Gifts For 4 Year Old Boys 2021 – List of Best Toys

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Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume check price

Who’s the fire chief in town? Your preschooler can play the role of the fire chief with this fun role play costume. It includes everything to create an amazing role play experience. It includes the fire jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, bullhorn, and more! Save the city from devastation and keep them safe and sound.

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costumecheck price

Your little guy will love playing doctor with this Melissa & Doug costume set. It comes with an adorable jacket, face mask, and even a name tag. However, he can’t be a doctor without some tools. It comes with several tools including a battery-powered stethoscope that makes a beating heart sound. The doctor is ready to see you!

Aeromax Jr. Astronaut SuitAges 4-6Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suitcheck price

Your 4 year old boy will be ready to fly in outer space with this cute astronaut costume. Unlike other costumes, this one is super high quality with double-stitched seams. The Velcro straps around the ankles keep any extra fabric secure. The coolest part? It features the NASA logo on it.

Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” ClawsAges 3+Jurassic World Velociraptor “Blue” Clawscheck price

Want to take your Velociraptor Blue role-play experience to the next level? Consider the Jurassic World Velociraptor Blue Claws. They complete your Velociraptor Blue look when combined with the Chomp ‘N Roar Mask Velociraptor Blue. The movie-accurate details and flexible and bendable claws take your play experience to a whole new level.

Melissa & Doug Construction Worker Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Construction Worker Role Play Costumecheck price

If your kids love construction, this Construction Worker Outfit will be perfect for creative play. The costume includes a hard hat, vest, tool belt, goggles, hammer, and saw. A name tag allows for personalizing with your child’s name. It’s a fun roleplay outfit for preschool boys.

Rubie’s MARVEL SUPER HERO Cape SetAges 3-6Rubie’s MARVEL SUPER HERO Cape Setcheck price

Does your 3 year old boy love superheroes? Gear up for incredible superhero adventures with this 4-piece set of superhero costumes and masks of the most popular Marvel superheroes of all-time. The set includes 4 satin capes and masks of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. They’re perfect for sparking your little one’s imagination and the quality is great. It’s the perfect gift for little superheroes. Get ready to save the day!

Catboy Classic Toddler PJ Masks CostumeAges 4-6Catboy Classic Toddler PJ Masks Costumecheck price

Does he love PJ Masks? Then he’ll likely love becoming one of the characters from the popular TV show. This costume is perfect for 4 year old boys and provides a good fit. It comes complete with the bodysuit, headpiece, and tail. It’s perfect for Halloween or going on fun superhero adventures.

Melissa & Doug Police Officer Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Police Officer Role Play Costumecheck price

It’s time to protect and serve. Your little guy will love putting on this costume and wearing it everywhere he goes to play a police officer. Along with the coat and hat, it comes with everything he needs including a whistle, badge, pretend walkie-talkie, and handcuffs. The only problem? He might arrest you.

Rubie’s Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man CostumeAges 3-4Rubies Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Costumecheck price

If your toddler loves Spider-Man, Rubie’s costume looks fantastic and will allow kids to become your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It’s an officially licensed costume based on the Marvel universe. It includes the Superman suit, boots, and a cape. The suit is well-designed with muscular details in the chest area. Now what amazing web-slinging adventures will your Spider-Man go on?

Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costumecheck price

Preschool kids who are budding cooks will love this outstanding role-play costume. It’s a chef costume with a hat, mitt, wooden utencils, measuring spoons, and a name tag for your child. It’s a great role play costume that will cook up the imagination.

Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play Costumecheck price

The Magician Role Play Costume will make your preschool boy look like a real magician. It’s a fantastic costume with a vest with secret pocket, bow tie, cape, top hat with hidden compartment, magic wand, coin, rabbit, and a card with tricks. It’s a high quality role play costume that kids will love.

DC Batman Voice Changing MaskAges 4+DC Batman Voice Changing Maskcheck price

Want to sound just like Batman? The DC Voice Changing Mask alters your voice to sound just like Batman. It’s packed with over 15 phrases and sounds and its eyes even light up! Imagine going on exciting crime-fighting adventures in Gotham City. Pair it with the Gauntlet – sold separately – for the ultimate Batman role-play experience.

DC Batman Mask / CapeAges 4+DC Batman Mask / Capecheck price

Become the Caped Crusader with this Batman Mask and Cape set. It comes with a sculpted Batman cowl mask and a premium fabric cape with Batman’s iconic logo. Protect the streets of Gotham! Every day will be a new crime-fighting mission! Batman, will you save the day?

DC Batman GauntletAges 4+DC Batman Gauntletcheck price

Imagine having a powerful gauntlet just like Batman! The interactive DC Batman Gauntlet features over 15 phrases and sounds and authentic details to bring your Batman missions to life like never before! You’ll feel just like the Caped Crusader ready to take on those baddies. There are 2 play modes. In Battle Mode, when you punch, you hear action sound effects. And Mission Mode activates storytelling missions with lights and phrases. Feel the power of the Batman Gauntlet.

DC Batman Tech MaskAges 4+DC Batman Tech Maskcheck price

The DC Batman Nightvision Mask includes a Batman mask with lights and a magnifier lens to inspire creative crime-fighting missions. Imagine using the Batman Nightvision Mask to foil the plans of the baddies.

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