Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys 2021 – List of Best Toys

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The Wonderful Things You Will BeAges 3-7The Wonderful Things You Will Becheck price

Written for younger audiences, this best-selling book is a modern take on “Oh the Place You Will Go.” Authored and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin, it’s beautifully illustrated with a whimsical style. With a moving message, this love letter to your 4 year old boy imagines the things he will become. It makes a great birthday gift.

Giraffes Can’t DanceAges 4+Giraffes Cant Dancecheck price

Who doesn’t love Giraffes? Giraffes Can’t Dance is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a giraffe named Gerald. When all the animals in the jungle each have their own dance, Gerald feels left out. By the end of the book, Gerald finds his own rhythm. The book reminds kids that it’s okay to be different and sometimes we just need a different song.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound BookAges 3-6Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound Bookcheck price

Love the Baby Shark song? Now toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy this officially licensed interactive Sound Book. Explore the world of Baby Shark with vibrant illustrations and 10 interactive songs. Get ready to do the Baby Shark!

Goodnight MoonAges 1-4Goodnight Mooncheck price

This a classic book that has been around for years. Every of parent of a 4 year old must own this book. It’s the perfect bedtime story to fall asleep to.

Brown Bear, Brown BearAges 2-5Brown Bear, Brown Bearcheck price

This is a must-have book for 4 year old boys. The book introduces children to animals, letter, and colors. It contains a lot of repetition that makes it easy for kids to memorize.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap BookAges 1-4Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Bookcheck price

Written and illustrated by Rod Campbell, this cute flip the flap book is perfect for the 4 year old animal lover in your life. When a kid writes to a zoo that he wants a pet, hilarity ensues. The zoo sends the child all sorts of animals like a giraffe, lion, snake, and more. Each animal is revealed by pulling back the flap and peeking inside. If you have little animal puppets, this is the perfect book to act out.

The Pout-Pout FishAges 3-6The Pout-Pout Fishcheck price

“Blub, Bluuuub, Bluuuuub.” With a catchy song, rhyming, and repetitive phrases, this book offers silly fun. It is the story of a fish that loves to “pout.” All of the other animals in the ocean tell him that he needs cheer up. It has a good message about staying positive even when things are looking down.

Love You ForeverAges 4+Love You Forevercheck price

Love You Forever is the heartwarming story that touched millions of hearts around the world. It’s about parenting and enduring love and reminds us that no matter our age, we are always someone’s child. Don’t be surprised if you shed a tear reading this beautiful and meaningful book.

Chicka Chicka Boom BoomAges 1-4Chicka Chicka Boom Boomcheck price

This charming rhyming book is a fun way to introduce the alphabets to your 4 year old. The story revolves all of the alphabets, A through Z, climbing up a coconut tree. When all of the letters make their way up the tree, the tree goes “Chika Chicka Boom Boom”. With fun sound effects and rhymes, it’s an entertaining story that young children will love.

The Day the Crayons QuitAges 3-7The Day the Crayons Quitcheck price

Kids will love this funny and adorable story. It’s the story of a boy who goes to get his crayons but find that they are gone. In their place, he finds a stack of letters from the Crayons about why they quit. Each letter is sure to bring plenty of laughs.

The Giving TreeAges 1-8The Giving Treecheck price

The Giving Tree is a story about caring, giving, and love. It’s about a tree that gives itself to make a child happy. While your child might not be able to see the symbolism yet, parents know that the “giving tree” represents them. It’s a book with such an emotional message.

The Going-To-Bed BookAges 2-5The Going-To-Bed Bookcheck price

With funny illustrations and rhyming words, this silly story is the perfect bedtime story for 4 year old boys. In the book, the animals are getting ready for bed. They brush their teeth and go through their nighttime routine. There are few unexpected twists and turns that are sure to get a couple of laughs. He will want to read it every night after he finishes his bedtime routine.

Little Blue Truck board bookAges 0-3Little Blue Truck board bookcheck price

Little Blue Truck is a wonderful story for little ones. Blue is a pickup truck that gets stuck while helping to push a dump truck out of the muck. Blue makes animal friends along the way and these animals are willing to do anything to get Blue back on the road. The book has rhymes, truck and animal noises for kids to read and play along with. It’s a cute book with a great message that shows the power of friendship and helping others.

The Night Before PreschoolAges 3-5The Night Before Preschoolcheck price

Your preschooler should read The Night Before Preschool prior to heading to his first day of school. Mixing fun rhymes and illustrations, it is a great book for overcoming the anxiety of your first day of school. It’s a fun read that kids will enjoy.

On the Night You Were BornAges 1-4On the Night You Were Borncheck price

Here’s a book that celebrates the day your 4 year old came into this world. On that miraculous day, a beautiful baby boy was born. “The moon smiled … Polar Bears danced … and life will never be the same.” With breathtaking illustrations and an almost musical tone, this is one book that will make you teary eyed as you read it to your child.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? Ages 1-4Where Is Babys Belly Button? check price

Here is another cute interactive lift the flap book from Karen Katz. Your little one is on a mission to find “Where’s Baby’s Belly Button.” With plenty of suspense, young readers will flip the flap only to reveal one of baby’s body parts. Where are baby’s eyes? Under her hat! It’s a fun way for your 4 year old to learn the parts of the body.

Where the Wild Things AreAges 4-8Where the Wild Things Arecheck price

Written by Maurice Sendak, “Where the Wilds Things Are” is children’s classic. It’s the story of a rambunctious little boy who is sent to bed with no dinner. When he goes to his room, he goes to a magical place filled with monsters. The wonderful illustrations are sure to stir your preschooler’s imagination.

Puppy Birthday to You! Ages 2-5Puppy Birthday to You! check price

Is he a huge Paw Patrol fan? Then he will love this Little Golden Book. When the Paw Patrol is planning a birthday for Chase, the power unexpectedly goes out. Will the Paw Patrol be able to still throw Chase a surprise birthday party?

The Book with No PicturesAges 5-8The Book with No Picturescheck price

A book without pictures? At first glance, this book might seem boring. That is until you start reading the ridiculous things in it like a hippo named BOO BOO BUTT. Children won’t be able to stop laughing.

I Am a Big BrotherAges 2-4I Am a Big Brothercheck price

If a new baby is on the way, this light hearted book is a must-have. Most young children have a bit of difficulty with the arrival of a new one. In the book, the main character becomes a big brother. The book shows how cool it is to have a younger sibling and the responsibility that comes with it. The big brother in the story feeds the baby, changes its diapers, and even plays with the baby. Your little guy will do the same. He will be so excited!

The Jesus Storybook BibleAges 4-8The Jesus Storybook Biblecheck price

With charming illustrations, The Jesus Storybook Bible brings the stories of the Bible to children. Filled with moral lessons, this book is a must-have for Christian families. Parents will learn as much as children as they read through the stories with their children.

PottyAges 1-3Pottycheck price

Potty training just got a little easier with this fun book. The story is told from a young child’s point of view with fun colors, a loveable character, and a great deal of humor. Before you know it, 4 year boys will be saying “Tinkle, Tinkle, Toot. I did it.”

Mix It Up!Ages 3-6Mix It Up!check price

Written by the author who wrote the ingenious Press Here!, Mix It Up is another playful and interactive book that invites to reader to participate. Children have to touch and rub the color spots. When kids turn the page, the colors will spread, mix, and transform. It’s the perfect book for preschoolers who are into art.

Press HereAges 2-5Press Herecheck price

Press Here is one of the most unique books you will ever read with children. With technology so infused in our lives, it amazing that Herve Tullet managed to create a book that is just as interactive as an app. Each of the pages instructs the reader to press, shake, and tilt the book. On the following page, something magical will happen.

The Monster at the End of This BookAges 3-7The Monster at the End of This Bookcheck price

Here’s a book that encourages children to face their fears. In the story, Grover begs the reader not to turn the page. He does everything he can to stop you from turning the page from tying down the pages to nailing them shut. But guess what? You turn the page. Every time you turn the page, you get closer to the monster at the end of the book. Who could it be?

Happy Birthday to You!Ages 5-9Happy Birthday to You!check price

You haven’t celebrated your birthday in style like in Katroo. This book celebrates your individuality. Find out what you’ve been missing in the Dr. Suess classic, Happy Birthday To You! It makes a great birthday gift for kids and it is sure to become a family-favorite. You won’t be disappointed by this adorable book.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction SiteAges 1-6Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Sitecheck price

Does your little boy love trucks? Here is a fun twist on the classic goodnight story where the main characters are not animals but construction trucks. One by one all the trucks get tucked into bed. The charming illustrations and rhyming text makes this a great gift for truck lovers.

Toy Story 4 Little Golden BookAges 2-5Toy Story 4 Little Golden Bookcheck price

Love Toy Story? The latest installment in the Toy Story franchise is here! Toy Story 4 features old friends and new friends who go on an all-new adventure. Woody, Buzz, and Jessie are back along with new friends Forky, Bunny, and Ducky. Full of twists and turns, this is a story you don’t want to miss, as it’s truly entertaining for early readers. We love that it gets straight to the point covering the main parts of the storyline without unecessary dialog and the artwork is adorable.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Ages 3-7One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish check price

Dr. Seuss makes wonderful children’s books. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is a classic. Using rhythm, rhyme, and silly illustrations, this is a great book teach 4 year olds how to read on their own by sounding out the words. Even reading it hundreds of times, it never gets old.

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That GoAges 3-7Richard Scarrys Cars and Trucks and Things That Gocheck price

If your 4 year old boy love cars, trucks, and anything that goes, he will love this classical “Where’s Waldo style” children’s book. At 70 pages long, it’s a huge book. Children will enjoy taking a trip with the Pig Family as they are treated to gorgeous illustration of vehicles on the busy pages. There is so much to see on every page and there is a hidden Goldbug, a tiny golden Volkswagen Beetle, on every page for kids to find.

My First Animals: Touch and Feel Picture CardsAges 1-3My First Animals: Touch and Feel Picture Cardscheck price

Who wouldn’t want to pet the animals? Children will love learning about animals with these sensory flash cards. The coolest part? On each card, there is a textured area where kids can feel each animal.

We Are in a Book!Ages 4-8We Are in a Book!check price

If he hasn’t read any of the Elephant and Piggie books from Mo Willems, this is the perfect gift. We Are in a Book has everything you could want in a children’s book from wonderful artwork to a great characters. It’s a super clever book where the characters in the book recognize that the book is being read.

Pete the Cat’s Super Cool Reading CollectionAges 4-8Pete the Cats Super Cool Reading Collectioncheck price

This is a fun 5-set book collection complete with five cool stories based on the adventures of Pete the Cat that your preschoolers will enjoy. Share these beautiful stories with your child and brighten their day.

Inside Your Outside: All About the Human BodyAges 4-8Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Bodycheck price

Is your 4 year old always asking you about the parts of the body? This Dr. Seuss classic is a fun way to learn about the body. With the classic Dr. Seuss rhyming style, kids will learn about all the basic systems of the body from the brain to bones.

From Head to Toe Board BookAges 1-4From Head to Toe Board Bookcheck price

Written by the same author as The Hungry Caterpillar, this fun animal book encourages your little one to move. All the different animals in the book move their bodies and ask children to do the same. Children will love stretching and bending their bodies with the animals, using their whole body from head to toe.

Harold and the Purple CrayonAges 4-8Harold and the Purple Crayoncheck price

Harold, equipped with a purple crayon, goes on a fantastical journey in this timeless classic. Harold draws a world complete with excitement and wonder. Preschoolers will enjoy that the book is full of twists and surprises.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath!Ages 3-6The Pigeon Needs a Bath!check price

This Pigeon took a bath last month and doesn’t believe it needs to take a bath. Most would agree that the Pigeon needs a bath! Find out what it takes to convince the Pigeon to take its bath.

Elephants Cannot Dance!Ages 4-8Elephants Cannot Dance!check price

Best friends Gerald and Piggie debate if elephants can or cannot dance in this heartwarming, sweet and hilarious story for early readers. Children will love these fun characters and illustrations. It’s the perfect book for bedtime. Kids will even learn a few good lessons along the way.

Goodnight, NumbersAges 2-5Goodnight, Numberscheck price

Danica McKellar puts her own twist on the classic bedtime story. In this book, children will enjoy counting as they say goodnight to everything. Each page in the book centers on a number all the way up to 10. It’s the perfect introduction to early math skills.

Time to Be a Hero (PJ Masks)Ages 4-6Time to Be a Hero (PJ Masks)check price

Preschoolers have fallen in love with PJ Masks. Is he obsessed with PJ Masks? There is no better gift than one with his favorite characters in it. He will love reading this book all by himself over and over.

Incredibles 2 Little Golden BookAges 2-5Incredibles 2 Little Golden Bookcheck price

Fans have been waiting 14 years for the sequel to The Incredibles. Now it’s finally here! If you loved the movie, you’ll love reading the book. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you’ll definitely want to read the book first. The illustrations have a retro art style that will appeal to younger readers and the story will captivate readers from start to finish. It’s a wonderful addition to your child’s Golden Book collection.

DC Super Heroes ABC 123Ages 4+DC Super Heroes ABC 123check price

A lot of little boys are totally into superheroes. What better way to learn your letters and numbers than with Superheroes? A is for Aquaman, B is for Batman, and C is for Cape. In this book, he will learn all the names of the superheroes and their powers. What we love about it is that it is a fun way to learn about letters and numbers.

Elf on the Shelf Elf Pets: A St. Bernard TraditionAges 3+Elf on the Shelf Elf Pets: A St. Bernard Traditioncheck price

Elf on the Shelf Elf Pets: A St. Bernard Tradition is an excellent holiday gift idea for younger kids who believe in Santa. The set includes a book and an adorable companion St. Bernard figurine. Kids are encouraged to engage in acts of kindness to bring more Christmas cheer. This Christmas Spirit is then said to be captured in your puppy’s barrel and released on Christmas Eve. Will your child help Santa and save the North Pole?

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