Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2021 – List of Best Toys

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Tanner TeeTanner Teecheck price

For any little leaguer, a tee is a great way to practice hitting balls. There is a reason that the tanner tee is one of the most popular tees. It features a flexible rubber top, which means it will not crack like other tees. We love that the tee is completely adjustable from 26 inches to 43 inches so you can find the perfect height for your 6 year old.

Nerf Sports Pro Grip FootballAges 4+Nerf Sports Pro Grip Footballcheck price

Ready. Set. Fun! Designed for the younger set, the Nerf Sports Pro Grip Football is one football boys and girls will love playing with. With soft foam, it doesn’t hurt your hands while playing for hours on end. Plus, its grip allows you to throw like a pro. Go long, go deep!

Spalding NBA Street BasketballSpalding NBA Street Basketballcheck price

If she wants to play for the basketball team, she is going to love having her own basketball that she can practice with. If she loves anything pink and purple, she will love this basketball from Spalding. For parents annoyed by the color scheme, it’s available in regular colors too. If the colors inspire her to play, we are all for it.

Wilson Traditional Soccer BallAges 3+Wilson Traditional Soccer Ballcheck price

Shee shoots, she scores. It’s a gooooaaal! With the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball, kids will be confident to kick and score the ball. The ball is lighter than standard soccer balls. This ball is specifically designed for kids younger than 8, and it boasts a classic design and great performance. Kick into fun!

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis RacquetWilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquetcheck price

Racquet sports are really great for developing eye hand coordination. At 21 inches, this Junior racket from Wilson is the perfect starter racquet for most 6 year old girls. It’s lightweight, has a big head, and the perfect grip for smaller hands. Who knows she might become the next Serena Williams!

Lifetime 32″ Youth Portable Basketball HoopLifetime 32" Youth Portable Basketball Hoopcheck price

Ready for some hoops action? This fantastic youth basketball set is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It features different height levels from 5.5 to 7.5-feet. The set features a foldable rim design. You can even optionally add weight to the base for added stability. It’s an excellent set that’s sure to be a slam dunk hit with the kids!

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton SetBaden Champions Volleyball Badminton Setcheck price

Who said you need to go to the court to play volleyball or badminton? Now you can play in the backyard or the park with this portable net from Baden. Along with the mesh regulation net, the poles come with guide lines that mark the boundaries of the court. The set also includes 4 badminton rackets, 4 shuttle cocks, and even a volley ball. It even comes with a travel bag to store everything in.

Franklin Sports Competition GoalFranklin Sports Competition Goalcheck price

If she wants to be on the soccer team or just wants to have a little fun outside, she will love this soccer goal from Franklin Sports. Made of steel tubing, it’s available in different sizes, but the smaller size is perfect for 6 year old girls. If you want something that she can grow into, the full sized goal is a better option.

Tachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite VolleyballTachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite Volleyballcheck price

Volleyball is fun, but nobody likes the sting you get when you hit the ball. Lighter and much softer than a normal volleyball, this specially designed volleyball is designed with young kids in mind. It’s the perfect volleyball for any 6 year old girl just starting to play volleyball. The best part? It won’t hurt her hands.

Nerf Sports Weather Blitz FootballAges 5+Nerf Sports Weather Blitz Footballcheck price

Ready. Set. Fun! Designed for the younger set, the Nerf Sports Weather Blitz Football is one football boys and girls will love playing with. With soft foam, it doesn’t hurt your hands while playing for hours on end. Plus, its grip allows you to throw like a pro and it’s designed for all weather play. Go long, go deep!

GoodmintonGoodmintoncheck price

Goodminton brings the fun of badminton to small kids. Along with 2 rackets, it comes with 4 specially designed birdies that are easier to hit for kids. The long feathers on the birdie slow the birdies down so kids can focus on their eye hand coordination. You don’t even need a net to play.

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 12-Foot TrampolineSkywalker Jump N Dunk 12-Foot Trampolinecheck price

Jumping is actually great exercise for kids. A trampoline is probably one of the best things you can put in your backyard. She will love bouncing and bouncing on this huge 12 foot trampoline! It’s non-stop fun and gets your kids up and active! Parents surely won’t mind that and it has safety features so they can be at ease. This trampoline supports a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

Cheerwing PU Kids Boxing GlovesCheerwing PU Kids Boxing Glovescheck price

Boxing is a great way for her to burn off extra energy and have fun at the same time. She will love wearing these high quality leather gloves while bopping a punching bag for kids.

Rawlings Raptor USA Youth T-Ball Bat SeriesRawlings Raptor USA Youth T-Ball Bat Seriescheck price

T-ball is a great way to introduce her to the game of softball. For most 6 year olds, you want to choose a bat length of about 24 to 26-inches. If she dreams of being in softball, this bat is the perfect gift for beginning t-ball players.

Wilson MLB Team T-Ball Youth Baseball GloveWilson MLB Team T-Ball Youth Baseball Glovecheck price

Made out of Eva foam, this baseball glove is perfectly sized for 6 year old girls who want to play catch or T-ball. Available in different teams, you can find one that represents her favorite or your favorite team. That way she will become a lifelong fan at an early age.

Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame PitchingLouisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitchingcheck price

If she’s in little league and has already started “machine pitch”, she will love this pitching machine. It throws perfect strikes every time so she can work on her eye hand coordination. All you have to do is load the balls in it and pull the handle. The controls make it easy to fine tune the machine. The best part? It can be used to throw any ball from softballs to volleyballs.

Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal SetAges 4+Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Setcheck price

What’s cooler than playing ice hockey? What about playing street hockey? This hockey set comes with a collapsible goal, a no bounce ball, and hockey sticks. It turns the entire street or backyard into an ice hockey stadium. The lightweight goal is easy the move around and setup anywhere.

Tumbl Trak Folding Tumbling Panel MatTumbl Trak Folding Tumbling Panel Matcheck price

For the little gymnast, cheerleader, or dancer in your life, there is nothing better than a practice mat where she can practice walkovers, handstands, and bankrolls. This one from Tumbl Trak is the closest thing to a professional gym mat. It’s available in 2 thicknesses and a variety of fun colors.

Century Kid Kick WavemasterCentury Kid Kick Wavemastercheck price

While it is expensive, our favorite punching bag for kids is the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster. It is designed to introduce your child to boxing or martial arts training at a young age. It’s a free standing punching bag with a base that you can fill with either sand or water to keep it from toppling over. The punching bag’s height can adjusted through 4 different heights, making it perfect for 6 year old girls.

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