Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys 2021 – List of Best Gifts

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Great Northern Candy Gumball MachineGreat Northern Candy Gumball Machinecheck price

What 11 year old boy wouldn’t want a gumball machine in his room? This high quality gumball machine makes a great gift idea for boys who love snacks and candies. This machine has a great classic look and feel and it really dispenses gumballs, small candies or even nuts.

Kracie Popin DIY Japanese Candy KitKracie Popin DIY Japanese Candy Kitcheck price

If he likes cooking these Kracie Popin Cooking sets are really popular because they are straight up weird and different. He can make gummy burgers, donuts, cake, ramen, and more. The complete set includes nine different packages.

Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich, 10-PKAstronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich, 10-PKcheck price

Would you like to try ice cream from space? This freeze-dried ice cream doesn’t melt or require refrigeration, but the minute it hits your mouth, it melts in your mouth just like real ice cream. This 10-pack of Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

World’s Largest Gummy BearWorlds Largest Gummy Bearcheck price

We don’t know if the World’s Largest Gummy Bear made the Guinness Book of Records but this is one of the biggest gummy bears we’ve ever seen. Indulge in five pounds of a delicious treat.

Hershey’s 5-Pound Candy BarHersheys 5-Pound Candy Barcheck price

If he’s a chocolate lover he’ll love the sweet milk chocolate of this giant Hershey bar. It’s a large five pounder. One bite is never enough.

Chocolate Candy Gift NomNom DelightsChocolate Candy Gift NomNom Delightscheck price

Looking to gift a fun treat this holiday season or for his birthday? Serve up some Gourmet Chocolate in a Pizza Gift Box. In fact, when you open up the box, you’ll see a chocolate and popcorn treat in the form of a pizza cut into slices. Bon apétit.

Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate TrufflesLindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Trufflescheck price

Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles make a great gift for any occasion. This gift pack contains 60 truffles. The chocolate is so delicious and sweet and it just melts in your mouth with a richy, creamy feeling. Indulge in chocolate heaven.

ICUP DC Comics’ Batman Be The Character Kids ApronICUP DC Comics Batman Be The Character Kids Aproncheck price

If your 11 year old boy loves cooking in the kitchen, this fun character apron is sure to give him super powers to whip up amazing meals. Choose from Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and more.

Holstein Housewares Cupcake MakerHolstein Housewares Cupcake Makercheck price

Does he love baking goodies for the holidays? This cupcake maker makes great cupcakes that he can decorate. It’s quick and easy to use. What’s not to love?

Sterno S’mores MakerSterno Smores Makercheck price

Does he love s’mores by the campfire? Why not give him a s’mores maker of his own. Then he can make his favorite treat anytime either indoors or out. It’s easy to operate and fun to make. And the s’mores taste great.

Yonanas Frozen Dessert MakerYonanas Frozen Dessert Makercheck price

Who doesn’t crave dessert after a meal? Now boys can make their own healthy desserts with the Yonanas Elite Frozen Dessert Maker. It’s powerful and makes delicious ice cream-like desserts that he’ll love.

Cooluli Mini FridgeCooluli Mini Fridgecheck price

The Cooluli is a great product to have in his room. Antime he needs to grab a cold drink, it will only be a few feet away.Super convenient, compact, and functional, it’s a gift where you simply can’t go wrong.

Under Armour Lunch CoolerUnder Armour Lunch Coolercheck price

This lunch sack from Under Armour is a sporty and high quality sack for lunch time. It’s well constructed and designed with an easy-carry handle and it’s very roomy. Plus, it even has some pockets for smaller items.

PlayStation Controller MugPlayStation Controller Mugcheck price

Does he play nothing but Sony Playstation? If he loves drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning, he is going to love this mug with a huge Playstation lcon on the front. The coolest part? It has a Playstation controller for a handle. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to play Playstation 4 games. Don’t even try or you might spill your coffee all over your lap.

Vandor Darth Vader Ceramic MugVandor Darth Vader Ceramic Mugcheck price

There is nothing like waking up to a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Do you know somebody who can’t stop thinking about Star Wars? This sculpted Dark Vader mug is the perfect way for them to go to the dark side every morning.

Mug With a HoopMug With a Hoopcheck price

Give him a reason to play with his food in the morning with this sports themed mug. He has to make time to practice his jump shot. It’s the perfect gift for any 13 year old sports fan.

Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Ice Cream MakerCuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Ice Cream Makercheck price

Do you love ice cream? This gadget allows you to make ice cream out of practically anything from fruit to yogurt. Throw in some fruit or yogurt and in about 25 minutes you will have delicious healthy ice cream. How does strawberry mango ice cream sound?

Philadelphia Candies Chocolate Covered OREOsPhiladelphia Candies Chocolate Covered OREOscheck price

Kidss loves their Oreos. These are delicious Oreo treats coated in milk chocolate and decorated with a Happy Birthday banner and colorful balloons. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your 11 year old boy’s birthday. Give him what he loves. They’re irresistably good … one is never enough!

Mrs. Fields Signature 30 Nibbler-Bite Size Cookies TinMrs. Fields Signature 30 Nibbler-Bite Size Cookies Tincheck price

Who doesn’t love tasty treats? There’s nothing better than cookies. The next best thing to homemade cookies is getting tasty treats delivered right to your door. If he loves cookies, there’s nothing better than a gift from Mrs. Fields. Whether you are sending a cookie cake, brownie bites, or cookie boxes, he is going love these mouth-watering treats.

David’s CookiesDavids Cookiescheck price

Baked fresh to order and enclosed in a quality red gift tin case, David’s Chocolate Chunk Gourmet Cookies are big, chewy, so delicious, and taste like homemade cookies. They’re made with all-natural ingredients – no preservatives here – so you’ll need to enjoy them upon arrival for the best tasting experience.

SNICKERS Slice n’ Share Giant Chocolate Candy 1-Pound BarSNICKERS Slice n Share Giant Chocolate Candy 1-Pound Barcheck price

Does he love Snickers? This is not your ordinary Snickers. It’s a giant 1-pound bar of Snickers! You bet that it will satisfy your Snickers lover. With its signature blend of milk chocolate, nougat, caramel, and peanuts, who could possibly resist this?! Makes a perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

Sour Patch Kids Candy Sour Patch Kids Candy check price

Looking for a mix of sweet and sour? This Big Sour Patch Kids set features sweet and sour gummies. They are soft and chewy fun that tantalize your tastebuds with a sour blast followed by pure sweetness bliss. The set includes 240 individually-wrapped pieces for freshness.

KISSES Giant Milk ChocolateKISSES Giant Milk Chocolatecheck price

Give him a Giant Kiss! Not on his cheeks, but with this giant Hershey Kisses. What could you not love about a ginormous Hershey Kisses? It’s a big slob of chocolate that tastes just as good as the regular sized ones.

MARS Chocolate Singles Size Candy BarsMARS Chocolate Singles Size Candy Barscheck price

Who doesn’t like receiving candy on their birthday or during the holidays in their stockings? With this box of chocolatess, you can indulge on 18 classic chocolate bars including favorites like Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, and Milky Way. It’s the best way to get your chocolate fix. The only problem? Figuring who gets all the Snickers bars.

HERSHEY’S Chocolate Candy Bar Variety PackHERSHEYS Chocolate Candy Bar Variety Packcheck price

A box of Hershey’s chocolate is not the most original gift but who could resist delicious Hershey snacks? This box contains 18 different full sized chocolate treats including Kit Kat, Hershey milk chocolate, and Reeses. She will love every morsel of it and maybe you can even use a few bars to bribe her to so some of her chores.

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Nuts and Chews Mixed Chocolates 1-lbMrs. Cavanaughs Nuts and Chews Mixed Chocolates 1-lbcheck price

Every Christmas, my family always gets a box of Old Fashioned See’s Candies. Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Nuts and Chews Mixed Chocolates are the next best thing. If you’ve never tried these chocolates, once you try them you will wonder how you lived without them. They’re irresistably good and the quality is first-rate. Nuts & Chews is probably the most popular one, but I like the Toffee-ettes and Lollipops, too. With this chocolate assortment, you get milk, white, and dark chocolate filled with the most amazing fillings from carmel to nuts. Choose from 1 – 5 pounds of delightful bliss.

Domino’s Pizza Gift Card $20Dominos Pizza Gift Card $20check price

Who doesn’t love pizza? Get him this $20 Gift card to Domino’s Pizza. It may be used at all participating stores in the United States and he can get a pretty good meal deal. A thoughtful gift for pizza lovers.

Cold Stone Creamery Gift CardCold Stone Creamery Gift Cardcheck price

On a hot day or on your birthday, who could resist the smooth and delicious ice cream of Cold Stone Creamery? The best part? They allow you to customize your ice cream exactly how you like it. Choose from a wide assortment of ingredients. So go ahead and indulge in sweetness heaven.

PopcornopolisPopcornopolischeck price

Packed with over three pounds of gourmet Popcornopolis’ favorites, this gift pack features a delicious selection of their best gourmet popcorn. Mouth-watering flavors like Zebra, Caramel, Cheddar Cheese, Kettle, and Cinnamon Toast sure sound tempting. They’re finger lickin’ good. Surprise your teen boy with a whole lot of cheer for any occasion.

CRUNCH ‘N MUNCH Buttery Toffee Popcorn with Peanuts, 12-PkCRUNCH N MUNCH Buttery Toffee Popcorn with Peanuts, 12-Pkcheck price

Who could resist the rich buttery toffee taste of Crunch ‘N Munch?! It’s the perfect snack that tastes so delicious. Packed with buttery toffee coated popcorn and crunchy peanuts, you can’t help but say, ‘YUM’! This set includes 12 6-oz. boxes of Crunch ‘N Munch. It’s the perfect gift to satisfy your foodie for the holidays or anytime.

Sour Patch Kids Candy Sour Patch Kids Candy check price

Looking for a mix of sweet and sour? This Big Sour Patch Kids set features sweet and sour gummies. They are soft and chewy fun that tantalize your tastebuds with a sour blast followed by pure sweetness bliss. The set includes 240 individually-wrapped pieces for freshness.

HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolate Candy Party BagHERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolate Candy Party Bagcheck price

Love Hershey’s Kisses? This Party Bag is perfect for breaking out at parties and other get-togethers with family and friends. Bite into the decadent milk chocolate and you won’t be able to resist taking another. It’s a perfect sweet treat worth sharing.

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