New My Little Pony Toys 2017

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New My Little Pony Toys

Hasbro reveals all new My Little Pony themed toys at Toy Fair 2017.

Hasbro showed off its new My Little Pony toy line at the 2017 Toy Fair. At the heart of My Little Pony is friendship. My Little Pony fans all around the world embrace that idea. In 2017, friendship is magic takes on completely new and exciting forms.

My Little Pony Logo

Fans can expect My Little Pony The Movie characters, new Brushables, a brand new Guardians of Harmony series, and a blind bag wave tied-in with the upcoming movie. This new lineup of My Little Pony toys based on the My Little Pony movie were first unveiled at this year’s NY Toy Fair.

The big news for My Little Pony fans this year is that a new movie entitled My Little Pony: The Movie will make its debut in theaters beginning October 6, 2017. And with this new movie, fans can expect to see a brand new assortment of My Little Pony figures and playsets inspired by the movie.

My Little Pony Movie

Hasbro is lining up the best musical and theatrical talent to tell the remarkable friendship story. Emily Blunt from Edge of Tomorrow and Christine Chenoweth from Disney Descendants will be playing key roles in the upcoming film.

Without giving away too many spoilers – in My Little Pony: The Movie, the future of Equestria is at stake. The main six ponies will need to journey outside of the boundaries of Equestria for the very first time. They will journey to new worlds and even meet new characters – all in an effort to save their home.

My Little Pony fans have a lot to look forward to in 2017. From action inspired toys to giant dragons to the brand new toys inspired by the new movie, there is something for every Pony who loves My Little Pony.

Here’s a look at the newest My Little Pony Toys coming out this year that both Ponies and Bronies are going to want to add to the top of their Christmas toy lists.

My Little Pony The Movie All About Friends Singles Brushables

The Main Six All About Friends Singles Brushables are Hasbro’s opening price point figures. The Main Six are getting ready for the Friendship Festival in Canterlot. These figures feature all new sculpts, making them look just like the ones we love from the show. They also feature digital prints on their sides, highlighting characteristics of each pony and visually illustrating scenes from the movie. Now how cool is that?

My Little Pony The Movie All About Friends Singles Brushables

Rarity’s Fashion Runway

In the opening of the movie, the ponies are preparing for the Friendship Festival. This is the biggest celebration in Canterlot’s history. The best place to try out new outfits is in Rarity’s Fashion Runway. In this My Little Pony playset, first you choose your pony and her favorite outfit and then with a twirl she magically changes into her outfit. It’s very cool and tons of fun. All of the My Little Pony All About Friends Brushables figures will work with this playset.

Raritys Fashion Runway

Princess Twilight Sparkle & Spike the Dragon Friendship Duet

One of the core themes presented in the movie revolves around friendship. As seen in the movie, one of the best ways to show friendship is through song. Twilight Sparkle and her friend Spike can sing as a duet and harmonize when brought together. They sing seven original songs and even feature various phrases. This is awesome fun for fans!

Raritys Fashion Runway

My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is the hero of the new My Little Pony film. Hasbro has brought her to life with a fully animated, life-like version of Twilight Sparkle known as My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle. She’s interactive and even responds to touch and sound. Her horn lights up and her wings flutter.

She features four different modes of play: Story Mode, Song Mode, Friendship Mode, and Magic Mode. She even features over 90 phrases from the movie and over one hour of engaging content. Fans will be able to interact with Princess Magical Sparkle in brand new ways. This magical pony will retail for $129.99.

My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

Guardians of Harmony

It’s no surprise that the coolest new characters from My Little Pony The Movie will be getting their own product lineup. You guessed it – we’re talking about the Guardians of Harmony! The Storm King and Grubber Fan series are ones for fans to look out for. At least two special figures caught our attention.

First, Stratus Skyranger will be the largest set, similar in size to last year’s Spike the Dragon. It features special gripping action and multiple points of articulation. Second, the Tempest Shadow features articulation and she can be placed inside a rocket with a pull-back feature and wings that move.

Guardians of Harmony

Equestria Girls

Beginning in 2017, the Equestria Girls lineup will only feature mini figures of the girls. Expect movies and mall-themed figures along with the introduction of new characters, such as Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Muffins, and Darling Do. Many of these will feature complementary playsets and accessories.

We’ll also see a new collection pack of Equestria Girls characters. Now the line will introduce the idea of interchangeable bodies. Twilight Sparkle and Rarity sets feature one pony figure with extra bodies, hair pieces, and accessories. There are literally 185 different possible combinations with the included pieces, according to Hasbro.

Equestria Girls


Now we take a dive deep into the depths of Seaquestria. Seaquestria is a world the ponies get to explore in the new movie. Thanks to the powers of Queen Novo, one of the new characters from My Little Pony The Movie, she has the ability to transform land ponies into sea ponies.

Queen Novo

With a simple push and pull motion, fans can magically transform these land ponies into sea ponies. The Main Six will also come in sea pony form. Fans can also expect 6-inch variations.

Land and Sea Fashion Pony

The Sea Pony Play Packs offer a Sea Pony along with a playset for great role-playing fun.


Canterlot Seaquestria Castle

The Canterlot Seaquestria Castle is the first time Hasbro has meshed two worlds into one amazing set. At the top they have Canterlot, with lots of areas to play for land pony friends. And down below the castle features the new world of Seaquestria. An elevator can transport pony friends from Canterlot to the world of Seaquestria down below.

Sequestria features lots of carousel action and twirling pony pods with cool lights and different patterns. This set exclusively includes Queen Novo, Pufferfish Spike, and over 30 unique accessories to enhance fans’ play experience.

Canterlot Seaquestria Castle

Sea Shell Lagoon

The Sea Shell Lagoon is a smaller My Little Pony playset. Pinkie Pie is having an awesome time being a sea pony. This set offers a lot of different ways for Pinkie Pie and her friends to play and interact. Fans can collect baby sea ponies that can suction cup with their sea shells to hang out and join in on the fun. Fans will love the magic light and bubble action featured in this playset. It truly brings the playset to life.

Pinkie Pie Swimming Sea Pony

Pinkie Pie loves being a sea pony. Hasbro has created its first ever swimming toy with Pinkie Pie Swimming Sea Pony. Her tail illuminates and she features swimming action. When you place Pinkie Pie into the water, she swims right alongside you.

Pinkie Pie Swimming Sea Pony

Blind Bags

Fans can expect at least two new waves of My Little Pony Blind Bags in 2017. One of the waves will be focused on My Little Pony The Movie, while the other wave’s theme is still to be determined. The My Little Pony The Movie blind bags appear to be influenced by Canterlot. Characters to look out for include favorites like Pinkie Pie, Celestia, and CMC as well as newcomers, such as Tempest Shadow, Storm King, and Grubber.


We were first introduced to Hasbro’s My Little Pony plush lineup in 2016. This year the line will continue on with the addition of several new characters. New plush characters include Princess Celestia, Cadence, Trixie, Luna, and Spike. There will be at least two different version of Spike the Dragon. Fans may even be treated to a special treat with larger plush My Little Pony figures. Of course, fans can also expect to see new plush figures inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie.

Undoubtedly, fans are thrilled for the upcoming My Little Pony film. It is great that Hasbro is bringing fans all of these great products to recreate those fantastic moments from the movie. The new stuff that Hasbro showed in the My Little Pony line looked so amazing that we want everything. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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