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New Air Jordan 4 Sneaker Design Influenced by Nintendo’s NES

Freaker Sneaks announces NES styled Air Jordan 4 sneakers. Earlier this year ToyBuzz reported news of custom Air Jordan 4’s based on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. Now Freaker Sneaks’ latest design is inspired by the original Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. Both the NES and SNES were beloved home consoles for Nintendo […]

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Monopoly Gamer Edition – Now You’re Playing With Power!

Hasbro announces a new Monopoly Gamer Edition and Collector’s Edition with a dash of Super Mario Bros. Monopoly has been in the news quite often this year. From the Croatian version of Monopoly to the retirement of the classic thimble piece to the questionable addition of new tokens to Monopoly heading to the immensely popular […]

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SNES Classic Edition Officially Announced

Nintendo officially announces that the SNES Classic Edition is real and coming September 2017. After the surprising discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition, rumors flooded the Internet with reports of a SNES Classic potentially in production. Despite all those rumors earlier this year, Nintendo remained tight-lipped about the situation. Surprise! Nintendo has made it official […]

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Argos Reveals Top Toy List For Christmas 2017

Argos announced its annual top toy list for Christmas 2017. It may only be summer but Argos, a leading retail giant in the United Kingdom, officially unveiled its annual Top Toy List for Christmas 2017. This list highlights what the company predicts to be the hottest and top toys for Christmas 2017. Argos’s team of […]

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Ken Receives Diverse Makeover Like Barbie

Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, receives a major makeover like Barbie after more than 55 years to reinvent Ken for a new generation of kids and help boost Barbie sales. It’s a diverse world in which we live today. After more than 55 years, Mattel has announced that the iconic Ken doll is finally getting a major […]

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Build-A-Bear Adds Despicable Me 3 to the Fun

Despicable Me 3 themed character plush toys will be added to Build-A-Bear Workshop’s lineup. Despicable Me 3, the latest iteration of the popular Despicable Me franchise from illumination, hits theaters June 30th. Build-A-Bear Workshop has announced it will be adding Despicable Me 3 plush characters to its collection for fans to own. It seems like […]

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Build-A-Bear Workshop to Add New Spider-Man Bears

Build-A-Bear adds new Spider-Man customizable bears to its collection. Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7th and Build-A-Bear Workshop has announced it will feature Make-Your-Own Spider-Man Bears just in time for the big summer blockbuster. The Make-Your-Own Spider-Man Bear closely resembles our web-slinging hero and kids are sure to love it. He’s so soft, lovable, […]

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Unofficial Test Warns of Lead in Some Fidget Spinners

An unofficial test was conducted on eleven fidget spinners and the findings were at least two had high levels of lead present. Fidget spinning toys may be the hottest toy of the year; however, a new report highlights an unofficial test indicating some of them may contain dangerous levels of lead. Tamara Rubin conducted an […]

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