Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls 2021 – Best Gift Ideas

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Ordenado Turban HeadbandsOrdenado Turban Headbandscheck price

Headbands are making a big comeback. A gorgeous headband can help embellish an outfit. There are a variety of styles but these knotted headbands are great for keeping your hair in place. The come in a number of different prints, but we love these flowery prints that give off a bohemian vibe.

Boho Bandeau HeadbandsBoho Bandeau Headbandscheck price

The one essential that every girl needs are headbands. Headbands have been around forever. We love the versatility of the bandeau headband, which allows you to create so many different hairstyles. Available in many colors and patterns, there are 12 different looks you can create. Whether you are using it as a hair tie or going for a traditional look, these hand bands are great for keeping your hair in place.

Joyora Scrunchie Holder StandJoyora Scrunchie Holder Standcheck price

Everybody loves scrunchies but there is nothing worse than seeing them lying all around the house. Holding up to 24 scrunchies, this holder keeps all your scrunchies neatly organized in one location.

Velvet Scrunchie SetVelvet Scrunchie Setcheck price

Scrunchies are now becoming everybody’s favorite way to tie their hair back again. Velvet is also back and we are seeing practically everything made out of velvet. One of the easiest ways to make your hair look expensive is with a velvet scrunchie. It’s a great way for you to incorporate velvet into your outfit without covering your whole body in it. This set comes in a rainbow of different colors and patterns so she can mix and match them with different outfits.

Loki Stashed Hair Tie Scrunchies Loki Stashed Hair Tie Scrunchies check price

An innovative scrunchie? Scrunchies are great for holding your hair in place but this scrunchie does more than that. It might look like an ordinary scrunchie but it has a hidden zippered pocket that allows you to stash everything from your keys to your money. Who needs pockets?

Kitsch Hair Drying ScrunchiesKitsch Hair Drying Scrunchiescheck price

Are you tired of blow drying taking forever? These might looks like ordinary scrunchies, but they actually behave like small towels, helping to dry your hair faster. Made of the same material as a microfiber towel, they are perfect for using after a shower or after a pool party.

The Original BLOM HeadbandThe Original BLOM Headbandcheck price

Every girl needs headbands to keep her hair out of her face. This headband from BLOM is different. What makes it so unique? Whether you want to look sporty or fashionable, these headbands have got a moving knot on them that allows you to style them in a million different ways. The only problem? She is going to want them in every color.

Butterfly Hair ClipsButterfly Hair Clipscheck price

Who wouldn’t want to be a 90s girl? Go back to the 1990s with these butterfly hairclips. Not only do they keep your hair in place, but these small hair accessories can add a little playfulness to your hairstyle.

Revlon Hair ClipsRevlon Hair Clipscheck price

Not only are scrunchies back, but another hair accessory is back – hair clips. The trend started back in 2018 and has only grown. Add a little sparkle, personality, and sparkle to your hair style with this pack of trendy hair clips. They are best worn in pairs and you want to use as many as you can possibly fit on your hair.

TOCESS Hair Claw ClipsTOCESS Hair Claw Clipscheck price

Throw away the bobby pins! There are so many different ways to put your hair up into a ponytail but in the 90s everybody used giant hair claw clips. Now this accessory is back because we all want to go back to the 90s. With a variety of ways to wear it, we love the versatile styles that you can pull off from a French twist to ponytail twist.

The New Braiding HandbookThe New Braiding Handbookcheck price

Do you love braids? With 60 beautiful hair styles, this book by Abby Smith contains so many different hairstyles to try out whether you are looking for something trendy or chic. From beautiful buns to fishtails, there is something for every occasion. The hair styles are beautifully laid out through easy to follow photos.

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair BrushWet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brushcheck price

There is nothing worse than combing out knots in your hair. This innovative brush removes tangles and knots as you brush through wet hair. The unique teeth flex and untangle even the most knotted hair with minimal breakage.

Batiste Dry ShampooBatiste Dry Shampoocheck price

When you don’t want to shampoo every day, dry shampoo is your best friend. You just spray it into your roots, massage it in, and brush it. It helps to absorb on the oil from your scalp and your hair will feel almost as good as when you get out of the shower. Finally, you can take a break from washing your hair everyday without it looking dirty.

Moroccanoil Marvelous Must HavesMoroccanoil Marvelous Must Havescheck price

Moroccan oil is a cult favorite for treating dry and damaged hair. The oil is actually derived from rare argan trees. The oil is packed with omega fatty acids, which helps deep condition the hair. A few drops goes a long way. Simply work it into your ends before brushing your hair. The best part? It moisturizes your hair without making it feel weighted down and greasy.

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey &Mafura Oil Hair MaskSheaMoisture Manuka Honey &Mafura Oil Hair Maskcheck price

With Manuka Honey and Manfura Oil, this hair mask deep conditions your hair, helping to add shine to and strength to it over time. You just apply it to the ends of your hair for 5 minutes. The company claims that it is able to penetrate hair, helping to rebuild it, make it stronger, and make it healthier over time.

Tigi Bed Head Hair StickTigi Bed Head Hair Stickcheck price

Don’t you hate fly aways? Hair spray can help but it leaves hair sticky. Shaped like a tube of deodorant, this hair stick from Tigi contains a smoothing hair wax that won’t leave hair oily or greasy. Bonus: It’s great for taming those annoying baby hairs as well.

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat IronRemington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Ironcheck price

What 15 year old girl wouldn’t love a hair straightener? This straightener from Remington heats up very quickly and not only straightens hair, it is infused with pearl. The digital temperature controls allow you to easily control the temperature of the iron all the way up to 450 degrees. It even has an automatic one hour shutoff feature for added safety.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and VolumizerRevlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizercheck price

What if you could blow dry your hair when your brush it? That’s the idea behind this hair brush straightener from Revlon. This one features 3 adjustable temperatures and the round brush shape helps generate great volume. Don’t expect it to be as good as a flat iron, but it could add just the right amount of volume when you are pressed for time.

Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair DryerRevlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryercheck price

For the 15 year old girly girl who loves styling her hair, this blow dryer is the perfect gift. With multiple heat and speed settings, it packs all of the features you need. The concentrator is perfect for adding volume where you need it. With ionic ceramic technology and a lightweight body, it makes blow drying a breeze.

Bed Head Wave ArtistBed Head Wave Artistcheck price

Who doesn’t want beautiful beach wavy hair? Offering multiple heat levels, the Bed Head deep waver is a tool that allows you to create long lasting beachy waves in just minutes. This budget friendly pick works almost as good as a professional waving iron. Made with Tourmaline ceramic plates, the unique double barrels allow you to create either loose of tight natural waves that last all day.

AQUIS Original Hair TowelAQUIS Original Hair Towelcheck price

When you get out of the shower, don’t grab a big fluffy towel and rub it against your hair. Hair is extremely fragile when it is wet. Instead, wrap your hair with this soft microfiber towel. It’s supposed to dry your hair much faster than an ordinary towel. Just wrap it into a hair turban and leave it on for 10 minutes to cut down your drying time.

Cehomi Pearl Hair ClipsCehomi Pearl Hair Clipscheck price

Not only are scrunchies back, but another hair accessory is back – hair clips. The trend started back in 2018 and has only grown. Add a little sparkle, personality, and sparkle to your hair style with this pack of trendy hair clips. They are best worn in pairs and you want to use as many as you can possibly fit on your hair.

Kitsch Spiral Hair TiesKitsch Spiral Hair Tiescheck price

The spiral hair tie seems to have gotten popular overnight. It was first discovered when its inventor used a telephone cord hook in her hair and noticed it would not leave any creases in her hair or give you a headache. Kitsch makes great spiral hair ties. The coils help keep every strand in place when you have your hair tied up in a bun. This 8-pack comes in a wonderful color palette.

ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase check price

A pillowcase? Tossing and turning can make your hair unsightly in the morning. Normal cotton pillowcases create a ton of friction that causes hair to tangle and lose moisture. Treat yourself with this luxurious silk pillowcase that is made out of high quality 19 momme mulberry silk. Not only does it feel silky, the smooth surface helps keep hair from breaking and allows your hair to retain its shape and shine.

CreaClipCreaClipcheck price

Would you like to be your own hair stylist? Featured on Shark Tank, the CreaClip is DIY hair cutting tool that allows you to cut your bangs to perfection. You can even create layers. The best part? You will save so much money from not having to visit the salon every 3 weeks to trim your bangs.

Tifara Beauty Flexible Curling RodsTifara Beauty Flexible Curling Rodscheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go to sleep and wake up with beachy hair? Simply spray hair and use these flexible curling rods to roll and squeeze the hair into curls. Fall asleep. Viola! In the morning, you should wake up with beachy curls. The best part? You don’t have to worry about heat damage.

xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curlerxtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curlercheck price

This curling iron set from Xtava lets girls create bouncy curls, beach waves, and loose curls in minutes. With 5 interchangeable attachments you can completely control the size of the curls. The best part? It heats up to 410 degrees for curls that last all day long. You might never need another curler again.

Polder Style StationPolder Style Stationcheck price

Do you not know what to do with your styling appliances? Stop tripping over the cords and organize them in the Polder Style Station. It has 3 oversize storage compartments so you can store hair dryers, flat irons, curling iron, and any other hair tools. The best part? The silicone base is heat resistant so you don’t have to wait for your hot appliances to cool down.

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    this is actually the greatest list ever!! 🙂

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    lol i love it so much

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    um…….i am basically like. 15 year old….THIS LIST HELPES ME SO DAMN MUCH THANKYOU!

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    I have found that most of the lists include all of the same things and I am trying to say this in the nicest way possible not all ages of girls like the same thing I hope that was nice enough and have a wonderful day

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      Lisa, thanks for your feedback. You are right. These lists won’t be helpful for everybody because we are all different. They are general lists. We try our best to cover many different interests, but it impossible to make a list that will satisfy everybody. While it might not be helpful to some, we hope it helps somebody. Is there something you like that is not on the list? It would help us improve our recommendations. Hope you have a wonderful day too.

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    My dad told me to make a Christmas list and I had no idea what to ask for so I ironically looked up “what should 15 year old girls want for gifts?” and this popped up lolol, now I have 32 things on my list, guess I should cut some things off lmaooo

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    As a 15 year old girl who used this page to make a wish list – I wanted everything here! Nicely done and thank you!

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