Gag Gift Ideas

Say goodbye to the whoopee cushion! Whether it’s a milestone birthday, retirement, bachelorette party, or a Christmas gift exchange, we’ve got a ton of gag gift ideas that will turn any special occasion into comedy night. White Elephant, Dirty Santa, or Christmas party coming up? There’s is nothing better than giving the gift of laughter.

Gag Gifts can be worse than nothing especially if you put no thought into them. You really have to know your audience. There’s nothing worse than walking away with something that is a steaming pile of garbage. The best gag gifts are the ones that are actually useful.

Because everybody has a different personality and sense of humor, we’ve broken down our gift guides into categories. There are gag gifts for men, women, bosses, teachers, and best friends. We’ve even got gift ideas to get sweet revenge on your friends.

Nail your gift giving skills with these gift lists that will leave your recipient laughing on the floor.

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Gag Gift Ideas

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