Sweet 16 Gift Ideas For 16 Year Old Girls

Sweet 16 Gifts For 16 year old girls
Don’t know what to get a girl for her 16th birthday? Here are over 300 unique Sweet 16 gift ideas for this momentous birthday.

She’s finally 16. Little girls wait forever for this day — her Sweet 16 Birthday. This “coming of age” birthday is the most important day in her life as she finally gets to be treated like an adult. She’s now old enough to drive and get a job.

What are the best gifts for a 16 year old girl? Of course, she wants a car, but most 16 year old girls also love clothes, makeup, jewelry, and hanging out with friends. Look for special gifts that are symbolic with meaning.

A special Birthday deserves a special gift. To inspire you, we created a list of Sweet sixteen gift ideas. Because every sixteen year old girl has different tastes and needs, we’ve divided our list into several categories that cover every budget. Whether you are looking for Sweet 16 gift ideas for your daughter, niece, girlfriend, sister, or best friend, these Sweet 16 gifts are sure to create memories that she can hold onto forever.

Sleepwear And Underwear

Sleepwear And Underwear

Alkii Winter Fleece Pajama PantsAlkii Winter Fleece Pajama Pantscheck price

Just about every 16 year old girl needs a cute pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas morning. With fun wintery patterns, look closely and you will see moose with sweaters, scarves, and ribbons. What could be cuter than a pair of lightweight fleece pajamas with moose on them?

Del Rossa Women’s Satin PajamasDel Rossa Womens Satin Pajamascheck price

What could be more fun than sleeping in silky satin pajamas? There is something so amazing about that silky feeling against your skin. Made out of satin polyester, these ones give you the feel of luxurious silk for less. Available in a variety of colors, they come with a button up shirt along with matching pants. With their modest fit, they give you plenty of room for moving around whether you are lying in bed or lounging around.

Ekouaer Thermal Fleece Underwear Ekouaer Thermal Fleece Underwear check price

Is there anything more comfy than comfy thermal pajamas? With an elastic waistband, the pants have a snug fit and are perfect for wearing under clothing or even as a pair of pajamas for lounging around at home. They fit like a pair of leggings and cover well. Made of cotton and spandex, the material is really comfortable to sleep in or lounge in.

iCollection Women’s Satin RobeiCollection Womens Satin Robecheck price

There is nothing that screams luxurious comfort than a satin Kimono robe. Available in several rich colors, it’s perfect for throwing on while you are getting ready. Featuring a waist belt, wide sleeves, and mid thigh length, it is the perfect pair of pajamas for lounging with on special days like your Sweet 16th.

Ekouaer Long Sleeve PajamasEkouaer Long Sleeve Pajamascheck price

What 16 year old doesn’t want to sleep in style? Your sleeping beauty is going to love these comfortable, crisp, and breathable pajamas. With a stylish narrow cut, they come in bold colors with a beautiful trim. The bottoms have an elastic waist with a drawstring. Made out of Viscose, they have an almost silky feel. While the pants don’t have pockets, there is chest pocket on the button up shirt.

Ekouaer Short Sleeve Pajama Set With ShortsEkouaer Short Sleeve Pajama Set With Shortscheck price

Just about every girl loves sleeping with just a short sleeve top and shorts when the weather is warm. Made of Viscose and Spandex, it is not only very comfortable to wear to bed but you will want to wear it around the house just to show it off.

PajamaMania Fleece Lounge Pajama SetPajamaMania Fleece Lounge Pajama Setcheck price

In the winter, nothing keeps you warmer than a pair of fleece pajamas. Available in several bright colors, these ones come with a solid colored top and patterned bottoms. The best part? While it’s perfect for wearing around the house and in bed, the sweatshirt is perfect for wearing even outside with leggings or jeans.

PajamaMania Flannel Long Sleeve Pajama SetPajamaMania Flannel Long Sleeve Pajama Setcheck price

Girls love to hang around the house doing homework, watching TV, and listening to music. These flannel pajamas from will make them want to hang around the house a little bit longer. These 100% cotton flannel pajamas are soft, breathable, and keep you warm on the coldest winter nights. You will want to wear them all day.

Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece RobeAlexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece Robecheck price

Make her feel comfortable with a luxurious polyester robe. It’s so soft and fluffy that you will never want to take it off. Featuring a hoodie and deep pockets, this robe is a glamorous way to get out of the shower and apply your makeup in the morning.

UBeauty Unicorn Kigurumi OnesieUBeauty Unicorn Kigurumi Onesiecheck price

Does your 16 year old girl love animals? Adult animal onesies are a thing. Available in several adorable animals, your 16 year old girl will love posting pictures all over on Instagram wearing this cute baggy onesie. Cozy, comfy, and cute, she will want to wear it at every chance she gets. Don’t forget to invite friends over for an onesie party.

Victorias Secret PajamasVictorias Secret Pajamascheck price

Every 16 year old girl’s weakness is Victoria Secret. From underwear to clothing, their clothing is so comfortable. Who doesn’t love Victoria Secret flannel pajamas? A new pair makes you feel like a million dollars on Christmas morning.

Calvin Klein Bralette and Bikini SetCalvin Klein Bralette and Bikini Setcheck price

Every girl needs undies. If you are a fashion lover, you have to own this pair of Calvins which are all over Instagram and social media. When styled correctly, this matching bra and brief set looks so adorable with just about everything.

Floral Lace Halter Bra BraletteFloral Lace Halter Bra Bralettecheck price

Meet the bralette! It’s everywhere. This dainty one with lace and minimal padding gives you the comfort of a sports bra in a fashionable package. You can layer it or wear it alone. It’s fun to wear with chill outfits.

Calvin Klein Women’s 3 Pack Bikini PantyCalvin Klein Womens 3 Pack  Bikini Pantycheck price

Who doesn’t like Calvins? She is going to want to just live in them and won’t want to ever to stop wearing them. Made out of cotton, they are so comfortable, stylish and feel nice. The best part? They come in so many colors and you can find matching bralettes.

Victoria Secret PantiesVictoria Secret Pantiescheck price

Every now at then Victoria Secret runs a special on its underwear. It’s always fun to hunt for new underwear during its sale. From briefs to boy shorts, its underwear comes in all different colors, cuts, and materials. Right now v anything made out of velvet is trendy and this trend has carried over the Victoria Secret’s underwear. She is going to want them in every color.

For The Fashion Loving 16 Year Old Girl

For The Fashion Loving 16 Year Old Girl

Looking for Sweet sixteen gifts but have no idea what to get your fashion-loving 16 year old girl? Here are chic Sweet 16 presents that are sure to impress your fashion loving teen.


adidas Originals Women’s 3-Stripes Leggingsadidas Originals Womens 3-Stripes Leggingscheck price

It’s hard to find the perfect leggings for working out with. We love these simple but stylish leggings from Adidas. They have got the iconic 3 Adidas stripes that run up the leg. While the stripes add contrast, they are mainly one color which makes them easy to match with a sports bra, tank top, or just about anything. They are perfect for sports, running, or even as part of casual outfits.

Adidas Tiro Training PantAdidas Tiro Training Pantcheck price

There is a reason that teenage girls everywhere have fallen in love with Adidas Tiro pants. Whether you are using them to work out or wearing them with lazy outfits, these slim track pants are designed to fit like skinny jeans without the hassle. Plus, the front zippered pockets are perfect for stashing your phone in.

90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Pants90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Pantscheck price

Just about every teenage girl has to have a pair of yoga pants in her wardrobe. As a teen girl, you can never have enough of leggings. Available in just about every color you can think of, these high quality yoga pants have a flattering fit without the usual price tag of more expensive brands.

Mono B Women’s Athletic Full LeggingsMono B Womens Athletic Full Leggingscheck price

Mesh clothing has gotten extremely trendy. Now leggings are getting a whole lot meshier. Mesh leggings are characterized by mesh cutouts in the fabric. They are not only fashionable, but the cutouts provide for more ventilation when you are working out. There are so many different ways to cut leggings, but with subtle mesh panels, these ones are great for getting your feet wet in this trend.

Under Armour Women’s Tech Twist PantUnder Armour Womens Tech Twist Pantcheck price

When you don’t want to put on jeans or legging, joggers are there to save the day. These sweatpants from Under Armour are so chic that you shouldn’t be afraid to show them off in public. Not only are they super comfortable, but they fit almost like leggings.

Lululemon LeggingsLululemon Leggingscheck price

When it comes to teen girls, Lululemon leggings have taken over the world. If you want the world’s fanciest and long lasting yoga pants, you probably want Lululemons. While they are super expensive, you can’t really beat their quality. You can finally do a downward dog without having to worry about your Yoga pants.

90 Degree By Reflex Tank Top90 Degree By Reflex Tank Topcheck price

There is nothing that says laid back like a comfortable sleeveless tank top. Whether she is working out or simply loves hanging out at the mall, this racer back tank top is an easy way to add a pop of color to your workout outfit. Made of a smooth Nylon and spandex material, the material is stretchy so it makes you feel comfortable whether you are doing a yoga stretch or running. And it is not just fashionable. The material is designed to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry.

Nike Sportswear Fleece Rally HoodieNike Sportswear Fleece Rally Hoodiecheck price

Nike makes the most adorable athletic outfits that put you in the mood to exercise. This fleece hoodie comes in the most adorable colors and is perfect for the 16 year old girl who loves working out everyday. Pair it with Nike Sneakers to complete the look.

Dixperfect Retro Inspired One Piece SwimwearDixperfect Retro Inspired One Piece Swimwearcheck price

Retro one-piece bathing suits are making a huge comeback. A one-piece bathing suit can be just as flattering as a 2 piece bikini. While the one-piece may see less stylish than a 2 piece bikini, you can get them in many different types of cuts on the front and back. Offered in flattering colors, this one has a low cut front and low cut back. This beautiful red bathing suit looks straight out of Baywatch! While it doesn’t offer padding, it is sure to bring out the lifeguard in her.

Triangl SwimsuitTriangl Swimsuitcheck price

On every beach, just about everyone has fallen in love with vibrant color blocking neoprene bikinis. With several brands now making them, owning a pair just got a little easier. Your 16 year old girl showing this swimsuit off to her friends on Instagram and at the beach.

Fin Fun Mermaid Swimming TailFin Fun Mermaid Swimming Tailcheck price

Is she obsessed with being a mermaid? Now she can channel her inner Ariel with the Fin Fun mermaid tail. Dressing up as a mermaid is fun, but this tail actually allows you to swim like one. When she slips on this mermaid tail, she is instantly transformed into this mythical creature. In addition to the tail, it comes with a monofin flipper, which allows her to use both her feet to swim like a mermaid.


Sweet 16 T-ShirtSweet 16 T-Shirtcheck price

Here’s the sweetest shirt! Emblazoned with the words: I Can’t Keep Calm It’s My Sweet 16 across the chest, this one of a kind tee comes in several colors and sizes. There is no better Sweet 16 birthday present. She will want to wear it all day on her special day.

Ivory Ella Perfect Fit Rainbow TeeIvory Ella Perfect Fit Rainbow Teecheck price

There are a ton of clothing brands, but we love clothing brands that give back to the world. With an iconic elephant logo, Ivory Ella donates proceeds from its clothing to the Kenyan charity, Save the Elephants. Its clothing is not only fashionable, but it’s nice knowing what you are wearing is actually making a difference in the world.

AEO Open Tie-Sleeve SweaterAEO Open Tie-Sleeve Sweatercheck price

Right now anything with sleeves that makes a statement is extremely trendy. Whether you are going with an off the shoulder, cold shoulder, or puffy look, these top gives your arms the attention that they need. For the Fall, we like this cozy sweater. This might look like an ordinary sweater, but it has long sleeve split sleeves with adorable bow detailing.

Levi Women’s Skinny JeansLevi Womens Skinny Jeanscheck price

When you want a slimming effect, there is nothing better than skinny jeans. While it’s available in all the standard colors, this one from Levi is a flattering dark wash called Flawless. Not only do they fit well, but they help elongate your frame. They are medium rise so you don’t have to worry about the dreaded muffin top look.

Distressed JeansDistressed Jeanscheck price

Does it seem like most jeans don’t fit right everywhere? These jeggings are a cross between leggings and jeans. They have a high rise, skinny cut that is both comfortable and flattering. The stretchy material perfectly hugs your body in all the right places, giving you the perfect fit. Available in just about every color that you can think of, they are the closest thing to leggings.

High Waisted Mom JeanHigh Waisted Mom Jeancheck price

While skinny jeans are always popular, high waisted mom jeans are now starting to become really trendy. With a loose fit, these high waisted pants look like they came straight out of the 80s. Not only do all of the cool moms love wearing them, but they are something that even 16 year old girls can get behind. Offering more coverage than low rise jeans, they create a slimming effect around the waist. The rips add a modern take on this classic style.

TeeStars Normal People Scare Me HoodieTeeStars Normal People Scare Me Hoodiecheck price

You can’t go wrong with a hoodie. For 16 year old girls, a hoodie with sarcasm that can be appreciated by a rebel is like the best thing in the world. The little quip on the front “Normal People Scare Me” couldn’t be more appropriate.

Victoria Secret SweatshirtVictoria Secret Sweatshirtcheck price

Her wardrobe is not complete without a Victoria Secret sweatshirt. You can style a whole lazy day outfit around this sweatshirt from Victoria Secret. It’s got a cute PINK logo on the front. No matter what the cut, Pink hoodies have a snug fit that makes you feel like a million bucks. When paired with high waisted pants, it would look so cute.

Columbia Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece JacketColumbia Benton Springs Full-Zip Fleece Jacketcheck price

Available in so many colors, this fitted fleece jacket from Columbia is perfect for the winter weather. Made of fleece, the material is soft and the jacket is fairly lightweight. The drawstrings on the waist are handy for keeping the chilly wind out. While it is not lined, it is perfect for layering. It’s got two zippered pocket s on the outside and two deep inside pockets.

Northface Osito 2 JacketNorthface Osito 2 Jacketcheck price

What could be more stylish than a Northface jacket? Made of fleece, this jacket keeps you warm even when it is cold outside. Because it is lightweight, you can layer it with a shirt or hoodie underneath if you need something warmer or even wear it alone when it is hot outside.



KAVU Rope BagKAVU Rope Bagcheck price

The Kavu Rope bag is a one strap backpack that is easy to carry. With 2 vertical pockets, an inside zipper pocket, and 2 accessory pockets it holds almost everything from books to your cell phone. The strap makes it easy to throw over your body. Plus, you can easily access the bag by pulling it to the front.

Dickies Mini BackpackDickies Mini Backpackcheck price

Every girl needs a bag to throw her stuff in whether she is headed to the mall or to the movies. Instead of purses, everybody is walking around with a mini backpack. Like a purse, you can throw all your essentials into this mini backpack from Dickies. It’s got a main and front zippered compartment. The best part? It has the added benefit of keeping your hands-free.

Fjallraven Kanken-Mini Classic PackFjallraven Kanken-Mini Classic Packcheck price

Made out of Vinyl, the iconic Kanken Backpack is available in both a regular and mini size. Sporting the same timeless design of the original, this mini backpack is perfect for when you don’t want to carry around a handbag everywhere. The front pocket and side pockets are perfect for stashing your most used items so you don’t have to dig them out of the main compartment. It comes in all the pretty colors of the original so it is easy to find one that matches your outfit.

Fjallraven Kanken Classic PackFjallraven Kanken Classic Packcheck price

Available in a dizzying array of beautiful colors, this trendy and unique looking Swedish backpack has become the go to backpack for many teens. With a minimalistic and compact design, this backpack can hold everything from school supplies to hiking equipment to a 13 inch laptop. While compact, it’s a lot roomier than it looks.

Herschel Little America BackpackHerschel Little America Backpackcheck price

When it comes to backpacks, nobody makes more stylish backpacks than Herschel. With leather straps, it looks like a hiking pack. It literally can hold everything including headphones, pens, books, and even a laptop. While the bag looks simple, it’s designed to be rugged and functional.

Vera Bradley Campus Tech Backpack Vera Bradley Campus Tech Backpack check price

Made out of a quilted cotton material, this backpack from Vera Bradley comes in the company’s signature prints. This one is a fun floral print but there are so many fun designs to choose from. For those that love to organize their backpack in different compartments, there a ton of zippered pockets and sleeves on this backpack. In addition to the main compartment, it’s got a padded area, which is perfect for laptops.

Travelambo Womens Walllet RFID BlockingTravelambo Womens Walllet RFID Blockingcheck price

Now that she is going to soon drive, she is going to need a wallet to keep her stuff. With a slim profile, this inexpensive one holds her ID, 16 cards, and has room left over for her cash and coins. The zippered pockets keep everything secure. To get her started, fill it with a couple of her favorite gifts cards to make it an even more special gift.

Vera Bradley Zip Id CaseVera Bradley Zip Id Casecheck price

With really cool patterns that Vera Bradley is famous for, the Zip ID case is a minimalistic wallet. Made of thick cotton, this is a sturdily built wallet. It’s got a clear ID case that is perfect for a license or School ID. There is a high quality zipper at the top. When you unzip it, it’s actually divided into two sections. You have the clear ID section but you also have another area for stashing cash, gift cards, and coins. With a built in key ring, it can be attached to a lanyard so it won’t be misplaced.

Vera Bradley Wristlet WalletVera Bradley Wristlet Walletcheck price

Sometimes you don’t want to carry a lot and just need something that carries your phone and essentials. While your phone won’t fit in your wallet, this cute wristlet from Vera Bradley will hold most cell phones along with cash, change, and your new driver’s license.

Eyelash Dreamer Makeup BagEyelash Dreamer Makeup Bagcheck price

Every makeup lover has to have a place where she can stuff her must have products. With eyelashes on the front, this bag couldn’t be more fitting. Whenever she sees the gorgeous lashes, she will be reminded how beautiful she is. Measuring 8″x9”, It’s the perfect size to carry an assortment of makeup in. You can make it an even better gift by including some makeup inside.

Vera Bradley Large Zip 2.0 Cosmetic BagVera Bradley Large Zip 2.0 Cosmetic Bagcheck price

If she’s already starting to wear makeup, she is probably going to need a nice cosmetic bag. This cosmetic bag from Vera Bradley is perfect for housing her eye shadows, lipsticks, and makeup brushes. It folds up easily and zips up. Whenever you want to apply your makeup whether at home or traveling, it is easy to grab.

Vera Bradley Hanging OrganizerVera Bradley Hanging Organizercheck price

Available in gorgeous prints, this hanging organizer from Vera Bradley is perfect for organizing her makeup at home or when she travels. Once it is opened up, it can be hung up using the included hook. It’s got 4 zippered compartments including 2 clear ones, which allow you to see what’s inside. The bottom compartment is the largest and has a lining that makes clean up a breeze.

Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body BagVera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body Bagcheck price

Most 16 year old girls will love the freedom that a crossbody purse allows them. With a shoulder strap, the cute colorful bag from Vera Bradley is the perfect size and comes in the most adorable designs. Unlike most other crossbody bags, this one gives you plenty of space inside with 3 pockets.

Vera Bradley Duffle BagVera Bradley Duffle Bagcheck price

Does she want to go on vacation? Then she is going to love taking this duffle bag from Vera Bradley with her. It comes in the most gorgeous prints that you can build an entire wardrobe around. It’s got padded straps, which makes it comfortable carry. Much lighter than a suitcase, it is so fun to travel with. It’s got a ton of room inside for a week’s worth of clothes. As long as you don’t overstuff, it can be used as a carryon.

Ricardo Mar Vista Carry OnRicardo Mar Vista Carry Oncheck price

For the girl that loves to travel, this cute carry-on is perfect for a fun trip with the family or friends. With a beautiful pattern, this one is large enough to hold everything you need, but small enough to be used as a carry-on on most airlines.

Longchamp ToteLongchamp Totecheck price

Longchamp bags have taken over the world. Inspired by origami, the beauty of this bag is that it folds down into a small rectangle. Made of nylon, the leather trim gives it a luxurious look. It comes in an array of shades which means it matches with any outfit. When it is opened up, this large tote bag can hold just about anything.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental WalletMichael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental Walletcheck price

Now that she is 16, she probably dreams about having a wallet from Michael Kors. Made out of Saffiano leather, this luxurious wallet holds up to 10 cards. The wallet closes and opens with a zipper. Inside, it is nicely compartmentalized with sleeves and even a zippered pocket for loose change. It’s available in the most gorgeous colors.

Michael Kors Jet Set Medium ToteMichael Kors Jet Set Medium Totecheck price

A Michael Kors bag is probably at the top of her sweet sixteen list. Much larger than a crossbody bag, this tote bag from Michael Kors is large enough to carry everything you need. With signature Michael Kors logo, this designer bag is highly recognizable and goes with everything.

Michael Kors Rhea Zip Small BackpackMichael Kors Rhea Zip Small Backpackcheck price

Why carry a handbag when you can carry a mini backpack on your back? With gold hardware, this is a luxurious mini backpack from Michael Kors. While it is low key, the black color will go with any outfit. Use it when you are going to the mall to complete your outfit. Despite its smaller size, it has plenty of room for your makeup bag, wallet, or even tablet.

kate spade Cameron Street Stacy Walletkate spade Cameron Street Stacy Walletcheck price

At 16, every teenage girl wants her driver’s license. She probably loves anything from Kate Spade more than anything else in the world. With this cute wallet from Kate Spade, she can show off her new found freedom. Made out of saffiano leather, there is no better way to carry your driver’s license in style.

Kate Spade Cameron Street Cross Body BagKate Spade Cameron Street Cross Body Bagcheck price

When you are sixteen, the thing to have is a Kate Spade bag. Made out of beautiful pebbled leather, this crossbody bag from Kate Spade is perfect for 16 year old girls. With nice details and gold plated hardware, it is just the perfect size when you want to go shopping or out on a date.

COACH Chelsea CrossbodyCOACH Chelsea Crossbodycheck price

Who wouldn’t love a Coach bag? You can easily spend a ton of money on a Coach bag but this one is reasonably priced. This crossbody bag is perfect for carrying the essentials like your cash, lipstick, ID, phone, and keys. Your 16 year daughter will just love showing this designer bag off.


Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam IronSteamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Ironcheck price

This mini iron from Steamfast heats up faster than most full sized irons. If you need to quickly touch up your clothes in the morning, this mini iron is perfect. It’s ideal for smaller items and few garments at a time. Because it is smaller than a traditional iron, it can flatten areas that you wouldn’t be able to get to with a traditional iron. Whether she loves traveling or wants something quick to touch up clothes, this little iron will come in handy.

Clipa 2 Bag HangerClipa 2 Bag Hangercheck price

Why put your bag on the floor when you can hang it just about anywhere with this portable bag hanger from Clipa? Holding up to 33 pounds, this heavy duty clip attaches to your bag. When opened, it can cling onto flat surfaces, edges, and even ledges. It works great in the restroom, classroom, or restaurant where you don’t ordinarily have a place to put your bag.

Totes Clear Bubble UmbrellaTotes Clear Bubble Umbrellacheck price

This bubble umbrella from Totes might be the cutest umbrella. It has a specially designed dome shaped canopy that encapsulates your body to keep you dry. Because of its unique shape, you don’t need to tilt it up over your head. It’s hard for wind to get up under the umbrella and flip it inside out. The best part? The transparent canopy allows you to see through the umbrella so you can easily see where you are going.

Leg Avenue Women’s Industrial Net PantyhoseLeg Avenue Womens Industrial Net Pantyhosecheck price

Tights are important part of a girl’s outfit. While they have had a naughty past and have been reserved for Halloween night, fishnet tights have become incredibly trendy as of late. There are so many different ways you can wear them to give off a different vibe that doesn’t have to look trashy. They look great with a long dress or midi skirt. If you are not yet ready to embrace them fully, they can even be worn under ripped jeans.

adidas Women’s Adizero Ii Capadidas Womens Adizero Ii Capcheck price

Nothing says casual and comforting than a cool baseball hat. Complete your street style look with this one with the Adidas logo across the front. Available in a variety of colors, it is perfect for rocking with any casual outfit and a pair sneakers.

Funky Junque Oversized Slouchy BeanieFunky Junque Oversized Slouchy Beaniecheck price

What could be better than a slouchy beanie for those bad hair days? With a cool laid back style, not only does this beanie look cute, it keeps your head nice and toasty. You will want to wear it every day in the winter.

Warmen Touchscreen Leather GlovesWarmen Touchscreen Leather Glovescheck price

Can she not stop texting? What’s she going to do when it is cold outside? With these beautiful leather texting gloves, she can text to her heart’s content even when it’s cold outside. Warmen gloves are made out of suede leather with an inner fleece lining that is designed to keep your fingers toasty.

POSESHE Stylish Warm Blanket ScarfPOSESHE Stylish Warm Blanket Scarfcheck price

For Christmas, a comfy, plaid blanket scarf is on every 15 year old girl’s wish list. Made of acrylic, this one has a cashmere-like feel and looks a lot more expensive than it really is. Because it is oversized much like a blanket, there are so many different ways to wear it to make a statement around your neck. With Christmassy colors, it is a timeless scarf that can be used any time that winter rolls around.

MeliMe Cute Enamel BroochesMeliMe Cute Enamel Broochescheck price

Are you looking for a neat stocking stuffer? Nope brooches are no longer something that just grandma wore. Brooches and pins are suddenly back in fashion and are a great way to accessorize clothing, bags, or backpacks. If everybody has the clothes and accessories, the world would be so boring. These pins are a great way to make your clothes and accessories standout.

TIJN Eyeglasses Frame with Clear LensesTIJN Eyeglasses Frame with Clear Lensescheck price

Some people wear glasses to see, but wearing glasses as a fashion statement has become super trendy. It’s a trend that some people fun and some people find incredibly stupid. These glasses don’t have any glass lens, they are just frames and fake plastic lens. You can get them in all different types of frame but these simple square shaped Wayfarers are super fun to wear and keep you from looking basic.

SojoS Rose Gold Cat Eye SunglassesSojoS Rose Gold Cat Eye Sunglassescheck price

Every 16 year old girl needs a good pair of shades. With a cat eye look, these sunnies are super stylish but super affordable. The gold trimming gives them such an elegant look. Even Kylie Jenner would be proud.

Quay x Desi Perkins High Key Aviator Sun GlassesQuay x Desi Perkins High Key Aviator Sun Glassescheck price

Sunglasses have become more than a way to keep the sun out of your eyes. They have become a way to express your fashion. Based in Australia, Quay Sunglasses have become very popular because of their style and mid range prices. A lot of celebrities have started wearing them. They come in all different funky shapes and colors but these ones are extremely popular because of their oversized aviator design. They come in the cutest colors.

Ray-Ban Large Aviator SunglassesRay-Ban Large Aviator Sunglassescheck price

Give a pair of Rayban aviators to your 16 year old girl. These classic aviators are designed for the 16 year old girls whose style is on fleek. It’s available in a range of colors, but this one with a silver frame and gradient lens is a go to choice. Simply put, it’s best gift ever for a 16 year old girl.

For The 16 Year Old Shoe Lover

For The 16 Year Old Shoe Lover

No girl wants to wear the same pair of shoes for the rest of her life. These shoes are sure to satisfy her shoe obsession.

Noble Mount Fuzzy Winter SocksNoble Mount Fuzzy Winter Sockscheck price

Fuzzy socks are the key to any 16 year old girl’s heart. Available in many prints, these ones from Nobel Mount are fuzzy, warm, and are colorful. What more could you want out of socks?

Zando Over the Knee High SocksZando Over the Knee High Sockscheck price

Every teenage girl is obsessed with knee high socks on Instagram. Most socks are pretty boring unless they are knee high socks. Trust us, she will love these thigh high socks from Fiorelle. When paired with boots or a skirt, there is nothing cuter. It’s amazing that you can build an entire outfit around socks.

JJMax Women’s Cute Kitty Cat Paws SocksJJMax Womens Cute Kitty Cat Paws Sockscheck price

There is nothing better than walking around in cute animals socks. Sure socks are made for keeping your feet warm in shoes, but some socks are too cute to keep hidden. How cute are these socks? They are look like little kitty paws. They would look so cute with an animal onesie. She might even want to put a pair on her hands.

Solmate SocksSolmate Sockscheck price

Matching socks just got a lot more boring. Everybody loves colorful socks but these mismatched socks are a lot of fun. Made in America out of recycled cotton, these pricey socks make a great gift on special occasions. She will love looking at her colorful feet when she is wearing them. Because they don’t match, everybody else will love looking at her feet too.

SnooziesSnooziescheck price

Is she not a slipper person? Instead of slippers, she can turn to these slipper socks to keep her warm and toasty in the winter season. Available in so many different styles and patterns, Snoozies give you the best of both worlds. While they are soft, they have a grippy bottom so you don’t have to worry about slip sliding across the floor. Her feet will want to “snooze” all day in them.

Kali Faux Fur Soft SlideKali Faux Fur Soft Slidecheck price

Slides are cool but slides adorned with faux fur are perfect for curling up with a luxurious robe. Available in the prettiest colors, these furry slip-ons from Kali are great for cozying up around the fireplace or wearing outside with cropped leggings. The only problem? It might be hard to go back to regular slippers after you wear these cozy ones.

Fenty Puma Faux Fur Slide SandalFenty Puma Faux Fur Slide Sandalcheck price

When Rihanna announced she was releasing a new line of designer slides with Puma, everybody got excited. Typically, slides are worn by sports players, but she wanted to give them a more feminine touch with unique materials. She has taken the classic silhouette of a slide and added numerous embellishments , creating Jelly, Suede, and Faux Fur slides. Your 15 year old girl won’t want to take her feet out of these furry ones.

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip FlopSanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flopcheck price

Flips flops aren’t the best for your feet, but these are no ordinary flip flops. They come in a wide array of patterns and the soles are actually made of the same material as Yoga mat. The unique fabric strap supports the back of your foot. She will love wearing to the beach with skirts, jeans, or skirts.

Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip FlopClarks Womens Breeze Sea Flip Flopcheck price

Who knew flip flops could be so comfortable? These cute little thong-style slippers from Clarks come with the most gorgeous designs on the foot bed. She is going to want them in more than one design. They have a hook and loop closure system so you can get the perfect fit. With a comfy foot bed, this is the sandal that you want to walk in. It looks great when paired with a maxi dress.

Merona Mule LoafersMerona Mule Loaferscheck price

Gucci mule loafers are extremely trendy, but nobody can afford them. These ones from Target are a much better value and are just as stylish. With gold hardware, they look pretty similar to the mules from Gucci. What makes them look so cool is the open back design and unique shaped toe area. It’s a great way to look expensive on a budget.

Birkenstock Women’s Mayari SandalBirkenstock Womens Mayari Sandalcheck price

Every 16 year old girl wants to own a pair of Birkenstocks. Whether you are headed to the beach, park, or gym, these are the perfect summer sandals.

UGG Ansley SlippersUGG Ansley Slipperscheck price

She has probably been asking for UGG moccasins for a very long time. With a warm sheepskin lining, these shoes feature a suede exterior that comes in many different colors. This one is called Chestnut. They are perfect for wearing on lazy days at school. With a slip on design, they are so easy to throw on when you go outside or want to chill at home in something warm and comfy.

Clpp’li Slip On SlippersClppli Slip On Slipperscheck price

For Christmas, what could be better than warm fuzzy footwear? Made out of faux fur, these plush slippers give you the look of expensive slippers in a modest price. Your 16 year old girl will love every step she makes in them.

Happy Feet Animal SlippersHappy Feet Animal Slipperscheck price

Most slippers look so ordinary. Who doesn’t love having cute slippers? What could be cuter than plush animals on your feet? These slippers not only keep your feet warm in the winter, they are beautifully cushioned. She is going to love coming home and walking around everywhere with them.

Wishpets Grizzly Bear Paw SlippersWishpets Grizzly Bear Paw Slipperscheck price

Everyone has seen fuzzy slippers, but these are a literally a completely different animal . . . Grizzly Bear Slippers. Perfect for dress up or everyday fun, these warm and fuzzy slippers are like walking around with teddy bears on your feet.

Adidas SuperstarsAdidas Superstarscheck price

What’s black and white? No, it’s not a Zebra. It’s the iconic three stripe Adidas Superstars. While it began as a basketball shoe, just about every teenager is wearing these today as it has become a part of everyday fashion.

adidas Stan Smithsadidas Stan Smithscheck price

Originally release in 1970s, these plain white sneakers with green accents began their life as a tennis shoe. Today, they have been revived as a lifestyle shoe. When you are going for a preppy look nothing can be better than a pair of Stans. These super clean and simple sneakers go great with khaki pants, denim, and shorts.

Adidas NMD SneakersAdidas NMD Sneakerscheck price

Ever since they were released, she has probably always wanted a pair of Adidas NMDs. Available in different colorways, they are ridiculously gorgeous shoes. With the new Adidas Ultra Boost technology, they might be the most comfortable sneakers ever. The upper portion of the shoe is made out a mesh material that cradles your foot. Super lightweight, they are the closest thing to walking on clouds.

BOBS from SkechersBOBS from Skecherscheck price

Who doesn’t love slip-on shoes?. With a basic design, Bobs look striking similar to TOMs. They fit snuggly at first, but overtime they conform to the shape of your foot for an extremely comfortable fit. It is the one shoe that is built for running quick errands. You never have to tie your shoe laces. Just throw them on and you are ready to go. When they get dirty, you can just remove the liner and throw them in the washing machine.

Chuck Low SneakerChuck Low Sneakercheck price

With their iconic low silhouette, Converse sneakers always seem to be in style. There is no better summer shoe. Every 16 year old girl needs to own a pair of these.

High Top ConverseHigh Top Conversecheck price

The classic high top Converse Chucks have finally been give a small makeover. With the iconic All Star logo, they still look as fashionable as ever, but with extra padding they are more comfortable than ever before.

Vans Old Skool SneakerVans Old Skool Sneakercheck price

While they are a classic, Old Skool Vans are a staple and look bomb with any outfit. You can get them in all different colors to create the finishing touch on any urban look. They are the perfect blend of stylish and retro that makes them a great backdrop for any chill outfit. Whether you want to dress up or down, you can pair them with boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, or even dresses.

Vans Classic Slip-onVans Classic Slip-oncheck price

Whether you are wearing jeans, teens, hoodies, crop tops, or shorts, nothing exudes coolness like Vans slip ons. The best part? If you want to quickly change your wardrobe, you can easily slide them off or put them back on.

Puma Fierce Core High Top SneakerPuma Fierce Core High Top Sneakercheck price

Puma’s latest high top sneakers are on fleek. It’s not often that you come across a pair of sneakers that look so stylish. With no laces, they simply slip on and off effortlessly. Every 16 year old girl needs these sneakers in her shoe collection.

Nike Roshe OneNike Roshe Onecheck price

Ever since it debuted, Nike Roshes have caught fire. With an all mesh exterior, these shoes are unbelievably comfortable. Because the material is so lightweight, they almost feel weightless when compared to other sneakers.

Nike Air HuaracheNike Air Huarachecheck price

The Nike Air Huaraches might be one of the most comfortable sneakers that Nike has ever made. Similar to the Ultra Boost Technology, this shoe has a bootie style opening and excellent cushioning. They come in a ton of different patterns and styles. It’s a great all around sneaker.

Nike Air MaxNike Air Maxcheck price

The Nike Air Max are amazing sneakers. With air bubbles in the thick soles, these shoes are extremely comfortable. You can get them with a ton of different options and materials on the uppers. While they are a bit heavy due to the large sole, they are super comfortable with great cushioning.

Nike Free RN FlyknitNike Free RN Flyknitcheck price

Designed to be flexible and move with your feet, Nike Free Runs are so lightweight and comfortable. If you are using them for training, you will love how easy it is to change direction. Once you put them on, you may never want to take them off. They are super fashionable too.

Nike Air Force 1Nike Air Force 1check price

Nike is celebrating over 30 years since the release of the Nike Air Force One. While you can get this shoe in so many different colorways, nothing can be the white on white colorway. These classic high-top sneakers can be paired with just about anything from shorts to dresses. Once she wears them, she will be hooked for life.

UGG Women’s Classic Short II Winter BootUGG Womens Classic Short II Winter Bootcheck price

Most teen girls can’t survive a winter without a pair of Ugg boots. While they are made of sheepskin, there is no denying that UGGS keep your footsies warm in the winter. UGG Bailey buttons boots are timeless and never seem to go out of style. The little button on the side really helps bring together the suede exterior and warm fur in the inside.

Hunter Tall Wellington BootsHunter Tall Wellington Bootscheck price

Super shiny, you can’t beat a pair of glossy Hunter rain boots on a dull rainy day. With a pull on calf buckle, they are perfect for wearing with knee high socks on cold rainy days. You might even find yourself praying for the rain just so that you can wear them outside.

AEO Tie Over The Knee BootAEO Tie Over The Knee Bootcheck price

There is nothing more exciting than a pair of over the knee boots. Made out of faux suede, these fit tightly like a pair of leggings. With a lace up style, they rise up to the thigh area. Since they fit snuggly around your lower leg, they are perfect for anybody with slender legs. They help accurate the area between the boots and clothing and are fun to pair with maxi dresses or shorts.

Timberland BootTimberland Bootcheck price

There is nothing more classic than a pair Timberlands. With a waterproof lining, these ruggedly built shoes are built for any type of environment. Because they are so heavy duty, they are the perfect outdoor boot. There are so many different ways to style them. These boots look great with skinny jeans or baggy jeans whether the jeans are tucked in or draped over the boots.

Sweet 16 Jewelry

Sweet 16 Jewelry

If you can’t find a cool gift, every 16 year old loves a little “bling.” A nice classic piece of jewelry is something that she can hold onto and always have as a reminder of her “Sweet 16” Birthday.

Umbra Trigem Hanging Jewelry OrganizerUmbra Trigem Hanging Jewelry Organizercheck price

Here is a fun way to organize your earrings in a way that keeps everything accessible and untangled. With 3 different tiers, this jewelry organizer is such a decorative piece. The bottom tray is not only a nice touch, but it can be used to catch small knickknacks or rings.

Umbra Anigram Ring HolderUmbra Anigram Ring Holdercheck price

How cute is this ring holder? Here is a cute little item to decorate your nightstand or vanity. Available in all different styles and finishes, this animal shaped ring holder gives you a quick place to your everyday rings on. With a beautiful elongated tail that holds your rings, this one is perfect for any cat lover.

Umbra Prisma Jewelry TrayUmbra Prisma Jewelry Traycheck price

Your vanity is your sacred place to get ready for the day so it’s important to keep it looking beautiful and clutter free. Umbra makes beautiful modern decor to keep your vanity organized. There are several different types of organizers to choose from jewelry stands to trays. The entire family of items all match so you can pick up any piece in the collection. Keep your perfume, beauty supplies, or knickknacks organized with this beautiful jewelry tray.

Songmics Jewelry Box With MirrorSongmics Jewelry Box With Mirrorcheck price

Your 16 year old girl will love this jewelry box with tons of space inside to fit her rings, bracelets, and necklaces. She will probably get a ton of jewelry for her 16th Birthday and will need a place to keep it all. This one features a mirror and clasp for keeping everything secure. She should be able to use it for a few years.

Marcus Mayfield Dress Jewelry OrganizerMarcus Mayfield Dress Jewelry Organizercheck price

What could be cooler than a jewelry organizer shaped like a dress? This doubled sided jewelry organizer can be hung in the closet. With 27, it has plenty of room to store all your jewelry. Make it even more special by starting her collection with a special piece of Sweet 16 jewelry placed in one of the pockets.

Songmics Lockable Jewelry Cabinet WallSongmics Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Wallcheck price

Does your 16 year old girl not know where to keep all her jewelry? Then she needs this jewelry armoire in her life. When it is closed, it just looks like a mirror. Once it is open, there is a ton of space inside for hanging up jewelry. You can hang it over the door in her bathroom or mount it on the wall.

Alex and Ani Birthstone BangleAlex and Ani Birthstone Banglecheck price

This birthstone bangle from Alex and Ani is a wonderful gift to celebrate a 16th birthday. With a little shiny unique birthstone on it, it’s the best way for her to show her Sweet 16 spirit. There is no better way to preserve the memory of this special event in her life.

Lokai Classic BraceletLokai Classic Braceletcheck price

If your 16 year old loves nature, she will love this minimalist bracelet from Lokai with a powerful message that reminds you to be hopeful in life. This beaded bracelet contains elements from both the highest and lowest points on Earth. The coolest part? A certain percentage of the proceeds are donated to charity.

SOUFEEL 925 Sterling Silver Basic Charm BraceletSOUFEEL 925 Sterling Silver Basic Charm Braceletcheck price

An empty charm bracelet is one of the best gifts for a 16 year old girl. Made out of sterling silve, this affordable empty charm bracelet is a great way to start your collection. Buy it with a Sweet 16 charm to create a very special and unique gift.

Pandora Silver Bracelet ClaspPandora Silver Bracelet Claspcheck price

What 16 year old girl wouldn’t want a unique bracelet that preserves all the lasting memories in her life? A Pandora bracelet is one of the best gifts for a 16 year old. Any time there is an important event in her life, you can get a charm to create a one of a kind bracelet. Get it with a Sweet 16 charm so she remembers her 16th Birthday forever.

Kate Spade Heart of Gold BangleKate Spade Heart of Gold Banglecheck price

Who wouldn’t like a Kate Spade bracelet? Plated with 14K gold, this bracelet is a great way to send a message to your daughter about how much you love her. With the saying “Heart Of Gold” engraved in the inside, this is pretty bracelet has a beautiful message on it.

Customized Hand Stamped Cuff BraceletCustomized Hand Stamped Cuff Braceletcheck price

A cuff bracelet with an inspirational quote is a great way to inspire her. Now you can create and personalize your own mantra band. Not only you personalize the finish color, but you can add an inscription to the inside or outside. You can put the date of her Birthday on the inside and a cute quote on the outside.

925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ring925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ringcheck price

At 16, she might ready to be an adult, but she is still your little princess. There is nothing more that makes you feel like a princess than a ring in the shape of a princess crown like this one. It’s the perfect size with just the right amount of sparkle.

Pandora RingPandora Ringcheck price

Just about every girl would love a Pandora ring. Because it is such a special occasion, Pandora Rings make a great gift for her sixteenth birthday. There are so many different rings to choose from, but this tiara ring is sure to satisfy the little princess inside of her. Every time she looks at her finger, she will always remember that she will always be your little princess. Beyond its beauty, it is a ring that can be worn with any outfit.

Alex and Ani Wrap Birthstone RingAlex and Ani Wrap Birthstone Ringcheck price

What girl wouldn’t want a ring with her birthstone on it when she turns 16? It’s just an awesome gift idea to celebrate the occasion. This one from Alex and Ani features a beautiful wrap design.

Personalized Sterling Silver Stacking RingPersonalized Sterling Silver Stacking Ringcheck price

Since she is celebrating a special occasion, a one of a kind ring can make a sentimental statement that an ordinary ring would not be able to. Not only can you personalize the engraving on this ring, you can have an inscription on the outside and inside. Each letter is beautifully hand stamped and blackened with a permanent oxidizer. Since it has room for 24 characters, you can put her name or a date. They are fun to stack with other rings.

Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Stud EarringsRose Gold Cubic Zirconia Stud Earringscheck price

What could be more glamorous than a simple pair of stud earrings that sparkle in the light? While these ones aren’t real diamonds, they sparkle with Cubic Zirconia stones just as bright. The rose gold trim really helps accentuate their beauty. It’s an affordable gift that looks much more expensive than it is.

kate spade Hoop Earringskate spade Hoop Earringscheck price

If she doesn’t have a pair of hoop earrings in her jewelry box, she will love glitzy ones from Kate Spade. Measuring 1.5 inches, these oversized hoops are covered with sparkly crystal rounds, making a great statement piece. She is going to love wearing these hoops anywhere and everywhere.

Swarovski Zirconia Round Drop Earrings Swarovski Zirconia Round Drop Earrings check price

Every 16 year old girl needs a beautiful pair of Swaroski earrings with a bit of sparkliness. With just the right amount of shimmer, these ones are beautiful to wear with anything from a t-shirt to a dress. Simple and elegant, they are a beautiful present for a 16 year old girl.

Kendra Scott Signature Drop EarringsKendra Scott Signature Drop Earringscheck price

For the girl who loves dressing up, these adorable drop earrings from Kendra Scott are the perfect gift for any girl’s 16th birthday. With beautiful stones, the rose color really adds a nice pop of color to any outfit.

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Birthstone EarringsRhodium Plated Sterling Silver Birthstone Earringscheck price

Just about every 16 year old girl would love a pair of birthstone earrrings with a bit of sparkliness. With just the right amount of shimmer, these ones are beautiful to wear with anything from a t-shirt to a dress. Simple and elegant, they are a beautiful present for a 16 year old girl.

BaubleBar Gabriela Tassel Fringe EarringsBaubleBar Gabriela Tassel Fringe Earringscheck price

A pair of statement earrings can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. If she loves hanging out on Instagram, she will love unwrapping these gorgeous tassel earrings on Christmas morning. Shaped like a Christmas tree, they are perfect for wearing on Christmas Day. Who knew wearing earrings could be as fun as unwrapping gifts?

kate spade Knot Stud Earringskate spade Knot Stud Earringscheck price

Who wouldn’t love adding beautiful infinity earrings to their outfit? The infinity symbol is a powerful symbol for love. Regular studs are great but these knot earrings from Kate Spade make a beautiful statement. Just the perfect size, they are simple but elegant. They make a great gift when paired with the matching necklace in the collection.

Body Candy Handcrafted Drop EarringsBody Candy Handcrafted Drop Earringscheck price

Statement earrings come in all different shapes and sizes. They are great for adding an extra pop to your outfit. We love these Dichroic dangle earrings from Body Candy. They dangle like pretty rocks from your ears. When light hits them from different angles, they speak for themselves, sparkling in different shades of blue or purple. People will be hypnotized by their gorgeous look.

Everu Rose Gold Leaf Ear Cuffs EarringsEveru Rose Gold Leaf Ear Cuffs  Earringscheck price

Cuff earrings are totally trendy right now. Your 16 year old girl will love these rose gold ear cuffs, which adds a touch of ear art around their ears. Date night or prom night will never be the same. It combines the classic elegance of drop earrings with edginess of a ear cuff.

Shop Junylie Gold Double Fake Piercing HoopsShop Junylie Gold Double Fake Piercing Hoopscheck price

Who needs a septum piercing, when you can get a faux septum nose hanger? It simply clips to the inside of your nose. The best part? It’s completely painless. Then all you have to do is wear it everywhere you go and everyone around you will think it is real.

Anne Klein Rose Gold-Tone WatchAnne Klein Rose Gold-Tone Watchcheck price

Aside from beautiful jewelry, teen girls love a beautiful watch. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get a stylish watch. This beautiful Rose gold colored watch from Anne Klein is not only pretty, but it matches with just about any outfit. With the ginormous numbers, it couldn’t be easier to tell the time.

Fossil Jesse Rose Gold-Tone WatchFossil Jesse Rose Gold-Tone Watchcheck price

There is no better birthday gift than this beautiful watch. It looks so classy with its crystal studded bezel. On the watch face there is a large 12 and the other hours are marked with rhinestones. It’s totally waterproof too which means she never has to take it off.

Michael Kors Parker Rose Gold-Tone WatchMichael Kors Parker Rose Gold-Tone Watchcheck price

What 16 year old girl wouldn’t love a rose gold watch from Michael Kors? It’s a cool brand and it has a fabulous look. With crystals around the bezel, it might be the cutest thing ever. Plus, it tells the time as well.

I Love You PendantI Love You Pendantcheck price

Now that she is 16, it’s a great time to show her that she is one of a kind and a special person in your life. While you always tell her that you love her, now you can show her with this sterling silver pendant that says “I Love You To The Moon & Back.” Whether she is you girlfriend, daughter, or even a friend, there is no better way to say “I love you.”

Mother Daughter NecklaceMother Daughter Necklacecheck price

Your daughter is growing up so fast, but this interlocking necklace is a great way to show her that she will always be a part of you. The interlocking circles symbolize your everlasting love for her. As long as she wears it, you will never be apart. Aww, how cute!

Kendra Scott Pendant NecklaceKendra Scott Pendant Necklacecheck price

For teenage girls, there is nothing like accessorizing with dainty jewelry. With a beautiful sparkly stone, she will love wearing this Kendra Scott piece with just about anything from wild to formal. It’s delicate, mesmerizing, and sparkles just right.

Kendra Scott Rayne NecklaceKendra Scott  Rayne Necklacecheck price

Kendra Scott jewelry is incredibly popular, but we love the look of the Rayne necklace. With a bohemian look, it’s very different from any of her other pieces. Available in just about any color that you can think of, it’s a very long necklace with a stone and gold tassel at the end. She is going to want to get them in every color.

Kate Spade Initial Pendant NecklaceKate Spade Initial Pendant Necklacecheck price

There is no better way to celebrate her Sweet 16 Birthday than a jewelry piece that she will remember forever. A personalized pendant with her initial on it is the perfect gift for her to dress up or down with. Made of gold plated brass, she will love this one for years to come.

kate spade Knot Necklacekate spade Knot Necklacecheck price

We love the beautiful meaning behind an infinity necklace. No matter what your relationship to her is, there is no better way to celebrate your love for her than with a beautiful infinity necklace. With a beautiful stone, this infinity knot necklace from Kate Spade is a simple but eye catching necklace. The pendant is just the right size and you can find matching earrings in the line to complete your look.

The Giving Keys Classic NecklaceThe Giving Keys Classic Necklacecheck price

The Giving Keys is one of the most unique jewelry companies. It makes keys with inspirational words stamped on keys. The best part? The company is dedicated to helping homeless people. It actually hires people looking to transition out of homelessness. When you buy a key, you are supposed to give it to somebody who needs it more.

BSTONE Heart Birthstone Necklace BSTONE Heart Birthstone Necklace check price

Something that is personalized is always a sweet and thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday. At 16, she will love any birthstone jewelry. Help her out with her collection with this simple dainty heart shaped pendant with her birthstone on it.

925 Sterling Silver Personalized Name Necklace925 Sterling Silver Personalized Name Necklacecheck price

Personalized jewelry is a great way to show that she is special. You can have her name inscribed with the custom necklace. There is nothing like receiving a piece of jewelry with your name on it. It’s much more meaningful and personal than just a normal piece of jewelry. You can personalize this one with up to 10 characters and even choose the color.

Custom Monogram Necklace in 925 Sterling SilverCustom Monogram Necklace in 925 Sterling Silvercheck price

Monograms are a great way to add her personality to any item. What could be better than personalized dainty necklace with monogrammed letters? With this one you can have up to 3 initials emblazoned across the necklace. It can either be one, two, or three letters that represent her name.

Personalized Necklace Name Plate BarPersonalized Necklace Name Plate Barcheck price

She is going to love adding a little flair to her outfit with this personalized name band necklace. It is a delicate necklace that can be personalized with a name, date, or even phrase. Everything from the font to the finish can be customized to create a one of a kind jewelry piece.

Silver Choker Opal NecklaceSilver Choker Opal Necklacecheck price

The ’90s choker is suddenly popular again. There is no better way to show you love for it than with this one which has a little opal stone on it. With 3 tiers, it will totally go with her style if she is looking for that rockstar look. Go ahead and rock it and use it to complete your flattering outfit.

Jane Stone 12PCS 90s Vintage ChokersJane Stone 12PCS 90s Vintage Chokerscheck price

The choker is everywhere and super trendy right now. While you can find a ton of variations, nothing says classic like this tattoo choker. If you want to add a little edginess to your outfit, it goes with anyone’s style.

14K Gold Pearl Necklace14K Gold Pearl Necklacecheck price

Ever since she was a little girl she has probably wanted a strand of pearls. Now she is all grown up. A strand of pearls is the perfect gift for a 16th Birthday. There is no better way to celebrate the most “special” day in her life than with this stunning pearl necklace.

Sweet 16 Heart Locket NecklaceSweet 16 Heart Locket Necklacecheck price

Celebrate your princess with this heart shaped locket that will make her cherish the memory of her 16th Birthday forever. Made of sterling silver, this keepsake is designed to last forever. When she puts on this Sweet 16 necklace, tell her to make a wish for the amazing things to come.

Zodiac Jewelry Constellation Star NecklaceZodiac Jewelry Constellation Star Necklacecheck price

Now she can add a little personalization to her outfit with this Zodiac Constellation necklace. It features her zodiac star arrangement for an out of this world look. The Cubic Zirconium stones add a touch of sparkliness.

Tiffany’s Mini Double Heart Tag PendantTiffanys Mini Double Heart Tag Pendantcheck price

Who doesn’t remember their first blue box? A 16th birthday is a very memorable birthday and there is no better way to make it more memorable than a gift from Tiffany’s. It is something that she will always remember. This dainty necklace with 2 mini hearts on it is so small and cute. Each heart is engraved with the Tiffany logo. She is going to love wearing it throughout the day, in the shower, and to bed. She is never going to want to take it off.

Beauty Gifts For 16 Year Old Girls

Beauty Gifts For 16 Year Old Girls

Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift SetBurts Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Setcheck price

Your 16 year old girl will feel like a queen when she opens this beauty kit from Burt’s Bees. This sampler pack allows her to try all the most popular beauty goodies from Burt’s Bees. It comes with 5 trial sized products that are designed to make her feel like royalty from head to toe. There is everything from foot cream to Burt’s Bees famous peppermint lip balm.

Burts Bees Lip BalmBurts Bees Lip Balmcheck price

You can’t go wrong with Burt Bees lip balm. It’s natural and leaves your lips soft. What more could you want out of a lip balm? With this multi pack, you can keep one everywhere.

Oral-B Black Pro 1000 Electric ToothbrushOral-B Black Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrushcheck price

There is a reason why the Oral-B Black Pro 1000 is one of the most popular electrical toothbrushes. While it doesn’t have all of the latest features of the top models, it does a good job of getting your teeth much cleaner than a normal toothbrush. It has a built in rechargeable battery and the built in 30 second timer is useful for letting you know when to move to the next area. Your teeth will look and feel cleaner than ever before.

Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial SprayMario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spraycheck price

Facial sprays are a great way to give hydrate and sooth your face throughout the day. Mario Badescu’s facial spray is one of the most popular sprays. Throw this spray in your bag and use it to give your face a quick me up throughout the day. Infused with Aloe, Rosewater, and herbs, it smells so luxurious.

ETUDE HOUSE Cat Ear Etti Hair BandETUDE HOUSE Cat Ear Etti Hair Bandcheck price

Does your hair fall all over the place when you are trying to do your beauty routine? Every girl needs a cute headband to wear. Shaped like cat ears, this might be the most adorable headband ever. Not only is it adorable, it is perfect for tying your hair back when you are cleansing your face. The only problem? She is even going to want to wear it while she is doing her homework, watching TV, and hanging out with her friends.

Dermal Korea Facial Mask SheetsDermal Korea Facial Mask Sheetscheck price

Who needs to go to the spa? Face masks are so fun. Not only do they help tone and tighten your skin, they are a great way to cleanse your skin. Now you can feel pampered at home with this pack of 16 Korean face masks. There’s everything from a Charcoal to Aloe Mask. Your face will never look so relaxed.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot FileAmopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot Filecheck price

Do you have rough nasty calluses on the underneath of your feet? Overtime, dead skin can accumulate underneath your feet. This electronic foot file buffs away dry skin, leaving your feet silky, smooth. The best part? In just 15 minutes, your feet will look like new. You will want to break out your summer sandals again.

New Home Innovations Metallic Temporary Flash TattoosNew Home Innovations Metallic Temporary Flash Tattooscheck price

Every 16 year old girl will love these temporary flash tattoos. The 150+ cute metallic designs make a cute statement whether you put them around your wrists or tucked behind your legs. Luckily, they rub off after a few days or she might want to keep them forever.

Umbra Aquala Bathtub CaddyUmbra Aquala Bathtub Caddycheck price

Now you can relax in style with this bath caddy that not only keeps all of your toiletries close by but can also be used to prop up a book or iPad. What could be more relaxing than reading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie?

Purity CleanserPurity Cleansercheck price

This one step facial cleanser from Purity removes your makeup, cleanses your skin, and moisturizes. With chamomile and all natural ingredients, it not only smells amazing but removes all your makeup. The best part? You only need a pea size so the bottle lasts forever.

Olay ProX Facial BrushOlay ProX Facial Brushcheck price

Help her take care of her skin with this facial brush from Olay. With 2 speeds, it’s designed to remove dead skin cells, revealing smooth clean skin underneath. It’s like an inexpensive version of the Clarisonic.

Clarisonic Facial BrushClarisonic Facial Brushcheck price

Every 16 year old girl needs the Clarisonic in her beauty arsenal. When it comes to facial brushes, you really can’t beat the Clarisonic. Designed for all skin types, the Clarisonic gently washes away dead skin cells, oil, and dirt with 300 sonic vibrations.

Sephora Favorites Beauty Gift SetsSephora Favorites Beauty Gift Setscheck price

Sephora Favorites are the best way to find your favorite products. You can find samples of everything from bronzers to perfumes. These gift sets are great for young teenage girls because you get a lot of different products to try.


OPI Love Mini 4 Piece XoxoOPI Love Mini 4 Piece Xoxocheck price

This collection of 4 mini OPI nail polishes is the perfect gift for any nail polish addict. OPI makes great nail polish and your 16 year old won’t be able to stop giving herself lovely manicures. With colors like Coalmates and My Wish List Is You, she will be so excited she can try out different colors.

Essie Nail Polish Fall SetEssie Nail Polish Fall Setcheck price

Never underestimate the versatility of Essie nail polish. Most 16 year old girls love mixing up their nail polish. With this set that includes four mini bottles of Essie polish, you are giving them a ton of options.

ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail PolishILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polishcheck price

You won’t be able to find this holographic nail polish in the drugstore. It comes in a bunch of different colors, but this rose red color is one of our favorites. This holographic rose red reminds us of sparkly rose gold jewelry. She will want to dip more than her hands in it.

Kiss Products Everlasting False NailsKiss Products Everlasting False Nailscheck price

Did you know that you can get the look of acrylic nails with artificial nails. These full cover press on nails are not only super cute, but super easy to apply. Your friends will be so jealous that you got a manicure. Except you didn’t! Don’t worry, it’s our secret!

New8Beauty Nail Art BrushesNew8Beauty Nail Art Brushescheck price

Glam lovers will love this awesome set of nail art brushes that comes with 20 different tools. With it you can give your nail art an edgy and artsy look. With dotting brushes and different sized brushes, it’s a must have for anyone looking to take their nail art to the next level.

DIY Nail ArtDIY Nail Artcheck price

Have you ever wondered how people create such pretty nail art? With plenty of designs and easy to follow directions even beginners can follow along. Soon you too will be creating amazing works of art on your nails for any occasion from your Sweet 16 Birthday to Christmas.

USpicy Macaron Nail DryerUSpicy Macaron Nail Dryercheck price

Doing your nails just got a little bit easier with this nail dryer that dries your nails in minutes. Use it to dry acrylic, gelish, and shellac polishes. You will feel like a princess without ever having to leave your home. Forget the nail salon! Invite some friends over for mani/pedi cure holiday party.

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish HolderTweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holdercheck price

Painting your nails got a whole lot easier thanks to Tweexy. Available in several colors, this wearable silicone rubber ring actually has a built in nail polish holder. With the ability to wear you nail polish, now you can forget about accidental spills. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.



The New Braiding HandbookThe New Braiding Handbookcheck price

Have you always wanted to try beautiful braids and up-dos, but didn’t know where to start? With a collection of 60 easy to follow hairstyles, this book shows you how to create hairstyles for any occasion from prom night to birthday parties. With step by step pictures, anybody can learn to create beautiful braids, trendy knots, and fancy plaits.

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair BrushWet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brushcheck price

If you hate combing out tangles, you need this wet detangling brush. With its unique and innovative design, this brush will make you happy to remove knots in your hair. As you brush your hair when it is wet, the bristles bend gently to remove tangles. What other brush would be able to do that?

Mudder Cat Ear Headband Hair BandMudder Cat Ear Headband Hair Bandcheck price

Whoa! This stage light can turn any room into a disco. It shoots multicolored moving lights on the walls and ceiling of your room. The coolest part? When you play music, itactually moves to the beat of the music. The best part? She doesn’t have to leave the house to throw a part.

Hipsy Adjustable Fashion HeadbandsHipsy Adjustable Fashion Headbandscheck price

Every girl needs headbands. There are a ton of headbands but what makes these ones unique is that they are adjustable. It’s got a tiny bra strap-like adjustment on the back. By simply adjusting the straps, you can get the perfect fit so you don’t have to worry about them falling off or slipping. They come in many cute designs.

Goody Ouchless ScrunchiesGoody Ouchless Scrunchiescheck price

We don’t know when was the last time we saw girls wearing Scrunchies, but these hair accessories are making a comeback. So many girls have been wearing them and posting them on Instagram. Not only do they keep your hair in place, they look cue with shorts and a shirt. They come in all different colors but we love this 8 pack of neutral black Scrunchies.

Turbie Twist Turbie Twist check price

Most As Seen On TV products are junk, but the Turbie Twist might be one of the best hair towels. It works both on long and short hair. Unlike a big and heavy cotton towel, this lightweight towel makes it so easy to tie your hair up in a bun. The microfiber material is not only gentler than a cotton towel on your hair, but it helps remove more water out of your hair. The best part? You will spend less time blow drying,

Kenz Laurenz Elastic Ribbon Ponytail HoldersKenz Laurenz Elastic Ribbon Ponytail Holderscheck price

Hair ties have been super popular the last couple of years because they hold your hair out of the way without causing any creases. This set of 100 hair ties comes in all different colors to choose from so you will certainly find a few that fit her style.

Batiste Dry ShampooBatiste Dry Shampoocheck price

Once you use Batiste Dry Shampoo, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. While it is not good to wash your hair with shampoo every day, it can look greasy if you don’t. On days that you don’t shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo is what you need. You simply spray in onto your roots and it makes your hair look like it was just shampooed.

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey &Mafura Oil Hair MaskSheaMoisture Manuka Honey &Mafura Oil Hair Maskcheck price

With all the stuff we do to our hair, sometimes you need something stronger than a conditioner. With Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil, this hair mask is much thicker than a conditioner. Used as a deep conditioning treatment, it does a great job of keeping your hair soft, moisturized, and hydrated. Your hair will love it.

Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat IronRemington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Ironcheck price

Does your 16 year old girl love fussing with her hair? Now she can step up her hair game with this professional flat iron from Remington. Having 1 inch plates means that it can not only straighten your hair but curl it as well. With an adjustable temperature of up to 400°F, you will enjoy silky smooth hair.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and VolumizerRevlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizercheck price

Here’s a product that sounds too good to be true. Now you can straighten your hair as you brush it with this innovative brush. With 3 heat settings, it is designed to work on most hair types. The best part? Compared to a flat iron or blow dryer, you can brush your hair straight much faster.

Infiniti Pro by ConairInfiniti Pro by Conaircheck price

What’s the secret to having great hair? A great blow dryer is beyond worth it especially if you have long hair. With 3 different heat settings and ionic ceramic technology, this blow dryer from Conair does not take long to dry hair. When you are craving texture and volume, the concentrator nozzle will come in handy.

xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curlerxtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curlercheck price

What 16 year old girl wouldn’t love curling her hair? With 5 different attachments, this curling wand is like getting a pair of curling wands. The attachments allow you to control the size of the curl. The best part? It holds curls like no other curling iron. Glam hair has never been easier.

For 16 Year Old Makeup Addict

For 16 Year Old Makeup Addict

Looking for Sweet 16 birthday gift ideas? Is she a makeup addict? From the coolest eye shadows to makeup brushes, 16 year old girls will love experimenting with these makeup products

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion SpongeReal Techniques Miracle Complexion Spongecheck price

There are plenty of ways to apply foundation, but if you are serious about makeup, you need a makeup sponge. It’s best way to flawlessly apply primer, foundation, and concealer. You may never want to use a brush again.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing WipesNeutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipescheck price

Sometimes taking off your makeup before you go to bed is an absolute chore. Makeup wipes remove your makeup really fast and easy. While they shouldn’t be used as a complete substitute for washing your face, they are a great start to removing your makeup. Even just using makeup wipes is much better than sleeping with your makeup on your face. Everybody should have makeup wipes in their nightstand.

Makeup EraserMakeup Erasercheck price

While makeup wipes are a life saver, they can get expensive pretty fast. This soft cloth is designed to remove your makeup using only water. It’s works like magic. The best part? It is reuseable. When it gets dirty, just throw it in the laundry. She may never have to buy makeup wipes again.

Real Techniques Flawless Base SetReal Techniques Flawless Base Setcheck price

If you know she loves makeup but are unsure of what products to get her, you can’t go wrong with this inexpensive makeup brush set. With 4 pretty synthetic brushes, the set contains all the basic brushes you will need for applying makeup flawlessly.

Best Of Sigma Makeup BrushesBest Of Sigma Makeup Brushescheck price

Most teenage girls probably are using makeup at the age of 16, but she probably doesn’t have any high end makeup brushes. Almost every beauty guru today recommends Sigma brushes. With 7 of the most popular brushes including the Kabuki foundation brush, your makeup will go on smoother and blend effortlessly. She will never look better on dates.

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning MatSilicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Matcheck price

Nobody likes regularly cleaning their makeup brushes. Dirty makeup brushes hold all sorts of germs that are harmful to your skin. Now there is no reason not to clean your makeup brushes. This textured mat has raised sections on it that scrub and loosen makeup and dirt away from your brushes. Using your favorite cleanser and water, simply swirl your makeup brushes in a circle on it.

Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake EyelashesArdell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashescheck price

There is no better way to get dolled up on special occasions than with fake eyelashes. Simple glue these on and you are immediately rocking longer eye lashes. You don’t have to worry about clumping, smearing, or them sticking together. You get perfectly separated eye lashes every time. They can look completely stunning and nobody will even know your little secret.

Silver Holographic Chunky GlitterSilver Holographic Chunky Glittercheck price

Chunky body glitter is having its moment. Using a glitter primer, you can simply brush this body glitter anywhere to give yourself an extra dazzling highlight. When the light bounces off the glitter, it makes you sparkle like a unicorn. The best part? You can use this body glitter anywhere. She is going to love rubbing it on her arms and legs.

Unicorn Snot Glitter GelUnicorn Snot Glitter Gelcheck price

There are some things that are totally weird. Unicorn snot is derived from actual unicorn snot. Simply rub it all over your body to create a glam sparkle everywhere. When it dries, it leaves a rainbow glitter behind. You can put it in your hair, on your eyebrows, or even lips to create a blinding sparkle. It’s available in all different shades.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrowAnastasia Beverly Hills DipBrowcheck price

Anastasia DipBrow is the only eye brow product you really need. With Brow Wiz you can get a really well defined brow. Simply by using lightly feathered strokes, you can easily shape and fill in your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are never going to look better.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye LinerStila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Linercheck price

Who wouldn’t love to create the perfect cat eye? This liquid eye liner from Stila gives you nice clean sharp lines that stay on all day. With several fun shades, there’s a color for everyone and every moment.

Beyond Mascara They Are RealBeyond Mascara They Are Realcheck price

Every wants long, thick, dark lashes with instant intensity. Now anyone can with the Benefit They’re Real Mascara. This long lasting formula is designed not to flake or clump while still keeping your lashes full and volumized.

Shiseido Eyelash CurlerShiseido Eyelash Curlercheck price

Who needs falsies when you can use your natural lashes? All you need is the eyelash curler from Shiseido to take your eyelashes to new heights. With padded handles and a great grip, this u shaped curler let’s you get very close to your eyelashes, giving you a great curl.

Coastal Scents Revealed Eye Shadow PaletteCoastal Scents Revealed Eye Shadow Palettecheck price

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are all great, but if you are on a budget you have to find something that is more affordable. With 20 nude and metallic shades, this eye shadow palette from Coastal Scents is a great dupe for the Naked 1 and 2 palettes. As long as you are using primer, you can create many of the same looks that you can create with the Naked Palettes.

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow, NudesL.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow, Nudescheck price

While it’s not as spreadable or shimmery as the Naked palettes, the L.A. Girl Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is a good drugstore option. With 12 different shades, anyone can achieve the coveted nude look. At a very affordable price, it’s a very good everyday palette or for those just starting out.

SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup KitSHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kitcheck price

This large makeup kit from Shany would be a super cool gift for any 16 year old girl. There is nothing more that teen girls love than to experiment with makeup. With tons of eye shadow, lip gloss, and blush, she will love trying to recreate her favorite makeup looks.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance PaletteAnastasia Modern Renaissance Palettecheck price

If you have a beauty queen on your list that wants the newest and latest palette, she is going to be obsessed with the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia. With gorgeous pinks, browns, and oranges, this palette brings the colors of the Renaissance period to life. It’s packaged in a beautiful velvety case that is impossible to take your hands off. Trust us, if she is into makeup, this is a palette that is on her wish list.

Anastasia Prism Eye Shadow PaletteAnastasia Prism Eye Shadow Palettecheck price

If there is one brand that you can always count on to deliver a killer eye shadow palette that is unique, it is Anastasia Beverly Hills. At a time when all the palettes are starting to look the same, the prism palette is packed with one-of-a kind funky hues that you won’t find anywhere. There are 14 shades here and you have nice neutral shades along with huge daring pops of colors. Of course, it would be Anastasia without the buttery smooth and heavily pigmented formula.

Anastasia Sugar Glow KitAnastasia Sugar Glow Kitcheck price

Any girl who wants to take her highlighting game to the level needs to try one of Anastasia’s Glow Kit. The Sugar Glow kit is a great way to sample some of the most popular shades. It comes with 4 metallic shades with one new one and three of the most popular shades. With shades like marshmallow and butterscotch, it will be able to light her cheeks like a Christmas tree.

TARTE PRO Glow Highlight & Contour PaletteTARTE PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palettecheck price

Are you looking for a serious glow while maintaining a sculpted look? While highlighters give you a great glow on your cheeks, contour products are used for sculpting shadowed areas on the cheeks. This palette from Tarte has both highlighters and contours, which allows you to create a well rounded look. The 4 highlighters have a gorgeous sheen and the powered and cream contours help you sculpt the illusion of shadows.

Urban Decay Naked Heat PaletteUrban Decay Naked Heat Palettecheck price

If there is one must have eye shadow palette, it is the Urban Decay Naked Heat. With toasted, burnt tones, Urban Decay has turned up the heat on its latest eye shadows palette. With neutral tones and deep reds, coppers, and browns, this palette is great for getting a burnt, smoky eyebrow. One of our favorite colors: Ember.

Urban Decay Naked 3 PaletteUrban Decay Naked 3 Palettecheck price

If you want stellar eye shadow, the makeup palette to have is any of the Naked palettes. With wonderful neutral colors, these palettes are intense with great pigment. The original Naked palette is the go to palette for most teens but the Naked 3 palette comes with nice rosy shades.

Lime Crime Venus the Grunge EyeshadowLime Crime Venus the Grunge Eyeshadowcheck price

Inspired by one of the greatest painting in the Renaissance Period, Lime Crime Venus offers a rebellious twist on neutral palettes. This palette is designed for creating the most daring grunge looks. Because it is so pigmented, this palette is basically fool proof. With pinks and rusty colors, all of the colors are named after a goddess so they are super fun to try on. We love Venus, which is a dark red color.

Lorac ProEye Shadow PaletteLorac ProEye Shadow Palettecheck price

With sixteen different eye shadows, the Lorac Pro palette has a nice mix of colors and textures. While there are neutral colors, the palette does lean toward the warmer side. You get great pigmentation across the whole palette.

Too Faced Just Peachy PalletteToo Faced Just Peachy Pallettecheck price

A peach inspired makeup palette? This palette literally smells like peaches. Too bad you can’t eat it. With 16 shades of color (some matte and some shimmer), it is perfect for anyone who loves neutral shades and wants a little color to mix things up.

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow PaletteMorphe Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palettecheck price

Morphe is partnering up with vlogger Jaclyn Hill for a massive 35 eye shadow palette. They have been working on perfecting the palette since 2015. With array of warm toned neutral browns, this palette also includes bold blues and greens. It’s so fun to mix and match all the various shimmery, glittery, and foil finishes.

Morphe 35O2 Eye Shadow PaletteMorphe 35O2 Eye Shadow Palettecheck price

The Morphe 350 palette raised the bar on warm toned palettes. Now Morphe is trying to do it again with the sequel. The company has looked the original palette and tried to fill out any deficiencies. It’s still got the warm reds and oranges, but there is now even a black for creating that perfect smoky look

Huda Desert Dusk Eyeshadow PaletteHuda Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palettecheck price

Huda Kattan is one of the biggest influencers on Instagram and now she has created an eye shadow palette that everybody wants. While packaging isn’t the greatest, the palette has 18 gorgeous shades. It’s great for creating matte and pressed pearl looks. If she loves mattes and shimmers, she is going to love this palette. Our favorite shades are the 3 duo chrome shades.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle HighlighterFenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlightercheck price

Rihanna is the mother of everything beautiful. She now has a new line of makeup products that are designed for women of all skin colors. With a futuristic hexagon shaped design, the Killawatt Highlighter is flipping beautiful. Available in 6 different shades, it’s perfect for 16 year old girls of all different skin tones and complexions. Even if you have nonexistent cheekbones, it will make them pop.

KyShadow PaletteKyShadow Palettecheck price

While Kylie’s lip kits are famous, she also has a range of eye shadow palettes. Compared to other high end makeup brands, these palettes are fairly small. While you don’t get a whole lot for you money, these shadows are beautifully pigmented and blendable. Her latest palette adds a lot of different purples to the mix. If she is a fan of Kylie Jenner, she won’t be disappointed with this gift.

Kylie Cosmetic Lip KitKylie Cosmetic Lip Kitcheck price

Who doesn’t want lips like Kylie Jenner? One of the best products from Kylie Jenner is her liquid lip kits which give your lips great volume. In each kit, there is liquid lipstick and matching liner. The liquid lipstick and liner go on so smoothly. The only problem? She is going to want them in every shade.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne PopBecca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Popcheck price

Say hello to cheek bones with this amazing highlighter from Becca. With very little product, the glow this highlighter creates on your cheeks is so amazing that you can see it from outer space. Now there is even a champagne Collection Face palette with different shades.

Mac LipstickMac Lipstickcheck price

Mac makes wonderful makeup products but their lipsticks are amazing. With a wonderful selection of colors like Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy, Mac lipsticks are made for makeup lovers. This creamy lipstick goes on smooth and leaves your lips feeling moisturized.

Makeup Accessories

Ikee Design Makeup OrganizerIkee Design Makeup Organizercheck price

If your 16 year old teenage girl loves makeup, give her something to put it in. Every makeup lover needs this plastic organizer. Made of heavy duty acrylic plastic, it’s got a ton of compartments to store everything from makeup brushes to palettes. It not only keeps your counter top clear but you can see everything with a quick glance.

Ikee Design Rotating 64 Lipstick OrganizerIkee Design Rotating 64 Lipstick Organizercheck price

Does she have a ton of lipstick? It’s hard to find the right colored lipstick if you stick them all in a drawer. You only end up using a couple of your go-to lipsticks. This little acrylic organizer holds 64 lipsticks. The coolest part? It rotates, making it easy to find the right shade to go with your outfit.

Jerrybox Rotating Makeup OrganizerJerrybox Rotating Makeup Organizercheck price

Does she have a cluttered bathroom with products all over the place? It will probably take her forever to find what she is looking for. Here is a genius way for her to organize her everyday beauty products. The carousel design allows you to easily rotate the products around so you can easily find what you are looking for.

byAlegory Makeup OrganizersbyAlegory Makeup Organizerscheck price

If she loves makeup, she can’t live without makeup organizers. ByAllegory sells so many great ones for all types of makeup items from eye shadow palettes to lip gloss organizers. Does your 16 year old girl have a ton of eye shadow palettes? Here’s compact way to organize your eye shadow palettes while keeping them completely accessible at the same time. Not only are all of the dividers adjustable, but you can lay the organizer flat or stand it up.

Home-it Nail Polish HolderHome-it Nail Polish Holdercheck price

Here is the perfect gift for nail polish lovers. This 5 step acrylic nail polish organizer stores up to 60 nail polish bottles. Because each row is raised, it is easy to see all the nail polish at a quick glance. It’s got little rails on each row to ensure that your bottles will not tip over.

Conair Natural Daytime Lighted MirrorConair Natural Daytime Lighted Mirrorcheck price

This light up makeup mirror is perfect to place on your desk so that you can do your makeup in the morning. That way when you want to apply your makeup, you don’t even have to go to the bathroom. Your desk is your vanity.

Chende Hollywood Makeup VanityChende Hollywood Makeup Vanitycheck price

If she has got a dressing table, this lighted mirror is a great way to make it look more glitzy. It’s every 16 year old girl’s dream to own a mirror like this. With dimmable LED bulbs around the border, this one will make her feel like she is a celebrity every time she does her makeup. The lights not only look cool, but they help illuminate her face when she is putting on her makeup.

SHANY Makeup Train CaseSHANY Makeup Train Casecheck price

Whether she wants to store her makeup or travel with it, a makeup train case is a great gift idea for any 16 year old makeup lover. This one from Shany is offered in many different colors. When you open up the train case, it opens out the trays to store all your makeup inside. It’s got plenty of room inside to store her entire makeup collection. The best part? You can adjust all the dividers.

IRIS 7-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer TopIRIS 7-Drawer Storage Cart with Organizer Topcheck price

While there are more expensive drawer storage units that you can use to organize your makeup in, these clear plastic drawers are great if you are on a budget. They come with the added bonus that they are transparent so you can easily see what is inside each drawer. There are several different configurations to choose from depending on your needs.

BOBKONA St. Croix Collection VanityBOBKONA St. Croix Collection Vanitycheck price

Every 16 year old girl has always dreamed of getting a vanity since she was a little girl. Surprise her with one on her Sweet 16 Birthday. With a beautiful mirror, this is the perfect match for any room decor. It includes a mirror and matching chair. The first time she uses it, she will feel like a princess.

Ikea Alex Drawer UnitIkea Alex Drawer Unitcheck price

Does your 16 year old girl love to collect makeup? With 5 drawers, these Alex Drawers are the perfect way to organize her makeup so it is not all over the place.

Linnmon TableLinnmon Tablecheck price

If you are going to create your own custom vanity, this table from Ikea is an awesome starting point. It can easily be turned into a modern looking vanity with a mirror. We like it because you get to customize every aspect of your dresser and get Alex drawer units on both sides.

For The 16 Year Old Fragrance Lover

For The 16 Year Old Fragrance Lover

A 16 year old has got to smell good especially on her Birthday. What could be a better gift than something that smells great? From fragrances to candles, these Sweet 16 present ideas go easy on the nose.

URPOWER Essential Oil DiffuserURPOWER Essential Oil Diffusercheck price

An oil diffuser is a natural way to freshen the air with essential oils. By mixing a few drops of essentials oils, you can create your own natural fragrances in the air. With 2 different settings for dispersion, your room will never smell better. With multiple light settings, it even looks cute as a nightlamp.

Nest Holiday Scented CandleNest Holiday Scented Candlecheck price

Give a girl a holiday candle that smells like Christmas trees and cinnamon and she will love you forever. When you burn this bright white candle from Nest, it gets you in the Christmas mood.

Yankee Candle Tree CountdownYankee Candle Tree Countdowncheck price

During Christmas, is there anything better than holiday scented candles? Here’s a fun way to count down the days to Christmas. It contains all of the most popular holiday scents. Including one tea light candle holder, it comes with two candles of each scent. Gift it to the girl who loves the smell of sparkling cinnamon or Christmas cookies.

Bath & Body Works CandleBath & Body Works Candlecheck price

If there ever was a candle to represent the holidays it would be one from Bath & Body Works. When you burn them, they make your entire room smell like Christmas. Any 16 year old girl won’t be able to wait to burn hers.

Boho Glass Scented CandleBoho Glass Scented Candlecheck price

Who doesn’t love fragrant candles? These Boho glass candles come in the most amazing scents. Not only do they smell beautiful, but they look very pretty in any 16 year old teenage girl’s room.

Philosophy Birthday CakePhilosophy Birthday Cakecheck price

Who doesn’t love cake on their Birthday? There is no better way to celebrate her Sweet 16 Birthday than a spa gift set that smells like Birthday Cake. This 3 piece Birthday set that includes a lip gloss is better than eating a Birthday cake by yourself.

PURELL Advanced Instant Hand SanitizerPURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizercheck price

The best way to clean your hands is to wash them with soap and water. What if you are not near a sink? That’s where alcohol based hand sanitizers come in. Available in different scents, these ones from Purell are designed to take everywhere with you. Made with Ethyl alcohol, they have got little hooks on the back of them that allow you to hang them from anything.

Bath & Body PocketBac Hand SanitizersBath & Body PocketBac Hand Sanitizerscheck price

When you are traveling on the go, these pocketbac hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works are great to carry in your purse. There is nothing better than clean hands that aren’t covered in germs. This set includes 10 of the most popular fragrances

Bath & Body Spa Gift SetBath & Body Spa Gift Setcheck price

A spa gift from Bath & Body Works is the ideal gift for any 16 year old girl. They love using gels every time they shower. There are so many gift sets to choose from. Indulge your teen’s senses with this Cherry Blossom gift set. There is a reason the Japanese Cherry Blossom is one of the best selling fragrances for teens. This blend of cherry blossoms makes you feel like you are in the middle of a Japanese flower garden.

Rejuvelle Bath Bombs Gift SetRejuvelle Bath Bombs Gift Setcheck price

Every 16 year old girl deserves a day of relaxation on her Sweet 16th Birthday. Made of all natural ingredients and in the USA, this bath bomb set comes with 6 different scents: Lavender, Lemon, Vanilla, Grapefruit, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus. It’s perfect excuse for spending a little bit more time in the tub.

Lush Christmas Gift SetLush Christmas Gift Setcheck price

Just about every 16 year old girl loves anything from Lush especially the company’s bath bombs. They have so many fun gift sets. You have to try the Intergalactic bath bomb. Not only does it have a snazzy name, but when you drop it in the bath the multicolors take you to outer space. Plus, the sweet smell of peppermint is a great aroma to relax in.

Ariana Grande Ari PerfumeAriana Grande Ari Perfumecheck price

Now that Ariana Grande has a fragrance out, it’s easy to find a great gift for your 16 year old girl based on her favorite celebrity. With a sweet floral smell of vanilla and a fun surprise of marshmallow underneath, it’s a beautiful smelling perfume. Isn’t the bottle so pretty?

Ariana Grande Sweet Like CandyAriana Grande Sweet Like Candycheck price

Ariana Grande has released her second fragrance called Sweet Like Candy. The packaging on the original fragrance was cute, but the packaging on Sweet Like Candy is even cuter. It has a multi faceted pastel pink bottle with a fluffy pom pom. With a mix of candies and vanilla, the fragrance is lighter than Ari.

Katy Perry MeowKaty Perry Meowcheck price

Meow comes in a pretty, opaque-white cat shaped bottle. Around the neck of the bottle, there is cute M charm that stands for the perfume’s name, Meow. This scent was actually inspired by Katy Perry’s candy themed music video. With a mix of cotton candy, vanilla, and sugar, it smells like candy wrapped up in vanilla.

GUESS for WomenGUESS for Womencheck price

Created by the popular clothing brand Guess, Guess Women is an affordably priced floral and fruity scent. This delicate and lightweight scent is very summery, young, and fresh. Because it is a very popular fragrance, it is a great fragrance to wear every day.

Shawn Mendes PerfumeShawn Mendes Perfumecheck price

Does she love Shawn Mendes? Shawn Mendes now has fragrance. It comes in a beautiful bottle that looks like it belongs in an art museum. With a mix of cotton candy and roses, it has a feminine scent with just a hint of masculinity. If she loves Shawn Mendes, she is going to love this unique fragrance.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Wonderstruck check price

For the 16 year old girl who has the biggest girl crush on Taylor Swift and loves smelling nice, why not get her Taylor Swift’s perfume “Wonderstruck”? With a beautiful vanilla and candied raspberry scent, teen girls will love this sweet and pleasant scent.

Justin Bieber SomedayJustin Bieber Somedaycheck price

Every Belieber dreams of marrying Justin Bieber “someday.” Okay, maybe just meeting him. Now Beliebers can get one step closer to Justin Bieber with his perfume. With a fruity mix of vanilla, peach, and raspberry, Justin Beiber says it makes anyone who wears it “irresistible.”

kiss by Rihannakiss by Rihannacheck price

Kiss By Rihanna comes in the prettiest baby blue bottle with a golden top. The strikingly big bottle is made out of heavy glass. With a hint of plum, this white floral fragrance has a clean scent with a little fruitiness on top. Like Rihanna, it smells extravagant and expensive.

Vera Wang Princess PerfumeVera Wang Princess Perfumecheck price

At 16, she is already your “little princess” and now she can smell like one with this sweet candy smelling perfume. This light fragrance has a sugary sweet smell with a warm blend of sugary vanilla and chocolate undertones. It comes in a sickeningly cute heart shape bottle with a crown on top.

Britney Spears FantasyBritney Spears Fantasycheck price

This beautiful and romantic fragrance from Britney Spears will appeal to 16 year old girls. With a blend of kiwi and white chocolate, it smells sweet like cotton candy. Once it settles, it smells expensive. With a glamorous and exotic smell, it is the perfect perfume for date night or just about any special occasion.

Victorias Secret Bombshell PerfumeVictorias Secret Bombshell Perfumecheck price

There is a reason that the Victoria Secret Bombshell is one of the most popular perfumes with teens. With mix of passion fruit and vanilla orchid, this fruity floral fragrance makes you feel like a bombshell. It comes in the cutest bottle with the iconic pink stripes and bow on top.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Marc Jacobs Daisy check price

There is no better perfume to take you back to a warm spring or summer day than Marc Jacobs Daisy. With a floral mix of strawberry, violet, and other floral scents, spraying it on your body is like standing in the middle of field with a bunch of daisies around you. It’s all bundled up in a cute flowery container.

Pink Sugar PerfumePink Sugar Perfumecheck price

Pink Sugar is a very young fragrance that is perfect for teen girls who love sugary sweet perfumes. It comes in a cute bottle that is covered in ribbons. It will remind you of the smell when cotton candy is being made. With a blend of vanilla, Carmel, cotton candy, and licorice, it’s a strong and yummy fragrance.

Prada Prada CandyPrada Prada Candycheck price

With a delicious mix of decadent Carmel with sweet tones of vanilla, Prada Candy is the closest thing to candy in a bottle. With a smell like cotton candy, it is impossible not to be obsessed with the way it smells.

FlowerbombFlowerbombcheck price

Released by VikTor & Rofl, Flowerbomb is delicious cocktail of candy and florals. With a flowery scent, it’s got a bit of Carmel, cotton candy, and green tea. When you combine all the notes, it becomes a sweet floral. Spray it on your body and you just get a pink sweet cloud that surrounds you forever. It’s girliness taken to another level.

Juicy Coulture Viva La Juicy PerfumeJuicy Coulture Viva La Juicy  Perfumecheck price

Just about every teenage girl loves Viva La Juicy. With a beautiful fuchsia colored ribbon on top, it comes in the prettiest packaging. Every girl has to have this fragrance on her vanity because the bottle looks so adorbs. With a mix of berries, white flowers, and Caramel, this creamy floral scent is the perfect blend of flowery and sweet.

For the 15 Year Old Geek

For the 15 Year Old Geek

Harry Potter WandHarry Potter Wandcheck price

It’s amazing the amount of thought that was put into the world of Harry Potter. All of the characters carry a different wand that helps to reflect their personality. Harry Potter’s wand was simple but could do magical things. Now you can become a wizard to with these authentic wands from The Noble Collection. While they are made of plastic, they appear to be constructed out of wood. Each of the wand is incredibly detailed and movie accurate. She will want to go around casting spells everywhere.

Funko POP Harry Potter Action FigureFunko POP Harry Potter Action Figurecheck price

Who is her favorite Harry Potter character? Harry Potter fans will geek out over these adorable Vinyl figures from Funko based on the Harry Potter movies. With big heads and little bodies, there is something so magical about these figures. The only problem? She is going to want the entire collection.

Harry Potter Cauldron Sculpted MugHarry Potter Cauldron Sculpted Mugcheck price

There are a ton of cute coffee mugs but how many of them look like a cauldron ripped straight out of the Harry Potter movies. While she can drink all sorts of magical drinks out of it, she probably is going to love using it as a decoration in her room. If she loves Harry Potter, this is a magical gift.

Harry Potter Hybrid BagHarry Potter Hybrid Bagcheck price

Forget ordinary wallets, this clutch wallet is so much cooler. It got a Hogwarts patch on it! Throw it on over shoulder and it will look like you are going to Hogwarts. With space for your ID, cards, and just a small amount of cash, it holds everything a normal hand wallet holds but is so much more magical.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Hooded BathrobeHarry Potter Gryffindor Hooded Bathrobecheck price

Forget winter coats! This wizard robe is so much more magical. Designed to be a lounge robe, this is not the type of robe you wear after a bath or shower. Every time she sits down to read a Harry Potter book or watch a Harry Potter movie, she is going to love curling up in this robe. It’s the perfect gift for any wizard.

PBTeen Harry Potter CollectionPBTeen Harry Potter Collectioncheck price

Everybody loves bedding and room decor. Now bedding got a magical twist. Not just any type of bedding – Harry Potter bedding. If you don’t know what to buy the 16 year old girl on your list, you could start with PBTeen’s Harry Potter’s Bedding collection. With it, she can transport her entire room to Hogwarts. While it is far from cheap, it’s a gift that she will treasure for years to come.

The Unofficial Harry Potter CookbookThe Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbookcheck price

Have you ever wondered how to make the food in Harry Potter? Now you can learn how to serve up over 150 magical meals straight out of the Harry Potter Series. With this unofficial cookbook, you’ll learn how to make everything from Big, Fluffy Pancakes to Pumpkin Juice. These spellbinding recipes will turn anybody into a real life wizard.

Syma X5UW FPV 720P HD DroneSyma X5UW FPV 720P HD Dronecheck price

There is something so amazing about flying around a little quad copter while at the same time taking photos and videos. While the big expensive DJI drone is the drone everybody wants but nobody can afford, this toy drone is almost as impressive. With a 7 minute flight time, it is a lot of fun to fly. It’s equipped with a 720P camera, so you can take some legit videos from a completely different point of view. It even features the ability to fly it in first person mode, using your phone.

SquishiesSquishiescheck price

There is a new toy craze called Squishies. There is something about squishing a giant piece of fruit that makes you so much more productive. Squishies come in all different shapes and sizes. A lot of them are vanilla or cream scented. When you squeeze them, they magically return back to their original form.

For The 16 Year Old Gadget Lover

For The 16 Year Old Gadget Lover

One of the best Sweet 16 birthday gifts is that cool new gadget that she has been asking for all year long. Here are the gadgets that go beyond just being cool.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9Fujifilm Instax Mini 9check price

For teenage girls, a camera is a great way to capture memories with friends and family. With a retro feel, this instant camera is designed for even the Instagram crowd. The best part? You can instantly hand out photos to your friends.

Fujifilm Instax Groovy Camera CaseFujifilm Instax Groovy Camera Casecheck price

The Fujifilm Instax is a super cute camera. Made specifically for the Fujifilm Instax, this super cute case is a great way to protect it. You can get it in the same color as her camera. They look super cute together. It has a magnetic closure system. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The coolest part? The cover snaps on and off if you are going to be taking a lot of photos.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant FilmFujifilm Instax Mini Instant Filmcheck price

Did she get a brand new Fujifilm Camera? Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with film. Even if she already owns a Fuji Instax camera, she probably would love to stock up on film. It’s fun using the Instax camera but it’s not fun buying film when you run out. You can get all different varieties of film, but we love the rainbow colored film.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3check price

Everything these days is digital. That is until now. With this smartphone printer, you can turn your Smartphone into an instant camera. Simply connect it to your Smartphone and you can print out cute Polaroid pictures. Suddenly taking pictures got a whole lot more interesting.

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2Polaroid Originals OneStep 2check price

The original Polaroid from 1977 is back. Life couldn’t be better. While Polaroid went bankrupt, the Impossible Project decided to bring this iconic camera back. With a built in flash, self timer, and view finder, she is going to want to start taking instant photos right away.

GoPro HERO5GoPro HERO5check price

If there is any camera on any thrill seekers wish list, it’s the Go Pro. This small, durable, and waterproof wearable camera is a fun gift for adventure seekers. Help the Birthday girl instantly share that cool jump she just landed. The memories captured will totally be worth it.

Amazon Echo DotAmazon Echo Dotcheck price

A speaker that you can talk to? The Amazon Echo sounds like something from the future. You can ask it to do anything from ordering a pizza to finding recipes. Too bad you can’t make it do your homework just yet.

Amaozn Echo SpotAmaozn Echo Spotcheck price

The Amazon Echo not only is a great way to play your music, but this futurist device can answer just about any question you have or even control smart appliances. You can do so many cool things like ask it to play your music, to dim the lights, what the weather is, and even order a pizza. Now it is getting even better with a built in screen. It can transition between a clock and video screen. Seeing is believing.

Auxiwa Selfie Ring LightAuxiwa Selfie Ring Lightcheck price

Is she addicted to selfies? Finally, there is a way to take selfies in the dark. We’ve seen ring lights for cameras, but we are excited that there is now a ring light for your phone. With 3 lighting settings, this one snaps onto your phone. The best part? Your face will be perfectly illuminated in every situation, taking your selfies to another level.

PopSocketPopSocketcheck price

if you haven’t heard of PopSockets, you should know that everybody is obsessed with them. They are an all in one phone grip, stand, and cord wrapper. Once you use it, you will wonder how you held your phone without it. You stick it to the back of your phone and it provides a natural grip for your fingers. It also functions as a kickstand. You can get them with so many fun patterns.

Arkon iPhone Tripod MountArkon iPhone Tripod Mountcheck price

If you have ever wanted to record video with your iPhone, this tripod is made from you. It’s got stretchy and bendy legs that allow you to position your iPhone just right to take the perfect shot. You can even wrap the legs around something. What we really love about this particular tripod mount is that the phone can be positioned either in landscape or portrait mode.

Anker Selfie StickAnker Selfie Stickcheck price

Got a 16 year old girl who can’t stop sticking her phone in front of her face taking photos? If she doesn’t have one already, she won’t be able to live without this selfie stick. With an excellent battery life of 20 hours, she can take selfies just about all day.

Tablift Tablet Stand for the BedTablift Tablet Stand for the Bedcheck price

If you love lounging with your iPad on a couch or bed, this tablet stand will change your life. Because the standhas flexible legs, it can support just about any tablet on any surface. You can even prop the tablet on your bed.

Vogek 6-Port USB ChargerVogek 6-Port USB Chargercheck price

Just about every 16 year old girl has to own this charging station that charges 6 USB devices at one time. It will charge just about any USB device you can think of from the iPhone to the iPad to the Kindle. Now you don’t have to go looking for empty outlets to charge all your devices.

Tile MateTile Matecheck price

Who hasn’t misplaced their keys? Give the 16 year old girl in your life the ability to track her lost keys, phone, homework, or whatever she has lost. Simply attach this Bluetooth tracker to anything you want to keep track of and use the phone app to locate it.

Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless MouseJelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mousecheck price

Laptops are so much better than desktops, but we hate the little trackpad on them. It always seems to do random things and can get annoying. A basic wireless mouse gives you so much more control over your laptop. We like the look of this white and gold mouse, which works with both Apple OS X and Windows.

Anker PowerCore 10000Anker PowerCore 10000check price

If she is constantly on her phone, she probably needs to carry this candy bar sized charger from Anker in her purse. This portable battery charge will charge your phones about 3 times before it needs to be charged back up. The best part? It charges any USB device from a phone to a GoPro.

SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC Memory CardSanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC Memory Cardcheck price

Need a stocking stuffer? Just about every 16 year old girl could use a flash memory card. It’s perfect for storing a bunch of pictures of friends.

WD 1TB My Passport Hard DriveWD 1TB My Passport Hard Drivecheck price

Every teen girl needs an external hard drive to store stuff on because she is eventually going to run out of space with all her Instagram pics. She can store them on this USB 3.0 1TB hard drive from Western Digital instead.

Anker PowerLine 6ft Lightning CableAnker PowerLine 6ft Lightning Cablecheck price

The cord that comes with the iPhone is so annoyingly short. The 6 foot charging cord means that you can charge your phone anywhere even on your bed.

Techkey USB Flash DriveTechkey USB Flash Drivecheck price

What teenage girl doesn’t need a USB drive? Does she love chic looking things? Then she will love this super adorable flash drive that looks like a high end lipstick case.

Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Stickcheck price

Why pay a monthly cable bill? It’s amazing what this little streaming stick from Amazon can do. To set it up, all you have to do is plug it into any free HDMI slot on your TV. It instantly turns you HDTV into a smart TV, giving you access to 190 channels and apps across services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. You can even add paid premium channels.

Amazon Fire 7Amazon Fire 7check price

It’s affordable. Very affordable. While it is no iPad, for the price the Amazon Fire 7 can’t be beat. This 7 inch tablet works well for surfing the web and playing apps. It’s the perfect gift for 16 year old girls.

All-New Kindle PaperwhiteAll-New Kindle Paperwhitecheck price

For the 16 year old girl that can’t stop reading, the Amazon Paperwhite provides her with an endless library of books that she can purchase with a tap of a button. Compared to tablets, the screen is amazing for reading. Plus, everything is all stored on a device that is thinner than most books.

Caseology iPhone Transparent CaseCaseology iPhone Transparent Casecheck price

Because it is transparent, the Caseology Skyfall Case is designed to show the beauty of your iPhone off. Unlike other clear cases, we love how this one has a cool opaque frame around the case. You can get it in the color that matches your phone. The frame is grippy, which makes it easy to hold the case in your hand.

Otterbox Phone Case iPhoneOtterbox Phone Case iPhonecheck price

Are you worried about dropping your new iPhone? With a triple layer construction, the Otterbox case offers the best protection for your phone. First you put on the screen protection. Then you put on the polycarbonate shell. Finally, you put the rubber slip cover around the case. It does add to the thickness of your iPhone, but your iPhone will thank you when you drop it

iZERCASE Personalized iPhone CaseiZERCASE Personalized iPhone Casecheck price

Now it is easy to make your phone case truly your own. A personalized phone case with her favorite photo will bring her a smile to her every time she picks up her phone. You can put her favorite pet, person, or Sweet 16 memory.

BAISRKE iPhone Rose Gold White Marble CaseBAISRKE iPhone Rose Gold White Marble Casecheck price

There is something about marble that looks so elegant. While you can’t use real marble to wrap your phone in, this printed marble case looks just as luxurious. The metallic sections look super cool in the light. While it is not going to give you the protection of an Otterbox, it should be able to withstand light falls and everyday wear and tear.

Wildflower iPhone CaseWildflower iPhone Casecheck price

Most iPhone cases aren’t designed to be fashionable. They are designed to only protect your phone. While they are pricey, Wildflower cases are beautiful. Each case has been hand designed so no two cases are exactly the same. The company has become incredibly popular on social media because some of the biggest celebrities have been spotted with Wildflower cases. With pretty colors, this one looks like a lush bath balm.

Mosiso Macbook CaseMosiso Macbook Casecheck price

Add a little color to any Macbook with this adorable and protective rubberized Macbook case. Available in several vibrant colors, you can find it in your favorite color. The top and bottom portions of the case simply clip onto the Macbook. It even comes with a matching keyboard cover that fits over the keyboard.

Canvaslife White Rose Laptop SleeveCanvaslife White Rose Laptop Sleevecheck price

Most laptop sleeves aren’t exactly what you would call fashionable. With a double zip enclosure on the top, this padded sleeve is a great place to stick your laptop when you are traveling around. What we really like about this particular sleeve in that there is a small outside pocket on the front for holding any accessories you need to bring along with your laptop.

Samsung Gear VRSamsung Gear VRcheck price

For the gamer with a newer Samsung phone, this virtual reality headset is the easiest way to join the virtual reality bandwagon. The latest version of the Gear VR features a motion controller that allows you to interact in the virtual world. VR on a phone has never been so immersive. Just make sure that your Samsung phone is supported.

TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TVTCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TVcheck price

Available in several sizes, this inexpensive HD is worth spending money if you need a TV for her room. With a built in Roku box and WI-Fi, it’s a smart television that gives you access to 4,000 streaming channels. You can either use the included Roku remote or a smart device to flip between your content. While it is not the best performing television, at 720P, it delivers a great picture quality for its price range.

ViewSonic PJD5155 ProjectorViewSonic PJD5155 Projectorcheck price

Does she love watching Netflix on her phone? Now you can recreate the experience of a movie theater at home or even in the backyard. While it might not have the latest features, this budget projector from ViewSonic will bring movies to life like never before. You can hook up it up to any modern device using HDMI. While it doesn’t have the highest resolution at 800X600, the contrast is very impressive. The only problem? She is going want to have family movie night every day.

Apple iPhoneApple iPhonecheck price

For teen girls, phones equal independence. Give your daughter the latest iPhone in Gold or Rose Red and she will love you even more. The latest model has all of the latest tech inside, but you can go with a previous model to save a little.

Apple WatchApple Watchcheck price

There is a reason that the Apple Watch is the best selling watch. Not only does it help you track your fitness, but it makes it easy to check email and instant messages. Now you don’t even need to pair it with your phone.

Apple iMacApple iMaccheck price

While laptops have taken over, every 16 year old girl wants an iMac in her room for school work and photography. The incredibly rich retina screen brings photos to life like never before. The clean design eliminates all the bulkiness of a typical desktop computer.

Apple iPad ProApple iPad Procheck price

With 2 screen options and the latest processor, the iPad Pro is the most powerful iPad ever. With the optional Smart Keyboard attachment, it is the closest it has ever been to a complete laptop.

Apple iPad MiniApple iPad Minicheck price

Apple’s smallest tablet has a 7.9 inch screen which is perfect for portability. While the iPad Mini 4 is the best small tablet, the iPad Mini 2 is the perfect comprise if you don’t need the latest features. Not only is it perfect for looking stuff up, but it’s a wonderful source of entertainment.

Apple iPod TouchApple iPod Touchcheck price

While most people are using smartphones, the iTouch is a great alternative if you just need media features. With a 4 inch screen, the iPad Touch feels great in your hands. While it won’t make phone calls and doesn’t have cellular connectivity, it is the best media player.

Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft Surface Procheck price

With Windows 10, the Microsoft Surface Pro is a tablet that can replace your laptop. If your 16 year old girl is looking for both a tablet and laptop, this is the device to get. Just like a laptop, it runs full programs like Microsoft Word and the optional keyboard cover allows you to type.

Apple MacbookApple Macbookcheck price

Big news! The latest Macbook is not only faster and filled with the latest tech, it’s now got a beautiful Retina screen. In addition to the usual performance improvements, the battery life has been improved with around 10 hours of battery life.

For The 16 Year Old Music Lover

For The 16 Year Old Music Lover

For 16 year old girls, music is an obsession. From headphones to portable speakers, these gifts will have sixteen year old girls bumping their music really loud so that everyone can know their favorite artists.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones check price

She will love rocking a pair of Rose Red Beats headphones. Every 16 year old girl has Beats headphones on her wish list. It’s the perfect fashion accessory for rocking on your way to school or even while doing that English paper you hate. Plus, these ones are wireless so you don’t have to worry about tangles.

Frends HeadphonesFrends Headphonescheck price

Teenage girls can’t get enough of music so why not get them a pair of cool headphones. With these Rose Gold headphones from Frends, they can enjoy their favorite music artists in style. Not only are they so beautiful, but they sound pretty amazing with deep bass.

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless On-Ear HeadphonesSkullcandy Uproar Wireless On-Ear Headphonescheck price

Nothing is more convenient than a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. With a simple design that will appeal to 16 year old girls, these ones are great for music, audio books, and Netflix movies.

Anker SoundBudsAnker SoundBudscheck price

Say goodbye to wires! Every teenage girl loves earbuds until they get tangled. Thanks to Bluetooth, the Anker SoundBuds promise never to get tangled. So you can spend the hour you spend untangling your headphones sleeping instead. Who wouldn’t want an extra hour of sleep?

Luditek Disco Lights LampLuditek Disco Lights Lampcheck price

Invite everyone over for a party! Shooting colorful moving lights on the walls and ceiling, this inexpensive stage light turns any room into a disco hall. The coolest part? When you play any music, it moves the lights to the beat of the music. You can’t have a party without it.

iHome Bluetooth Alarm ClockiHome Bluetooth Alarm Clockcheck price

With a ton of features, this is isn’t your ordinary alarm clock. It has a cool LED light inside that creates a cool glow, which adds such a cool ambiance to your room. You can set it to rotate between colors or stay put on your favorite color. It even connects with your Bluetooth phone to stream music wirelessly.

My Audio Pet Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerMy Audio Pet Bluetooth Wireless Speakercheck price

You won’t believe the sound that comes out of this adorable Bluetooth speaker. About the size of a ping pong ball, it fills the room with bass and treble. With up to 3 hours of battery, this speaker comes in 6 different cute animal designs.

Anker SoundCore miniAnker SoundCore minicheck price

Your music loving 16 year old girl will love rocking out to her favorite artist with this cute little wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Available in several colors, it wirelessly streams music up to 66 feet way from any Bluetooth smartdevice.

Sony XB10 Portable Wireless SpeakerSony XB10 Portable Wireless Speakercheck price

Available in a wide variety of colors, this is a great sounding mini Bluetooth speaker from Sony. This tiny speaker fits in the palm of your hand, making it extremely portable. Because it is water resistant, you can take it outdoors or even use it in the shower. The detachable hook allows you to hang it. You can even pair two speakers together. Given its small size, it outputs more sound and bass than you would imagine.

UE BOOM 2 Wireless SpeakerUE BOOM 2 Wireless  Speakercheck price

This Bluetooth speaker pumps out sound in every direction louder than most other Bluetooth speakers. Because of the compact cylindrical shape, you get a surround sound like 360 degree experience. Available in many colors, it looks super sleek too. With a 15 hour battery life, it is perfect for keeping the party going all night.

UE Wonderboom Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerUE Wonderboom Waterproof Bluetooth Speakercheck price

For the music lover that loves traveling, this Bluetooth enabled speaker is super portable and built to travel with. Since it’s waterproof, it can even go in the shower with you. With the attachable strap you can hook it onto your bag, backpack, and bike. For its size, it delivers rich heart pounding bass that lets you crank up your music anywhere.

VicTsing Bluetooth Shower SpeakerVicTsing  Bluetooth Shower Speakercheck price

Does your 16 year old girl love singing in the shower? Help her out with this Bluetooth Shower Speaker. The controls allow you to control the volume of your music and even skip songs. The suction attachment allows you to fix it to just about any surface in your shower so you can rock out without worrying about holding it.

Ukulele Starter KitUkulele Starter Kitcheck price

Have you ever wanted to play an inexpensive musical instrument? First time players should look no further than this Ukulele from Kala. Available in so many cute colors with wonderful finishes, it is the perfect way to start for any beginner.

Squier Telecaster Beginner Electric GuitarSquier Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitarcheck price

Of course, the number gift for any music lover would be a new electric guitar. You will never find a better guitar at this price range. You can play it straight out of the box. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to take out and jam with friends.

Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand PianoYamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Pianocheck price

If she ever wanted to learn how to play the piano, the Yamaha YPG-235 is the perfect piano for any budding or serious piano player. Equipped with 76 keys, it’s not a full sized keyboard. Still, it gives you a similar experience to playing a full sized grand keyboard. All of the key are soft touch keys which means they feel and sound just like a standard piano. You can even change the sound of the piano to around 500 different voices.

Blue Microphones SnowballBlue Microphones Snowballcheck price

Take your microphone recordings to a whole new level with this plug and play USB microphone. Simply plug it in and use your favorite software to start recording. This microphone is excellent for voiceovers, podcasting, chatting, singing, and more.

Blue Yeti USB MicrophoneBlue Yeti USB Microphonecheck price

Is she serious about recording her voice? This USB Microphone is one of the most popular among streamers. The Blue Yeti is a big step up from the Snowball and will add a layer of professionalism to any voice over. Featuring a tri capsule array with three condenser capsules, this microphone excels at clearly picking up any sound.

Pick PunchPick Punchcheck price

If you are always losing your guitar picks, you never have to worry again with the pick punch. This handy device literally punches out guitar picks out of any plastic material.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 TurntableAudio Technica AT-LP60 Turntablecheck price

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your music loving teenager, get a record player. Anything retro is super trendy right now. This affordably priced record player from Audio Technica is the perfect way for anyone looking to start their vinyl collection. This automatic belt driven turntable couldn’t be simpler to use. The simplest way to set it up is to hook it up to powered speakers and invite friends over.

Vinyl RecordVinyl Recordcheck price

Does she have a record player? Get her a new album on Vinyl. Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Sam Smith all have new albums. You could also get her a Christmas album if she can’t get enough of her favorite tunes.

Band MerchBand Merchcheck price

Chances are that your 16 year old girl is a Ariana Grande fan. Ariana Grande is all grownup with her latest album and this poster celebrates that.

2018 Music Calendar2018 Music Calendarcheck price

Get her a calendar with her favorite music artist on it. There are a ton of 16 year old “Swifties” out there. For the girls who can’t get “Shake It Off” out of their head, here is a calendar that they are sure to love. It features a collection of photos of Taylor Swift in concert that are just darling.

Spotify PremiumSpotify Premiumcheck price

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services. The basic plan allows you to stream music for free. For a small fee every month, when you upgrade to Spotify Premium all the ads are removed and the music is played back in higher quality. The best part? Like desktop mode, you can listen to any song you want to on your phone. If she loves listening to Spotify, it’s worth upgrading.

For The 16 Year Old Adventure Lover

For The 16 Year Old Adventure Lover

Not sure what to get the 16 year old girls who loves wind in her face? These gifts are sure to deliver the thrill.

Scratch Off MapScratch Off Mapcheck price

For the 16 year old girl who wants to travel around the world, this map is a wonderful gift. With a scratch off surface, it makes it easy to track where you have been. The best part? You never need push pins again. Where do you want to go?

Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232check price

It just got a whole lot more fun and safe riding in the dark with the Monkey Wheel Light. This bike light with creates snazzy patterns on your bike wheel that will turn some heads. You will feel so freaking cool as you ride your bike down the street.

Penny Graphic SkateboardPenny Graphic Skateboardcheck price

Who needs a longboard? If you want to get around in style, you have to get a Penny board. With giant pivot cups on the trucks, this highly maneuverable 22 inch plastic board is built for cruising around. With fun throwback styles, this is the only skateboard you ever need.

Ripstik Caster BoardRipstik Caster Boardcheck price

While it looks like a skateboard, this caster board is actually a little different from a skateboard. It has two small decks that are connected by bar and 2 caster wheels that swivel around underneath. With a simple rotating movement back and forth, you can carve down the street which gives you the thrill of snowboarding.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard check price

While hover boards have had a rough start, they have gotten a lot better. With blue LED lights on the front, the Razor Hovertrax looks like it came from the future. Not only is the battery UL 2272 certified, it is removeable. You get about 1 hour on a single charge. The coolest part? It has gyro sensors that allow it to self level itself out, when you turn it on. While there is a learning curve, it’s a lot of fun to fly around the neighborhood with.

Firmstrong Beach Cruiser BicycleFirmstrong Beach Cruiser Bicyclecheck price

There isn’t a bike that would be cuter on the beach that this Instagram worthy beach cruiser from Firmstrong. The colors it comes in are so darn pretty. With a color for just about every 16 year old girl, there is no better way to cruise around the beach.

Swimline Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Swimline Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice check price

Is there anything better than floating on a giant 6 foot by 5 foot pizza slice in your backyard pool? Throw it in the pool and it like a giant bed. You might want to get a couple more slices for your friends so you can form a whole pizza.

ENO DoubleNest HammockENO DoubleNest Hammockcheck price

Your 16 year old girl will love hanging out like a cocoon on this hammock reading a book, texting, or taking a winter nap. The hammock can easily be hung between 2 trees.

MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Solar LightMPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Solar Lightcheck price

Here’s a brilliant idea and a must have for outdoor camping. It’s a solar powered light that you can blow up. You just stick it under the sunlight for a couple of hours and it gives you up to 18 hours of light. The best part? Because it is inflatable, it takes up so little space in your storage bag. Not only is it great for camping, but it is great for emergency situations when you don’t have any light.

LifeStraw Personal Water FilterLifeStraw Personal Water Filtercheck price

Does she love camping? Now she doesn’t have to worry about having water to survive. The LifeStraw is a specially designed straw that has a built in water purifier. This means that you can drink out of any water source you find in the wild. You simply submerge it in water and drink out of it. If she camps out a lot, this tool is indispensible.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket KnifeVictorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knifecheck price

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a classic that you can’t leave home without. This one comes with 7 different tools that can handle both big and small jobs. You can use the scissors to cut through things. You can use the screwdriver to open things. The little knife is perfect for a million different things. If she loves the outdoors, it is something she will find herself using every day.

Coleman Sundome TentColeman Sundome Tentcheck price

With room for 4 people, there is nothing like going camping in the mountains with 3 of your BFFs. There is a reason the Coleman Sundome tent is a classic. Not only is it easy to set up in minutes and very roomy, but this tent is designed to keep your dry when it rains outside. Plus, the beautiful green color brings you closer to nature.

For The 16 Year Old Car Lover

For The 16 Year Old Car Lover

What 16 year old girl doesn’t dream of a new set of wheels on her “Sweet 16” Birthday? The whole driving thing is a big deal once you turn 16. Anything related to driving would be a great gift idea.

Furry Pom Pom KeychainFurry Pom Pom Keychaincheck price

Going with the car theme, just about any cute keychain would be nice for a 16 year old girl. Available in several pretty colors, this adorable oversized pompon keychain means that she will be able to easily find her keys.

Drop StopDrop Stopcheck price

Don’t you hate when you drop something between gaps around the front seats. You try to fit your hand through the crevice but can never manage to grab it. The only thing you do is push it further under. The Drop Stop is designed to fit between the gaps so you don’t have to worry about pens, food, and coins falling between your seats.

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance KitTop Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kitcheck price

For 16 year old girls, a roadside emergency kit is a great gift idea. This 66 piece set has all sorts of practical items for new drivers like an emergency flash light, jumper cable, emergency flares and more. That way, if something goes wrong on the road she will be prepared.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car ChargerAnker 24W Dual USB Car Chargercheck price

Once you have a car, you are going to want to drive everywhere. This little gizmo will allow your 16 year old teenage girl to charge 2 USB device at the same time in her car. This way you don’t even have to remember to charge your devices at home.

ZUS Smart USB Car ChargerZUS Smart USB Car Chargercheck price

There are a ton of USB car chargers but this is the only one that allows you to find your car. Like other devices of this type, it charges 2 USB devices at the same time. The coolest part? There is an app that directs you to your car when you forget where you parked it.

SuperVizor Seatbelt CutterSuperVizor Seatbelt Cuttercheck price

Every 16 year old girl needs to have a seatbelt cutter and windshield breaker in her emergency kit. In case of an emergency this one will be super easy to find because it attaches to your visor. While you will probably never need it, this little inexpensive device could save your life in an accident.

Weego Jump Starter 44Weego Jump Starter 44check price

Don’t you hate when your car battery dies? What if you didn’t have to worry about finding someone to jumpstart your car? With this portable battery pack you can not only jump start your vehicle but charge USB devices as well. How cool is that?

Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator check price

While the iPhone has GPS, you really shouldn’t be tempted to use it in your car unless you have a car phone mount. Also using GPS on your phone will eat through your data. It is much simpler to get a portable GPS unit like this one from Garmin. With lifetime maps and voice navigation, you will never get lost.

Kenu Airframe+ Car Vent MountKenu Airframe+ Car Vent Mountcheck price

Every teenage girl should have a car mount for her phone. This mount sticks to your vent with a powerful tension system. After securing it, simply put your phone near the mount and hit the trigger. The arm locks around the almost any smartphone, securing it. Then you can use your phone in your car for cool things like GPS, music, or podcasts.

TaoTronics Bluetooth ReceiverTaoTronics Bluetooth Receivercheck price

This little gadget plugs into your car’s aux jack, allowing you to stream music and podcasts on your phone over your car’s speakers. The best part? You don’t need a huge cable running through your car. It connects wirelessly over Bluetooth. How is awesome is that?

Gas Money JarGas Money Jarcheck price

Once she starts driving, she’s probably going to need a lot of gas money. You can design your own jar or buy one to collect gas money. Put it out during her Sweet Sixteen Birthday party to get an early start.

For The 16 Year Old Sports Athlete

For The 16 Year Old Sports Athlete

For the girl that loves to move and be fit, here are best sporty gifts for 16 year old girls.

Mira Stainless Steel Water BottleMira Stainless Steel Water Bottlecheck price

Drinking water is sort of necessary especially when you workout. Give her a way to hydrate with this pretty water bottle. Because it is insulated, it keeps drinks either hot or cold for hours. While it doesn’t come in many colors, it is just as good as a more expensive Swell water bottle.

S’well Water BottleSwell Water Bottlecheck price

Isn’t this the most chic looking water bottle you have ever seen? Many teenage girls can’t live without a Swell water bottle. Not only does it come in the prettiest colors, but this insulated water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 48 hours and hot up to 24 hours.

Adidas Squad III Duffel BagAdidas Squad III Duffel Bagcheck price

Your 16 year old can tote around all her gym gear in style with this stylish duffle from Adidas. With so many cool colors, you can find a bag that matches your outfit. With multiple compartments, it has plenty of room to hold your stuff including your dirty shoes. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around.

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness WristbandFitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristbandcheck price

This isn’t just a watch; it’s also an activity tracker. It’s a great gift for teen girls to keep track of their fitness all on their wrist. With the fitbit app, it really keeps you motivated in achieving your fitness goals.

Halo II Headband SweatbandHalo II Headband Sweatbandcheck price

Finally, there is a headband that keeps your bangs off your face while sucking up sweat. When you are working out, not only does it keep your face dry but it stays put. Plus, it looks super cute. You won’t be able to work out without it.

Idson Muscle Roller StickIdson Muscle Roller Stickcheck price

When your muscles are extra tight, this muscle roller will be your secret weapon for quick recovery. You simply place it against any tight area and roll it back and forth across your muscle. Similar to acupressure therapy, it helps to immediately release more blood flow to the area, reducing tension almost immediately. The best part? You can give yourself a self-massage almost anywhere.

Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow MassagerZyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massagercheck price

There is nothing worse than tightness in your neck and shoulders. This is no ordinary pillow. It’s a heated massaging pillow. On the front of the pillow it has a mesh surface, which allows the four massaging ball heads to penetrate through. It plugs into a wall. To use it, you just lay on it. You can use it on your neck, legs, or back. Along with the deep tissue massage, the heat really helps loosen your stressed muscles.

Tune Belt Running Belt for iPhone Tune Belt Running Belt for iPhone check price

The best way to workout is with music jamming in your ears. The problem is that you don’t want to hold your iPhone in your hand. This little Velcro band allows you to fix your iPhone to your waist so you don’t have to ever worry about dropping it.

Sivan Foam Yoga MatSivan Foam Yoga Matcheck price

Many teenage girls love taking care of their fitness but it’s hard making time to go to the gym. Yoga lovers will love having their own yoga mat. That way she can stay fit right at home. The 1/3 inch padding on this one will protect your body when you are performing any Yoga stretch.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands check price

Resistant bands are a great way to work out your muscles. With this set you get 5 different colored looped fitness bands. While the colors are pretty, they actually indicate how much resistance each band provides. Green is the lightest resistance and black is the heaviest resistance. They are really good quality so you can use them for awhile before they deteriorate. You can use them when you want to add resistance to any exercise.

Nordic Lifting Ankle / Wrist Weights Nordic Lifting Ankle / Wrist Weights check price

Ankle weights are a great way to add weight to any exercise. With an adjustable strap, these one pound weights can be strapped to your wrists or ankles. One pound might not seem like a lot, but after five minutes with them on, you will feel the difference in your muscles. It’s a great way to get more out of your workout.

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance BoardYes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Boardcheck price

This Balance board is a great way to develop stability though your entire body. The idea is to use your weight so that the balance board doesn’t touch the floor. Using the stabilization muscles in your body, it works the back, lower legs, and core. One you master the basic exercise, there a ton of other exercises that you can do to work on your balance.

Tachikara SV5WSC High Performance VolleyballTachikara SV5WSC High Performance Volleyballcheck price

If she loves volleyball, she will love having her own volleyball. We like the Sensi Tec Composite volleyball from Tachikara because you can get it in just about every color. She would love it in her school’s colors. With a soft exterior, it’s got great paneling which makes it easy to grip. It’s a great ball to practice or play with.

Spalding NBA Street BasketballSpalding NBA Street Basketballcheck price

Designed for outdoor play, this rubber ball from Spalding has an excellent wide channel grip. It holds up nicely on street courts or out on the driveway. Basketball sizes vary by gender. At 16 year old, teen girls use a slightly smaller ball than teen boys. You want a ball that measures 28.6 inches, which is a size 6 ball. You can get this one in two colors: pink or orange.

Capture the Flag REDUXCapture the Flag REDUXcheck price

Capture the Flag is a lot of fun to play during the daytime, but unless you have night vision, you can’t really play it in the night. With Capture the Flag Redux, you can finally play this classic game after the sun sets. It’s the same rules, except now everything glows in the dark. Instead of capturing flags, you have to capture the other teams glowing orb. It’s a game that is a lot more fun to play with a large group of friends.

Tumbl Trak Gymnastics MatTumbl Trak Gymnastics Matcheck price

Gymnastic mats come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Finding a good gymnastics mat at home does require a bit of an investment because you want one that offers her the protection that she needs. Similar to a mat that would be found in a gym class, the Tumbl Trak Gymnastic Mat is widely considered to be the best gymnastics mat for home use. It folds out to 8 feet long with four 2 feet panels.

Rollerblade Women’s Zetrablade 80 SkateRollerblade Womens Zetrablade 80 Skatecheck price

Does she want to get into roller skating? These entry level skates from Rollerblade are a great way to get started. Along with a traditional lacing system, it’s equipped cuff buckle and powerstrap. The Monocoque frame is all one seamless piece and helps reduce vibration. WIth 80mm wheels and SG5 bearings, you can a nice roll from these skates. It’s a great way to get comfortable with rollerskating before moving onto more advnaced skates.

SpikeballSpikeballcheck price

Looking for something new to play at your Sweet 16 Birthday party? You have to try Spikeball. It’s sort of like volleyball and toss mixed together in a blender. Instead of a large net, a small circular net is placed just above the ground. Teams of 2 battle against each to bounce the ball off the net until one team misses. The team to 21 first wins.

Slackers 50-Feet SlacklineSlackers 50-Feet Slacklinecheck price

We have all seen people walking across a tightrope high above the ground in the circus. Slack lining is the closest thing to tightrope walking. After stretching the slackline between 2 trees, the fun part is balancing and walking across it.

Zupapa 15ft TrampolineZupapa 15ft Trampolinecheck price

Celebrate your 16th Birthday by bouncing on a new trampoline. With a 15 foot floor and supporting up to 375 pounds, there is room for friends or family. What could be more fun than super bouncy fun?

Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo StickVurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stickcheck price

There are plenty of pogo sticks but how many of them let you fly 10 feet in the air. The minute you first jump on it, this pogo stick is like a thrill like no other. It’s complete adjustable too if you don’t want to jump that high. This is one pogo stick that lives up to its name. Get ready to defy gravity and go Vurtego.

Room Décor

Room Décor

Every girl wants her room to look cute. At 16, she would live for a complete room makeover whether it’s something as simple as a new comforter or a fresh new coat of paint.

Umbra Hangit Photo DisplayUmbra Hangit Photo Displaycheck price

A little photo area in any 16 year old girl’s room is super cute. You can make your own, but this hang up photo display template makes it easy for anyone to create a DIY look. It’s perfect for hanging up Polaroids of friends.

Umbra Trigon Metal Bulletin BoardUmbra Trigon Metal Bulletin Boardcheck price

Bulletin boards don’t have to look so blah! This modern bulletin board is bright and colorful and actually brings your whole room to life. It’s a nice mix of a modern and classic design, allowing you to hang up items with magnetic pins or standard push pins.

Labhanshi Elephant Mandala Indian TapestryLabhanshi Elephant Mandala Indian Tapestrycheck price

What 16 year old girl isn’t obsessed with tapestries? A tapestry is a great way to introduce patterns and colors in your room. Give your 16 year old girl this beautiful tapestry with a gorgeous black and white design, which adds life to just about any room.

Marubhumi Tree of Life TapestryMarubhumi Tree of Life Tapestrycheck price

A colorful bohemian tapestry is probably the easiest way to add life to your room. With warm colors, this huge queen sized tapestry is like hanging a beautiful piece of art on the wall.

TaoTronics Fairy LightsTaoTronics Fairy Lightscheck price

The great thing about these fairy lights is that they make every day Christmas. You can use them year round to create beautiful lighting and ambience that is perfect for any occasion. Because you can easily sculpt the lights around things, you can use them to create many DIY lighting projects.

GDEALER 2 Pack Fairy LightsGDEALER 2 Pack Fairy Lightscheck price

Measuring 20 feet long, these portable string lights are super fun to decorate rate with. Because you don’t have to plug them in, you can use them anywhere. Throw them in a mason jar and you got a fireflies in a bottle look. Use them to decorate a photo display to highlight all your photos in the dark. There are a million uses for them that are only limited by your imagination. Throw them in her stocking for Christmas.

Twinkle Star Curtain Fairy LightsTwinkle Star Curtain Fairy Lightscheck price

How can you make Fairy Lights even cooler? What about a curtain of fairy lights dancing across your walls like little dust particles? Put them behind your bed to create a stunning wall of lights.

Neon Light SignNeon Light Signcheck price

Now you can make your room look as flashy as Las Vegas with a neon light sign. You can find so many different ones that have everything from inspirational words to funky animal shapes. Making a excellent center piece, the bright neon light looks especially neat in a dark room. This one says Hello and is perfect for waking you up in the morning.

Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt LampNatural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lampcheck price

Does she like things that light up? Now she can add a little zen and purity to her room with this salt lamp. Hand-carved, this uniquely shaped lamp is made out of Himalayan Salt. When your turn it on, it creates an eye catching gorgeous glow in the room and many people claim that it has many health benefits. The dimming switch allows you to easily adjust the glow, making it the perfect night lamp.

Long Distance Touch LampLong Distance Touch Lampcheck price

Here is the perfect gift for a girlfriend or close friend. When you touch one lamp, the other will magically light up. The coolest part? You can be all the way across the country. It’s an easy way to let her know that you are thinking about her even if you are not in the same room. You can even change the color so that multiple people can say “hello.” How awesome is that?

LumiLux Motion Sensor Toilet LightLumiLux Motion Sensor Toilet Lightcheck price

This has to be one of the weirdest night lights ever. At one time or another, most of us wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. There is nothing worse than getting blinded by the bright light from the bathroom. With 16 different colors, the LumiLux is a nightlight that you put over your toilet seat. When it detects any motion, it lights up. When you leave the restroom, it automatically shuts off. Who knew we even needed this in our lives?

The Original My Cinema LightboxThe Original My Cinema Lightboxcheck price

Styled after an old fashioned cinema light, here is the perfect gift for any 15 year old girl’s room. The sign is backlit and she can customize it with the included letters to write out just about any phrase. It’s like having a Hollywood sign in your room. She will love changing the phrase everyday and putting it on Instagram.

Darice Silver Metal Marquee LetterDarice Silver Metal Marquee Lettercheck price

Now that she is 16, she will probably want to upgrade her bedroom decor. These Marquee Letters with LED lights are perfect for spelling out your teen girl’s favorite phrase.

MagicLight Bluetooth Smart LED BulbMagicLight Bluetooth Smart LED Bulbcheck price

Let there be light! The Magic light is no ordinary light bulb. This wireless Bluetooth Bulb can be controlled by an app. This allows you control the color and shade of the light bulb. Turns out there really is an app for everything. Now there is app for completely changing the lighting in your room.

LE 16.4ft LED Flexible Light StripLE 16.4ft LED Flexible Light Stripcheck price

Available in both blue and white, this inexpensive LED light strip is great for taking the lighting in your room to the next level. You can use it to line anything in your room to create a cool glow behind it. Inside you get a 16 foot roll of 300 LED lights. The backing has 3M tape so that it can be easily stuck on any surface. Just note, you do need a separate power supply to power up the lights.

Philips Hue Starter KitPhilips Hue Starter Kitcheck price

Smart lighting is insanely cool. There are plenty of cheap smart lights on the market, but the best smart lighting setup is still the Philips Hue System. While it is expensive, there are so many different options to customize your lighting. To get started, you need one of the starter kits. Its super easy to setup. You just plug the hub into your router and you are basically ready to add any Philips Hue light to the system. The hub allows you to control your lights from a phone or even Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Homekit.

LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket check price

Don’t you hate when your legs get cold when you are lying on the couch? Sure you can throw a blanket on your legs to cover them up, but this crochet mermaid tail blanket is so much cooler. With a mermaid tail on the end, it turns you into a real life mermaid. She can finally live out her dream of being a mermaid. Who said that mermaids are not real?

Brentwood 18-Inch Faux Fur PillowBrentwood 18-Inch Faux Fur Pillowcheck price

What 16 year old girl doesn’t love big soft furry things? This faux fur pillow is sure to be teenager approved. Put it on the bed or a chair and you will instantly want to cuddle up with it.

Ankit Mermaid PillowAnkit Mermaid Pillowcheck price

Every 16 year old girl is obsessed with throw pillows. Throw a couple of cute throw pillows on your bed and they instantly change the whole vibe in the room. Beecause it changes colors when you rube it, this mermaid pillow is so satisfying to rub back and forth.

Emoji PillowEmoji Pillowcheck price

Emjois are never going anywhere. It’s time to accept that and embrace it into our lives. This poop shaped Emoji pillow adds a hilarious mood to any teen girl’s room. Pillow fights will never be the same. Just imagine flinging poop around.

Aller-Ease Cotton Body PillowAller-Ease Cotton Body Pillowcheck price

A 4.5 foot body pillow is a fantastic piece of bedding that every teenage girl is going to love. This 100% cotton body pillow is perfect for laying your body on when you are doing your homework or writing in your journal.

Boho And Beach Bed Canopy Boho And Beach Bed Canopy check price

16 year old girls spend a lot of time sleeping in bed. Putting a cute canopy like this one over your bed would create such a romantic look that you might want to spend even more time in bed.

Chanasya Sherpa ThrowChanasya Sherpa Throwcheck price

Is she always cold? She is going to want to marry this extremely soft and cozy blanket. She might even want to break up with her boyfriend. Not only is she going to love it, but everyone is going to love it . . . even the dog. While it makes a great decoration, she is going to love wrapping herself in it on cold winter evenings.

Chanasya Long Shaggy Faux Fur ThrowChanasya Long Shaggy Faux Fur Throwcheck price

When it is cold outside, what could be more inviting than a furry blanket? She will love covering up with this one while binge watching her favorite TV shows on Netflix. It also makes a cute decoration when you are not using it. Simply drape it over a chair or over your bed.

Chanasya Soft Mangolian Faux Fur RugChanasya Soft Mangolian Faux Fur Rugcheck price

When you wake up in the morning there is nothing better than steeping on a nice warm furry rug. Made of faux fur, this one is so soft that you will want to lay on it all day. The best part? Its fibers are designed not to shed. While it is great for the floor, it can even be used as a throw to cuten whatever it is draped over. Available in multiple colors, it comes in either a rectangular shape or a curvy shape.

Utopia Bedding Bed Ruffle SkirtUtopia Bedding Bed Ruffle Skirtcheck price

Complete the look of your room with this ruffled bed skirt. Made out of microfiber, this one is offered in four different colors. Hanging softly from the bed, it does a great job of covering the bottom of your bed. It makes ordinary bedding look so much classier and luxurious. Your room will suddenly feel like a 5 star hotel.

Superior All Season Down Alternative ComforterSuperior All Season Down Alternative Comfortercheck price

It’s every girl’s dream to fall asleep on fluffy clouds. You know those beautiful fluffy white comforters you see on Pinterest and television, this beautiful down comforter is just like those. Filled with polyester, it is a must for cold weather and just about every season.

Fadfay Boho Duvet Cover SetFadfay Boho Duvet Cover Setcheck price

A new duvet cover can totally transform the style of your room. It is totally easy to change and you can even have different duvet covers for every season so things don’t get so boring. With Bohemian designs and fun colors, this 100% cotton duvet cover can create a whole Bohemian vibe in your room.

UO Duvet CoverUO Duvet Covercheck price

Urban Outfitters is probably one of the best places to get cute room decor. It has so many trendy duvet covers with gorgeous patterns and designs on them that can totally transform any room. Your room will look to die for with any of their duvet covers. Serene white bedding looks so great but the tassels on this bedding adds such an elegant bohemian vibe.

Photo BlanketPhoto Blanketcheck price

What could be better than a custom photo blanket? Celebrate her 16th birthday with a special gift that preserves all the biggest memories in her life. With this one, you can choose from close to 100 different themes, including a monogrammed one. Along with customizing your theme, there are 3 different materials to choose from. She will love wrapping herself up in all the warm memories in her life.

Honey-Can-Do Laptop Lap DeskHoney-Can-Do Laptop Lap Deskcheck price

The Honey Can Do lap desk provides a steady working surface for you to work anywhere. You get a lot of surface area for an affordable price. With a large surface, it can fit a large 15 inch laptop with room to spare for a mouse. The cushioning helps keep your lap comfortable. It comes in distinctive colors that are easily able to fit in with any room décor.

Scotch Shoe DispenserScotch Shoe Dispensercheck price

Unfortunately, you can’t wear this. It’s actually a scotch tape dispenser that is shaped like a high heel shoe. It’s the perfect gift for the 16 year old shoe lover.

Post-it Cat Note DispenserPost-it Cat Note Dispensercheck price

This is no ordinary post it dispenser. It’s a kitty shaped one and adds a touch of cuteness to any desk. Pair it with colored post-its for an even cuter look. This guy will instantly make you happy every time you see it.

Fasmov Steel Man BookendsFasmov Steel Man Bookendscheck price

These little bookends are so adorable. Every 16 year old will get a real kick out of them especially when you put books between them. It beats having to use your own hands.

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock check price

Every girl needs a cute little clock in her room. This old fashioned clock is so Instagrammable. It not only looks like a retro clock, it sounds like one too. With twin bells, this thing is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning unless you are deaf.

Songmics Faux Leather Storage OttomanSongmics Faux Leather Storage Ottomancheck price

While a hope chest might seem super old fashioned, classic gifts are some of the best gifts. At 16, your girl is growing up so fast. It might be time for her start collecting memories before she leaves the nest. You can start by filling it with things she needs for college.

MCS Industries Solid Wood Frame SetMCS Industries Solid Wood Frame Setcheck price

Every girl has to have a bunch of matching frames in her room that are different sizes to hang up photos, artwork, or cool quotes. With clear glass and black frames, this set works with any room decor. While it’s super simple to create, a little photo frame display adds so much variety to a boring plain wall.

Malden Friends FrameMalden Friends Framecheck price

If she is your best friend, the best gift you can give her is photo frame with a really cute picture inside. We love the look of this elegant glass frame with the word “Friends” written in fancy letters around the border of the frame. The best part? It’s so easy to slide the picture inside the pocket on the back of the frame.

Fat Plants San Diego Succulent PlantsFat Plants San Diego Succulent Plantscheck price

Succulents might be the best plants ever created. These super low maintenance plants come in all different colors, adding a pop of color and life to your room. Simply keep them in indirect sunlight and water them whenever you feel like and they will probably live.

Bliss Gardens Air Plant TerrariumBliss Gardens Air Plant Terrariumcheck price

Every 16 year old girl would love colorful plants in her room. The trouble is that most of them die within a week. Here is something different. Similar to a cactus, this beautiful terrarium stays alive for a long time with minimum care. Simply wet the plant every week and return it to its container.

BirdRock Home Single Laundry Hamper with LidBirdRock Home Single Laundry Hamper with Lidcheck price

Don’t throw your dirty clothes all over your room. It will just make your room messy and totally yucky. Find a cute laundry basket that looks cute in your room like this one. When your clothes are dirty, just toss them in.

Clear Desk ChairClear Desk Chaircheck price

Does she need a new chair for room? We really like the way transparent chairs look. Made of a acrylic, this beautiful clear chair helps you create a modern look in any room. With a crystal like look, it helps the chair blend into any type of setting.

Boss B220-FCRM Tiffany Fur ChairBoss B220-FCRM Tiffany Fur Chaircheck price

Every 16 year old girl needs a cute comfortable chair. When you want to cuddle up in doors, this fuzzy chair made of sherpa fabric is fit for royalty. It’s the perfect place to relax in while doing your homework or your makeup.

Acanva Faux Fur Bean Bag ChairAcanva Faux Fur Bean Bag Chaircheck price

Is she always complaining that there are never enough seats for her friends in her room? Then a bean bag chair in her favorite color is a really cool gift. Stuffed with foam filling and with a faux fur cover, this one from is perfect for snuggling in while chatting with friends.

Kings Free Standing Floor Mirror Kings Free Standing Floor Mirror check price

No teenage girl wants to leave the house without knowing what she looks like. You need a floor mirror to try on new outfits in your room. This one is a nice addition to any 16 year old girl’s bedroom.

Umbra Conceal Floating BookshelfUmbra Conceal Floating Bookshelfcheck price

If she loves reading books, she will love these floating book shelves. Not every girl has room for big bulky shelves in her room. If you have a very small room, these look great on the wall. With a minimalist look, they look like an art piece.

White Floating Desk with StorageWhite Floating Desk with Storagecheck price

With a modern look, this floating desk looks like something out of the future. Because it doesn’t have any legs and mounts on the wall, it clears up so much space in your room. Along with space for a laptop, it’s got plenty of shelves for books.

Modway Annabel Vinyl HeadboardModway Annabel Vinyl Headboardcheck price

This beautiful headboard is sure to complement the rest of your decor. Upholstered with vinyl, this tufted headboard adds an elegant look to any bed.

Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear check price

A beautiful giant 4 foot tall teddy bear? Let’s say there is a whole lot to love about this giant teddy bear that will give you a lot of smiles wherever you put him.

For The 16 Year Video Gamer

For The 16 Year Video Gamer

For the 16 year old girl that loves video games, level up your gifting skills with these gaming themed gifts.

Nintendo SwitchNintendo Switchcheck price

This amazing new console from Nintendo can instantly switch between a home console to a portable console by simply removing the tablet from the docking station. The removeable joy-con controllers can be attached to the device, allowing you to control your favorite Nintendo games with a joystick. Detach the joy-cons and suddenly you can play a multiplayer game with your friend. The best part? Now you can take your favorite Nintendo franchises everywhere with you.

Super NES ClassicSuper NES Classiccheck price

Nintendo has decided to bring retro gaming back with the Super NES mini. The system comes built in with 21 of the most popular SNES games of the era. Now she can play the Super Mario game and Super Mario Kart that you played as a kid. Surprisingly, a lot of these games still hold up today and are fun to play.

New Nintendo 3DS XLNew Nintendo 3DS XLcheck price

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart on the go? The Nintendo 3ds is the best way to play portable Nintendo games like Mario Kart, Super Mario, and Animal Crossing. Nintendo recently upgraded its Nintendo 3DS console with a bigger screen, more stable 3D, and a faster processor. That means it’s the new face of portable gaming.

New Nintendo 2DS XLNew Nintendo 2DS XLcheck price

Nintendo is making it easier than ever for everybody to experience the amazing library of the 3DS. At a lower entry price, the Nintendo 2DS allows you to play the entire 3DS library. The big difference? Nintendo has removed the 3D stereoscopic effect on this model.

Xbox One SXbox One Scheck price

If you are counting pixels, the Xbox One isn’t as powerful as the PS4. Still, it makes it up with original games that you can’t play anywhere else like Halo and Gears Of War. The biggest reason to own an Xbox One? Backward compatibility which means that you can play a growing library of the old Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim / ProSony PlayStation 4 Slim / Procheck price

The PlayStation 4 is the most powerful video game console ever. That means similar games on the Playstation 4 look slightly better than their Xbox counterparts. If you love games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and Grand Theft Auto, they have never looked better. The best part? The system makes it super easy to share gameplay with friends with the simple tap of the Share button.

PlayStation VRPlayStation VRcheck price

VR is getting big. Finally there is an affordable option in VR without spending a ton of money on a super powered PC. The Playstation VR is a headset that works with your already existing Playstation 4. With head tracking, the headsets brings virtual worlds to life like never before.

Just Dance 2018Rated E10+Just Dance 2018check price

Droves and droves of Just Dance fans await the release of the new game every year. With a brand new list of over 40 songs, this game will have you grooving to all the latest music from Katy Perry to Bruno Mars. Who needs to go clubbing?

Call of Duty: WWIIRated MCall of Duty: WWIIcheck price

Every year teenage gamers flip over a new Call Of Duty Game. The latest game takes place far into the future with zero gravity gameplay and space travel. Are you ready for Word War II?

Star Wars Battlefront IIRated TStar Wars Battlefront IIcheck price

Battlefront II is the sequel to the original game that came out in 2015. In this multiplayer shooter, players step into the roles of their favorite Star Wars characters, battling against each other in some of the most iconic environments from the Star Wars universe. Battlefront II includes more locations and characters from Star Wars. The best part? There is a new intriguing single player story mode.

Super Mario OdysseyRated E10+Super Mario Odysseycheck price

Mario is back in an all new adventure but this time he is bringing a magical cap along. Mario can throw his cap at enemies and magically possess them. He can turn into a turtle, car, and even dinosaur. If he collects enough of energy for his spaceship, he can stop the wedding between Bowser and Princess Peach from taking place.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildRated E10+The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildcheck price

The latest Zelda game is a monumental release in the Zelda series. Nintendo has completely reinvented the world of Zelda with an open world that players are free to explore at their own leisure. In this ambitious game, there are plenty of side quests that complement the main mission. Players take the role of Link who must fight, cook, and explore to survive against the evil Ganon.

Mario Kart 8 DeluxeRated EMario Kart 8 Deluxecheck price

Watch out there is a red turtle! It’s Mario Kart! This kart racer provides for hours of enjoyment for everybody. Nintendo has remade some of the classic tracks from previous entries and added a whole host of new courses. If you missed this game on the Wii U, you have to play it on the Switch. This time, Nintendo has added the ability to play it with your friends who have the game and an addictive new battle mode.

Splatoon 2Rated E10+Splatoon 2check price

Here is a shooter that doesn’t rely on realistic over the top violence to be fun. It’s such a refreshing change of pace that the object is to not to shoot other players in the head. Players control squid like characters that shoot paint everywhere. The object is to paint the turf with your color paint to claim the most territory.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And MoonRated EPokemon Ultra Sun And Mooncheck price

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, players will return to the island of Alola. This time around the island is covered in darkness because a mysterious monster has robbed the island’s light. It’s up to Pokemon masters to save the island and restore the light.

MinecraftRated E10+Minecraftcheck price

While the pixelated graphics are simple, Minecraft is like a never ending box of Lego pieces. Once you get lost in the world, it can suck up so much of your time. With multiple modes, there are so many different ways to play. In survival mode, you will have to mine for materials to start building your own world.

The Sims 4Rated TThe Sims 4check price

In the Sims 4, players create Sims who perform activities. The new Create A Sim mode allows you to create just about anyone. While there is no real objective, part of the fun is watching the various Sims form relationships with their silly personalities.

Amiibo FiguresAmiibo Figurescheck price

Who is your favorite Nintendo character? Ambiibos are Nintendo toys based on popular Nintendo games like Super Smash Brothers, Mario Brothers, and Zelda. These toy like creatures can be put in Nintendo games to unlock additional features but they are fun on their own.

PlayStation Plus MembershipPlayStation Plus Membershipcheck price

The best gift for any Playstation gamer is the Playstation Plus Subscription. Not only does this service give players discounts and the ability to play online, but every month subscribers can look forward to free games.

Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Xbox LIVE  Gold Membership check price

It has never been easier shopping for an Xbox gamer. With the Xbox Live Gold membership players can play online and get massive discounts on popular games during sales. Aside from deals, gamers get free games every month.

Board Games

Board Games

Board games are great especially during the holidays. There are few things that can get people to actually sit down and play with each other. These board games will make you want to turn off your phone.

Cards Against HumanityAges 17+Cards Against Humanitycheck price

Cards Against Humanity is a politically incorrect version of Apples To Apples. It’s not a game for the easily offended as it contains many adult themes and language. The actual game is very simple. The idea is to answer a question or complete a sentence with a word card. But, you will have to use your creativity and humor to come up with the best answer.

What Do You Meme? Adult Party GameAges 18+What Do You Meme? Adult Party Gamecheck price

This filthy game, in the same spirit of Cards Against Humanity, has the power to bring everybody together. In this meme-themed game, everybody has to pick the best caption that matches the photo. With tons of sexual and controversial content, it will have everybody laughing. Like Cards Against Humanity, this game is not intended for anybody who is easily offended. Leave grandma, grandpa, and kids out unless you remove the objectionable cards.

Say AnythingAges 13+Say Anythingcheck price

Say Anything is a light hearted party game where the object is to say anything that’s ridiculous. Players pick a card with a question on it like, “If you could have something huge, what would you pick?” Players then answer the question and the judge of each round has to pick the best answer.

Watch Ya’ MouthAges 8+Watch Ya Mouthcheck price

In Watch Ya Mouth, you stick these awkward mouth retractors in your mouth. This makes it almost impossible to speak without the words coming out slurred. When you talk, what you say comes out really funny. The game is played in teams. The idea is to try to get your team to guess what you are saying with the mouth retractor in your mouth. It’s actually really challenging.

The Game of Things Board Game Ages 14+The Game of Things Board Game check price

In this party game, everyone has to give an answer to a prompt like “Things people do when nobody is looking.” After writing down a response, everyone has to guess who wrote what. It’s the closest thing to humor in a box.

Catan 5th Edition Ages 10+Catan 5th Edition check price

In Settlers of Catan, players compete to take control of an uninhabited island by building cities, roads, and settlements. To do that players have to collect resources by negotiating strategically with others.

Electronic Catchphrase GameAges 13+Electronic Catchphrase Gamecheck price

Catch Phrase is like an electronic version of hot potato. The game is played in teams. The person holding the device has to get her team to guess the word on the screen without saying it before time runs out. The device is passed back and forth between opposite teams until one team runs out of time.

Exploding KittensAges 7+Exploding Kittenscheck price

Funded on Kickstarter, Exploding Kittens is a really simple card game. You simply put the Exploding Kittens in the deck and whoever draws an Exploding Kitten card is out. Each of the cards has hilarious illustrations on them, which adds to the funny feel of the game. While there is a bit of luck involved, there are a couple of cards that add a little strategy and tension to the game

5 Second RuleAges 10+5 Second Rulecheck price

In 5 Second Rule, you have only 5 seconds to answer. The rules are incredible easy to understand. With all the questions, you have to name 3 things. For instance, Name 3 Types of Ice Cream Flavors. The game comes with a timer that counts down 5 Seconds. If you can’t answer, the person on your left has to come up with an answer but can’t re-use any of the answers already used.

Taboo Board GameAges 13+Taboo Board Gamecheck price

Taboo is a very easy to understand game, but it can be challenging. The idea is to get your team to guess as many words as they can before the time runs out. The twist? You can’t use certain “Taboo” words when you are trying to get your team to guess. The problem is that those are the words that you are going to want to use to describe the word. It is a really fun game to play with a group of friends.

Apples to Apples 15th Appleversary EditionAges 12+Apples to Apples 15th Appleversary Editioncheck price

Apples to Apples is basically a family friendly version of Cards Against Humanity. A card is put down and players have to put down a card that best describes the word. For instance, if the word “Gorgeous” is put down, you could play “Mother Nature.” Every round the judge picks the best answer. After each round, the judge is rotated.

Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle Ages 12+Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle check price

Offered in many different levels, Hanayama puzzles are brain teasing puzzles that you have to take apart and put back together. There are really no clues given so you could spend hours and days coming up with a solution. In order to solve the puzzle, you must experiment with the puzzle to understand the rules. The best part? Taking it apart is just the beginning.

Custom Photo Puzzle CubeAges 8+Custom Photo Puzzle Cubecheck price

What could be better gift than a Rubik’s Cube? What about a custom Rubik’s cube. This one allows you to customize each side of the cube with your own pictures. The only problem? You might not want to play with it unless you are really good at solving a Rubik’s Cube. It’s a great novelty item that would make a cute decoration in any room.

Ugears Mechanical 3D SafeAges 14+Ugears Mechanical 3D Safecheck price

UGears Models are mechanical models that are made entirely out of wood. You have to put them together without the use of any glue. There are really no tools necessary to put them together. A detailed instruction manual walks you through the whole process, which takes a couple of hours. Made out of plywood, this model is the safe. The best part? Once it is a assembled, it is an actually working safe with a combination type lock.

For The 16 Year Old Movie Lover

For The 16 Year Old Movie Lover

Grab her favorite movie, a bag of popcorn, and some candy for the perfect movie night.

Wonder WomanRated PG-13Wonder Womancheck price

There are so many superhero movies, but Wonder Woman stands as one of the best ones. It shows that a superhero movie that centers on women can be just as heroic as one that centers on men. Gal Gadot does a brilliant job of bringing Wonder Woman to life. She fights alongside Steve Trevor, who is played by Chris Pine. The chemistry between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor feels real and sets up some pretty funny and emotional scenes.

Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryRated PG-13Rogue One: A Star Wars Storycheck price

Harry Potter fans will love this prequel movie set before the events of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling and David Yates do a great job of bringing this magical world to life. The movie focuses on Newt Scalamander. Set in 1926, it opens with him arriving in New York with a suticase full of magical creatures. When the creatures escape, Newt must chase down all the beautiful creature.

Beauty And The BeastRated PGBeauty And The Beastcheck price

The Beauty and the Beast has been reimagined as a live action movie that manages to capture the fun of the animated movie. The story is about a prince who has been cursed because of his own arrogance. In order to remove the curse, he must find true love. Belle soon finds herself imprisoned in the castle with the Beast. While darker than the animated movie, the film still manages to capture the same magic as the animated movie.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemRated PG-13Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themcheck price

Harry Potter fans will love this prequel movie set before the events of Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling and David Yates do a great job of bringing this magical world to life. The movie focuses on Newt Scamander. Set in 1926, it opens with him arriving in New York with a suitcase full of magical creatures. When the creatures escape, Newt must chase down every beautiful creature.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Rated PG-13Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2check price

The original Guardians Of Galaxy was one of the most unique super hero movies. It was funny, entertaining, and original. The sequel follows in the same footsteps of the original. In this origin story, the movie focuses on how Peter came to be. It’s got plenty of great sci-fi action and characters, but Baby Groot manages to steal the show.

Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film SetRated PG-13Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Setcheck price

Catch the entire Harry Potter series with this boxed DVD set. Harry Potter is no ordinary boy. He’s a wizard that must come face to face with the darkest wizard of all time, Voldermort. Along the way, Harry will meet friends, uncover mysteries, and go on unforgettable adventures. It’s “Magick!”

Star Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VIRated PGStar Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VIcheck price

The best way to find out why people love Star Wars is by watching the original trilogy. Even with all the technological advancement in computer graphics, these movies still hold up today. George Lucas managed to create compelling characters to tell a classic tale of the hero’s journey. At its heart, it is the tale of the underdog who tackles a much more powerful force. What made it unique was that it was set in space.

Star Wars: The Force AwakensRated PG-13Star Wars: The Force Awakenscheck price

The latest Star Wars film is now on DVD so grab a light saber. Star Wars The Force Awakens is the Star Wars film that fans have waiting for. The film picks up 30 years after the Return of the Jedi as we meet both new characters and familiar ones.

The Hunger Games: Complete 4 Film SetRated PG-13The Hunger Games: Complete 4 Film Setcheck price

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games is a four part series that is adapted from the book. This DVD includes the entire collection. When she’s a teenager, Katniss finds herself competing in the Hunger Games, a deadly competition. In the event, a teenage boy and girl must fight to their death. How will Katniss survive?

This is Us: Season 1Rated TV-14​This is Us: Season 1check price

There is a reason that This Is Us is one of the most popular shows on television. It knows how to capture our emotions, making us cry. Once you start watching it, you are going to want to binge-watch the whole series. Told through a series of flashbacks and flash forwards, many of us can relate to the onscreen characters. It follows the lives of a family at different points in time. It impossible not to fall in love with this show. If you haven’t watched it, it is out on DVD.

For The 16 Year Old Food Lover

For The 16 Year Old Food Lover

From chocolate to a new Keurig, your foodie will love these gift ideas that will make her 16th birthday that much Sweeter.

GUND Pusheen 12 oz MugGUND Pusheen 12 oz Mugcheck price

Who doesn’t love Pusheen? This polka dotted cup from Gund is so adorable with Pusheen on it. It is microwave and dish washer safe. Your 16 year old girl will smile every time she drinks out of it in the morning.

BigMouth Inc The Original Donut MugBigMouth Inc The Original Donut Mugcheck price

If she loves collecting cute mugs, your 16 year old girl will love this donut mug. Shaped like a donut, it will make her coffee just a litter sweeter. It is super fun to throw up on Instagram. It does have a squiggly top and it can be hard to clean, but it makes a great novelty gift for any coffee drinker .

Decodyne Beauty Series Coffee MugDecodyne Beauty Series Coffee Mugcheck price

Who doesn’t love collecting unique coffee mugs? This beautiful cup from Decodyne is so adorable with the words “I Woke Up Like This” written across it. The coolest part? A little blow dryer is the handle. Your beauty lover will love drinking out of it before she does her beauty routine in the morning.

RTIC TumblerRTIC Tumblercheck price

Made out of stainless steel, this double wall insulated tumbler does a great job of keeping the beverage inside at a constant temperature for hours. Like the more expensive Yeti Tumbler, it will hold ice forever. If you put ice in it in the morning, it will still have a good amount of ice in it at the end of the day. The big difference? It costs a lot less than the Yeti.

Vera Bradley Lunch BunchVera Bradley Lunch Bunchcheck price

If she loves taking lunch to school, she will love this stylish lunch bag from Vera Bradley. With clear name card on the side, it comes in so many bright and fun girly patterns. It features two handles with a zippered enclosure. Inside, it is lined and insulated, which makes it easy to wipe down. It has room for bottled water, a sandwich, and a couple of snacks.

ICUP Wonder Woman ApronICUP Wonder Woman Aproncheck price

Here’s the perfect gift for the superhero fan in your life that loves to cook. ICUP makes all different character aprons that allow you to be your favorite character in the kitchen. Made out of polyester, this one turns you into Wonder Woman. The best part? She doesn’t have to wait until Halloween to dress up.

How to Cook Everything The BasicsHow to Cook Everything The Basicscheck price

A lot of us turn to junk food or takeout because we don’t know how to prepare our own meals. Making your own food costs less and tastes so much better than fast food restaurants. Luckily, this book can help. Presented in a way that even beginners can understand, it is an excellent starting point into the world of cooking. From roasting to baking, it teaches you the fundamentals of cooking through 175 recipes.

Cooluli Electric Cooler and WarmerCooluli Electric Cooler and Warmercheck price

Available in several colors, this inexpensive mini fridge is a great thing to have in your room. With a compact footprint, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of room and can hold up to 6 soda cans. While it doesn’t work like a traditional refrigerator, it does keep things inside a good 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Because it uses a thermoelectric effect to cool, it runs a lot quieter than a fridge.

Nostalgia Coke 1.7 Cubic-Foot RefrigeratorNostalgia Coke 1.7 Cubic-Foot Refrigeratorcheck price

The one appliance that every 16 year old girl wants in her room is a mini fridge. Who wouldn’t want a cool coke mini fridge in their room? It’s like having a little vending machine in your room. With 1.7 cubic feet of space inside, it is perfect for keeping snacks and drinks in her room so she doesn’t have to run to the kitchen every time friends come over.

Great Northern Gumball MachineGreat Northern Gumball Machinecheck price

With a retro look, this gumball machine takes you back to the gumball machines they used to have back in the 1920s. With an all glass construction, the gumball machine has an adjustable gap that allows you to control how much of candy is dispensed. The best part? You can set it to accept coins and collect “gas money” from your friends.

Presto Belgian Bowl Waffle MakerPresto Belgian Bowl Waffle Makercheck price

Once she starts using this waffle maker, your 16 year old girl won’t be able to live without it. This one is super cool because it creates waffles in the shape of a bowl. This makes it super easy to fill up with all sorts of other breakfast foods.

Keurig K55 Coffee MakerKeurig K55 Coffee Makercheck price

Who doesn’t love coffee? There is no better gift for the coffee addict than a Keurig. With the special K Cups it couldn’t be easier to make your favorite flavored coffee. Plus, she can drink as much coffee as she likes.

Keurig Coffee Lover’s K-Cup SamplerKeurig Coffee Lovers K-Cup Samplercheck price

If she can’t get enough of caffeine, this K-Cup sampler is the perfect gift for your coffee addict. With 20 different flavors, she will love sipping on a new flavor every morning. It’s a nice variety to sample an assortment of different flavors. These k-cups are compatible with all Keurig models.

Ninja Master PrepNinja Master Prepcheck price

It’s never been easier to make a smoothie. This blender from Ninja can mince, dice, and puree the toughest fruits and veggies. The coolest part? Unlike traditional blenders, the blades are evenly distributed through the unit so you get an even level of chopping through the whole blender.

Holstein Housewares Cupcake MakerHolstein Housewares Cupcake Makercheck price

Why buy cupcakes when you can make your own? It’s never been easier to make cupcakes than with this cupcake maker. In just a few minutes, it bakes up 6 golden cupcakes that you can share with your friends and family. Don’t forget to decorate them.

Nostalgia Snow Cone MakerNostalgia Snow Cone Makercheck price

What could be more fun for Christmas than snow cones? With a retro look, this snow cone maker will make the perfect snow cones. Perfect for parties, it’s so neat to watch it make the shaved ice. You simply place the ice in the top area and watch it turn ice into snow. The only thing you need are the syrups so you can flavor the ice.

Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Ice Cream MakerCuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Ice Cream Makercheck price

Who wouldn’t like to make their own ice cream at home? This one from Cuisinart is a lot easier to use than a traditional ice cream machine. It comes with a freezer bowl that you must stick in the fridge the night before you are ready to make your ice cream. You simply dump in all the ingredients and in less than 30 minutes, you have delicious creamy ice cream.

KitchenAid 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand MixerKitchenAid 4.5-Quart Classic Series Stand Mixercheck price

If she loves being in the kitchen, she is probably dreaming of getting a stand mixer from KitchenAid. No cook should be without one. Available in so many pretty colors, this KitchenAid mixer is perfect for baking Christmas cookies or birthday treats.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Makercheck price

Who has time for breakfast? Now breakfast got a whole lot easier. You can now make an Egg McMuffin Sandwich in less than 5 minutes. Simply build the sandwich in layers with bread, toppings, and egg. No need to drive to the drive thru.

Philadelphia Candies Chocolate Covered OREOsPhiladelphia Candies Chocolate Covered OREOscheck price

Everybody loves Oreo cookies. How do you make these delicious sandwich cookies even better? You dump Philadelphia milk chocolate all over them and decorate them. They are a real yummy treat on special occasions like Birthdays or Christmas. She will enjoy every bite of them.

David’s CookiesDavids Cookiescheck price

There is nothing like homemade cookies, but most of us don’t have time around the holidays to bake our own. Available in several flavors from Chocolate Chip to Oatmeal, these freshly baked cookies taste like they just got out of the oven. With a soft, chewy texture, they go great with a cup of milk. They come packaged in layers in a cookie tin, making them a great gift.

Leilalove MacaronsLeilalove Macaronscheck price

Most cookies pretty much look the same, but Macarons look much more elegant. These gourmet cookies from Leilalove have a rich filling that are sandwiched between two cookies. They come in an assortment of flavors. When you bite into them, they have a unique texture and taste. Both sides of the cookie combine with the lovely filling, which makes each bite interesting.

PopcornopolisPopcornopolischeck price

If she loves popcorn, Popcornopolis popcorn tastes like heaven. It comes in so many different flavors from Cheddar Cheese to Carmel Corn. Our favorite flavor is called Zebra, which is popcorn covered with both white and dark chocolate. It seriously turns popcorn into candy. It’s a delicious treat that is impossible to stop eating. This assortment pack is a great way to sample a few of the different flavors

Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold BallotinGodiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotincheck price

There is nothing better than a box of luxurious chocolate. Godiva is one of the most popular brands of chocolate. You can instantly recognize a box of Godiva chocolate. The chocolates all come in its signature gold box with a ribbon on it. While it is expensive, this box of chocolates makes a wonderful treat on any special occasion.

Sees Candy Nuts And ChewsSees Candy Nuts And Chewscheck price

There are some things you have always got to have on your Sweet 16 Birthday or Christmas. One of them is a box of old fashioned See’s Candy. Inside this box, you will find a wonderful array of both light and dark chocolates. What makes this box so special is the fillings with delicious nuts and chews.

Ferrero Collection Gift BoxFerrero Collection Gift Boxcheck price

When you want to indulge there is nothing like creamy truffles with the perfect combination of roasted hazelnuts and chocolate. On your Birthday, you can take care to eat and indulge on every bite. When a big exam comes up, you are probably go through the whole box of truffles.

Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate TrufflesLindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Trufflescheck price

There is nothing more classic than Lindt Lindor Truffles. These delicious truffle balls have been around forever and still never get old. With a creamy filling and milk chocolate surrounding it, these sinful treats can’t be described by words. You have to take a bite.

Giant Gummy BearGiant Gummy Bearcheck price

Whoa! Look at the size of this giant gummy bear. It’s 5 pounds of gumminess. This Gummy Bear is so huge that you can’t possibly eat it in one sitting. Just don’t try to shove the whole thing in your mouth or he might choke you.

World’s Largest Gummy WormWorlds Largest Gummy Wormcheck price

Over 100 times bigger than a normal gummy worm, this should be called a gummy snake. It’s like a pet. It would probably take a month to finish this guy off.

Astronaut Neapolitan Ice CreamAstronaut Neapolitan Ice Creamcheck price

Did astronauts really eat this ice cream in space? We may never know if Astronaut Ice Cream really went into space, but that doesn’t make this freeze dried ice cream any less cool. Because it is freeze dried, it doesn’t melt until it hits you mouth. While it has a different texture from regular ice cream, it tastes just as delicious. Since it doesn’t melt, it’s the ultimate stocking stuffer for any 16 year old girl. This pack includes 5 different flavors.

Kracie Popin DIY Japanese Candy KitKracie Popin DIY Japanese Candy Kitcheck price

Just when you think you have tried every candy in the world, these DIY Japanese candies come along. Not all of them are candy flavored. Some of them taste weird, but they are super fun to make especially with friends.

Giant Snicker 1-Pound BarGiant Snicker 1-Pound Barcheck price

Does she love Snickers more than any other candy bar? Then get her a giant 1 pound Snikers bar with peanuts, creamy nougat, and Carmel inside.

Hershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate BarHershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate Barcheck price

Does she love Hershey bars? She probably won’t be able to eat this whole Hershey Bar by herself. Why? It’s a giant sized Hershey Bar, weighing close to 5 pounds.

Lenox Bridal Adorn Cake Knife and ServerLenox Bridal Adorn Cake Knife and Servercheck price

Is there anything better than receiving a cake and knife set on your 16th Birthday? Your 16 year old girl can use it whenever it is her Birthday to serve the cake. Then when she gets married, she will have it on her wedding day.

For The 16 Year Old Book Lover

For The 16 Year Old Book Lover

If she loves reading, her favorite book series or a similar series would make a great gift.

LuminoLite Rechargeable LED Book LightLuminoLite Rechargeable LED Book Lightcheck price

If you love reading books at night, this booklight is perfect for nighttime reading. With 2 modes of brightness, this flexible book light can be clamped onto your book.

Start Where You AreStart Where You Arecheck price

Every teen girl needs a book that is filled with inspirational quotes to lift her spirits up when she is down. With wonderful artwork, this journal is sure to spread some cheer. It looks cute too!

Wreck This JournalWreck This Journalcheck price

Wreck It Journal is a lot therapy. The whole idea of the journal is to wreck it. At first it may feel a little weird that you have to destroy the journal but before long you will throwing it around, ripping it, and bathing it in water. What a wreck!

Q&A a Day 5-Year JournalQ&A a Day 5-Year Journalcheck price

You don’t have to be a journaler to love this 5 year journal. On each day, you will answer a simple prompt at the top of page. The next year you will answer the exact same answer. The cool thing is you get to see how much you have changed over the period of 5 years.

Lauren Conrad BeautyLauren Conrad Beautycheck price

Have you ever wanted to learn more about makeup and hair but were afraid of experimenting on your own? Now you can learn from an expert as Lauren Conrad provides everything from natural makeup tips to braiding tutorials. This book is chock full of tips and tricks for teen girls looking to develop their look.

Letters to My Future SelfLetters to My Future Selfcheck price

Regular journals got a little more boring with this interesting twist on a diary. The idea is that you write a letter to your future self. Address one to your High School Graduation Self or Married Self.

Knock Knock What I Love About You JournalKnock Knock What I Love About You Journalcheck price

What I Love About You is a fill in the blank journal that makes an excellent personalized gift. Inside this little book, it comes with 50 different prompts such as “I love your ___” or “I love to watch you ___.” Because it requires thought and planning, she will love the time and effort you put into it. She will just love flipping through the book. It’s a small book, but a really sentimental gift.

Essentials Dot Bullet JournalEssentials Dot Bullet Journalcheck price

Ever since it was created, people have been using bullet journals to keep themselves organized and on task. Using a specially designed notebook, you are supposed to created bulleted lists of what you need to accomplish and then cross it out when you completed it. It’s essentially your own DIY planner. Unlike a premade planner, you can customize it exactly how you want it to be laid out. You set up an index, calendar, and daily log. With grid pages, this dot matrix journal is the best way to get started bullet journaling.

Lilly Pulitzer PlannerLilly Pulitzer Plannercheck price

When you turn 16, you have to do so many things at once that it is hard to keep track of it all. Along with that comes a ton of more responsibility. This cute girly planner from Lilly Pulitzer is great for keeping you organized.

Turtles All the Way DownTurtles All the Way Downcheck price

After writing Fault in Our Stars, it could be hard for John Greene to live up to that book, but he does with Turtles All The Way Down. It’s got all the tropes of a John Greene book, but John Green manages to deal with the complicated issue of mental illness. While the books centers on a mystery, it is used as a vehicle to explore themes of love, friendship, and mental health.

Everything, EverythingEverything, Everythingcheck price

What would you do if you couldn’t leave your house? Everything, Everything revolves around Maddy Whittier, who has SCID, which means she can’t go outside. However, that all changes when a boy moves in next door. She soon finds herself wanting to leave the walls of her house. Parents should know that there are a couple of chapters where graphics sex is depicted.

The Hate U GiveThe Hate U Givecheck price

While it reflects the events in today’s world, The Hate You Give is a work of fiction. Written by Angie Thomas, the book is about a girl named Starr. One day she watches her friend Khalil get shot by a police officer. Dealing with the Black Lives Matter Movement, Angie Thomas offers and eye opening critique of racism in the world we live in today. Told through the eyes of a minority, it’s an authentic and realistic book that can change the way you look at the world.

Milk and HoneyMilk and Honeycheck price

Rupi Kaur has taken over the world with her raw poetry about her life experiences. Many of her deeply moving poems are all over Instagram. Every page is filled with illustrations and deep poetry that gives you the feels. Parents should know that some of the poems deal with rape, sex, and violence against women. While it is powerful, it’s not a book for everybody.

The Sun and Her FlowersThe Sun and Her Flowerscheck price

Known for Milk and Honey, Ravi Kaur has a follow up book. Written in the same style as her previous book, it’s just as emotional as the Milk and Honey. It’s narrated from the author’s point of view and every page is filled with evocative illustrations. Like the first book, many of the poems are filled with difficult subject matter such as rape, sex, and mental illness.

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildHarry Potter and the Cursed Childcheck price

While Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not the official 8th book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter fans don’t care. It’s actually the script to the upcoming play that takes place 19 years after the battle at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)check price

With 7 great books in the Harry Potter series, it is impossible to choose a single favorite. Luckily for Harry Potter fans, this collection includes all 7 books. On its surface the Harry Potter story is an epic battle of good and evil, but underneath the surface it is about the power of love.

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban: Illustrated Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban:  Illustrated check price

Does she love Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling is giving us an excuse to go back to the world of Harry Potter. All of the books are being given an illustrated makeover that brings the story to life in a completely new way. Illustrated by Jim Kay, the artwork makes visiting this magical world a fresh experience. This is the 3rd book in the series and a must have for any Potterhead.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themcheck price

Harry Potter fans are going to love Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them which is a spin off in the Harry Potter series. Set in New York, the plot will follow Newt Scamander who must save the day from an outbreak of magical beasts.

John Green Box SetJohn Green Box Setcheck price

Who isn’t in love with John Greene? He is one of the best authors in the young adult genre. If your 16 year old girl is a big fan of The Fault In Our Stars, she will love this boxed set that includes 4 books from John Green. With engaging characters and a powerful message in each, there is so much you learn from his books.

Girl Online: On TourGirl Online: On Tourcheck price

Any 16 year old girl would be excited to read Girl Online. It’s written by popular Vlogger Zoella. It’s your classic teenage romance novel. The novel stars Penny who joins her boyfriend Noah on his rock star tour in Europe. Sounds like a dream come true, right? She soon finds out that maybe it is not life she wants.

The Hunger Games TrilogyThe Hunger Games Trilogycheck price

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games trilogy, you should read it. The plot revolves around its hero, Katniss Everdeen. Once you start reading, you will be unable to put the books down. Every year a girl and boy are thrown together in an arena and forced to battle to survive. Will Katniss make it out alive?

The Trials of ApolloThe Trials of Apollocheck price

If you love the Percy Jackson books, you will love the Trials Of Apollo. With typical themes found in Greek mythology, this time around the plot centers around Apollo who is stripped of his powers and put on Earth as a regular teenager. How will he survive?

SeventeenSeventeencheck price

What 16 year old girl wouldn’t love a subscription to Seventeen? It’s got articles with everything from fashion to beauty advice.

For The 16 Year Old Scientist

For The 16 Year Old Scientist

If you don’t know what to get the science geek in your life, here are gifts she is sure to nerd out over.

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic EcosystemEcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystemcheck price

Have you ever wanted an aquarium but didn’t like the thought of taking care of it? The Ecosphere is a tiny self contained planet with life. Inside is the perfect balance of life with shrimp, algae, and bacteria. The result is a miniature world that can live about 2-3 years with just indirect light.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter KitCanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kitcheck price

If your 16 year old girl wants to get started in the world of programming, she will love this small credit size computer called the Raspberry Pi. Canakit has made it extremely easy to get started with this kit. Even if you are new to the Rasperry Pi, the included guide walks you through the basics.

The Arduino Starter KitThe Arduino Starter Kitcheck price

Want to build your own electronics? This complete Arduino Starter Kit gives you everything you need to get started building your own electronics using Arduino boards. There is no experience necessary. The kit comes with an Arduino controller board and a guide that walks you through the entire process with 13 projects.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3LEGO Mindstorms EV3check price

Lego Mindstorms EV3 is one of the most amazing DIY robotic kits. The kit allows girls to build and program robots that can do everything from move to recognize colors. Programming is done through an easy to understand visual programming language. You can either program the robot on your computer or by using an app on your tablet.

Makey MakeyMakey Makeycheck price

There are some of us that just love tinkering with stuff. With Makey Makey, you can take random objects and string them together to do something cool. This little board can transform any object into an input device for your computer. You can invent everything from a banana piano to an alphabet soup keyboard. It’s all up to you.

Elenco Learn to SolderElenco Learn to Soldercheck price

If you are going to get started with electronics, you will need to know how to solder. At first, soldering can be difficult until your learn the correct technique. This kit from Elenco contains all of the components you need to learn how to solder including a soldering iron and a guide.

Orion GoScope TableTop TelescopeOrion GoScope TableTop Telescopecheck price

With a lightweight and portable design, the Orion GoScope is a great telescope for budding astronomers. Because it is so easy to set up on a table, you can use it just about anywhere. The wider 80mm lens means you will have a great view of the night sky and be able to identify everything from comets to planets.

Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000check price

Chem 3000 is a complete chemistry with over 300 experiments. Similar to what you would use in a high school chemistry class, the kit includes everything from glass test tubes to a graduated beaker to a burner stand. While it contains most of the chemicals, there are a few chemicals that you do have to purchase outside the kit. These can easily be found online.

AmScope M500 MicroscopeAmScope M500 Microscopecheck price

For science lovers, there is nothing more fascinating than microscopic worlds. Most high schools use compound microscopes similar to the AmScope M500. With a built in light source, focusing, and a magnification range of 40X – 1000X, the Amscope 500 has all the features you need when you think of a high school microscope.

Make ElectronicsMake Electronicscheck price

For the girl who has always loved electronics, Make Electronics is the Bible for learning about electronics. Through hands on practical exercises, this book gives you a foundational understanding of electronics. Everyone who is getting started in electronics must read it.

For The 16 Year Old Artist

For The 16 Year Old Artist

For the budding artist in your life, here are gifts that encourage her to be creative and crafty.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Mixed By MeCrazy Aarons Thinking Putty Mixed By Mecheck price

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is a modern day Silly Putty. This stretchy goo comes in so many different varieties. Once you start playing with it, it is impossible to stop. Designed to be the ultimate desk toy, it’s so fun to squish and it helps you relax. This little kit allows you to make your own putty. You can choose the color and even add cool special effects.

Elmer’s Liquid School GlueElmers Liquid School Gluecheck price

If she is into the whole slime craze, she is going to love getting slime supplies. There are so many different slime recipes to try that are posted everyday all over the internet. There is everything from glitter slime to glow in the dark slime. Elmer’s glue is an essential ingredient for any gooey creation.

H Potter Terrarium KitH Potter Terrarium Kitcheck price

There is nothing more fun than making your own living world. With a little indirect sun and water, you can create your own indoor garden with this DIY terrarium kit. First, you have to find a container. You can buy a beautiful container or just use a mason jar if you are frugal. This kit comes with all the stones, soil, and moss you need to create the environment your plants need to live. Then you have to choose a plant to grow inside. It’s a really great DIY project that can add color to your room.

AGU Foil Gold Skinny Washi TapeAGU Foil Gold Skinny Washi Tapecheck price

For teenage girls, Washi tape is a new obsession. There are so many fun ways you can create and decorate with this tape. Simply wrap this Washi tape around Christmas cards, candles, and jewelry to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary objects.

Johanna Basford Coloring Book Secret GardenJohanna Basford Coloring Book Secret Gardencheck price

Coloring books are super popular right now. They are not just for kids. Teens love super detailed adult coloring books. Secret Garden by Johanna Basford is a great way to relax, use your creativity, and have fun.

Prismacolor Soft Core Colored PencilsPrismacolor Soft Core Colored Pencilscheck price

These aren’t the colored pencils you used as a child. With smooth, silky, and creamy color, these soft cored colored pencils beautifully lay down color that is super easy to blend. They work perfectly for Adult coloring books because the colors don’t bleed through the pages.

Hand Lettering 101Hand Lettering 101check price

Have you ever wanted to get started with Calligraphy? With plenty of blank pages to practice on, this book teaches you how to create the most gorgeous lettering. Designed for beginners, it includes step by step directions and a lot of examples for creating gorgeous lower case letters.

Sharpie Color Burst Permanent MarkersSharpie Color Burst Permanent Markerscheck price

If you know a 16 year old girl that loves to doodle, color, or journal, she will love these sharpies. There is nothing more that teenage girls love seeing than their own handwriting in pretty colors. With this pack, she will have 24 different shades to try out.

Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink PensPilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Penscheck price

While Back To School might not be the most exciting time of the year, at least these gel pens will allow her to get through the school year. With gel technology, these pens just glide over the surface of the page. If she doesn’t have a journal, she will need one. If she has a journal, she won’t be to stop writing.

Copic Sketch Set of 6 MarkersCopic Sketch Set of 6 Markerscheck price

If you are an artist, you need a pair of sketching Copic Markers. With a wide tip on one side and brush tip on the other, there is a reason why professional artists use these markers. With great blending properties, they go on like paint but give you the accuracy of colored pencils.

Surebonder Glue GunSurebonder Glue Guncheck price

The one tool that every DIYer needs is a glue gun. A hot glue gun is a great tool for many decorative and crafty art projects. For starters, we recommend this mini glue gun from Surebonder. The smaller head gives you much more precision and you have a less likely chance of burning yourself. With an easy to use trigger, it allows you to easily control how much glue is dispersed. It is well built and has an on and off switch.

Ball Mason JarsBall Mason Jarscheck price

If you don’t know what to give your 16 year old girl, why not create your own gift? You can create so many cute gifts with just a mason jar. They are also fun to give as gifts as you can easily store makeup, candy, and food inside. Stick some nail polish, mascara, hand sanitizer, and eye shadow inside and you can create a spa in a jar.

DIY Lip Balm KitDIY Lip Balm Kitcheck price

Every teenage girl needs lip balm, but wouldn’t it be cool if you make your own? This kit comes with everything you need to make your own natural lip balms including fun flavors. Pina Colada lip balm, anyone?

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye KitTulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kitcheck price

Have a Tie Dye party at your next Sweet 16 Birthday party with this fun kit that includes 18 bottles of Tie dye. Now you can bring home the fun of the 1960s home with this kit. It comes with everything except the clothing. Create your own psychedelic masterpieces.

Bath Bomb Making KitBath Bomb Making Kitcheck price

Would you like to see the process that goes into making your own bath bombs? The kit comes with everything you need to make your own bath bombs including the powders and essential oils. There is nothing like taking a beautiful, fizzy, and delicious smelling bath with a bath bomb you made yourself.

Ravensburger 3D The Earth PuzzleballRavensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleballcheck price

There isn’t really any puzzle like this 3D Earth Puzzle. After putting the 500+ pieces together, it forms an actual globe that can even spin around. Even though it is built out of hard plastic puzzle pieces, the entire surface of the puzzle is smooth.

The Fashion SketchpadThe Fashion Sketchpadcheck price

Future fashion designers will love this fun sketchbook with over 400 predawn templates. Inside it contains models in various poses and you simply have to draw clothing and accessories to dress them up.

10 DIY Gift Baskets10 DIY Gift Basketscheck price

One of the easiest DIY gifts you can give her for her Sweet 16 is a basket of 16 small gifts. Fill it up with things that she has always been asking for all year long. This set includes 10 gift baskets.

Brother XM2701 Sewing MachineBrother XM2701 Sewing Machinecheck price

Has your 16 year old girl always wanted to sew? With a drop in bobbin and automatic needle threader, the Brother XM2701 is a great sewing machine for beginners. With built in stitches and a ton of options, your daughter will be able to sew clothes, stuffed animals, quilts, and more.

Gag Gifts

Gag Gifts

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet SprayPoo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spraycheck price

Does your poop stink up the whole neighborhood? Now you never have to be embarrassed about making number 2 at your friend’s house. Instead of merely covering up the smell, this poo spray eliminates the smell inside of the toilet bowl. You just spray a couple of sprays into the toilet and it traps the smell in the bowl. Your friend will walk in and won’t even know you took a stinky poop.

Prank Pack Bathe & BrewPrank Pack Bathe & Brewcheck price

Do you want to prank your 16 year old girl? Stick your real gift inside this prank box and then wrap it up. When she opens her gift, ask her, “Do you like it?” Tell her that it was the last one they had. Hopefully, she says “What the heck is it?”

Bag of Unicorn FartsBag of Unicorn Fartscheck price

There are all sorts of weird food that you can buy but this has to be one of the weirdest. We thought that we had seen everything when it comes to unicorns. Here’s a bag of magical unicorn farts. Because who wouldn’t want to eat tasty unicorn farts? Oddly, it looks and tastes a lot like cotton candy. We didn’t know that cotton candy was made out of unicorn farts.

Jelly Belly Bean BoozleJelly Belly Bean Boozlecheck price

Everybody has to take the Bean Boozled challenge. In this jellybean game, a certain colored jellybean is selected at random. The twist? Eating a jellybean can either taste like Peach or Barf. Each colored jellybean has a regular flavor and a nasty flavor. You never know which one you will pick up. While it is a fun game to play with friends, you definitely need to have a brown paper bag nearby.

Unicorn Poop SoapUnicorn Poop Soapcheck price

Just when you thought that we have seen everything related to unicorns, now you can use their poop to cleanse your body with. You probably have a lot of questions. What does unicorn poop look and smell like? It turns out it is rainbow colored, sparkly, and smells amazing. With a fruity smells, it smells exactly how you imagine unicorn poop to smell. While it is expensive, it is a treat on any special occasion.

Money Maze Money Maze check price

While she probably wouldn’t mind money, don’t just hand it to her. Stick 16 dollars in this money maze and make her work for it. The money will only be released if she solves the maze.

Puzzle Pod CryptexPuzzle Pod Cryptexcheck price

While everybody likes money or gift cards, they are such a boring gift. Now you can add excitement to any ordinary gift with this puzzle pod. It works like this: You use a 5-character secret code to seal the gift card or money inside. Then you come up with a way for her to guess the code. You could reveal each letter using a clue, making her do chores, or sending her on a treasure hunt. The fun part is that you get to personalize how she gets her gift.

Indoor Snowball FightIndoor Snowball Fightcheck price

You can’t have Christmas without a snowball fight but not all of us live in areas where it snows. Luckily, somebody has come up with a solution for the rest of us. This indoor snow kit comes with 40 fabric balls that closely resemble real snow balls. They are lightweight and crunchy and a lot of fun to throw. The best part? Since these can be used indoors, you don’t even have to wait for Christmas.

Men in Uniform Adult Coloring BookMen in Uniform Adult Coloring Bookcheck price

Coloring books are really trendy, but this coloring book is a little different. Who wouldn’t feel more relaxed when coloring a book filled with shirtless men? While she will blush a little bit, she will love looking through the pages and then putting the colored pages up on her wall. Okay, maybe not!

DeluxeComfort Boyfriend Arm PillowDeluxeComfort Boyfriend Arm Pillowcheck price

Are lonely nights letting you down? It’s okay not all of us need a bae. Even if you have boyfriend, it’s okay to dump him. For the “Forever single” 16 year old girl, this is the only man she will ever need.

HoodiePillow Hooded PillowcaseHoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcasecheck price

For teenage girls, you can’t go wrong with hoodies. They live in them. Now they can sleep in one with this hooded pillowcase. It’s even got a pocket for your phone and earphone holes so you can listen to music while resting.

Money Machine Cash DispenserMoney Machine Cash Dispensercheck price

Here’s a fun way to give money. It would be cool if this actually printed money but it’s just a plain box with a decoration on the outside. The idea is that you create a roll of money by sticking bills together. Then you roll the wad of cash up inside. The fun part is watching her roll out the cash.

DIY/ Gift Cards

DIY/ Gift Cards

One of the simplest gift ideas for a 16 year old girl is money. Most 16 year old girls would love to receive money or a gift card. That way they can shop for items they love. Here are the gift cards that they will love and some fun DIY gifts.

BirchboxBirchboxcheck price

Your 16 year old girl will be thrilled to get an awesome subscription from Birchbox. The box comes will all sorts of beauty goodies every month including makeup and skincare products.

Cloud9 Experience Gift CardCloud9 Experience Gift Cardcheck price

You only turn 16 once. At 16, you probably want to have an experience of a lifetime. You can try something totally extreme like indoor skydiving or get a relaxing Swedish massage. This gift card from Cloud9 gives you the flexibility of choosing your own experience in your town.

Concert TicketsConcert Ticketscheck price

Get your 16 year old a pair of tickets to see her favorite music artist in concert and she will adore you forever. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite artist live to celebrate their 16th Birthday? This year both Katy Perry and Jay Z, and Maroon 5 are on tour.

Gift Card Snow GlobeGift Card Snow Globecheck price

The only thing she really wants is a gift card to her favorite store, but gift cards on their own are beyond boring. Stick her gift card inside this snow globe and suddenly it becomes gift worth giving. The best part? After she removes the gift card, she can insert a photo inside to create a personalized snow globe.

Amazon Prime SubscriptionAmazon Prime Subscriptioncheck price

If you love shopping at Amazon, Amazon Prime is a no brainer. This yearly membership program gives you access to free streaming video, music, and more. Plus there is free one day or 2 day shipping on millions of items. What 16 year old girl wants to wait for items to ship?

Amazon Gift CardAmazon Gift Cardcheck price

There is a reason why everyone online shops at Amazon. With everything from beauty products to clothing, Amazon’s product selection is unbelievable. With a gift card to Amazon, she can get whatever she wants.

Forever 21 Gift CardForever 21 Gift Cardcheck price

Chances are that your 16 year old girl’s favorite store is Forever 21. At Forever 21, they have all the latest trends at super affordable prices. What girl wouldn’t love a gift card there?

American Eagle Gift CardAmerican Eagle Gift Cardcheck price

She would love an American Eagle Gift card for her 16th Birthday. With exclusive branded merchandise, American Eagle is one of the best places to buy cute denim, hoodies, and shorts.

Urban Outfitters Gift CardUrban Outfitters Gift Cardcheck price

Teens like to shop at stores with cool stuff. Urban Outfitters is largely responsible for creating some of the hottest new trends. Not only do they have trendy clothing, but their room decor is super cute too.

Sephora Gift CardSephora Gift Cardcheck price

Who wouldn’t want a makeover on their Birthday? At 16, your teen girl is probably starting to care about how she looks. With a Sephora gift card, she can mix and match items. You can schedule an appointment at Sephora to get her makeup done by a certified makeup artist.

Nordstrom Gift Card Nordstrom Gift Card check price

While it can be pricey, Nordstrom sells everything from high quality clothing to handbags. With a gift card there, she can pick up items later when Nordstrom has a sale.

Hollister Gift CardHollister Gift Cardcheck price

If she loves jeans or hanging out at the beach, you can’t go wrong with a Hollister gift card for a difficult to shop 16 year old girl.

Starbucks Gift CardStarbucks Gift Cardcheck price

16 year old girls just love hanging around Starbucks. With a gift card, at least they can get that frappuccino that they have always wanted.

Panera Bread Gift CardPanera Bread Gift Cardcheck price

What could be cooler than a gift card to her favorite restaurant? Let her have lunch or dinner with a couple of her friends. This gift card to Panera Bread is perfect. They have got everything from sandwiches to pastries.

Netflix Gift CardNetflix Gift Cardcheck price

She might be too busy to catch her favorite shows on TV, but during the winter she is going to have a lot of free time. With a Netflix Subscription, she can watch her favorite movies or television shows.

Movie Gift CardMovie Gift Cardcheck price

16 year old girls love to go to the movies especially with friends. She would be thrilled to receive a movie gift card.

Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift CardSpafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cardcheck price

You don’t have to have to have a big party to make her day special. A spa day with just you and her would make her 16th Birthday extra memorable. For extra credit, you could even give her best friend a spa gift certificate.

Benchmark BouquetsBenchmark Bouquetscheck price

Most 16 year old girls have never received flowers. So send your daughter this beautiful display of flowers for her 16th Birthday. To make it extra special, send it to her at school so that everyone knows that it is her 16th Birthday.

Sweet 16 GiftsSweet 16 Gifts

For her sweet 16, give her 16 numbered gifts from 16 down to 1. Let her open them in order. Put 16 items in the first box. 15 items in the second box and so forth. In the box labeled 1, you put her main gift. You don’t have to spend a lot. You can use stuff she loves like candy, lip gloss, nail polish. It’s the perfect “Sweet 16 gift.”

More Sweet 16 Gift Ideas?

Please let us know if you liked any of our 16th birthday gift ideas. Let us know what gifts you would give in the comments section below!

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