of Batman boxer shorts is likely to embarrass him. Depending on their personality, 13 year old boys love video games, music, gadgets, science, Minecraft, paintball, and the outdoors.

Here are some gifts that make excellent Christmas gifts for teenage boys.

For The 13 Year Old Adventurer

So he loves the outdoors? Here are great gift ideas for 13 year old boys who love that sense of adventure.

Swagway Self Balancing ScooterSwagway Self Balancing Scootercheck price

How cool is this? What 13 year old doesn’t want this for Christmas? It’s like a segway without the handles. Why walk when you can cruise around in unbelievable style? The Swagway goes up to 12 MPH with a charge that lasts for about 10 miles. Anyone with this will instantly be the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Do you have the swag?

GoPro HERO+GoPro HERO+check price

The GoPro Hero suddenly got a whole lot more affordable with this entry level version. This lightweight wearable camera allows 13 year olds to capture even the craziest adventures from dirt biking to snowboarding in 60fps 1080P. The coolest part is that the video quality is the same as the more expensive GoPro cameras. The only real big difference is that you don’t get the built in screen. The best part? It includes Wi fI and Bluetooth so you can see the video on your phone.

90′ Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit90' Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kitcheck price

How would you like a zipline in your backyard? You simply attach the adjustable cable between two trees and mount the riding seat. The entire neighborhood is going to want to come over. Your backyard will never be the same.

Revolution 101 Balance Board TrainerRevolution 101 Balance Board Trainercheck price

What if you could surf right in your own living room? This balance board balances on a sturdy plastic roll mimicking the same feeling you would get with any board sports. It’s actually quite a workout as you have to use your core muscles. This balance board is great for learning how to balance and body coordination before you get out there and become a daredevil. The best part? You don’t have to worry about the weather.

Penny Graphic Complete SkateboardPenny Graphic Complete Skateboardcheck price

How rad is this? This is simply the best skateboard to introduce anyone to skateboarding. Offered in several styles, the designs are a throwback to the original skateboard. It is friendly enough even for beginners. The best part about a Penny board is its maneuverability. These things turn and move effortlessly. If you are looking for a fun time riding on a skateboard, this board is worth every penny.

Razor RipStik RipsterRazor RipStik Ripstercheck price

Is your 13 year looking for street cred? Give them the skateboard of the future. RipStick Caster boards are just like skateboards but have two small decks connected by a crossbar. Unlike skateboards, they have two inline caster wheels. To move forward, you make a twisting motion.

Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232check price

The Monkey Light creates an incredible light show on your bike wheel as it spins around. There are 40 patterns to choose from. For speed demons, the lights will completely cover your wheel if you reach a speed about 10 miles per hour. As you ride around town, people may want to slow down just to check out the party on your wheels. That and you will be safe.

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Motocross BikeRazor SX500 McGrath Dirt Motocross Bikecheck price

How does a new dirt bike sound? Meet the Razor SX500. It was developed with the help of the most popular motocross rider of all time, Jeremy McGrath. And boy is this thing cool. Your 13 year old will zip around dirt, gravel, hills, and bumps like a pro. The battery life is pretty good at about 40 minutes. Even parents will want to go for a ride.

Flybar Foam Master Pogo StickFlybar Foam Master Pogo Stickcheck price

This isn’t the pogo stick you grew up with. With a full body foam covering, non slip foot pegs, and rubber tip this pogo stick comes ready out of the box for some crazy bouncing action and tricks.

Walkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance StiltsWalkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance Stiltscheck price

When you were born, you learned to walk. When you are 13, you have to learn to stilt walk. These stilts can be adjusted from 12 to 17 inches on the ground so you can first get the hang of it. Soon you won’t be walking around without them.

Tech Toys

Tech Toys
Who doesn’t love tech toys? Here are the best toys for a 13 year old boy.

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled DroidSphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droidcheck price

This is the droid that everyone wants this year. Now anyone can bring home BB-8, the adorable droid from the Star Wars Awakens movie. With a Smartphone app, kids can send this rolling droid on an adventure in your house. This is going to be a big hit with any 13 year old Star Wars lover. Sphero BB-8 might be the coolest toy in the galaxy.

Anki OVERDRIVE Starter KitAnki OVERDRIVE Starter Kitcheck price

Cars are cool but robotic cars are even cooler. Anki Overdrive feels like a video game brought to real life. It’s like playing Mario Kart with actual toys. Players can now pit toy supercars against friends or the self driving AI. The modular magnetic track pieces allow you to configure the tracks in several different ways. What could be more awesome?

Syma X5C Explorers QuadcopterSyma X5C Explorers Quadcoptercheck price

Just about every 13 year old wants to fly a drone on Christmas morning. The most popular toy drone out there is the Syma X5 quad. The toy drone can stream and record video from above.

DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter DroneDJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter Dronecheck price

The Phantom 3 is the flying drone that everyone really wants. Equipped with a 1080p camera, this unmanned drone lets you capture high quality footage from new heights. Just about every 13 year old wishes that they could fly this. Okay, maybe everyone wishes that could fly this.

For The 13 Year Old Video Gamer

The latest video games are huge with 13 year old boys. It’s a great year to be a gamer. In addition to the consoles already out, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are bringing out new game systems. According to Piper Jaffray, Approximately 49% of teens intend to purchase a next generation console. Here are some great video game gift ideas for a 13 year old boy.

Gaming Devices

Sony PlayStation 4Ages 5+Sony PlayStation 4check price

Most kids nowadays use that new fangled system called the PlayStation 4. With 10X times the power or the previous console, this is one system that it at the top of every 13 year old boy’s wish list. Why? It is an incredible package for gamers with an awesome controller, life like graphics, and the ability to share. In 2015, Sony dropped the price, making is easier for anyone to join the Playstation nation. There are a ton of bundles available including one with the new Star Wars game everyone wants.

Xbox One 1TB BundleAges 5+Xbox One 1TB Bundlecheck price

Not to be outdone by Sony, Microsoft also has its own next generation console, the Xbox One. Like Sony Microsoft announced a permanent price cut earlier this year. While it might not be as powerful as the Playstation 4, the Xbox One has a stronger library of exclusive games. The coolest part? Microsoft announced that the system will be backyard compatible with the Xbox 360. Not only can 13 year olds play the latest Halo game, but they can play even Xbox 360 games.

Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6″ Ages 5+Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6check price

Do you want a gaming laptop under 1000? For the price, you won’t find a better gaming laptop than the Dell Inspiron i7559-763. With a dedicated graphics card, the Nvidia 960M, and even a 256 GB solid state drive, this laptop is an amazing bargain. It has one of those fancy new Skylake processors that Intel just released in the Summer of 2015.With those specs, you will be able most games at the high settings or on medium though some games might not run at 60 frames per second. Perfect for playing Witcher, Far Cry, or Fallout 4.

Alienware Alpha Gaming PC Console Ages 5+Alienware Alpha Gaming PC Console check price

For those looking for an inexpensive way to get into PC games, the Alienware Alpha is the way to go. You can’t build a cheaper pc. Is it a full desktop computer? Yes, but it also a gaming machine that is the perfect STEAM machine. The best part? The console not only looks like a traditional console, it hooks up to your television. It even works with Xbox 360 controllers. How awesome is that?

Video Games

Star Wars: BattlefrontAges 13+Star Wars: Battlefrontcheck price

What 13 year old boy doesn’t love Star Wars and videogames? This is the biggest videogame space battle ever. For years, Star Wars fans have wondered what it would feel like to battle in snowy Tundras or deserts. Star Wars Battlefront puts you right in the middle of the battle with the most photorealistic visuals in a Star Wars videogame. The game allows 40 players to duke it out using light sabers, XWings, AT-ATs, and more. The force is with this game.

Fallout 4Ages 17+Fallout 4check price

Fallout 4 is the most anticipated videogame of 2015. It is rated M with tons of blood, violence, strong language, and the use of drugs. That means that 13 year olds want to play it. It’s made by Bethesda who practically created the modern open world game with games like Skyrim, Oblivion, and Fallout 3. Here’s the set up. An atomic bomb has been released. Your family is evacuated and everybody is frozen. 200 years later, someone defrosts you and kidnaps your son. It’s up to you to save the day.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIAges 17+Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIcheck price

There’s a new Call of Duty game for 2015. Call Of Duty: Black Ops III is probably the game that almost every 13 year old boy wants. Like most first person shooters just know that it is rated M with gore, intense violence, and strong language. Players take the role of a futuristic soldier where people connect with computers, weapons, and other humans. You’ll blow things up, beat things up, and control enemies. Gamers use guns, grenade launchers, and weapons to kill enemies and zombies.

Halo 5: GuardiansAges 13+Halo 5: Guardianscheck price

Halo 5 is this year’s biggest Xbox One exclusive. The best part? Halo 5 is the first Halo game released with a Teen rating. With tons of fun weapons, vehicles, levels, multiplayer, it might be the strongest Halo game. Everyone knows that Halo 5 is all about the multiplayer mode. While it is disappointing this new game doesn’t have split screen gaming and some of the upgrades are tied behind micro transactions, Halo has never felt better with some of the best maps the series has seen.

Madden NFL 16Ages 5+Madden NFL 16check price

There is a new Madden out this year and it is more realistic than ever. The biggest addition? Players can now direct the ball where only their receiver can snag the ball. It adds a whole new strategic element to the game.

Batman: Arkham KnightAges 17+Batman: Arkham Knightcheck price

Who doesn’t love Batman? This is the Batman game we always wished we had when we were kids. Thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Gotham city has never looked better. With such fluid combat, the game actually lets you be the Batman. A major part of the game involves riding around Gotham City in the Batmobile. The coolest part? You can launch yourself out of the Batmobile a mile into the air and start flying around Gotham. It looks sick.

Gaming Accessories

Ortz PS4 Vertical StandOrtz PS4 Vertical Standcheck price

This is the perfect accessory for serious PS4 gamers. The Ortz vertical stand allows you to stand your Playstation 4 up vertically, which makes it easier to fit in your entertainment center. It solves a number of issues. When you play online, you have to connect everything to your PS4 and everything becomes a tangled mess. Not only does the stand cool your PS4, it also charges 2 Ps4 controllers and has a usb hub to connect all your accessories.

PowerA Controller Charging StationPowerA Controller Charging Stationcheck price

Charging the Playstation 4 or Xbox One controllers sucks. You have to leave the console on in rest mode to charge them. The Playstation 4 controller seems to die a lot faster than the Playstation 3 controller ever did. The controller Charging station charges 2 controllers and looks pretty sleek. The charger simply plugs into the wall so you can charge the controllers without having to leave your machine on. The best part? Not only are the controllers always ready to go, it keeps everything neat.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo HeadsetPlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headsetcheck price

Does your room sound like a war zone with gunshots and explosions going off all day long? With Simulated 7.1 sound and a built in mic, this pair of wireless headphones is great for Playstation 4 gamers to hear all the booms and blasts. In Call of Duty, it feels like you are standing in the middle of a war zone. Set up couldn’t be easier. Simply plug the usb connector into the PS4 and it’s game time.

GAEMS Personal Gaming EnvironmentGAEMS Personal Gaming Environmentcheck price

How would like to take your Xbox One or Ps4 with you? Look at this thing? This is like a suitcase for your Xbox One or PS4 with a built in 19 inch LED screen. There’s no battery pack so you still need to plug in your console and the screen. The console simply straps in using the velcro straps and you can hook it up to the screen with an hdmi cable. Pretty awesome, right?

Elgato Game Capture HD60Elgato Game Capture HD60check price

Do you want to be the next Pewdie Pie? Then you need the Elgato Capture HD60. The Elgato is the best videogame recording device for streaming to Twitch or Youtube. With it, gamers can stream Ps4, Xbox One, and Wii U gameplay like their favorite Youtuber. Compared to the ones built into the consoles, this one records in 108060FPS. For the 13 year old gamer who has just about everything the Elgato Game Capture makes a great gift.

Xbox One Elite Wireless ControllerXbox One Elite Wireless Controllercheck price

While this is only for serious gamers, this is the best controller money can buy. And it is a lot of money. What makes this controller so incredible is the endless amount of customization. All the parts from the analog sticks to the d-pad can be swapped thanks to the magnetic design.

Optoma HD28DSE 1080p ProjectorOptoma HD28DSE 1080p Projectorcheck price

The best way to game with the Xbox One and Ps4 is with this 1080p projector from Optoma which delivers an unbelievable detail at an entry level price. With Darbeee Visual Presence video processing tech, Call of Duty will never look better. It’s the only projector using this technology. All you need is the popcorn and a little skill could help.

Acer XR341CK Curved 34-inch DisplayAcer XR341CK Curved 34-inch Displaycheck price

Dang! This thing is cray-cray. This behemoth of a monitor is for the most serious hardcore gamers. At 34 inches, it will probably take up your whole desk with its curved widescreen. Playing a game on it is like surrounding yourself in a completely different world. Even old games like Battlefield 4 will feel new again.

For The 13 Year Old Music Lover

Music Lover
Whether its the latest headphones or mp3 player, these music themed gift ideas make excellent gifts for a 13 year old boy.

Beats Solo2 Wireless HeadphonesBeats Solo2 Wireless Headphonescheck price

There is nothing more that a 13 year old wants than a new pair of Beats audio headphones. It’s been a long time since Beats updated its headphones. Recently the company came out with a new one that everyone wants. It comes in the sickest colors. The coolest part? The headphones fold up. With great bass and an accurate sound profile, the latest ones are lighter and better sounding.

Bluedio A (Air) Wireless HeadphonesBluedio A (Air) Wireless Headphonescheck price

They are not Beats, but these wireless Bluetooth headphones are super flexible, foldable, and comfy. With a unique design, these headphones are designed to make a fashion statement. With amazing flexibility, it is incredible how light and comfortable they are especially when you wear them for a long time. The best part? Especially with the 3-D sound option, they are dollar for dollar a greater value than the Beats.

Mpow Armor Bluetooth SpeakerMpow Armor Bluetooth Speakercheck price

You won’t believe the bass this rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker packs for its size and price. Its smaller size means that you can fit it anywhere. The best part? It’s waterproof so you can even use it in the shower or bathroom.

JAM Plus Portable SpeakerJAM Plus Portable Speakercheck price

This attractive and fun speaker available in different colors can wirelessly play music from a Smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. Battery life is about 4 hours. It can be paired with another Jam speaker for stereo sound.

UE ROLL 360 Wireless SpeakerUE ROLL 360 Wireless Speakercheck price

This is the bomb. The coolest part? You can wear this speaker with the included bungee strap. It wirelessly streams music from your Apple or Android mobile device up to 65 feet away. Battery life is about 9 hours. That way the party doesn’t have to stop when go diving, to the beach, or rock climbing.

Bose SoundLink Wireless SpeakerBose SoundLink Wireless Speakercheck price

How would you like to take your music with you? This attractive and fun speaker, available in different colors, can wirelessly play music from a Smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. With rich deep sound, this portable Bluetooth speaker makes your music come to life anywhere. On a single charge, the battery will lasts about 8 hours.

Rocksmith 2014 With Guitar Rocksmith 2014 With Guitar check price

This is a great gift for a 13 year old boy that dreams of playing the guitar. The best part? It includes a real guitar. This game actually teaches you how to play a real guitar not the fake plastic ones. It teaches you the basics of how to hold the instrument to more advanced techniques like string skipping. Boys will love that the fundamental skills are thought by playing fun videogame like mini games. With a great track selection of over 50 songs, it’s one of the best ways to learn to play the guitar.

pBone Plastic TrombonepBone Plastic Trombonecheck price

Would you like to play the trombone? First time players have to get the pBone. You wouldn’t even know that this trombone was made out of plastic. It sounds just as good as an expensive brass trombone. The best part? It doesn’t cost nearly as much. It is great for practicing and training before moving up to the real thing.

For The 13 Year Old Gadget Lover

The newest gadgets are some of the best gifts for 13 year old boys.

Amazon EchoAmazon Echocheck price

The Amazon Echo is simply the gadget of the year. This thing is so freaking amazing. Science fiction is finally coming true in the form of this speaker. It can do everything from playing music to telling you sports scores to even answering questions like “who is the president?” Simply say Alexa and it starts to listen. The voice recognition is beyond amazing and nothing else comes close. It can hear you across the room and even over background music.

Ipad MiniIpad Minicheck price

The iPad Mini 4 is perfect tablet for 13 year old boys because of its smaller form factor. It plays all of the apps that the larger iPad Air plays, it’s super portable, and its thinner than the new iPhone. It’s even got a retina display. The best part? It’s $100 less than the iPad Air 2 and basically the same performance.

Ipad ProIpad Procheck price

The iPad Pro is the tablet that your 13 year old really wants. For tablet fans, it is a dream come true. At 12.9 inches, it is 78% percent larger than the previous iPad. For the first time, Apple is including a stylus called the Apple Pencil and increasing the touch sensitivity. With the 4 speaker acoustic speakers, the iPad has never sounded better. The best part? You can even attach the woven Smart Keyboard to it without the need for Bluetooth.

Apple iPod touchApple iPod touchcheck price

The newest iPod Touch borrows some of the best features of the iPhone except it can’t make calls. It’s also half the price. The screen is now wide screen which makes watching movies and playing apps look great.

Amazon Fire HD 8Amazon Fire HD 8check price

It might not be as cool as the the iPad, but the Kindle Fire HDX is a great tablet for 13 year olds. With a better display, a more affordable price, and great battery life, the Kindle Fire HDX is the best tablet to consume media on especially if you have Amazon Prime.

All-New Kindle PaperwhiteAll-New Kindle Paperwhitecheck price

For 13 year old boys that love to read there is no better e reader than the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It’s got outstanding contrast and a fantastic resolution that is easy on the eyes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2Samsung Galaxy Tab S2check price

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is one of the coolest tablets of the year. Why? This thing is razor thin and one of the lightest tablets on the market. It’s like holding a magazine. It comes in 2 sizes 8 and 9.7 inch. They have just as good performance as the iPad Air 2. The best part? For the same price, you get double the space plus the ability to add more memory with an SD card. This is the best Android tablet of the year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4Microsoft Surface Pro 4check price

Want the portability of tablet but need the functionality of a real laptop? Microsoft has the answer with its Surface Pro. Microsoft has just updated its Surface line with better specs, the latest processors, and a better keyboard. The best part? It comes with Windows 10.

ASUS Chromebook FlipASUS Chromebook Flipcheck price

If all your 13 year old is going to do is get on the Internet, check email, or watch Youtube, just get the ASUS Chromebook Flip. This super stylish Chromebook runs on the Chrome OS. The coolest part? It has a convertible design that allows it to flip between a tablet and laptop.

Apple MacBook ProApple MacBook Procheck price

Give your gadget loving 13 year old boy the new Mac Book Pro with a dramatically improved battery life of 10 hours thanks to a new Broadwell processor. The touchpad is equipped with Apple’s new haptic feedback trackpad. Without actual buttons, when you click down on the trackpad, it feels like there is a button depressing. Somehow it tricks your finger. It still has the performance and design you expect out of a Macbook Pro.

Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Stickcheck price

This cool inexpensive device lets teens wirelessly stream Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime from their smart device to their TV.

Dreem iPhone 6/6s Plus Fibonacci Wallet Case Dreem iPhone 6/6s Plus Fibonacci Wallet Case check price

Don’t you hate carrying around your wallet and iPhone? How awesome is this? It’s a 2 in 1 wallet and case for the iPhone 6/6s Plus. The case has a clean look with room for 3 cards, your ID, and several bills. This is a great gift for iPhone 6 users.

Iphone 6S/ 6S PlusIphone 6S/ 6S Pluscheck price

The one phone that your 13 year old wants is the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus. The 6S Plus has a larger 5.5 inch display so your 13 year old is going to need bigger pant pockets. Apple has made a number of improvements this year. The iPhone 6S is faster, has a better camera, and Siri is better than ever. The biggest difference? Apple has added a more sensitive 3D touch display which allows you to do all kinds of cool things with your finger.

Samsung Galaxy S6 PhoneSamsung Galaxy S6 Phonecheck price

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is out and it is a stunner. It runs Android 5.0, which makes it easier than ever to navigate around the phone. The 5.1 inch display is gorgeous. The coolest part? It has wireless charging. With the new phone out, you can probably find a great deal on a previous Galaxy model.

Anker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S PlusAnker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Pluscheck price

Don’t you hate when the battery on your phone dies? The case from Anker not only protects your iPhone 6/6s, it extends its battery life by one full charge. The best part? With a superb design that is lightweight, it doesn’t add any bulkiness so it’s easy to fit in your pocket.

Jackery Bar External Battery ChargerJackery Bar External Battery Chargercheck price

Don’t you hate when your cell phone runs out of juice just when you need it? This portable battery charger from Jackery will change your life. It charges your phone up to 2-3 times so you can get back to what is important. Texting!

For The 13 Year Old Scientist

The Scientist
Here are some great science gift ideas for 13 year old boys.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3Ages 10-15LEGO Mindstorms EV3check price

Lego Mindstorms EV3 is the newest and best programmable robotic kit for 13 year old boys. It combines a programmable brain and Lego blocks. It comes with multiple sensors that can be programmed to do different things. The robots are programmed through your computer. The kit shows kids how to build 5 different robots but boys can experiment building their own robots with a little experience.

Circuit Scribe Basic KitAges 13+Circuit Scribe Basic Kitcheck price

This might be the coolest science kit ever. Circuit Scribe is a roller-ball pen filled with conductive ink that allows 13 year olds to create circuits by simply drawing them out. Who needs wires? Once you draw out the circuit you simply use the different components to create a circuit. The kit comes with a workbook with 25 pages of lessons. Unlike Snap Circuits, this kit is designed for teens over 13.

Snap Circuits SC-300Ages 8-15Snap Circuits SC-300check price

Snap Circuits are great for teaching 13 year old boys how electronics work. There are no tiny wires to mess around with which makes it less intimidating. All of the components including the resistors and capacitors can be snapped together on a plastic board to connect them to make electrical circuits.

Snap Circuits LightsAges 8-15Snap Circuits Lightscheck price

Snap Circuits Light introduces light up orbs and bulbs to the electronic snap circuits. With 81 pages in the instructions, kids can create over 175 different projects. One of the projects allows the circuits to light up with the beat of the music from an mp3 player.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2Ages 10+CanaKit Raspberry Pi 2check price

The Raspberry Pi is a complete micro computer that is under 100 dollars. It was created by a team at Cambridge University to get children interested in computing. With it, teens can learn about basic computing and electronics. It comes as a circuit board. There is so much you can do with it from using it to surf the web to building retro arcades. It’s great for 13 year old boys interested in computers and tinkering around with Linux operating system.

Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000Ages 12-15Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000check price

13 year old boys interested in chemistry will love this large set from Thames & Kosmos. It comes with an excellent manual with detailed pictures and diagrams containing many fun experiments

Elenco Learn to SolderAges 10-15Elenco Learn to Solder Kitcheck price

With this fun step by step kit, 13 year old boys can learn to solder. The kit is set up like a course. It ‘s the perfect gift idea for anyone interested in electronics.

Elenco AM/FM Radio KitAges 14-15Elenco AM/FM Radio Kitcheck price

How would you like to make your own AM/FM radio? Anyone into electronics needs this kit. This is an advanced soldering kit on Am/Fm radios. Before you move onto this set, you need to know how to solder. Practice with the learn to solder kit and this set is very doable with the easy to follow directions.

For The 13 Year Old Airsoft Lover

Airsoft Lover
Some 13 year olds still love Nerf guns. However, the number one gift on most 13 year old boys’ wish list is either air soft or paintball guns. These things are not toys and aren’t for everybody. They should always be supervised by adults and the proper safety gear and safety precautions should always be observed.

Here are the coolest Nerf, Airsoft, and paintball gifts for 13 year old boys.

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 BlasterAges 14+Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blastercheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if Nerf made a blaster for teens? You haven’t experienced a Nerf gun anything like this. Backyard battles will never be the same with the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200. The big bad Zeus Rival blaster spits out foam balls up to 30 miles per hour from a 12 round magazine. These things really fly so you are going to need eye protection just in case.

Daisy Red Ryder BB Pistol KitAges 13+Daisy Red Ryder BB Pistol Kitcheck price

You can’t go wrong with the Daisy Red Ryder. It is one of the most popular BB guns in the whole world for beginners. The Daisy Red Ryder comes with everything you need to get started including safety glasses, the manual, and a few targets. It’s a great tool for teaching kids proper gun safety.

Soft Air Taurus PT24/7 BB PistolAges 13+Soft Air Taurus PT24/7 BB Pistolcheck price

Made out of plastic and using a spring loaded system, the Taurus PT 24/7 Co2 makes a great first Airsoft pistol. For the price, it is probably one of the best entry level air soft guns. It has a very solid construction with a great grip. The coolest part? It’s got white dots on the sights that make it easier to aim the pellet gun. You do need to buy the loaders separately for loading the bbs into the magazine.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball GunAges 13+Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Guncheck price

Paintball is one of the most requested gifts by 13 year old boys. If you are new to paintball get a Tippmann. The Tippmann Cronus Tactical is a great starter set.

UTG Sportsman Tactical Scenario VestAges 10+UTG Sportsman Tactical Scenario Vestcheck price

If you play paintball or with airsoft guns, this vest is legit. It’s got all sorts of pouches and a holster on it for carrying tactical equipment.

Airsoft Safety GogglesAges 10+Airsoft Safety Gogglescheck price

Airsoft guns are not toys. 13 year olds should always wear eye protection to prevent any serious injuries to their eyes.

For The 13 Year Old Tool Lover

13 year olds don’t play with toys, they play with tools. These tools make great Christmas gifts for 13 year old boys.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knifecheck price

If your 13 year old does a lot of camping and woodwork, this swiss army knife is a handy all in one tool. It’s like having a little toolbox in your pocket.

Premium Leather OrbitkeyPremium Leather Orbitkeycheck price

Don’t you hate carrying so many keys in your pocket? This might look like a Swiss army knife but it is not. This clever invention holds up to 7 keys in a very compact form, reducing all the bulkiness. It not only stops your keys from jingling, but also makes it more comfortable to sit without your keys pointing in all different directions.

Nite Ize BugLitNite Ize BugLitcheck price

This might look like a bug but it is actually a pretty nifty flashlight. It has 3 different light settings from high to low. The coolest part? The bendable rubber legs allow you to position the light just right when you are working on something. It has tons of uses. You can even wrap the legs around something. It makes a very cool gift.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector TK4 Bounty Hunter Metal Detector TK4 check price

Is your son a treasure hunter? Equipped with the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector IV, your son will find all kinds of cools things. It’s super easy to use even for beginners. You might not find gold but it is sure fun trying. That’s worth more than gold.

Crescent Mechanics Tool SetCrescent Mechanics Tool Setcheck price

What 13 year old boy wouldn’t love his own tool set? With 170 pieces, this set includes wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and more. There is nothing like fixing up your own bike or helping dad with the race car with your own set of tools.

MAZU 9-Piece Lock Pick Set MAZU 9-Piece Lock Pick Set check price

How would you like to learn how to pick locks? Along with 9 pick tools it comes with a clear lock that allows you to see what you are doing and where the pins are. 13 year old boys will love playing with this more than their Playstation 4. It never gets old and gives you a major adrenaline rush.

For The 13 Year Old Builder

Got a builder? These building sets are the perfect gifts for teenage guys.

LEGO Minecraft 21116 Crafting BoxAges 8+LEGO Minecraft 21116 Crafting Boxcheck price

Minecraft is all the rage amongst the 13 year old crowd. It started out as a game that now has micro building sets from Lego. This is the best Lego Minecraft set out now. They give you 518 pieces and say build whatever the heck you like. With endless possibilities, the Crafting Box is the closest Lego set to the “real” game.

LEGO Minecraft Nether FortressAges 8+LEGO Minecraft Nether Fortresscheck price

The Nether Fortress is one of the newest Lego Minecraft sets this year. At 517 pieces, it’s one of the largest Lego Minecraft sets out this year. After kids build the Nether Fortress, Alex and Steve have to battle through the fortress to pick up supplies, but they’ll have to avoid the falling lava block. They take on the other Minifigures like the fire shooting Ghast and Zombie Pigman. Luckily Steve has his sword and Alex has her armor.

LEGO Star Wars 75095 Tie FighterAges 14+LEGO Star Wars 75095 Tie Fightercheck price

It’s Star Wars! It’s Lego! This is the dream Lego set that every teenager wants this year. With 1685 pieces, kids get to build a super detailed version of the iconic TIE Fighter. It’s massive. This thing stands over a foot tall with a foot long wingspan. The detail on it will completely blow your mind. This is a fairly involved build. It takes a couple of days to complete. But man, when you are finished this thing looks freaking awesome. This is sort of the set that you will want to display. It even comes with a display stand.

LEGO Technic 42040 Fire PlaneAges 9-16LEGO Technic 42040 Fire Planecheck price

Who doesn’t love planes? These Lego Technic sets are better than regular sets for older kids. The sets have more complicated builds with beams and connectors. This allows kids to create cool mechanical vehicles with moveable parts. This here is the Fire Plane. There are so many moving parts on this build. The joystick on the top of the plane controls the wings and little tail flaps on the plane. Even the propeller spins when you roll the plane. How awesome is that?

For The 13 Year Old Sports Enthusiast

Some boys just love the smell of fresh air. Here are the coolest sports gifts for 13 year old boys.

Spalding Mini Basketball HoopSpalding Mini Basketball Hoopcheck price

Who said you have to go outside to play basketball? Now you can bring the fun of basketball indoors with the Spalding Mini Hoop. Designed after a real NBA hoop, it looks just like the real one. Mount it over the doorway and it is sure to score big with any 13 year old boy.

SKLZ 10 Man Flag Football SetSKLZ 10 Man Flag Football Setcheck price

What 13 year old doesn’t love football? This 10 Man flag football set is perfect for playing flag football in the backyard, park, or at the beach. The set comes with everything you need including the belt, flags , and 4 goal line cones. For football fans, this tag football set is a touchdown.

Wilson Evolution Black Edition BasketballWilson Evolution Black Edition Basketballcheck price

There is the reason the Wilson Evolution is the most popular indoor basket ball. It has an amazing grip. The ball melts like butter in your hands. Now it comes in a sleek black version.

Lifetime 1269 Portable Basketball Lifetime 1269 Portable Basketball check price

Going to the park to play basket ball is cool but what if you could practice at home? With the Lifetime 44 inch backboard you can. This is a portable unit with wheels on it, which means the base can be filled with sand or water to give it a sturdy base. You can even adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. All the neighborhood boys will want to come over for game time.

L.E.D Light Up Flying DiscL.E.D Light Up Flying Disccheck price

LED lights on a Frisbee? Now that is cool. How could that not be fun? To appreciate this Frisbee you have to see it in the night. It looks like a flying UFO.

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle DartboardWinmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboardcheck price

This professional dart board from Winmau is perfect for 13 year old boys. The board is made of bounce proof wiring which helps to reduce bounce outs. The darts enter the board and stick. Best of all, unlike other dart boards, this board is built to last with high density sisal.

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy BagEverlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bagcheck price

A boxing bag is a great gift idea for 13 year old boy who just wants to let out some steam while having a bit of fun. This 70 lbs boxing bag is just the right weight for 13 year old boys. It includes the boxing gloves and wrist wraps which are essential for protecting your wrists.

Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk TrampolineSkywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk Trampolinecheck price

What is more fun than bouncing up and down on a trampoline? Your backyard will never be the same with this 12 foot trampoline from Skywalker. The best part? There is a basketball hoop inside the trampoline. Even 13 year olds can’t get enough of bouncing on this thing. Your backyard will become the spot to hangout.

Baden Messi Deluxe Soccer BallBaden Messi Deluxe Soccer Ballcheck price

Who doesn’t love Lionel Messi? He’s one of the best soccer players of all time. Soccer fans will love this stylish golden Baden Messi Soccer series ball. It comes in 2 different colors: Deluxe Gold and Glossy Gold. The coolest part? The proceeds go to the Leo Messi Foundation, which helps troubled adolescents.

Adidas Team Speed Small DuffelAdidas Team Speed Small Duffelcheck price

Do you love going to the gym? When you need to carry your sports stuff around, the Adidas Team Speed Duffel comes in very handy. With plenty of room inside, it comes in several different colors, has an adjustable shoulder strap, and even a shoe tunnel.

The Game Room

The game room
Spice up your room with these great gifts.

DC Comics Batman LED Night LightDC Comics Batman LED Night Lightcheck price

What room would be complete without a bat signal? Batman fans will love this night light that projects a 3 foot bat signal on the wall. How awesome is that? It’s the perfect gift for your dark “night.”

Paladone Pac-Man Ghost LightPaladone Pac-Man Ghost Lightcheck price

Are you a gamer? Then you will love this Pac Mac shaped mood light that cycles through 16 colors. The coolest part? In party mode, it flashes to the beat of sound. There is nothing better that says “I Love Videogames.”

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis TableJOOLA Inside Table Tennis Tablecheck price

Nothing is more fun than a game of ping pong. The only thing you need is a table. This 2 piece indoor table tennis table from Joola comes fully assembled and comes with everything you need to get started playing including the net. The game room will never be the same.

Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table, 5.5′Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table, 5.5'check price

What 13 year old doesn’t love air hockey? The game room is not complete without an air hockey table. Get your game on with this 5.5 foot air hockey table from Hathaway. The table comes with 3 strikers and 2 pucks. It offers hours of laughs, screams, and giggles.

For The 13 Year Old Book Lover

The book lover
He won’t put his favorite book down? These books make excellent gifts for teenagers.

This Book Loves You This Book Loves You check price

What gamer doesn’t love PewDiePie? Everyone’s favorite Youtuber, PewDiePie , has a book that might change the world. PewDiePie may have reinvented philosophy. He’s helping everyone including kittens, dogs, babies, and candy wrappers reach their full potential. Okay, that’s not what the book is about. It’s filled with a bunch of quotes from him like “Don’t be yourself. Be a pizza. Everyone loves pizza.” Fans of his popular Youtube channel will die of laughter.

Guinness World Records 2016Guinness World Records 2016check price

What is the world’s largest animal? It’s the whale, which can weigh 28 times the weight of a dinosaur. The Guinness World Records 2016 is filled with a bunch of world records from everything from Minecraft to sports.

5,000 Awesome Facts 2 5,000 Awesome Facts 2 check price

I bet you didn’t know that is takes 1 gallon of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream. Awesome Facts 2 from National Geographic contains 5000 awesome facts like this with everything from amusement parks to bugs.

The Dangerous Book for BoysThe Dangerous Book for Boyscheck price

Just about every 13 year old boy has to own the Dangerous Book for boys. Forget playing videogames. Real boys should know how to fish, build stuff, and tie knots. It has all sorts of “dangerous” stuff for boys. It’s like a dictionary of how to be a boy.

For The 13 Year Old Movie Lover

Movie Lovers
Whether it is the latest action movie or comedy, movies make memorable gifts for a 13 year old boy.

Jurassic WorldJurassic Worldcheck price

Dinosaurs! Jurassic World manages to capture the sheer scale and spirit of the original. With plenty of chases, escapes, and dino action, there is great fun to be had. Even adults will feel like 13 year olds.

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron check price

Who doesn’t love the Avengers? 13 year old Marvel fans will find a lot to like with Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s entertaining throughout with terrific character development and great action sequences.

For The Fashionable 13 Year Old Boy

Fashion Gifts
It’s hard buying clothes for teenagers. These are the perfect fashion gift ideas for a 13 year old boy.

Casio DW9052-1BCG “G-Shock”Watch Casio DW9052-1BCG check price

The G-Shock line of watches are fashionable enough for even a 13 year old boy. These watches are made to be very rugged. This one features a digital display and military time. He’ll love it so much that he might sleep with it.

Under Armour All Sport Crew Socks Under Armour All Sport Crew Socks check price

Socks? These aren’t just any socks. These socks have become the latest fashion statement for 13 year old boys. They come in different colors so you can even get your school colors.

For The 13 Year Old Board Game Lover

board games
Board games are the perfect gift for a 13 year old boy who can’t get enough of them.

Laser Maze Logic GameLaser Maze Logic GameLasers? Okay every 13 year old boy is interested now. The object of this game is to bounce a laser through a maze to hit a target. The only problem is that there are various obstacles in your way including splitters and mirrors.
PandemicPandemicThis is a fantastic cooperative game. The idea of the game is to cure the different diseases that are spreading across the world that could cause a Pandemic. Each player has a different role which gives them special powers. The only way to win is stop all four diseases.
Carcassonne Basic GameCarcassonne Basic GameEvery time you play Carcassonne, the game is different. Players pick up tiles and connect them to the existing tiles by matching various elements. The object of the Carcassonne is to score the most points by placing knights, farmers and thieves on the tiles. The player who scores the most points wins.
Ticket To RideTicket To RideAward winning, Ticket To Ride is a classic board game that everyone should play. It’s so simple to play. The idea is to claim railway routes, connecting cities. The longer the routes, the more points you collect.
Small WorldSmall WorldThis fantasy game combines strategy as players have to conquer territories. Players pick different fantasy races each with special powers.
King Of TokyoKing Of TokyoCreated by the same guy that made the popular Magic card game, this dice game has players battling with monsters to be the King Of Tokyo. Depending on the roll of the dice, a player’s monster will perform different actions like healing, scoring, punching, or generating energy. The first player to score 20 points wins.

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Tell Us Your Gift Ideas For Young Teenage Boys?

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