Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys 2021 – List of Best Toys

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Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic CalendarAges 3-7Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendarcheck price

My First Daily Magnetic Calendar is a fun way to keep track of kid’s daily activities. We’re all so busy and this is a great way to teach kids responsibility in a colorful and visual way. The set includes 80 pre-printed magnets, including holidays, seasons, and child’s mood. Kids will love keeping track of their events with this wonderful set from Melissa & Doug.

Blue’s Clues & You! Talking Build-a-Blue PuzzleAges 3-5Blues Clues & You! Talking Build-a-Blue Puzzlecheck price

The Blue’s Clues & You! Talking Build-a-Blue Puzzle is a 9-piece set that builds a fun Blue’s Clues farm scene with Blue and a cow. Fans of the show will love assembling the puzzle and pressing the interactive buttons to hear sounds and phrases from the show. It’s great for building problem-solving skills.

Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity BoardAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Boardcheck price

Melissa & Doug is known for its line of wooden puzzles. With six different numbered latches on it, this one is great for building fine motor skills and learning about numbers. He will love opening and closing all of the various latches to see what is inside all of the windows and doors.

Melissa & Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle, 48-PcsAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle, 48-Pcscheck price

The Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle allows kids to explore life deep down at the ocean floor. What an incredible discovery of underwater animals. This 2 x 3 floor puzzle features impressive artwork worthy of framing and hanging on the wall when complete. It’s a fun and colorful puzzle set that preschoolers will enjoy solving.

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle, 48-PcsAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle, 48-Pcscheck price

Expore our vast solar system with this beautifully designed Solar System floor puzzle. The puzzle set includes 48-pieces with extra thick cardboard. The completed puzzle measures 2 x 3.

The Learning Journey Match It! SpellingAges 4+The Learning Journey Match It! Spellingcheck price

Preschoolers will have fun learning spelling with Journey Match It! This is a fun set with 20 self-correcting puzzle pieces. This means only the correct sequence of pieces will fit together. Preschoolers will learn basic spelling and expand their vocabulary.

D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2×2 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic CubeAges 3+D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2x2 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Cubecheck price

D-FantiX has improved the classic Rubik’s Cube with the Magic Cube! It’s a small 2 x 2 x 2 cube like the Rubik’s with different colors on each side perfect for preschoolers. The goal is to get each face to be all one color. It’s the classic puzzle game but now it’s designed to turn much faster and smoother than ever before.

Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Jigsaw Floor Puzzle, 48-PcsAges 3+Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Jigsaw Floor Puzzle, 48-Pcscheck price

Kids who love dinosaurs will love this 48-piece jumbo jigsaw floor puzzle set from Melissa & Doug. This jigsaw puzzle features thick cardbaord pieces which is perfect for floor play. It’s great for building important problem-solving skills.

Melissa & Doug Traffic Jam Floor Puzzle, 24-PcsAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Traffic Jam Floor Puzzle, 24-Pcscheck price

Beep! Beep! Everyone hates being stuck in traffic. But this is a fun puzzle to complete with a variety of cars lined up from a police car to a race car to an ambulance and more. The completed puzzle measures 2 x 3 feet and includes 24 pieces.

Melissa & Doug Busy Barn Floor Puzzle, 32-PcsAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Busy Barn Floor Puzzle, 32-Pcscheck price

Here’s a fun jumbo jigsaw floor puzzle from Melissa & Doug featuring a barn scene with a variety of farm animals. This 2 x 3-feet puzzle includes 32 extra-thick pieces for easy assembly. Preschoolers will have fun while developing problem-solving skills.

Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse ClockAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clockcheck price

Learn to tell time with this magical Mickey Mouse Wooden Shape Sorting Clock. It’s perfect for teaching toddlers how to tell time. They’ll be solving shape sorting puzzles with 12 uniquely shaped pieces. Mickey’s hands move for both the hour and minute so your child can have fun while they learn how to tell time!

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