Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls 2021 – List of Best Toys

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Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner GameJelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Gamecheck price

Jelly beans aren’t supposed to be both tasty and gross at the same time. This jelly bean game comes with both yummy and the grossest jellybeans ever imagined. How does spoiled milk sound? The idea is that kids spin the wheel and have to pick up a jellybean of a certain color that might taste yummy or nasty. If it tastes good, they are in luck. If they happen to get something gross, they are going to want to spit it out.

Fiesty Pets Expressions Sly Princess Pottymouth the CatAges 3+Fiesty Pets Expressions Sly Princess Pottymouth the Catcheck price

The newest Fiesty Pets are introduced in the new Expressions Collection. These 8-inch stuffed pets make crazy exaggerated expressions. The cat gives you the biggest smile from ear to ear. It brings the fun and surprise element of Fiesty Pets to a new level and inspires creative storytelling. Collect all your favorites!

Money MazeMoney Mazecheck price

Now this is a cool way to give money. While it doesn’t have room for gift cards, you can stash money inside. In order to take out the money, your 8 year old must first complete the maze. It’s not too challenging but she will have fun solving it, which makes the gift inside so much more rewarding than putting it in a card.

Bag of Unicorn FartsBag of Unicorn Fartscheck price

Who knew a bag of Unicorn farts could bring so much of happiness to the world? It might one day end world hunger, terrorism, and war. Luckily, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this product so we have an endless supply. The unicorns have freely donated their farts to the world. It turns out when you trap Unicorn farts in a bag, they turn into cotton candy over time.

Indoor Snowball FightIndoor Snowball Fightcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a snowball fight anytime of the year even if it wasn’t snowing outside? About the size of tennis balls, these soft and poufy manmade are perfect for an indoor snowball fight on Christmas morning or even at birthday parties. The best part? They are so soft and lightweight that you don’t have to worry about breaking anything.

Mystic Emoji BallAges 3+Mystic Emoji Ballcheck price

While grandpa played with the Magic 8 ball, this Emoji themed magic 8 ball is designed for today’s kids. Kids will love asking it questions and getting a funny response back like “Ask Grandpa.”. It’s a fun twist on an old time classic toy.

Puzzle Pod CryptexAges 7+Puzzle Pod Cryptexcheck price

She probably would love a gift card or money but now you can make her work for it with this unique gift. Simply stick your gift inside and create a 5 letter code that is used to unlock it. Then hand her the Puzzle Pod Cryptex. How does she open it? It’s up to you how you reveal the code. Be imaginative or make her bring you breakfast in bed for a month.

Prank Pack iArmAges 1m+Prank Pack iArmcheck price

She probably wants the iPhone but this product is so much better. It allows her to mount her iPhone on her wrist so she can use her iPhone everywhere. The cool part? This is just a prank box. You put her real gift inside and when she opens her gift, she will wonder what the heck is this.

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