Introducing the SwagSurf

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Swagway showcases new futuristic surfboard at CES 2017.

Swagtron, which goes by the name Swagway, announced new gear for 2017. The company is known for its hover boards, which were one of the hottest Christmas toys a couple years ago. It’s latest announcement is related to the SwagSurf. The SwagSurf will allow users to surf across bodies of water. SwagSurf is an electric surfboard that leverages the power of the ocean with a single motor. From what we witnessed at CES 2017, the marketing for SwagSurf pitches it as “Powerful. Beautiful. Sleek.”

This futuristic surfboard features a cool black and white flame design and includes a wireless remote. The SwagSurf measures 7.5-feet long by 2.5-feet wide, weighs 15 pounds, and features speeds up to 15 miles per hour. The price has not yet been announced but typically their hoverboards run in the range of $250 – $450.


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