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Tablet Toy Teaches Coding Skills

Former Google employee creates coding toy. Nowadays you’ll see many coding based toys vying for shelf space. Osmo Coding by Tangible Play is a new coding toy for young kids. It was actually created by a former Googler. It allows them to learn the fundamentals of programming through plastic bricks which represent various commands. Kids […]

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Gender Neutral Toys Will Appeal to Next Gen Kids

Does gender matter or should kids be able to play with any toy? Nowadays toy manufacturers are thinking beyond traditional gender stereotypes. Gender neutral toys will be the new norm in the toy industry thanks to Millennial parents. Take, for instance, dolls – they are being reworked as “Action figures” in the form of DC […]

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500K Hoverboards Recalled

500K Hoverboards recalled because of safety issues. You may recall that last year hoverboards were one of the most popular Christmas toys. Toys may seem like fun and games but safety is of utmost importance when it comes to toys. The U.S. government has issued a recall of over 500,000 hoverboards because of reports of […]

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Must-Have Summer Pool Toys

Pool floats have become super popular thanks to celebrities on Instagram. If you want to stay cool this summer we’re guessing you’ll probably end up near a pool. Nothing like a good dip in the water to cool down and relax and avoid the sweltering heat of the sun. Practically everyone, including celebrities, on Instagram […]

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GoldiBlox Toys Usher in Next Generation of Engineers

GoldiBlox inspires girls to become engineers. Debbie Sterling, founder and CEO of GoldiBlox, encourages young girls (as early as 4) to tinker with toys and build simple machines. According to research, only 14% of engineers are women. The Stanford graduate is attempting to make a change. GoldiBlox has sold more than 1 million sets of […]

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Meet The Coolest Toy Since Furby

Anki brings animated robot to life in real world with Cozmo. Meet Cozmo. All three of Anki’s co-founders attended Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Institute. Anki’s newest and coolest toy is an adorably cute robot known as Cozmo. Could it be one of the top toys for Christmas 2016? Perhaps it represents one of the biggest technological […]

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Hasbro’s Profits Buoyed by Disney Dolls & Star Wars

Hasbro reports profits in second quarter of 2016. Hasbro has reported better than expected profits and revenue for the second quarter of 2016. Profit and revenue has been primarily driven by strong demand for Disney Princess and Frozen dolls and action figures based on the Star Wars movies. Revenue from toys targeted toward boys (“Star […]

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2016 Star Wars Merchandise Expected to Surpass $700M

Star Wars merchandise is expected to do well in 2017. Last year, you may recall the enormous success Star Wars merchandise had after the big marketing push of ‘Force Friday’. This year already approximately $233M has been generated and two-thirds of sales are yet to come. We expect that Star Wars merchandise will be among […]

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Retro Gaming Expected To Heat Up For Holidays

Classic Nintendo and Sega systems are back in 2016! Old-school classic gaming is making a resurgence in the form a new NES and Sega Genesis. Remember the old rivalry from the commercials: “Genesis does what Nintendo don’t.” The old rivalry will heat up and be rekindled beginning in time for the Holiday Season. Which one […]

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Toys ’R’ Us Hiring Professional Toy Tester

ToysRus is looking for a toy tester. Toys ’R’ Us, the world’s largest toy specialty retailer, has announced it is seeking a professional toy tester. This is a dream job for one lucky kid out there! The official role is called “President of Play”. Eligibility Requirements: • Open to American children ONLY • Applicants must […]

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