Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls 2021 – List of Best Toys

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Tulip One Step Tie Dye 15-Color Party KitTulip One Step Tie Dye 15-Color Party Kitcheck price

The One-Step Tie-Dye Kit is an awesome kit that allows girls to create beautiful works of tie-dye art. The set is very easy to use, the colors are great, and you get a good variety. Girls will love this … it’s epic FUN and well worth it!

Water Beads PackAges 3+Water Beads Packcheck price

Love Orbeez? While these aren’t Orbeez branded water beads, they’re essentially the same thing. They start out as small, hard beads. Add water to them and they magically expand into little colorful balls. They are bouncy, squishy, and come in a variety of colors. Add them to a container and run your fingers through them for a fun sensory experience. It’s just so satisfying! You can use them for a wide range of things from floral design to vase filler to spa refill and so much more.

Perler BeadsAges 6+Perler Beadscheck price

This 22K Bead Jar of Perler Beads is EPIC FUN! The colors are beautiful and you get a fantastic amount of beads for endless creativity. Once you start, your girl will be addicted to Perler Beads. What amazing creations will you make?

Slimy SandAges 3+Slimy Sandcheck price

Looking for an exciting sensory experience? Look no further than Slimy Sand! It’s moldable and stretchable. It molds like sand, stretches, and expands. You can use stamps, molds, and rollers to expand the fun. It plays like sand but stays together like slime. The best part? It’s not that messy, cleanup is easy, and you can blend colors. Choose from a variety of colors. Each package contains 3 pounds of Slimy Sand.

Jixelz CreatorAges 6+Jixelz Creatorcheck price

Want to create fun artwork? Jixelz Creator is a pixel art tool from Fat Brain Toys. This set includes 3,000 micro-jigsaw pieces in 15 different colors for creating your pixel designs. An included book provides you with 40 design templates of various characters, creatures, and more to fuel your imagination. What’s cool? Kids can create their own designs or draw their designs on the included blank graph paper. It’s a wonderful way for kids to express their creativity with endless creative possibilities. What amazing things will you create?

LatchKitsAges 6+LatchKitscheck price

Does she love crafting? The LatchKits craft kits expand with new sizes and designs like a panda, llama, and licensed characters from Peanuts, Cloudco, and more. These are excellent craft kits for inspiring creativity. Kids will enjoy creating these to decorate their room and showcase their personalities.

Play-Doh Compound 6 Variety PackAges 3+Play-Doh Compound 6 Variety Packcheck price

Get ready for oooey, gooey fun with this Play-Doh Compound 6 Variety Pack. With a variety of colors and oddly-satisfying textures, it’s a recipe for fun! Kids will love squeezing, stretching, and squishing it until their heart’s content. This pack includes Play-Doh Slime, Slime Super Cloud, Slime Krackle, Slime Hydro Glitz, Putty, and Foam. Play-Doh Slime is ooey-gooey and oddly satisfying; Slime Super Cloud is puffy, fluffy and light as air fun; Slime Krackle is irresistably crackly and slimy; Putty is perfect for twisting, stretching, kneading, and squeezing; and Foam offers soft, stretchy, shapeable foam beads. This kit delivers an uniquely satisfying experience that kids will love.

Crayola Marker MakerAges 8+Crayola Marker Makercheck price

Crayola Marker Maker, a fan-favorite, is back! Kids can create up to 16 Crayola markers in virtually any color imaginable. What colors will you make? The kit folds up for easy storage. Express your inner creativity with your new set of Crayola markers!

Glotoch Slime Containers, 24-PkGlotoch Slime Containers, 24-Pkcheck price

It’s been a big year for slime. Elmer’s must be having their best year ever. Everybody seems to be addicted to making slime. Once you start, it can be very addictive to try different recipes. The only problem? Where do you store all your slime? We like these little plastic containers.

Elmer’s Liquid School Glue, 1 Gallon, 2-CtElmers Liquid School Glue, 1 Gallon, 2-Ctcheck price

This one gallon jar of Elmer’s Washable School Glue is perfect for slime time! 10 year old girls love creating their own do-it-yourself slime with Elmer’s brand liquid glue. Making the slime is half the fun. The other half is playing with it. What are you waiting for? Let’s start making some slime!

Disney•Pixar Toy Story 4 Creativity SetAges 3+Disney•Pixar Toy Story 4 Creativity Setcheck price

Let your creativity go to ‘Infinity and Beyond’ wit the Toy Story 4 Creativity Set. Make your own Forky just like Bonnie in the movie. In addition, this set lets you make your own foam Buzz, pom pom Bunny and Ducky, and a sheriff badge. The best part? Everything you need is included and it’s fun and easy!

Crayola Model MagicAges 5-15Crayola Model Magiccheck price

If she loves making slime, she needs Crayola Model Magic for her slime projects. Model Magic is an air dry clay. It’s used to make butter slime. If you haven’t made butter slime, you have to try it. Butter Slime is super cool because it stretches just like slime but can be molded like clay. You get 2 pounds of this stuff to play around with.

Lulu Jr. Illustory Create Your Own BookAges 6-12Lulu Jr. Illustory Create Your Own Bookcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could write your own book? With this kit from Lulu Jr., you can. Simply write and draw out your story on the provided pages that come included in the kit. Mail the package. In a few short weeks, you’ll get a professionally printed book. How awesome is that?

ALEX Toys Craft Eco Crafts ScrapbookAges 6+ALEX Toys Craft Eco Crafts Scrapbookcheck price

Who doesn’t love a scrapbook? With 40 Earth-friendly pages, this is a great way to preserve memories. It’s perfect for Birthdays, holidays, or parties. 10 year old girls will love sticking their pictures inside. It comes with everything you need to jazz up each page including stickers, paper shapes, frames, papers, eco pencils, buttons, craft sticks, glue stick, ribbons, twine cords, and scissors. Let the creative fun begin!

Fashion Angels Make-Up PortfolioAges 8-15Fashion Angels Make-Up Portfoliocheck price

The Fashion Angels Make-Up Artist Sketch Set Portfolio is a great product for your budding make-up artist. It’s an inexpensive gift with great quality at a good value. Girls will love this because it’s cute and it will keep them busy for hours on end with plenty of decals and creative activities. Perfect gift for a a 10 year old girl into fashion, hair, and make-up.

Crazy Aaron’s Mixed By Me Thinking PuttyAges 8+Crazy Aarons Mixed By Me Thinking Puttycheck price

Who doesn’t love Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty? This kit lets 10 year old girls design their own putty. It comes with clear putty that can be mixed with concentrated putty to create different effects. You can easily change the color by mixing in the colored putty. Want it to glow in the dark? Mix in a bit of the glow in the dark putty.

DIY Balloon SculptingAges 8+DIY Balloon Sculptingcheck price

What could be cooler on your birthday than making balloon animals? This kit comes with everything you need to get started including 100 balloons, a pump, and a tutorial DVD. Impress your friends with 20 balloon sculptures.

Bunch O Balloons Party Starter PackAges 5+Bunch O Balloons Party Starter Packcheck price

Hate blowing and tying balloons for parties and celebrations? Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons Electric Party Pump is a real game-changer, eliminating the hassle of blowing up and tying party balloons. With this pump, you can fill, tie, and string 40 balloons in 40 seconds! And the ribbon and string are already attached. Talk about a real time-saver. It makes the process a cinch so anybody can do it — even kids. Connect the stems to the Electric Party Pump and watch your balloons inflate and self-tie in mere seconds like magic. An included adapter also allows for filling the balloons even quicker with helium or an air compressor. The best part? The balloons are reusable and the Self-Sealing Party Balloons come in a wide assortment of colors. The Party Starter Pack includes the Electric Party Pump, 48 Self-Sealing Party Balloons, helium tank adaptor, and fast-fill hose attachment for other inflatables. Say goodbye to blowing and tying balloons. Birthday parties and celebrations will never be the same!

Karina Garcia’s DIY SlimeAges 10-14Karina Garcias DIY Slimecheck price

Karina Garcia, a YouTube sensation, has her own DIY Slime recipes curated in this cute and fun paperpack book. Girls can follow these simple recipes and the helpful pictures to create fifteen different types of slime. Girls will love this … it’s delightfully fun!

Original Stationery Unicorn Slime KitAges 7+Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kitcheck price

Sure you could make your own DIY slime kit with all the necessary ingredients, but you’re going to be googling slime recipes all night. Original Stationary has done the work for us. This Unicorn Slime Kit contains everything you need in the perfect ratios to make popular slimes like floam, cloud, jelly cube, and fishbowl. You get glue, clay, glitters, activator, scents, and even containers. It’s the ultimate slime kit for girls!

Craft City Karina’s DIY Slime Kit Clear Slime Color DropAges 8+Craft City Karinas DIY Slime Kit Clear Slime Color Dropcheck price

Elevate your slime play to the next level by adding color drop slime beads in red, yellow, and blue for a colorful speckled slime effect! This kit includes everything needed to make clear slime and slime beads. Kids will have fun making this cute and unique slime.

Nickelodeon Slime Neon Rainbow Giant Egg SurpriseAges 6+Nickelodeon Slime Neon Rainbow Giant Egg Surprisecheck price

Open the Nickelodeon Slime Giant Surprise Egg and make your own slime. It has all the tools to make your own slime. It delivers a fun unboxing experience with tactile slime play. Stretch it, smash it, and crunch it. It’s ooey-gooey fun! Experience the rainbow fun!

DIY Jewelry Kits

Rainbow Loom Bands with Metal HookAges 8+Rainbow Loom Bands with Metal Hookcheck price

This craft kit lets kids make bracelets out of different colored rubber bands for their family and friends. Girls can make all kinds of different patterns from simple designs to more complicated ones. There are ton of ideas on youtube.

Creativity for Kids Fashion HeadbandsAges 5+Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbandscheck price

This Fashion Headbands Kit is an excellent set for inspiring creativity. The ten included headbands and other accessories are so cute and pretty. Girls will love making these headbands with this awesome craft kit because it’s so fun and each hairband is one of a kind. Plus, it lets girls be creative and express themselves. It makes for a fantastic birthday activity for girls’ parties.

Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft KitAges 7-15Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft Kitcheck price

Looking for some creative fun? This Clay Charms kit is amazing. The directions are easy to follow and there are some inspiring ideas. Ten year old girls will absolutely love making these cute charms. Girls will be excited to get started on this crafting kit! It’s super easy and so much fun!

Shrinky Dinks Shrink & Wear Jewelry KitAges 5+Shrinky Dinks Shrink & Wear Jewelry Kitcheck price

This Shrink & Wear Jewelry making kit is a satisfying set that allows girls to create all sorts of jewelry from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and more! These are so much fun and girls will absolutely love Shrinky Dinks. The cute and fun set features great variety and encourages girls to express their creativity.

ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Infinity Jewelry KitAges 8-15ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Infinity Jewelry Kitcheck price

Why buy jewelry when you can create your own with this fun kit from Alex Toys? The kit has enough material to make 2 bracelets and 2 charm necklaces. It contains charms, beads, twines, cords, clasps and more. The best part? Everyone will be asking what store you bought your jewelry from.

ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever JewelryAges 8+ALEX Toys DIY Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelrycheck price

Friends 4Ever is an entertaining crafting kit that is a great value. Girls will have a fun time creating a variety of bracelets. The best part? It’s easy to learn and perform the weaving. It’s a super cute gift that’s very affordably priced.

Alex Toys Craft Duct Tape PartyAges 7-15Alex Toys Craft Duct Tape Partycheck price

Invite the friends over. This kit let girls create cool glasses, handbags, earrings, hair clips, and other fashion accessories out of duct tape. It comes with 12 rolls of duct tape and everything girls need to design 14 different projects. It’s so fun that girls might get carried away and duct tape everything in their room.

Jellirez Super Glitter SetAges 7+Jellirez Super Glitter Setcheck price

Create your own DIY jewelry with unique jelli designs with Jellirez. This DIY jewelry is made from a resin-like compound with jelly-like texture. To make Jellirez jewelry, simply mix the compound with the hardener. Then customize it by layering on charms, pigments, or glitter before the resin sets. Girls will have a blast creating and wearing their own DIY jelly jewelry.

Craft-tastic Sparkle Charm BraceletsAges 6+Craft-tastic Sparkle Charm Braceletscheck price

Create 4 wearable sparkly puffy charm bracelets with this Sparkle Charm Bracelet kit from Craft-tastic. Personalize your bracelet with wild animals, mythical creatures, breakfast foods, spaceships and more. Attaching the charms is simple. The charms are made of puffy stickers. The best part? In addition to allowing kids to express themselves through jewelry, it allows them to learn new crafting skills while having fun.

DIY Beauty Kits

Klutz Make Your Own Soap Craft & Science KitAges 6+Klutz Make Your Own Soap Craft & Science Kitcheck price

How would you like to make your own soap? This DIY soap kit comes with everything girls need to create 10 different soaps from stars to fun cat faces. All you need is a microwave. Some recipes do require additional items found in the kitchen or garden. It comes with a little booklet with colorful illustrations that walks you through the entire process. The best part? It includes cute little gift box which is perfect for giving the soaps as gifts.

Cool Maker Go Glam Nail SalonAges 8+Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Saloncheck price

The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon set is a DIY nail studio that lets kids stamp fun patterns and designs on any size nail. Kids can paint, stamp, and dry their finger and toe nails. This salon includes a nail dryer. Now you can get a mani and peti in the convenience of your own home!

Cool Maker Go Glam Nail StamperAges 8+Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stampercheck price

Want a trendy new manicure? The Go Glam Nail Stamper from Spin Master allows her to easily stamp her nails. Choose from 5 stylish patterns and decorate 125 nails. This set includes everything you need to get started, including a nail printer, base coat colors, top coat, makeup bag, nail file, and design cartridges. Since the nail polish is non-toxic and kid-safe, girls will love exploring, playing, and experimenting with their style and individuality in a fun and safe way.

Ultimate DIY Lip Balm KitUltimate DIY Lip Balm Kitcheck price

What could be cooler than lip balm? What about creating your own lip balm? With this lip balm kit, you get everything to create up to 20 different balms. It’s the perfect kit to get started including 4 different flavors, shea butter, and almond oil. The lip balms are even fun to give to friends.

Fab Lab Glitter TattoosAges 8+Fab Lab Glitter Tattooscheck price

With 4 hot new colors, 28 design stencils, and 2 brushes, Fab Lab Glitter Tattoos allows girls to create cool tattoo designs. With high-quality, non-toxic components, girls will love exploring, playing, and experimenting with their style and individuality in a fun and safe way. The best part? Since these are temporary tattoos, parents need not worry.

Orbeez Spin and Soothe Hand SpaAges 5+Orbeez Spin and Soothe Hand Spacheck price

Treat yourself to an Orbeez spa! Orbeez are wet and wacky, soft and squishy, fun and funky, bouncy and beautiful water beads. They start off as tiny seeds. Add water to the seeds and watch in amazement as they magically grow into round beads before your eyes. Available in a variety of fun colors, it delivers a mesmerizing sensory experience. The Orbeez Spin and Soothe Hand Spa cascades your hands in Orbeez water beads for spa-like fun. This set includes 1,000 Orbeez, a Hand Spa, Nail File, and stickers.

Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension MakerAges 8+Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Makercheck price

Want a Hollywood hair makeover? The Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Extension Maker is the only DIY studio that lets you create your own hair extensions. Customize the color, design, and style to create endless looks. With this kit, a ribbon transforms into hair extensions that can be clipped in to customize your child’s hair. Time to look glamorous!

Cra-Z-Art Be Inspired The Real Ultimate Nail SpaAges 8-12Cra-Z-Art Be Inspired The Real Ultimate Nail Spacheck price

Create stylish nail art designs with the Be Inspired The Real Ultimate Nail Spa from Cra-Z-Art. Girls can soak, massage, and polish their nails. Perfect for on-the-go fun, this set also includes a salon-style nail dryer. Bring home a real salon-style experience in the convenience of your own home.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Who Loves To Sew

Brother XM2701 Sewing MachineBrother XM2701 Sewing Machinecheck price

If your 10 year old already knows how to sew, knit, crochet, then she will be delighted with this very affordable sewing machine from Brother. With an included instructional DVD, this compact and portable sewing machine is perfect for beginners. It’s got automatic needle threading, a stitch selector, and built in designs.

Klutz String Art Book KitAges 10-15Klutz String Art Book Kitcheck price

You wouldn’t believe that you could create gorgeous art work with just strings and pins. This kit from Klutz comes with everything you need including a 56 page guide, string pins, 6 project boards, and more. Simply pick one of the templates and poke the pins into one of the project boards. Then you wrap the strings around the pins to create everything from animals to cute fruits and shapes. The final result is so attractive.

Craftster’s Sewing KitsAges 7+Craftsters Sewing Kitscheck price

The Woodland Friends Sewing Kit is a fun crafting kit. Ten year old girls will love it because it’s so easy and they won’t believe how cute the little critters come out! Young girls who love crafting will be excited for these kits. Highly recommended addition to her craft kit collection!

American Girl Crafts Owls Sew and Stuff KitAges 8+American Girl Crafts Owls Sew and Stuff Kitcheck price

The Sew & Stuff stitching kit is perfect for beginners. The kit contains everything girls need to create 2 adorable little owls along with the needle, stuffing, and materials. The materials are all precut with pre punched holes. Even for beginners, it’s easy to follow along with the step by step illustrated instructions. When you are done, the final product is “sew “ cute.

Orb Factory PlushCraft Puppy Love Pillow KitAges 5+Orb Factory PlushCraft Puppy Love Pillow Kitcheck price

Here is a fun pillow that requires no stitching. You simply use the stylus to pop the little colored fabric pieces in. Each fabric piece is assigned a number. It’s like fabric by numbers. When you are done, you’ll have the most adorable furry dog.

American Girl Crafts Monkeys Sew and Stuff KitAges 8+American Girl Crafts Monkeys Sew and Stuff Kitcheck price

Who doesn’t love monkeys? This cute little Sew & Stuff kit is perfect for teaching beginners how to stitch. With the kit, girls can create 2 stuffed monkeys. The sewing kit includes everything girls need to complete the project including the instructions, 22 felt pieces, adhesive gems, embroidery floss, needle, needle threader, and bag of stuffing. The holes are pre punched into the felt which makes it easy to stitch.

Knot-A Sequin Plush KitAges 6+Knot-A Sequin Plush Kitcheck price

The Knot-A Sequin Plush Kit combines sequin reveal and DIY trends into a fun activity kit. Kids sew on the sequin fabric and other details, knot the edges, and stuff it to create their own adorable Knot-A Sequin Plush. The sequins look awesome! Prepunched holes make it easy. Choose from a Pineapple, Fox, or Cupcake. It’s a fun activity that delivers a satisfying experience.

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