Gifts for 16 Year Old Boys

gifts for 16 year old boys
Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas or Birthday gift ideas, we rounded up the best gifts for 16 year old boys.

He’s 16. It’s time to celebrate his independence with a pool party at very least. For most boys this age, this is the stage of maturity and body development. At 16, there are so many things he can do that he wasn’t allowed to do before. He’s probably almost ready to get his first car and ready to take on more responsibility with a part time job. Friends are very important. Of course, he is starting to like girls.

What are the best gift ideas for a 16 year old boy?

Buying gifts for 16 year old boys can be difficult. Ask them what they want and they will probably say, ” I don’t know.” Fortunately, we’ve listened to 16 year old boys and have you covered. 16 year old boys come in all shapes, sizes, and interests. That’s why we have created the ultimate list of gifts for 16 year old boys by personality type so whether he is into video games or his new car, you can find the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift.

For The Adventurer

If you have an adventurous 16 year old boy, your outdoor lover will love unwrapping one of these thrilling gifts.

Razor RipStik RipsterRazor RipStik Ripstercheck price

Want to carve on regular streets? This is no ordinary skateboard. With the RipStik Ripster, you don’t need snow or the surf. All you need is the street. It’s got only 2 small wheels and 2 decks connected by a rod. By flexing back and forth in a twisting motion, 16 year olds can carve up streets without pushing off.

Revolution 101 Balance Board TrainerRevolution 101 Balance Board Trainercheck price

In order to learn how to skateboard, you have to focus on your balance by using your muscles. The Revolution Board allows you to do so in your own living room. It’s a durable board that sits and rolls on a plastic roller. The coolest part? You can practice while watching TV or even when there is a storm outside.

Penny Graphic Complete SkateboardPenny Graphic Complete Skateboardcheck price

With a unique shape, size and plastic design, this Penny Board gets you where you need to go in style. With over 20 designs from tie dye to carton blue, everyone will be able to find a board that matches their personality. The shorter 22 inch deck along with the great traction allows you to turn on a dime. While it isn’t cheap, this board is worth every penny.

Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232check price

The Monkey Wheel Light creates an amazing light show on your bike wheel as it spins around. With over 40 different patterns, you will not only be safe but also rolling around in style. Some people may want to slow down just to check out how you roll.

EnergyFlux Enduro Hand WarmerEnergyFlux Enduro Hand Warmercheck price

You will always be comfortable in the coldest weather with this hand warmer from Energy Flux. There are a ton of hand warmers out there but how many of them boast a battery life of close to 6 hours and charge USB devices? This one does all that plus it’s a flashlight.

Teton Sports Sleeping BagTeton Sports Sleeping Bagcheck price

If you are tired of cheaply made sleepy bags that leave you cold, this sleeping bag from Tefton is for you. It’s massive. This bag is roomy enough for 16 year old boys that won’t stop growing. The mummy top and insulation are designed for temperatures as low as 0 degrees so you will be warm even when it is freezing outside. You might want to sleep outdoors every day.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting RodShakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rodcheck price

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 is kind of like the go to fishing rod for all types of fish from large fish to smaller fish. Thanks to its fiberglass body, the rod is both durable and lightweight which makes it perfect for even beginners. Simply pair it with the Penn reel and you will be happy with this catch.

NIKON Aculon 8×42 BinocularsNIKON Aculon 8x42 Binocularscheck price

Exploring the outdoors is always more fun with a pair of binoculars. With 8X optical zoom, this one from Nikon is not only affordable but it features great optics so you will never miss any of the wildlife.

Quest Longboard SkateboardQuest Longboard Skateboardcheck price

They say that the longer deck of a long board makes it more stable which means it’s even easier to pick up than skateboards. Designed for beginners, this 44 inch cruiser board from Quest is great for getting you from place to place. The bigger softer wheels make for a smoother ride.

SpikeballSpikeballcheck price

Volleyball is fun but for those that want something a little different there is Spikeball. The game was originally shown on the Shark Tank and its popularity has exploded since. Teams of 2 take turns hitting a small yellow ball on a net a few inches off the ground. The team that misses loses the point.

Scratch Off MapScratch Off Mapcheck price

This scratch off map is ideal for those that love to travel. Printed with a glossy finish, the map can be hung just about anywhere and serves as an excellent reminder off all your adventures around the world. When you visit a place, you simply scratch off the location.

GoPro HERO4 SessionGoPro HERO4 Sessioncheck price

There is a reason that the Go Pro is the most popular wearable camera. It’s a cool companion for all types of adventures, tricksters, or those obsessed with Instagram. Now Go Pro has come out with its smallest and lightest Go Pro about the size of an ice cube. Of course it records great video at up to 1080p 60FS. What adventure do you want to go on?

Gigabyke GrooveGigabyke Groovecheck price

With a 750 watt motor , a top speed of 20 MPH, and a battery that lasts over 35 miles, the Gigabyte Groove might be the coolest electronic bike out there. In case the battery runs out, it’s even got pedals. Equipped with a hydraulic braking system, speedometer, LED blinkers, 16 year olds boys will love riding this around town. The best part? With no gasoline or license required, who needs a car?

Macaco Slackline 52’x 2″Macaco Slackline 52'x 2check price

Slacklining is the hottest new thrilling sport. The Macaco slackline is essentially a tightrope that is stretched between two trees. With very little hardware, it’s pretty simple to setup. Once you have tightened it, the line behaves like a 2 inch tightrope that allows you to pull off all kinds of gravity defying aerial tricks.

Zupapa 15ft TrampolineZupapa 15ft Trampolinecheck price

With this 15 foot trampoline from Zupapa, the backyard will be like a mini trampoline park. Trampolines are not only tons of fun but they deliver a great cardio workout nearly impact free. This one supports 375 lbs, so 2 teens can jump together. The dog may even be able to join them.

Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo StickVurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stickcheck price

Are you ready to fly like Superman? Featured on Shark Tank, the Vurtego V4 Pro Stick is not the pogo stick you had as a child. Allowing you to jump as high as 10 feet in the air, this pogo stick allows you to catch serious air. It’s like a mini trampoline that moves with you.

Solo Stove Lite Solo Stove Lite check price

If you go camping, the Solo Stove is the coolest wood burning stove. While you can use an alcohol burner, it requires no traditional fuel. With just twigs, grass clippings, and small sticks for fuel, you can start a fire to warm up food. It boils water in about 7 minutes.

Coleman Sundome Tent Coleman Sundome Tent check price

In its price range, you won’t find a better tent than the Coleman Sundome tent. Available in different sizes, the sundome tent is perfect for a small group of teens camping out or headed to Coachella together. There are no parts to assemble as everything can be put up in 10 minutes and taken down just as quickly using the fiberglass tent poles. The waterproof design keeps you dry even in heavy rains.

For The Gadget Lover

Now these are cool gifts for 16 year old boys. Who doesn’t love tech gadgets? Here are the gadgets that any 16 year old geek would love to see.

Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Stickcheck price

No bigger than a stick of gum, the Amazon Fire stick is a little gizmo that you pop in your TV to stream TV shows from subscription services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO, Amazon Prime, and more. It’s perfect for those who want to cut the cord on cable.

Amazon FireAmazon Firecheck price

While it may not be the iPad, the 7 inch Amazon Fire works for doing most of the things you want it to do. While it is not flashy or doesn’t have the latest specs, it’s perfect for reading ebooks, watching Netflix, or playing simple mobile games.

Amazon EchoAmazon Echocheck price

The future may be here. The Amazon Echo is a cylinder shaped Bluetooth speaker that actually listens to you. For example, to play music simply say “Alexa, play some music.” There are so many things you can ask it to do including checking the weather and sports scores, controlling devices in the home, and so much more. 16 year old boys will love bossing it around. The best part? It never complains.

Anker Astro E5 Battery ChargerAnker Astro E5 Battery Chargercheck price

Who doesn’t depend on their phone? There is nothing worse than your phone dying. The Anker Astro E5 Battery Charger is the perfect emergency backup for your phone. It has enough juice to charge an iPhone about 6 times. The best part? It’s not limited to charging phones. It can charge most USB devices from tablets to laptops.

All-New Kindle PaperwhiteAll-New Kindle Paperwhitecheck price

For the 16 year old bookworm in your life, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift. Unlike tablets, the high resolution screen is readable both indoors and outdoors. With the ability to store thousands of books and 8 weeks of battery life, it’s like a portable library that you can take wherever you go.

Cocoon GRID-IT! Gadget Organizer CaseCocoon GRID-IT! Gadget Organizer Casecheck price

What 16 year old boy doesn’t have a ton of gadgets? Detangling all the gadgets and wires in your backpack is a chore. The Concoon Grid It is a great way to organize your gadgets especially when you are moving around. You simply strap in your gadgets into the grid like structure with the elastic straps.

Tile (Gen 2)Tile (Gen 2)check price

We all have misplaced our keys or wallet at one time. The Tile 2 promises to solve that problem so you never misplace your items again. All you have to do is attach the Tile to whatever item you know you will misplace. Then when you misplace it, don’t panic. Bring up the app and tap the onscreen button. The Tile will emit a loud sound when you are in range.

TuneBand for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6STuneBand for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6Scheck price

Do you run with your phone? With the Tuneband, runners can run with their phone without worrying about dropping it. The Tuneband straps to your hand or arm so you can run and listen to music at the same time. The best part? All of the buttons are accessible.

Anker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S PlusAnker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Pluscheck price

This phone case from Anker is not your typical phone case. Offering a decent amount of protection, it increases the battery life of your phone by a full charge which should keep most 16 year olds going all day.

iZERCASE Personalized iPhone 6/6S CaseiZERCASE Personalized iPhone 6/6S Casecheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool to create your own case for your phone? With the Izercase, you can personalize the entire rear of the phone case with whatever image or words you like. Simply specify your phone model and upload an image. Put your image on it or his curfew. That way he will always remember you when he looks at his phone.

NomadkeyNomadkeycheck price

Now you can bring a USB charger wherever you go with this key sized charging cable. Available for both iOS and Android Devices, it simply clips to your keychain so you will never leave it behind.

Cord BuddyCord Buddycheck price

Do you find your cords always fall off the table when you go and look for them? Cord Buddy has a unique magnetic closure system that holds the cord between a clamped design. With Cord Buddy, the cord will stay put on the nightstand and out of the way.

Tablift Tablet StandTablift Tablet Standcheck price

Have you ever tried to use your tablet in bed? Tablift is a unique tablet holder with flexible legs on it, allowing you to position the tablet any way you like even on uneven surfaces. It does all the holding for you so you can lie down or even sit with your tablet.

Anker 60W 10-Port USB ChargerAnker 60W 10-Port USB Chargercheck price

Do you find that you can’t charge all your devices at once? With so many gadgets, you will wonder how you lived without this charging station from Anker. The universal charging hub charges 10 devices at the same time while keeping everything organized.

CamKix Camera Lens KitCamKix Camera Lens Kitcheck price

It seems everyone these days is using their Smartphone to take photos. If your 16 year old loves taking photos with their phone, this is the perfect gift. The CamKix Kit comes with 4 lenses including a Fish Eye Lens, Macro Lens, and Wide Angle Lens, and monstrous 8X telephoto lens, allowing you to take more professional photos with your phone. The kit is designed to fit any phone.

Pebble Time Steel SmartwatchPebble Time Steel Smartwatchcheck price

While the Pebble Time Steel doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Apple Watch, it lets you get notifications, check email, basic health information, and skip music tracks from your wrist. With a completely new design, it is more fashionable than ever before. The best part? Unlike other SmartWatches, you have to charge the watch every week instead of everyday.

Dreem iPhone 6/6s Plus Fibonacci Wallet Case Dreem iPhone 6/6s Plus Fibonacci Wallet Case check price

Now this is a cool wallet. No, it’s a cool phone case. The Dreem iPhone Case is both products in one so you just have to carry one item in your pocket. Made of premium vegan leather, the case includes a kickstand for watching movies and hands free calling. The detachable inner phone holder actually attaches to the wallet using a powerful magnet. For 16 year old boys, it’s both a dream wallet and case.

Nomad Wallet Nomad Wallet check price

This should be a must have for any 16 year old guy’s wishlist. Made out of Saffiano leather, this is no ordinary wallet. While it is not much bigger than a standard wallet, it’s equipped with a built in battery in the wallet’s spine for charging your iPhone about one time. It’s cool, convenient, and works well.

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1check price

Chances are that you have taken hundreds of photos with your Smartphone but haven’t printed any of them. Bring retro back with this Smartphone printer that turns your phone into an instant camera. Photos can be printed on the printer wirelessly over WI FI. It’s a cool way of getting your photos into the real world.

Mpow iSnap Bluetooth Selfie Stick Mpow iSnap Bluetooth Selfie Stick check price

Let’s face it, we love selfies. A selfie stick is a great accessory to have around as it lets you take pictures from further away without the need for anyone else. This one from MPOW has Bluetooth so you can take a snap with the press of a button. Who needs a photographer?

Splurge Gadgets

Apple WatchApple Watchcheck price

As a gift for a 16 year old, the Apple Watch makes a luxurious fashion accessory. With downloadable apps, it puts all of your alerts and notifications right on your wrist. Designed to work with the iPhone, the 42mm Sport model is perfect for 16 year old boys. Any 16 year old boy with an iPhone would be over the moon to get one.

LG Electronics PH300 LED Mobile ProjectorLG Electronics PH300 LED Mobile Projectorcheck price

Watching a movie on your cellphone’s screen is cool but when friends come over you need something bigger. What about a 100 inch screen? The mobile projector from LG blows up your phone’s screen to the big screen. Who needs the theater when you have one in the palm of your hand?

Ipad MiniIpad Minicheck price

The tablet that your 16 year old really wants is the iPad Air. You can save a little money by going with the smaller more portable version. The iPad Mini will make a great gift for 16 year old boys. Apple has completely updated the specs and now its performance rivals the larger iPad Air. With a 7.9 inch screen, it plays all the same apps. However unlike the larger iPads, it won’t break the bank.

Ipad ProIpad Procheck price

Who wouldn’t want the biggest and most powerful tablet ever made? Everyone wants the iPad Pro. The multitouch 12.9 inch screen is as cool as it sounds for watching movies, gaming, and even browsing the web. While expensive, the iPad Pro night be the best toy ever for 16 year old boys. Plus, the optional Apple pencil unlocks a whole new area of creative fun.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2Samsung Galaxy Tab S2check price

Want the coolest Android tablet on the block? The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is simply the best Android tablet on the market. Thinner and lighter than the iPad, the Galaxy S2 feels like you are holding magazine. It offers twice the storage of the iPad for the same price.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4Microsoft Surface Pro 4check price

For high school students, the Surface Pro is a great tablet which also acts as a laptop with the additional keyboard accessory. Running Windows 10, this is not a stripped down computer. This means that you can do everything from writing essays to checking your homework assignments. With the included stylus, it is the ultimate solution for 16 year old boys.

ASUS Chromebook FlipASUS Chromebook Flipcheck price

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and just need web access, watching movies, or visiting social networks go with a Chromebook. 16 year olds will love the portability and versatility of the Chromebook Flip. The highlight? It has a solid hinge that rotates 360 degrees, turning the laptop into a tablet. It’s perfect for throwing in your bag.

Apple MacBook ProApple MacBook Procheck price

If your 16 year old wants a laptop, chances are he is dreaming of the Macbook Pro. Thin and sleek on the outside, Apple has outfitted it with the latest processor and a large battery which lasts up to 10 hours. It’s an all around laptop that would make any 16 year old boy’s dreams come true.

Iphone 6S/ 6S PlusIphone 6S/ 6S Pluscheck price

Ask any 16 year old boy what phones he wants and he will probably say the new iPhone. While the phone is not a major upgrade over the previous version, the new 3D touch feature keeps things fresh and interesting. Plus, gifting the iPhone means that your 16 year old agrees to take out the trash and help with chores for as long as he is under your roof.

Samsung Galaxy S6 PhoneSamsung Galaxy S6 Phonecheck price

The coolest 16 year old boy has to have the coolest phone on the planet. From its sleek aluminum case to the large 5.1 HD screen, there are no words to describe the beauty of this phone. It’s even equipped with a 16 megapixel camera and a high capacity battery.

Samsung Gear VR HeadsetSamsung Gear VR Headsetcheck price

Virtual reality is the hottest new thing. Now anyone get jump into the world of VR with the Samsung Gear VR headset. If you have one of Samsung’s newest phones, you are in luck. Simply slide your phone into the headset and you can peek into the world of virtual reality with over 100 apps.

Tech Toys

Tech Toys
Geeks always have a special place in their heart for toys infused with tech. Here are the best toys for 16 year old boys.

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled DroidSphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droidcheck price

Meet BB-8, the app enabled Droid that is almost as cool as the original. The toy has an impressive range of movements that makes it feel alive. Using an app to control its movement, teens can take BB-8 on their own fun adventures. For Star Wars fans BB-8 is more than a toy, he’s a friend.

Anki OVERDRIVE Starter KitAnki OVERDRIVE Starter Kitcheck price

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to start your engines with Anki Overdrive. Anki Overdrive brings videogames to real life with a cutting edge app enable battle racing game. It’s the closest thing to Mario Kart in real life. Using an app, kids drive real robotic cars on tracks they have put together with the magnetic modular track system. Will you cross the finish line first?

Syma X5C Explorers QuadcopterSyma X5C Explorers Quadcoptercheck price

Drones are super popular. Now anyone can fly a drone with the Syma X5C Quadcopter. It’s the perfect starter drone. It’s equipped with an HD camera, which allows you to take the coolest selfie ever from the sky.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter DroneDJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Dronecheck price

Do you know anyone that wants to fly a drone? Just about every 16 year old boy dreams about flying the DJI Phantom. With intuitive controls, built in stabilization, automated takeoff, and equipped with a camera that takes dreamy 2k video, there is a reason that this drone owns the sky.

12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control 12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control check price

Dr. Who fans will love this Sonic Screwdriver that looks just like the Doctor’s. The coolest part? It’s a toy, prop, and even universal remote controller for the TV. It even flicks open and emits sound effects. Even the Doctor needs one of these.

For The Gamer

Looking for gifts for the 16 year old gamer in your life? One of the top gifts for a 16 year old boy is a new video game. From the coolest video games to accessories, these are the perfect video game gifts for that special gamer in your life.

PlayStation Plus MembershipPlayStation Plus Membershipcheck price

If you don’t know what games to get your 16 year old gamer and they have the Playstation 4, get them the Playstation Membership. Not only does it let them play multiplayer games online, Sony gives out at least 2 free PS4 games each month. We like free.

Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Xbox LIVE Gold Membership check price

If you don’t know what to get your Xbox One gamer, the Xbox Live Gold Membership is the perfect gift. With the Xbox Live Gold Membership, gamers not only get to play online multiplayer games, but they receive several free games each month as part of the subscription. What’s there not to love?

Sony PlayStation 4Sony PlayStation 4check price

The Playstation 4 is the video game system that most 16 year old boys are playing today. What makes it so cool? With a strong library of games and awesome social feature, the Playstation 4 is the best place to play games. Sony recently lowered the price of the PS4 so there is no better time to grab the Playstation 4.

Xbox One 1TB BundleXbox One 1TB Bundlecheck price

While the Xbox One is not as popular as the PS4, it offers a ton of awesome exclusives like Halo 5 and Tomb Raider. Now Microsoft has added the ability to play a growing number of Xbox 360 games, making owning the Xbox One even sweeter.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Ages 13+
Uncharted 4: A Thief's Endcheck price

Nathan Drake is starring in one of the biggest games in 2016. Uncharted 4 is the game that everybody has been waiting for. Pulled out of retirement by his brother, Nathan Drake has one last mission. As he embarks on his last mission, we will be treated to some of the most realistic visuals and storyline in a videogame. This might be the best PS4 game.

Ages 5+
Minecraftcheck price

Minecraft took over the world by showing us that the idea of Legos could be fun in the virtual world. Today, thousands of people play the game. The game teaches kids to use their creativity as they build whatever is in their mind. The game can now be found on just about every gaming device.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Ages 17+
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIcheck price

16 year old boys love first person shooters. A new Call of Duty is out and it throws gamers into a violent and explosive M rated universe. The new game takes place in the year 2065 where humans are transformed into Terminator like Cyborgs. The game adds a new Zombie mode, but playing the online multiplayer with buddies is where the game shines.

Madden NFL 16
Ages 10+
Madden NFL 16check price

The latest Madden game lets you take your favorite NFL team to the Super Bowl with the most authentic game play. With a brand new passing game that makes you feel like a real NFL quarterback, you now have the ability to place the ball only where your receiver can catch it. Can you throw a touchdown?

Fallout 4
Ages 17+
Fallout 4check price

Rated M, every 16 year old boy wants to play Fallout 4. The world is frozen. After the ice melts, you take control of the game. It’s a dark filled world with hours of gameplay, a strong storyline, and tons of exploration. With hundreds of quests to uncover, gamers will love spending countless hours exploring this dystopian wasteland.

PowerA Controller Charging StationPowerA Controller Charging Stationcheck price

Don’t you hate when your controller dies? With PowerA Controller Charging Station you never have to worry about that again. It charges 2 controllers at once so you will always have a controller charged. This standalone unit plugs into your outlet so you can charge your controller at any time.

HyperX Cloud Gaming HeadsetHyperX Cloud Gaming Headsetcheck price

Available for both the Xbox One and Ps4, this dope headset from HyperX is the best way to communicate with friends online. Even after a long gaming session the headset feels as light as a cloud. You can even remove the microphone and use it as a pair of headphones.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo HeadsetPlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headsetcheck price

With 7.1 virtual surround sound, this entry level wireless headset for the PS4 is one of the most popular headsets on the console. Put these on to block the outside world so you can focus on fragging your enemies and talking to your teammates.

GAEMS Personal Gaming EnvironmentGAEMS Personal Gaming Environmentcheck price

Would you love to take your console with you? The GAEMS Personal Gaming Environment is a cool little carrying case of the PS4 or Xbox One. The built in 19 inch screen means you can play just about anywhere with an electrical socket.

Elgato Game Capture HD60Elgato Game Capture HD60check price

The Elgato Capture HD60 records Xbox or Playstation game play and stores it on your computer in 1080P at 60 fps. For gamers that have skill, this is a great way to show off your skills on Twitch or Youtube. You might be the next big Youtuber.

Xbox One Elite Wireless ControllerXbox One Elite Wireless Controllercheck price

Serious gamers need the Xbox One Elite controller for a real edge. While it has all of the same buttons as the regular controller, gamers can customize everything from the button mapping to the trigger sensitivity. There are endless amount of customizations. You can even swap out the thumbsticks and digital pad to your liking. The only problem? It’s pricey.

Optoma HD28DSE 1080p ProjectorOptoma HD28DSE 1080p Projectorcheck price

How would you like to play the PS4 or Xbox One on a theater sized screen? With the 1080P Optomo projector, you can play Call Of Duty, the way it was meant to be played – on a 107 inch screen. It’s like being on the battlefield. The best part? It’s the first projector to include Darbee processing which allows for a stunning image quality.

Nintendo AmiibosNintendo Amiiboscheck price

What gamer doesn’t love Nintendo characters? Amiibos are Nintendo toys featuring Nintendo’s most well known characters including Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong. While the toys add additional functionality to Nintendo games, they are fun to collect on their own.

Amiibo End Level Display Amiibo End Level Display check price

If you have a stash of Nintendo Amiibos, this display stand is a fun way to show them off. The flag pole stand is just like the flag pole at the end of Mario levels. Now you can stack your favorite Nintendo characters on it.

BenQ 27 inch Gaming Monitor BenQ 27 inch Gaming Monitor check price

Regular HDTVs are not that great for gaming because they suffer from input lag. If you play first person shooters professionally, this monitor is great for taking PS4, Xbox One, or PC gaming to the next level. The fast response time means that input lag is a thing of the past.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit Xbox One Play and Charge Kit check price

Who wants to constantly replace the batteries in the Xbox One controller? This charging kit includes a rechargeable battery along with a USB cord for charging it. The battery charges in about 4 hours and gives you about 20 hours of game time. The best part? The USB cord is fairly long so you can charge the controller while you are playing on the couch.

WD 4TB My Book External Hard DriveWD 4TB My Book External Hard Drivecheck price

Do you find that you are always running out of space on your Xbox One or PS4? The standard Xbox One and PS4 just don’t have enough of space. Luckily, you can add 4 Terabytes of disk space to your PS4 or Xbox One with this hard drive from Western Digital.

Kinivo 5 port HDMI switch Kinivo 5 port HDMI switch check price

Are you running out of HDMI ports on your TV? If this has happened to you, nothing is worse than constantly switching wires around. Now you can plug all your gaming consoles into this 5 port HDMI switch. The best part? It will automatically change to the active input.

Ortz Analog Thumb GripsOrtz Analog Thumb Gripscheck price

Buying a gift for a gamer doesn’t have to cost a lot. These thumb grips are placed over the regular joysticks and are supposed to improve the grip, which improves your accuracy in first person shooters. Plus, if you just ate some Doritos, you don’t have to worry about your real joysticks getting all sticky and oily.

For The Airsoft Lover

Airsoft Lover
Looking for good gifts for a 16 year old boy? Who doesn’t love things that go boom? Whether your 16 year old is looking to play a game of skirmish or shoot targets, these gift ideas are likely to be a huge hit.

Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 BlasterNerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blastercheck price

This isn’t just any Nerf foam cannon. Firing foam projectiles at 70 MPH, this gun is designed for teens who love competitive play. This serious piece of Nerf goodness is the first automatic gun in the Nerf Rival line. Powered by 6 D batteries, the Khaos automatically fires 40 high impact rounds in just 11 seconds to ensure your opponents won’t know what hit them.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball GunTippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Guncheck price

Are you ready to get into paintball? For new paintball players, there is nothing like the Tippmann Cronus paintball gun. Durable, reliable, and lightweight, it’s one of the most unique looking paintball guns. Shooting between 280-300 FPS, you’ll be ready to get out on the field. This package includes everything you need to suit up including the Tippman Cronus and protection gear.

1/4 Mile Potato Gun Cannon The Bully1/4 Mile Potato Gun Cannon The Bullycheck price

There is a reason they call this the Bully. Massive is an understatement. This thing is the size of a bazooka. Spray it with hairspray for a few seconds and you are ready to fire this bad boy. Not only does it launch potatoes ridiculously far, it’s rather loud and has an awesome kick.

Water Sports QF-2000 Stream Machine Water Sports QF-2000 Stream Machine check price

Water fights just got a whole lot more fun with the Stream Machine. There is a reason they call this the Stream Machine. With a 36 inch barrel, this water cannon shoots a stream of water up to 70 feet away, drenching the competition.

Double Barrel Marshmallow ShooterDouble Barrel Marshmallow Shootercheck price

What could be cooler than a gun the fires mini marshmallows? With a pump action, the Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter is super fun. You might even want to pick up an extra one along with a couple bags of mini marshmallows so you can have marshmallow war.

Perfect Point Throwing Knife SetPerfect Point Throwing Knife Setcheck price

Nothing is more fun than throwing an 8 inch knife at a target. Knife throwing is as much an art as it is a skill. Throwing Knives is competitive, entertaining, and a social sport. This set of three 8 inch knives from Perfect Point is perfect for beginners looking to get into the sport.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety GogglesLancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Gogglescheck price

BB guns, pellets guns, and airsoft guns can be very dangerous if the proper safety is not followed. Using proper eye protection is essential for protecting the eyes from injury. These ones from Lancer are comfortable and give you the protection you need without interrupting the flow of combat.

Lancer Tactical LT-12BLancer Tactical LT-12Bcheck price

The Lancer Tactical is a great starter gun for 16 year old boys looking to get into airsoft. This automatic electric gun has a full metal gearbox. With a rate of fire of 400 FPS and a great range, you are getting great performance for a great price.

Elite Force 1911 Tac AirsoftElite Force 1911 Tac Airsoftcheck price

With the classic styling of a 1911 pistol, this is an airsoft gun that will never get outdated. The all metal gun body and two tone tan finish gives it a realistic look. Shooting at a velocity of 345 FPS, this is an airsoft gun to be reckoned with. While it has a great blowback, you do need to insert a 12 gram CO2 cartridge in the side of the magazine to fire it.

Daisy Red Ryder BB Pistol KitDaisy Red Ryder BB Pistol Kitcheck price

There is a reason that the Daisy Red Ryder is one of the most popular BB guns. With a velocity of 350 FPS and a range of 30 feet, this BB gun is great for target practice in the backyard or basement. Powered by a spring piston, you must cock it to fire it. This kit includes everything you need to get started including safety goggles and a couple of targets.

Umarex Colt Peacemaker BB GunUmarex Colt Peacemaker BB Guncheck price

With this BB gun, you will feel just like a cowboy. This is the closest thing to a real .45 Colt action revolver. Just like a real Colt, it fires only 6 BBs at a time. You even have to reload it the same way. Target practice in the backyard never felt better.

The Scout Hunting SlingshotThe Scout Hunting Slingshotcheck price

While not a toy, the Scout is a cool slingshot. While it can be used for hunting small game, most 16 boys will probably want to use it for target practice in the backyard. The unique design supports all types of shooting styles.

Aussie Fever Wooden BoomerangAussie Fever Wooden Boomerangcheck price

What could be cooler than a boomerang that flies back to you? This light weight boomerang has flight range of 30 yards depending on the wind. Made in Australia, it has an original handmade look. Throwing the boomerang does take practice, but that is part of the fun. Once you learn to throw this boomerang so that it comes back to you, there is nothing more awesome.

For The Music Lover

Music Lover
From the hottest headphones to musical instruments, these out of this world gifts will please the music enthusiast in your life.

Beats Solo2 Wireless HeadphonesBeats Solo2 Wireless Headphonescheck price

16 year old boys love headphones with a great sense of style and deep booming sound. In other words, they love Beats headphones. With flashy colors, Beats has come out with a wireless headset with a clean design. Now you don’t have to worry about the cords getting tangled while you are flaunting your new pair of Beats.

Bluedio A (Air) Wireless HeadphonesBluedio A (Air) Wireless Headphonescheck price

If you really don’t care what others think and just want a good pair of headphones, these headphones from Bluedio are pretty comparable to that expensive pair of Beats. With a flexible design, they fit nicely over your ears and provide a rich sound especially with the 3d audio turned on. The best part? They are completely wireless and pair over Bluetooth.

JAM Plus Portable SpeakerJAM Plus Portable Speakercheck price

Get ready to jam! You won’t believe the sound that comes out of this small Jam speaker. Available in several rad colors, the speaker connects to tablets and smart phones up to 30 feet away. With a rechargeable battery that lasts about 4 hours, this speaker can create a party in any room.

UE ROLL 360 Wireless SpeakerUE ROLL 360 Wireless Speakercheck price

There are plenty of Bluetooth wireless speakers but how many of them can be worn? With an astonishing range of 65 feet, the UE roll has a bungee cord that can be attached to just about anything from a bike to a backpack. It’s even completely waterproof which means the party doesn’t have to stop when you are in the swimming pool and even in the shower.

Bose SoundLink Wireless SpeakerBose SoundLink Wireless Speakercheck price

Who said that you can’t get amazing sound out of a Bluetooth speaker? With the Bose Soundlink you can. You wouldn’t expect such full sound out of a speaker that fits in your hand. With 8 hours of battery life, you can take this great sounding speaker just about anywhere.

UE BOOM 2 Wireless SpeakerUE BOOM 2 Wireless Speakercheck price

If you are looking to keep your party going all night, get the UE Boom 2. With an insane Bluetooth range of 65 feet, the tube shaped speaker kicks out thumping sound in every direction. It delivers the boom in super compact size.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB MicrophoneBlue Microphones Yeti USB Microphonecheck price

Whether you are recording voiceovers, podcasts, vocals, or even recording a Youtube video, the Yeti microphone will give you broadcast quality sound at an affordable price.

Svance Water Dancing SpeakersSvance Water Dancing Speakerscheck price

You have never seen a Bluetooth speaker like this. This water speaker from Svance creates a stunning water show to the tune of your music. With every beat of the music, it appears the water is dancing to the beat of the music.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth SpeakerStar Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speakercheck price

Shaped like the Millennium Falcon, this might be the coolest Bluetooth speaker in the galaxy. It’s simple to pair with only one button. While it is not loud enough for a party, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for Star Wars fans. The coolest part? The back thrusters light up blue.

Zipbuds Sport EarbudsZipbuds Sport Earbudscheck price

Do you spend 20 minutes untangling your headphones? Zipbuds solves that problem by wrapping the head phones in a zipper. You won’t believe the extra amount of time you get.

The Nest Earbud CaseThe Nest Earbud Casecheck price

Don’t you hate when your headphones get tangled? If you’ve got a regular pair of earbuds, the Nest storage case allows you to store them in your pocket or backpack tangle free. It’s a silicone container with a lip to wrap the cord around. You’ll finally be tangle free.

Rocksmith 2014 With Guitar Rocksmith 2014 With Guitar check price

Every 16 year old boy dreams that he can play the guitar. Rocksmith 2014 is the best way to learn how to play the guitar- a real guitar with real strings. It’s really an interactive guitar tutorial. You choose the songs you want to learn from the bands your love and Rocksmith will teach you what you need to know.

Pick PunchPick Punchcheck price

Do you always lose your guitar picks? With Pick Punch, your 16 year old musician can make guitar picks out of anything plastic even old credit cards.

pBone Plastic TrombonepBone Plastic Trombonecheck price

A plastic trombone? The pBone sounds almost as good as a real brass trombone but is a fraction of the price. It’s great for practice sessions or beginning trombonists. The best part? Weighing only 3 pounds, you can practice just about anywhere.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable SystemAudio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable Systemcheck price

Retro is back. 16 year old boys can start their own vinyl collection with this nice turntable. The Audio Technica AT-LP60 can be plugged directly into a speaker system, making it easy to use right away.

For The Scientist

The Scientist
Does your 16 year old have his own science lab in his room? For the 16 year old science nerd in your life, these science gifts range from educational to “that’s so nerdy.”

Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter KitVilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kitcheck price

The Raspberry Pi was created to get more people interested in programming. It’s a small microcomputer the size of a credit card that 16 year old boys get to build, use, modify, and mess around with. This is the 3nd iteration, which now includes Bluetooth and Wi Fi. If you ever wanted to know how to get started, this kit contains everything you need to get started in one box including a book of projects.

The Arduino Starter KitThe Arduino Starter Kitcheck price

Arduino boards are microcomputers that you can use to make things light up, move around, and create sounds. By using different components, you can create many different DIY electronics. The best way to get started is with this starter kit. In the package, you get a ton of stuff including the Arduino Uno R3 board and various electronic components. The 170 manual guides you through 15 projects.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3LEGO Mindstorms EV3check price

Lego Mindstorms is a fantastic introduction to the world of robotics. 16 year old boys should be able to use it right out of the box because it’s Legos. The drag and drop interface makes programming your robots easier. There are a handful of robots that you can build, but the fun part is building and programming your own robot from scratch.

Elenco Learn to SolderElenco Learn to Soldercheck price

If you are going to tackle DIY projects, 16 year old boys need to learn to solder. Soldering can be difficult. With this kit from Elenco, it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. The kit includes a basic soldering iron and a couple of boards to practice on. By following the course, you’ll learn to solder in record time.

Elenco AM/FM Radio KitElenco AM/FM Radio Kitcheck price

Who wouldn’t want to build their own AM/FM radio? If you already know how to solder, you will love building this radio from scratch. With easy to follow instructions along with diagrams, you’ll actually learn about the various parts in a radio.

Makey MakeyMakey Makeycheck price

Based on an Arduino board, Makey Makey can turn normal household objects into input devices simulating a keyboard or mouse press. This allows you to do all sorts of fun stuff. You can use it to create a Play-Doh video game controller to control your favorite videogame or play the piano with bananas. The fun part is experimenting.

Minecraft Modding 1.8 With JavaMinecraft Modding 1.8 With Javacheck price

Everyone loves Minecraft but how would you like to create your own Mod. With 60 hours of tutorials, you’ll learn how to add your own blocks, weapons, and armor using Java programming. If your son wants to learn how to program his own videogame, this is the best way to learn how.

For The Tool Lover

From the DIYer to the hiker to the everyday person, check out these tools that will make your life easier.

Leatherman 830039 Wave MultitoolLeatherman 830039 Wave Multitoolcheck price

With 17 tools, the Leather Man Wave is the most popular multi tool. There is a nice selection of tools here for just about any job or adventure. You get a set of screwdrivers, can openers, and even a serrated knife. All the tools are ruggedly designed to take a beating.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knifecheck price

Every 16 year old should carry around a pocket knife when going outdoors. Prepare yourself for any adventure with this Swiss Army knife from Victorinox. With 33 tools in your pocket, you will have everything from a can opener to a fish scaler. You will never know when one of these tools will be useful.

Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool KitStanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner's Tool Kitcheck price

For the 16 year old handyman in your life, this 65 piece toolset contains everything he needs to complete home improvement projects around the house. The toolset includes everything from tape ruler to mechanic tools for working on his new car.

Premium Leather OrbitkeyPremium Leather Orbitkeycheck price

Don’t you hate bulky keys in your pocket? While it looks similar to a swiss army knife, this inventive key holder holds your keys in the most compact form. Holding up to 7 keys, the OrbitKey puts an end to all the bulkiness and jiggliness in your pocket.

Nite Ize BugLitNite Ize BugLitcheck price

While it looks like a bug, this unique flash light has bendy legs on it. This allows you to position it in any darn position you please. The coolest part? The legs can even be wrapped around another object. With 3 brightness setting, it can accompany on your next project or adventure.

MAZU 11-Piece Lock Pick Set MAZU 11-Piece Lock Pick Set check price

Have you ever wanted to learn how to pick locks? With 11 pieces, this set from Mazu has a transparent plastic lock so you can see what you are doing when you are first learning. After that you can move on to more difficult locks.

Vitchelo HeadlampVitchelo Headlampcheck price

Everyone who loves outdoor adventurers needs a headlamp. Simple and compact, the Vitchelo headlamp is one of the brightest headlamps. With 3 beam settings, it offers 168 lumens on its brightest setting.

Osprey Packs Quasar DaypackOsprey Packs Quasar Daypackcheck price

Whether you are camping or headed to school, the Osprey Quasar backpack is designed for you. You could even use it for going to the gym. With plenty of compartments, it’s great for organizing and carrying your stuff. You won’t believe how much stuff you can fit inside. There is plenty of space for a cell phone, camera, pens, books, and more. It even supports a large 15 to 17 inch laptop.

Panther Vision Flashlight 1000 Panther Vision Flashlight 1000 check price

At 1000 lumens, you won’t believe how bright this flash light is. There is even a 210 and 600 lumen model. It can turn night into day. You can even walk the dog out at night. There is both a low beam and high beam setting. On its highest setting, it has a 5 hour burn time. The coolest part? It’s got a unique flat shape design which means it won’t roll around and fits comfortably in your pocket.

For The Car Lover

Car Lover
Does he have a new car? While he may be a little young to become a mechanic, these gifts are perfect for your new car lover.

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance KitTop Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kitcheck price

Everyone needs an emergency car kit. Top Gear has created a wonderful 66 piece kit with everything from booster cables to a first aid kit. This is the perfect gift for a 16 year old boy who just got his first car. Just throw it in the car and you don’t have to worry so much.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car ChargerAnker 24W Dual USB Car Chargercheck price

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you need to keep your phone and all your gadgets charged especially if you have a habit of forgetting to charge them. Charging 2 devices at once, this USB charger from Anker will make your life so much easier.

ZUS Smart USB Car ChargerZUS Smart USB Car Chargercheck price

Do you always forget where you parked your car? This might look like your typical USB car charger but it is a smart charger. It does everything you expect including charging 2 devices at the same time. The coolest part? It has a cool locator system that helps you find your car in a crowded parking lot.

SuperVizor Seatbelt CutterSuperVizor Seatbelt Cuttercheck price

Everyone should have a seatbelt cutter and window breaker in their emergency car kit. Created by a paramedic, this one is super cool because it tucks into your visor so you will always be able to find it in case of an emergency.

Brightech Portable Car Battery Jump StarterBrightech Portable Car Battery Jump Startercheck price

How cool is this? It’s a little portable jump starter that can jump start your car or even full size pickup. Simply throw it in your glove box and you will never have to wait for a good Samaritan or call road side assistance again. The coolest part? It can even charge USB devices.

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPSGarmin nüvi 55LM GPScheck price

Nobody likes getting lost. While it is not fancy, this GPS unit from Garmin is designed to get you where you need to go. The voice prompts and directions are simple to follow. There are even speed limit alerts and the unit will alert you when you are near a school.

Meguiar’s G55032 Complete Car Care Kit Meguiar's G55032 Complete Car Care Kit check price

Who needs a car wash? This car wash kit contains everything you need to get your car looking like show room quality in no time.

For The Artist

Does he like sketching, painting, or building stuff? Then these gifts should be pixel perfect for him.

Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit check price

Who doesn’t love root beer? Now you can make 2 gallons of this stuff with this kit. The kit comes with everything you need except the sugar and brown sugar. Getting the carbonation and taste right does require a bit of trial and error, but when you get it right you will want to drink the whole 2 gallons.

SodaStream Fountain Soda Maker Starter KitSodaStream Fountain Soda Maker Starter Kitcheck price

Now you can make soda out of ordinary water. Using carbon dioxide, the Soda Stream creates fizz in just regular water. You can even create your own soft drinks with the 60 different flavors.

Millennium Falcon Metal Model KitMillennium Falcon Metal Model Kitcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool to create a model of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon? With this kit, you will fold 4 inch square metal plates into the coolest spaceship in the galaxy. Everything is held by tiny tabs. It’s a fairly small model that requires precision, but the finished model is out of this galaxy.

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way check price

Have you ever wanted to draw your own comic strip? This is the beginners guide for learning how to draw comics. You’ll learn techniques used in Marvel comics including shapes, form, figure drawing, depth, and more. While you are learning, Stan Lee keeps things funny and light hearted.

LEGO Star Wars 75095 Tie Fighter
Ages 14+
LEGO Star Wars 75095 Tie Fightercheck price

Containing 1685 pieces, 16 year old boys can build the iconic Star Wars TIE Fighter compete with an opening top hatch. With great detailing this Lego ship stands a foot tall when built. With the included display stand, you will want to add it to your Star Wars collection.

Enchanted Forest Colori​ng BookEnchanted Forest Colori​ng Bookcheck price

Who the heck knew that adult coloring books would be so huge? Apparently, these coloring books help relieve stress. There is something enchanting about this one with lots of whimsical designs.

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit check price

Have you ever wanted to add a little flair to your shoes or just fix them up? The Acrylic Paint kit is perfect for painting on shoes, wallets, or any leather surface. Take an ordinary pair of kicks to the next level with your own artwork. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of acrylic brushes.

Trends UK Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle EngineTrends UK Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle Enginecheck price

With 250 parts, this kit lets 16 year old boys build a model version of V-twin motorcycle engine. After putting it together, you will understand how a real life four stroke motorcycle engine functions. With a step by step guide, the parts are easy to snap and screw together. After building it, you can start the engine with three AA batteries.

For Sports Enthusiast

For aspiring Stephen Currys to those that just love to be fit, these are cool sports themed gift ideas for your 16 year old boy.

Hydro FlaskHydro Flaskcheck price

Whether you love warm coffee or a cold soda, the Hydro Flask is a must have. With its dual insulated technology, it will keep drinks hot or cold for much longer than you would imagine.

Wilson EvolutionWilson Evolutioncheck price

Score major points with the Wilson Evolution basketball. It’s the best indoor basketball that you can get your hands on because of its great balance between grip and feel. It melts in your hand , giving you great control. Best of all, the material withstands the test of time.

Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball BackboardLifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Backboardcheck price

Who wouldn’t love to practice their B-ball game in their own driveway or backyard? With a 44 inch impact backboard, you can show off your killer jump shot. You can even adjust the height between 7 ft to 10 ft with the telescoping rod. Simply fill the base with sand and water to keep the base sturdy. Now all you need is to invite Stephen Curry over.

SKLZ 10 Man Flag Football SetSKLZ 10 Man Flag Football Setcheck price

Looking for a gift for a 16 year old boy who loves football? This 10 Man flag football set comes with everything you need for a pickup game of flag football at the park or beach. The Velcro attachment makes the flags easy to pull and put back on.

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle DartboardWinmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboardcheck price

Don’t waste your time with any other dartboard; the Winmau Blade 4 is the best dartboard out there. Because it’s made of thinner wire, the darts won’t hit the wire and bounce off the board. This is one dartboard that hits the bullseye.

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy BagEverlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bagcheck price

This 70 pound MMA boxing bag is perfect for 16 year boys who want a little exercise and to relieve some stress. All it needs is a place to hang. Simply put on a pair of gloves and let the poor bag have it.

Baden Perfection Elite Soccer BallBaden Perfection Elite Soccer Ballcheck price

Soccer fans will love this high quality soccer ball. Made of high quality latex bladder, this ball maintains its shape, bounce, feel, and roundness. While latex bladder is higher quality, it doesn’t hold air as long so the ball must be filled with air more frequently. Still, unlike department stores ball, this ball is designed to last.

Adidas Team Speed Small DuffelAdidas Team Speed Small Duffelcheck price

With plenty of room and compartments, this duffle is perfect for short trips, weekend trips, basketball practice, or the gym. The zippered pocket on the outside is perfect for carrying around your toiletries. It’s even got a separate compartment for storing your shoes.

Nike Team Training GymsackNike Team Training Gymsackcheck price

For the active guy, this gym sack from Nike not only looks great but is perfect for carrying clothes and belongings around. It comes in different colors so you can get his favorite color. With 2 different compartments in the main area and one zippered compartment on the front, there is plenty of room to stay organized.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout BarIron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Barcheck price

Looking for a great upper body workout? The Iron Gym attaches to any doorway in seconds with no mounting equipment. This way every time your 16 year old boy goes through the doorway he can do a couple of pull-ups or chin-ups.

Yes4All Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells Yes4All Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells check price

With adjustable plates, you can easily make these dumbbells lighter or heavier depending on your strength. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to workout but doesn’t have the space. Besides, who wants a ton of dumbbells lying around their house?

Perfect Pushup ElitePerfect Pushup Elitecheck price

Perfect Pushup allows you to complete a pushup without putting stress on your wrists. Instead of keeping your hands flat on the floor, you put your hands on the handles, which keeps them in a more comfortable position. The rotating action of the handles delivers a greater burn through the chest area, allowing you to get better results in a shorter time.

Rawlings Baseball GloveRawlings Baseball Glovecheck price

If your 16 year old boy is a huge baseball fan, they will love this high quality leather glove from Rawlings. Rawlings knows gloves as they have been making them for ages. With a padded pocket and easy break in period, this glove is perfect for a game of catch or even on the field. It has an amazing fit and the velcro strap holds like it was stitched on. He will not want to take it off.

Tiki Toss GameTiki Toss Gamecheck price

Tiki Toss is a must have for family get togethers. With a Hawaiian theme, the game is actually an interesting spin on the game of darts. It’s easy to set up with just 2 screws. The idea of the game is to toss a ring on a hook. It sounds like it would get old fast but it’s addictive.

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchFitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watchcheck price

Is your 16 year old into fitness? The Fitbit Blaze combines a fitness tracker with a smart watch. You will be able to get notifications as well as track your fitness from your wrist. Plus, with onscreen workouts, you’ll have a virtual trainer to keep you motivated.

Aerobie Skylighter DiscAerobie Skylighter Disccheck price

Are you looking for some fun in the day and night? It’s fun throwing this Frisbee during the day but tossing it at night is even cooler. That’s because it’s got an LED light that illuminates the Frisbee in the dark. You might find yourself staying up late just to play with it.

Under Armour Curry 2Under Armour Curry 2check price

Who doesn’t want a pair of the Under Armour Curry 2 shoes? Featuring SpeedForm technology, you get maximum ankle support. Because it is a lighter shoe, you are able to be quicker on your feet. While it won’t make you shoot like Stephen Curry, it’s just as fun wearing his shoes.

Jordan Retro 2Jordan Retro 2check price

Based on the shoe that the Legendary Michael Jordan wore in 1987, these are some awesome kicks. With great traction, they are just as stylish and good on the court today.

NFL Patches Ugly SweaterNFL Patches Ugly Sweatercheck price

Wondering what to buy your football loving 16 year old? Consider this ugly Christmas sweater that features designs for all 32 NFL teams. It’s hideous! Your friends won’t be able to stop laughing at your next football party.

The Room

The game room
Add a little unexpected color, personality, or fun to the room with the cool gift ideas.

Paladone Pac-Man Ghost LightPaladone Pac-Man Ghost Lightcheck price

Is there anything cooler than Pac Man? For the 16 year old gamer, this USB powered Pac Man Lamp makes a super cool light. The ghost shaped light glows and cycles through 16 different colors and even lights up with the beat of music in party mode.

Pongo Portable Table Tennis SetPongo Portable Table Tennis Setcheck price

For those that don’t have space for a table tennis table, this portable ping pong set makes a great gift. The net is designed to fit any table turning it from boring to fun. Now your 16 year old can play just about anywhere.

Take Ten Bean Bag Chair Take Ten Bean Bag Chair check price

Do you get tired playing videogames all day? The Lava Lounger will make you want to play video games even longer. This bean bag chair is filled with memory foam, which makes it more durable than standard bean bag chairs. You will want to relax, read, watch TV, and even sleep in it.

Heritage Sports BannerHeritage Sports Bannercheck price

Here’s a great gift to show your love for your favorite sports team whether it’s a baseball, NBA, NCAA, or NBA team. This wall banner is perfect for hanging up in the man cave.

Hathaway Playoff Foosball TableHathaway Playoff Foosball Tablecheck price

What could be cooler than a foosball table? This Foosball table brings all the competitive fun of the arcade to the home. Designed for the home, the soccer players and rods are fairly well constructed. It’s a great way for 16 year old boys to kill some time with their friends.

Dxracer Gaming Chair Dxracer Gaming Chair check price

Shaped just like racing car seat, the DXRacer is built for playing videogames. This is the chair everybody on Twitch is using. With a headrest cushion, the chair is designed to support your posture even after a long gaming session. It even has a recline feature that allows you to tilt all the way back.

Carrom Nok Hockey GameCarrom Nok Hockey Gamecheck price

Who wouldn’t love Nok Hockey? Played with 2 plastic hockey sticks, the object is to knock the wooden puck into your opponent’s goal. You can try a direct shot but bank shots are so much cooler.

Touch Control LED Mood Light Touch Control LED Mood Light check price

This is no ordinary lamp. Shaped like a round ring, it looks futuristic. The lamp cycles between different colors, casting a cool ambience in the room. You can even make it stay on one of 7 colors including red, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, and white.

For The Book Lover

The book lover
While he might not be into books, he will love reading through these entertaining books that are sure to fit his personality.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual DictionaryStar Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionarycheck price

Based on the Star Wars Force Awakens movie, this book is a love letter to Star Wars fans. Through pictures and fun facts, this book gives a behind the scenes look at all your favorite characters, ships, weapons, and more. Star Wars fans will love the visual presentation of the book.

This Book Loves You This Book Loves You check price

Pew Die Pie made a name for himself through his popular video game Youtube channel. Now he is doing something a little different: writing a book. With it he hopes to end world poverty. Okay, may not so much. The book is filled with the funniest quips that Pew Die Pie is known for like: Never forget you are beautiful . . . compared to a fish.

The Manual to ManhoodThe Manual to Manhoodcheck price

The Manual To Manhood is a bible for 16 year old boys. If you were ever afraid to ask questions, this book contains step by step directions about almost everything you need to know. You will learn how to interview for a job, throw a football, and even talk to a girl.

Guinness World Records 2016Guinness World Records 2016check price

Did you know that the oldest pig ever was 23 year and 76 days. The Guinness Book Of World Records is a great book to pick up whenever you are bored. It’s fun to read the little facts about everything and impress everyone around you.

Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer’s EditionGuinness World Records 2016 Gamer's Editioncheck price

Did you know that the most watched E3 Game Trailer was Assassin’s Creed: Unity? Take the fun of the The Guinness Book of World Records and make it about just gaming and you get this book. It’s packed with fun facts, records, and speed runs of all of your favorite games.

Just the Ticket: Ticket Stub OrganizerJust the Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizercheck price

Just The Ticket: Stub Organization is a photo album just for tickets. It’s a great way not only to preserve memories but to organize all your tickets from events, concerts, and vacations. There is even a little place to write about your memories. It comes with 20 pages which hold about 80 tickets, but its 3 ring binder form factor lets you add additional pages.

Backyard BallisticsBackyard Ballisticscheck price

Are you a pyromaniac that loves things that go ka-boom? Then you need this book which teaches you how to build 16 different weapons. The book has an emphasis on history and safety. The best part? You’ll build a monster potato cannon.

Make: ElectronicsMake: Electronicscheck price

If you have ever wanted to get started building your own electronics, this is the book for you. Setup like a textbook, it teaches you in a way that everyone can understand. It starts off with the basics that you will need to have for later projects. You will not only build circuits like an intrusion alarm, but understand how they work.

The Hunger Games TrilogyThe Hunger Games Trilogycheck price

16 year old boys will love this dystopian tale about survival. In the book, teens must compete to the death in a reality show known as the Hunger Games. The story is told through 16 year old Katniss Everdeen who volunteers to be a part of the Hunger Games to save her younger sister. This set contains all 3 books in the trilogy.

The Maze Runner SeriesThe Maze Runner Seriescheck price

Similar to the Hunger Games, the Maze Runner takes place in a post apocalyptic world where 16 year Thomas must escape from a Maze to survive. With an action packed story, the book unfolds like a mystery. This set includes all the books in the series.

For The Movie Lover

Movie Lovers
Lights! Camera! Action! These gifts are sure to please any movie fanatic.

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes I-III (Blu-ray + DVD)Star Wars Trilogy Episodes I-III (Blu-ray + DVD)check price

Now anyone can get caught up with the greatest space saga ever with the Star Wars prequel Trilogy on Blu-ray. The bundle includes The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge Of Sith. While the CGI looks dated, the films have never looked better than in high definition.

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VI (Blu-ray + DVD) Star Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VI (Blu-ray + DVD) check price

While we will never be able to watch the original theatrical releases, every Star Wars fan can watch the original Star Wars Trilogy on Blu Ray. The trilogy includes A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

For The Board Game Lover

board games
From party games to strategic games to family fun, these board games are sure to provide memorable hours of fun.

Pandemic Legacy Red Board Game
Ages 13+
Pandemic Legacy Red Board Gamecheck price

Pandemic Legacy is one of the most interesting games in awhile. With up to 4 players, you and a group of friends have to stop a pandemic from spreading across the world. Unlike most games, as you are playing you make permanent changes to the game like ripping up cards which changes the storyline of the game. It’s like playing an interactive TV show.

Ticket To Ride
Ages 8-12
Ticket To Ride check price

Ticket To Ride is perfect for gamers of all skill levels. It is simple to play but there is a ton of strategy involved. In the game, players attempt to build the largest railroad across the North American continent. The challenge comes when other players try to take your route.

Catan 5th Edition
Ages 10+
Catan 5th Edition check price

With Settlers Of Catan, players land on an un-inhabited island. The idea of the game is to grow your civilization to control the island. You do that by collecting resources and building various structures. As you are building up your society, you will receive points. The player that reaches 10 points first wins.

Codenames Game
Ages 14+
Codenames Gamecheck price

Codenames is a word game played in teams. One player is a spy and has to use secret words to describe a group of words without actually saying any of the words. For example, if your words include cat, dog, and monkey, then you would say animal which describes the group of words. When played in a group, this is one of the best party games.

Exploding Kittens
Ages 7+
Exploding Kittenscheck price

Boom! Exploding Kittens is actually created by the cartoonist of the Oatmeal so you can expect fun artwork. The actual game is a lot like Uno. It’s a card game where the object is to avoid the exploding kitten in the deck. There is a bit of strategy as you can also pick up cards in the deck that help you avoid the exploding kitten card.

Electronic Catchphrase Game
Ages 13+
Electronic Catchphrase Gamecheck price

Electronic Catch Phrase is a simple electronic word game. You have to describe the word that pops up on the screen in any way you can think of without actually saying the word. You will dance, sing, and even act as the time ticks down.

For The Fashionable Guy

Fashion Gifts
16 year old guys are notoriously hard to shop for. Don’t buy clothes unless you want to embarrass him or know he will wear them. These gifts are sure to meet his fashion requirements.

Casio DW9052-1BCG “G-Shock”Watch Casio DW9052-1BCG check price

If you are looking for a fashionable watch that is rugged enough for 16 year old boys, this G Shock watch from Casio makes a great gift. While it’s great for telling time, this watch is designed to withstand any punishment you throw at it.

Under Armour All Sport Crew Socks Under Armour All Sport Crew Socks check price

Socks are the perfect gift, but not just any socks. Look for a cool pair of socks with fun athletic patterns on them like these ones from Under Armor. When socks look this good, there is no shame. Besides you can never have enough of socks.

iGT CLASS Men’s Touch Screen Leather GlovesiGT CLASS Men's Touch Screen Leather Glovescheck price

For the 16 year old boy who is always on his phone, these texting gloves from iGT will allow him to text in style while keeping his hands warm when it is chilly outside.

Crazy Ants Vintage Canvas Messenger BagCrazy Ants Vintage Canvas Messenger Bagcheck price

Those that love to travel in style will love this retro messenger bag. It’s got plenty of room for accessories and comfortably fits a small 14 inch laptop or tablet. With magnetic snaps, it is both stylish and practical.

NFL Embossed Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet NFL Embossed Genuine Leather Trifold Wallet check price

What do you get a fashionable football fan? This wallet does what a wallet is supposed to do but comes with an embossed NFL logo of his favorite NFL team. It is likely to score a touchdown with your football lover.

Nike Fitted Flat Bill HatNike Fitted Flat Bill Hatcheck price

For the 16 year old guy that wants to push his style to the next level, this flat bill hat from Nike is sick. It designed out of the dri fit material which helps keep sweat out of your eyes.

Neff Men’s Daily Heather BeanieNeff Men's Daily Heather Beaniecheck price

Not only will this beanie from Neff keep him toasty, it looks stylish. Available in many different colors, the ribbed material is pretty sure to go with everything in his wardrobe.

Under Armour Storm Caliber HoodieUnder Armour Storm Caliber Hoodiecheck price

While buying clothes for 16 year boys is next to impossible, no matter what style he rocks he will love this hoodie from Under Armour. Not only does it keep your warm, Under Armour hoodies seem to last forever even after throwing them in the laundry.

Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece BathrobeStar Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobecheck price

Seriously how cool is this? Your 16 year old will feel like a real Jedi with this bathrobe. Sporting a hood and wizard sleeves, the bathrobe will let him act out his favorite scenes from the movie. He might just start wearing it everywhere.

I’m Not Arguing Short Sleeve T-ShirtI'm Not Arguing Short Sleeve T-Shirtcheck price

Does your son have strong very opinions? Then he will love this hilarious shirt with the words “I’m Not Arguing. I’m Just Explaining Why I’m Right.”

Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 ShaverPhilips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shavercheck price

Chances are now that he is older, he is going to need to start shaving. He doesn’t need anything expensive as this inexpensive razor from Philips will do the job. The rotary blades flex and float along the contours of the face, allowing the razor to cut difficult to reach hair.

Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet BeltMission Belt Men's Leather Ratchet Beltcheck price

Don’t punch holes in your belt anymore! Featured on Shark Tank, the Mission belt grows or shrinks with you thanks to its sliding mechanism. The best part? As your 16 year old goes through growth spurts, the belt will grow with him.

Perry Ellis 360 Red ColognePerry Ellis 360 Red Colognecheck price

For 16 year old boys, Perry Ellis 360 is a great smelling cologne. With a woodsy lavender scent, it’s a light smelling cologne perfect for high school. It’s been called by many the cheaper Acqua gi Gio, but it is definitely an upgrade from Axe.

AXE Phoenix Gift SetAXE Phoenix Gift Setcheck price

Even 16 year old boys have to smell good. Who wants to be sweaty and stinky? Most teen boys love Axe body sprays, because everyone can smell you even across the hall. These Axe gift sets will have your teen feeling clean. There are different fragrances but we love Axe Phoenix which is fruity.

The North Face Apex Bionic JacketThe North Face Apex Bionic Jacketcheck price

Who wouldn’t love a jacket from Northface? Available in many different colors, this stylish windproof, water resistant jacket lets you go for a jog outside or stay warm on the coldest winter days.

Powercap LED BeaniePowercap LED Beaniecheck price

This is no ordinary beanie. Completely hands free, it’s got a built in LED light with 48 Lumens. It keeps you warm while providing illumination. You will be able to run and walk in the night.

Misslo Hanging Shower OrganizerMisslo Hanging Shower Organizercheck price

Do always run out of space for your shower items? With mesh pockets, this little caddy is perfect for hanging all your toiletries in the shower. The mesh pockets are designed to allow the water to drain so you don’t have to worry about mildew.

For The Foodie

Who doesn’t love food? Your food lover won’t be able to get enough of these irresistible gifts.

Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Mini FridgeNostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Mini Fridgecheck price

What 16 year old boy wouldn’t love a mini fridge in his room? Not only does it keep your Coke chilled, the retro Coke vending machine design looks pretty stylish. You could say it’s a “cool” fridge.

Great Northern Candy Gumball MachineGreat Northern Candy Gumball Machinecheck price

How cool is this? This 15 inch gumball machine looks just like a real gumball machine and even dispenses gumballs. The coolest part? You can stick other small snacks inside and feed all your friends. You can even make them pay depending on how friendly they are.

Hershey’s 5-Pound Candy BarHershey's 5-Pound Candy Barcheck price

Who doesn’t love Hershey chocolate? This is no ordinary Hershey bar. At 5 pounds, it’s as large as a board game. That’s like 50X larger than a normal bar. Just make sure that you don’t eat it all in one day even if you want to.

Ferrero Rocher Gift CubeFerrero Rocher Gift Cubecheck price

You can’t go wrong with this beautiful gift box filled with 18 decadent creamy chocolate pieces with hazelnuts inside. Now if it only came with more chocolate pieces.

Seattle Chocolates Gift BoxSeattle Chocolates Gift Boxcheck price

There is no better way to say Happy Birthday then with this box of chocolates. The package is bright and cheery with fun Birthday quotes on it. Inside, it’s loaded as assortment of different flavored chocolate truffles that are individually wrapped.

Gift Cards And Fun Ways To Give Gifts

Gift Cards
Ask any 16 year boy what he wants and he will probably say a gift card or money. But secretly, he thinks that’s boring. Surprise him with these fun ways to dress up gifts card or money.

Money MazeMoney Mazecheck price

Every 16 year old boy loves receiving cash but there is nothing exciting about it. The Money Maze takes ordinary cash and makes it a fun gift. In order to release the cash, your 16 year old will have to complete the maze puzzle. While it won’t work for a gift card, it will work for smaller items.

Green Money Machine Cash DispenserGreen Money Machine Cash Dispensercheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had your own money printer? While this doesn’t actually print money, it’s a fun way to give cash. Simply tape the bills together using the included removable tape. It’s fun watching your 16 year old pull out the ream of cash.

Prank Pack Extreme Chores Prank Pack Extreme Chores check price

You’ll love the look on your 16 year old’s face when he unwraps his gift. This is an empty prank box filled with a fake videogame that doesn’t exist. You didn’t think there was a videogame that made you do chores, did you? Put the real gift inside.

Puzzle Pod CryptexPuzzle Pod Cryptexcheck price

Here’s a fun way to give a gift card or even money. After sticking your gift inside, you have to create a 5 character password. Don’t give it to your 16 year old boy until he washes the dishes and mows the lawn. Maybe even get him the clean the bathroom.

Starbucks Gift CardStarbucks Gift Cardcheck price

A Star Bucks gift card? Boom. Instant success! He’ll love getting his favorite coffee the next time he hangs out at Starbucks with his friends.

Amazon Gift CardAmazon Gift Cardcheck price

An Amazon gift card is super cool. Amazon has just about everything you can think off from videogames to gadgets.

What Are Your Favorite Gifts for 16 Year Old Boys? Leave A Comment.

What are your favorite Birthday gifts for a 16 year old boy or Christmas gifts for a 16 year old boy? Let us know in the comments.

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