Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls 2021 – Best Gift Ideas

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adidas Defender Small Duffel Bagadidas Defender Small Duffel Bagcheck price

Head to the gym or play sports every day? Then this bag from Adidas is the perfect gift. Made of 100% polyester with a roomy interior, it’s tough and durable. Available in several stylish colors, it even boasts zippered end pockets and an outer pocket for the little things.

Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh BagSpeedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bagcheck price

Don’t head to the pool or beach without the Speedo Deluxe Ventilator Mesh bag. With a mesh design, this breathable bag is designed to carry wet clothes without worrying about making a huge mildew smelling mess. It has enough space and zippered pockets to hold all your gear. It’s got room for swim fins, a towel, swimsuit, shoes, and even has a water bottle compartment.

Savvy Infusion Water BottleSavvy Infusion Water Bottlecheck price

Who drinks 8 glasses of water a day? Water is so boring and tasteless, but you need to drink it. Finally, there is a product that a product that makes water not so boring. The Savvy Infusion water bottle allows you to infuse your water with fruit, veggies, and herbs. Simply fill the little infuser with fruit and put it in the water bottle. So good! You never need to buy flavored water again.

Blender BottleBlender Bottlecheck price

Who needs a blender? The Blender Bottle is one of the best inventions ever for protein shakes on the go. The metal shaker is designed to give you clump free smoothies every time. What could be better than one bottle that you mix and drink out of? Whether you are running late or want to hit the gym, you can have a fresh smoothie everywhere. The best part? Your counter will thank you.

Fitbit Charge 4Fitbit Charge 4check price

Everyone during the New Year is going to want to track their fitness. The Fitbit Charge 4 not only tracks your fitness but also helps you maximize your workout with a heart rate monitor. It’s great way to see how active you are and track your fitness goals.

AmazonBasics Foam RollerAmazonBasics Foam Rollercheck price

With the right equipment and home, you can develop a good workout routine. Foam Rollers have become increasingly popular. Available in different sizes, this smooth no-frills cylinder from AmazonBasics can help relieve, support, and stretch your muscles while you are working out and after your workout. It’s great for stability when doing abs exercises. Most experts recommend a 36 inch roller if you want to stretch out all your muscles.

Halo II Headband SweatbandHalo II Headband Sweatbandcheck price

There is nothing worse than sweat falling all over your face when you are trying to exercise. With SweatBlock technology, this headband is built for anybody that loves to exercise. The secret behind this moisture wicking headband is the built in plastic strap that helps keep moisture from falling into your eyes. The rubber strip inside it keeps it in place.

BalanceFrom GoYoga MatBalanceFrom GoYoga Matcheck price

This yoga mat is perfect for the teenage girl that loves practicing her downward dog at home. It’s 1/4 inch thick so the padding keeps your body cushioned when performing stretches. Measuring 68″ X 24″ it’s the standard size yoga mat and available in a variety of happy colors.

The Original Stretch Out StrapThe Original Stretch Out Strapcheck price

Stretching before you exercise is probably the most important part of your workout. The FlexStrap really allows you to get a good stretch for any muscle in your body. The best part? It is designed in such a way that you are always stretching your muscles correctly. It comes with an instruction book that shows you different stretches. Overtime you will develop a greater range of motion and flexibility.

Booty 3 Resistance Bands for LegsBooty 3 Resistance Bands for Legscheck price

Everybody wants the perfect booty. Squats are great for working out your lower body, but adding resistance challenges your muscles more. With 3 different levels, these resistance bands add the perfect amount of resistance to challenge your muscles through the entire movement.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands check price

Elastic bands are a great alternative to free weights for working out your muscles. They are a great form of resistance and give you a free range of motion. Combined with a weight training routine, they help increase both muscle size and strength. This set includes 5 different resistant bands that offer varying resistances.

Tumbl Trak Gymnastics MatTumbl Trak Gymnastics Matcheck price

Is she a gymnast? It’s not easy practicing gymnastics at home. If you are going to practice, it means that you need a supportive gymnastics mat to tumble on. Measuring 4 X 8 feet, the Tumbl Trak is widely considered to be the best gymnastics mat on the market. One of the coolest features about this mat is its ability to fold out in 2 feet wide panels. This not only makes it easy to store, but also easier to practice different gymnastic moves.

Trideer Exercise BallTrideer Exercise Ballcheck price

Performing yoga exercises on the floor is a great workout, but it’s amazing that a huge, bouncy inflatable ball can take you exercise routine to a whole new level. Yoga balls help improve your posture, flexibility, and core strength. Available in different sizes and colors, this yoga ball from Trideer is built to last and can support up to 2200 pounds. The best part? It makes a great office chair too.

The Perfect Yoga TowelThe Perfect Yoga Towelcheck price

If you love doing yoga, this yoga towel will change the way you do yoga. Because it absorbs sweat, it gives you a solid grip on your mat. Made from microfiber material, it’s perfect if you sweat while doing Yoga or practice hot Yoga. Simply lay your towel over the mat to reduce any chance of slipping. It comes in a number of fun prints but our favorite is this tie dye one.

YOGABODY Yoga TrapezeYOGABODY Yoga Trapezecheck price

Here’s a completely different way to do exercise – in the air! Instead of doing stretches on the ground, you perform the stretches in the air and you can even perform aerial tricks. Who wouldn’t love doing fun yoga poses in the air? Adding a whole new dimension to Yoga, it’s great for increasing flexibility and toning up your body. While it is great for exercising, it’s also just fun to swing in the hammock.

Sunny Mini Exercise BikeSunny Mini Exercise Bikecheck price

For the price, you can’t beat this mini exercise bike. With this bike, she can burn calories anywhere and even while sitting down, watching TV, or doing homework. Not only is it perfect for strengthening muscles in the legs but it can also used to create definition for the arms. With 8 different levels, you can even increase the resistance. There are no more excuses for not exercising.

Slim Cycle UprightSlim Cycle Uprightcheck price

It’s hard staying fit when you are stuck at home. If you loved riding a bike outdoors, you can still bike inside your home with the Slim Cycle. Not only does it give you a great cardio workout, but there are built in armbands that allow you to work your arms out at the same time. The best part? It folds flat when you are done.

RENPHO Smart Body Fat ScaleRENPHO Smart Body Fat Scalecheck price

If she loves watching her weight, she is going to love this smart scale from Renpho. This smart scale not only shows your weight but shows you a bunch of other stats including your body fat percentage. There are 13 different stats in all. The best part? It syncs with an app over Bluetooth to chart your daily fluctuations. It can even connect with the Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle WeightsAll Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weightscheck price

Doing more reps is great, but if you really want your muscles to grow, you need to add weight. If you really want to take your workout to the next level, ankle weights can make a huge difference. Not only will you burn more calories, but they help tone your legs. We like that these ones are adjustable.

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance BoardYes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Boardcheck price

Designed to stand on, this balance board is a great way to build your core strength and sense of balance. It looks like a piece of plywood on a non slip rounded bottom. There are a ton of different types of exercises that you can do on it. It’s a great way to improve your coordination before hopping on a skateboard. In order to balance on it, you have to use your whole body.

Stealth Core TrainerStealth Core Trainercheck price

Who knew that getting toned abs could be so fun? If the idea of doing non stops crunches sounds boring to you, the Stealth Core Trainer might make it easier to push harder. It’s a balance board that sits on top of a swiveling base. You can insert your phone in the recessed section on the top and load up the Game Your Core app. You have to shift your weight to play the simple game, which really gives your core a workout.

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis RacketWilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racketcheck price

Tennis rackets come in all different sizes. If she want to play tennis, she is going is going to need the right size racket. Now that she is a teen, she is likely to outgrow a junior racket. An adult-sized 27 inch racket would be best for her. With a good weight and size, this affordable priced racket from Wilson is good for beginners.

Wilson Advantage II Backpack Wilson Advantage II Backpack check price

A gym bag is great but this lightweight tennis bag is much better for tennis. Now she can carry all her tennis equipment to the tennis court with this backpack which has room for 2 tennis rackets, tennis gear, and her essentials. The side pocket is great for holding tennis balls. It’s even got a shoe compartment for separating out dirty shoes.

Penn Championship Tennis BallsPenn Championship Tennis Ballscheck price

If she loves tennis, you can never have enough of tennis balls. Heck, even if she doesn’t play tennis, get some for the dog. You know these are durable because even dogs have a difficult time destroying these. Made of extra duty felt, these are great tennis balls that won’t go flat after a game.

Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up HopperWilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hoppercheck price

Is she into tennis? A hopper is great for practice because it allows you to easily pick up balls without reaching over for them. With room for 75 balls, this one from Wilson has enough balls to hold for your practice sessions.

Baden Champions Series Volleyball SetBaden Champions Series Volleyball Setcheck price

Designed for family fun, this cool set turns the backyard into a volleyball court. When you set it up, the nylon ropes mark the boundary lines of the court. It comes with everything you need to set it up and is super simple to set up. Unlike cheaper alternatives, this one comes with metal poles to hold it up so it won’t break like the plastic ones

Tachikara SV5WSC High Performance VolleyballTachikara SV5WSC High Performance Volleyballcheck price

Is she ready for a career in volleyball? Available in so many colors, the Tachikara Sensi Tec is a great volleyball for high school students. We love all the different color options because you can get one that matches her school’s colors. This official sized ball has a great feel and is not overly soft or hard. It’s great for serving, passing, setting, and bumping.

The Mamba Mentality: How I PlayThe Mamba Mentality: How I Playcheck price

We were all shocked when Kobe Bryant and his daughter were involved in a helicopter crash but Kobe Bryant lives on. In 2018, Kobe Bryant wrote an autobiography about how he elevated his basketball game to a new level. While basketball is a game of physical fitness, it is also a game of mental fitness. When it came to baketball, Kobe Bryant had no fear whether he was up against Michael Jordan or other NBA greats. He called his philosohpy the Mamba Mentality, which is the name of his autobiography.

Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber BasketballSpalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketballcheck price

Designed for outdoor play, this rubber ball from Spalding has an excellent wide channel grip. It holds up nicely on street courts or out on the driveway. Basketball sizes vary by gender. At 17 years old, teen girls use a slightly smaller ball than teen boys. You want a ball that measures 28.6-inches, which is a size 6 ball. You can get this one in a variety a vibrant colors.

Glow City Light Up LED Soccer BallGlow City Light Up LED Soccer Ballcheck price

GlowCity makes a ton of different balls that light up in the dark. Regular soccer balls just got a lot more boring with this glow in the dark soccer ball. With a checkered red and white design, it might look like an ordinary ball but it has built in LED lights inside. The best part? The games are just beginning when the sun goes down.

Capture the Flag REDUXCapture the Flag REDUXcheck price

She probably spends most of her time on her phone, but the game is sure to get her outside when it turns dark. Wouldn’t it be cool to play Capture the Flag at night? Capture the Flag Redux is the classic game of Capture the Flag reinvented with glowing orbs and bracelets! The entire neighborhood is going to want to play. With several variations of Capture the Flag, it’s amazing just watching the glowing objects moving around in the dark.

Rollerblade ZetrabladeRollerblade Zetrabladecheck price

Who wouldn’t love roller skates? If you are looking to learn how to roller-skate, these roller-skates are for you. With great support, the Zetrablade is a great entry level roller-skate for teen girls. The additional support really helps beginners with their stability and learning the proper technique for skating.

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex BallTEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ballcheck price

Have you ever wanted to learn boxing? First you have to work on your eye-hand coordination. This reflex ball attached to a head band can improve your reaction time, accuracy, and technique. It comes with two sized balls and the bigger ball is perfect for beginners since it is easier to hit. The best part? You don’t even need a partner.

Century Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching BagCentury Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bagcheck price

Boxing is a great past time. Not only does it offer great cardio benefits, it’s a great way to take your lingering Spartan rage out on an inanimate object. If you are ready to start hitting things, this freestanding punching bag from Wavemaster puts up a decent amount of resistance. Unlike most punching bags, it won’t occupy much room. It has a base that can be filled with sand or water for more stability.

Jackson Ultima Mystique SeriesJackson Ultima Mystique Seriescheck price

What’s more fun than ice skating at a local rink with friends during Christmas? There is nothing like flying across the ice so freely with only the sound of your blades. It makes you feel all Christmassy inside. These skates not only look pretty cool but are a great way to get started.

FlipBeltFlipBeltcheck price

If you love working but don’t know where to put your stuff, this running band is a must have fitness accessory. It’s perfect for the gym or when you go out jogging. It securely fits around your waist. Instead of holding your phone while you are doing squats, you can slide your phone in there. The best part? It has an expandable pocket so it will even fit a bigger phone.

Chuckit! Ball LauncherChuckit! Ball Launchercheck price

What dog doesn’t love playing fetch? Launch ball faster and further with the Chuckit ball launcher. The extended handle design launches balls 2-3 times farther than launching them on your own. It comes with both the launcher and rubber ball. The best part? The hooked top allows you to pick up the ball without getting slobber all over your hand.

SpikeballSpikeballcheck price

What happens if you mix volleyball with the game of toss? You get Spikeball. In this game, teams of 2 take turns bouncing a ball off a circular net on the ground. The team that misses, loses the point. Bring this game to your next beach party and it is sure to draw quite the crowd.

flybold Slackline Kit with Training Lineflybold Slackline Kit with Training Linecheck price

Slacklines are super fun in the backyard. All you need to get started is two trees that are about 57 feet away. Simply wrap the slackline around both trees to provide anchor points and you have got a tightrope in your backyard. Slacklines are super fun to balance on and when you bounce on them they behave like trampolines.

Mission Cooling TowelMission Cooling Towelcheck price

After we get done exercising, most of us want to step into a freezer. Simply wrap this cooling towel around your neck to cool off more quickly. It is made of a special material that slows down the rate of evaporation when it is wet. The best part? Unlike other cooling towels, this one stays soft when it is dry. It will make you want to work out a little longer.

ProBody Pilates RingProBody Pilates Ringcheck price

We all have areas on our bodies that we wished we could tone up. For a lot of us, it’s our inner thighs. Here’s a secret weapon. A Pilates Ring! It’s a flexible ring that provides resistance. You can’t spot reduce, but a Pilates ring is great for activating those inner thigh muscles.

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day ShredJillian Michaels - 30 Day Shredcheck price

30 day Shred is a fun fitness activity that involves high energy movement. This isn’t your typical exercise class because anybody can perform the simple body moves which involve punches, push ups, and planks. Led by Jillian Michaels, it uses the principles of HIIT. While the routine is fun, you burn a serious amount of calories in just 1 hour. You don’t even have to make it all the way through to get a great full body workout.

Bottle Bash Bottle Bash check price

Bottle Bash is a fun outdoor game where players try to knock the other team’s plastic bottle off a pole using a Frisbee. The catch? Players must always use one hand. While you are trying to knock down the bottle, the defending team must try to catch the Frisbee. Play continues with the teams rotating between offense and defense. The game ends when one team scores 21.

FirstE 48″ Foldable Fitness TrampolineFirstE 48" Foldable Fitness Trampolinecheck price

Who knew that fitness could be so fun? A trampoline is a great way for her to expend all her extra energy. This fitness trampoline from is great for any type of fitness exercise from balancing to cardio. The best part? Trampolines are so much easier on the joints. Girls will love bouncing as high as they can on it.

Zupapa TrampolineZupapa Trampolinecheck price

There is no better way to have a party in your backyard than with a trampoline. I think trampoline parks are so much fun and I think having your own trampoline at home would capture a lot of the fun. What could be more fun that bouncing on a trampoline? This 15ft one from Zupapa has a higher weight limit than a standard home trampoline. With a weight limit of 425 pounds, 2 teens can safety bounce on it.

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