Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys 2021 – List of Best Toys

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Hydro Flask Water BottleHydro Flask Water Bottlecheck price

Whether you are hiking, camping, or playing sports, a water bottle is a must for staying hydrated. The Hydro Flask is double wall insulated so it keeps liquids inside hot or cool for hours. It’s easy to carry around in your hand or toss in your backpack.

Wilson NFL MVP Junior FootballWilson NFL MVP Junior Footballcheck price

The Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football puts you in the action with an authentic, officially licensed product. This NFL ball is junior sized so it’s perfect for an 8 year old boy. The ball is easy to grip and throw to receivers. The package includes the Wilson football, pump, and tee. Are you ready for some football?

Wilson Traditional Soccer BallWilson Traditional Soccer Ballcheck price

Designed for performance, the Wilson soccer ball delivers a fantastic soccer experience. Kicking, passing, and throwing feel great. The ball is lightweight and is the official size and weight. It’s also durable designed for years of fun.

Nerf Sports Pro Grip FootballAges 4+Nerf Sports Pro Grip Footballcheck price

Ready. Set. Fun! Designed for the younger set, the Nerf Sports Pro Grip Football is one football boys and girls will love playing with. With soft foam, it doesn’t hurt your hands while playing for hours on end. Plus, its grip allows you to throw like a pro. Go long, go deep!

adidas Alliance II Sack Packadidas Alliance II Sack Packcheck price

The Alliance II Sack Pack is a popular sporty sack for carrying and storing your belongings. The bag offers a cool design that is easily coordinated with other adidas shoes and apparel. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to match your personality. The sackpack measures 18 x 13.75 inches.

Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder Yes4All Speed Agility Ladder check price

One of the best ways for him to work on his body control is with this agility ladder. It’s a great way for him to work on his foot speed for all types of sports from football to soccer. When used with other forms of training, it’s a good workout drill and helps him remained focus.

adidas Diablo Duffle Smalladidas Diablo Duffle Smallcheck price

If you’re looking for a sporty and functional duffle bag for your 8 year old boy, the adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bag is an excellent choice. Made in the USA, this duffle bag is spacious, fitting many of your belongings in the main compartment. The duffle bag can be easily carried over your shoulder. The bag features an official adidas logo and it’s crafted from 100% polyester material. Choose from a great selection in a variety of colors and styles to fit your needs.

Tanner TeeTanner Teecheck price

Tanner Tee is a popular batting tee used by pros and college players. It is well-designed with a patented rubber ball rest. With this innovative design, you actually feel the ball. On many other tees you feel the tee instead of the ball. Feel the difference.

SKLZ Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer TrainerSKLZ Star-Kick Hands Free Solo Soccer Trainercheck price

You can build the next superstar soccer player with the SKLZ Star Kick Hands-Free Solo Soccer Trainer. Strap it into the band, and gear up for some fun. You can work on developing master control of the ball. It will help develop your shooting, passing, and overall ball control. Great gift for 8 year old boys who love soccer.

Rawlings NFL Downfield Youth FootballRawlings NFL Downfield Youth Footballcheck price

Looking for a quality football for your son? The Rawlings NFL Downfield Youth Football is a youth-sized football perfect for younger kids. It’s great for tossing around and offers an excellent grip. Made of molded rubber, this ball offers excellent grip for throwing accuracy. The best part? He can choose his favorite NFL football team. It’s perfect for playing in the backyard or park. Let the fun and games begin!

Doinkit Magnetic Dart BoardAges 6-15Doinkit Magnetic Dart Boardcheck price

Almost every boy loves darts. Your eight year old boy can play with these magnetic darts without you having to worry about them getting injured. The object is to get as close the center to maximize your score. It’s fantastic for developing your boy’s eye-hand coordination. Great for solo play or with friends.

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis RacquetWilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquetcheck price

The Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racket is a great racket for young tennis stars. It looks great and performs just as well. The racket offers a comfortable grip for hours of tennis fun. The strings provide great performance and control over the ball. Serve up some fun!

Glow City BallGlow City Ballcheck price

Who said that the basketball game has to end just because the sun goes does? GlowCity makes basketballs, soccerballs, and footballs with built in LED lights. Simply throw, pass, or shoot the balls around to see a glowing steam of light move around the court or field. The best part? Nighttime games!

Tachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite VolleyballTachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite Volleyballcheck price

For the young volleyball player, the Tachikara Volley-Lite is a great volleyball to learn and practice with. It’s lighter than a regulation ball so it does not hurt your hand as much when you strike it. The ball is well-designed and is available in a wide assortment of fun colors.

Franklin Sports NFL Deluxe Youth Uniform SetFranklin Sports NFL Deluxe Youth Uniform Setcheck price

How cute is this? If he has a favorite football team, you can get him this adorable costume. Not only does it come with a jersey and team pants, it comes with a sick helmet. The best part? He can finally look like his favorite football player the next time he goes to a game.

SKLZ Impact BallsSKLZ Impact Ballscheck price

About the size of golf balls, these training balls from SKLZ are perfect for batting practice. The best part? Made of a highly durable rubber material, they won’t crack as easily as regular plastic practice balls. When you hit them, they give you great feedback. Because they are designed for training, they won’t travel as far as regular ball so they are easy to retrieve.

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove SeriesMizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Seriescheck price

Designed for good fit and performance, the 11.5-inch Mizuna Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Glove makes catching the ball fun and easy with Heel Flex Tech. Kids will learn the correct way to catch the ball in the pocket. And with Power Close and the V-Flex Notch, kids will have more catches and less dropped balls which will make them love the game even more. It’s a great first glove that will leave lasting memories.

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball SystemLifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball Systemcheck price

This Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop set features a 44-inch backboard. It can be adjusted up to 10-feet tall. It’s made of all-weather resistant surfaces to withstand Mother Nature and last for years. The rim is constructed of solid steel. It’s a fantastic gift for every day hoops action. Invite the friends over … it’s game time!

Spalding NBA Player BasketballSpalding NBA Player Basketballcheck price

Love basketball? Get a game ball of your favorite player. Choose from Curry, James, Durant, Harden, and Paul. The balls feature team colors, the star athlete, and the ball is autographed. These are officially licensed balls with the correct size and weight of NBA balls. Do you got game?

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton SetBaden Champions Volleyball Badminton Setcheck price

This volleyball and badminton set from Baden is great for getting outdoors and getting in some physical activity. The set is complete with a volleyball, net, posts, four badminton racquets, and a handy carrying case. Now you can play volleyball and badminton practically anywhere. are you ready for some fun?

Nerf Sports Vortex Aero HowlerAges 6+Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howlercheck price

Go long and deep on fun with the Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howler, the farthest flying football. This foam ball has a great grip to make great passes to receivers. You’ll feel like a pro quarterback from the NFL. Your football games will never be the same. Shhh! The secret lies in its tail!

Franklin Sports Competition GoalFranklin Sports Competition Goalcheck price

If you’re going to play soccer, you’ll need some soccer goals. This soccer goal measures 6 W x 4 H x 3 D feet and is made in the USA. The goal is easy to assemble and offers an all-weather design. It’s made of steel for years of soccer fun. It’s a great way to prepare before big games.

SKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe SetSKLZ 10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Setcheck price

Flag football is a great way to allow 8 year old boys to play football without worrying about them getting hurt. Because they don’t have to worry about getting hit, they can focus instead on the fundamentals of football. This 10 person set from SKLZ is great for birthday parties or get togethers with friends in the backyard or the beach. Not only is great for football, it is perfect for an epic game of capture the flag.

Diggin Jr. Squish FootballAges 3+Diggin Jr. Squish Footballcheck price

Ready. Set. Fun! Designed for the younger set, the Diggin Jr. Squish Football is one football boys will love playing with. It’s so soft and squishy and doesn’t hurt your hands while playing for hours. It’s also perfectly sided for younger hands. Go long, go deep!

Century The Original Wavemaster Training Bag Century The Original Wavemaster Training Bag check price

The Original Wavemaster Training Bag is the best free-standing training bag on the market. It’s great for practicing kicks and punches and gives you a great workout. It offers great resistance and rebound and the base may be filled with sand or water for added stability. This training bag grows with your child, adjusting from 47-inches to 68 inches.

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball BatRawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Batcheck price

Step up your game to the next level with this sporty and stylish Rawlings Youth Baseball Bat. The bat features a comfort grip and alloy design. Since the bat is lightweight, it is easier to swing and that translates into power. It has a huge sweet spot and feels balanced. Swing for the fences!

Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame PitchingLouisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitchingcheck price

If you get one training tool to improve your 8 year old boy’s baseball skills, the Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine is highly recommended. This pitching machine builds your child’s skills in not only batting, but also fielding and catching. The great thing is that it’s completely manually powered and lightweight. The Babe Ruth League and others use this machine.

SKLZ Target Swing TrainerSKLZ Target Swing Trainercheck price

Improve your 8 year old boy’s swing and eye hand coordination with this batting trainer aid from SKLZ. It’s a great for him to learn how to keep his eye on the ball. It makes it easy to practice all different ball placements from inside to low to outside. It’s amazing how this little plastic stick with a ball on the end can improve his game.

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 12-Foot TrampolineSkywalker Jump N Dunk 12-Foot Trampolinecheck price

Encourage your eight year old boy to get up off the couch and get active with this Jump n’ Dunk Trampoline from Skywalker Trampolines. It’s a 12-foot trampoline with a basketball hoop and ball for an awesome twist on the game of basketball. Are you ready for some insane fun?

Franklin Sports Table Tennis To GoFranklin Sports Table Tennis To Gocheck price

Ping Pong is fun but most of us don’t have room for a ping pong table at home. Now your 8 year old can turn any table into a ping pong battlefield with this table tennis kit from Franklin. The retractable net opens up to 6 feet, allowing it to fit most tables. The kit also comes with 2 paddles and 2 balls. Who said you can’t play on the dining table?

Major League Lacrosse Mini Sticks SetMajor League Lacrosse Mini Sticks Setcheck price

Your 8 year old boy could become the next great Major League Lacross player with this set of MLL Mini Sticks. The sticks measure 30-inches long and the set includes a small rubber ball so you can start playing right away. The game is played by catching and throwing the ball with the sticks. It’s a fantastic set for beginners.

Fitbit Flex 2Fitbit Flex 2check price

The National Association for Sports and Physical Education suggests that 8 year old boys should get around an hour of exercise per day. That should give him around 12,000 steps. The best way to make sure he is meeting the minimum standards is with a fitness tracker. Fitbit now makes a number of affordable fitness trackers that are perfect for 8 year olds. This one is the Fitbit Flex 2.

Nerf Sports Pro Grip FootballAges 4+Nerf Sports Pro Grip Footballcheck price

Ready. Set. Fun! Designed for the younger set, the Nerf Sports Pro Grip Football is one football boys and girls will love playing with. With soft foam, it doesn’t hurt your hands while playing for hours on end. Plus, its grip allows you to throw like a pro. Go long, go deep!

Mylec Deluxe Folding Hockey Goal SetMylec Deluxe Folding Hockey Goal Setcheck price

Does your eight year old love street hockey sports? This set includes a hockey goal, two hockey sticks, and a street hockey ball. The hockey goal is foldable so you can take it wherever you want to play. It’s easy to put together and measures 48 W x 37 D inches.

CHAMPRO Sports Infinity Pitch Back ScreenCHAMPRO Sports Infinity Pitch Back Screencheck price

Is your 8 year old boy really big into baseball? If he’s really good at baseball, this rebound screen is the ultimate training tool. The screen has a special curve on it, which allows it to rebound the ball back. Depending on where you throw the ball, it will return pop flies, grounders, and line drives. He’s on his way to playing in the MLB.

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