Best Gifts and Toys for 6 Year Old Girls 2018

best toys for 6 year old girls
What are the best toys for 6 year old girls? With over 250 gifts ideas for 6 year old girls, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for 6 year old girls.

Your 6 year old daughter, niece, or granddaughter may have just started the first grade. While every child develops at a different rate, here are the common milestones for 6 year old girls.

By 6, she is now able to sit and concentrate for longer periods of time. She is no longer learning through observation but through language, reasoning, and logic. First graders have a much longer attention span where independence and responsibility are becoming more important.

Friends start to have more of an impact during the younger elementary years. Being accepted by a group is becoming more and more important. She is becoming more sensitive to others, but there is a lot of attention placed on the self. This is the time when you really want to start engaging your child in sports and dance.

What are the best gifts for 6 year old girls? Of course, she will like themed things. You can get socks, gloves, underpants, boots, books, and bedding sets as long as it has her favorite character on it. Some 6 year old girls love all things that are shiny, sparkly, and pink, but not all do. In addition to getting her something fun, you should also choose a gift that will support the skills that she is learning in the first grade.

We’ve broken our list into categories, so it’s easy to find the perfect gift based on her interests. You could get her something crafty, something more personal, and maybe a teaching toy. Whether you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for a 6 year old girl, we’ve rounded up over 250 of our favorite gifts.

Best Educational Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Best Educational Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

First grade is a time when kids do more complex thinking. They build on the skills that they learned in kindergarten. Your six year old child knows thousands of words at this point. They are now able to think logically and have complex problem solving skills. They know the seasons, months, and the year. This is a great opportunity to strengthen what they are learning in school with educational toys and gifts.

First Grade Big Workbook!Ages 5+First Grade Big Workbook!check price

Your first grader can get a head start on the concepts that she will learn in first grade with this 300+ page workbook. It’s also a good way to reinforce the skills that she in learning in school. Presented in a fun and colorful format, she will learn everything from reading skills to basic math skills. Each of the various subjects is colored coded, which allows her to easily build skills in certain subjects.

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants 1st Grade Card SetAges 5-7Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants 1st Grade Card Setcheck price

Melissa & Doug has taken boring flash cards and given them much needed character with this educational flash card set. It is designed specifically for first graders. Each of the flash cards has a couple of quiz questions on them that focus on the subjects that kids are learning in school. The fun format makes them easy to whip out whenever she has a little free time or before bed.

ThinkFun Math Dice Jr.Ages 6-15ThinkFun Math Dice Jr.check price

A dice game that teaches math? That’s the idea behind Thinkfun’s Math Dice Jr. In the game, the object is to roll 5 colored dice to make the target number. Kids do that by adding and subtracting the face values on the dice. The more dice that you use, the better. It’s a great way to reinforce the addition and subtraction skills that she is learning in school.

Learning Resources Sum Swamp GameAges 5+Learning Resources Sum Swamp Gamecheck price

Learning Resources has taken the traditional board game and given it a fun math twist. In the game, players roll 3 dice. Two of the dice are numbered dice but the 3rd die is an operation dice. Depending on the operation die, players either add or subtract the numbers to find out how many spaces they will move on the board.

LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing SystemAges 4-8LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing Systemcheck price

We are a big fan of learning to read in the traditional way, but this reading system from LeapFrog is a great supplement. It comes with a specially designed pen that can sound out words when you place the tip of the pen on them. The biggest problem is that you have to buy specially designed books, which limits you to the catalog of books that are designed for the system.

Learning Resources Play Money Smart PackLearning Resources Play Money Smart Packcheck price

This is the most realistic set of play money that we have come across. We like it because the bills are the actual size instead of scaled down versions. This set includes 100 bills of different dominations from dollar bills to hundred dollar bills. Kids will learn to count money that looks just like real money. It’s a great way to teach kids about money in a fun way.

Learning Resources Play Money Coin SetLearning Resources Play Money Coin Setcheck price

Nope these aren’t real coins. The best way to teach your 6 year old how to count change is with these pretend coins. Designed to be a similar color and shape as actual coins, they help your 6 year old girl visualize how to count. The best part? They won’t leave her hands all icky.

Write And Wipe PocketsWrite And Wipe Pocketscheck price

Now you don’t have to waste paper making photo copies of her homework with these reusable write and wipe pockets. You simply stick the page inside and she can use the dry erase markers to practice doing her homework. The best part? It saves the trees.

Write & Wipe Demonstration ClockWrite & Wipe Demonstration Clockcheck price

Learning to tell time just got easier with this demonstration clock from Learning Resources. Each of the hands move separately and it has a place to write the digital time. Because each hand has a different color, it is easy to identify the short and long hand. The only problem is that the short hand is placed under the long hand, which means that it won’t be visible when the long hand is over it.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School SetAges 3-6Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Setcheck price

Your girl will have a blast playing as a teacher with this great set from Learning Resources. The set comes in a tri-fold board with a map, dry erase board, dual-sided calendar, hand pointer, gradebook, and more! The set includes 149 pieces in all that will excite young children in their creative teaching play sessions.

Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes-100Ages 5+Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes-100check price

We were always looking for Legos that came only with single pieces. That’s sort of what you are getting here with the Mathlink cubes. These single shaped blocks are not only fun to build with, but you can use them to help children visualize addition and subtraction.

Trend Enterprises Math Operations Flash Cards Pack – Set of 4Ages 6-11Trend Enterprises Math Operations Flash Cards Pack - Set of 4check price

This 4 pack of math flash cards makes learning fun for kids. One side of the flash card features a problem. The flip side features the problem and solution. Kids can gradually build up their skills one step at a time and graduate when they are ready. At age 6, kids should be able to learn addition and subtraction. Multiplication and division come later. It’s an excellent set for developing your child’s math skills in stages.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic CalendarAges 3-7Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendarcheck price

Melissa & Doug’s My First Magnetic Calendar is a fun-filled calendar that allows families to track activities, special events and more! The set includes 82 magentic pieces on one board. The main board can be updated with these pieces. It’s a great way to demonstrate how to stay organized and keep track of daily events.

Curious Chef 11-Piece Kids’ Chef KitAges 4+Curious Chef 11-Piece Kids Chef Kitcheck price

Curious Chef makes a line of high quality kitchen utensils that are specifically designed for kids. These are not pretend toys but can actually be used in the kitchen. Your little chef can finally help in the kitchen with this apron and mixing set. What will she bake?

Melissa & Doug Responsibility ChartAges 3-10Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chartcheck price

This Responsibility Chart is fantastic for promoting good behavior from your child. Together parents and their children can establish up to seven goals. Goals can be things like ‘Say Please and Thank You’ or Clean your Room, for example. These goals can then be tracked over the course of the week. Parents can assign rewards for achieving the set goal. Phrases and words like ‘Well Done!’, ‘Excellent!’, and ‘You’re A Winner!’ are some examples of positive reinforcement. It’s a fun way to visually see where your child can improve.

Moonjar Classic MoneyboxAges 4+Moonjar Classic Moneyboxcheck price

It’s never too early to teach your 6 year old about money and how to save. Your little one can learn how to budget with the Moonjar money box. The money box is divided into 3 different segments. Whenever she gets an allowance, she can put a little in spending, saving, and sharing.

Apollo Precision Tools Stubby Tool SetApollo Precision Tools Stubby Tool Setcheck price

Does she love taking things apart? This stubby set of tools are perfect for her little hands. It includes 4 tools: a hammer, wrench, a flat head screwdriver, and star screwdriver. Your future construction worker is going to love having a set of her own tools.

Top STEM and Science Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Top STEM and Science Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Science helps 6 year old girls understand the world around them. Research has shown that it is best to incorporate STEM education in early childhood. This is important because there is a growth in the demand in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Take a look at these top toys for 6 year old girls related to science.

Lego BoostAges 7+Lego Boostcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if she can bring her Lego bricks to life? With sensors, motors, and an app, Lego Boost allows kids to program their creations. The set includes 840 Lego bricks along with 3 Boost bricks. The interactive instructions walk girls through building 5 different models from Vernie the Robot to Frankie the Cat.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science KitAges 4+Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kitcheck price

This Mind Blowing Science kit is one of the best-selling chemistry science kits. Science will be fun with this fantastic kit! It’s a great resource for hands-on learning of important STEM concepts. The kit features 11 amazing activities like an erupting color-changing volcano and more! Blow your child’s mind with these amazing science experiments.

Insect Lore Original Butterfly GardenAges 4-15Insect Lore Original Butterfly Gardencheck price

Watch in amazement as your caterpillars transform into butterflies with the process of metamorphosis. This Original Butterfly Garden is one of the most popular science kits for kids. The set includes a mesh habitat for the butterflies and a voucher for your caterpillars. This is one set that must be experienced to be believed!

Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards OnlyAges 6-10Scientific Explorer Magic Science Kit for Wizards Onlycheck price

Alakazam! Your little wizard will love performing these science experiments or should we say magic spells. Using the included ingredients as well as common household ingredients, girls will mix all types of wizardry potions in the included test tubes. There are 9 different experiments but the coolest one is the glow in the dark potion. Who knew there was so much of magic in science?

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build and Bloom Flower Garden Building KitAges 3-10Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build and Bloom Flower Garden Building Kitcheck price

Learning Resources’ Gears set is blooming with fun for girls. The set introduces girls to early STEM principles. It features colorful and wonderful pieces like flowers, butterflies, gears and so much more! It is an award-winning toy that will inspire building fun!

National Geographic Break Open 10 GeodesAges 6-15National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodescheck price

Little excavators will love this fun rock kit from National Geographic. The geode rocks in this kit were formed millions of years ago during prehistoric volcanic eruptions. Geodes are sort of like M&M’s. On the outside, the rocks are hard. When you crack them open, there is a fun surprise inside. The kit comes with everything she needs to break them open including the safety glasses.

Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. KidnocularsAges 3-11Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Kidnocularscheck price

Your little scientist can explore the world with this fun Kidnoculars from Educational Insights. What’s great is that there is no need to worry about focusing these binoculars. Kids can achieve 2x magnification with this pair of binoculars. It is a durable scientific tool that allows kids to examine plants and animals. A great set for exploring early STEM concepts.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set Ages 3-9Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set check price

Get your kids excited about science and STEM learning with the fabulous set from Learning Resources. The set includes everything she needs to run play experiments. It contains a flask, dual test tubes, single test tube, filter, protective glasses, dropper, and magnifying glass to inspect items. Activity cards are also included as part of the set introducing children to various science topics, such as physical science, senses, science process skills, and more.

Melissa & Doug AbacusAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Abacuscheck price

Now she doesn’t have to grow new pairs of fingers to count with this abacus. Math can be very abstract. With moving beads, this classic abacus from Melissa & Doug is the best way to illustrate early math concepts like counting, addition, and subtraction.

Super Moon In My RoomAges 6+Super Moon In My Roomcheck price

Now she can bring the fun of the moon to her room with this cool night light. You hang it on the wall of her bedroom and she gets to fall asleep under the moonlight. The coolest part? The Supermoon actually syncs up with the phases of the real moon. Now if they could only make a “Sun in my room” that would wake her up in the morning.

Snap Circuits Snap Circuit BeginnerAges 5-9Snap Circuits Snap Circuit Beginnercheck price

Now even young kids can learn how circuits work with Snap Circuits. With over 20 different projects, this kit makes putting together circuits as easy as putting Legos together. All of the resistors, capacitors, and wires are all self-contained in the bricks. Kids simply have to put the pieces together to create a working circuit. With fewer pieces and simpler projects, this smaller kit is perfect for beginners.

National Geographic Mega Gemstone MineAges 6-15National Geographic Mega Gemstone Minecheck price

Girls can unearth real gems with this digging kit from National Geographic. It comes with a large brick with 15 hidden gems inside. Girls have to use the included excavation tool to dig out the gems from the large brick. What hidden surprises will she find inside?

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Sneak & Peek PeriscopeAges 4-8Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Sneak & Peek Periscopecheck price

Do you feel that somebody is spying on you? She will love hiding behind walls, peeking around trees, and spying on you in the dark with this periscope from Educational Insights. It’s got mirrors inside of it that allow it to see around corners. The only problem? She might catch you doing something that you shouldn’t be doing.

Real Insect Excavation Kit Ages 6-15Real Insect Excavation Kit check price

Does she love looking at bugs? Then she will love digging out 3 bug specimens with this excavation kit. There’s a scorpion, spider, and beetle. The coolest part? This kit comes with a giant brick in the shape of a giant green bug. Kids have to use the digging tools to dig out the bugs from the brick. All of the bugs are encased in glass, which helps keep them preserved.

Backyard Safari Magnifying GlassAges 6-15Backyard Safari Magnifying Glasscheck price

For 6 year old girls, what could be cooler than a magnifying glass? With a 4X magnification, this 3-inch magnifying glass from Backyard Safari allows her to easily see the world around her in greater detail. It’s perfectly designed for smaller hands. She will love using this magnifying glass to magnify bugs, leaves, rocks, and insects that will help her develop an interest in science.

Backyard Safari Cargo VestAges 6-12Backyard Safari Cargo Vestcheck price

If she loves exploring the outdoors, she will love this fun cargo vest. The coolest part? It’s got plenty of pockets and straps that allow her to carry all her equipment on outdoor adventures. Pair it with fun discovery tools and it makes the perfect gift for any little adventurer.

National Geographic Kids First Big Book of SpaceAges 4-8National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Spacecheck price

Does she dream of going to outer space? She can travel to outer space with this wonderful book from National Geographic. Through beautiful color photographs, the book will take her to all the different planets as she learns about the stars, black holes, planets, moons, and more

SunPrint Paper KitAges 6+SunPrint Paper Kitcheck price

Who knew that the sun could create art? Children will collect all different types of objects and lay them on the special sun print paper. After placing it in the sun for a few minutes, the paper turns white. When you pour water over the paper, it leaves beautiful silhouettes of the objects on the paper.

Building Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Building Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Is your 6 year old daughter really into Lego? Most 6 year old girls love the Lego Friends line. It comes in a lot of different styles and themes but most of the pieces are pink and purple. If it gets her into Lego that’s great but there are other building sets she will love too.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece SetAges 3+Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Setcheck price

Magna-Tiles is where math, science, and creativity meet. This set includes 100 clear colored pieces, varying from squares and triangular pieces. The pieces magnetically attach like magic. There’s a world of creativity to explore with Magna-Tiles.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick BoxAges 4-7LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Boxcheck price

Featuring nearly 500 LEGO pieces, the LEGO Clasic Medium Creative Brick Box is oodles of fun in a box. This set features 35 unique colors to bring your creations to life! To spark your child’s imagination an idea booklet is included. It’s an amazing set for imaginative building.

LEGO Disney Moana’s Ocean VoyageAges 6-12LEGO Disney Moanas Ocean Voyagecheck price

Did she fall in love with Disney’s Moana? For Moana fans, this 307 piece Lego set makes the perfect gift. Like other Lego sets, it comes with mini dolls including Moana and Maui. She will build three different structures including Moana’s boat, Te Fiti Island, and a canoe. The coolest part? It has a catapult that actually fires.

LEGO CITY Van & CaravanAges 5-12LEGO CITY Van & Caravancheck price

It’s time to go camping with the Lego people with this fun 250 piece Lego set. This set lets her build a cool RV that opens up to put all the Lego minifigures inside. It comes with 3 cute mini figures including a woman, man, and puppy. While she might need a little help getting started, the easy to follow directions are perfect for 6 year old girls.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Puppy DaycareAges 6-12LEGO Friends Heartlake Puppy Daycarecheck price

The Lego Friends line is a big hit with girls. This line is not just Legos covered in pink. It reflects how girls play. Each set comes with a bunch of accessories that allow girls to role play after they are done building their creations. If she loves animals and Legos, she will love building the Puppy Daycare out of 286 pieces.

LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted CastleAges 6-12LEGO Disney Princess Belles Enchanted Castlecheck price

Belle’s Enchanted Castle Building Kit makes a magical and enchanting castle for Belle. The set is inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast animated film. The set includes both Belle and the Beast/Prince. Girls will be inspired to retell the story of Beauty and the Beast or even imagine brand new adventures.

VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking…Ages 5+VIAHART Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking…check price

Brain Flakes is a creative building set featuring plastic discs that connect with one another. The set includes 500 interlocking pieces. It encourages creative and imaginative play and is a great alternative to LEGO building blocks.

LEGO City Town Fun in the parkAges 5-12LEGO City Town Fun in the parkcheck price

If you are going to get a large set of Lego bricks, this set is a great way to get a diverse set of Lego people to go with it. While it is a bit expensive, it comes with 14 minifigures from a baby to a puppy. Our favorite minifigure is the adorable little Lego guy in the wheel chair.

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman DormAges 7-12LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Dormcheck price

Just like boys, girls like building Superhero Lego sets too. Thankfully Lego has come out with the DC Superhero line of Legos that feature cool superheroes that relate to girls. We love this 186 piece Wonder Woman themed set. It allows girls to build a super cool hideout for Wonder Woman.

Marble Genius Marble Run Super SetAges 4+Marble Genius Marble Run Super Setcheck price

This Marble Run Super Set is insanely fun! The 85 piece set is full of a world of color and twists are turns. The eight bases help to ensure its stability. The set is compatible with other Marble Run toys to expand the fun.

LEGO Friends Stephanie’s HouseAges 6-12LEGO Friends Stephanies Housecheck price

Does she love doll houses and Legos? Then she will love putting together this two story Lego house. It comes with all of the rooms you would find in a house including a living room, bedroom, office, and more. The coolest part? Each room is modular, which means that it is easy to move around and customize the house in many ways.

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray (60 pcs) Ages 3-8Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray (60 pcs) check price

Melissa and Doug’s wood building blocks offer classic creative play. The set features 60 exceptional quality smooth wooden blocks. The blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing you to build just about anything you can imagine.

ZOOB BuilderZ 250 Piece KitAges 6-15ZOOB BuilderZ 250 Piece Kitcheck price

Zoobs are a different sort of building toy and a nice alternative to Lego bricks. Compared to Lego blocks, the pieces fit together in a very different way. The pieces sort of snap together to form joints that can move and even rotate. While it comes with instructions to build several models, the best part about this set is that you can build whatever you want. With 250 pieces, you get a massive tub of pieces.

Fort Magic: Fort Building & Construction Toy KitAges 7+Fort Magic: Fort Building & Construction Toy Kitcheck price

Does she love building forts out of pillows and couches? While it is expensive, Fort Magic is the best building toy you can buy for a 6 year old girl. This award winning toy comes with 354 pieces that allows her to build everything from tunnels to spaceships. The only thing it is missing is the fabric to drape over her creations.

Dolls for 6 Year Olds

Dolls for 6 Year Olds

Dolls are pretty popular toys for 6 year old girls. Most 6 year old girls have outgrown baby dolls so they want something a little more grownup like Barbie. In the doll aisle, here are some of our favorite gifts for six year old girls.

HatchimalsAges 5-7Hatchimalscheck price

For some reason every 6 year old girl wants the Hatchimals. When they first came out, they were impossible to find. Before your Hatchimals can hatch, you have to take care of it. Aside from the novelty of it hatching, there isn’t much longevity to this toy but it is cute fun while it lasts.

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid DollAges 3-10Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Dollcheck price

Barbie goes deep under the sea with Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll. She looks so beautiful with a colorful mermaid outfit and rainbow tail. She has stylish pink streaks in her hair for amazing hair play. Watch as her tail glimmers when girls dive mermaid Barbie in water. She wears a beautiful tiara and necklace. She’s a wonderful bath time companion for girls.

Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Gift SetAges 3-10Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Gift Setcheck price

Welcome to a fairy tale wonderland with Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Gift Set. This wonderful gift set includes three beautiful fairytale outfits. There is a princess, fairy, and mermaid outfit which will inspire girls to create imaginary tales involving these outfits. Girls can even mix and match the various pieces to create creative new looks.

Barbie Happy Birthday DollAges 3-10Barbie Happy Birthday Dollcheck price

Say Happy Birthday to your 6 year old with this Barbie doll! Barbie is ready for a birthday celebration. She has a bright beautiful dress and outfit. Fashionable accessories include a pink ribbon, pink necklace, and matching shoes. She even carries a birthday gift that makes for great creative play. Barbie Happy Birthday Doll is a beautiful gift for any Barbie fan!

Barbie Girls Collector Birthday Wishes DollAges 6-10Barbie Girls Collector Birthday Wishes Dollcheck price

Barbie looks stunning in her gorgeous pink gown. She’s ready for a big birthday celebration. Make a wish Barbie is dreaming of a splendid day ahead full of fun activities and laughter with friends. This doll includes a stand for showcasing. This special edition Barbie makes a perfect gift for Barbie fans.

DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time PoppyAges 4+DreamWorks Trolls Hug Time Poppycheck price

What time is it? It’s time for hug time! Now 6 year old girl can bring the star of the Trolls to life with this interactive singing and dancing doll. The cutest part? It comes with a matching bracelet that your 6 year old girl can wear to interact with the doll.

Barbie Fashionistas Ken Doll Ages 3-10Barbie Fashionistas Ken Doll check price

Ken is looking fun and stylish with this Barbie Fashionistas Ken Doll. He is wearing on trend clothing and is ready to have some fun with Barbie. Where will their adventures take them? Wherever they are headed it’s sure to be filled with fun and good times.

Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Elsa Ages 3+Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Elsa check price

Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Elsa wears a fashionable snow queen dress inspired by the animated movie Frozen. Both her outfit and shoes are removable and her arms are posable. Her shoes match her dress and her hair is braided just like in the movie. Girls can take Elsa on magical fantasy-based adventures.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ DragonAges 4+FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragoncheck price

Bring home a world of adventure and fantasy with FurReal Friends Torch. This pet dragon breathes a flame-colored mist, making it seem as if it is breathing fire! How cool! Torch is brought to life with touch sensors and more than 50 sound and motions. You can even have him blow his flame to change the color of the treat. It makes it look like he cooks it with his ‘hot’ flame. This is going to be your kids favorite new pal.

American Girl WellieWishers Willa DollAges 5-7American Girl WellieWishers Willa Dollcheck price

A lot of girls this age are really into American Girl dolls. For younger girls, we like the Wellie Wishers line because they are bit more affordable. Instead of 18 inches, these dolls are 14.5 inches. Like regular American Girl dolls, these dolls come in a lot of different styles each with their own story.

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll Ages 3+Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll check price

The Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll looks beautiful in her movie inspired gown in her signature color. The gown has beautiful ombre and glittery accents that make it really stunning. The dress even features a decorative floral design that is a nice touch. She has long beautiful hair for fantastic hair play. Girls will love taking Disney Princess Belle on magical adventures.

Barbie Fashionistas Doll 26 Spring Into Style – CurvyAges 3-10Barbie Fashionistas Doll 26 Spring Into Style - Curvycheck price

Barbie Fashionistas dolls are the hottest new Barbies from Mattel. The Fashionistas add more variety and appeal to the world of Barbie. Barbies now come in all shapes and sizes and ethnicities, too. This Barbie Fashionista doll features a curvy Barbie with trendy clothing. Girls will find these new Barbies to be more appealing with realistic body shapes which will translate into better stories involving Barbie.

Barbie Glam Getaway HouseAges 3-10Barbie Glam Getaway Housecheck price

The Barbie Glam Getaway house looks fabulous. It’s the perfect getaway for Barbie when she needs a little rest and relaxation. The house features a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Girls can decorate the glam house with a variety of furniture pieces and other accessories. The neat thing is that this glam house has a unique feature keeping the pieces in place. Girls will be inspired to craft wonderful getaway stories for Barbie and her friends.

Collectible Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Collectible Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Collectibles are always popular with 6 year old girls. Anything to do with Shopkins is a popular gift for a 6 year old girl, but there are other collectibles as well. Girls will love collecting these toys.

Shopkins Join The Party Mega Pack Season 7Ages 5-15Shopkins Join The Party Mega Pack Season 7check price

Shopkins have been every 6 year old girl’s list for awhile and they are still popular just as ever. They are basically little characters in the shape of popular shopping items. Kids like to collect them. There are different sets as well. The latest season is season 7 and this Mega pack is a great way to start collecting them.

Hatchimals CollEGGtiblesAges 4-6Hatchimals CollEGGtiblescheck price

When the original Hatchimals came out, everybody wanted them. Now Hatchimals is back with these new collectible versions. They come in little eggs that kids must break open to reveal the cute little collectible figure inside.

Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club, 12 PackAges 3-15Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club, 12 Packcheck price

Create your favorite dishes with this top set from Shopkins Season 6. This collection features a 12 pack of Shopkins from the Chef Club. Collect delicious dishes with cute Shopkins ingredients! This collection includes two hidden Shopkins, 2 recipe books, 2 recipe cards, and a collector’s guide. Girls can even scan their Shopkins with the app! There are over 85 fab Shopkins and 18 fun recipes to discover! Collect all your favorites.

Shopkins Season 5, 12-Pack Ages 5-15Shopkins Season 5, 12-Pack check price

This Shopkins set from Season 5 features 12 adorable musical miniatures, sporty allsorts, and tiny toys plus more! There’s also the fun of Collect and Connect Backpacks and a surprise Charm and 2 bonus Charms! Girls can actually choose to wear the Shopkins Charms on their arms. This series features over 140 Shopkins to collect. Collect all your favorites!

Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club Mega PackAges 3-15Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club Mega Packcheck price

This Mega Pack of Shopkins features an incredible 20 Shopkins plus 4 recipe books from Season 6’s Chef Club. Collect all the ingredients to create a delicious treat! What happens when you mix flour, sugar, and egg? You get a magical cupcake treat! Will you be lucky to get the limited edition ‘Finished Dishes’! This Mega Pack is a fantastic way for fans to build their collection.

Shopkins Shoppies Pam Cake Doll Ages 3-15Shopkins Shoppies Pam Cake Doll check price

Shopkins fans are sure to love the striking beauty of Shoppies Pam Cake. She wears a fun outfit with delicious chocolate drizzling shoes. great addiiton to your girls Shoppies collection. Part of her hair is braided and she has fantastic hair with purple highlighting. Girls will love playing with her hair. This Shopkins doll comes with two exclusive Shopkins.

Shopkins S5 Mega PackAges 3-15Shopkins S5 Mega Packcheck price

This collection includes an amazing 20 Shopkins plus four Collect and Connect Petkins backpacks. These figures are from Season 5. This Mega Pack also includes a Collector’s Guide. Jump-start your collection with this fantastic Mega Pack!

Action Figures

Action Figures

Some 6 year old girls love Spiderman, Batman, and comic book characters despite the fact that they are a girl. It’s doesn’t matter. They can love action figures and still love pink and sparkly things too. Toy makers are starting to realize this and making action figures especially geared to girls.

Disney Moana 10 Piece Figure Play SetAges 3+Disney Moana 10 Piece Figure Play Setcheck price

This Disney Moana Deluxe Figurine Playset features ten figurines from Disney’s Moana. The characters in their decorative costumes are highly detailed and feature movie-accurate details. Girls will create wonderful adventures with Moana and company with this amazing collection.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 12 inch Action DollAges 6-10DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 12 inch Action Dollcheck price

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Action Doll is ready for action! She looks absolutely stunning in her superhero costume. She has her classic red, white, and blue costume with red and white boots and a golden headband with a red star. She also has a lasso and multiple points of articulation for fantastic role playing. Wonder Woman is a great addition to your girl’s collection, but there are so many other characters in the line.

Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Spider-ManAges 4+Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Spider-Mancheck price

A Spiderman action figure! Girls love playing with Super Heroes too. If she loves super heroes, this Titan Class 12 inch scale version of Spiderman is the perfect gift for her collection. At 12 inches, he’s the same size as her Barbie dolls. He can even fight alongside the DC Super Hero Dolls. You can find all of her favorite comic book characters in the line.

POP Star Wars: Rey with LightsaberAges 3+POP Star Wars: Rey with Lightsabercheck price

Funko Pop figures are little 4.5 inch vinyl figures with bobble heads. What happens when you take your favorite Star Wars characters and given them a Funko Pop makeover? You get these adorable bobble head figures. All of her favorite characters from the movie are available, but we love Rey. Not only does she have a cool stance, she is carrying Luke’s Light Saber. In addition to these Star Wars characters, chances are that you can get her favorite character as a cute bobblehead.

Elf on the Shelf:A Christmas Tradition Ages 3-12Elf on the Shelf:A Christmas Tradition check price

For many families the Elf on the Shelf has become a Christmas tradition. For children that believe in Santa Clause, this little Elf has become more than a toy. According to the included story, every night he Elf goes back to Santa to report on your child. In the morning, the Elf will come back in a new place. The magic? You get to move him around when the kids are sleeping.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot XtremeAges 3-8Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot Xtremecheck price

Holy Batman! The Batbot Extreme is the ultimate machine for batman fans. The coolest part? This massive toy stands 28 inches tall. Standing over 2 feet tall, this massive robot is equipped with all the weaponry and gadgets that any little Batman fan would love including massive wings, weapon launchers, and punching fists. The bad guys should just give up.

Pretend Toys For Girls Age 6

Pretend Toys For Girls Age 6

Six year olds are still straddling the line between real and fantasy. They still love giving their toys human characteristics. Here are some great presents for 6 year old girls.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic MaskAges 5+Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Maskcheck price

Girls can become their favorite Wookie with this mask. When she puts it on, it instantly turns her into Chewbacca. The coolest part? When she opens her mouth, it makes all sorts of Chewbacca grunts. Too bad it doesn’t come in an adult size because you will want one too.

Vanguard Superhero Girl Cape and Mask set of 4 different stylesVanguard Superhero Girl Cape and Mask set of 4 different stylescheck price

Girls can become their favorite superheroes with this fantastic superhero cape and mask collection. The set includes four capes and matching costumes for Super Girl, Spider-Girl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl. As a bonus the set also includes four sheets of puffy superhero stickers and a Superhero Printable Handbook. This handbook is loaded with playdate and party game ideas. Girls will be thrilled to go on superhero adventures to save the world from the baddies!

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash RegisterAges 3-8Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Registercheck price

If she loves to play shop and store, she will love the Learning Resources teaching cash register. It works perfectly with real money or the included play money. It’s a great way to teach her how to count money and make change. She is not only going to enjoy the toy aspect, but parents will love that it is educational too.

Spy Gear, Mission Alpha SetAges 6-8Spy Gear, Mission Alpha Setcheck price

Does she dream of being a spy? With this spy kit, she can finally turn herself into a secret agent. It is a 4 piece set. It comes with Night Goggles, a Tactical Mirror, a Spy Recording Pen, and a Motion Alarm. We love the night goggles, which help her see in the dark with blue LED lights. While the components are great for pretend play, it’s still just a toy.

HABA Doorway Puppet TheaterAges 18m+HABA Doorway Puppet Theatercheck price

Let the show begin! She will love putting on her own puppet show with this puppet theater from Haba. The coolest part? With an adjustable rod, it’s just a curtain that hangs from just about any doorway. This makes it easy to set up anywhere around the house. When the show is over, the curtain rolls up for easy storage.

Folkmanis Snowy Owl Hand PuppetAges 3-15Folkmanis Snowy Owl Hand Puppetcheck price

Folkmanis makes beautiful realistic hand puppets. Covered with white snowy fur and black spots, this owl looks so realistic. She will love using it to put on puppet shows. The coolest part? She can bring it to life by making the wings flap and even its head turn.

Green Toys TeaAges 18m-10Green Toys Teacheck price

Play like a princess with your own play tea set. This tea set features soft pastel colors and it is made from eco-friendly materials. The set features cups, pots, and saucers. It is dishwasher safe and doesn’t contain BPA, lead paint or phthalates. Instead of pretending, girls can safely drink out of these play cups since they are FDA-approved. The teapot holds about 12 oz of liquid and the cups hold about 2 oz.

Kidzlane Play Stainless Steel Tea Set Ages 3+Kidzlane Play Stainless Steel Tea Set check price

Now she can have a real tea party with this realistic tea set from Kidzlane. Made of stainless steel, it looks just like mommy and daddy’s expensive tea set. The only difference? It is sized for little hands. She will love using not only for pretend tea parties but for actual tea parties too.

ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Tea SetAges 8-15ALEX Toys Chasing Butterflies Ceramic Tea Setcheck price

Remember when you were a kid and you played with a beautiful ceramic tea set. Now she can play with one too. Made of ceramic, this beautiful ceramic tea set from Alex Toys looks like the one you had as a kid. With 13 ceramic pieces, it comes with everything she needs for a real tea party including 4 teacups, 4 saucers, a tea pot, and a bowl. Tea parties will never be the same.

Vehicle Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Vehicle Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Hot Wheels Gift PackAges 3+Hot Wheels Gift Packcheck price

Hot Wheels cars aren’t just for boys. There is no reason that girls can’t like them too. If she loves anything with 4 wheels, she will love this 20 car gift pack. It comes with loads of cars in all shapes and colors. These cars are a great way to reward her when she does well in school or even cleans her room.

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump TruckAges 3-15Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truckcheck price

Who wouldn’t want a Tonka truck? For many generations, Tonka trucks have been the ultimate Dump Truck. Because they are made primarily of steel, these dump trucks are designed to last forever. Whether she is rolling it through the dirt, banging it on everything, or sitting on it, this truck keeps on trucking.

Green Toys Dump Truck Ages 1-10Green Toys Dump Truck check price

This dump truck from Green Toys is made from 100% recyled plastic milk containers so it is great for the Earth. It features a moveable dumper so girls can engage in active play. The wheels roll so girls can roll into adventure. The soft pink and lavender colors will appeal to girls and make their adventures more fun! This toy has no metal axels and it is free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train SetAges 3+Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Setcheck price

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set is one of our favorite train sets. The set builds a wonderful play world that offers incredible play value and scenery to captivate kids for hours on end. The set is built from about 100 track sections made from wood. Girls will decorate the rail station with over 30 accessories, like trees, traffic signs, speed signs, and train conductors. The set includes two trains and a cargo truck. Girls can build up to four different track configurations, adding to the overall play value.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt BoxAges 4-10Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Boxcheck price

For little girls who love the thrill of Hot Wheel cars, they will love building their own Hot Wheels tracks with this set. This is the first time that Hot Wheels has included bricks with a Hot Wheels building set. Kids can use the pieces of track and the bricks to build a cool stunt track. The coolest part? While the stunt box contains a few pieces, you can even use your own bricks to create something even cooler

Green Toys Rocket with 2 Astronauts Toy Vehicle Playset, Red/BlueAges 2-8Green Toys Rocket with 2 Astronauts Toy Vehicle Playset, Red/Bluecheck price

Boldy adventure into uncharted territory with the Green Toys Rocket vehicle playset. This playset includes a two-color scheme rocket and two astronauts. One is red and the other is blue. Girls will have thrills blasting off into space and exploring our vast solar system and beyond!

Barbie Glam Convertible Doll VehicleAges 3-6Barbie Glam Convertible Doll Vehiclecheck price

The Barbie Glam Convertible Vehicle is ready to take Barbie and her friend on the adventure of their life! Strap in it’s going to be incredible! Barbie and her friend can cruise in style with this sparkly hot pink ride. The wheels actually move so girls can race into adventure. The upholstery labels and seatbelts add a nice touch. This is a fascinating toy that will spark girls’ imaginations!

Outdoor Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Outdoor Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

While 6 year old girls love playing outside, their eye hand coordination is still developing. With these gifts, you can help speed along her motor development.

Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids Ages 4+Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids check price

For a 6 year old girl, what could be cooler than flying her own kite? There is nothing more exciting than seeing a kite fly in the air. At 6, she might even be able to fly this rainbow colored kite all by herself. It’s a beginner single line kite that practically flies on its own. There is nothing cooler than seeing a bright colored rainbow in the sky.

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer Ages 2-8Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer check price

Measuring 12′ x 9′ x 6′ when inflated, the Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer is loads of fun! The bouncer area is protected by mesh sides and the bouncer features a fun slide to entertain kids. Children will have a total blast in their backyards with this outstanding bouncer.

The Original Stomp Rocket: Dueling 4-RocketAges 6+The Original Stomp Rocket: Dueling 4-Rocketcheck price

It’s battle time! Stomp on the Stomp Rocket blaster pad and look at your rocket blast off up to 100 feet into the air. This package includes 2 sets of rocket launchers, which means it’s a battle to see who can make their rocket fly higher. Who will win the duel?

Elite Ring Toss GameAges 3+Elite Ring Toss Gamecheck price

Play the classic game of ring toss with friends and family. The game is easy to play and anyone can play! Points are indicated on the included wooden base. The set includes 10 plastic and 5 rope rings. Get out there and have a blast with Ring Toss!

Hog Wild Unicorn Popper White Sunshine ToyAges 4+Hog Wild Unicorn Popper White Sunshine Toycheck price

Pop this Unicorn Popper to launch soft foam balls. The foam balls shoot as far away as 20 feet! It’s great fun both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re 6 years old or 94, this is SUPER FUN! There is simply no shortage of fun here.

Green Toys Watering Can ToyAges 18m-10Green Toys Watering Can Toycheck price

This watering can is perfect for garden play. It includes a watering can, spade, and mini rake. The toy is earth-friendly because it is made from 100% recycled products. It is safe for kids with no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. The watering can is dishwasher safe and little gardeners will have fun playing with this set.

Kidoozie Foam Pogo JumperAges 3-10Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumpercheck price

The Pogo Jumper is a foam pogo stick that allows kids to literally reach new heights! It squeaks with every hop. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and supports riders up to 250 pounds. It’s a great way to have thrills and get in some physical activity for kids.

Green Toys Jump RopeAges 5-9Green Toys Jump Ropecheck price

Sometimes the simplest toys are the most fun. A jump rope is more than a toy. For 6 year old girls, it’s not only great exercise but helps her build coordination. There are so many different games that she can play with a jump rope. We like this one from Green Toys because it can be adjusted for her height. It is available in several fun colors.

Super Spinner SwingAges 3+Super Spinner Swingcheck price

Ordinary swings just got a little more boring thanks to the super spinner. It’s a modern day version of the old tire swing. She will love spending hours each day getting dizzy on it. This kit comes with everything you need to hang it from a strong tree limb. The coolest part? Supporting up to 200 pounds, it has a unique design that allows multiple kids to ride on it at the same time.

Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming SetAges 6-15Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Setcheck price

She will love tagging everybody with this high tech version of laser tag that brings the fun of laser tag home. When you hit your opponent, the vest can count the hits from up to 200 feet away. When you are hit 10 times, you are out. The best part is that with this set it is easy to add multiple units so that more players can play.

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable BouncerAges 3-12Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncercheck price

For a magical experience, the Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer is an excellent choice. The design makes it extra fun for kids with a colorful castle design. Mesh netting protects kids while inside the bouncer and there is even a slide. Up to three children can play at once. The bouncer measures 8.5′ W x 11′ L x 8′ H.

Walkaroo Steel StiltsAges 4+Walkaroo Steel Stiltscheck price

Learning to walk was fun but learning to stilt walk is even more fun. For younger kids, the easiest stilts to learn to walk on are these ones from Geospace, which are adjustable between 10 to 15 inches off the ground. Your 6 year old girls will love walking on these pair of stilts like she is in the circus.

G & F JustForKids Kids Garden Tools SetAges 7+G & F JustForKids Kids Garden Tools Setcheck price

Does she love helping out in the yard? Who said that gardening is just for adults? With these kid sized gardening tools, she doesn’t have to borrow your tools when she wants to do a little gardening on her own. This 4 piece set comes with a rake, spade, hoe, and leaf rake. These are not toys, so you want to make sure that your child understands that.

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play CenterAges 3-10Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Centercheck price

Climb it, swing from it, and play with friends on this Geometric Dome Climber from Lifetime. This climber is solidly constructed and perfect for backyards. It is made from high-density polyethylene and supports a total weight of 600 pounds. The dome climber measures 10-feet wide by 5-feet high. It’s a total blast of outdoor fun for kids!

Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow SetAges 4-7Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Setcheck price

Now even young girls can shoot their own bow with this bow designed for kids between 4 and 7. The bow comes preassembled so there is really nothing to assemble. Because it is made for children, it has a draw weight from 8 pounds to 12 pounds. With that weight, even a 6 year old girl will be able to pull it back and fire it.

Eagle Series ZiplineAges 7+Eagle Series Ziplinecheck price

What could be better than having your own zipline in your backyard? This one from Slackers is rated for up to 250 pounds. To install it, you need to slope it between 2 trees. The only problem? The entire neighborhood is going to want to come over and ride.

Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline Complete KitAges 5+Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline Complete Kitcheck price

While hanging a slackline between two trees doesn’t sound fun, it is once you try it. When you try to walk across it, it’s similar to tightrope walking. Supporting up to 300 pounds, this kit from Slackline comes with everything you need to hang it up between 2 trees. While it sounds easy, it actually takes a great deal of balance, which is part of the fun.

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying DiscAges 8+Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disccheck price

Frisbees are cool but a Frisbee that lights up in the dark is even cooler. Available in several different colors, the Frisbee has LED lights and fiber optics that illuminate the disc from the center to the rim. In the dark, it looks like a flying UFO. The best part? It flies just like any other Frisbee.

Sports Toys for 6 Old Girls

Sports Toys for 6 Old Girls

Tachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite VolleyballTachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite Volleyballcheck price

Volleyball is fun, but nobody likes the sting you get when you hit the ball. Lighter and much softer than a normal volleyball, this specially designed volleyball is designed with young kids in mind. It’s the perfect volleyball for any 6 year old girl just starting to play volleyball. The best part? It won’t hurt her hands.

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton SetBaden Champions Volleyball Badminton Setcheck price

Who said you need to go to the court to play volleyball or badminton? Now you can play in the backyard or the park with this portable net from Baden. Along with the mesh regulation net, the poles come with guide lines that mark the boundaries of the court. The set also includes 4 badminton rackets, 4 shuttle cocks, and even a volley ball. It even comes with a travel bag to store everything in.

GoodmintonGoodmintoncheck price

Goodminton brings the fun of badminton to small kids. Along with 2 rackets, it comes with 4 specially designed birdies that are easier to hit for kids. The long feathers on the birdie slow the birdies down so kids can focus on their eye hand coordination. You don’t even need a net to play.

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis RacquetWilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquetcheck price

Racquet sports are really great for developing eye hand coordination. At 21 inches, this Junior racket from Wilson is the perfect starter racquet for most 6 year old girls. It’s lightweight, has a big head, and the perfect grip for smaller hands. Who knows she might become the next Serena Williams!

Spalding NBA Street BasketballSpalding NBA Street Basketballcheck price

If she wants to play for the basketball team, she is going to love having her own basketball that she can practice with. If she loves anything pink and purple, she will love this basketball from Spalding. For parents annoyed by the color scheme, it’s available in regular colors too. If the colors inspire her to play, we are all for it.

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball SystemLifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Systemcheck price

Going to play at the basketball court is fun but having your own basketball hoop in your driveway is even more fun. With a 44 inch backboard, this portable basketball hoop is designed for regular sized basketballs. She will love playing basketball in the driveway or backyard with her friends. The adjustable height makes it even great for 6 year olds. You simply fill the base with water to make it sturdy.

Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer BallAges 3+Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ballcheck price

Get up and get active with the Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ball. This ball is excellent for young girls as it is specifically designed for younger kids. In fact, the ball is about 1/4 lighter than typical youth sized balls. This means kids will be able to kick the ball more easily, helping to build their confidence. Also, the more time they play soccer the better. Soccer will give them a good cardio workout while they also have a good time!

Franklin Sports Competition GoalFranklin Sports Competition Goalcheck price

If she wants to be on the soccer team or just wants to have a little fun outside, she will love this soccer goal from Franklin Sports. Made of steel tubing, it’s available in different sizes, but the smaller size is perfect for 6 year old girls. If you want something that she can grow into, the full sized goal is a better option.

Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal SetAges 4+Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Setcheck price

What’s cooler than playing ice hockey? What about playing street hockey? This hockey set comes with a collapsible goal, a no bounce ball, and hockey sticks. It turns the entire street or backyard into an ice hockey stadium. The lightweight goal is easy the move around and setup anywhere.

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics MatTumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Matcheck price

For the little gymnast, cheerleader, or dancer in your life, there is nothing better than a practice mat where she can practice walkovers, handstands, and bankrolls. This one from Tumbl Trak is the closest thing to a professional gym mat. It’s available in 2 thicknesses and a variety of fun colors.

Wilson Team T-Ball Youth Baseball GloveWilson Team T-Ball Youth Baseball Glovecheck price

Made out of Eva foam, this baseball glove is perfectly sized for 6 year old girls who want to play catch or T-ball. Available in different teams, you can find one that represents her favorite or your favorite team. That way she will become a lifelong fan at an early age.

Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame PitchingLouisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitchingcheck price

If she’s in little league and has already started “machine pitch”, she will love this pitching machine. It throws perfect strikes every time so she can work on her eye hand coordination. All you have to do is load the balls in it and pull the handle. The controls make it easy to fine tune the machine. The best part? It can be used to throw any ball from softballs to volleyballs.

Rawlings Storm Alloy T-Ball Bat Rawlings Storm Alloy T-Ball Bat check price

T-ball is a great way to introduce her to the game of softball. For most 6 year olds, you want to choose a bat length of about 24 to 26 inches. If she dreams of being in softball, this bat is the perfect gift for beginning t-ball players.

Tanner TeeTanner Teecheck price

For any little leaguer, a tee is a great way to practice hitting balls. There is a reason that the tanner tee is one of the most popular tees. It features a flexible rubber top, which means it will not crack like other tees. We love that the tee is completely adjustable from 26 inches to 43 inches so you can find the perfect height for your 6 year old.

Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howler ToyAges 6+Nerf Sports Vortex Aero Howler Toycheck price

This is no ordinary football. Not only does it whistle when you throw it, but it is designed so even little ones can throw it without having the arm of a quarterback. With groovy colors, it has a cool football on the front with an airplane-like tail. No wonder they call it the vortex.

Cheerwing PU Kids Boxing GlovesCheerwing PU Kids Boxing Glovescheck price

Boxing is a great way for her to burn off extra energy and have fun at the same time. She will love wearing these high quality leather gloves while bopping a punching bag for kids.

Century Kid Kick WavemasterCentury Kid Kick Wavemastercheck price

While it is expensive, our favorite punching bag for kids is the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster. It is designed to introduce your child to boxing or martial arts training at a young age. It’s a free standing punching bag with a base that you can fill with either sand or water to keep it from toppling over. The punching bag’s height can adjusted through 4 different heights, making it perfect for 6 year old girls.

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 12 Foot TrampolineSkywalker Jump N Dunk 12 Foot Trampolinecheck price

Jumping is actually great exercise for kids. A trampoline is probably one of the best things you can put in your backyard. She will love bouncing and bouncing on this huge 12 foot trampoline! It’s non-stop fun and gets your kids up and active! Parents surely won’t mind that and it has safety features so they can be at ease. This trampoline supports a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

Ride On Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

Ride On Toys for 6 Year Old Girls

There is nothing more thrilling for a 6 year old girl than getting her first bike. It’s the coolest birthday present ever for a 6 year old girl.

Spooner Boards FreestyleSpooner Boards Freestylecheck price

Your future skateboarder will love the Spooner board. Unlike a skateboard, the Spooner board has no wheels. It’s a great way for her to learn how to balance. It’s designed to work on all sorts of surfaces from carpet to hardwood floors and can even be used outdoors.

Bell 3D Tiara Princess Bike HelmetBell 3D Tiara Princess Bike Helmetcheck price

She can’t be a princess without this adorable helmet. It’s designed to fit kids with head sizes from 50-54cm, which is perfect for most 6 year old girls. The best part? Every time she rides her bike, she will never forget to put on her “crown.”

Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX BikeTitan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bikecheck price

What girl wouldn’t want her first bike on her sixth birthday? If she’s a girly girl and loves every pink, sparkly, and princessy, she will love this 16 inch princess themed bike. It features fun colors, a basket, and removable and adjustable training wheels. This is the perfect gift for any 6 year old princess!

Huffy Star Wars Episode VII 16″ BikeHuffy Star Wars Episode VII 16" Bikecheck price

The Star Wars fan in your life will love traveling to a far away galaxy with this Star Wars themed bike. With a coaster brake, adjustable training wheels, and 16 inch wheels, it is really designed to be your child’s first bike. The coolest feature? The handlebars light up like light sabers.

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-barAges 5-12Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-barcheck price

Designed for 6 year olds, the Micro Maxi Kick Scooter is the best scooter for this age group. It features a spoon brake on the back and a wide base. With a stable 3 wheel design, it has a sturdier sense of balance than a normal 2 wheeled scooter. The innovative lean to steer system allows kids to turn intuitively by simply leaning in the direction they want to go.

PlasmaCar Ride On ToyAges 3-8PlasmaCar Ride On Toycheck price

The PlasmaCar is powered by kid-power and natural forces like gravity and inertia. This ride-on is easy to ride. You simply ride it on a flat surface and steer the vehicle. It really is that simple! Kids will get good exercise by riding this ride-on vehicle. It’s smart, simple, and fun!

EzyRoller Classic Ride OnAges 4-14EzyRoller Classic Ride Oncheck price

Who wouldn’t want their own go kart? With an extendable design, this unique go kart from EZ Roller is designed to grow with your 6 year old. The best part? It requires no batteries and is entirely kid powered. To pedal it, kids simply alternate their left and right legs to snake forward.

Big Dig Ride-on working CraneAges 4-8Big Dig Ride-on working Cranecheck price

What 6 year old girl wouldn’t want her own working crane? The Big Dig is a ride on like no other. Using the two handed controls, she can control the metal arm to shovel, scoop, and dig up sand. It’s like a mini tractor! You will wonder why this didn’t exist when you were a kid so you could bury all the toys you hated.

Razor FlashRider 360Ages 6+Razor FlashRider 360check price

Everybody had a tricycle when they were little but leave it to Razor to take the tricycle to the next level. On the front, it has a pretty standard wheel but it’s the free floating caster wheels on the back that allow you to spin around like a top. This one comes with a replaceable spark cartridge that creates sparks when you pull the spark lever. Talk about a cool ride!

Razor A3 Kick ScooterAges 5+Razor A3 Kick Scootercheck price

The Razor A3 Kick Scooter delivers a solid performance and stylish designed scooter in one great package. The scooter is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and it offers a smooth riding experience with a shock absorbing system. It has a unique patented rear brake for quick stops. The scooter supports riders up to 143 pounds and it is available in a variety of colors.

Roller Derby Girls Firestar Roller SkatesRoller Derby Girls Firestar Roller Skatescheck price

Girls will enjoy outdoor fun with these Roller Derby Firestar Roller Skates. The rollerskates come in a variety of sizes for girls. Sizes include 1-4 and 12-13. The rollerskates look pretty in pink and look sporty and stylish. They are good quality and provide an amazing experience!

AppleRound Space Hopper BallAges 7-9AppleRound Space Hopper Ballcheck price

What happens when you combine a pogo stick with a ride on that you can sit on? You get this weird looking spaceship thingy that you sit on and bounce around like a Kangaroo. Not only it fun to bounce on, but it really works out the upper and lower legs. It features a handle that keeps kids from tipping over. With a 20 inch diameter, it comes with a hand pump that you can use to inflate it.

Arts & Crafts for 6 Year Old Girls

Arts & Crafts for 6 Year Old Girls

Most girls love crafty things. A craft kit is always a good gift idea for 6 year old girls. It’s always fun to make something yourself. You can find all sorts of DIY lip balm, soap, and art kits that she will love. Another big thing is her first sewing kit.

Perler Beads Pet Parade Value Gift BoxAges 5-7Perler Beads Pet Parade Value Gift Boxcheck price

Perler beads are the hottest craft activity now. With Perler beds you build your creation on a plastic board and use an iron to fuse the beads together. If you have never used Perler beads before, we recommend that you get a kit because it includes everything you need to get started including the beads, peg boards, and ironing paper.

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye KitTulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kitcheck price

Are you ready for some colorful fun outdoors? With 18 colors, this Tie Dye kit from Tulip is a lot of fun. There is nothing like taking a bunch of boring colored clothes and dipping them in a bucket of color. This kit comes with step by step directions. With a little assistance from a parent, your 6 year old girl will have a lot of fun picking out the colors and patterns. The actual dyeing is better left to you.

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection 152 ColorsAges 3-15Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection 152 Colorscheck price

Young artists will love the incredible variety of colors in the Ultimate Crayon Collection. With 152 different colors, there’s so much creative potential. The set includes a nifty caddy with lid and a crayon sharpener.

Creativity for Kids Fashion HeadbandsAges 5+Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbandscheck price

She will love making her own headband all by herself with this craft kit from Creativity for Kids. With this kit, she will love picking out a headband and gluing all the colorful accessories to it. With 10 different headbands, it’s even more fun to do with friends or siblings. It’s the perfect birthday activity.

Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line MarkersAges 4-15Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markerscheck price

The Big 40 from Crayola includes a world of colorful markers. These are broad markers that deliver clean lines. The colors are bold and vibrant and will surely make your projects pop with life! The Big 40 includes 40 color markers. Unleash your creativity and create that wow-factor in your child’s projects.

Crayola Inspiration Art CaseAges 4+Crayola Inspiration Art Casecheck price

Every 6 year old artist needs an art case filled with a ton of art supplies inside. She will love this beautiful art case from Crayola. With a convenient handle on it, it’s shaped like a briefcase. Inside it’s got plenty of tools for her to select from including crayons, marker, colored pencils, and more. It’s a perfect gift for any little artist.

Play Doh 36-Can Mega PackAges 2+Play Doh 36-Can Mega Packcheck price

Play Doh modelling compound is one of the top classic toys of all-time! Discover all of the amazing creations you can make with this fun compound. This exclusive set includes 36 cans in different colors to inspire creativity. Anything that you can imagine, you can create!

Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party PackAges 3+Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Packcheck price

Most girls watch mommy put on makeup all the time. If you are okay with allowing your child put on makeup, she will love this kid friendly face painting set from Snazaroo. These water based paints are designed to be kid friendly with non toxic ingredients. For a 6 year old girl, there is nothing more exciting than face painting with your friends on your birthday.

The Orb Factory Stick’n Style Crystal ClutchAges 5+The Orb Factory Stickn Style Crystal Clutchcheck price

What girl wouldn’t want to decorate her own sparkly purse? This kit comes with more than 550 stick on jewels. To decorate the purse, it’s sort of like paint by numbers but with sticker jewels. The best part? She will love taking “her purse” everywhere.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art SetAges 4-10Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Setcheck price

This art set for girls includes a scratch pad and sketch book in one. The scratch pad allows young artists to create wonderful designs on special black paper that scrapes away with the included wooden stylus. What is revealed underneath is a colorful image.

Fashion Plates Deluxe KitAges 6+Fashion Plates Deluxe Kitcheck price

Little fashionistas will love Fashion Plates. With Fashion Plates, girls can easily design different fashions by mixing and matching the various plates. Girls simply choose the plates they want and place it in the drawing tablet. They place a paper on top and rub over the paper with a crayon or colored pencil, which reveals a cool fashion outline.

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk SetAges 4+Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk Setcheck price

Crayola’s Sidewalk Chalk package contains seventy-two bright and bold colors. It’s perfect for outdoor play on the sidewalk or driveway. And the chalk washes away with water. The chalk allows for creating fine lines or broad strokes. The colors will standout and make art projects incredibly fun.

Orb Factory PlushCraft Puppy Love Pillow KitAges 5+Orb Factory PlushCraft Puppy Love Pillow Kitcheck price

This is such a cool toy. It’s 3D Styrofoam shaped animal. There are a variety of different animals to choose from. It comes with precut strips of fabric. Girls use the little puncher to put the pieces in the holes of the toy. When you are done it ends up making this adorable little animal guy.

Craftster’s Sewing KitAges 7+Craftsters Sewing Kitcheck price

The Crafter’s Sewing Kit is the perfect first sewing kit for any six year old girl. We like this one because it comes packaged with everything she needs including childproof needles. It comes with precut pieces of fabric so all she needs to do is working on threading the needle through the holes. She is definitely going to need help but it is the perfect gift for any crafty girl.

Mr. Sketch Scented MarkersMr. Sketch Scented Markerscheck price

Yum! Markers aren’t supposed to smell this good. Not only do these markers smell great, they seem to last forever. As she is coloring, the beautiful scents are released, making coloring a lot more fun. She might not want to stop drawing.

Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Art KitAges 5-8Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Art Kitcheck price

Who knew that making gorgeous stained glass could be so easy? With this kit, kids don’t actually paint the glass. They simply use stickers to place in the right position. With everything numbered, it’s very similar to paint by numbers. The coolest part? The finished product looks gorgeous enough to be hanged for everyone to see.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Bead Set Ages 4-8Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Bead Set check price

What 6 year old girl wouldn’t want to make her own necklace out of beads that she strings herself? This kit comes with 8 cords and over 200 beautiful beads that she can choose from. She will love making necklaces for her sister, mom, grandma, friends, and herself.

ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card CrafterAges 6-15ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card Craftercheck price

Hallmark cards are fun, but making your own card is even cool. This large 250 piece craft kit from Alex Toys comes with everything she needs to make 12 cards. It’s filled with stickers, lace, stamps, jewels, and so much more. She will love making cards for everybody from birthday cards to thank you cards.

Lulu Jr. Illustory Craft KitAges 6-12Lulu Jr. Illustory Craft Kitcheck price

Does she like to tell stories? Your little author can get her first book published with this amazing craft kit from Lulu Jr. Using the included supplies, she can draw and create her own story. After she is done, you mail it to the company. Viola! Her book will be professionally printed with a beautiful hardcover.

Spirograph Junior Ages 3+Spirograph Junior check price

The Spirograph Junior set includes a on-the-go desk with built-in storage trays. It includes large gears made just for little hands. The set allows kids to create fantastic designs with the included tools. The real magic involves transforming your designs into pictures. The manual provides some tips on how to do this. Let your creativity shine through!

Crayola Light-up Tracing PadAges 5-15Crayola Light-up Tracing Padcheck price

This light up tracing pad from Crayola will make tracing a breeze. The set includes the tracing pad, 1 graphite pencil, 12 color pencils, 10 blank sheets and 10 tracing sheets. Kids will build artistic confidence by first learning to trace and will develop the skills necessary to draw free-hand. What types of amazing scenes will your child create?

Shrinky Dinks Fantasy Forest Jewelry KitAges 5+Shrinky Dinks Fantasy Forest Jewelry Kitcheck price

Shrinky Dinks are perfect for girls who love designing their own jewelry. The set includes 68 pieces that you can use to create your design. After creating it, girls can wear their new design. The process involves coloring, baking, and shrinking. There is no tracing or cutting requires as the shaped are pre-printed. It’s so much fun!

Musical Gifts for Girls Age 6

Musical Gifts for Girls Age 6

At 6, children can sing or play simple melodies. You can spark your child’s interest in music with these gifts.

Casio SA76 44 Keyboard Casio SA76 44 Keyboard check price

This extremely portable piano from Casio is the perfect first piano for any budding musician. With 44 keys, it’s not a full sized keyboard, but she can learn the basics of playing at this age. If she going to be taking music classes, she is going to need a more expensive full size 88 key piano. While it has built in speakers, parents will love that it also has a built in headphone jack.

Schylling Kids AccordionSchylling Kids Accordioncheck price

Now even 6 year old girls can have their own instrument with this cool accordion designed for kids. Even if she doesn’t know how to play it, she will love making up her own songs as she pulls and pushes it. Because it is perfectly tuned, it is hard to play something that sounds awful.

Singing Machine Tabeoke Bluetooth Karaoke SystemSinging Machine Tabeoke Bluetooth Karaoke Systemcheck price

Does your 6 year old girl love singing? Let her talent soar with this karaoke machine. While this one doesn’t have a built in CD player, it streams music over Bluetooth from smart devices. If you want to use CD-Rs, you have to hook up an external CD player using an aux cable. It includes a microphone with a 4 foot cord.

Gammon Drum Set Black CompleteAges 3-8Gammon Drum Set Black Completecheck price

How cool would it be if she received her very own drum set? This junior sized drum kit looks and sounds just like real drum kit except it is smaller. All of the pieces are made of real wood. She is going to love pounding on them. The only problem? You are going to need earplugs.

Board Games for 6 Year Old Girls

Board Games for 6 Year Old Girls

Having structure and rules are very important for 6 year olds. As girls enter the age of 6, they start to have longer attention spans and can focus more on board games. Now she can play board games and follow the rules. She might get angry when she loses, but she will follow the rules most of the time.

Hasbro Connect 4 GameAges 6+Hasbro Connect 4 Gamecheck price

The Original Game of Connect 4 is a classic game that has been enjoyed for decades! Discover the wonderful gameplay of Connect 4. It’s disc dropping fun! Kids will need to get four discs in a row to win the game. You can score a win horizonally, vertically, or diagonally. It’s insanely fun and it will keep kids coming back for more!

Hasbro Pie Face GameAges 5+Hasbro Pie Face Gamecheck price

Pie Face is not your typical board game. This game has a ticking pie-throwing arm that can swing into action at any moment! It’s a game full of fun and laughter and it’s downright hilarious! Great fun for the whole family. Add some whipped cream to the mix for over-the-top fun!

Yeti in My Spaghetti GameAges 4-15Yeti in My Spaghetti Gamecheck price

Yeti Spaghetti is an award winning board game that sounds absolutely silly on paper but is actually a lot of fun to play. The game is super simple to understand and play. The game is sort of like Jenga with plastic Spaghetti pieces. To set it up, you place the plastic strands of spaghetti over the bowl and the little Yeti character on top of everything. Players take turns removing a piece of spaghetti but have to do so in a way that doesn’t drop the Yeti into the bowl.

Candy Land Game: Disney Princess EditionAges 3+Candy Land Game: Disney Princess Editioncheck price

In Candy Land Disney Princess edition girls will need to be the first princess to dance at the ball. It’s dancing fun with the Disney Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle. The game features 4 Disney Princess play tokens. The game features multiple play levels for younger and older players. The game is simple to play and requires 2-4 players.

Monopoly Junior Board GameAges 5+Monopoly Junior Board Gamecheck price

The fast-dealing property card trading game is available in junior edition for kids. Kids will be able to buy cool properties like a pet store, candy shop, and video arcade! The rules are easy for kids with dollar bill transactions. The game features four kid-friendly tokens – a cat, dog, car, and ship. Game times last a lot shorter than the original Monopoly. It’s a perfect game for family game night!

Qwirkle Board GameAges 6+Qwirkle Board Gamecheck price

Qwirkle is an award winning tile based game where the object is to line up tiles next to each other that match either in shape or color. The more shape or color matches you can get in a row, the more points you score. If you can get six matches in a row, it’s called a Qwirkle.

ZingoAges 4-10Zingocheck price

Created by Thinkfun, Zingo is basically Bingo for kids. Instead of letters and numbers that make up a card, each card has words and matching pictures. This means it is a great game for early readers. Like Bingo, the player who fills up their card first with tiles calls “Zingo.”

Rat-A-Tat-CatAges 6+Rat-A-Tat-Catcheck price

No Rat-A-Tat-Cat has very little to do with rats and cats. In this award winning game, each player has four cards. The object at the end of the game is to add up all the cards in your hand to make the lowest total. The twist? You can’t directly look at your cards. Instead, you have to use memory and strategy to create the smallest hand by discarding and taking cards.

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure!Ages 5-8Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure!check price

In this award winning cooperative game for kids, everybody has to frantically race the Ogre to the treasure. In the beginning of the game, you randomize where you put the keys on the grid. Then kids have to build a path to collect all the keys and open the door before the Ogre gets there. It’s a great game because kids need to learn how to cooperate with each other instead of competing with each other like most other games.

Wonder Forge Richard Scarry’s BusytownAges 3-8Wonder Forge Richard Scarrys Busytowncheck price

In Busytown kids will be challenged with locating hidden items on a game board that is over six feet long! It’s a game about paying attention to detail, and solving mysteries as a team! Find the match and call out “I found it!” There are literally hundreds of mysteries for kids to solve!

Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot!Ages 4-8Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot!check price

Hoot Owl Hoot! is an award winning cooperative game for kids that has everybody working together as a family to get the owls to their nest. Like Candyland, it’s a color matching game. Players have to move the owls across the colored tiles to their nest before the sun rises. When players pick up a card, they move the owl to the nearest color on the board.

Scrabble Junior GameAges 5+Scrabble Junior Gamecheck price

Scrabble is a classic word game and this Junior edition is created so kids can join in all of the fun! The game features two levels – a beginning level and advanced level. The words are created in the beginning stage. You just need to apply the tiles to the board. In the advanced level, kids have to create their own words. Kids will love playing this game with family and building their spelling and vocabulary skills.

Classic Chutes and Ladders Board GameAges 4-15Classic Chutes and Ladders Board Gamecheck price

Featuring fantastic classic artwork, Chutes and Ladders is a fun game for kids. They’ll be going up and down ladders to try and be the first to reach square 100. The first player to reach square 100 is the winner of this simple game. The game allows players to take turns and develop counting skills. It’s a fun game that everyone should have in the board game collection.

Twister Ultimate GameAges 6-15Twister Ultimate Gamecheck price

Twister is a classic family game that ties you up in knots! It’s a game that is fun for the entire family! The challenge is to position your hands and legs on the appropriate color that has been spun on the spinner. If you fall down while attempting to position your arms or legs you lose the game. The last person left in the game is declared the winner.

Tabletopics FamilyAges 6+Tabletopics Familycheck price

We think this is pretty neat. For families that eat dinner together, Tabletopics is essential. Tabletopics is a box of questions that allow families to have a discussion around the dinner table. It’s a great way for families to get closer together and a wonderful way to open up a dialogue.

Bugs in the KitchenAges 6-15Bugs in the Kitchencheck price

What would you do if there were bugs in the kitchen? Play with them! The board game is set up like a maze made out forks, knives, spoons. Inside the maze, there is a little robotic Hexbug that moves around. The idea of the game is to get the roaming bug into your bin by manipulating the utensils on the board. On your turn, you role the die and it will tell you which utensil you can move to direct the bug to your bin. Get that bug out of the kitchen before it goes in the food!

Outfoxed! Game Board GameAges 5-15Outfoxed! Game Board Gamecheck price

In this cooperative game, players are turned into detectives who must find out which fox stole the pie. Kids move around the board looking for clues that can eliminate suspects until they can figure out who done it. The catch? They must do so before the fox escapes.

Reverse CharadesAges 6+Reverse Charadescheck price

Reverse Charades from USAopoly puts a surprising twist on the game of Charades. The game is easy to learn and incredibly fun to play. The game can be played across generations so it’s fun for the whole family. With active, imaginative play, you’re sure to create memorable memories. Perfect for parties or family game night!

Toilet Trouble GameAges 5+Toilet Trouble Gamecheck price

Toilet Troubly is a wacky game that is full of pure thrills! In this game, kids will be required to flush the toilet a certain number of times. Will your flush cause it to erupt in your face? The toilet features cool flushing sounds. It’s wonderful and exciting entertainment for all ages!

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party GameAges 3-15Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Gamecheck price

The Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is a fantastic, fun-filled game for girls! It’s all about creative expression. Girls will create countless party cupcakes with a variety of designs! How they are designed is up to your girl’s creativity. She will need to create as many as she can before the big celebration!

Spot it! Disney Frozen – AlphabetAges 3-15Spot it! Disney Frozen - Alphabetcheck price

This Frozen-themed Spot The Match game is a fun game for young girls. It is an award-winning game where kids have to spot the match on two cards. The cards feature characters from the Disney Frozen movie. The offers five different ways to play the game so it is entertaining for hours. The game is for anywhere from 2 to 8 players.

Puzzles for 6 Year Old Girls

Puzzles for 6 Year Old Girls

A complex jigsaw puzzle is a great gift idea for her to work with her friends on completing a rewarding task.

Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle (51 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)Ages 6+Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle (51 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)check price

How cool is this puzzle? Made out of 51 pieces, each puzzle piece is shaped like a state. When she puts it together, it forms a map of the United States. The best part? As she is putting it together, she is learning where the states are and even the capital of each state.

Perplexus OriginalAges 6+Perplexus Originalcheck price

The Original Perplexus is an excellent and challenging puzzle game. The game has you in a spehrical ball containing 22 feet of track and 100 challenging obstacles. Girls will have to flip, twist, and spin their way to victory!

ThinkFun Rush HourAges 8+ThinkFun Rush Hourcheck price

There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic. Leave it to Thinkfun to take that idea and make a fun logic game out of it. In the game, there are difference challenges where you have to manipulate cars to get the red car out of the traffic jam. While the beginning cards are easy, the challenges get progressively harder.

Melissa & Doug Medieval Castle 3-D PuzzleAges 6-10Melissa & Doug Medieval Castle 3-D Puzzlecheck price

Leave it to Melissa & Doug to create something unique and different in the puzzle space. If your 6 year old girl has mastered standard jigsaw puzzles, this 3d puzzle will challenge her spatial skills. There are several different themes to choose from but this one will have her building a 3d castle out of 100 cardboard pieces.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals

Pokémon Small Plush XY Pikachu Ages 3-7Pokémon Small Plush XY Pikachu check price

Based on the popular Pokemon franchise is Pokemon XY Pikachu. Pokemon XY Pikachu is a small plush figure, inspired by Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. He’s adorably cute in yellow, black, and red and he looks just like Pikachu from the show. Girls will love taking him on fun adventures! Collect all your favorite Pokemon.

Goldie Flopsie – 12″ Ages 3-15Goldie Flopsie - 12" check price

Bring home this adorable little puppy pal. Meet Goldie Flopsie. He’s a twelve inch puppy. Pet his hair and you get a wonderful feeling with his fine plush fabric that looks like real fur! He’s so ultra soft and cuddly. Girls won’t be able to resist giving him a hug, taking him on awesome doggie adventures, and showing him how much they love him!

Little Buddy Toys Nintendo Official Super…Ages 5-15Little Buddy Toys Nintendo Official Super…check price

Super Mario is based on a popular Nintendo character from Super Mario Brothers the videogame. Kids will recognize this plumber in his overalls, red cap, and mustache. He is made from high quality materials and is super soft. It’s the perfect gift for any Super Mario fan!

TY Classic Scooby Doo Ages 3+TY Classic Scooby Doo check price

It’s Scooby Dooby Doo! Scooby looks just like our favorite pal from the cartoon show. It’s an official Ty product meaning you get the highest quality plush standards in the industry. Take him on fun mystery-solving adventures and collect all your favorite Beanie Babies!

Gund Pusheen Plush with CookieAges 1-5Gund Pusheen Plush with Cookiecheck price

Pusheen is an internet celebrity. Now girls can own this 9.5 inch super plush version of Pusheen. With an adorable food item, this stuffed animal beautifully captures the personality of this adorable cat.

Disney/Pixar Moana Pua Pig 16″ Plush PillowbuddyDisney/Pixar Moana Pua Pig 16" Plush Pillowbuddycheck price

Oh my gosh! If they haven’t fallen in love with Pua the pig already, Disney Moana fans will when they see this adorable plush friend. At 16 inches, this is one plump pig that is just waiting to be hugged and cuddled.

My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash 8′Ages 3-15My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash 8check price

My Little Pony fans will instantly recognize Rainbow Dash. She looks so colorful and has vibrant hair for outstanding hair play. This is an official Ty product and it meets the industry’s high standards of quality.The plush stuffed My Little Pony figure measures 8-inches. Collect all your favorite Beanie Babies for a whole world of fun!

Books for 6 Year Old Girls

Books for 6 Year Old Girls

Books make great gifts for 6 year old girls. At the age of 6, girls are really starting to get into reading. She is just getting to the point where she can read the whole book by herself and feel proud. You could start her off with one of these books.

Hallmark Personalized BookHallmark Personalized Bookcheck price

For 6 year old girls, there is nothing cooler than having a book in which they are the main character. Hallmark makes wonderful personalized books the perfectly weave your child into the story. The best part? You can completely customize the main character so that it looks just like your little angel. With several themes to choose from, it makes a very special gift.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!Ages 4-8Oh, The Places Youll Go!check price

Dr. Suess teaches kids through his wonderful book that although life is full of ups and downs, you have to look within to discover success. It’s a great book for young kids just beginning their life. The book is full of fantastic illustrations and honor to make reading a pleasure for readers.

The Day the Crayons QuitAges 3-7The Day the Crayons Quitcheck price

The Day the Crayons Quit is an original story that every kid will want to read. Duncan one day opens his box of crayons to find out that they quit! The crayons don’t get along with each other. Can Duncan get them to work together when they are at their best? It’s a story that will bring laughs and a whole lot of creativity!

Pokémon Deluxe Essential HandbookAges 7-10Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbookcheck price

Transport your Pokemon lover straight into the world of Pokemon with this entertaining and informing book. Inside it reveals facts about all of the most popular Pokemon characters from Pikachu to Snorlax. There are over 700 characters inside! She will love learning all about her favorite Pokemon and their evolution.

The Jesus Storybook BibleAges 4-8The Jesus Storybook Biblecheck price

Written for kids, this book brings the stories and messages in the Bible to life in a very understandable way. Through about 50 stories, it helps brings the heroic story of Jesus to life. The beautiful illustrations help capture the imaginations of little ones. This book is a must have for Christian families

The Book with No PicturesAges 5-8The Book with No Picturescheck price

B.J. Novak tries to do the impossible with The Book With No Pictures. He tries to write a children’s book with absolutely no pictures and succeeds. Instead of pictures, the book is filled with silly sayings that are sure to get a lot of laughs, giggles, and smiles.

Happy Birthday to You!Ages 5-9Happy Birthday to You!check price

Happy Birthday to You! celebrates your birthday and your individuality in this wonderful book for early readers. Experience the thrill of celebrating a birthday in Katroo. You are swept on a Smorgasbord’s back and will be treated to a night of feasting with a festival. Now the cleanup after the festivities will take about twenty days! Now that’s how you celebrate a birthday!

We Are in a Book!Ages 4-8We Are in a Book!check price

Written by Mo Willems, the Elephant and Piggie line of books are wonderful for 6 year olds. Our favorite book? We Are In A Book because it has a fun and silly twist. When the main characters in the book learn that somebody is reading their book, it leads to a lot of silly fun and laughs.

How to Babysit a GrandmaAges 5-8How to Babysit a Grandmacheck price

Can you imagine a world where your 6 year old girl had to babysit her grandma? This is an adorably cute book the flips the roles of grandchild and grandma. It goes great with the companion book “How To Babysit A Grandpa.” Both books are a silly tribute to her wonderful grandparents.

The Monster at the End of This BookAges 3-7The Monster at the End of This Bookcheck price

Does she think there are monsters under her bed? This silly book forces her to confront her fears in a very humorous and lighthearted way. It stars Grover who begs the reader not to turn the page because at the end of the book there is a very scary monster. It turns out the monster at the end of the book is not really scary. It’s Grover!

The Adventures of Captain UnderpantsAges 7-10The Adventures of Captain Underpantscheck price

Meet the coolest superhero- Captain Underpants. Filled with toilet humor, this bestselling book is the perfect way to get her reading chapter books if she is not yet ready to do so. Parents should know that the book features over the top gross toilet humor and the main characters aren’t exactly good role models. It’s gross, rude, and disgusting, but for some reason kids love it.

Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Box Set: Books 1-4Ages 6-10Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book Box Set: Books 1-4check price

At 6 years old, she might be ready for her first chapter book. While a lot of the gendered roles are outdated, if you are looking for a chapter book with good clean fun, we love the Amelia Bedelia series. The series is about a maid that misunderstands just about everything, which leads to a lot of laughs. This set contains 4 chapter books.

How to Draw PeopleAges 5-10How to Draw Peoplecheck price

With easy to follow step by step directions, this drawing book by Barbara Soloff Levy will take your little one’s art to the next level. Using simple shapes, it teaches her how to draw all sorts of cartoon people from a firefighter to a chef. Soon she might teach you how to draw.

Harold and the Purple CrayonAges 4-8Harold and the Purple Crayoncheck price

Get ready for a fantastical journey unlike no other. Harold and the Purple Crayon is a classic children’s book. Kids will learn about Harold’s amazing adventure with his imagination. It really shows you how powerful the imagination is!

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of HowAges 4-8National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Howcheck price

Is her favorite question “How?” Finally there is a book from Nation Geographic with all the answers. Inside it contains nice big pictures and easy to understand answers to how things work. It answers questions from “How is Ice Cream made?” to “How does a vacuum cleaner swallows up dirt?”

I am Amelia EarhartAges 5-9I am Amelia Earhartcheck price

Too many of a children’s heroes today are fictional characters. Brad Meltzer set out to change that with his line of books “The Ordinary People Change The World.” These books introduce kids to real life heroes that actually made a big difference in the world from Martin Luther King to Amelia Earhart. Each story is illustrated with gorgeous cartoon artwork that will relate to kids.

Cool Tech Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Cool Tech Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Anything tech related makes a cool gift for a 6 year old girl.

Fire Kids Edition 7″ TabletAges 3+Fire Kids Edition 7" Tabletcheck price

The Fire Kids Edition Tablet is one of the best full-featured 7-inch tablets for kids. It features 16 GB of internal storage for storing a variety of content. Additional storage can be added via micro SD cards up to 200 GB. Amazon’s app store features over 10,000 apps, games, movies, and TV shows to enjoy. The Fire Kids Edition also features simple parental controls.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids 7check price

The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 E Lite Kids is our favorite tablet for kids. Along with over 20 built in apps, it comes loaded with 3 months of Samsung Kids loaded on it. This educational service offers a specially curated selection of hundreds of apps, games, and books that are designed for kids. This makes life so much easier for parents since they don’t have to prescreen the content.

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02check price

First graders are just starting to use technology to complete their schoolwork. She might be ready for her first laptop. Weighing just 2.65 pounds, this inexpensive Chromebook from Asus is a great option. What’s great about this laptop is its durable design and larger sized keys. With Chromebooks, you can’t install anything to the device. Everything must be done online so she must use an online word processor.

VTech Kidizoom Camera PixAges 3-8VTech Kidizoom Camera Pixcheck price

Kids can learn to use their own digital camera and capture a world of fun! With a 2.0 MP camera, shots look great. Kids can learn how to frame a shot with the built-in view finder. Transfer the pictures to your PC with a separate cable and even create fun photo effects. This is the most kid-friendly camera allowing kids to explore their creativity!

VTech 80-171600 Kidizoom Watch DX ToyAges 4-9VTech 80-171600 Kidizoom Watch DX Toycheck price

Your girl will look stylish with excellent smartwatch from Vtech. This is a special edition which includes a floral design as well as the original violet wristband. The smartwatch features include a digital watch, alarm, timer, stopwatch, games, activites, photo camera, and video cam. This is the smartest watch for kids!

iGuy Protective Kids Case For iPadiGuy Protective Kids Case For iPadcheck price

Finally your 6 year old girl can use the iPad without you having to worry about accidents. Available in several cute colors, this protective case turns the iPad into a charming character. Simply insert the iPad inside and the iGuy will be able to stand up using its legs. It not only looks cute, but kids will love using the hands to tote the iPad around everywhere.

LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Wired HeadphonesLilGadgets Connect+ Pro Wired Headphonescheck price

When you are six and want to really hear your favorite song, you crank up the headphones all the way. Unfortunately, this is very damaging to the ears. The best way to protect your child is with a pair of headphones that limit the maximum volume. We like these stylish ones from LilGadgets that offer padded over the ear cups and a unique foldable design.

Osmo Starter KitAges 5-12Osmo Starter Kitcheck price

More and more kids are growing up on the iPad. The Osmo gaming kit is a device that is designed to bridge the gap between the real and digital world. This kit uses a stand and mirror that allows the iPad to see in front of it. This means that you can play with objects in the real world and an app will recognize what you are doing. The starter kit comes with the accessory along with 4 educational games.

Retevis Kids Walkie TalkiesRetevis Kids Walkie Talkiescheck price

Testing, Testing . . . Over. Who doesn’t remember their first pair of walkie talkies? For kids, walkie talkies are a lot of fun. Operated with 3 AA batteries, these walkie talkies from Retevis have a great range of 3000 to 8000 feet. She will love going on spy missions and outdoor adventures with a friend. She will even want to talk to you . . . in your own house.

Cool Video Games for 6 Year Old Girls

Cool Video Games for 6 Year Old Girls

If she loves video games, she will love these cool gift ideas.

Nintendo SwitchNintendo Switchcheck price

The Nintendo Switch switches up the game industry with an innovative new hybrid portable home console. Play without boundaries — anywhere and anytime! The console features a variety of different configurations to meet your needs and brings back motion controls in new titles. The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s best console in years. If you haven’t switched, what are you waiting for?

Mario Kart 8 DeluxeRated EMario Kart 8 Deluxecheck price

Mario Kart 8 is hands-down the greatest kart racing game, period! The game runs silky smooth at a brisk 60 FPS, meaning you’ll get the best possible kart racing experience. From the graphics to gameplay to extra content, this is the definitive version of Mario Kart. The game features a new battle mode, online play, a fantastic solo and multiplayer mode, and bonus content in the form of levels and characters. Now play your favorite game at home or on the go exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

Super Mario OdysseySuper Mario Odysseycheck price

Experience the biggest Mario adventure since Super Mario 64! Mario will travel to new realistic and fantasy worlds with new maneuvers to help him overcome Bowser and his minions. Odyssey is a top-notch AAA system-seller for Nintendo Switch expected to release Holiday 2017! Reserve your copy today!

Nintendo 3DS XLNintendo 3DS XLcheck price

The Nintendo 3DS XL offers the absolute best experience in portable gaming. Experience your favorite Nintendo games now in 3D! And no special glasses are required. Games can also be played in 2D. The 3DS XL features a larger screen compared to the original 3DS and it has all of your favorite games for on the go fun!

Pokémon Sun and MoonRated EPokémon Sun and Mooncheck price

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the biggest new Pokemon games. Fans can explore new worlds on brand new islands. The game has gamers catching, battling, and trading Pokemon. Most of the game is playable in 2D with a few portions playable in 3D. Will you become the champion?

Super Mario 3D LandRated ESuper Mario 3D Landcheck price

Guide Mario on his most amazing mobile adventure to date! Mario features new moves in addition to familiar moves to create the most exciting Mario game for a portable gaming system. Now Mario is in 3D so it makes it easier to judge distances and there is no need for special glasses. Once again save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

MinecraftRated E10Minecraftcheck price

Minecraft is one of the must-have games for kids. It is a game that thrives on creativity. Players are encouraged to build worlds tapping into their imagination and then they can play in their own crafted worlds. It’s actually quite a simple idea and it’s incredibly fun. Some versions even allow a whole group to play together in your world online. The game is available on a variety of consoles from PS4 to Wii U to Xbox One. The game is also expected to be released for the Nintendo Switch in the future.

Movie Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Movie Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Movies are a great gift. This is the age when girls start to believe in monsters, so you want to be extra careful with the movies she is watching.

Moana Rated PGMoana check price

Moana is one of the best Disney movies to come out since Frozen. We love Moana as a character. With an empowering storyline, it’s not your typical Disney storyline. There are some thematic dark points in the story but it is balanced with a lot of comic relief. With great morals and a powerful message, this is the perfect movie for any 6 year old girl.

TrollsRated PGTrollscheck price

Kids are going to love this movie filled with plenty of color, jokes, and music. Who wouldn’t love a singing pink princess with Troll hair? Filled with a talented cast, color, and catchy songs, the movie will have 6 year old girls singing and dancing along. Parents should know there there is a lot of dark animated violence and a lot of fart jokes. At one point, monsters do eat the trolls so sensitive kids that get nightmares should probably skip this.

Lego Batman MovieRated PGLego Batman Moviecheck price

Lego is back with an all new animated movie starring Batman. This time the storyline is a bit darker than the original movie. There is some violence but since all of the characters are made out of Legos, it’s nothing worse than your typical Lego cartoon. Batman is self centered throughout the movie, but the movie does have a positive message about teamwork at the end. There is some unnecessary innuendo and jokes that some parents may not want to expose their children too.

Finding DoryRated PGFinding Dorycheck price

Finding Dory is the sequel to Finding Nemo. While there is plenty of comedy, this time around the film has a much darker and serious tone. The film centers on Dory, a forgetful fish, who is separated from her family. With a happy ending, it’s an inspiring tale about not letting disabilities stop you and the importance of family.

Sing – Special EditionRated PGSing - Special Editioncheck price

Created by the creators of Despicable Me, Sing is an animated comedy about a music competition. With a talented cast, the movie has a wonderful array of familiar pop songs. Of course, there is a lot of slapstick humor, jokes, and even a few risqué scenes. In the most objectionable scene, a bunny says “Oh my gosh. Look at her butt” as a character shakes her butt.

Room Décor Gifts for A 6 Year Old Girl

Room Décor Gifts for A 6 Year Old Girl

Brighten up her room with these gifts.

3 Sprouts Storage Box3 Sprouts Storage Boxcheck price

When the drawers are stuffed and the toys are everywhere, it’s hard to keep your 6 year old girl’s room organized. One easily solution is to use these adorable 13 X 13 X 13 inch cubic boxes from 3 Sprouts to keep everything organized and sorted on a shelf. Available with different cartoon characters on them, it’s made of a polyester canvas material with a sturdy bottom.

3 Sprouts Storage Bin3 Sprouts Storage Bincheck price

A donation box or bag is a great way to take back your child’s room. Chances are that your 6 year old doesn’t use or play with all the toys and clothes crowding her room. Every month, she can donate a few toys or clothes so that the room can stay neat and clean. With a 17 inch diameter and height, this cotton canvas one from 3 Sprouts makes an adorable donation bin.

Boon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal StorageBoon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal Storagecheck price

Have you ever wondered what to do with all her stuffed animals? This bean bag chair from Boon is the perfect solution. Instead of filling it beans, you fill it with stuffed animals. Not only will her stuffed animals finally have a home, but she can even sit on it.

Roommates Peel And Stick Wall DecalsRoommates Peel And Stick Wall Decalscheck price

An easy way to decorate her room is with these wall decals from Roommates. Roommates has a great collection of decals from her favorite characters to pretty designs. You can even combine decals to create a certain theme in her room based on her interests.

Personalized Monogram Kids Wall DecalsPersonalized Monogram Kids Wall Decalscheck price

A wall decal is a really nice way to add a personal touch to her room. There is nothing more personal than her name! What girl wouldn’t love her own name on the wall? Made out of Vinyl, this one can be completely customized. With butterflies around her name, it will look so pretty on the wall.

Melissa & Doug Giant GiraffeAges 3-15Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffecheck price

We like the look of an oversized stuffed toy in a girl’s room. What girl wouldn’t love a 5 foot tall giraffe in her room? This nearly 5 foot tall baby Giraffe from Melissa & Doug looks so lifelike right down to the horns on the top of his head. It will love not only playing dress up with your 6 year old but watching over her at night when the monsters come out.

Wildkin Camo Pink Lunch BoxWildkin Camo Pink Lunch Boxcheck price

Now that she is in first grade, she is going to need her own lunch box. Available in adorable prints, this one from Wildkin has plenty of room to pack her lunch inside. The insulated interior is very easy to wipe clean. It works great when paired with an Easylunchbox.

EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch BoxEasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Boxcheck price

Lunch packing just got a little easier. This 3 compartment lunch box makes it easy to pack lunch for your 6 year old. It has one large main compartment and 2 smaller compartments, which is perfect for sides. It’s easy to keep everything organized and separate. The best part? You only need one lid.

ZIPIT Monster Pencil CaseZIPIT Monster Pencil Casecheck price

A pencil case? This is no ordinary pencil case. When you unzip it, the little playful character with eyes on it comes to life with its zipper teeth. It’s always hungry for pencils and perfect for keeping your 1st graders supplies organized.

Heart To Heart Decorative Oval Wall MirrorHeart To Heart Decorative Oval Wall Mirrorcheck price

Now that she can dress herself, she will love having her own mirror. This beautiful mirror is a perfect way to complement the decor in her room. She will love picking out outfits and seeing how she looks. With an ornate frame, it is perfect for any 6 year old princess.

Small Light Pink Dot Kids Bean Bag ChairSmall Light Pink Dot Kids Bean Bag Chaircheck price

Every girl’s room needs a comfy bean bag chair. Available in several sizes, this one has a beautiful pink fabric cover with white polka dots. About 30 inches, it is the perfect size for 6 year old girls. She will love dragging it everywhere in her room to play, watch tv, or even read a book.

Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry BoxLenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Boxcheck price

This gorgeous Ballerina Music Jewelry Box is a wonderful gift for young girls. Made out of steel, it is beautifully designed with a beautiful heart design on it. The interior looks equally impressive with a mirror and plenty of compartments to keep your jewelry protected. It even plays music, has secret compartments, and a dancing ballerina. It’s the perfect keepsake for your little girl.

Olive Kids Mermaids Nap MatAges 3-7Olive Kids Mermaids Nap Matcheck price

This Olive Kids Mermaid Nap Mat looks wonderful. It has colorful mermaids printed all over the mat. These sleeping bags are a great addition to your child’s playroom. Olive Kids features a variety of unique themes for girls. Choose the one that best suits her personality and room decor. These sleeping bags measure 20″W x 50″L and are made with a combination of cotton and polyester. They have been tested to be safe for children, meeting U.S. flammability test requirements and free of BPA and phthalate.

My Little Pony Ponyfied Twin SheetMy Little Pony Ponyfied Twin Sheetcheck price

You could get her a bedding set. Most 6 year old girls love bedding with their favorite character or theme on it. This My Little Pony bedding set is an easy way to give her room a makeover. It comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase. It’s pretty inexpensive so if her interests change, you can easily update it.

Dream Big Sea Princess Microfiber 2-Piece Twin ComforterDream Big Sea Princess Microfiber 2-Piece Twin Comfortercheck price

What 6 year old girl hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid? If she in love with mermaids, this is the coolest comforter ever. It comes with a matching sham. As soon as she lies down with it, it instantly turns her into a little mermaid complete with mermaid tail and a princess crown on top.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail BlanketLAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanketcheck price

Does she want to be a mermaid? Then she will love this blanket. It’s like this really soft crocheted blanket made of cotton and polyester. It’s long but at the bottom it has a fin. So when you wear it and slip inside of it, you look like a mermaid. It comes in a variety of colors and this one is the kid size.

DIBSIES Personalized Trendsetter Butterfly Backpack DIBSIES Personalized Trendsetter Butterfly Backpack check price

Is she ready for first grade? Going to school in style got a little easier with this adorable backpack from Stephen Joseph. Made of 100% cotton, this stylish backpack comes in so many cute styles that girls will love. It’s the perfect size to fit all her books and even a regular size folder. You can even choose to have it personalized.

Disney Little Girls Frozen Elsa Print BackpackDisney Little Girls Frozen Elsa Print Backpackcheck price

If she is a Frozen fan, she won’t be able to wait to go to school with this adorable Elsa themed backpack. Made of 100 % polyester, it comes with adjustable shoulder straps. Measuring 16 X 12 inches, it is a regular sized backpack that will hold all her folders, books, and lunch bag.

L.L.Bean Original Book PackL.L.Bean Original Book Packcheck price

If you want to get your child a no fuss backpack that will last a lifetime, go with this one from LL Bean. It comes in several different prints. We like it because of its rugged construction. Its spacious enough to hold a standard folders, a couple of books, and her lunch bag. Plus, it comes with L.L. Bean’s legendary guaranteed to last warranty.

Step2 Fantasy VanityStep2 Fantasy Vanitycheck price

She will love organizing her beauty supplies with this plastic vanity from Step 2. With a fairytale look, it’s larger than most child vanities and is the perfect size for most 6 year old girls. She will love sitting on the stool and making herself look beautiful in front of the plastic mirror. With this gift, she will feel just like a princess.

Trademark Innovation 6′ White Canvas TeepeeTrademark Innovation 6 White Canvas Teepeecheck price

For some reason little girls love having a place where they can hide and play on their own. This 6 foot tent has a very spacious inside for any 6 year old girl. Made of white cotton canvas, we love the neutral color. You can even decorate it with fairy lights to make it even more cozy and warm at any time of the day.

Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars, conveniently folds in to a Carrying Case, your kids will enjoy this Foldable Pop Up pink play tent/house toy for Indoor & Outdo​or Use Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars, conveniently folds in to a Carrying Case, your kids will enjoy this Foldable Pop Up pink play tent/house toy for Indoor & Outdo​or Use check price

Surprise your little princess with this amazing Princess Castle Play Tent. This foldable pop-up tent features glow in the dark stars that will inspire girls to wish upon the stars! Girls can play in the tent, tell stories, or even simply relax in the tent. This princess castle is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Dome Tent for Indoor / Outdoor Fun – 58 x 58 x 46′Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Dome Tent for Indoor / Outdoor Fun - 58 x 58 x 46check price

For indoor and outdoor fun, consider Pacific Play Tent’s Super Duper 4 Kid Dome Tent. This tent is large on fun and measures 58″ L x 58″ W x 46″ H. The doors can be kept open or closed. It features a waterproof floor. It features a mesh top for ventilation and mom can easily keep an eye on kids.

Clothing Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Clothing Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Acorn Moc SlipperAcorn Moc Slippercheck price

Keep her feet nice and warm with these fleece slippers from Acorn. These handcrafted comfy slippers come in several eye catching styles that girls will love. The no skin bottoms keep her safe on smooth surfaces. They are perfect for wearing when she is getting ready for bed or during the winter when it is cold outside.

UGG Australia Girls Tasman SlipperUGG Australia Girls Tasman Slippercheck price

These sheepskin lined slippers from UGGs come in a variety of fun colors from black to chestnut. There is a reason why everybody loves these slippers- they are extremely comfortable especially after a long day at school. These ones are sized for kids.

Happy Feet Animal SlippersHappy Feet Animal Slipperscheck price

Okay what girl wouldn’t want to walk around with cute animals on her feet? Made of polyester with dense rubber foam bottoms, these animal slippers are designed to make even her feet smile by keeping them warm. You can pick out her favorite animal including everything from a cute bulldog to a chomping shark.

Ultra-Homes Princess Hooded Kid TowelUltra-Homes Princess Hooded Kid Towelcheck price

Make her feel like a real princess with this hooded cotton bath towel. She will love the hood that features a pretty princess crown on it. The absorbent thick terry cloth material will keep her warm and dry after a bath or even a swim. Measuring 27.5 X 49 inches, it’s a great size for a 6 year old girl.

TowelSelections Girls Hooded RobeTowelSelections Girls Hooded Robecheck price

Available in different sizes, this beautiful robe is the perfect gift for any 6 year old girl. The thick, super plush like fleece will keep her comfortable and warm on even the coldest winter mornings. It even has a hood to keep her hair from dripping. She will feel like a stuffed teddy bear.

Hatley Pajama Set-Candy Cane StripesHatley Pajama Set-Candy Cane Stripescheck price

One of the cutest gifts to give on Christmas is a cute pair of pajamas. Who wouldn’t want to look like a candy cane on Christmas Eve? Made out of cotton, this striped red and white pair of pajamas will make her look just like a candy cane. Too bad it doesn’t smell like peppermint.

Bluenido”Unicorn” 2 Piece Pajama SetBluenido"Unicorn" 2 Piece Pajama Setcheck price

She can finally celebrate her love for this mythical creature by slipping into this adorable pair of hot pink jammies. Available in different sizes, this 2 piece pair of cotton pajamas from Bluenido is designed to fit her snuggly for fire safety. Because it has a unicorn on it, she will think it is the best thing ever.

My Little Pony Girls’ Rainbow Dash HoodieMy Little Pony Girls Rainbow Dash Hoodiecheck price

She can celebrate her love for My Little Pony by wearing this adorable hoodie that doubles as a costume. Available in different sizes, you can find the perfect size for your 6 year old. With a mane on the hood and pony wings on the back, it will make her feel just like her favorite pony.

crocs Kids Handle It Rain Bootcrocs Kids Handle It Rain Bootcheck price

These lightweight and durable rain boots are designed for walking in rain puddles. The best part? Even if they get all wet and muddy, you can easily rinse them off. They come in several cute colors so you can find a pair that matches her outfits.

Stephen Joseph Pop Up UmbrellaStephen Joseph Pop Up Umbrellacheck price

Give your 6 year old something to smile about when it is rainy and gloomy outside. She won’t be able to wait until it rains outside so she can use this pop up umbrella. With several cute pop up characters, this easy to open and close umbrella from Stephen Joseph is designed especially for kids.

Leveret “Ballerina” Matching Girl & Doll 2 Piece Pajama Leveret "Ballerina" Matching Girl & Doll 2 Piece Pajama check price

If she’s got an 18 inch America Girl Doll, she will love these 100% cotton ballerina pajamas from Leveret. The coolest part? It comes with a matching pair of pajamas for her dollie. Not only will she look cute, her baby doll will look just as cute.

Your Favorite Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls?

That’s about it. We hope you got an idea of what to buy a 6 year old girl. If it’s her 6th birthday, you are going to have one pretty happy birthday girl. If it is Christmas, we hope you got your Christmas list completed and remember to enjoy the holiday. What are your favorite birthday and Christmas gifts for 6 year old girls? Leave us your ideas in the comments down below. We love hearing new ideas.

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