New My Little Pony Toys 2017

New My Little Pony Toys

Hasbro reveals all new My Little Pony themed toys at Toy Fair 2016.

Hasbro showed off its new My Little Pony toy line at the 2016 Toy Fair. At the heart of My Little Pony is friendship. My Little Pony fans all around the world embrace that idea. In 2016, friendship is magic takes on completely new and exciting forms.

My Little Pony Logo

In May, season six of the animated series will begin and this year’s theme is “Explore Equestria.” Our favorite Ponies are taking on new friendship adventures in some of the most memorable locations in Equestria including Manehattan, Cloudsdale, and Ponyville. That theme will be apparent in all of their products this year.

My Little Pony Movie

The storyline this year sets the stage before we head into next year when the Ponies hit the big screen with a brand new My Little Pony movie. The movie will be released in November of 2017. Hasbro is lining up the best musical and theatrical talent to tell the remarkable friendship story. Emily Blunt from Edge of Tomorrow and Christine Chenoweth from Disney Descendants will be playing key roles in the upcoming film.

My Little Pony fans have a lot to look forward to in 2016. From action inspired toys to giant dragons to the brand new mini Equestria Girls, there is something for every Pony who loves My Little Pony.

Here’s a look at the newest My Little Pony Toys coming out this year that both Ponies and Bronies are going to want to add to the top of their Christmas toy lists.

Twilight Sparkle Friendship Express Train Set

Hop aboard the Twilight Sparkle Friendship Express Train set with rolling wheels and doors that open. Fans of the show will recognize this famous train. The train is brought to life with Princess Twilight Sparkle along with fun accessories. Twilight Sparkle even has on a little engineering hat. Twilight Sparkle can hop in the train along with 3 other friendship figures, going on adventures throughout Equestria.

Magic View Ponies

The ponies in Magic View line have a cool little gimmick. We have Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. They have very special cutie marks. When you look inside their cutie mark, you can see a special scene from the animated show. Each pony has their own little scene.

Poseable Ponies

Poseable Ponies Close

This year there are new poseable Ponies with articulated legs. Each of them has an action feature or perform a little trick. For example, you can press down on Ice Skating Twilight and she will spring back up. Pinkie Pie is a cheerleader. When you pull her back hooves, her front hooves kick. There’s also Rarity, Fluttershy, Apple Jack , and Cheerilee. They all have accessories which bring their personalities to life.

Poseable Ponies 6 inch

The articulated figures also come in larger 6 inch figures. Just as with the smaller articulated figures, each figure has a unique action pose. With Rarity when you squeeze her leg, she throws her foot in the air and her eyes flutter.

Fashion Ponies

The 6 inch Fashion Ponies come with an outfit, matching shoes, and accessories. Little ones will love these Ponies with dress up play. The outfits come in 2 piece shells that easily snap together, which is perfect for little hands.

My Little Pony On The Go Playsets

There are also going to be on the go play sets that come with one figure, the playset, and a bunch of accessories. When you are done playing, the playset can close up like a suitcase, holding everything inside. These are like the Fluttershy Cottage and Rarity Dress Shop that are already out. On display, there was Rainbow Dash on a snowboard and Pinkie dressed as a Birthday cake.

My Little Pony Designer Kit

Hasbro also has its own Pony Designer kit. It comes with 100 pieces of yarn, 6 different colors, and a yarn tool. Kids can create their own hair and tail styles.

First Alicorn Baby

There is big news in Equestria. Baby Flurry Heart is the newest member of the family. For the first time a baby Alicorn has been born. Her mom is Princess Cadence and her dad is Shining Armor. For anyone not familiar with My Little Pony, an Alicorn is extremely rare. It has the wings of a Pegasus and the horns of a unicorn.

Crystal Empire Playset

Crystal Empire Playset closeup

What’s a new baby without a home to live in? This is the 2 story Crystal Empire playset that Baby Flurry Heart gets to grow up in. It comes with a little crystal figure version of Baby Flurry Heart along with Princess Cadence. Press down on the heart shaped crystal and it projects cutie marks on the floor.

Crystal Empire Playset Baby Flurry Heart minifig

From the shimmer and glimmer to the cutie mark light show, the castle offers 360 degrees of play. There is a swinging swing for Baby Flurry Heart and a throne area for the proud parents. On the bottom, there is a lot of space for other Pony friends to join in.

Crystal Empire Playset Baby Flurry Heart doll

This fall, girls will have a chance to play mommy with their own 12 inch Baby Flurry Heart doll. She is adorably cute. Baby Flurry Heart comes to life with giggles, phrases, and a glowing horn. Pushing her foot brings her to life. She giggles when you tickle her belly.

Girls can feed her with her bottle or shake her rattle. When girls feed her, she makes feeding noises “Num, Num, Num.” She can even hum back the My Little Pony theme song. Baby Flurry Heart will let you know when she is not happy. Her horn will turn red and she will cry.

Entry Level Ponies

These are the entry level Ponies. They are all sparkly and have pearlized finishes. Each one comes with a comb. While we haven’t seen new Ponies in awhile, we saw at least 6 new characters.

Sparkle Bright Assortment

This is the Sparkle Bright Assortment. They all have a cutie mark button that lights up when pressed.

Guardians Of Harmony line

My Little Pony fans have been asking for more action, adventure, and ways to play with their favorite Ponies. The Guardians Of Harmony line is here. We heard about this line earlier, but after we got a chance to see it, we are even more in love.

Designed for both boys and girls, it’s all about weapons, armor, and plenty of action. This is easily the most exciting thing in My Little Pony this year. They pulled the characters from action sequences in the show. Featuring figures with great articulation with 9 points of articulation on 4 legs, these toys are all about action. Kids will love bringing their favorite characters to life in any way they want.

There are familiar figures in the line. Each figure comes with an accessory that is unique to that character’s personality.

Guardians Of Harmony Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie has a chicken launching party cannon.

Guardians Of Harmony Shining Armor

Shining Armor has a royal armor.

Guardians Of Harmony Dash And Shadow Bolt

Rainbow Dash has her wonderbolt goggles and Shadow Bolt has a lightning bolt shaped sword.

Guardians Of Harmony Dash Twilight Sparkle VS Changeling

There are also 2 packs in the line that have a good vs. evil theme with a friend and a foe. You have Princess Twilight Sparkle vs. Changeling. Twilight has moveable wings. When you pinch them in the back, she can grab the changeling and throw him.

Guardians Of Harmony Spike the Dragon VS Queen Chrysalis

There is Spike the Dragon VS Queen Chrysalis. Queen Chrysalis has two projectiles on her feet that she can fling into battle.

All the characters come with a couple of extra accessories including a wearable pin which can be clipped onto the pony as well.

Guardians Of Harmony Spike The Dragon

Our favorite toy in the line is not even a pony. It is a dragon. We want this now. With glowing eyes, earth shattering roars, and jaw launching fireballs, this is Spike the Dragon and he means business. Spike makes a lot of different sounds. When you make him walk, you can hear his thunderous footsteps.

When you lean him forward, his eyes and mouth both light up as he lets out a menacing roar. When you tilt him all the way forward, he’ll spit out fire. All of his armor is removable. The coolest part? All of the 3 inch Guardians Of Galaxy Ponies hop on his back and up to 3 figures can ride along on the adventure.

Guardians Of Harmony Fan Series

Fans of My Little Pony will love the super detailed 8 inch figures in the Guardians of Harmony Fan series line. With great detail, these are great for collectors. From the exclusive pairing of Nightmare Moon to Princess Celestia, fan favorites drive the selections. There are still a few characters to be unveiled.

Nightmare Night figures

Collectors with love these figures based around Nightmare Night. Each Pony has a cute Halloween costume. There are actually going to be a series of blind bag figures as well.

Sugar Cube Corner

In the spring, Sugar Cube corner will be launched in celebration of Pinkie Pie and all of her friends. In the fall, the big playset will be the Golden Oak Library as seen in the Nightmare Night episode. It comes with Twilight.

There is a lot of new stuff going on in the Equestria Girls. We are getting mini fun figures and playsets along with fashion dolls.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis close

Big fun is coming in small sizes this year with the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis. These vinyl figures are smallish, more cartoony versions of the human pony characters. There is something about big headed cartoon dolls that makes this line feel fresh. These mini dolls are just as cute as the new Monster High dolls in mini form. We even got to see Sunset Shimmer, a new character, in mini form.

With fully articulated characters, girls can tell their own friendship stories. These mini dolls celebrate friendship, have big personalities, and are completely poseable with 9 points of articulation. These are going to be great for story play.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Mini Fluttershy

There are a number of playsets like the School Pep Rally and Fluttershy shows her school spirit with the cafeteria set.

My Little Pony Mini Dance Party Playset

My Little Pony Mini Dance Party Playset close

What school is complete without a dance party? The My Little Pony Mini Dance Party Playset offers plenty of places to play including a DJ platform and more. There’s an interactive dance floor that allows 3 mini dolls to dance the night away. When the Ponies are done dancing, they can grab some punch or take selfies at the photo booth. The playset comes with one mini doll, Twilight Sparkle, and 20 accessories. Twilight Sparkle comes ready to dance in her glittery party dress.

DJ Pone 3 Mini Doll

While not included, here we get a glimpse of DJ Pon 3 as a minidoll. DJ Pon-3 is cool but DJ Pon-3 as a minifig vinyl is even more sweet.

Apple Jack And Rainbow Dash Minidolls

We have even more school stories to tell. In the fall, we are getting mini dolls with accessories. Apple Jack is getting ready for the school dance. She’s got her fringe purse and apple themed snacks. Rainbow Dash is going to the school pep rally so she’s got her school spirit outfit and sporty accessories.

Pinkie Pie Mini Doll Salon Set

Pinkie Pie has to look her best with all the school activities going on. You can help her get ready with the Salon Set. You can change her hair, her clothing, and her accessories to help her complete her look. We love how you can change Pinkie Pie’s hair.  Plus, she has a sailboat on her hair. What could be cooler?

Legend Of Everfree

For fall 2016, we have the My Little Pony Equestria Girls Legend Of Everfree movie coming out on Netflix. This is the 4th Equestria Girls movie.

Legend Of Everfree Raritys Camp

Legend Of Everfree Dolls With Wings

There will be a line of fashion dolls inspired from the movie and there were new characters on display. We are getting dolls in Rarity’s camp, dolls with wings, and dolls with beautiful outfits. This year, Hasbro has placed a smaller emphasis on the full size Equestria Girls dolls this year. There were no big playsets announced.

In the film they go to camp Everfree and mysterious things start to happen. Is it the Legend of Everfree? We will have to wait and find out this fall.

The new stuff that Hasbro showed in the My Little Pony line looked so amazing that we want everything. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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