Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls 2021 – List of Best Toys

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Coleman Sundome Tent Coleman Sundome Tent check price

The Coleman Sundome Tent is available in 2, 3, 6-person tents, depending on your needs. It’s a great value at this price. The tent is easy to setup and features a nice design that not only looks good but is equally functional. The 3-person tent may be rated for three people but realistically when you account for a mattress and other gear it’s more like two people. It’s perfect for reconnecting with the outdoors on campouts and more.

SpikeballSpikeballcheck price

As featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, Spikeball is an exciting and competitive game. It’s like a great mix of volleyball and basketball. It’s tons of fun to play with your family and friends and it’s easy to setup. The net does take some time to break-in. The bottom line is it’s easy to play and get into and incredibly fun.

Capture the Flag REDUXAges 8+Capture the Flag REDUXcheck price

Who doesn’t love capture the flag? Take the fun of capture the flag and add darkness and you get Capture the Flag Redux. The game still requires strategy, planning, and teamwork, but with this modern spin players have to steal glowing orbs instead of actual flags. You won’t be able until nighttime.

Elite Ring Toss GameAges 3+Elite Ring Toss Gamecheck price

The Elite Ring Toss Game is a great game at a good value. It’s a wonderful game that the whole family will love since it’s so simple to play and get into. The set is easy to put together and it’s well made of good quality. The travel case is a welcome addition for taking it on the go.

Coleman Plum Fun 45 Youth Sleeping BagColeman Plum Fun 45 Youth Sleeping Bagcheck price

Coleman is known for their high quality outdoor products and this sleeping bag for kids is no different. With ThermoTech insulation, it has a temperature rating of 45-degrees and is perfect for all weather conditions. It will keep her warm and comfy all night with ComfortCuff. It accommodates kids up to 5′ 5″ tall. What’s great? It features an interior pocket for your flashlight and other accessories.

flybold The Complete Slackline Kitflybold The Complete Slackline Kitcheck price

If she has never tried slacklining, it will be the hit of her 10th birthday party. To set it up, you have to stretch it between two large trees. If there are no trees in your backyard, you can set it up at a park. Kids will have a lot of fun trying to walk across and bounce on it. The great thing about this set is that it comes with a 57-foot training line so it is easier to balance on. It’s a fun activity for developing your balance, coordination, and focus.

Swimline Giant Pizza FloatAges 7-15Swimline Giant Pizza Floatcheck price

You can’t have a pool party without a giant floating slice of pizza. Made out of Vinyl, it measure 6 feet by 5 feet. When you throw it in the pool, it’s like a huge bed. You can even put a couple of them together to form an even bigger pizza. Too bad they don’t make an extra extra large pizza. The best part? It is gluten free.

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 12-Foot TrampolineSkywalker Jump N Dunk 12-Foot Trampolinecheck price

What 10 year old girl wouldn’t love a trampoline in the backyard? With this 8 foot trampoline from Skywalker , the backyard may never be the same. Built with safety in mind with a double locking door, the trampoline supports up to 175 pounds. This one has a built in hoop inside for added enjoyment.

Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ SpinAges 3-15Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N Spincheck price

The Swing N’ Spin is a gift your 10 year old girl will absolutely fall in love with. Anytime she is looking to have a good time she can head out to this swing for some classic fun! It’s an amazing and cool swing that’s sure to be a hit!

WALKAROO XTREME Steel Balance StiltsAges 6+WALKAROO XTREME Steel Balance Stiltscheck price

Be prepared for awesome fun with the Walkaroo Xtreme Stilts! They are comfortable to use indoors and outdoors. Ten year old girls may not know it but once they try it they’ll love these stilts. The best part? Thanks in part to the clever design, the Xtreme Stilts are easy to walk with and it’s a total blast. Who knew stilt walking could be so fun?!

Slackers Zipline 70′ Hawk Series with SeatAges 8+Slackers Zipline 70 Hawk Series with Seatcheck price

Get ready for thrilling zipline adventures in your backyard! You simply attach the adjustable cable between two trees and mount the riding seat. The entire neighborhood is going to want to come over. Your backyard will never be the same.

Kikkerland Zip Flip Travel PillowKikkerland Zip Flip Travel Pillowcheck price

While this looks like a stuffed animal, it can easily be converted into a travel pillow. It’s got a little zipper on the bottom that holds the access fabric. To convert it, all you need to do is lift out the excess fabric and fill it with the microbeads. As unbelievable as it sounds, it can easily be converted back and forth simply by moving the microbeads inside. She won’t ever won’t to let go of it.

Bunch-O-Balloons, 330+ Water BalloonsAges 3+Bunch-O-Balloons, 330+ Water Balloonscheck price

Get ready for some crazy water fun with this 330-piece Bunch-O-Balloon Water Balloons set. This set includes 10 packs for a total of 330 water balloons. The best part? Spend more time playing and less time filling since these balloons fill and tie 100 water balloons in 60 seconds flat! It’s perfect for outdoor fun. Invite your friends over and let the water balloon wars begin!

Kubb Viking ClashKubb Viking Clashcheck price

Kubb Viking Clash plays just like Kubb and is, hands-down, the best outdoor family game. It’s a game the whole family can enjoy — even young ones. Players toss a wooden dowel to be the first to knock over all of their rival’s wooden blocks, including the King. It’s like a mixture of horseshoes and chess and it’s super fun for 2 vs. 2 play. GoSports offers both regulation and backyard versions, which vary in size and price. You’ll need a spacious area to play. A convenient storage case lets you take it on the go.

Kan JamKan Jamcheck price

Going outside just got a lot more fun with Kan Jam. It’s sort of like soccer with Frisbees. Teams of 2 take turns throwing the disc at the can. The goal? Try to hit the can on your own or with an assist from your teammate. If you manage to throw the disc through the slot in the can, it’s an instant win!

RampShotRampShotcheck price

RampShot is like cornhole on steroids for 4 players. Instead of bean bags and a small hole, players use bouncing rubber balls and the hole is widened. It’s a team-based game where your teammate attempts to catch the ball that bounces off the surface, while the opposing team attempts to catch a rebound. It’s a simple concept but loads of fun. Rounds go by fairly quickly and only 3 players are active per round.

Bottle BashAges 8+Bottle Bashcheck price

Bottle Bash is a 2-on-2 outdoor game that has players throwing a Frisbee to knock off a bottle on a post. It’s not as easy as you think, especially when you’re at a minimum distance of 20-feet away. Your team’s goal is to knock off the bottle, while the defending team attempts to catch the disc and bottle if you hit it. You can easily keep score with the score-keeping slider on each pole.

Razor MX125 Dirt RocketAges 7+Razor MX125 Dirt Rocketcheck price

Younger riders can now enjoy small-size moto power with the Razor MX125 Dirt Rocket! With a lightweight build and smaller size, it’s perfect for thrilling off-roading adventures. It features a twist-grip throttle, 11.8″ pneumatic tires for a smooth ride, and it reaches thrilling speeds up to 8.5 MPH with a run time of up to 40 minutes.

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