Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls 2021 – List of Best Toys

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ThinkFun Rush HourAges 8+ThinkFun Rush Hourcheck price

There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic. Leave it to Thinkfun to take that idea and make a fun logic game out of it. In the game, there are difference challenges where you have to manipulate cars to get the red car out of the traffic jam. While the beginning cards are easy, the challenges get progressively harder.

Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor PuzzleAges 6+Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzlecheck price

How cool is this puzzle? Made out of 51 pieces, each puzzle piece is shaped like a state. When she puts it together, it forms a map of the United States. The best part? As she is putting it together, she is learning where the states are and even the capital of each state.

Perplexus OriginalAges 8+Perplexus Originalcheck price

The Original Perplexus is an excellent and challenging puzzle game. The game has you in a spehrical ball containing 22 feet of track and 100 challenging obstacles. Girls will have to flip, twist, and spin their way to victory!

Melissa & Doug Medieval Castle 3D PuzzleAges 6-10Melissa & Doug Medieval Castle 3D Puzzlecheck price

Leave it to Melissa & Doug to create something unique and different in the puzzle space. If your 6 year old girl has mastered standard jigsaw puzzles, this 3d puzzle will challenge her spatial skills. There are several different themes to choose from but this one will have her building a 3d castle out of 100 cardboard pieces.

Rubik’s RevolutionAges 6+Rubiks Revolutioncheck price

Rubik’s Revolution is back! Previously a 2008 Toy of the Year award-winner, Rubik’s Revolution is a one-player and multiplayer game. It’s all about fast and challenging cubic action. It offers 6 fast-paced, electronic games including light speed in one device! In one game you have to quickly tap the correct colored light rotating the cube to find it, then pass it to a friend. You continue on until it buzzes. The player who misses the light loses. Another game has you attempting to repeat the color pattern. Features include sounds, lights, and various skill levels that will keep you playing for hours! It’s easy to learn and play but difficult to master. Can you beat your friends?

Rubik’s EdgeAges 6+Rubiks Edgecheck price

Not quite ready for the full 3×3 Rubik’s Cube challenge? Now you can build up your skill level and strategy with Rubik’s Edge. The idea is the same as the Rubik’s Cube where you rotate and twist, but you’re only dealing with one-third of a Rubik’s Cube. Your goal is to get each edge to be the same color. Its compact size is perfect for on-the-go fun. It’s a great introduction to Rubik’s Cube for younger kids.

KanoodleAges 8+Kanoodlecheck price

Kanoodle is the ultimate stocking stuffer. This puzzle is small enough to carry anywhere and bring out whenever you’re bored. There are 100 different challenges that go from flat rectangle puzzles to 3D pyramid puzzles. You pick a puzzle and have to insert the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle. They may never get on their phone when they’re bored again.

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