Best Toys and Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys 2021

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Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner GameJelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Gamecheck price

Bean Boozled is a fun gift for jelly bean lovers. Spin the wheel to determine what flavor you’ll try. Will you get one of the classic flavors or one of the wild ones? Did somebody say candy and a game? Will you be Bean Boozled?

Fiesty Pets Expressions Sly Princess Pottymouth the CatAges 3+Fiesty Pets Expressions Sly Princess Pottymouth the Catcheck price

The newest Fiesty Pets are introduced in the new Expressions Collection. These 8-inch stuffed pets make crazy exaggerated expressions. The cat gives you the biggest smile from ear to ear. It brings the fun and surprise element of Fiesty Pets to a new level and inspires creative storytelling. Collect all your favorites!

Money MazeMoney Mazecheck price

It’s time to play a game! Money Maze is a cool way to give a gift. Kids will have to solve the maze puzzle first before they can unlock the gift. Adds fun to gift giving!

Indoor Snowball FightIndoor Snowball Fightcheck price

With Snowtime Anytime, snowball fights can happen all year round! This 40 pack canister contains forty snowballs. They are soft and feel like real snowballs. Great fun for the whole family! Let the snowball fights begin!

Puzzle Pod CryptexAges 7+Puzzle Pod Cryptexcheck price

So you want to give the gift of money? Make your nine year old boy work for it. Give ’em this cryptic puzzle to solve with some clues. You can setup any five letter code and reset it at anytime. The puzzle pod also doubles as a coin bank.

Prank Pack Thumb Wrestler Video Game SleeveAges 6+Prank Pack Thumb Wrestler Video Game Sleevecheck price

This is a fun prank video game box that resembles a PS4 videogame box. Kids will think it’s gotta be a game based on the shape. When they open it up, their heart will sink when they read the title ‘Thumb Wrestler’. Instead of getting the hottest new PS4 game, they get some good ol’ shovelware. LOL! Then they turn the box over and start reading … ‘You Declare a Thumb War!’ They’ll eventually realize this is a prank and have a good laugh. Gotcha! You can hide the real game inside the sleeve.

Lucky You!: Custom Scratch Off CardsLucky You!: Custom Scratch Off Cardscheck price

Everyone wants to feel special on the birthday – even 9 year old boys. Lucky You! allows you to create 16 custom scratchable cards. You can send extra special birthday wishes and the recipient can scratch off like a Lotto ticket to reveal their surprise message. They’ll think they hit the jackpot and will feel super special!

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