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Meet Hasbro’s Proto Max

New Robo-pup from Hasbro teaches kids early coding skills. Hasbro unveiled its new robot dog, Proto Max, at the 2017 New York Toy Fair. This new robo-dog is part of the FurReal Friends line of animatronics pets. FurReal Friends Proto Max will retail for $120 and kids will be able to customize the dog’s behavior […]

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Hello Barbie Hologram Unveiled at Toy Fair 2017

Welcome to a Futuristic World of Barbie. Barbie goes high-tech with a new Holographic toy. The next Barbie toy revealed at the New York Toy Fair 2017 was not what most would expect. Mattel unveiled the newest addition to the world of Barbie. It’s called Hello Barbie Hologram and it features Barbie as a holographic […]

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Tickle Me Elmo Is Back In 2017

Will We Experience Another Toy Craze with Tickle Me Elmo? In 1996, Tyco’s Tickle Me Elmo caused a massive holiday toy craze. Elmo giggled when your child tickled it. And it giggled some more if they tickled it some more. Now 21 years later, Playskool is bringing back Tickle Me Elmo in 2017! It raises […]

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Teddy Ruxpin Is Back And Ready To Change Bedtime

The 1985 loveable bear is back with a modern makeover. Teddy Ruxpin, the lovable story-telling bear from the 1980s, is back! After a long hibernation, Wicked Cool Toys has given Teddy Ruxpin a digital makeover. At its heart, it is still the same lovely teddy bear but now it’s improved with animated LCD eyes and […]

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Holo Cube Delivers Magical Experiences

New toy from Merge VR lets kids interact with holograms. Merge VR designed an augmented reality and goggles system called Holo Cube that allows kids to hold and interact with holograms. The Holo Cube can be transformed into a variety of objects like virtual pets, blocks, or musical instruments to name a few examples. If […]

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