101+ Most Hilarious Gifts So Funny, You Will Fart 2021

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best gag gifts
Looking for the best gag gifts for your Birthday, White Elephant, Secret Santa, or Dirty Santa party? Give the gift of laughter with over 101 funny gag gifts for any special occasion.

Tis’ the season to be jolly! If you are looking for the best gag gifts for your White Elephant, Secret Santa, or Dirty Santa party, look no further. Everybody wants to be a comedian. Give the gift of laughter with these funny gag gifts. People spend so much of time trying to pick out the perfect gift. Why? You could spend the entire year listening to their likes, desires, and dirty little secrets, but what’s the point if the gifts are not fun to open.

Joke gifts can be used for comedic effect or to get revenge. These seemingly thoughtful gifts scream please “open me” but smell worse than a butt burp. You could give them a pile of garbage, but the best gag gifts are the ones that you can actually use. It’s the gift that keeps on giving laughter all year long.

From hilarious prank gifts to lewd adult gag gifts, we’ve collected an assortment of the most hilarious, cheekiest, and naughtiest gag gift ideas that will make you laugh so hard, you will fart.


Shopping for a bar lover? Finally, there is a better way to drink. Whether they love guzzling alcohol in record time or secretly sneaking in alcohol, there’s no shortage of gag gifts to elevate the art of drinking to new heights. Shake up their love for liquor with these unique gifts. Cheers!

Wine CondomsWine Condomscheck price

A condom for a wine bottle? What do you do with an unfinished wine bottle? Made of latex, wine condoms will tightly grip your wine bottle to protect the freshness of the wine inside. The coolest part? It comes in a glitzy gold and black wrapping, making it feel like a condom fit for a celebrity.

BenShot Glass with Real 0.308 BulletBenShot Glass with Real 0.308 Bulletcheck price

The best way to enjoy alcohol is with the right glass. With a real .308 bullet that is lodged into the side of the glass, this is the only “shot” glass you need. Each whiskey glass is hand crafted, making each glass one of a kind. Go ahead, empty of few rounds.

Godinger Cigar Whiskey GlassGodinger Cigar Whiskey Glasscheck price

Whiskey glasses don’t have to be so cliché. Cigars and whiskey? Is there any other better combination in the world? With a built in cigar rest, this unique wine glass allows you to hold both a wine glass and cigar in one hand. What will you do with your free hand?

12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set of 412 Gauge Shot Glasses Set of 4check price

What happens when you combine alcohol and drugs? “Shotgunning” alcohol is a great way to get drunk and impress your friends. Shaped like a shotgun shell, these glasses give new meaning to taking a shot. If you’re a bad-ass you could try to clean out a shotgun shell, but it’s probably not going to hold enough of liquid. Made of plastic, they are the perfect gift for any gun lover.

BrüMate HOPSULATOR TRíO 3-in-1 BrüMate HOPSULATOR TRíO 3-in-1 check price

Don’t you hate it when you are at a party and your cold drinks get warm? Made with double-walled stainless steel, the BrüMate insulator keeps cold drinks cold for hours. It acts like a portable refrigerator for your can. Simply place your can inside the insulator. The BrüMate works with 16 ounce and 12 ounce cans if you use the included cold insert. The BrüMate comes in a variety of cute colors too. The best part? You never need a plastic cup.

Mr. Beer Complete Beer Making KitMr. Beer Complete Beer Making Kitcheck price

Who wouldn’t want to make their own beer? It’s difficult getting all the equipment. With this kit, it has never been easier to brew your own beer. The Mr. Beer Kit simplifies the whole process and comes with everything you need even the bottles. Unlike other kits, this starter kit allows you to brew beer in 30 minutes instead of waiting nine hours.

Sanlan Cocktail ShakerSanlan Cocktail Shakercheck price

Who needs a bar tender? Shake up your own cocktail recipes with this shaker. It contains cocktail recipes on the glass shaker. Simply pour in all the ingredients, add a little ice, and cover it. Then shake it like a pro for 15 seconds. Maitais, Margaritas, Cosmopolitans. We’ve got everything. Drinks are served. Cheers!

Army Man Bottle OpenerArmy Man Bottle Openercheck price

Come in sergeant! Remember when you were young and you took your green army men on all sorts of mission. The little green guy is on his most important mission and is specially trained to do just one thing. Made out of cast metal, he’ll remove any beer bottle cover between just his chin and weapon. He’s not the Army man you played with as a kid.


What’s faster than a normal glass and more entertaining than a flute? The Chambong! Become the hit of the party with this flute-shaped champagne guzzler complete with a glass straw. No, this is not an invention that belongs in a science lab. It is designed for only one purpose- rapid consumption of champagne, which means you will break the Guinness World record for getting drunk.

SWALLOW Stemless Wine GlassSWALLOW Stemless Wine Glasscheck price

How do you like to take shots? Do you like to wrap both hands around the shot glass and swallow? Even if you don’t, this shot glass is for you. Using a fun play on words, it’s got the perfect bit of naughtiness.

Wine Bottle PuzzleAges 10m+Wine Bottle Puzzlecheck price

Giving wine has never been more fun. Before your recipient can get their wine gift, they will have to think like Houdini in order remove it. This contraption fits over just about any full sized wine bottle. Watching the frustration and reaction on your recipient’s face is the ultimate gift.

GoPong Hidden Lotion FlaskGoPong Hidden Lotion Flaskcheck price

Don’t you hate it when they charge you ridiculous amounts for alcohol at events? Save some money! There are tons of different ways to sneak alcohol around these days. Can you guess where the alcohol is hidden? Who is going to question lotion bottles? They look just real lotion bottles. Always drink responsibly.

Hillside-Kit Bracelet Bangle FlaskHillside-Kit Bracelet Bangle Flaskcheck price

What the best place to hide alcohol? What about inside a bracelet? Combining a little bling and booze, this is definitely the most fashionable flask. It doesn’t hold enough liquid to get you drunk, but it’s the most unassuming way to hide alcohol.

Perky Bottle StopperPerky Bottle Stoppercheck price

Forget boring traditional bottle stoppers. Want to shock your friends with a truly original bottle stopper? Meet Sir Perky, the most well-endowed bottle stopper. Made of durable “rock hard” plastic, this perky little fellow is ready to plug just about any wine bottle. Your wine bottles will never be more satisfied.

SipCaddy Bath & Shower CupholderSipCaddy Bath & Shower Cupholdercheck price

Wine in the shower? Bath time got a whole lot boozier. Make bath time even more relaxing with the Sippy Caddy, a portable wine holder for your shower. Using a suction cup, it sticks to any smooth surface, holds a variety of drinks, and can hold up to seven pounds. What could be better than a tub, bubbles, and wine?

Carry On Cocktail KitCarry On Cocktail Kitcheck price

Plane rides don’t have to be so boring. Upgrade your flight with this carry on cocktail kit. We love the sleek packaging these come in. Packaged in a small tray, the kit comes with everything you need to mix and concoct your favorite cocktail including a jigger, spoon, and syrups. All you need is a little water or club soda. Who needs a bartender?

Dragon Upside Down Beer GlassDragon Upside Down Beer Glasscheck price

Why the heck is this beer bottle upside down? No, you aren’t drunk yet. Shaped like an upside down beer glass, this beer bottle holds a full bottle of beer. The double glass wall keeps your beer cold until the last sip. Who thought of this? Imagine you were so drunk that you flipped this glass over and the beer fell out all over you.

Trinken Lid Beer Can HiderTrinken Lid Beer Can Hidercheck price

Disguise your beer can with the Trinken Stealth cup. Finally you can hide your beer and drink in public. It comes with a collapsible cup but the best part is the lid. The lid can be attached to any beer can which holds the can in place when you place it inside the collapsible cup. Lattes never tasted so good.

Urinal Shot GlassesUrinal Shot Glassescheck price

Is that piss? No, it’s Heineken. There nothing more disgusting than guzzling down a pint of yellow liquid from a urinal. Drink your favorite shot out of a urinal with these uniquely shaped shot glasses. As long as there’s alcohol in it, who cares about the other ingredients? It comes with 2 shot glasses perfect for the number 2.

Holy Water FlaskHoly Water Flaskcheck price

They say when Holy Water is sprinkled on the faithful, it can have miraculous results. Containing miraculous powers, this flask can be filled with “real holy water.” Simply pour your favorite alcohol of choice inside and make it holy. No need to worry about its authenticity. This “holy water” has been blessed by the surgeon general.

Kikkerland Luchador Bottle OpenerKikkerland Luchador Bottle Openercheck price

What happens when you combine wrestling and drinking? Wrestle your beer cap of the bottle into submission with this masked wrestler. Available in 3 different colors, each wrestler has his own unique pose. Not even your beer cap will be able to survive his menacing hold.

Final Touch Watermelon KegFinal Touch Watermelon Kegcheck price

There is nothing like having a cool refreshing drink on a hot summer day. A watermelon keg? Now you can turn your watermelon into a keg with this contraption. Simply cut open the top of the watermelon and remove all of the watermelon inside. Then you install the tap and pour in the drinks. Is there any better way to serve a drink?

Fineware LOL-OMG-WTF GlassFineware LOL-OMG-WTF Glasscheck price

Forget your therapist! Imagine a glass could solve all your problems. Now you never have to wonder about your tolerance level with this specially marked rocks glass. The letters are etched on the glass so they won’t suddenly disappear. Depending on your mood, you can fill it to the appropriate level. Life just got easier.

BigMouth Ultimate Wine Bottle GlassBigMouth Ultimate Wine Bottle Glasscheck price

Who drinks only one glass at a time? Everybody knows that real wine lovers drink the whole bottle. You are in luck! Shaped like a wine bottle with a glass on top, this wine glass is designed to hold an entire glass of wine. Holding 750 milliliters of liquid and made of real glass, it ensures that you won’t be hitting the bottom of the glass for a long time.

Guzzle BuddyGuzzle Buddycheck price

Why pour wine out of a bottle when you can drink it straight out of the bottle with the Guzzle Buddy? Here’s classy way to do it. Simply screw this plastic contraption onto a wine bottle and it turns your wine bottle into a wine glass. You don’t have to worry about anybody judging you for drinking out of the bottle.

Maxam Jumbo Stainless Steel FlaskMaxam Jumbo Stainless Steel Flaskcheck price

Where are all the drinks? Why go to the bar when you can carry it with you? Sneaking drinks anywhere just got a big twist. Meet the mother of all flasks. Holding an outrageous gallon of alcohol, this giant flask means you will never run out of alcohol. The best part? You never have to worry about a bottle breaking.

Two Fisted Drinker Beer MugTwo Fisted Drinker Beer Mugcheck price

They say that the best things in life come in pairs. What’s better than a single cup of beer? A couple of drinks at the same time! The two-fisted beer mug allows you to hold two cups of beer in just one hand. Both cups have been fused together, allowing the beer to flow between the cups. Make a toast to double the fun.

Santa FlaskSanta Flaskcheck price

If Santa Clause is coming to town, he better bring the alcohol. Forget normal stockings and stocking stuffers. Holding up to three bottles of wine, the Santa flask is the only stocking you need. Imagine everybody’s surprise when you are drinking wine by the fireplace. It even has a spout on the bottom for sharing your wine stash. Fill it up with your favorite drink and hang it on the fireplace.

Make America Drunk Again Beer BeltMake America Drunk Again Beer Beltcheck price

Have you ever been to a party and wished that you had more hands to hold all your cans of beer? Stash your beer cans on this beer belt and you will become more patriotic than a bald eagle. Nothing screams American than walking around with a 6 pack of beer around your waist. Go on make America proud, get “waisted.”

Freedom FlaskFreedom Flaskcheck price

Let freedom ring. Now you can drink just like our forefathers with the freedom flask. This concealed pouch hold up to 2 quarts of liquid and is hidden underneath your pants. Simply unzip your pants to dispense your favorite drink just like you were going to take a leak. It works best in the bathroom. Nobody will notice. It makes you proud to be an American.

Prank Gifts

Let the pranking wars begin! Nobody is safe. Pranking somebody face to face is not easy. These pranks are sure to leave your “victim” scarred for years to come. Using one of these gifts will get you in real trouble.

Liquid AssLiquid Asscheck price

Looking for a really funny prank? Try Liquid Ass – it’s a fart prank. Liquid Ass is a terrible-smelling spray that’s like the worst stink bomb ever. Spray a little in his room and run for cover. Seeing his reaction is absolutely priceless!

Bazos 1500 Live LadybugsBazos 1500 Live Ladybugscheck price

Forget a pet! Forget flowers and gifts! Send your recipient a pack of 1500 live lady bugs. A freaking infestation! These arrive in a box with holes in it. Once, they open it up, they will be mortified! The package tells them to put them in the refrigerator until the lady bugs are ready for release. While it might freak them out at first, these little bugs act as a natural pesticide in the garden by eating aphids, spider mites, and moths.

Birthday Novelty Toilet PaperBirthday Novelty Toilet Papercheck price

What’s the best way to say I love you? Toilet paper! Replace your real roll of toilet paper with this one. There is no bottom to your love. Remind your loved one how much you love them every time they take a poop. The funny design on the toilet paper is enough to make them want to have a bowel movement. This is not exactly the best toilet paper, but it is better than using your hand.

HZSGG Funny Print Face Màsc BandanasHZSGG Funny Print Face Màsc Bandanascheck price

A lot of places are requiring that you wear mask to protect the safety of yourself and others. You might as well have a little fun. Show your funny side while staying safe. Now you can finally look like your normal self with this funny mask that includes a human face. There are so many funny face coverings to choose from that will brighten anybody’s day.

Barn Owl PelletsBarn Owl Pelletscheck price

What the heck are owl pellets? Owls usually eat their prey in full or in large pieces. The indigestible components like bones and fur are spit up as owl pellets. You never know what you will find when you dissect owl pellets.

Stinky Ass Hand Sanitizer PrankStinky Ass Hand Sanitizer Prankcheck price

Did you forget to wash your hands? This hand sanitizer doesn’t smell like roses. Instead, it leaves hands smelling like pure stinky ass. At first, it smells like alcohol and suddenly it smells like ass juice. Everybody will think that you wiped your ass with your bare hand. The unsuspecting label will fool just about everybody and cause your unsuspecting victim to run to the sink and wash their hands over and over.

T.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart MachineT.J. Wisemen Remote Control Fart Machinecheck price

Now you can find an electronic fart machine that blows away the whopee cushion. This amazing device allows for remote controlled farts up to 100 feet away. Simply place it somewhere near your unsuspecting victim and set it off remotely. Scientists have spent years perfecting the boom box technology, which creates the perfect mix of echo, bass, and reverberations. With 15 different sounds, these farts sound like they were launched out of somebody’s butt. The only thing missing? Smellovision.

Emergency Underpants in a CanEmergency Underpants in a Cancheck price

Never be afraid of going commando again! When you grow up, it is no longer cute to poop in your pants. You never know when you are going to poop. It could be in the car, on a date, or after you have eaten spicy food. Don’t say no to burrito night! In a compact container, these disposable underpants fit everybody. Just admit it: It’s probably not going to happen, but you have to be prepared just in case.

Uenvision Fake Positive Pregnancy Test Uenvision Fake Positive Pregnancy Test check price

There’s a baby on the way! A positive pregnancy test brings a lot of emotions but what if you know you aren’t really pregnant but just want to play with his emotions. From the box, everything about this fake pregnancy test looks real. You will be the only one that knows it’s a fake. Simply dip it in water under the tap and a pink positive line will appear. How exciting! You’re expecting . . . him to pee in his pants.

Aqua Notes Water Proof Note PadAqua Notes Water Proof Note Padcheck price

Do you get your best ideas in the shower but forget about them immediately after the shower? Scientists say that shampoo stimulates our brain waves. Okay, I made that up, but this waterproof notepad allows you to jot down notes in the shower. How freaking cool is that? The only problem? She might write her essays in the shower.

BioSwiss Novelty BandagesBioSwiss Novelty Bandagescheck price

Why get ordinary bandages? These bacon bandages are hilariously fun. Receipients will wonder what this is. Each container contains 15 bacon bandages and a bonus trinket. Makes a great novelty gift.

The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1check price

Are you plotting to prank your friends and family? Whether you love scaring your friends, getting revenge, or pulling off holiday pranks, this ultimate prank kit is a great way to add a couple of tricks to your bag. It comes with the classics with everything from fake poop to a whoopee cushion. There are new gags too like fake lottery tickets. It’s fun to try a new prank every day.

Amscan “Over The Hill” Hearing EnhancerAmscan "Over The Hill" Hearing Enhancercheck price

Pardon me? Never say “I can’t hear you” again. Shaped like a cone, this amazing device can amplify any sound. To use it, simply cover your ear canal and let somebody talk in the other end of it. Amazingly, it works. You can even hear a pin drop. Who needs a hearing aid?

Accoutrements Shakespearean Insult BandagesAccoutrements Shakespearean Insult Bandagescheck price

“Do thou amend thy face and I’ll amend my life.” Normal bandages are so boring. These are probably the only bandages that will make people want to injure themselves. Somehow physical wounds seem to heal better when you put an insulting Band-Aid on them. The fun part is picking out the insult. These are written by Shakespeare so you are going to have to translate them.

Rhode Island Disappearing InkRhode Island Disappearing Inkcheck price

Freak him out by “accidentally” spilling this ink on his favorite white shirt, pants, or the carpet. It creates a convincing blue stain. Watch as he completely freaks out. Amazingly, this ink disappears after it dries in minutes leaving no stain or residue. Just don’t use too much or he might disappear.

Joke Lottery TicketsJoke Lottery Ticketscheck price

You just won $50,000 what are you going to do? Are you tired of playing the lottery and losing every time? The odds are always stacked against you. With these lottery tickets, you are guaranteed to win the lottery every time. They look just like the real tickets that you get at the gas station. The only problem? Too bad you can’t cash them.

Forum Novelties Grow a BoyfriendForum Novelties Grow a Boyfriendcheck price

Has she told you she wants a boyfriend? Getting a boyfriend is tough, but she doesn’t have to be alone anymore since she can now grow her own boyfriend. It’s easier than growing a plant. Simply put the little guy in water and in just 72 hours, he grows to 6 times his size. Actually, it won’t grow to become a 6 foot tall hunk, but it is worth it for the laughs. Who needs a boyfriend?

Pranks Anonymous Glitter BombPranks Anonymous Glitter Bombcheck price

There are so many ways to get revenge on somebody you don’t like. You could just not talk to them or you can ship them a package of glitter. It comes in and unmarked spring loaded tube that invites your recipient to open it. As soon as it is opened, glitter explodes everywhere. It’s cruel. It’s worse than the plague. The best part? It’s completely anonymous so nobody will know who sent it.

A Sack of ShitA Sack of Shitcheck price

Who wouldn’t want a sack of shit? Have you ever wondered why shit always comes in a sack? Actually, it doesn’t. A sack of shit usually refers to a person but now you can buy a sack of shit. With 4 realistic pieces of poo, it comes in an attractive bag that is clearly labeled “sack of shit.” These man-made turds are not real and don’t give off any stench. Give it to a shitbag!

Big Momma Undies Oversized BloomersBig Momma Undies Oversized Bloomerscheck price

Every girl needs underwear. It’s one of life’s essentials. Forget Victoria Secret! These granny panties are even sexier. Wrap these up for a friend and don’t put your name on it. She doesn’t have to thank you!

Subtle ButtSubtle Buttcheck price

Do you love Mexican food? Do you have stomach issues? Now you don’t have to worry about flatulence. Subtle Butt is a fart odor neutralizer that you stick in your underwear using the adhesive strip. It contains military grade charcoal which can stop any smell at the source. When your rip a fart, it goes through the neutralizer and the smell gets filtered out. Sorry, if it sounds too good, it’s probably too good to be true.

CreepyParty Animal Head MaskCreepyParty Animal Head Maskcheck price

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you were a horse? Are you tired of nobody noticing you? Put on this horse mask and you’ll finally get the recognition you deserve. Made out of latex, this realistic horse mask looks so life like. Wear it everywhere you go. Everybody will swear that there is a 2 legged horse running around. Use it to terrify your neighbors. Use it to attract girls or guys. Will your crush finally say yes? Neigh!

LICKI Cat Licking BrushLICKI Cat Licking Brushcheck price

Have you ever wanted to lick your pussy cat by yourself? Made out of silicone, Licki brush is a tongue-shaped brush that you put in your mouth to lick your cat. You simply stick it in your mouth and lick your cat just like mama cat. It’s got little fingers on the end of it that makes the whole experience more pleasurable. It will make your pussy cat purr.

Boopy Poopy Nose PlugsBoopy Poopy Nose Plugscheck price

Are you sick of leaving the room or gagging every time somebody releases a deadly fart? Does the baby’s diaper smell of the zoo? If you have tried everything, we have finally found something that works. These nose plugs press your nostrils together so that you aren’t forced to smell any toxic air. The best part? They actually work.

Dad Belly Waist BagDad Belly Waist Bagcheck price

Just about every guy dreams about getting a six pack. No you don’t have to do endless crunches and cardio to get one. This fanny pack instantly gives you abs the moment you put it on. Every time he wears this waist bag, it will look like he is ripped. It’s sure to get a lot of laughs.

Katamco Toilet Timer Katamco Toilet Timer check price

Looking for an explosively funny gag gift? Gentlemen, fart your engines! You have 5 minutes to clear your bowels. Spin it to set the timer and you’re off to the races. It’s all in the name of gaseous humor and it’s great for time management. This is especially good for long poopers in your family.

Become a Laird or LadyBecome a Laird or Ladycheck price

What do you get for the girl who has everything? Is she fascinated by royalty? How about a chance to be a lady? Apparently you can own a souvenir piece of land in the Scottish Highlands with this gift box. Of course, you don’t really become a laird or lady. It’s more just for fun. The funding helps restore the Highlands and you do get a complementary tour of Dunans Castle.

Potato Pal Potato Pal check price

Forget greeting cards and flowers! You will never guess what you can send. A real life potato head? Why send something with meaningless words when you can send your face, a friend’s face, or the face of your favorite celebrity on a potato. Sending your face on a potato has never been easier with the Potato Pal. Both silly and unique, it has all the ingredients for a perfect gift.

Voice & Motion Activated Prank StickersVoice & Motion Activated Prank Stickerscheck price

It’s amazing what a little sticker can make people do. Simply stick this sticker on any object and watch people talk to it and wave their hands around it. Imagine sticking it on a vending machine and watching people say “Coke.” Slap it on a toilet paper dispenser and watch people mystically wave their hands in front of it. You are going to want to put these on everything.

Indoor Snowball FightIndoor Snowball Fightcheck price

I have always wanted to have a snowball fight. Sadly, where I live there is no snow. With this set of plush snowballs, you can have an indoor snowball fight. Soft and crunchy, it’s like a pillow fight with snowballs. Christmas morning will never be the same!

Fake Electrical OutletFake Electrical Outletcheck price

Isn’t it so hard to find a power outlet in a public place? Now you can make it easier with this diabolical prank sticker. Simply stick it on any visible surface in an airport, office, or public area and your work is complete. With the shadows, it looks so real. You’ve got enemies for life.

Blinker FluidBlinker Fluidcheck price

You’ve probably done an oil change, but when was the last time you changed your blinker fluid? Most blinkers will die out after 1,000 blinks. Made of a synthetic blend and maximum strength, this blinker fluid is good for an additional 6,000 blinks and works for every make and model of vehicle. With this empty bottle, you simply have to go into any auto shop and ask for a refill. You’ll come out filled with laughter.

Baby Mop RomperBaby Mop Rompercheck price

Do you hate mopping? Say goodbye to Roombas! Enjoy the cleanest floors ever with the baby mop. Not only is it an onesie, but it has microfiber fingers on the sleeves and belly. As your baby is crawling around everywhere, baby will clean the floor of dust and dirt. Not only will you save both time and money on vacuuming, but also you will be teaching your baby the importance of helping around the house. Note: This product will not work on stairs.

The Brief SafeThe Brief Safecheck price

Why does this exist? Nobody asked for this. This is probably the stupidest product on the Internet. These stained tightly whiteys not only look gross, but they are the perfect place to hide your wallet. Who would look inside? There’s probably a story behind these soiled underpants but we don’t want to know about it. Give it to somebody that you never want to talk to again.

Archie McPhee HanderpantsArchie McPhee Handerpantscheck price

There’s a new style that it popular among people. These revolutionary underpants are designed for your hands. The coolest part? They are fingerless gloves so he can use his hands. Just don’t eat chocolate with them or else it will look like you took a crap in them.

Gears Out Love Stinks Fart Relief MaskGears Out Love Stinks Fart Relief Maskcheck price

Do you know somebody who has horrible gas attacks? Now you don’t have to tell them to leave the room with this fart relief mask. It’s just like the oxygen masks that they used in the hospital. Amazingly, it works everywhere whether you are in the bedroom or the car. Her nose won’t fall off. Okay, it’s a gag gift that doesn’t really do anything but it’s worth the laughs.

Fake Ass Fanny Waist PackFake Ass Fanny Waist Packcheck price

Now you don’t have to do endless butt lifts and cardio to get the perfect butt. This fanny pack instantly gives you buns of steel the moment you put it on. Every time she wears this waist bag, she will look like a model on the cover of a magazine. It’s sure to get a lot of laughs.

Name a StarName a Starcheck price

Are you obsessed with the stars? Have you ever looked out at the night sky and said I wish I could own a star? With this gift box, the recipient can register their own star with the company. As far as we know, the star won’t be listed on any official astronomy map. You basically get a certificate, which makes you feel special.

B&E LIFE The Potato Chip Snake CanB&E LIFE The Potato Chip Snake Cancheck price

The snake in the can gag has been around forever but it still works today. Resembling a can of potato chips, this practical joke contains a fake snake that jumps out of the can when the lid is removed. There’s actually a metal spring inside that is covered with a snake like skin. The best part? It fits in a regular Pringles can so you can fool more people.

Find A Girlfriend in 30 DaysFind A Girlfriend in 30 Dayscheck price

Finding a girlfriend has never been easier. Is he having a hard time finding a girlfriend? Has he tried Match, Tinder, and e-Harmony only to have nobody click on his profile? Using scientifically tested ingredients, these supplements may be exactly what he needs to find his soul mate. In just 30 days, he won’t be able to keep up with all the girls throwing themselves at him. Guaranteed! While the bottle looks real, it’s actually filled with candy.

The Moon RingThe Moon Ringcheck price

There is no better way to confess your love to the girl or man of your dreams. The Moon Ring comes in a beautiful box fit for royalty. The only problem? There is no ring inside. Instead there is a plastic man bent over with his hands spreading his butt cheeks. When you open the “moon” ring, it continuously farts like it is has a bad case of diarrhea. It might be the best gag since the whoopee cushion was invented.

Poop KnifePoop Knifecheck price

If you are like most people, you are probably asking WTF is a poop knife. Do you have poop so large that they always seem to get stuck in the toilet? Here’s a sharp knife that actually cuts sh*t. Sharp enough to chop through any poop, it allows you to flush even crocodiles down the toilet. This is a real product. We are not sh*tting!

Witty Yeti Bad Parking CardsWitty Yeti Bad Parking Cardscheck price

Are you tired of seeing people double park or take up multiple parking spaces? Don’t punch them in the face. Drop one of these business cards on their windshield to shame them into parking right next time. Just make sure that nobody is around.

FiestaFiveFiestaFivecheck price

Sometimes regular high fives just don’t cut it. After years of scientifically researching high fives, FiestaFive came up with the ultimate high five. The FiestaFive is a handheld confetti shooter that you strap to your hands. Simply give each other a high five and it fires off confetti. You can purchase refills to fire off confetti over and over.

Prank Gift Boxes

Not everybody loves a prank. Want to get them a real gift, but want to still make them laugh? Check out these outlandish fake gift boxes. Shock your gift recipient with these prank boxes and wrap your real gift inside. If only, they were real.

Prank Pack BoxPrank Pack Boxcheck price

You are probably wondering what the heck this is. Who needs toilet paper when you have the roto wipe? Too bad, it’s just a prank box. Just put the real gift inside and try to keep a straight face when they open up their gift.

Prank Pack New”Cargo Socks”Prank Pack New"Cargo Socks"check price

Increase your storage by 50% with these cargo socks. Made from recycled softball jerseys, these cargo socks combine the comfort of socks with the utility of cargo pants. The slim pockets on the side of the socks are perfect for storing all your necessities. They even have specially engineered slots so they work with sandals too. We know that you were going to purchase them, but they aren’t real. It’s a prank box.

FunFamz The Original Spider Prank BoxFunFamz The Original Spider Prank Boxcheck price

Open it! Open It! Looks can be deceiving. There are endless uses for this prank box. Send this unmarked box to your favorite somebody. Use it to set up a prank for nosy people always looking though your stuff. Tell your kids to get your jewelry from your “special” box. When they open it, a fake spider will jump out of it, scaring the crap out of them. Their screams are priceless. Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! April Fools!

Explosion Gift Box SetExplosion Gift Box Setcheck price

Are you looking for a unique gift? Make them feel special with this exploding gift box. Unwrapping this explosion gift box is absolutely amazing. It might look like just a gift box but when you unwrap it, it’s filled with memories or small gifts that magically pop out. When you remove the top, the sides fall out revealing several more layers. Simply fill it with your photos or small gifts and decorate it to make it personalized for the recipient.

EASTBULL Useless BoxEASTBULL Useless Boxcheck price

Aren’t you tired of products that are useful? Here is something that is completely useless. Put in batteries and switch the useless box on. It opens up and a finger immediately turns it off. You can repeat it as many times as you want. This miracle device relieves stress, anger, and maybe even incurable diseases. Most importantly, it lives up to its name – it’s useless.

HmiL-U Cat Stealing Money BankHmiL-U Cat Stealing Money Bankcheck price

There are a ton of piggy banks, but this one is unique. Simply place a coin on the platform and press it down. A little cat pops out and steals the coin in his stinky paws. While this is a cat, there are other animals to choose from.

The Money CakeThe Money Cakecheck price

Want to surprise them with a truly memorable gift? Combine money and a cake with this surprise box. Simply roll the money and place it inside the box. Then cut a 2 inch hole in the cake to fit the surprise box into the cake. Cover it up with a topper and frost the cake to cover the box. When she pulls out the topper the stream of money will be revealed. Instant Birthday surprise!

Emergency Meal Transport Lunch ToteEmergency Meal Transport Lunch Totecheck price

Are you missing a kidney, heart, or liver? Every year over one hundred thousand people are waiting for a transplant. Do you have a hole in your stomach? Never leave your organs behind. Transport your lunch in this carefully disguised insulated lunch bag. While it’s not big enough to carry a large intestine, it’s spacious enough to carry your lunch.

Prank Pack “Baby Shield”Prank Pack “Baby Shield”check price

Now you can finally play with your baby without getting pissed, puked, or spit on with the Baby Shield. This amazing contraption allows you to remain socially distant from your baby. Strap it on and don’t get too close. You never know when it could come in handy. This hilarious prank box is sure to get plenty of laughs from new parents.

Surprise Cake Musical Popping Cake StandSurprise Cake Musical Popping Cake Standcheck price

It’s hard to surprise somebody on their Birthday until now. The Surprise cake stand has a tube that hides inside the cake and pops out to reveal their gift. You simply stuff anything that will fit inside the tube. Place your cake on the included stand and cut out the center of the cake to slide the tube inside. Then top off the cake with icing. There a little key on the front of the stand that allows you to release the gift on cue to truly surprise the recipient. Happy Birthday!

Witty Yetis Dehydrated WaterWitty Yetis Dehydrated Watercheck price

Do you feel thirsty all the time? Here is the solution for you. This can of Dehydrated Water can help. Simply fill it water and drink it whenever you feel thirsty. What have you got to lose? There is even a 101 day, money back guaranteed. If this can of Dehydrated Water doesn’t make your recipient laugh, simply send it back for a full refund.

Rattlesnake Eggs Prank EnvelopesRattlesnake Eggs Prank Envelopescheck price

It’s alive! Who knew that a small envelope could be so scary? Don’t open the envelope! There are rattlesnake eggs inside. This envelope has rubber band that is attached to a washer. To set it up, you twist the rubber band to creation tension and slide it in the envelope. The minute the envelope is opened, it snaps and rattles like a rattle snake.

The Present of NothingThe Present of Nothingcheck price

Is she that girl that has everything? Then give her Nothing. It comes with hilarious packaging with Nothing inside. It’s the ultimate gift in minimalism. She is going to love telling all her friends that she got “Nothing” for Christmas. While it is nothing, it is guaranteed to give her a smile.

Lump of Coal in Gift BoxLump of Coal in Gift Boxcheck price

Are you the worst boyfriend? Here is the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend. On the outside, this looks like such a beautiful gift box. She is probably expecting some expensive jewelry inside, but imagine her surprise when she sees a lump of coal. after she opens it say “Look at the size of that rock.”

Creamed PossumCreamed Possumcheck price

Forget turkey and gravy? Pop open a can of creamed possum during your next holiday dinner. A real Southern treat. No hunting required! You will never find fresher road kill. Blended with sweet potatoes and coon fat, this is a real scrumptious treat especially when served over fresh veggies. It’s prepared just the way that grandma used to make. This gag gift looks so real that it will fool just about everybody.

Can of Whoop-AssCan of Whoop-Asscheck price

Are you tired of being weak? Have you tried lifting only to be left with scrawny arms? Open up a can of Whoop-Ass! Made with 8 ounces of pwnage, 1/2 of pain, 3 teaspoons of humiliation, and 1oz of hardcore, this is the real deal. Manufactured in Kickassistan, it reeks of body odor. Simply empty the contents into a pan until it boils over.

Boxes in a Box PrankBoxes in a Box Prankcheck price

Who doesn’t like getting a gift box? Give them the gift of frustration with the box in a box in a box. There are 6 perfectly nested boxes in all. Is there anything in here? You will have to wait until you get to the bottom. You get 3 sets of boxes so you can pull off the prank 3 times.

Jar Of NothingJar Of Nothingcheck price

Is she that girl that has everything? Then give her Nothing. It comes with hilarious packaging with Nothing inside. It’s the ultimate gift in minimalism. She is going to love telling all her friends that she got “Nothing” for Christmas. While it is nothing, it is guaranteed to give her a smile.


Do you know somebody addicted to technology? Do you have a relative that you never see? Do you have a friend that won’t stop texting? Here are the coolest, weirdest, and quirky gadgets that will leave your recipient with a stunned look on their face. With these gifts, finally their grades will improve.

The Child Stand for Amazon Echo DotThe Child Stand for Amazon Echo Dotcheck price

The Amazon Alexa is amazing but it is a bit boring to look at. Like a costume for your Amazon Echo, this stand from Otterbox adds Baby Yoda ears to the side of your smart speaker without interfering with its functionality. Simply put it on and instead of asking Alexa to play your favorite music, ask Baby Yoda.

Nintendo SwitchNintendo Switchcheck price

You are probably asking what’s this! It’s the Nintendo Switch. All the cool kids these days are playing the Nintendo Switch. It’s out of stock everywhere but we finally found it in stock. This Nintendo Switch Wall Cover has the best graphics ever. Mario and Yoshi have never looked better. Please note that the dock is sold separately.

Tekpluze Mini Spy CameraTekpluze Mini Spy Cameracheck price

What would you do with a hidden camera? There are so many reasons why somebody would want a spy camera. Need a pair of extra eyes and ears? With a clip mount, this mini spy camera can be attached to anything. It supports up to 32GB of storage and records video in 5 minute chunks. With 1080p, night vision, and motion detection, this compact one inch camera can be hidden in plain sight and will catch anybody in the act.

FIGROL Neckband Portable FanFIGROL Neckband Portable Fancheck price

A wearable fan? This might not be the most fashion idea but who wouldn’t want a portable fan that you can take anywhere with you? No hands necessary! You can hang this fan around your neck and cool off anywhere. It’s rechargeable and has 3 different speed settings. The best part? The fan heads are flexible so you can even rotate the fans.

B-Land Cell Phone HolderB-Land Cell Phone Holdercheck price

If you have dreaming about using your iPhone or tablet anywhere, you have to check out this wearable phone holder. Once you secure around your neck or place it on a flat surface, you can place your device inside. The goose arm allows you to bend and twist it so you can position your device perfectly. Think about the possibilities. We would love to lie in bed watching Netflix all day.

Banana PhoneBanana Phonecheck price

Ring! Ring! Ring! What’s ringing? It’s the Banana phone! Phones are cool but the hottest new gadget of this year is the Banana phone. Okay, maybe not. The Banana phone is a Bluetooth headset that connects to your phone. It allows you to take phone calls. Who wouldn’t want to talk on a banana shaped phone in public? There’s nothing weird about that.

Thumb DriveThumb Drivecheck price

A thumb drive? Wake up, it’s the digital age. There are no more floppies. For those that don’t know – a thumb drive is a little finger attached to a USB that plugs into your computer. It stores Gigabytes on it. The newest generations of students are all using thumb drives to store their files. It comes in various storage sizes.

Cryptex Round Lock CompassCryptex Round Lock Compasscheck price

Enter the Davinci code to unlock this unique USB stick. Forget encryption this might be the world’s most secure USB stick. Simply turn the 4 dials using the wheels to release the USB Key inside. It’s the perfect way to hide your stash of files that you don’t want anybody to access. What will you hide inside?

Kitchen SafeKitchen Safecheck price

Is she always distracted by her cell phone? If she’s glued to her cell phone, maybe it’s time to take a time out. This safe is a fun way to control her access to her cell phone or just about anything. It has a timer on it that can be set from 1 minute to 10 days. Finally, you will be able to talk to her.

Corgi Mouse Pad Corgi Mouse Pad check price

There is a reason that corgi pups are the Internet’s latest obsession – their adorable behinds. Now everybody’s favorite dog has been turned into a mouse pad. It features a corgi pup that is looking over its shoulder with its huge “3D” butt showing. What’s even cooler? The butt is actually an ergonomic wrist rest. Who wouldn’t love resting their hand on a dog’s butt cheeks?

YAGE Tale Christmas Lights Phone ChargerYAGE Tale Christmas Lights Phone Chargercheck price

What happens when you combine a boring phone charger with Christmas lights? You get this cool phone lighting charge cable that charges your iPhone. What could be more festive?

Tiny Arcade Pac-ManTiny Arcade Pac-Mancheck price

Bring home the classic arcade action of Pac-Man with this miniature arcade game. This arcade features an authentic and faithful recreation of the original Pac-Man arcade game, complete with decals and gameplay. There’s even mini joysticks and buttons so you can play until your heart’s content without worrying about poppin’ another quarter. Choose from classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, Galaga, and more.

Arcade Light SwitchArcade Light Switchcheck price

Add a little fun to your light switch with this arcade style light switch plate. This light switch plate features two colorful, large arcade style buttons. It’s super easy to install and simply replaces your current light switch plate. It’s an affordable gift for the gamer in your life.

Magic 8 Ball: Super MarioMagic 8 Ball: Super Mariocheck price

Put your future in the hands of Nintendo’s famous plumber with this Mario-themed fortune telling Magic 8 Ball. Shake it and discover your fortune. This mystical ball features a dozen different answers that are all delivered in Mario’s whimsical accent. Great classic fun with Super Mario!

vinmax BedLazy Prism Spectaclesvinmax BedLazy Prism Spectaclescheck price

Say goodbye to neck pain. The Prism Bed Specs contain a series of mirrors that rotate your vision 90 degrees downward. When you look forward through the glasses, it allows you to see your feet. That means you can lie in bed and read a book or watch television. Pranksters are going to find millions of uses for these.

Game Controller MugGame Controller Mugcheck price

Does he play nothing but video games? If he loves drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning, he is going to love this mug with a huge Gameover logo on the front. The coolest part? It has a controller for a handle. Unfortunately, you can’t use it to play PlayStation games.

Mario Question Block LampMario Question Block Lampcheck price

Nope, you are not high on mushrooms! This 8 bit Mario block is real. It’s even better than the one in the old Mario games because it lights up. The best part? When you bang on it, it delivers a satisfying coin block sound just like in the game. We want to bang our heads on it.

Azzure Toilet Phone CaddyAzzure Toilet Phone Caddycheck price

Have you ever wanted to use your phone in the bathroom? Shexting while pooping on the toilet is an upcoming trend. No more trying to balance your phone on a makeshift tripod. Meet the toilet phone caddy. Hanging on any toilet roll holder, this remarkable gadget frees your hands so you can wipe your butt without worrying about dropping your phone down the drain. If you act now, it comes with bonus gloves.

The NoPhone Original Cell PhoneThe NoPhone Original Cell Phonecheck price

She probably is asking for the new iPhone. Give her something better! There is a brand new phone out and it isn’t the iPhone. It doesn’t make calls, record video, play games, or play music. Then what does it do? It actually does everything that it is advertised to do. Nothing! Upgrade to this model for a lot of laughs.

TERMINATOR Smart Cell Phone Stun GunTERMINATOR Smart Cell Phone Stun Guncheck price

I’ll be back! Call on the Terminator when you are in trouble. This might look like a cell phone but it’s actually a working stun gun. Carry it around when you want additional safety. If somebody wants to take your “cell phone”, you could give it to them. It will leave the perpetrator a little stunned. Please use responsibly and only for self defense.

Super Sized Enter KeySuper Sized Enter Keycheck price

Do you find yourself smashing the enter key a lot? Long work days just got a lot easier with this super-sized Enter key. Six times larger than a typical enter key, this plush pillow actually connects to your computer and is functional. Who knew that banging your keys could relieve stress? Can we have a ctrl-alt-delete pillow too?

RepliCade Insert Coin KeychainRepliCade Insert Coin Keychaincheck price

Insert Coin. With this key chain, you don’t have to pop quarters into arcades any more to relive the old days. Not only is it the perfect replica, but it even lights up. For retro gamers, it’s a fun trip back to the 80s.


With eye popping titles, these prank books are perfect gift for passionate readers. Learn to craft with cat hair, traumatize your kids in 7 steps, or poo like a yoga instructor with these underrated books that belong at the top of the New York Times’ Bestseller list. These are great joke gifts for any special occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, and Holidays will never be the same. Laugh so hard, you will be begging for tissue paper.

Let That Sh*t GoLet That Sh*t Gocheck price

Let That Sh*t Go capitalizes on the trend of using profanity to relieve stress. In this journal, every page prompts you to write about something. It’s fun to just turn the pages and look at the different exercises. It’s a great gift for anybody who finds relief in cussing.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ckThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ckcheck price

Here is a self-help book that bluntly addresses why we are not happy. While the book’s title is crude and vulgar, it’s actually a clever disguised book about the many teachings of Buddhism. The author, Mark Manson, injects outrageous humor, profanity, and satire to the philosophy, which gives the teachings a new perspective. It’s the perfect way to bring in the New Year.

Go the F**k to SleepGo the F**k to Sleepcheck price

We all know how difficult it is to put young children to sleep. You have probably spent hours reading to your children bed time stories hoping that they will finally sleep. Written like a children’s bedtime story, Go the F**k To Sleep is a love letter to tired parents. With lots of profanity, you probably don’t want to read this book to your children, but it will help you fall asleep.

The Unofficial Harry Potter CookbookThe Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbookcheck price

Have you ever tried to make Cauldron Cakes? Finally we can make our favorite treats from Harry Potter. If she is a Potterhead, she is going to want to make every recipe in this book. The best part? She doesn’t even have to go to Hogwarts to become a cooking wizard. Because most of the recipes are English, it’s a lot of fun to try a different cuisine.

From Crook to CookFrom Crook to Cookcheck price

Rap Star, Snoop Dog has been dropping hit after hit in the music industry. Now he is ready to share his most delicious recipes as he takes you into his kitchen. Inside you will find 50 recipes from Billionaire’s Bacon to Baby Got Back Ribs. Each recipe has a background story related to Snoop’s life. Make sure you throw on a Snoop Dogg record and sip on gin and juice as you work your way through each recipe.

Fck This Shit ShowFck This Shit Showcheck price

Journals are fun but they don’t have to be so serious. Here’s a humorous and lighthearted way to reflect on the day’s events. It gives you a place to put the thoughts you are thinking without saying them aloud. It contains simple and repetitive prompts to fill out each day including electing an a**hole of the day.

Tequila MockingbirdTequila Mockingbirdcheck price

You have probably heard of To Kill a Mockingbird, but have you heard of Tequila Mockingbird? With a “punny” title, this book provides comedic relief for book and bar lovers. It’s not the latest literary masterpiece but instead a book about mixing cocktails. With tons of literary puns inside and 65 delicious recipes, it’s a fun book to flip through. Soon you will be mixing everything from The Last of Mojitos to Romeo and Julep.

What If?What If?check price

This is the best bathroom book ever. Have you ever wondered how much actual power Yoda would need to lift an x-wing fighter? What If there was only one person in the world that was your soul mate? What are the chances you would end up together? What If uses the scientific method to answer silly questions in a way that everybody can understand. Blending humor and science, the answers are often hilarious and informative.

Knock Knock Nifty Note PadKnock Knock Nifty Note Padcheck price

Some people say it like it is, but some of us don’t want to be so blunt. Everybody communicates in their own way. Are you afraid of hurting your friend’s feelings? Don’t want to ask your crush out? Let these hilarious Knock Knock Nifty notes do the talking for you. There are several nifty notes to choose from. With simple checkboxes and fill in the blanks, you don’t even have to say a word.

The Book of Unusual KnowledgeThe Book of Unusual Knowledgecheck price

Did you know that Thousand Island Dressing was named after islands in upstate New York? Containing 704 pages, The Book of Unusual Knowledge is filled with knowledge, history, and facts that you never learned in school. There are a total of 22 chapters that cover everything from movies to technology. It’s the perfect book to keep in the living room or . . . bathroom.

P Is for PterodactylP Is for Pterodactylcheck price

This book has been declared by many as the “worst alphabet book” in the world. If P is for pterodactyl than what is A for? Aisle of course. English can sometimes be weird. Focusing on English quirks, this picture book focuses on words with silent letters and weird grammar to describe the alphabet. Each letter is illustrated with humorous art. While it is not a great way to teach your children the alphabet, this book will make you laugh like a child.

Fifty Shades of ChickenFifty Shades of Chickencheck price

With a tied-up beautifully roasted chicken on its cover, there’s nothing more erotic than a cookbook entitled Fifty Shades of Chicken. With a collection of 50 different recipes, you’ll be spanking, binding, and steaming chicken in ways that you have never done before. It’s enough to make you feel hot and buttered.

50 Ways to Eat Cock50 Ways to Eat Cockcheck price

Are you getting bored eating cock the same way? It can be tasteless. Who knew there were so many mouth watering ways to eat cock? With 50 different recipes to cook cock, this book is thick. You will be left with a mouthful. You will cook everything from Risotto Cock Calls to Cock With Rice. You’ll eat crispy cock, roasted cock, creamy cock, and more. Everybody will want to taste your cock in their mouth. Of course,we are talking about chicken.

Silicone Finger Point BookmarksSilicone Finger Point Bookmarkscheck price

Do you hate losing your place? Upgrade your bookmark with this finger pointing bookmark. While ordinary bookmarks remember the page you were on, this bookmark remembers the exact line that you were on. The little finger points to the exact spot you left off at. Made of an elastic material, it is designed to fit books of all sizes. It’s the perfect gift for the bookworm on your list.

All My Friends Are DeadAll My Friends Are Deadcheck price

From the cover, this might look like a children’s book but don’t fall for its cartoony cover. Just like a children’s book, each page contains one sentence and a fun illustration. The only problem? Trees get turned into furniture. Animals become dinner. Everything is dead. Filled with dark humor, it belongs on the coffee table.

A Woman’s Guide to CannabisA Womans Guide to Cannabischeck price

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Cannabis but didn’t know where to start? Geared to beginners who are looking to try medicinal Cannabis for the first time, this guide will breakdown everything you need to know about the basics. It’s broken down into six sections that cover everything from buying Cannabis to using it to relieve pain. It’s okay to get high like a lady.

Crafting with Cat HairCrafting with Cat Haircheck price

What happens when you combine cats with crafts? Are you tired of your cat’s hair shedding on everything? Do you love crafting? Don’t waste their hair! You might as well collect it all and use it to make cat hair projects. Give it to your neighbors too. You make everything from finger puppets to cozy mittens and gloves. All of the projects can be completed in under an hour. The only requirement? A big fur ball. No seriously, we are not joking.

How to Traumatize Your ChildrenHow to Traumatize Your Childrencheck price

Parenting just got easier! Do you want to become the worst parent? Screw up your children forever with these seven proven methods. It’s not easy raising a spoiled brat but in less than 6 weeks, you can damage your kids forever. In this cautionary tale, you’ll learn how to control, push, indulge, and neglect your children.

PranklopediaPranklopediacheck price

Do you want to be the evil mastermind behind the next neighborhood joke? Plot out your next prank with this prank encyclopedia for kids. Inside it contains 70 delightful and disgusting pranks from classics to food pranks. You build your own hand operated “Whoopee cushion” out of a paperclip and “poo” out of chocolate and peanut butter. It’s the perfect gift for the prankster in your life.

The Dude DietThe Dude Dietcheck price

Are tired of boring diets? Do you love red meat, cheese, and bread? Do you hate veggies? The Dude Diet lets you eat everything that you love but includes healthier substitutes. The entire book is written in a language that most guys will understand. All the recipes are broken into categories from badass Breakfasts to On The Grill. You’ll make everything from “Taco Bell” Beef Tacos to Chocolate Almond Cake.

You Have to F*****g EatYou Have to F*****g Eatcheck price

Don’t read this book to your child. It’s the sequel to Go the F*ck to Sleep and a tongue in cheek R-Rated parody that is written for adults. Is getting your child to eat worse than going to the dentist? With its colorful illustrations, this book will get you to laugh at an impossible situation.

Kama PootraKama Pootracheck price

How many different ways can you poop? Pooping has turned into an art form with the Kama Pootra. This remarkable book teaches you 52 different ways to poop from the leapfrog to your dad’s position. You’ll learn to celebrate the human body as you perform Yoga moves over the toilet seat. Give a copy to everybody you know. Heck, give a copy to your dog.

Creative CursingCreative Cursingcheck price

Do you cuss like a sailor? Stop using the same word over and over. Now you can elevate the art of cussing with this profanity generator. This book comes with two flippable booklets that allow you to mix and match curse words to create unexpected results. Not only are there dirty words, but also there are some touchy words that could offend some people. Spin the wheel, you never know what will pop up.

Does It Fart?Does It Fart?check price

There are many questions in life that go unanswered. Does it Fart? is the ultimate guide to animal farting. Written by a team of scientists, it answers the age old question on everybody’s mind “Does It Fart?” Not only that, it will cover the frequency of farts but even how bad the stench left behind is. It contains a lot of scientific information that you didn’t know you needed to know or maybe didn’t want to know.

Porn for WomenPorn for Womencheck price

Are you addicted to p*rn? This book will save you relationship. A lot of men stare at unclothed women in magazines and online. Why can’t women join in on the fun too? Women will drool over the hunks in this book. Fully clothed, the men are vacuuming, cooking, and taking out the trash. It’s a great gift for men too. He’ll learn how to be a better husband.

Shakespeare Insult GeneratorShakespeare Insult Generatorcheck price

Shakespeare is known for his impressive love stories and poetry. Now you can elevate the art of an insult with this insult generator. Anybody can swear but an insult disguised with fancy words sounds so much more elegant. This kit comes with mix and match words so you can create over 150,000 insults. Is there anything better than yelling Shakespearean insults at each other on Christmas day? Churlish Clay-Brained Scullion!

Book-O-BeardsBook-O-Beardscheck price

A wearable book? Now even little kids can grow a beard. Each page in Book-O-Beards includes a different beard with a new theme. Kids and parents will love holding the pages up to their faces, giving them a funny new look. It’s fun to change your look, change your voice, and become different characters while reading bedtime stories. Who do you want to be? Santa Clause or a Pirate.

Toilet Paper OrigamiToilet Paper Origamicheck price

What are you going to do with all that toilet paper you have hoarded? Next time you sit on the toilet, try the art of Toilet Paper Origami. You will make animals, flowers, and swans all out of toilet paper. With 32 different designs, the book contains detailed instructions that walk you through every fold, cut, and flip. Who knew that toilet paper could be so fun?

But… You’re a HorseBut... Youre a Horsecheck price

Light some candles and slip into something comfortable; this is a romantic tale like no other. In the first scene a horse meets his soul mate, a woman. Unfortunately, this romance is forbidden because the two of them came from different species. Still, the two lovers would do anything to be with each other. Actually, we have no idea what the heck this book is about, but judging from its cover, it looks like some horsesh*t.

Star Wars Kama SutraStar Wars Kama Sutracheck price

For many in the modern world, the Kama Sutra has become the sex bible for muscle stretching sex positions. This modern take features mind blowing sex positions such as The Last Jedi, BB-ATE, and AT-T Style demonstrated by your favorite Star Wars characters. Everybody grab your light saber and let the force awaken.

Knock Knock Bathroom Guest BookKnock Knock Bathroom Guest Bookcheck price

Can I use your bathroom? Sure, just sign the Bathroom Guestbook. Potty humor just took an unexpected turn with the Bathroom Guest book. Every time your guests go to the bathroom, they can sign, read, and doodle in this guestbook. You’ll have to rate your bathroom experience, document the sounds you heard, and even reveal the consistency of your poop. Just make sure you keep plenty of hand sanitizer nearby.

Gag Candy & Food

These gifts might look strange at first, but once you put it in your mouth you’ll enjoy the crunchiness, explosiveness, and sweetness. You know you want to take a bite. Don’t worry, their completely edible.

Blue Diamond Spicy Dill Pickle AlmondsBlue Diamond Spicy Dill Pickle Almondscheck price

Yum, dill flavored almonds! Who doesn’t love salty and spicy pickles? Do you love crunchy almonds? You have probably tried almonds and dill pickle but have you tried them together? With the perfect balance of vinegar, saltiness, and spice, these snacks will fulfill your cucumber addiction.

Death Wish Whole Bean CoffeeDeath Wish Whole Bean Coffeecheck price

Forget deadlines! There is no better way to boost your energy than a cup of coffee in the morning. Kill yourself with caffeine by drinking a cup of Death Wish coffee. With almost 4 times the amount of coffee as a regular cup of coffee, Death Wish is the world’s strongest coffee and is the closest thing to shooting caffeine directly into your veins. With a hint of chocolate and cherry, this smooth flavored coffee will get your heart racing so you never sleep again.

Medley Hills Farm Cereal MarshmallowsMedley Hills Farm Cereal Marshmallowscheck price

Want to try something magically delicious? You are about to get real lucky. Wouldn’t it be cool if Lucky Charms just came with the marshmallows? Now for the magic! Empty out your box of Lucky Charms and put this inside the box. Viola! All marshmallows!

Strawberry Starburst Fruit ChewsStrawberry Starburst Fruit Chewscheck price

All pink Starburst! What is your favorite Starburst flavor? We all have our favorites. Do you like only eating the Strawberry Starburst? No more hunting around for your favorite Starburst flavors in the bag. This bag of Starburst contains 2 pounds of just strawberry flavored Starburst. Your taste buds just got more excited.

Pop Rocks PackPop Rocks Packcheck price

It’s always a good idea to try new things. Everybody has eaten skittles, Starburst, and Snicker bars at least once in their life. You never really grow up until you have eaten a bag of Pop Rocks. When you put these candies in your mouth, they start popping. Even better is to have them with soda. We promise, it won’t explode your head.

Lil’ Nitro: The World’s Hottest Gummy BearLil Nitro: The Worlds Hottest Gummy Bearcheck price

Looks can be deceiving! Despite the fancy packaging, this just looks like a normal gummy bear. They aren’t lying when they say it’s the world’s hottest gummy bear. It contains a chili extract that it 9 times hotter than a jalapeño. This gummy bear is so hot that it should come with an FDA warning that it is a suppository. It’s like eating a stick of dynamite.

Hot Sauce KitHot Sauce Kitcheck price

Does she love putting hot sauce on everything? Let her bring the heat with this DIY Hot sauce making kit. Including all the dry ingredients that you will need, this kit takes all the guess work out of making your own hot sauce. You can follow the step by step directions or experiment with creating your own hot sauce.

Memory Mints for Senior MomentsMemory Mints for Senior Momentscheck price

Sorry, we forgot what these do. Do you sometimes mix up your children’s names? Do you forget where you keep things? Do you forget your spouse’s name? It’s okay. You are having a senior moment. Take one Memory Mint and don’t forget to call us in the morning.

Special Sh*t SeasoningSpecial Sh*t Seasoningcheck price

Salt and pepper are great, but you can’t throw a barbeque without the “Special Sh*t.” With a mix with salt, pepper, garlic, and other spices, this seasoning is appropriately named. Sprinkle some of this on whatever you are making and it no longer tastes like bullsh-t.

Jelly Belly BeanBoozledJelly Belly BeanBoozledcheck price

I love this game. There are different colored jelly beams. Each color can either taste good like juicy pear or disgusting like stinky socks. Other delicacies include skunk spray, moldy cheese, and boogers. To play, you spin the wheel, which selects one of the colors. Then you pick up a jelly bean of that color and bite into it. Will you get lucky? Just remember to have a trashcan nearby.

Cookie Dough BitesCookie Dough Bitescheck price

Everybody knows that the best part about making cookies is eating the raw cookie dough. The only problem? It’s unsafe to eat because of the raw egg, which may contain E. coli. Now you enjoy raw cookie dough without having to worry about food poisoning with Cookie Doug bites. It has all of the fun and taste of cookie dough. The best part? It’s egg-free.

Bunsters Sh*t The BedBunsters Sh*t The Bedcheck price

Are you tired of hot sauces that have no taste? Get the toilet tissue ready, you are going to need it after eating this Hot Sauce. With a funny name, this spicy elixir from Australia comes with a warning. Be careful too much consumption will cause your butthole to be on fire. Packed with a mix of Australian vegetables and scorpion chilies, it’s hot and will tantalize your taste buds. You are going to want to put it on everything.

mberry Miracle Fruit Tabletsmberry Miracle Fruit Tabletscheck price

Take your taste buds on a wild ride the Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets. Anything acidic is supposed to taste sweet. Dissolve the tablet in your mouth for a few minutes and the effects can last up to 30 minutes. You can straight up drink vinegar and eat lemons. Strawberries taste like candy. It’s a miracle!

The Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0The Death Nut Challenge Version 2.0check price

Are you ready to take the Death Nut Challenge! Made with the world’s hottest peppers, these are the spiciest peanuts in the world. The challenge comes with 5 levels of spiciness. The last nut is appropriately called The Death Nut, which is only 1000X hotter than a jalapeño. Be smart, don’t try it unless you want a near death experience.

Jelly Belly Harry Potter Jelly BeansJelly Belly Harry Potter Jelly Beanscheck price

Become a wizard with the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. These are the same jelly beans that Ron and Harry shared in the Harry Potter books. It comes in every flavor and we mean it. Be careful of stuffing a handful of these jelly beans in your mouth. You might get something candy flavored but you might also get vomit, soap, or dirt.

Toe of Satan Hot LollipopToe of Satan Hot Lollipopcheck price

Are you ready to put Satan’s toe in your mouth for 5 minutes? Made from a special chilli extract that comes from hell, this candy is said to be 900 times hotter than a jalapeno. Put it in your mouth and your whole body will be engulfed with 900 degree heat. PS. We are not responsible for anybody who dies trying this.

World’s Hottest Chocolate BarWorlds Hottest Chocolate Barcheck price

What’s 900 times hotter than a jalapeño? Meet the World’s Hottest Chocolate bar! Looks can be deceiving. This might look like ordinary chocolate, but it is infused with chili extract. While very small, there is no way you are going to eat the whole thing. At first when you bite through a piece of chocolate piece, it tastes like chocolate. Seconds later your tongue, whole mouth, and throat will be on fire. You will feel like a dragon.

Baconluxious Mini Chocolate BarsBaconluxious Mini Chocolate Barscheck price

Have you ever wanted to taste pigs covered in mud? Oink! Oink! Expand your taste of chocolate with a unique pop of flavor with these Bacon flavored mini chocolate bars. Imagine the taste of salty bacon combined with sweet chocolate. This unique blend of chocolate will explode in your mouth, giving new meaning to salty and savory.

Candy CigarettesCandy Cigarettescheck price

Just say no! Get high on candy cigarettes. We still don’t know why candy cigarettes are still around. Made in the 1930s, they were controversial because they were modeled after real cigarettes and were thought to desensitize children to the harmful effects of smoking. Shaped like a cigarette, this bubblegum candy puffs out white powdery stuff but tastes like chalk. Even Joe the Camel would stay away.

Bigfoot BallzBigfoot Ballzcheck price

Do you believe in “Big Foot?” What’s sour, round, and hard? No it’s not Big Foot, it’s Big Foot Ballz! When you suck on these balls, they are super sour and crunchy on the outside. They will leave you sour faced. You really have to bite into them to taste the sweetness inside.

World’s Largest Gummy WormWorlds Largest Gummy Wormcheck price

Dang, is this gummy bear on steroids? Your teenage boy will be speechless when he sees this massive 5-pound gummy bear. He probably would want to wrestle with it before devouring it.

Jelly Belly Cocktail ClassicsJelly Belly Cocktail Classicscheck price

Enjoy all your favorite hard liquor drinks without the need of a designated driver with these cocktail flavored jellybeans. Jelly Belly makes all types of different flavored jelly beans. We have all tasted the regular flavors but it is always fun to try something funky. With 5 flavors from pina colada to mojito, they taste just like actual cocktails minus the alcohol.

Unicorn Farts Cotton CandyUnicorn Farts Cotton Candycheck price

Don’t unicorns fart, too? This Bag of Unicorn Farts is a fantastic and funny gag gift that is sure to get the gift receiver laughing out loud. Curious ones will open the bag to find a tasty and delicious treat hidden inside. Surprise … it’s cotton candy! Seeing the look on your girl’s face … priceless!

Giant Gummy BearGiant Gummy Bearcheck price

Who doesn’t love gummy bears? This is not your ordinary gummy bear. Weighing a hefty 5 pounds, it’s the world’s largest gummy bear. It will keep her busy for a long time.

Hershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate BarHershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate Barcheck price

For the Hershey lover, this giant sized 5 pound Hershey Chocolate bar is a great Birthday gift. Huge doesn’t begin to describe how big this candy bar is. This monster sized candy bar is bigger than your head. The only problem? Your friends will all want a piece.

Giant Chupa Chups LollipopGiant Chupa Chups Lollipopcheck price

Yup! You aren’t seeing things. Just when you think you have seen everything, you haven’t. Over 1.5 pounds of solid lollipop goodness throughout. Why? Because it’s ridiculous. Who knows how much sugar it took to create this spectacular gift but we don’t care. It’s like stuffing 100 lollipops into one. It’s probably not even something they will finish but the look on their face makes it all worth it.

Scorpion SuckersScorpion Suckerscheck price

Do you love to try everything? We dare you to try the world’s nastiest sucker with a creepy surprise inside, a real scorpion. It’s hard just to stick a bug in your mouth and just eat it, but sticking it inside fruit flavored candy makes it seem more edible. Don’t worry it won’t sting because the scorpion inside is dead. We are curious: How many licks does it take to get to the center? Let us know.

REESE’S Giant CupsREESES Giant Cupscheck price

What could be better than Reese’s peanut butter cups? What about one pound of giant sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Pies? In this pack you get 2 pies with the perfect blend of peanut butter and milk chocolate. You could eat 16 regular sized Reese’s peanut butter cups but it’s so much more fun to eat 2 freaking huge pies.

ASS KICKIN’ Carolina Reaper Pepper PopcornASS KICKIN’ Carolina Reaper Pepper Popcorncheck price

Do you like the salty, buttery taste of popcorn? Do you like spicy things? Have you ever wanted to sprinkle hot sauce all over your bowl of popcorn? Made with Carolina Reaper peppers, this fiery flavored popcorn will literally rip you a new one if you can get through the bag. Warning: Open windows before popping. May cause volcanic eruptions in the bathroom and 3rd degree burns on exit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Clam Candy CanesClam Candy Canescheck price

Forget traditional candy canes, ruin Christmas with these clam flavored candy canes. Smelling like clam chowder, they taste as bad as they sound. Hang them on the tree and your children will beg you for one. Leave them out and you will know exactly who stole one when they let out the most agonizing “EEEWWWW!” Once they stick one in their mouth, they are guaranteed to get sea sick.

Cookie Pop PopcornCookie Pop Popcorncheck price

Typically, popcorn is covered with butter. What happens when you combine Oreo cookies with popcorn? You get Oreo Cookie Popcorn with the taste of Oreo cookies in each bite. Snack Pop even makes other flavors too including Butterfinger and Twix.

Astronaut Neapolitan Ice CreamAstronaut Neapolitan Ice Creamcheck price

Have you ever wondered what astronauts eat in space? Whether fact or fiction, the story is that the astronauts ate this freeze-dried ice cream. Unlike traditional ice cream, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, making it the perfect stocking stuffer. When you first open it, it looks very chalky but once it hits your mouth it tastes a lot like ice cream.

Kracie Popin DIY Japanese Candy KitKracie Popin DIY Japanese Candy Kitcheck price

During Christmas, I love to get candy from different countries. It’s fun to get stuff that you have never tried before. These Japanese DIY candy kits are super weird. I wouldn’t call them delicious but they are super fun to make with friends.

Giant Candy CaneGiant Candy Canecheck price

How much do you love candy canes? This is candy cane looks like it was used to build an elf’s gingerbread house in the North Pole. It contains 2 pounds of pepperminty goodness. It’s the perfect way to wish them a “Merry” Christmas.

Koppers Pimento Olive Chocolate AlmondKoppers Pimento Olive Chocolate Almondcheck price

Trick or treat! Who knew that olive covered almonds could taste so good? Oddly, while they look like olives, Koppers don’t actually taste like olives. Thanks to food coloring and milk chocolate, they just look like olives. Throw them in your candy dish for a fun treat.


The biggest question with this mega sized Jaw breaker is how do you actually eat it? If you manage to fit it in your mouth, you would probably break your jaw. You could possibly lick it until it eventually dissolves . . . a month later. The current record is 17 days. How many days will you take?

Giant Hershey KissGiant Hershey Kisscheck price

Regular Hershey Kisses are yummy but every now and then we need to treat ourselves. Now Hershey has made a deluxe version of its infamous kissed shaped chocolate. Hershey Kisses Deluxe chocolates are double the size of a regular Hershey Kiss and have a Hazelnut in the center. The outer layer of chocolate has rice crisps, making it an even more luxurious treat.

Milk Magic Magic Milk Flavoring StrawsMilk Magic Magic Milk Flavoring Strawscheck price

Do you think milk tastes bland? Milk does a body good but there hasn’t been a reason to drink it. Available in a variety of flavors like Cookies and Cream, Magic Milk Straws flavor your milk as you sip. Low in sugar, there are little sugar beads inside each straw that add flavor to milk. For even more fun, try sipping two different flavors at the same time for a real treat.

Pure Bred Idiot – Hot Sauce Roulette GamePure Bred Idiot - Hot Sauce Roulette Gamecheck price

Spin the wheel in this spicy game of chance. Will you be able to handle the heat or have to reach for a glass of milk? There are 12 mini hot sauce bottles that are arranged around the wheel. Spin the wheel and brace yourself for the sauce it lands on. Players that can’t handle the heat are out. Spice up game night.

Giant Rice Krispies TreatGiant Rice Krispies Treatcheck price

They always say bigger is better. Meet the world’s biggest Rice Krispie treat. 15 inches by 12 inches? That’s like 24 Rice Krispies all smashed together. That’s 2 pounds of marshamallowy goodness.

Toblerone JumboToblerone Jumbocheck price

What do you think of when you hear “big Toblerone?” Weighing about 10 pounds, the 2.5 feet chocolate bar is a massive slab of chocolate. There is just no way to describe how big this candy is. The only problem? It’s not even going to fit in the cupboard. Just one bar would probably take your whole life to finish.

Chocolate PizzaChocolate Pizzacheck price

Cake is so boring. Instead get this chocolate pizza and cut it into pieces. It comes in the cutest pizza box. With a chocolate crust, crunchy popcorn, and candy toppings, it the perfect mix of a salty and sweet snack.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow ManGhostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Mancheck price

There’s something strange in the neighborhood. It’s the Marshmallow Man. Don’t call the Ghostbusters. You can now eat him. Made from pure marshmallows and granulated sugar, this Marshmallow Man is completely edible and smells so marshmallowy. He comes in his trademark sailor suit costume and the detail on his face is amazing. You will want to blow him up into pieces and enjoy the gooey pieces in your mouth.

Edible Anus Milk Belgian ChocolateEdible Anus Milk Belgian Chocolatecheck price

Do you like eating a–? Chocolates come in all the shapes and sizes but a chocolate butthole? Made of pure milk chocolate, these buttholes look like they were molded from a real anus. Send it to the sh-ttiest person in your life.

After Dinner NipplesAfter Dinner Nipplescheck price

Have you been naughty or nice? When dinner has ended, forget the dinner mints. Whip out the After Dinner Nipples. Nibble on them for some dark chocolate goodness and peppermint goodness inside. They taste just like minty nipples.

Pussy Natural Energy DrinkPussy Natural Energy Drinkcheck price

Have you ever wanted to try pussy? With a 100% natural blend of grape juice, lime, and six botanical herbs, this pussy is all natural. While the name is outrageous, this is just an energy drink. What does pussy taste like? While it has a unique fruity taste, it doesn’t have a fishy after taste.

D*ck in a Box PrankD*ck in a Box Prankcheck price

Why hurt somebody in person when you can tell them to “eat a dick” anonymously? You can send somebody a five inch long chocolate ding dong that comes beautifully packaged. With a wide range of dicks for every occassion, the company promises that everything is completely vegan. What do you do when you get a chocolate ding dong in the mail? You put it in your mouth, of course.


Throw away that boring kitchen appliance! We’ve got a whole slew of funny novelty items for the kitchen that will make your life so much easier as a chef. These gifts are good for more than just a smile, and they might soon become household staples.

The Original Bear Paws Shredder ClawsThe Original Bear Paws Shredder Clawscheck price

Have you ever wanted to shred meat like a bear? Made of Nylon, these shredder claws essentially give you bear claws so you can shred through pork, chicken, or beef. Simply dig them into any slab of meat and dig away. They are heat resistant up to 475 degrees so you can use them on the grill too. The best part? You may never use a fork and knife again.

Amco Rub-a-Way BarAmco Rub-a-Way Barcheck price

Do you hate the smell of onions and garlic? Can’t get rid of the strong odor on your hands after handling food? Made out of stainless steel, the Rub-a-Way bar promises to remove unwanted smells from your hands. Use it just like soap. While it works like sorcery, there is a science behind it.

lebogner Auto Steering Wheel Desklebogner Auto Steering Wheel Deskcheck price

Have you ever seen a desk on four wheels? Who knew you could turn your car into a cafeteria? With this clip on steering wheel, you can eat or work in your car. With 2 sides, it provides a flat workable surface for your laptop and a tabletop with a cup holder on the other.

Saucemoto Dip ClipSaucemoto Dip Clipcheck price

Chicken Nuggets were made to be eaten in the car. You can’t have chicken nuggets without dip. Now you don’t have to worry with the Saucemoto Dip Clip, a sauce holder that mounts to your car’s air vents. Seriously, this might be the best invention for those who can’t get enough of fast food.

Pancake & Cupcake Batter DispenserPancake & Cupcake Batter Dispensercheck price

Making perfect pancakes just got a lot easier. Holding 4 cups of batter, this pancake and cupcake batter dispenser uses a pulley to dispense batter evenly. The helpful measuring markers make it is easy to dispense the right amount. The best part? You don’t have to worry about spills and drips.

Zoku Slush and Shake MakerZoku Slush and Shake Makercheck price

Frozen coke? Frozen orange juice? Everything tastes better frozen. Turn your favorite drink into a slushy with this slushie maker from Zoku. It doesn’t just work with soda and juice; you can turn any liquid into slush. To use, store the slush maker in the freezer. When you are ready, pour your favorite drink inside and watch it instantly change into slush. Use the included spoon to scrape the slushie mixture from the sides of the cup.

I’ll Feed All You ApronIll Feed All You Aproncheck price

Does s/he always love cooking or barbequing for the whole family? With the words, “I’ll feed all you f–kers,” written across the front, this apron is a great gift for the only cook in the family. Made of cotton, this apron has 3 pockets for keeping all your tools close by. Invite all the guests over and remind them how much you love to cook with a little adult language.

Fred DINNER WINNER Kids’ Dinner TrayFred DINNER WINNER Kids Dinner Traycheck price

Do you have a fussy eater? On your mark, get set, GO! Set up like a game board, this food tray turns eating into a game. It makes it easy to divide food into small portions before kids reach the finish line. At the end, there is a “special prize” hidden under the finish line. For the first time, your child will eat broccoli, brussels sprouts, and everything on the plate. There are several different themes to choose from super heroes to pirates.

Decodyne Have a Nice Day MugDecodyne Have a Nice Day Mugcheck price

With the words “Have A Nice Day” written across the front, this might look like an ordinary mug. Don’t lift this mug up otherwise the whole room will stare at you! We warned you. On the underneath, there is a middle finger. Every time you take a sip of your beverage, you will flip off everybody.

Microwave S’mores MakerMicrowave Smores Makercheck price

There’s nothing better than eating s’mores with marshmallows roasted on a campfire, but we can’t always go camping. Besides why wait so long when you can make s’mores in the microwave in 30 seconds. This unique gadget has a built in water reservoir to make sure that your marshmallows and chocolate are evenly cooked. Imagine perfectly melted marshmallows and chocolate s’mores all year round. Ah . . . it’s like s’more heaven.

Creature CupsCreature Cupscheck price

There’s something in my cup. Cue the scary music. Deep within this cup lies a secret so deep that you will want to reach the bottom of the cup every time. Make sure when you give it to somebody that you fill it up with their favorite beverage. Tell them you got them a new cup. Imagine their surprise when a freaking dinosaur’s head pops out. Just the thought scares us. You can choose from several animals.

Chop SabersChop Saberscheck price

These light saber chopsticks are perfect for channeling the force when you are eating your food. The coolest part? They glow and come in a variety of neon colors. Even if you don’t know how to use chop sticks and they won’t slice your food, they are just fun to play with. May the food be with you.

Drinking Buddies Drink MarkersDrinking Buddies Drink Markerscheck price

Let’s get weird! Are you feeling lonely? Everybody knows that it is better to drink with drinking buddies than to drink alone. What could be better than drinking buddies in Speedos? Attach your drinking buddy’s hands to the side of your glass. It’s the best way to mark your drink when you are throwing a drinking party. No more guessing whose drink is whose. Each buddy has a name on his name on his backside.

TINY BakingTINY Bakingcheck price

Take your culinary skill to a miniature level with this teeny tiny 17 piece baking set. The best part? They are real tools. You can actually bake with them. Make bite size pizza, brownies, and cup cakes. It couldn’t be easier to measure everything to the closest smidge. Everything tastes better when it is tiny.

Plant Theatre Funky Veg KitPlant Theatre Funky Veg Kitcheck price

Does she want to start her own planting her own garden? Growing normal vegetables just got a lot more boring. This kit lets you grow common vegetables with a funky twist: purple carrots, yellow courgettes, red brussels sprouts, striped tomatoes, and multicolored swiss chard. What could be better than unique, brightly colored vegetables?

Harry Potter Cauldron Soup MugHarry Potter Cauldron Soup Mugcheck price

Sip from this cauldron shaped soup mug and you will turn into a magical wizard. With a Hogwarts crest on the outside, this mug is something that any Harry Potter fan would love drinking out of. Holding 16 ounces of liquid, it might not be as big as a life size cauldron. Still, that doesn’t mean she can’t whip up a magical potion that wakes her up in the morning.

Build-on Brick MugBuild-on Brick Mugcheck price

We all need our caffeine fix in the morning but now you can also get your Lego fix. Build Lego structures in the office during boring meetings with this unique coffee mug. Similar to a Lego base plate, it has a peg-and-hole surface on the front. While it comes with bricks, it’s compatible with Lego bricks and mini figures. Turn your mug into a skyscraper!

STRATA CUPS Camera Lens Coffee MugSTRATA CUPS Camera Lens Coffee Mugcheck price

Why the heck are you drinking out of a camera lens? Shaped like a real Canon camera lens, this is actually a mug. With a focus ring, it’s so realistic that it’s easy to mistake it for the real thing. Coffee mugs aren’t supposed to be this fun. With a no spill lid and insulation, the paparazzi fan in your life is going to want to take it everywhere they go.

Fred Beer Baby BottleFred Beer Baby Bottlecheck price

Cheers! Is your baby always trying to reach for your beer bottle? Give him a cold one and let him drink with you with this hilarious baby beer bottle. Made of phthalate-free plastic and with a food-grade silicone nipple, this bottle holds 10 ounces of his favorite beverage. Your baby will love chugging milk, formula, and juice out of it.

Best Farter Ever MugBest Farter Ever Mugcheck price

Who knew that misspelling a word could be so fun? Dad: Hey they misspelled “Father” on my cup! Mom: That’s okay. It says “Farter,” which is more accurate. There’s no better way to let him know that he is the number one farter in the world. Sorry, we meant father.

Fred and Friends Oven MittsFred and Friends Oven Mittscheck price

Why would you use oven mitts, when you can use your “bear” hands? You never have to worry about burning your “bear” hands because their made with insulated cotton and heat resistant silicone. So go ahead and use your “bear” hands to pull out your world famous honey baked ham.

Circular Saw Pizza WheelCircular Saw Pizza Wheelcheck price

Don’t you hate when you drag all the toppings off the pizza when you cut it? Slice through a pizza like a handy man with this saw blade, the Pizza Boss. Designed like a circular saw, this blade will make slicing through pizza with clean lines a breeze. No more rolling back and forth for a million times.

Funwares TriceraTacoFunwares TriceraTacocheck price

Many years ago, the TriceraTaco roamed the Earth. The dinosaur got its name because it held Tacos on its back. Unlike other dinosaurs that have long gone extinct, this one is ready to hold your tacos on its back. The best part? It not only holds Taco, it can hold all your snacks from candy to cookies. It can even hold a phone. Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot more interesting.

Cool Touch Microwave BowlCool Touch Microwave Bowlcheck price

Never burn yourself with the Cool Touch Microwave Bowl. While the inner bowl gets hot, the insulated outside bowl remains cool to the touch. The convenient handle allows you to perfectly grip the bowl. Finally, you can eat dinner straight from the microwave on the couch without burning yourself.

Husband And Wife Coffee MugsHusband And Wife Coffee Mugscheck price

Matchy-matchy! There’s nothing that creates a better sense of unity than a cute pair of matching mugs. Each mug contains the nutrition facts of one amazing husband and wife. Every time they drink their favorite beverage together, he will get 1500% strength and she will get 0% wrong answers. No wonder they are the perfect couple. There is nothing better than starting your day off with a laugh.

Sriracha MugSriracha Mugcheck price

Drinking coffee in the morning is fun, but you have never had a “hot” cup of coffee unless it’s in a Sriracha sauce mug. For those that love Sriracha sauce, it would be fun to fill this large mug with Sriracha and drink it down like it was coffee. Yum!

Macho Muscle Man ApronMacho Muscle Man Aproncheck price

Macho, Macho, Man! Is there anything more attractive than a man in his underwear preparing a meal? This apron will have him looking his best and he will love his new 6 pack. He is going to love modeling it for everybody. The best part? He doesn’t even have to worry about getting grease burns.

Ceramic Donut Mug Ceramic Donut Mug check price

If she loves collecting cute mugs, she will love this donut mug. Shaped like a donut, it will make her coffee just a litter sweeter. It is super fun to throw up on Instagram. It does have a squiggly top and it can be hard to clean, but it makes a great novelty gift for any coffee drinker .

Fred THE OBSESSIVE CHEF Chopping BoardFred THE OBSESSIVE CHEF Chopping Boardcheck price

Chop! Chop! Chopping boards just got a little more interesting. Turn the art of preparing food into a science with this unique cutting board. With grid lines and angles on it, you can finally trim vegetables with scientific precision. Instead of taking minutes to cut a potato, hours will disappear as you attempt to cut each slice into a perfect circle.

Worlds Largest Gigantic Coffee MugWorlds Largest Gigantic Coffee Mugcheck price

Finally, you will get all the caffeine you need by gulping out of this giant coffee cup. Hold the refills! Almost a foot wide and holding over a gallon of liquid, it would probably take a couple coffee pots just to fill it. Even if you don’t use it to get high off coffee each morning, it has a ton of other uses. Just make sure you don’t spill it after you have a coffee coma.

BigMouth Inc Golden Toilet MugBigMouth Inc Golden Toilet Mugcheck price

We don’t recommend drinking out of a toilet bowl, but this funny mug is sure to tickle her sense of humor. It makes everything you put inside of it look nasty. When you fill it with coffee, it looks like you are drinking poop water. Is there any better way to start your day than drinking out of a toilet?

Fred Roach Bag ClipsFred Roach Bag Clipscheck price

Do people keep stealing your bag of Doritos? Yikes! There’s a big roach on my Doritos! About the same size as a roach, these roach clips are the best way to keep your snacks fresh and away from others. Put them on all the chip bags and everybody will be terrified to eat them. Finally, the chips are all yours. They might even scare you away.

Fred MRS. FOOD FACE Dinner PlateFred MRS. FOOD FACE Dinner Platecheck price

Say goodbye to picky eating! Encourage your kids to play with their food with the Mrs. Food Face ceramic dinner plate. Even the fussiest eaters will love eating broccoli as they decorate their face plate with strange haircuts, mustaches, and pimples. Who says you shouldn’t play with your food?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ShredderTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shreddercheck price

It’s THE SHREDDER!! Shred cheese just like the Shredder with this uniquely shaped cheese grater. Comic book fans are going to love it. It’s essentially a cheese grater with a Shredder head on the top of it, but even if you don’t ever grate cheese, you are going to want one to make freshly baked pizza.

BigMouthThe Beast Giant FistBigMouthThe Beast Giant Fistcheck price

What the best way to keep your drink cool? You could use a Koozie but you could also use what Hulk uses – a giant fist. Put this fist on and you will feel your veins popping out of your head as you become the beast of the party. Made of foam, this oversized fist is the best way to cool your drink and wish everybody cheers.

Panda Hug Cookie MugPanda Hug Cookie Mugcheck price

Does she love hiding cookies from you, then she will love this funny cookie mug. You can stuff a cookie inside. This all in one mug has everything you need to have a complete breakfast. P.S. The cookie is sold separately.

Personalized Chalkboard Coffee MugPersonalized Chalkboard Coffee Mugcheck price

Mugs are always cute but a personalized mug is even cuter. Oh my gosh, this chalkboard mug is so cute. I love how the surface is coated with a special glaze that turns it into a chalkboard. The best part? She can write a different message on it every day. You can get a good Instagram and Snapchat out of it.

Thumbs Up ICK MugThumbs Up ICK Mugcheck price

Looking for a fun gift full of attitude for your teen son? Give him this ICK Mug as a fun joke. There’s no explanation necessary, but it’s sure to generate a laugh or two. The handle is unique and shaped like the letter D to complete the message. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that what you get is larger than the typical coffee mug. It’s perfect as a white elephant gift.

Firebuggz Fishing Pole Campfire RoasterFirebuggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roastercheck price

Do you want the perfect roasted marshmallow or hotdog? Never crouch over the fire again with the Fire Buggz Campfire Roaster. Similar to a fishing rod, this roaster allows you to lower food into the fire. Bait it and throw your line into the fire. You can even flip the food over with a quick flick of your wrist. The coolest part? It can roast 4 marshmallows at the same time.

Mickey Mouse Hand Oven Mitt Mickey Mouse Hand Oven Mitt check price

Do you love Mickey Mouse? Do you love cooking? Mickey Mouse is loved by children of all ages including adults. Officially licensed, these oversized oven mitts are shaped like Mickey Mouse’s hands. Using the magic of Disney, they allow you to remove your favorite dishes out of the oven.

Fred Crosscut Cake SawFred Crosscut Cake Sawcheck price

What’s the best way to cut a cake? A Saw! Slice cakes the way they were meant to be with a kitchen saw. Shaped like a wooden saw but made of plastic, this saw is designed to cut cakes, pies, and other baked goodies. It’s the only “tool” you need in the kitchen.

Finger Covers Dirty FingersFinger Covers Dirty Fingerscheck price

Don’t lick your fingers! Do you hate that your fingers get all orange, sticky, and cheddary when you eat your favorite chips? Made from food grade silicone and designed to fit just about any finger, these finger tongs will allow you to eat chips without directly touching them. Finally, you can say no to Cheeto dust.

BigMouth The Ugly Sweater MugBigMouth The Ugly Sweater Mugcheck price

Who doesn’t love cute coffee mugs? I love cups and mugs that are Pinteresty or Tumblry. For Christmas, this Ugly sweater one is so cute. You can even remove the sweater to reveal the manly hairy chest underneath. I think it would be so fun to take pictures with it. It’s so adorable.

Blue Q Oven MittBlue Q Oven Mittcheck price

Let’s face it, oven mitts are boring. We live boring lives because we can’t really say what’s on our minds. These oven mitts with snarky sayings and swear words on them are liberating. The next time you burn your favorite casserole, put these oven mitts on to experience joy like never before. The best part? We never have to say anything.

Pizza PouchPizza Pouchcheck price

Why you would need this? If you want to look stupid AF, get punched in the face, and lose all your friends, you can try wearing this pizza “ziplock bag” as a fashion statement. Maybe you could be a trend setter on Instagram. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Marshmallow and Hot Dog Roasting SticksMarshmallow and Hot Dog Roasting Stickscheck price

Add a little humor to your next bonfire with these roasting sticks that look like people. Roast marshmallows or wieners with these roasting sticks that are equipped with skewers over their private parts. You will never look at roasting sticks the same way.

The TeaBaggerThe TeaBaggercheck price

Who doesn’t love tea? Now everybody can try tea bagging with this tea bag infuser. Tea infusers allow you to place dried tea leaves inside the infuser and dunk it into your cup of tea. What could be better than infusing your tea with a sack of balls? Everybody needs a pair!

Sriracha KeychainSriracha Keychaincheck price

Does she love Srircha hot sauce? Does she love putting it on everything? Now she never has to find herself eating plain, boring food. The Sriracha Keychain allows her to fill it up with her favorite hot sauce and take it everywhere with her. It’s the perfect gift for your Srircha lover.

Obol Never Soggy Cereal BowlObol Never Soggy Cereal Bowlcheck price

Nobody wants a soggy bowl of cereal. Unless you eat your cereal right away, it’s going to get soggy. This specially designed cereal bowl has a section for your cereal and a separate section for your milk. There is a little spiral “slide” that allows you to push the cereal into the milk when you want to eat the cereal. Say goodbye to sogginess and hello to crunchy!

Cereal Killer SpoonCereal Killer Spooncheck price

Are you a fan of true crime? Do you love cereal in the morning? Become the Ted Bundy of cereal with this deadly weapon of choice, a stainless steel spoon. With the words “cereal killer” on it even Toucan Sam doesn’t stand a chance. Don’t let the case go cold!


Get ready to bake something extra around the middle with these muffin tops. Fill up these jeans with your favorite cake batter and watch the muffin bulge out of the pan. Who knew that a muffin top could look so adorable? The next time you look in the mirror, you will feel like a cupcake.


Decorate with these wacky, weird, and wonderful gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile, chuckle, or embarrassment to friends and family. You’ll forget how hard life was without these cheeky gifts for the home. We’ve chosen everything from odd-shaped pillows and blankets to funny calendars.

Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet PaperCharmin Ultra Soft Toilet Papercheck price

Why not get her something she really needs like a roll of toilet paper? Nobody wants to be caught with their pants down without a roll of toilet paper. After all, everybody needs something to wipe their butt with.

Diversion Book SafeDiversion Book Safecheck price

This cleverly designed book is actually a secret book safe that can be used to keep valuables away from pesky roommates.

Greenco Bidet Fresh Water SprayGreenco Bidet Fresh Water Spraycheck price

Never run out of toilet paper again with this bidet. Forget killing the trees. Toilet paper doesn’t actually clean, it spreads. It might seem like a joke now but you never know when it will be useful. With multiple pressure levels, it easily attaches to your existing toilet seat. Imagine not changing a toilet roll forever. One spray will change your life.

Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm ClockSonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clockcheck price

Does he always have trouble getting up in the morning? Help him out with this alarm clock that not only is loud and obnoxious, but also has pulsating lights and shakes. If this alarm doesn’t wake him up in the morning, nothing else will. He’ll probably force himself to wake up before this alarm goes off.

DogBuddy Pooper ScooperDogBuddy Pooper Scoopercheck price

Dogs are great but nobody likes picking up after them with a plastic bag. Now you can scoop up poop with the DogBuddy without using your hands. With a large handle, it attaches to leashes and has an integrated waste bag. Simply wrap the waste bag around the DogBuddy and put it inside the jaws to create pocket. Scoop up the poop and throw away the bag. No more foreign squishy stuff in your hands.

Addalock Portable Door LockAddalock Portable Door Lockcheck price

Do you want a little privacy? The portable door lock prevents anybody from entering your room. It can be quickly installed from the inside. You just wedge it between your door and lock. Then you bolt it shut. Once installed, nobody will be able to enter without breaking down the door. It can be installed on just about any standard door. It’s perfect for travelers, teens, and those in college.

LumiLux Motion Sensor Toilet LightLumiLux Motion Sensor Toilet Lightcheck price

You probably didn’t know this but the bathroom is a very dangerous place. It’s probably even more dangerous when it is dark. When you got to go, you got to go even if it is dark and you are half asleep. Meet the LumiLux. This nightlight clips to your toilet bowl and when motion is detected, it turns on with a stunning light show. There is nothing better than a lighted potty.

Bigfoot Air FreshenerBigfoot Air Freshenercheck price

Have you ever smelled Big Foot? Well, you may never but this Bigfoot air freshener smells like good ‘ol pine. Perfect for your car, RV, or tent. Now you don’t have to catch Big Foot to get its smell.

SquishableSquishablecheck price

Squishables are super squishy, huggable plush toys. They are available in all different types of styles from penguins to cats. The family of Squishables continues to grow. They have cool pastel colors, which make them easy to blend in with your room decor. This adorable avocado is 7 inches! Everybody will love throwing it around and squishing it whenever they need to relax.

CouchCoaster CouchCoaster check price

We all love to sit on the coach while enjoying soda, but there is often no place to put down your drink. Don’t put your drinks on the floor. The Cup Coaster is a drink holder for your couch. Imagine the playing video games or watching a movie while having your drink nearby. It’s one of those products you didn’t know you needed.

Sharper Image Word ClockSharper Image Word Clockcheck price

There’s a million different ways to tell the time- watches, smart phones, and clocks. This light up word clock tells the time in words. It’s a fun and unique way to tell time. Who wants to be reminded of the time every second of the day? The clock tells time in five minute intervals, making you less stressed about the time. It’s a great gift for those who have it all or just want a fun conversational piece.

Bread Shape PillowBread Shape Pillowcheck price

What’s squishy, soft, and something you can sleep on? Bread! Forget low-carb! Bread lovers are going to love falling asleep on this 4 foot fluffy piece of bread. It’s better than eating a freshly baked slice of bread. Too bad you can’t exactly eat it.

Pooping PoochesPooping Poochescheck price

Do you know somebody who loves dogs and has a great sense of humor? She’s going to love this calendar, which features 12 dogs . . . pooping. Even if she hates this calendar, just know that you are giving to a good cause. $1 from the purchase prices is donated to the Maui Humane Society.

Gnometastic The Original Double BirdGnometastic The Original Double Birdcheck price

Two birds are always better than one. Standing 8.5 inches, this gnome is not afraid to speak his mind and makes the perfect addition to your friendly garden. Your neighbors, pizza person, and stray animals are going to enjoy the sight of getting flipped off every time they walk by your lawn. Hand painted, weather resistant, and made of ceramic, his only job is to remind everybody to go away 24/7.

Don’t Fck Up The Table Drink CoastersDont Fck Up The Table Drink Coasterscheck price

These table drink coasters are self explanatory. Keep your table looking good as new with these comical wooden coasters. Made out of 100% bamboo, they are a polite way of telling your guests “Don’t F*ck up the table.”

A Christmas Story Leg LampA Christmas Story Leg Lampcheck price

It’s the Major Award! Christmas Story is one of the most iconic Christmas films. This might not be the original leg lamp from the movie, but it looks just as indescribably beautiful when it is standing on a table. All of the details from the original are beautifully captured including the fish net stocking. Just be careful, it’s fragile and is probably from Italy.

Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings 2021Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings 2021check price

During job meetings do you find yourself day dreaming about your crush, thinking of hamburgers, or spacing out? With daily tips, this calendar will make you appear to be smarter at meetings. You’ll learn how to draw fancy Venn diagrams, stun everybody with math, and make people take a deep breath. Finally, there is a reason to laugh every day.

Kempf Go Away DoormatKempf Go Away Doormatcheck price

Is there any better way to invite somebody into your home than with this comedic door mat? With the words “Go Away”, this door mat will have your guest in tears. What could be more “welcoming?” The best part? Door to door salespeople won’t even think about ringing your bell again.

Our Own Candle Company Smell My NutsOur Own Candle Company Smell My Nutscheck price

If you want to give your girlfriend a silly gift, this one is funny. Our Own Candle Company makes several different candles with silly names. If you can get past the funny name without spilling your coffee all over the place, this candle gives off a great banana nut bread scent. Everybody will think you are baking banana bread.

Kikkerland Cat Butt MagnetsKikkerland Cat Butt Magnetscheck price

This set of 6 dog butt animal magnets will surely bring a smile to anyone who receives them. They are strong magnets of man’s best friend and they will hold all of your papers in place. You’ve got Poodle butt, Retriever butt, Scottie butt, Dalmatian butt, Pug butt, and a fire hydrant.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet SprayPoo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spraycheck price

Don’t you hate how the bathroom smells after you do your thing? Now people will finally want to go to the bathroom after you. This is Poo-Pourri. This revolutionary product doesn’t just mask odors, it neutralizes them. It comes in different scents, but the original scent smells like citrusy lemons.

SHRIMP BUBBLE Ecosystem KitSHRIMP BUBBLE Ecosystem Kitcheck price

I love goldfish but hate taking care of them. They don’t last long. The Shrimp Bubble is a self sustaining ecosystem with shrimp, algae, and bacteria enclosed in a glass bowl. All you have to do is place it in an area with indirect light for it to sustain itself. You don’t have to do anything as the system can take care of itself. While this sounds cool, I’m pretty sure I would find a way to kill them.

Chair SocksChair Sockscheck price

We have socks, why can’t our chairs? Designed to fit on most chairs, these chair socks are great for preventing scratches and squeaks on your floors. Admit it! With cute cat paw designs, they are adorable too.

Bubble Wrap CalendarBubble Wrap Calendarcheck price

Are you having a hard time keeping track of what day it is? Can’t get enough of popping bubbles? Standing a massive 4 feet high, this bubble wrap calendar is a satisfying way to add a little excitement to a boring activity. Every day is covered by a bubble, which means there are 365 days of fun.

Airplane Foot HammockAirplane Foot Hammockcheck price

Fly ‘first class’ with this airplane foot hammock. Traveling by air just got a whole lot more comfortable. Like a glorified sleep mask, this hammock fits around your tray table, giving you a place to rest your feet on. It’s especially useful on long lights and on seats that don’t recline. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to increased circulation in your legs.

Selric Mop SlippersSelric Mop Slipperscheck price

Wouldn’t you love cleaner floors? Finally, she will love helping you mop the floors with these adorable slippers. The microsoles are actually detachable so you can throw them in the wash. The best part? When she walks around, she is helping you clean. Who needs a Swiffer mop? Say hello to shinier floors.

PyroPet CandlesPyroPet Candlescheck price

There are many different types of candles but there is nothing like the Pyropet. Available in a variety of fun animal shapes from cats to owls, it appears to be a modern and unique piece of decor. Burn it and a creepy animal skeleton is revealed inside.

Nicholas Cage Mermaid Pillow CoverNicholas Cage Mermaid Pillow Covercheck price

Who doesn’t love Nicholas Cage? Now his face has been transformed into a reversible sequin pillow case. Mermaid pillows have been popular the last couple years because they change colors when your rub your hand over them. This seems like an ordinary Mermaid pillow case, but when you rub your hand on it, Nicholas Cage’s face is waiting to greet you.

Fred UNZIPPED Hand-Blown Glass BowlFred UNZIPPED Hand-Blown Glass Bowlcheck price

A zip lock bag? With crinkled edges and sides, this is actually a glass bowl. Shaped like a zipped lock bag, this unusually shaped snack dish holds about two cups of delicious snacks. It can be used to store anything from candy to nuts. When you put it on the table, everybody will wonder how you got a zip lock bag to behave in such away. You will never want throw it away.

Black Toilet Paper RollsBlack Toilet Paper Rollscheck price

Toilet paper just got more luxurious! Why would you want boring white toilet paper? It gets dirty so easily. Black toilet paper is so much swankier. Because it is dark colored, it hides some of the evidence. The only thing better would be brown toilet paper.

Auto-Loading Multi-Bit ScrewdriverAuto-Loading Multi-Bit Screwdrivercheck price

A screwdriver? This is no ordinary screwdriver. Now you don’t have to go digging through your toolbox to find the right screwdriver. Simply extend the handle up and twist to switch between the six different bits. Choose between a flat or philips head. It may be the only toll you need.

Cute Corgi Butt Throw PillowCute Corgi Butt Throw Pillowcheck price

Can you guess what this is? It’s perfectly round, fluffy, and cute. If you guessed a Corgi butt, you guessed right. This plush pillow is shaped just like a chubby Corgi butt with paws on the bottom and little legs. The best part? You can actually rest your head between the butt cheeks.

Nature’s D’ck Pics Wall CalendarNatures Dck Pics Wall Calendarcheck price

Is that a pen*s? We’ve all seen things in nature that aren’t really there. Perfect for the nature lover and the dirty minded, this calendar combines the natural beauty of the earth with di*k pics. What could be better than staring at naturally formed hard rocks? Once you rip off the cover, it shouldn’t offend anybody and is sure to turn a few heads.

Aquatic Arts Marimo Aquarium KitAquatic Arts Marimo Aquarium Kitcheck price

Why give flowers when they are going to die in a few days? Making a wonderful desktop decoration, this Aquarium kit comes with a jar and a marimo moss ball. All you have to do is add the included rocks and tap water inside. In Japan, these moss balls are thought of as pets and are passed down from generation to generation because of their long life. This fluff ball is easy to take care of and only requires changing the water every 2 weeks.

Garud Tactical Christmas StockingGarud Tactical Christmas Stockingcheck price

Are you a gear junkie? Normal Christmas stockings are so boring. Give your fireplace a military touch with this tactical stocking. With fun pockets and zippered pouches, it’s fun to hide Christmas goodies inside this rugged stocking. It can hold everything from tools to gift cards.

DeluxeComfort Boyfriend Arm PillowDeluxeComfort Boyfriend Arm Pillowcheck price

It’s the Christmas season and everyone is getting cute and cuddly. Who wouldn’t want a bae? It would be so nice to have someone to cuddle with and watch Netflix, eat Chipotle, or sip Starbucks. If you can’t get a boyfriend, this little pillow shaped like an arm is the next best thing. Say goodbye to lonely nights. Who needs a boyfriend, anyway?


Have you ever wanted to go backwards in time? Now you can. Turning counter clockwise, this clock is great for messing with people and challenging the norm. If the kids couldn’t tell time before, they still won’t be able to. Pro tip: If you still can’t time with it, look at it in a mirror.

NPW Inflatable Selfie FrameNPW Inflatable Selfie Framecheck price

We all love Instagram. Every teenage girl needs to have this prop. Whenever there is party or celebration, you can whip this selfie frame out, inflate it, and take the cutest pictures. The best part? When you are ready to use it, you can inflate it and put it away when you are done.

Stank Prank CandleStank Prank Candlecheck price

When you light a candle, you expect to smell petunias in the air not a fart. From the label, this candle looks so unassuming. When you first light it, it will smell like a delicious apple pie. Breathe it in while you can because after a few hours it will take a dump all over. The stench of fart is buried under the top layer of apple scented wax. WTF is that smell? Because the candle smells so good initially, nobody will ever suspect the candle.

EZ-Load Toilet Paper HolderEZ-Load Toilet Paper Holdercheck price

No more excuses for not changing the toilet paper roll. Changing your toilet paper has never been easier than with this revolutionary toilet paper holder. Yes, revolutionary! This type of toilet paper holder actually originated in Japan. You simply snap your toilet paper into the EZ holder from the bottom and remove the empty roll. It’s idiot proof! No more fumbling around!

CASOFU Burritos BlanketCASOFU Burritos Blanketcheck price

Does she love burritos? Who wouldn’t love to be as warm as a stuffed tortilla? With this burrito blanket, she can become a human burrito by wrapping herself in its warmly goodness. Made of ultra soft flannel, it’s perfect for using all year round. Just be careful once she wraps herself in it, it is going to be hard to take her seriously. If she craves pizza instead, there are even pizza blankets.

Snoop Dogg Celebrity Prayer CandleSnoop Dogg Celebrity Prayer Candlecheck price

Light up this candle and pray to your favorite saint, a celebrity. About 7 inches and made of paraffin wax, Celebrity Candles look just like normal religious candles but feature celebrity faces on them. You can find everybody from your favorite politician to musician on them.

100 Things to Do After Quarantine100 Things to Do After Quarantinecheck price

The cornavirus has cancelled a lot of things and even though we are allowed to go outside we still have to practice social distancing. The idea of not being able to go outside without a mask is difficult. What are you going to do when the pandemic is all over? This scratch off bucket list contain 100 things to do from going rock climbing to going for a beauty treatment.

Giant Googly EyesGiant Googly Eyescheck price

Everything should have googly eyes. Giant oversized eyes make things a lot more googlier and friendlier. Put a face on your favorite object with these oversized, goofy looking eyes. Simply peel off the backing and stick them on any flat surface from a tree trunk to your vehicle. There is something so hilarious to see these big, cartoonish eyes bobbing and flailing about on a mundane object.

DoorballsDoorballscheck price

Knock! Knock! What’s faster than a doorbell? More powerful than a knock? And makes every man jealous? It’s Doorballs. Doorballs gives new meaning to the phrase “Ding Dong.” You will never want to knock any other way again. Made of brass and solid PVC, the same stuff as plumbing pipes, this doorknocker is the closest thing to “balls of steel.” It mounts to any door or wall with the included mounting tape.

Chia Pet Star Wars: The ChildChia Pet Star Wars: The Childcheck price

Ch-Ch-Chia! While they are a unique novelty gifts, Chia Pets have been around forever. They keep making different types based on the current trends. Chia pets are incredibly easy to care for. You simply have to keep them watered and watch the chia seeds sprout. Choose from an elephant, TRex, or everybody’s favorite new character.

The Buttress PillowThe Buttress Pillowcheck price

Are you having difficulty sleeping at night? Do you like butts with a itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face? Sleep cheek to cheek with this bootyful butt-shaped pillow. Forget memory foam pillows, this perfectly toned butt pillow provides the perfect amount of support no matter how you sleep. The supportive thighs help to cradle your face. Made from 100% latex and with a yoga pant pillow case, this is one butt that will never get saggy.

Abusive Birthday BalloonsAbusive Birthday Balloonscheck price

Balloons are so boring! They all say the same thing. Celebrate their special day in style with these abusive balloons. Each black balloon is more depressing than the next with sayings like “Old Bastard” and ” Worst Party Ever.” There are 12 balloons in all. There’s is no better surprise!


We don’t want to get political here but laughter can bring us together. We might not agree with each other, but it’s time that both sides of the aisle laugh together with these political gag gifts. Whether you are looking for Donald Trump gag gifts or Biden, there is something for everybody on the political spectrum.

Any Functioning Adult 2020 DecalAny Functioning Adult 2020 Decalcheck price

Are you tired of all the political whining? Do you think there are no more adults left in politics? Let your voice be heard by sticking this Vinyl sticker on your bumper to let everyone know “Any Functioning Adult 2020.”

Talking Trump Birthday CardTalking Trump Birthday Cardcheck price

It’s your Birthday! Forget Hallmark cards! Nobody wants a “fake” and overpriced card on their birthday. There is nothing better than receiving a card from President Trump himself. Not only does it feature the President’s beautiful face, but the President himself gives you a birthday greeting when you open it. The best part? He won’t even fire you.

Reasons to Vote for DemocratsReasons to Vote for Democratscheck price

Are you a Republican that is thinking about making the switch to the Democratic Party? Are you feeling empty inside? Michael Knowles spent his whole life researching what makes the Democratic Party so great. With several chapters, this in-depth book contains 266 pages that are all . . . BLANK. No more emptiness . . . you’ll learn to eat, love, and think like a Democrat with this playbook.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun SafetyHow to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safetycheck price

It’s time you had that talk . . . with your cat. It’s not easy talking to your cat about difficult subjects, but this book will help you through it. Cats have nine lives but that doesn’t mean they should waste them. This life changing book will create an unbreakable bond between you and your cat. Imagine no more gang shootings, complete abstinence, and no marijuana. Everybody should read this to their cat.

Chia Donald Trump PresidentChia Donald Trump Presidentcheck price

It’s the Donald with his best part- his beautiful hair. Now you can grow your own Donald Trump hair in the comfort of your own home. Simply follow the directions, plant the seeds, and enjoy tremendously YUGE hair growth with no need of a comb over. A lot of people are saying this is the best Chia pet ever. While George Washing, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt have a gigantic sculpture on Mount Rushmore, this is a fitting tribute to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Talking FigureDonald Trump Talking Figurecheck price

Donald Trump has never sounded more Presidential than with this action figure. Why would you ever have to attend another one of his rallies when all of his best lines are packed into this action figure? It contains 17 of his most iconic phrases, delivered none other by Donald Trump himself. Whip this out at your MAGA parties, and it is sure to be “tremendous.”

Donald Trump Troll DollDonald Trump Troll Dollcheck price

Who is America’s favorite Troll? Make Trolls great again with this Trump doll. Sure it has on his Presidential outfit complete with a red tie, but it wouldn’t be Trump without his YUUGe long orange hair. Attention: Trump’s hair was not harmed in the making of this product.

Cardboard PeopleCardboard Peoplecheck price

Show your patriotism by posing with this life size cardboard cutout of President Trump complete with a permanent smile and his thumbs up. It’s the closest thing to meeting Donald Trump in person. The best part? He will hang out with you where ever you go. Take him to a Trump Rally. Use him to scare your friends and family by hiding him in shower. The only thing it’s missing. A MAGA hat!

President PredictoPresident Predictocheck price

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I hate making decisions so I think I would leave it up to this President Predictio. Wave your hand over it and it delivers 25 different lines in Trump’s voice. When you facing a big decision, simply shake it and let it decide. Who should I vote for? “Don’t worry about it.”

NINOSTAR Donald Trump Money GunNINOSTAR Donald Trump Money Guncheck price

Confetti just got a whole lot more boring. Like a billionaire, are you walking around with so much money that you have no where to put it? Make it rain American greatness with the Donald Trump rain gun. It can be used to fire out fake or real money bills. So next time somebody ask you “How are you going to pay for this, load it with money, and squeeze the trigger to make it rain money. You can load it with 100 bills at once.

Dammit DollDammit Dollcheck price

Red, White, and Orange Man bad! Lower your blood pressure with this Dammit doll. Whenever President Trump does something you disapprove of, throw it across the room, slam it on the floor, or grab it . . . by its fake hair. The limbs are designed for physical abuse and you never have to worry about bone spurs. Like a Voodoo Doll, it is designed to absorb all your negative energy so you can learn to take a deep breath again. It’s specially engineered to make you feel great again.

Donald Trump Talking PenDonald Trump Talking Pencheck price

Whether you love him or not, Donald Trump is entertaining to watch. This might be the best talking pen that god has ever created. Push Donald’s trademark hair down and it says 8 hysterical quotes like “I don’t wear a toupee. It’s my hair. I swear.”

The Trump Presidential Wall GameThe Trump Presidential Wall Gamecheck price

Trumpty Dumpty sat on wall, Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. Nobody could put Trumpty back together again. Finally, you can help Trump build his wall but be careful one wrong move and Trumpty will have a great fall. In this game, players take turns removing the YUUGE bricks without letting the President fall.

Donald Trump Fake News ButtonDonald Trump Fake News Buttoncheck price

Are you tired of all the “fake news”? Slap this button every time you turn on the television. Not only will it save your voice, it makes all the doom and gloom disappear and turn into laughter. It contains 11 fake news quotes that are all delivered in Donald Trump’s real voice.

Pee-Litical TargetsPee-Litical Targetscheck price

Is the current political climate too much for you? Relieve a little stress on your favorite politician including Joe Biden, Obama, Trump, and more with this motion activated target. It comes in 2 flavors: Republican or Democrat. Each target allows you to choose from 4 different faces. Attach it to any toilet and it casts an image in the toilet that you can aim at. Don’t let any politician piss you off again.

Donald Trump Toilet BrushDonald Trump Toilet Brushcheck price

Drain the swamp with this specially designed Trump toilet brush. Using the same technology that allows Donald Trump to have golden locks, this toilet brush has an amazing set of golden locks. There is nothing better for cleaning the toilet. It’s too bad it has to get dirty. Don’t forget to flush every time you have to use it.

Made You Look Again Baseball CapMade You Look Again Baseball Capcheck price

A red hat with white lettering? Made you look. Make both Democrats and Republicans stop and flinch with the red baseball cap that says “Made You look Again.” MAGA hats just got a whole lot more boring.

Donald Trump Toilet PaperDonald Trump Toilet Papercheck price

Is he the “that guy” who has everything? Why not get him something he really needs like a roll of toilet paper? Get ready to wipe down with Donald Trump. What’s better than smearing poop all over Trump’s face? You get 3 rolls with Trump’s face printed on it. Just try not to get too much poo on his face.

Donald Trump 2020 Presidential Dollar BillDonald Trump 2020 Presidential Dollar Billcheck price

Forget stimulus checks, these are actual Trump bucks. Why print money? Donald Trump can just hand this out to America people. It’s the “best” fake money ever printed. Finally, Donald Trump has enough money to pay for his wall. For Trump supporters, if you purchase this prop money, it will go to the reelection of Donald Trump. For Trump haters, it’s just “fake.”

Make America Great Again Guzzler HelmetMake America Great Again Guzzler Helmetcheck price

Restore greatness to America when you strap on this helmet alongside two of your favorite beer cans. Feel freedom flowing through your veins with each sip of the straw. This portable set allows you to take America’s greatness everywhere. Use it at a backyard birthday party, a tail gate party, or a political rally. If you act now, it comes with a guarantee of free laughs wherever you go.

Angry Baby Trump Foil BalloonsAngry Baby Trump Foil Balloonscheck price

Make these Baby Trump balloons the next new mascot of your next party. Based on the 20 foot tall Trump Baby balloon that debuted in the UK, these 24 inch versions capture all of the fun of the original. These balloons showcase a bright orange baby Trump wearing a diaper that is secured by a paper clip. You get 10 in each pack. They are guaranteed to bring out the hugest crowds on both sides of the aisle.

Donald Trump Bobble DollDonald Trump Bobble Dollcheck price

Flip off Liberals with this Donald Trump Bobbling Middle Finger Doll. This is not your typical bobble head doll; it has a bobbling middle finger. It comes with a reversible sign and is the perfect mascot for your desk or car dashboard if you want to show off your deplorable side. Just be warned it is sure to end a couple of relationships with Liberal friends.

Dump-a-Trump Pen HolderDump-a-Trump Pen Holdercheck price

This is so inappropriate and it might even cross the line. It’s supposed to be a pen holder. With a big hole, it can hold just about any pen tightly. When you stick your pen in, you can almost see Trump wince.

Office Gag Gifts

Life doesn’t have to be so depressing even if you are stuck working from home. You don’t need anything fancy. These office gifts can turn your blank desk into a fun house. Most desks have a computer, mouse, and keyboard but they feel so sterile. Add a little personality and character to your desk with these office gags. They make getting down to business much more enjoyable and relaxing.

The Screaming GoatThe Screaming Goatcheck price

Are you tired of the peace and quiet? Let this goat do the screaming for you. Every time you touch it, it will let out a shriek. Why would you want it? There are a million reasons. Your dog jumped on your foot. There are no more Oreo cookies in the cupboard. You have an essay due tomorrow but haven’t started yet. AWWHHHH!

Bob Ross Bobblehead: With SoundBob Ross Bobblehead: With Soundcheck price

Let her know that we don’t make mistakes; we just have happy accidents with this cheeky Bob Ross desk ornament. This bobblehead repeats some of Bob Ross’ most iconic phrases from the show. Not only does it come with a bobble head, but a small book filled with Bob Ross paintings.

Worlds Smallest Barbie DreamhouseWorlds Smallest Barbie Dreamhousecheck price

From Barbie to Transformers, all of your favorite toys have been given a miniature makeover. When we were kids we all dreamed of getting these toys for Christmas. There are so many to choose from. If you could never afford them, you can relive all the magic with these scale models. This 1/6th scale Barbie Dreamhouse looks just like the original 1970s Dreamhouse. Even Ken would love sleeping here.

Paper Clinch Staple Free StaplerPaper Clinch Staple Free Staplercheck price

Who needs a stapler? Wouldn’t it be cool if you never needed to buy staples ever again? The Paper Clinch is a staple free stapler. How does it work? The Paper Clinch creates tabs on each page which interlock and strongly bind pages together. It does create a larger puncture hole in the corner, but you don’t need staples. It works for up to 5 pages.

Scotch Magic Tape DispenserScotch Magic Tape Dispensercheck price

Back in the old days, tape dispensers looked like record players. Okay, we made that up. Unfortunately, this tape dispenser won’t play your old Vinyl collection but it dispenses tape perfectly. The coolest part? When you pull the tape, the record spins.

Tech Tools Desktop Punching BagTech Tools Desktop Punching Bagcheck price

Is the stress of everyday life and your job getting to you? Keeping it bottled up doesn’t do anybody any good. Release all your anger into this desktop punching. The suction cup under it keeps it from moving around. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your house to go to the gym. Strike it again and again and enjoy your peaceful tranquility. Don’t worry – it’s all part of anger management.

3M Pop-Up Note Dispenser 3M Pop-Up Note Dispenser check price

Go retro with this cute desk accessory. While this pop-up note dispenser won’t give you instant pictures, it will give you instant satisfaction. It has the perfect weight so you don’t have to worry about it moving around every time you pull out a post-it note with one hand.

SUCK UK Desk OrganizerSUCK UK Desk Organizercheck price

Whodunit! Turn your desk into a crime scene with this dead desk accessory. This pen holder was repeatedly stabbed by a pen in the heart. Don’t worry he’ll arrive already dead so you don’t have to worry about injuring him. He might be dead but he does a great job holding your pen.

Fred THE DAILY MOOD Desk FlipchartFred THE DAILY MOOD Desk Flipchartcheck price

How are you feeling today? Are you struggling with letting everyone around you how you are feeling? With this amazing desk accessory, nobody has to ever guess again. Simply flip between the included 47 moods. Every mood is included. The best part? You don’t even have to say a word.

Lend-a-Pen: Pens No One Will StealLend-a-Pen: Pens No One Will Stealcheck price

Are you tired of your office pens always going missing? Modeled after those pens that promote businesses, these pens come with funny sayings on them like “Budget Assassins” or “Center For Infection Disease.” So go ahead and let everybody around the office borrow your pens. You will finally be able to catch the pen thieves.

Desktop StrongmanDesktop Strongmancheck price

Running Press makes cool desktop miniatures of trendy items. They are great for decorating your desk with much needed character. This mini sized carnival game will remind you how much of money you wasted playing unwinnable carnival games. Do you finally have the strength to bang the hammer and reach the top? See if you have the power.

The Official BS ButtonThe Official BS Buttoncheck price

Some people like to stretch the truth. Tired of annoying telemarketers? Call it for what it is. Hit this big red button and watch the sirens blaze. It will say “Warning! Warning! Bullshit alert” among several other phrases. With this Bullshit alarm, everybody will be on their toes.

Miniature ViolinMiniature Violincheck price

Beethoven only dreamed of something like this. Beautifully crafted, it’s the world’s smallest violin. Made of real wood with metal strings, this looks just like a real violin and is completely random. While you can’t actually play it, it comes with a beautiful case. Now all we need is a miniature piano and drums and we can start a miniature band.

BigMouth Fanny BankBigMouth Fanny Bankcheck price

Got a sense of humor? Meet the most talented piggy bank ever. Being financially responsible has never been this fun. This piggy bank permanently dropped its pants. Drop some money in its butthole and watch it perform its greatest trick- farting. It makes 6 different fart noises. We didn’t even know there were that many.

Funny Desk PlateFunny Desk Platecheck price

Who is in charge of this dump? If you want to show them that you took a little extra time to put some thought into her gift, a personalized gift is always a wonderful idea. Every boss needs this nameplate to remind everybody who is charge. Every time they look at it, they won’t be able to control their laughter. Who knows one day they might one day become a CEO!

Bullshit Rubber StampBullshit Rubber Stampcheck price

Have you ever received a paper so bad that it was impossible to put a letter grade on it? Put your stamp of approval on it with this bullsh*t stamp. Available in 3 different sizes, the rubber stamp speaks louder than words. While it works on paper, it works better if you stamp it on somebody’s head.

Prank Toys

These extra yucky toys are guaranteed to be your worst nightmare. Who doesn’t find farts and boogers funny? Prank toys are super popular with everybody. Potty humor never goes out of style.

Rick and Morty PlumbusRick and Morty Plumbuscheck price

Everybody has one of these so you already know what it does. We don’t even have to explain it. How is it made? The dingle pop is smoothed up with shleem and don’t forget the fleeb juice. It’s all standard stuff. At the end of this lengthy manufacturing process you are left with a good old plumbus. This plumbus can do everything.

Fred BUFF BABY DumbbellFred BUFF BABY Dumbbellcheck price

Can your baby bench press? Now she can become jacked when she trains with the buff baby dumbbell. We think this is actually the same dumbbell that Arnold Schwarzenegger trained with when he was a baby. Forget all other rattles that will just make her a weakling with flabby arms. Designed for little hands, it’s very lightweight and even rattles.

Haute Diggity Dog Muttini CollectionHaute Diggity Dog Muttini Collectioncheck price

Is there anything better than chewing a bottle of Grrona Beer? Don’t forget about your pet! There no better feeling in the world than giving your dog a new toy. Even dogs need to enjoy happy hour. Make your pet drunk with the muttini bar collection. In this line of plush toys, there are over 20 different drinks to choose from. Choose from the Lick Croix to the Muttgarita.

Worlds Smallest The Elf On The ShelfWorlds Smallest The Elf On The Shelfcheck price

The Elf on a Shelf is a Christmas tradition shared by many. Supposedely every night he leaves to report back to Santa and appears in a new location. Now that he is minaturized, it increases the possibilites of where he will show up.

Accoutrements Yodelling PickleAccoutrements Yodelling Picklecheck price

You are probably asking yourself why you would ever need a yodeling pickle. The better question is why wouldn’t you want a singing pickle? Life can be so boring but it doesn’t have to be. No, this yodeling pickle won’t end the next pandemic. It won’t cure diabetes. But it will make you smile and that is priceless.

Flow RingFlow Ringcheck price

Who knew a spring could be fun? Feel like a magician with the spring toy that is even more mesmerizing than a slinky. Just like a flower bouquet, this fascinating kinetic spring toy expands in your hands. When you put your hands through the ring, it slides up and down your forehand like magic. You can even pass it to somebody else.

GAMELAND Super Jumbo Playing CardsGAMELAND Super Jumbo Playing Cardscheck price

Do you have difficulty seeing? Throw away your regular sized card deck and replace it with these jumbo sized playing cards for a comedic twist. Not only do they make it easier to see your cards, but they lead to twice the laughs. The only problem? Shuffling them with requires teamwork.

Coronavirus Stress Ball Coronavirus Stress Ball check price

Are you afraid of the Cornavirus? Does it stress you out? Now it’s okay to give somebody the Cornavirus. Get over your fears with this cuddly plush toy. There is no need for social distancing or even a face mask, it just needs a hug.

DR DINGUS Tiny HandsDR DINGUS Tiny Handscheck price

What the heck are these? There is something so entertaining about these tiny hands. Slip them inside your pockets and sleeves and take them out whenever you want to introduce yourself to your secret crush. Be prepared for the awesomeness that follows. You won’t be able to stop laughing. Hopefully, s/he won’t too!

Feisty PetsFeisty Petscheck price

Kids are having so much fun with the Fiesty Pets. At first glance, they look sooo adorably cute. Who could resist one of these? But wait until you see their fiesty side revealed by pressing it at the back of the ears. Boys love showing it to their sisters and scaring the bejeebers out of them. It’s epic fun! Choose from a variety of Fiesty Pets.

OtamatoneOtamatonecheck price

Here’s the world’s most annoying instrument! You have never seen a musical instrument like the Otamatone. Originating in Japan, this weird instrument is shaped like a musical note. Here’s where it gets weird. It has a mouth on the bottom that opens and closes when you play it. Simply slide your hands on the neck to generate digital synthesizer sounds and squeeze the cheeks to the change the pitch. We need an Otamatone band.

Rubber Chicken SlingshotRubber Chicken Slingshotcheck price

Do you find your job boring and mundane? Here is something useless. A gutted rubber chicken that you can fling! Simply stick your finger in the head and pull the chicken’s tail to send the chicken flying through the air. They even stick on the walls and ceilings for awhile. It’s time to start a chicken fight around the office. It’s Finger Slinging Good.

Tiny PongTiny Pongcheck price

Table Tennis anybody? What happens when you mix table tennis with paddle ball? Play Table Tennis with yourself with this miniature ping pong table that lights up and keeps the score as you play. You will build eye hand coordination as you bounce the ball over the net over and over again. With a little experience, soon you will be performing tricks that even the pros can’t do on the court.

World’s Smallest Etch a SketchWorlds Smallest Etch a Sketchcheck price

Oh no, honey I shrunk the toys. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take your favorite childhood toys and shrink them? The World’s Smallest Etch-A-Sketch is a tiny working version of the iconic Etch-A-Sketch. Just like the regular sized one, it has two knobs that are used to draw. You can even shake it to erase it. It might be small but the fun is just as large.

Airzooka Air BlasterAirzooka Air Blastercheck price

Get ready to be blown away! Have you ever played air tag? It shouldn’t be this fun to shoot a ball of air. Requiring no batteries, the airzooka is a bazooka that the powered only by air. Simply pull back the cord to launch an invisible ball of air. The best part? No ammo required ever!

Bag O’ Beach BonesBag O Beach Bonescheck price

Ahoy matey! It’s a buried human! Why build sand castles when you can bury a skeleton at the beach? With these bone molds you can create a human skeleton. Made out of plastic, it comes with 14 different skeleton molds. Each mold from the hips to the skull can be pressed into the sand to create a variety of fun poses.

Accoutrements Sunny The BlobfishAccoutrements Sunny The Blobfishcheck price

The Blobfish is widely considered one of the ugliest animals on earth. With no skeleton to hold its shape, it looks like just a blob in the ocean. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. About the size of your palm, this squishable version is disgustingly cute and a lot squishier than the real thing. So squish it until its permanent frown brightens up your day. Everybody deserves to be loved.

Accoutrements Inflatable TurkeyAccoutrements Inflatable Turkeycheck price

It’s not the holidays without a big roasted turkey. Not all of us have time to prepare a turkey. Now even those who can’t cook can have a turkey for the holidays with this inflatable turkey. It contains 32 grams of absurdity. Put it on a platter with a little parsley and stuff it with air. Just don’t carve it!

Accoutrements Dashboard JesusAccoutrements Dashboard Jesuscheck price

Jesus take the wheel! Don’t leave the house without putting Jesus on your dashboard. Since he is on springs, he spends most of his time dancing even if there is no choir. According to the car bible, Dashboard Jesus can perform miracles. He will protect you, give you directions, and turn water into wine. Okay, we made that last line up.

Elastic Precision Rubber Band GunElastic Precision Rubber Band Guncheck price

Shooting rubber bands just got a whole lot cooler with this blaster. Simply stretch your rubber band across the top to load it. You can load 5 rubber bands at once. The semi automatic system allows you to shoot rubber bands with stunning accuracy up to 15 feet away. Who needs a Nerf gun around the office?

Deal with It GlassesDeal with It Glassescheck price

Deal With It! Now you can live out Internet memes in real life with these pixelated glasses. If your opinionated and don’t care about being politically correct always, these pixelated mosaic glasses are for you. Become the boss and live out the thug life in real life. Ain’t nobody got nothing on you.

Humping ReindeerHumping Reindeercheck price

These naughty reindeer were caught in the headlights humping each other. Even reindeer need to satisfy their sexual urges. The animated toy features one reindeer over the other. When the top reindeer gets in the appropriate standing position, the toy makes a comical noise. We couldn’t be happier for Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb WrestlingStar Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestlingcheck price

Get out your light saber! Feel the force! You have never played thumb wrestling like this. There are two holes in the book that allow two people to stick their thumbs through. It comes with mini light sabers that you put on your hands. You can actually flip through the book and recreate some of the most infamous battles from the movie.

LookOurWay Mini Inflatable Tube ManLookOurWay Mini Inflatable Tube Mancheck price

Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Because it’s able to capture attention, the wacky Dancing Tube Man has been featured just about everywhere in pop culture. Now you can own your very own miniature sized desk-friendly version. Standing about 2 feet long, this sky dancer is made out of long tube of fabric and he flails his arms around just like the real thing. He gets all his dance moves with the help of an electric fan that is powered by a power cord.

Board Games

Do you play a lot of board games? Forget boring board games that take 20 years to play. These are not the games that granny would want you to play. Politically incorrect, risqué, and inappropriate, these board games are so wrong but so funny.

Cards Against HumanityCards Against Humanitycheck price

Here’s a game that is sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Cards Against Humanity has become hugely popular in colleges. The game encourages players to fill in the blank with the most obscene word to make the funniest response. The cards contain references to raunchy subjects so it is best to keep grandma away.

Kids Against MaturityKids Against Maturitycheck price

Who wants to grow up? Finally, kids can play Cards Against Humanity without parents pulling out all the cards from the deck. The game gives players the joke setup and they have to complete the punch line. There’s a fair share of fart, poop, and pee jokes that will make most kids laugh out loud. But these immature cards are at the heart and soul of this game. Get ready to give out a lot of atomic wedgies and laugh until your stomach hurts on family game night. It’s all in the name of immaturity!

Throw Throw BurritoThrow Throw Burritocheck price

From the makers of Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burritos is a party card game unlike any other out there. It’s a dodgeball card game where you’ll literally throw burritos at each other. You’ll be ducking and dodging to avoid the burrito, while laughing and having a ball of a time. It’s over-the-top, hilarious fun and perfect for mixing up things on family game night. Let the burrito wars begin!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese PizzaTaco Cat Goat Cheese Pizzacheck price

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is an addictive and unique party game. The goal is to get rid of all your cards. Players always call out TACO-CAT-GOAT-CHEESE-PIZZA in that order. Players race to slap a match between a card and spoken word after getting rid of all your cards. The last player to slap picks up all the cards. So quick reaction times are required. The catch? Special cards require performing an action like pounding your chest before slapping.

What Do You Meme?What Do You Meme?check price

“What Do You Meme” is a game for adults who just want to laugh uncontrollably. The game has two different types of cards: meme and caption cards. First, a meme card with a picture on it is drawn. Everybody must play a caption card from their set of cards that best describes the picture. A rotating judge then picks the best caption card. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, the game is very naughty with over the top sexual content.

Talk, Flirt or DareTalk, Flirt or Darecheck price

“Slowly do strip tease with 2 pieces of clothing!” Put the Monopoly away, put the kids to sleep, and put on something comfortable, board game night just got a whole lot steamier. Talk, Flirt, and Dare contains 3 types of questions that encourage you to get intimate and reveal your whole self on every level. The Talk cards are great conversation starters, while the flirt cards and dare cards are designed for intimacy.

For The GirlsFor The Girlscheck price

From the creators of What Do You Meme?, For The Girls is designed just for ladies and their girlfriends. It’s like Truth or Dare for young adults. One Dare has players cutting off a chunk of their hair. Will you do it? It’s a blast — some of the questions are really funny and it’s perfect for Girls Night, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, and more. Let the fun and giggles begin!

UNO: DareUNO: Darecheck price

You have never played UNO like this. The game has the exact same rules as the original game but the dare cards make things more interesting. It’s completely customizable too. You can use the provided dares or create your own house rules. When a Dare card is played, the following player must pick up 2 cards or take the dare.

Joking HazardJoking Hazardcheck price

Could a game be more ADULT than Cards Against Humanity? In Joking Hazard, you have to finish off a three pane comic book strip with one of your cards. The judge will then pick the best card. Like Cards Against Humanity, the game is obscene. The comics contain bad words, sexual imagery, and gore.

Joyoldelf Black Playing CardsJoyoldelf Black Playing Cardscheck price

Sneaking a look at other people’s cards got a lot harder! Why play with normal playing cards when you can play with black playing cards? This is a full deck of cards complete with Jokers. The only difference? They are black. The eye catching designs on them make them look sleek and modern. If you love playing drinking games, the cards are waterproof too.

That’s What She SaidThats What She Saidcheck price

That’s What She Said is a naughty twist to Cards Against Humanity. It’s the board game equivalent of spiking the punch. It’s hilarious, full of innuendos, raucous gameplay, and as dirty as your mind wants it to be. All your friend’s dirty secrets will be revealed. Unlike CAH, all the cards are dirty and funny. It’s perfect for ladies night, couples night, bachelor or bachelorette parties, holiday parties and more.

New Phone, Who Dis?New Phone, Who Dis?check price

New Phone Who Dis is basically Cards Against Humanity with a cell phone twist. In the game, one player draws an inbox card. Other players have to choose the funniest response. The judge picks the best answer. For example, an inbox card could be “Yo, wanna meet my goldfish this weekend? I think you guys would really vibe.” A reply could be “Is this you trying to flirt with me?” Parents should know that the cards are very dirty and sexual and similar to the level of vulgarity you would find in Cards Against Humanity.

Lightning Reaction ReloadedLightning Reaction Reloadedcheck price

Get ready to be shocked-literally! It’s the lightning round. In this shocking game, players all hold a grip and when the green signal goes off they have to press the trigger. The last player who presses gets shocked with real electricity. You can choose between 4 shock settings from low to high. It’s a great way to decide who is going to take out the garbage tonight.

Monopoly CheatersMonopoly Cheaterscheck price

Do you love cheating? There have been many different iterations of Monopoly over the years but we have never seen anything quite like this before. Designed for family members who love cheating, Monopoly: Cheaters Edition incorporates modern day concepts like identity theft, escape artist, and shortchanging.

Worlds Smallest UNO Card GameWorlds Smallest UNO Card Gamecheck price

What happens when you take the classic game of UNO and make it smaller? You get the World’s Smallest UNO. UNO is a classic card game that is addictive, fun, and easy to play. Players have to match colors or numbers. The best part? The Wild Cards allow you to create your own rules. Get rid of all your card to win. Don’t forget to call out UNO when you’re down to a single card. The first player or team to 500 points wins the game.

The ChameleonThe Chameleoncheck price

Can you catch the Chameleon? In this social bluffing game, a secret word is chosen and everybody knows the word except for the Chameleon. Every player has to say a word that proves that they know the word. You have to avoid extremes and can’t be too specific or too vague. The Chameleon has no idea what the word is and must try to blend in by using deduction and strategy.

Player Ten The Voting GamePlayer Ten The Voting Gamecheck price

Which of your friends has slept with the most people? In Voting Game, you’ll really get to know your friends. During each round a question card is turned over. Players then vote anonymously for the friend which best represents the question card. Which friend will you vote for?

Bad PeopleBad Peoplecheck price

Bad People is the perfect party game where you get to find out what your friends really think of you. It’s dirty, raunchy, and more savage than Cards Against Humanity and you’ll have a blast. Vote on outrageous and brutal questions like: “Most likely to laugh if they saw a blind person trip.” The Dictator reads a question card. Everyone secretly votes on who best matches the question.

The Best Friend Game The Best Friend Game check price

Do you know your best friends’ least favorite food? How well do you know your friends? In this party game you have to guess what your best friend will say. Played in teams of 2, both of you write an answer using the dry erase board and need a match to score points. Not only is it fun but it’s a great way to get to know your friends even better.

HandimoniumHandimoniumcheck price

Forget all the money and fame in the world! Don’t you wish you could have tiny hands? In this board game, everybody gets a pair of tiny hands and has to complete ordinary challenges. Can you “write your name on a piece of paper?” Can you “take your socks off?” Everything is more difficult with tiny hands.

Butts in SpaceButts in Spacecheck price

Where’s all the toilet paper? Evil Butt has stolen all the toilet paper in the universe and destroyed your ship. Players play as one of the butt characters in this comical game. The idea is to create sets of toilet paper to score points before the ship is repaired. You can wear lucky underwear. Use the boob butt to distract your friends or unleash a deadly power fart that suddenly rotates all the butts. You’ll be over the moon-literally!

Speak Out GameSpeak Out Gamecheck price

This game will make you feel and look ridiculous. The idea is super simple. Players stick a mouthpiece in their mouth and try to say a phrase. The idea is to get people to guess what you are saying. It’s harder than you think with the mouthpiece on. It’s a silly game and some of the phrases may sound dirty.

Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents GameBob Ross Happy Little Accidents Gamecheck price

Bring out your inner Bob Ross with the Happy Little Accidents game. In the game, everybody creates an abstract doodle and it is placed in the center. The game is played in 3 rounds. During each round, these doodles are randomly handed out and a word is selected. Using a contrasting color, another player will transform the random squiggles into a work of art. It’s not a mistake, it’s a happy accident!

Dope or NopeDope or Nopecheck price

Have you ever wanted to be an entrepreneur? What happens if you crossed Shark Tank with a board game. You would get Dope or Nope. In the game, players have to design a product using their cards to create the best product for the judge. There is no right way to combine you cards. It’s all up to your creativity and sales pitch.

Twiggle GameTwiggle Gamecheck price

A game that teaches you how to twerk? We promise Twiggle is a family game for all ages. In Twiggle, everybody wears a belt with a plastic box filled with ping pong balls. The idea is the shake the ping pong balls out of the box. Get ready to Twiggle until you drop. The only problem? Somebody is going to rip their pants.

Million Dollars, But… The GameMillion Dollars, But... The Gamecheck price

What would you do for a million dollars? Based on Rooster Teeth’s popular comedy series, Million Dollars, But … the game puts your morals and imagination to the ultimate test. How far are you willing to go to win it all? It’s a fun alternative to Cards Against Humanity with different gameplay. The real fun? Players glorify or downplay the scenarios, regardless of whether it’s their scenario.

Kikkerland Goat Yoga Party GameKikkerland Goat Yoga Party Gamecheck price

Trust us – you have never done yoga like this. There is no better combination than goats and yoga. In the game you have to perform ridiculous yoga poses with an inflatable goat. Can you balance the goat on your hips while grabbing your foot? There are 100 challenge cards.

Fk. The GameFk. The Gamecheck price

What happens when you combine science, board games, and curse words? You get F**k The Game. Players flip over a card and have the shout out what they see. The catch? The cards have a tricky combination of colors and swear words that mess with your brain. For example, you will see the word Blue in orange letters. It’s called the stroop effect. F**k, you will be left tongue twisted.

Hot Seat Card GameHot Seat Card Gamecheck price

Do you know how your friends think of you? In Hot Seat, one player sits in the hot seat and draws 3 cards. They chose one card to play like “What has the power to make me instantly horny?” Everybody writes down an answer as if they were the player in the hot seat. All of the answers are read out loud and everybody has to guess which response is actually from the person in the hot seat.

Who Is The DudeWho Is The Dudecheck price

A 5 foot blow up doll? In “Who Is The Dude”, you blow up and inflatable doll and are supposed to perform charades with him. Everybody won’t be able to stop laughing as you use his flexible limbs to act out the cards. Who needs a boyfriend?

$#!% Happens$#!% Happenscheck price

What’s worse pubic lice or hemorrhoids? Sh*t happens to the best of us. Now it’s been turned into board game. Written by Andy Breckman ,a television writer, it’s a game about sh*tty scenarios and how we react them. There’s a deck of sh*tty events that are all ranked. Without looking, players have to rank the sh*tty cards in the correct order. If they are right, they get to keep the card. The first player to get 10 cards in a row is the sh*ttiest.


Why not make your puzzle more entertaining with something comical? From impossible brain teasers to jig saw puzzles, these funny puzzles are sure to test your IQ and make anybody laugh.


A shape shifting toy? Using the power of magnets, this shape shifting toy was invented by Andreas Hoenigschmid, a sand artist. This might look like a boring 3-inch box but it can be folded and shaped into 70 geometric shapes. Simply twist and turn and it magically transforms into a new shape. You can even combine more than one of them together.

Bepuzzled Hanayama PuzzleBepuzzled Hanayama Puzzlecheck price

Offered in many different levels, Hanayama puzzles are brain teasing puzzles that you have to take apart and put back together. There are really no clues given so you could spend hours and days coming up with a solution. In order to solve the puzzle, you must experiment with the puzzle to understand the rules. The best part? Taking it apart is just the beginning.

Da Vinci Code Mini CryptexDa Vinci Code Mini Cryptexcheck price

Can you crack the code? With this Cryptex you can set any 6 letter password.. To open it, you simply rotate the dials to enter the password. Inside you can hide any small key, ring, or piece of jewelry. There are so many ways to use it. You can use it in a scavenger hunt, to propose, or even to present a small gift.

Educational Insights KanoodleEducational Insights Kanoodlecheck price

Kanoodle is portable puzzle game that is sort of like Tetris. With both 2D and 3D puzzles, the idea is pretty simple. It comes with a book of different puzzles that gives you a starting configuration that you have to finish. For the 2D puzzles, you must finish the puzzle by placing the Tetris like pieces to fill all of the empty places. If you are ready for the 3D puzzles, you will have to finish a three-dimensional pyramid.

Ravensburger Krypt Puzzle ChallengeRavensburger Krypt Puzzle Challengecheck price

Puzzles got a whole lot harder. It used to be that you got a puzzle with a picture on it that helped guide you. Now it’s all about challenging people. Not only is this puzzle krptic, it consists of 756 pieces that are just black. If you are looking for something challenging and different, you have come to the right place.

Mini Cereal Boxes PuzzleMini Cereal Boxes Puzzlecheck price

Here’s a way to fool somebody into thinking that you got them a box of mini cereal. Why get a box of cereal that is filled with sugar when you can get a box of cereal filled with cardboard puzzle pieces? There’s no need for milk. Based on 6 childhood favorites, each 100 piece puzzle comes packaged in its own cereal box. It’s all part of a balanced breakfast.

Stash Your Cash Puzzle Box Brainteaser Stash Your Cash Puzzle Box Brainteaser check price

Who doesn’t love cash? Are you smarter than a box? On its own cash is such a boring gift. Challenge your cash recipient with this puzzle box. Simply slide in your money into either slot on the side of the box. They will have to use both sides of their brain to unlock the mystery inside.

Money Maze Money Maze check price

Does you know somebody who thinks every gift is dumb? Then this gift is for them. This is no ordinary gift box. It’s actually a puzzle that makes you work for the gift inside. To unlock the gift, you have to solve the maze. While it won’t work for gift cards, you can stick money or anything small inside

Puzzle Pod CryptexPuzzle Pod Cryptexcheck price

Everybody loves gift cards and money, why not make them work for it? You simply put the gift inside this clear plastic case and then lock it with a five letter code. Then the fun or should I say torture begins. You can make her do anything to reveal each letter. You can make her bring you breakfast in bed, babysit her baby brother, go on a treasure hunt, and more. It’s all up to your evil mind. Muhahaha!

Moving Parts Boob CubeMoving Parts Boob Cubecheck price

There’s the Rubik’s cube and there’s the Boob cube, which is a logic puzzle for normal people. You don’t have to be an archeologist to solve this puzzle. This simplified Rubik’s cube has only two pieces to twist and can be solved by anybody with a functioning brain. In the event that you get stuck, the solution is included. Give it to the smartest person in your life.

Drinking Games

With a little ingenuity any board game can be turned into a drinking board game. Enjoy endless hours of drinking fun with these games that are designed around getting you completely drunk. If you are tired of the glass running dry, these games will make sure that you end up with your face down on the board. Always drink responsibly.

BuzzedBuzzedcheck price

Put away Connect 4. Forget family board game night. Are you ready to get wasted? In Buzzed, players draw cards with a prompt on it like “Take a drink if you’ve ever been a sexy animal for Halloween.” Based on the card, either you or your friends are encouraged to take a shot. It’s basically Never Have I Ever. There are 180 cards that are all designed to get you to reach to the bottom of your glass. Pair it with Cards Against Humanity for a rachous time.

Drunk Stoned or StupidDrunk Stoned or Stupidcheck price

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid is a savagely hilarious party game for a close group of friends. It has 250 “Who’s Most Likely To …” prompt cards. Be prepared to call out your friends! A judge picks a card and passes it to one player. That player reads the card and accuses someone in the group who it’s most like. Your friends will tell hilarious stories, defending themelves so they won’t keep the card. The judge decides who gets the card.


Let’s get this party stary started with Drink-A-Palooza! It combines old-school with new school games and plays like Monopoly. It has Pong. Check. Flip Cup. Check. Quarters and Kings Cup. Check, check. Spin the bottle to determine who starts. Establish the house rules: Drinking for sips or seconds? As you navigate around the board, compete in minigames like Pong, Flip Cup, and Quarters as well as group games like Kings Cup.

Table Golf Shot Glass Drinking GameTable Golf Shot Glass Drinking Gamecheck price

Do you want to be Tiger Woods? Take your best shot with this golf themed drinking game. Players have to putt the ball into the hole and follow the instructions based on the number of their strokes. Complete with a sand pit, this tabletop mini golf course will make you feel you are in the middle of a professional golf tournament after a couple of shots.

Never Have I Ever Drinking GameNever Have I Ever Drinking Gamecheck price

Life is full of poor decisions. In Never Have I Ever you have to confess your deepest and darkest secrets. The game is 10 times better when alcohol is involved. There are innocent cards like “Never have I ever made a business call on the toilet” but the game is the most fun when it is raunchy. Players take turns rolling the dice and reading the appropriate prompt. They must answer either “I Have” or “I Have Not.” The player that crosses the finish line first wins.

Barbuzzo Torpedo ShotsBarbuzzo Torpedo Shotscheck price

What happens when you mix Battlefield with alcohol? You get Torpedo Shots, an adult version of Battleship. It’s played just like Battleship. Simply place your ships on the game board either vertically or horizontally. The shot glasses are placed inside the ships. When you get hit, you must drink the corresponding shot. You sunk my Battle Shot!

Shot Glass Tic Tac ToeShot Glass Tic Tac Toecheck price

You have never played Tic Tac Toe like this. Simply fill the shot glasses with your favorite alcoholic beverage and engage in a normal Tic Tac Toe battle. The object is to make your opponent drunk. The loser has to drink 3 consecutive shots in a row. The only thing you have to worry about? Mixing up the x’s and o’s.

Bo-Toys Drinking Game Glass RouletteBo-Toys Drinking Game Glass Roulettecheck price

Who needs to go to Vegas? Forget Poker night! Spin the wheel and get drunk of shot glass roulette in the comfort of your own house. It’s just like a modern version of spin the bottle. Spin the roulette wheel to see who is up. The person who is takes a shot and goes again. It comes with 16 shot glasses and is more fun than kissing.

Do or Drink Party Card Game Do or Drink Party Card Game check price

Win or blackout trying with Do or Drink! The game comes with both a black and white deck. Each player must draw a white card and follow the instructions on the card. Draw cards will ask you to draw a black challenge card. These cards contain hilarious dares that are often sexual in nature and often not politically correct. Players have to pee in the sink, make their butt cheeks jiggle, deep throat a banana, and more. If you don’t do them, you have to have a drink.

These Cards Will Get You DrunkThese Cards Will Get You Drunkcheck price

Get ready to compete, vote, and screw your friends over. These Cards Will Get You Drunk is a fun drinking card game played with beer, shots, wine … or your favorite alcoholic beverage. Just drink responsibly! You draw a card, read each card out loud, follow the rules, and drink. It’s really simple but the cards are hilarious and it will have everyone laughing out loud while having a good time! The best part? It’s a great excuse to drink with friends.

Under The InfluenceUnder The Influencecheck price

This board game proves that people do the strangest things when they are under the influence. The game comes with four categories of cards that contain questions, dares, and challenges. Player take turns choosing card from any deck. The cards are read out loud. If you don’t perform the action on a card, guess wrong, or are selected you must take a shot. Some cards are easy like “show the whole room your feet” but some cards like “take a shower fully clothed for 10 seconds,” will have you reaching for your drink.

Trunk of DrunkTrunk of Drunkcheck price

Drinking with friends is always fun but it’s even more fun with a board game. Take all the guess work away from finding drinking games. With a collection of 8 of the most popular drinking games from Beer Pong to I Have Never, Trunk Of Drunk will keep the party going all night. Each game in this all-in-one set is designed well and has plenty replayability. Go ahead get drunk in the trunk.

Sotally Tober Card Drinking GameSotally Tober Card Drinking Gamecheck price

Who wants to be sober? Sotally Tober is a game that is designed to make you drink. In the game, there are 125 cards that are broken into 5 categories. Players simply draw a card and follow the instructions like “Silently Act Out A Scene From A Movie.” Each card also instructs you how many drinks to take. The player that takes the least amount of drinks wins. You’ll be left with unforgettable memories, discover new talents, embarrass yourself, and be left Sotally Tober.

Tipsy Tower Drinking GameTipsy Tower Drinking Gamecheck price

Who is ready to get Tipsy? Family board games are fun but it’s always better when drinking is involved. Tipsy Tower is the game of Jenga with a drunken twist. Like Jenga, in the game you have to pull a block from the tower without knocking it over. The catch? Each block has a phrase on it that makes you perform an action like “shot time.” You’re going to get drunk. Just don’t fall over!

Pass-Out Drinking Board GamePass-Out Drinking Board Gamecheck price

Forget Monopoly! Do not pass Go! Go directly to the bar! It’s time to Pass-Out. Similar to Monopoly, players move around the squares on the board. You won’t find any money here. The only currency is alcohol. Each colored coded square has an adult oriented action such as “Take A drink.” Every time, you pass start you will have to recite a tongue twister.

Sports & Outdoors

Whether you are celebrating an occasion or looking to pull a prank, hit a hole in one with these funny sporting gifts.

Lightning McQueen Car Sun ShadeLightning McQueen Car Sun Shadecheck price

“Ka-Chow!” In 2006, Pixar released Cars, a movie where all the inhabitants were human-like cars. The hero of the movie was Lightning McQueen, who wanted to become the fastest car in the world. Using a little Disney magic, now you can turn your car into Lightning McQueen with this sun shade. Not only does it keep the heat out, but it makes your car come to life. Now if only your car could talk.

BUG-A-SALT 2.0BUG-A-SALT 2.0check price

No one pities the fly. Meet the BUG-A-SALT 2.0. It’s new and improved, delivering greater power and accuracy with less salt per shot. In fact, it’s accurate to within 3-feet and even gets in corners. Zap those bugs before they get you!

HyperWhistleHyperWhistlecheck price

There are all types of whistles, but there is nothing like the Hyper Whistle. Producing 142 decibels of sound, the Hyper Whistle is the world’s loudest whistle. That’s louder than a front row seat at a concert. The volume depends on how much you blow into it. Eight times louder than a regular whistle, it’s so loud that it comes with hearing protectors. With a range of 2 miles, this whistle can save your life in an emergency and may even scare off animals.

Wicked Big Sports KickballWicked Big Sports Kickballcheck price

Everything is better when it is super sized. Are you ready for the big leagues? Why use an ordinary kickball when you can get one that is three times the size of a regular one? Perfect for the beach, picnics, or park, this massive 25 inch kickball turns the game of kickball into giant sized fun. Godzilla actually has one. It includes the pump and bases.

MySack Golf Ball Storage BagMySack Golf Ball Storage Bagcheck price

What’s the best way for a golfer to protect his balls? This MySack Golf Ball Bag. You could throw your golf balls into the bottom of your bag, but all the pros use this. You could clip it to your golf bag but if you are missing your sack it can be clipped to your belt too. Most sacks can only hold two balls, but this ball sack which holds up to 6 balls is perfect for holding any extra balls.

Barwench Games Toilet SlamdunkBarwench Games Toilet Slamdunkcheck price

Do you know anybody who lives on the toilet? There are so many things you can do on the toilet. Play on the phone. Read the newspaper. From the brilliant minds at Barwrench, you can now shit dunk. The Toilet Slam Dunk comes with a floor mat, ball dispenser, 3 mini basketballs, and hoop. Lebron James actually uses this to improve his jump shot. No sh&^ting! They don’t call him King James for nothing.

The Mug With A HoopThe Mug With A Hoopcheck price

It’s been said that nobody’s life is complete without a cool mug. This one is awesome. I mean look at it. It has a backboard and you can dunk your food in it. That’s so cool.

Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter GameToilet Golf Potty Time Putter Gamecheck price

Who wouldn’t want to play golf while they do their business on the crapper? With a putting green, two balls, and putter, this mini golf is actually designed to be set up in the front of your toilet. The only thing you have to be careful of is hitting the balls too hard because you won’t be able to reach the balls when seated. Don’t forget to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the bathroom door handle.

Document DunkDocument Dunkcheck price

He shoots, fades away, and scores at the buzzer! Who wouldn’t want to be the next Lebron James? Practice day and night tossing paper balls into the Document Dunk and you can become the next NBA star. The set comes with a mini hoop that fits over a garbage can. Throwing out the garbage has never been so fun.

Suck UK Laundry BasketSuck UK Laundry Basketcheck price

Who likes doing the laundry? Knockout the laundry with this hanging laundry bag that looks just like a boxing bag. Stuff all your dirty laundry inside and you can hang the bag up with the included hooks. As you fill the bag up, the bag gets harder and turns into a heavy bag. You can finally train the same way that Rocky did.

GlowCity Light Up BasketballGlowCity Light Up Basketballcheck price

A basketball that glows in the dark? Basketballs are great, but there is something about a glow in the dark basketball that makes it an even more special gift. As soon as you dribble it around in the dark, you will think it is the best thing ever. The best part? Now basketball practice doesn’t have to stop just because it is dark outside.


It’s okay to color outside the lines every now and then. From coloring R-Rated profanity filled mandalas to unique takes on fine art, satisfy your creative side with these gifts that let you unwind.

Men to Avoid in Art and LifeMen to Avoid in Art and Lifecheck price

Who knew that mansplaining could be a work of art? Fine art just got an upgrade with this coffee table book. Author Nicole Tersigni takes classical pictures and adds fun quips and words on them. These memes give the faces and expressions in the paintings new meaning. She categorizes each meme to describe types of men that women encounter in modern life to make it more relateable.

Calm the F*ck DownCalm the F*ck Downcheck price

Calm the F*ck Down is a must have if you are into the whole coloring book trend. It’s a coloring book with swear words. Filled with humor, adult language, and 21 pages, it’s a great way to F-cking relax.

A Swear Word Coloring Book for AdultsA Swear Word Coloring Book for Adultscheck price

Science says coloring does wonders for relieving stress and anxiety. We all used to love coloring books when we were small, but now they are given an adult twist. Who isn’t easily distracted by swear words? Make the swear words scream with bold colors.

Drinking Animals Coloring BookDrinking Animals Coloring Bookcheck price

Have you ever wondered what animals do for fun on Friday nights? They have drunken parties. Grab your llamargarita and join the drunken animals in this quirky coloring book for adults. There is something so satisfying about coloring drunken animals. Each page not only comes with an animal friend to color, but real drink recipes.

50 Shades Of Bullsh*t: Dark Edition50 Shades Of Bullsh*t: Dark Editioncheck price

There is a lot of mayhem in world. There aren’t a whole lot of ways to get “me-time”, but adult coloring books are a great way to unplug and focus on your mental health. Filled with colorful language, 50 Shade of Bulls*it allows you to color in cuss words with any shade of your choice. The black background makes each page pop.

People of Walmart.com Adult Coloring BookPeople of Walmart.com Adult Coloring Bookcheck price

Don’t know what to get her? Here’s a gift that is sure to make her laugh. We all know that there are many different people that go to Walmart. This coloring book tries to capture all of them. Who knew that coloring the people of Walmart is a proven way to reduce stress?

The Farting Animals Coloring BookThe Farting Animals Coloring Bookcheck price

Experts say that coloring books are great for reducing stress. This specially designed coloring book is designed to remove 100% of stress guaranteed. Have you seen farting animals before? This hilarious book is filled with 20 pages of farting animals to color. The farting bear is our favorite! This therapeutic gift will make your recipient giddy with laughter.

Cock Coloring Book For AdultsCock Coloring Book For Adultscheck price

Do they love d*ck pics? Coloring books are all the rage but this coloring book will really make her relax. Inside it contains man-candy. Filled with cocks of all sizes and shapes . . . it’s very colorful. It is sure to make anyone blush when they see this gag gift.

Humping Animals Adult Coloring BookHumping Animals Adult Coloring Bookcheck price

You can’t stop nature from calling. The animals in this adult coloring book have a huge problem. They find great pleasure in humping other animals. Dog humping, Giraffe humping, Bunny humping, and even Dog humping chicken. This book has it all. We have no idea why coloring humping animals feels so damn good. Scientists say coloring this book can stimulate all the nerve endings in the most pleasurable parts of your body.

Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper?Wheres the F*cking Toilet Paper?check price

Who took all the toilet paper? What are we going to do on house arrest? Color! Even with the pandemic, this coloring book is an important reminder not to take things seriously all the time. It’s a very stressful and uncertain time but this light hearted book is a simple way to calm your mind. Each of the pages relate to the pandemic with ridiculous hazmat suits, toilet paper jokes, and even curse words. You might even forget that you’ve run out of toilet paper.

Penny Portrait Abe Lincoln PosterPenny Portrait Abe Lincoln Postercheck price

Who knew that collecting old pennies could be so useful? This crafty kit allows you to create a portrait of Abraham Lincoln using actual pennies. It takes 846 pennies and some glue to create your masterpiece. To create the poster you have to find pennies that match one of the four colors on the poster. Part of the fun is finding and collecting all the pennies.

Mini Buddha BoardMini Buddha Boardcheck price

Remember the Etch-a-Sketch? Do you have an artistic idea in your head that you just want to get out? The Buddha Board allows you to paint with water with zen-like strokes. After the water dries away, your masterpiece just vanishes away and is lost in space and time. It’s a great way to practice calligraphy and it’s somehow so meditative as you learn to let your drawing go.


Celebrate the season by breaking out some funny attire. Once you try on one of these fashions, you are sure to set a trend that will be followed year after year. Why be boring when you can stand out? From ugly sweaters to crazy socks, you will feel like a supermodel once you try on one these gifts.

The Original Comfy Sherpa Blanket SweatshirtThe Original Comfy Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirtcheck price

What happens when you combine a sweatshirt with a blanket? You get the Comfy sweatshirt. First seen on Shark Tank, it’s basically a giant blanket that you wear. With a microfiber outside and furry sherpa on the inside, it is designed to keep you toasty. Because it is oversized, you can stretch it to cover your whole body. You can use it indoors and even outside.

I Paused My Game to Be HereI Paused My Game to Be Herecheck price

Looking for a fun gift for your gamer? Does your gamer eat, live, and sleep video games? Everyone will get a good laugh seeing him in this ‘I Paused My Game To Be Here’ T-Shirt. Made in the USA, these pre-shrunk shirts offer a comfortable fit and are available in a variety of sizes. All your gaming friends will want one, too.

Lazy One Animal Paw SlippersLazy One Animal Paw Slipperscheck price

Why what huge feet you have! Do you love impossibly cute slippers? When it is cold, these huge bear claw slippers are super fun to walk like a bear around the house. They are so warm that you might want to hibernate with them!

DisguiseNinja Flip T-ShirtDisguiseNinja Flip T-Shirtcheck price

Your man will have a lot of fun with this T-shirt. When you ask him about his ninja disguise, he can flip it up on his head to reveal the ninja mask. Watch out he knows karate!

If You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty SocksIf You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty Sockscheck price

For the guy or girl who loves wine, these funny socks send a clear message. They are going to want to throw their legs up and demand wine. They come in different saying too. The only thing that could make them better is if they tasted like wine. Don’t try to eat them!

Fck Off SocksFck Off Sockscheck price

We all have difficult days. These funny socks are great for cheering him up. When he puts his legs up, you can read the funny curse works underneath. This one says “Fu*k O*%” but there are many other sayings to choose from.

Lazy One Funny BoxersLazy One Funny Boxerscheck price

Who knew that boxers could be so hilarious? Why settle for ordinary boxers when you can wear boxers with comical puns on them? With several tongue-in-cheek styles, you can find a style that fits his personality. With a picture of a duck, this one says “Butt Quack.” If it smells like a butt quack and quacks like a butt quack, it’s probably a butt quack.

Leg Avenue Cocktails Party SocksLeg Avenue Cocktails Party Sockscheck price

Who doesn’t love the spicy mint taste of your favorite cock…Tail? Made of 100% Polyester, these socks have fun graphics on them. School girl outfits just a got cuter with these hilarious and inappropriate socks. Serve these socks to somebody that you love. Tell the whole world that you love cock… Tails!

Zack & Zoey Hoodie for DogsZack & Zoey Hoodie for Dogscheck price

Humans don’t go around walking with no clothes on why should dogs? Practical and comfortable, you can never go wrong with a hoodie. It’s the one laid back staple that is loved by everybody even dogs. Even if you never put clothes on your dog, you are probably going to want to buy this hoodie when you see him shivering. Available in just about every color, this hoodie is basically identical to a human hoodie except it’s made for a dog.

Ekouaer Bikini Cover-Up T ShirtEkouaer Bikini Cover-Up T Shirtcheck price

A lot of us only feel comfortable in a bikini if we have something to cover up with. No more shame. No more trying to hide your stomach and thighs. You will feel like a super model when you wear this swimsuit cover-up. It’s okay to be comfortable in your own skin. You will learn to love your new summer body.

Pocket SocksPocket Sockscheck price

Who needs a purse when you have got pocket socks? These socks come in handy when you need to keep your stuff less than a foot away. With its pockets, you can carry money, keys, and even candy. Seriously, this is the best gift to humanity since the invention of socks.

My Wife Knows Everything! T-ShirtMy Wife Knows Everything! T-Shirtcheck price

Google is great for helping users find answers on the web, but who needs Google? If you need answers, just ask your wife. She has them all. He is going to love wearing this shirt out in public to let the whole world know. Made of 100% cotton, this funny shirt celebrates your unique relationship.

Crazy Funny Chicken Legs KneeCrazy Funny Chicken Legs Kneecheck price

Are you having chicken feet? Who doesn’t dream of having chicken legs? Available in both under and over the knee lengths, these scrawny chicken feet are sure to ruffle a few feathers. Wear them to the gym while doing leg exercises. Skinny legs never looked sexier.

Harry Potter Throw BlanketHarry Potter Throw Blanketcheck price

Have you ever dreamed of going to Hogwarts? With a crest in the front, shirt, and tie, she will feel like a real life wizard every time she wears this blanket. She will love lounging everywhere with it when it is cold outside. Unlike regular blankets, this amazing blanket has sleeves that allow your hands to be free. What for? So you can cast magical spells while you read a book, play video games, or watch Netflix.

2020 Review – 1 Star T-Shirt2020 Review - 1 Star T-Shirtcheck price

How would you rate 2020 so far? Do you love leaving 1 star reviews? Most of the time these reviews are not warranted, but 2020 is a special case. Even if you are not political, this funny shirt is a great way to make a statement.

Blue Q SocksBlue Q Sockscheck price

One of the best way to express yourself is with funny socks. With crazy hues ,funny sayings, and even bad words, these socks from Blue Q are so therapeutical. Of course, you probably don’t want to hide them. You could wear them under shoes and surprise everybody when you remove your shoes. They are sure to become the new star of your outfit.

KONY Sneaker Ankle SocksKONY Sneaker Ankle Sockscheck price

Who needs converse shoes? Finally, you can bring the fun of Converse shoes inside. With bold and fun designs, these might be the cutest socks. With an iconic Converse silhouette, these socks come in four of the most adorable two tone color designs. The design is totally fire. Who wouldn’t fall in love with these?

Sonic The Hedgehog HatSonic The Hedgehog Hatcheck price

Have you ever wanted to run around like Sonic the Hedgehog? When you put this headpiece on, you are immediately given blue spikes just like the famous hedgehog. The adjustable head strap means that it can fit both kids and adults. All you need are the red shoes. With the whole outfit, you can run faster than the speed of a sonic boom.

DomeStar Santa Pants HatDomeStar Santa Pants Hatcheck price

Forget tree toppers, head toppers are much cooler. Santa Clause came to town but when he tried to go down a chimney he got stuck on your big head. This adorable hat feature Santa’s legs dangling up in the air. Don’t go to a holiday party without it. Throw it on with your ugly sweater to complete your Santa costume.

MyPupSocksMyPupSockscheck price

Are you having a hard time picking out a gift? Available in different styles, these socks can be personalized with anybody’s face. Who wouldn’t want socks with their own face on them? If they are a pet lover, stick their pooch’s face on them. Even better, if you are looking to take this gag to the next level put your face on them.

Batman SnuggieBatman Snuggiecheck price

In raspy Batman voice: Who needs a blanket with sleeves? Batman. It might look ridiculous, but this blanket is not from the Joker. Now you can be just like the cape crusader and sleep in your very own personal Bat-cave with this Batman snuggie. Unlike regular blankets, this amazing blanket has sleeves that allow your hands to be free. What for? Even while wearing it, you can fight crime.

TVMALL Deadly Doll Dog Clothes TVMALL Deadly Doll Dog Clothes check price

Run! There is a serial dog killer on the loose. It’s Chucky the dog and he’s carrying a blood stained knife. Who doesn’t love dressing their pets up? We don’t know if this dog costume is scary or adorable. Now you can dress your dog up as the killer doll, Chucky. The costume has the killer doll’s signature hair, striped red and white shirt, and blue overalls. It’s all Child’s Play.

The Freebird Mullet Wig Skull CapThe Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Capcheck price

Are you a fan of the the mullet? Now you can don this ridiculous mullet wig to bring back the style of your favorite hairstyle. The mullet wig features a red, white, and blue skull cap. Strap this on your head and you will have a hard time stopping random people from running their hands through your beautiful tresses.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Cape SocksDC Comics Wonder Woman Cape Sockscheck price

Who wouldn’t love a pair of Wonder Woman socks? We have seen all types of socks but these are like superhero costumes for your feet. These knee socks have little capes on the back of them, which take up the level of cuteness. There is no better way to show off your love for Wonder Woman.

I Pee in Pools Trucker HatI Pee in Pools Trucker Hatcheck price

This hat is self explanatory. Do you hate peeing in the toilet? Pee in the pool. The only reason to go to other people’s places is to pee in the pool. Pools were created to be peed in. That’s not chlorine you are smelling, it’s piss.

Lightsaber UmbrellaLightsaber Umbrellacheck price

Finally, you can relive out your Star Wars fantasies when it rains with this light saber umbrella. This umbrella has a built in LED light in the shaft, which can glow a variety of colors and looks spectacular especially at night. It’s even a flashlight. Dark Vader already has one of these. Don’t go out in the rain without the “Force.”

Eyes Wide Open Sleep MaskEyes Wide Open Sleep Maskcheck price

Is it possible to sleep with your eyes open? Now you can with this sleep mask. This is no sleep disorder. Not only does it allow you to sleep with your eyes wide open, but it shuts out any external light. You will get the deep, restful sleep that you deserve while freaking everybody out. Wear them to early morning History class!

Sun Visor Cap with Spiked HairsSun Visor Cap with Spiked Hairscheck price

Who needs a hair stylist? Your god-given strands can only go so far. There’s noting wrong with rocking a bald head, but sometimes it’s nice to change up your look. Get a new head of hair with this unique sun visor hat. You are going to love showing off your newly minted, messy, spiked hair. With several colors to choose from you can go honey blond or camo black.

Interstellar Propeller Propeller HatInterstellar Propeller Propeller Hatcheck price

Want to be the coolest kid on the block? All the cool kids are wearing this hat with a propeller on it. The propeller even spins when you are walking. Even better, if there’s a slight breeze you’ll feel like you are flying. You probably wanted a hat like this since you were a kid but it was never in stock. It’s available now.

Bits and Pieces Sock SandalsBits and Pieces Sock Sandalscheck price

We are not sure which celebrity first started this trend, but this is sure to become one of your favorite pairs of socks. Made out of a cotton blend, these socks look like sandals. Our favorite part? You will never need sandals again.

Idgreatim Ugly Christmas SweaterIdgreatim Ugly Christmas Sweatercheck price

You are guaranteed to win the ugliest sweater contest with this heinous pick. How much do you love Christmas? Do you have Christmas tattoos all over your body? Would you drape Christmas lights around your neck like a necklace? Would you pierce your nipples and hang ornaments from them? If you answered yes, this ugly sweater is what Santa Clause would look like if he took his shirt off.

Snittens Snot MittensSnittens Snot Mittenscheck price

Don’t wipe your snot with your sleeves or bare hands, use Snittens. Why carry around Kleenex or hand sanitizer? Real men use this. These Snot monsters carry up to 30 times their weight in snot. Save your coats and shirt sleeves – wipe up your runny nose on the go.

Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome UmbrellaRaining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrellacheck price

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “it’s raining men” comes from? We are guessing from this umbrella. The minute you pop open this umbrella you are greeted with little men all over it. You can almost hear the song. It makes you want to dance. Apparently, if you are single and walk around with this umbrella you will find the perfect guy. Hallelujah!

Hugging Hands Sterling Silver RingHugging Hands Sterling Silver Ringcheck price

Forget wedding rings! With two hands grabbing your finger, the hugging ring is madly in love with your finger. Made of Sterling Silver, it makes a great gift for any lady on her special occasion. Be careful: This ring will never want to let go of your finger.

DecoTiny Beard OrnamentsDecoTiny Beard Ornamentscheck price

Get in the festive mood with the latest fashion – beard ornaments. Why hang ornaments on your tree, when you can hang ornaments on your beard or hair? With 16 different ornaments, these beard ornaments come in assorted colors and even include jingle bells. Clip them on and he’ll be the most festive guy on the block until Santa Clause gets a pair.

Baby Yoda Beanie for AdultsBaby Yoda Beanie for Adultscheck price

When Baby Yoda first appeared in The Mandalorian, the Internet went nuts. Have you fallen in love with Baby Yoda? Now you can turn yourself into the Child. This Acrylic hoodie features Baby Yoda’s big eyes and pointy ears. While it makes a great costume, it will keep you warm all year round.

Beard BeanieBeard Beaniecheck price

Not every teen guy can grow a beard! If you can’t grow a full beard, this beanie is probably the next best thing. Everybody will think you look so manly with it on. While the beard cover will make everybody laugh, it really does keep you warm. The best part? It’s not stiff or scratchy like a real beard.

Play Cars on Daddy’s Back ShirtPlay Cars on Daddys Back Shirtcheck price

Who needs a Hot Wheels track? Turn your back into a race car track with this funny shirt. While the front of the shirt is blank, it’s playtime on the back. Simply lay down and kids will love driving their cars on the roads. Just be careful of pileups and accidents at intersections. It’s a win-win! Kids get to have fun and daddy or mommy gets a free massage. Each order comes with a free toy car.


Most people don’t excited for socks. It’s time to order delivery! Shaped like a real pizza, these socks come packaged in a pizza box. What could be better gift than a box of pizza socks? There are several different flavors to choose from including pepperoni and Hawaiian. Who knew socks could look so tasty? If you’ve got a pizza lover or just somebody who loves feeling cozy, these socks are just what they ordered.

Coddies Fish Flip FlopsCoddies Fish Flip Flopscheck price

These fish-shaped slippers give new meaning to flip-flops. Who needs flip flops, when you fish flops? When you put them on, they look like you have stuffed your foot between a whole fish. Your toes look so silly, poking out of its mouth. If you are going to wear them everywhere, you might as make them fun. The best part? They don’t smell like fish.

Beistle Umbrella HatBeistle Umbrella Hatcheck price

Why hold an umbrella when you can stick one on your head? Stay happy and dry with this revolutionary umbrella hat. Not only does it give you plenty of coverage in the rain or from UV light, but it keeps your hands free. The secret is the elastic band which wraps around your head. When open it is it measures 21 inches in diameter and it fold downs when the band is not stretched out.

Hand Knit Baby Yoda BeanieHand Knit Baby Yoda Beaniecheck price

When Baby Yoda first appeared in The Mandalorian, the Internet went nuts. Have you fallen in love with Baby Yoda? Now you can turn your baby into the Child. This handmade yarn hoodie features Baby Yoda’s pointy ears. While it makes a great costume, it will keep your little one warm all year round.

Bad Mother F*cker WalletBad Mother F*cker Walletcheck price

While it is several years old, Pulp Fiction remains a classic. In the movie, Jules, played by Samuel Jackson, used to carry around a wallet just like this. It even comes with a replica of Jules driver’s license. The next time you get pulled over, make sure you pull out this bad Motherf*cker wallet. The cop won’t be able to give you a ticket.

Star Wars Chewbelta Car SeatbeltStar Wars Chewbelta Car Seatbeltcheck price

Forget Hans Solo! You can be the Wookie co-pilot instead with this seat belt cover. Fuzzy and padded, it’s made out of faux wookie fur. Using Velcro, it secures to your seat belt. Be sure to roll down your window to show everybody that you are a big Star Wars fan.

NINGMI Women Butt LifterNINGMI Women Butt Liftercheck price

Never ask “How does my butt look” again with these booty busting butt pads. Available in nude and black, this underwear comes with removable foam pads that are inserted into the pockets to give you a little Kazzammn. As soon as you put them on, you get an instant butt lift. You are going to want to take your new butt on the dance floor. Even Kim Kardashian would be jealous.

Health & Beauty

Listen up! The beauty products you are using are no good. Don’t use the same products that granny was using. Why would you want to smell like her? There’s nothing better than opening up a luxurious skincare product that is made especially for you. From soap infused with beer to mushroom shaped lipsticks, these products will improve your health in ways you have never imagined.

DUDE WipesDUDE Wipescheck price

Wet wipes for dudes? Dude, man up and wipe your ass with Dude Wipes. Nobody likes a dirty crack. Toilet paper is for sanding your butt hole. You could use baby wipes, but dudes need something for dudes. Infused with Aloe Vera, Dude Wipes are designed for your most sensitive areas. Keep some in your toilet and stash them in the car for emergencies.

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer ClipperEar and Nose Hair Trimmer Clippercheck price

There are areas where your shaver can’t go. This Nose Hair Trimmer is the perfect tool for grooming your nose, brows, beard, and ears. It’s lightweight, portable, waterproof, and powerful. The best part? The dual edge spinning blades make sure that there’s no tugging, accidental cuts, or discomfort.

Squatty PottySquatty Pottycheck price

Say goodbye to long bathroom breaks! Poop like you have never pooped before with the Squatty Potty. Are you tired of pushing and pushing only to have very little poop come out? Do you sit on the toilet for hour and hours? By making you squat, this toilet stool is designed to improve your posture when you are in the seated position. This helps to open the poop chute so you can poop like whale with very little strain.

Bourbon Lip BalmBourbon Lip Balmcheck price

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of whiskey? You are probably not going to be able to fit a bottle of Jack Daniels in your stocking, but this bourbon flavored lip balm is just as good. Chapstick is for children. Bourbon Lip Balm is for adults. Made with bourbon scented oil, it leaves your lips more moisturized than a sip of bourbon.

Mustache WaxMustache Waxcheck price

Ah, the mustache! It’s the manliest thing. Mustaches are always in style. Growing a mustache is easy, but styling it like a beast is a whole other ball game. If you are going to keep a mustache, why not go for it all? Use this mustache wax to twirl the ends like Rollie Fingers.

Liberex Back ShaverLiberex Back Shavercheck price

Are you tired of feeling like an ape? Get rid of your manly coat of hair without any fancy gymnastic moves with this back shaver. The 18 inch handle and flexible head makes it easy to reach your shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Finally, you can take off your shirt without feeling like a Grizzly Bear.

Duke Cannon Men’s Solid CologneDuke Cannon Mens Solid Colognecheck price

Have you ever wanted to smell like you just walked out of bar? There is something so manly about the smell of bourbon. Made with natural ingredients, this cologne gives of a smoky bourbon smell. It comes in an altoid-like container. No, fancy bottle required here. It comes in a creamy balm that melts in your hand, allowing you to put it anywhere.

NEKMATE Neckline Shaving TemplateNEKMATE Neckline Shaving Templatecheck price

Do you want to give yourself a haircut? The hardest part is shaving your neckline. This neckline template creates a straight line that acts as a guide when you trim behind your head. You simply place the elastic band around your nose or chin to keep in place. Who needs a barber?

Duke Cannon”Great American Frontier” Soap SetDuke Cannon"Great American Frontier" Soap Setcheck price

Throw away the Axe body sprays, Duke Cannon makes grooming products for real men. Twice the size of a regular soap, this is not a soap for wussies. It’s for men who build things, wrestle with wild animals, and chop giant things down. Once you lather up with this soap you can almost feel you testosterone rising. Is there anything more manly that the scent of fresh cut pine, leather, and smoky campfires? You will want to wrestle with the cougars.


Do you make a mess in the sink every time you shave? The Beard King is a bib for catching beard hair clippings. With Velcro straps, it works just like hair barber cape but it has suction cups on the ends of it. You simply stick it to your mirror to create a bowl that catches all the trimmings.

Hoppy IPA BEER SOAPHoppy IPA BEER SOAPcheck price

Did you know that beer is not only good for drinking but lathering up with? Don’t go washing your body with a Heineken. You can make soap out of it. Who wouldn’t want to shower with beer? Working up a great lather, this sudsy brew will not only leave you smelling great but it has healthy benefits for the skin too. Derived from actual beer, this beer soap is perfect for the beer lover on your list.

BAWDY Galaxy Kit Butt MaskBAWDY Galaxy Kit Butt Maskcheck price

Everybody wants nice soft facial skin like a baby’s butt. Don’t just focus on your face. Here’s something different. Shaped like a butt, these masks are designed for your butt. Simply slap it on, shake it around, and keep it on for 10 minutes. A perfect butt in just 10 minutes. These butt masks are designed to give you the smoothest behind so you will want to throw on a bikini after.

Sex Panther CologneSex Panther Colognecheck price

Growl! Make kitties purr just like the Anchorman with the Sex Panther cologne. This cologne stings the nostrils with its notes of lavender and sensual musk. While it doesn’t smell anything like the description in the movie, it works 60% of the time, every time. If you use your imagination you can almost smell the pure gasoline.

Witty Yeti’s Touched Your Junk Hand SanitizerWitty Yeti’s Touched Your Junk Hand Sanitizercheck price

For the person that is difficult to find a gift for have we got the perfect gag gift. It’s the Maybe You Touched Your Junk hand sanitzer. You will never forget to wash your hands after going to the bathroom with this fun hand soap. It’s great to see the reaction on the recipient’s face when they receive this gag … it’s may bring a smile to some.

Whiskey River Soap CandleWhiskey River Soap Candlecheck price

Candles don’t have to be so boring. The Whiskey River Soap Company makes a number of candles that feature snarky and hilarious labels. Whether you are a middle child or an evil dictator, there is a candle for you. Burning for 60 hours, it makes a fun addition to any bedroom or living room.

TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Hand MilkTONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Hand Milkcheck price

There are a ton of hand creams but how many of them come in adorable packaging that you would want to eat. There is nothing better than pulling a banana out of your purse. Who knew that banana was the latest beauty ingredient? This hand cream not only keeps you hands smooth, it smells like a banana smoothie.

Doggy Doody Handcrafted SoapDoggy Doody Handcrafted Soapcheck price

There is no better prank than fake poop. There are so many different ways to sell it. It works the best when you place it in an area that people are not expecting. Wash your hands with poop with this soap disguised as dog poop. While it looks like dog poop, it smells like chocolate. People will think it is the most disgusting and gross thing ever. Your hands will never feel cleaner.

It’s Elementary Periodic Table SoapIts Elementary Periodic Table Soapcheck price

Who wouldn’t want to take a bath with radioactive soap? The only problem? It makes you weak. Featuring the elements of the periodic table, this soap is great for the science lover on your list. The coolest part? The Radioactive elements glow in the dark.

Lady Redneck BackscratcherLady Redneck Backscratchercheck price

Have you ever had a back itch that you couldn’t reach? If you’ve got an itchy back, but don’t have a boyfriend to itch your back this redneck back scratcher will change your life. Its fingers are specially formulated so it gives you a pleasant scratch and won’t scrape your skin like long nails. The funniest part? It actually works.

Pipedream Princessa Pen*s LipsticksPipedream Princessa Pen*s Lipstickscheck price

Here’s the beauty product that we have all been waiting for. Forget lipsticks, these dicksticks are the best way to add creamy colors to your lips. Gross. Each lipstick has a perfectly shaped mushroom head and shaft that makes it easy to smear a d*ck all over your lips. They come in 12 wearable shades. You probably shouldn’t use them in public.

PStyle Pee FunnelPStyle Pee Funnelcheck price

When nature calls you have to go. Peeing outdoors is difficult when there is no bathroom in sight. With the Pstyle urination funnel, women can finally pee while standing up anywhere. The deep shoe horn design makes it easier to use when clothed without it overflowing. The best part? When public restrooms are too dirty, you can just stand up and use the toilet.

Adult Gag Gifts

Both men and women like a little naughtiness, right? Whether you are looking for a great intimate gift for your other half or to spice things up, these dirty gag gifts are great for getting your x-rated fix.

Adult DiceAdult Dicecheck price

Spice things up in the bedroom with these adult dice. This set comes with multiple sets of dice for both foreplay and actual lovemaking. Simply roll the role dice and you will stroke, kiss, or suck different areas of the body. If you are ready to take it further, role the positional dice to explore 24 positions. Just don’t play with the kids.

Ebsem Oral MEEbsem Oral MEcheck price

Forget Oral-B, these panties are enough to get him ready to do major dental work. Oral-Me panties are designed for people who don’t have sensitive mouths and don’t need a tongue cleaning. FDA warning: May result in larger cavities.

BigMouth Weener Kleener SoapBigMouth Weener Kleener Soapcheck price

What is this for? Regular soap is not designed for cleaning your junk. Designed to fit wieners of all sizes, the Weener Kleener Soap has tiny ringed hole that you stick your wiener through to clean it. Designed for self use, it doesn’t come with any instructions for use but we recommend using it in the shower with a little water to work up a nice lather.

Sex ChecksSex Checkscheck price

Spice up your love life with these sex coupons that are issued from the World Bank Of Savings and Love. Inside this checkbook, there are a variety of playful checks with fill-in-the-blank and check-box selections. There are a variety of activities to choose from sexual activities to just something romantic. Feeling sexy ask for a private lap dance. Feeling romantic ask for a dinner movie date. Just hope that your partner cashes them and the checks don’t bounce.

How to Live with a Huge P*nisHow to Live with a Huge P*nischeck price

For the man who just has too much, here’s a self help book that will change his life. You are not alone. Each year, just a few men are diagnosed with this big problem, which gets harder and harder over time. In this book, he’ll learn everything from unzipping his pants to learning to walk with a stick down his pants.

Ring for Kiss Desk BellRing for Kiss Desk Bellcheck price

Wait until your partner walks to the other end of the house before ringing this bell. Ding! Ding! No, more flying kisses! This naughty bell come printed with the words “Ring for Kiss” on it. Forget yelling, texting, and screaming! Every time it is rung, it will get anybody’s attention. Just don’t let your partner take it out of the house.

Forum Novelties Over The Hill ExerciserForum Novelties Over The Hill Exercisercheck price

Has he gone over the hill? Forget Viagra! All he needs is a little exercise. After 30 days of exercising his love muscle with the d*ckbell, he will have no more excuses for not getting up. It improves stamina, stiffness, and strength. A lot of people exercise their whole body, but forget the most important part. How many reps can you perform?

Littleforbig Adult Baby OnesieLittleforbig Adult Baby Onesiecheck price

Who’s your ‘daddy’? Does she still love drinking from a bottle, watching cartoons, and dressing up in onesies? Forget lingerie! Transform her into daddy’s little girl with this onesie. The only problem? She might throw a temper tantrum and refuse to take it off.

Ababalaya Funny PantiesAbabalaya Funny Pantiescheck price

She’s probably asking for a new pet. You’re probably asking to pet the kitty. For the girl who loves anything cute and furry, there is nothing better than this sexy kitten underwear. Me-OWW! Who needs lingerie, when you can have a pussy cat sprawled across your nether regions? It even has little ears that pop out.

BigASSDildos.com Embarrassing Box PrankBigASSDildos.com Embarrassing Box Prankcheck price

Send your best friend or worst enemy the best gag gift ever with this embarrassing box. The empty, cylinder shaped container looks like it was sent from the website BigAssDildos.com. She will faint when she see it. If you are feeling gutsy, you can even upgrade the gift to make the victim sign for it and look the postmaster in the eyes. Could things get more awkward?

Images You Should Not M**turbate ToImages You Should Not M**turbate Tocheck price

Is his mind always consumed with dirty thoughts? This book is the cure. Gift it along with a pack of tissues and lotion. He won’t be able to get off with the random pictures in this book. We’re not saying it’s not possible but you’ll have to use your creative juices to make them appealing.

Hairy Chest MonokiniHairy Chest Monokinicheck price

Ladies can now get the perfect “dad bod.” Forget obsessing endlessly over an impossible hourglass figures and the perfect swimsuit. Be like a dad! Put some hair all over your body from your chest to your crack with this sexy bathing suit. This one piece bathing suit gives you the beach body that you have always been dreaming of.

Forum Novelties Ideal Inflatable SpouseForum Novelties Ideal Inflatable Spousecheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a girlfriend that doesn’t nag you? Meet the “Ideal Inflatable Girlfriend.” Please don’t give this to any guy you want to talk to again. This 3-foot inflatable girlfriend doll basically tells him that you hate him and that he’s going to be alone forever. On second thought, she’s a bit tiny, but what she lacks in height, she makes up for in other areas.

Undies for 2Undies for 2check price

Two is always better than one. Get rid of the Fruit of the Loom panties, these undies are the only ones that you need. They have got four holes to put your legs through so you are going to need someone to share them with. Once you get in them, the possibilities are endless. You can wear them facing each other or back to back. Your partner will never be able to get away. The only problem? Double the skid marks.

Hooter HeatersHooter Heaterscheck price

Beanies for your nips? Meet the perfect winter accessory. Keep your nips from freezing with these toasty beanies. Made of a lightweight, knitted material they can keep up with the chilliest weather. As an added bonus, the fluffy pompoms keep your nips from poking out of your shirt. It’s the only gift the twins will be asking for.

Cycling BallsCycling Ballscheck price

Forget other bike lights! Put confidence in your tail light with these dangling bike balls. Simply mount them to the bottom of your bike seat and watch them glow. Made to mimic the physics and behavior of actual balls, the bike balls improve the visibility of your bike by 1000%. Get a pair today!

Reindeer Mankini Thong Reindeer Mankini Thong check price

Show everybody your Rudolph with this revealing mankini. The elastic material and adjustable belt allow it to fit men of all sizes. Not only is it a festive Christmas outfit for your crotch, it comes with two jingling nipple bells for singing all of the Christmas carols. Wear it to your next office party and everybody around you will be singing, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. You will go down in history.

Face This Belongs to Me BriefsFace This Belongs to Me Briefscheck price

Here is the only “package” you need. You have never seen boxer briefs like this. There is a reason they are named crotch huggers. Now your man will never cheat on you again. Remind everybody including him who owns the family jewels by adding your face to his underwear. Tell him to wear it everywhere he goes.

Funny Pen*s Plush Funny Pen*s Plush check price

Things just got weird. A giant, soft, squishy pen*s? Cuddle up with this big, soft, cuddly plush. Who knew a pen-s could be so cute? With a smiling face on it, even its head is cute. While it can be used anywhere, it is best used in the bedroom. Measuring over two feet, it’s the world’s biggest pen*s.

Girlfriend Body Pillow Girlfriend Body Pillow check price

Are you spending your nights lonely? You know what every teenage guy needs for Christmas? A bae! Now you never have to sleep alone with this pillow. While she lost an arm, her head, and legs in a freak accident, she has everything that a real girlfriend has minus the nagging.

The Dirty Word Search Book for AdultsThe Dirty Word Search Book for Adultscheck price

Do you love word searches? Ordinary word search puzzles just got a lot more boring. There are plenty of other word search puzzles, but you have never seen word search puzzles like this. Filled with naughty, dirty, and swear words, this offensive book is perfect for anybody with a sense of humor or looking for new ways to insult people. It’s like a collection of the worst words in the English language.

DDFRE Beach TowelDDFRE Beach Towelcheck price

Are you having a hard time deciding if you want to be a naturalist? No clothes allowed! Only d*ck towels. Now everybody can bare it all. Who needs an outfit when all you have to do is throw on this towel? It is perfect for the budding nudist in your life. The best part? Even girls can wear it.

Sure Fck CologneSure Fck Colognecheck price

Are you looking for some action? With an irresistible manly scent, this award winning cologne will drive just about any lady wild. The secret is its scientifically backed ingredients including sour lemons and sweet tangerines, mixed with foresty green ferns and a pinch of spicy pepper. Combined together, it’s an aphrodisiac. Spray it on and be prepared to be Sure F-cked.

Plumber Crack Camouflage T-ShirtPlumber Crack Camouflage T-Shirtcheck price

Are you tired of seeing his plumber’s crack? Dress up his plumber crack with a model that wears a skimpy outfit and reveals her bosom every time he bends down. The only problem? He is going to love flashing her tatas at you more often.

Think Out Loud Apparel Dickhead Shirt Think Out Loud Apparel Dickhead Shirt check price

Give this to the d*ck head in your life. If you are looking for attention, there is nothing more powerful than a shirt with a man’s sack printed on it. He’s going to want to shave his head bald.

Boxer Gifts ‘Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher’Boxer Gifts ‘Gentleman’s Ball Scratchercheck price

Itchy balls? Scratch that itch. A real gentleman would never touch himself because your dirty fingers can spread unknown diseases. Instead use the Ball Scratcher. Using the latest technology in personal grooming, this ball scratcher has a small hand on the end of it. The tiny fingers allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies. Presented in an elegant white box, this is a timeless gift fit for a gentleman.

Boxer Gifts ‘Willy Care Kit’ Boxer Gifts ‘Willy Care Kit’ check price

Even the little man has to be taken care of. Keep it well manicured with this Willy Care Kit. Packaged in an elegant box that is perfect for gifting, it comes with styling shears, a fluffing brush, and even bling bling for your junk. Okay, he doesn’t have to wear the willy ring. Your wee little willy will never look better.

Smack a Sack-Stress Relief Ball SackSmack a Sack-Stress Relief Ball Sackcheck price

Feeling stressed out in life? Don’t have a working pair of balls? Secretly squeeze a pair of stress balls under your desk. Doctors say just staring at these pair of balls relieves most of the tension in the human body. Don’t be afraid to smack, beat, and twist them around because unlike human balls they are made to take abuse. Ah, you’re all better now.

Kitty CarpetKitty Carpetcheck price

A Brazilian gone wrong? Dress up your downstairs with the Kitty Carpet. These wigs were popular back in the 1600s and are making a huge comeback. Kitty Carpets come in all different sizes and shapes, but this one resembles a heart. While it might not suit every woman’s tastes, it will be great to see her reaction. Happy Styling!

Blow Job BibBlow Job Bibcheck price

Make going down on somebody easier with this blow job bib. With a non porous, shiny, plastic surface, it prevents against unwanted spills, making cleanup a breeze. This product is not intended for babies. Unlike bibs for babies, this is a full sized bib that is made for adults who like to get creative with their mouth. The best part? You never have to wash it.

DIY at-Home Vasectomy Gift BoxDIY at-Home Vasectomy Gift Boxcheck price

Don’t want kids? With this DIY kit created by Dr. Richard Payne, you don’t have to go under the knife to get a vasectomy. You simply use the included scissors to snip off your balls and watch your sperm count reduce instantly. There’s a protective cone that prevents you from accidentally snipping off somebody’s actual manhood. The kit includes all of the instructions but there is also an app you can download for more detailed instructions. Simply stick your real gift inside this prank box.

D*ck TrophyD*ck Trophycheck price

What the heck is this? A giant dong trophy? Once you see it, it becomes permanently etched in your mind. You don’t give a d*ck trophy to anybody; you give it to somebody special- a real d*ck. Measuring 4 inches tall, this mushroom shaped trophy is only meant for the most amazing man in your life, the World Champion of all D*cks. Slap him in the face with it.

BigMouth Inc The Willy WarmerBigMouth Inc The Willy Warmercheck price

Baby it’s cold outside! A sweater for your willy? Wrap your package with the perfect winter accessory. Keep your willy from freezing with this crocheted pouch. Made of a lightweight, knitted yarn it can keep up with the chilliest weather. While it doesn’t fit all men, for most men it will provide the appropriate coverage and stays on well.

Candy G-StringCandy G-Stringcheck price

Edible underwear? Have you ever wanted to nibble on your partner? Meet the Candypants. You don’t need any other accessory. It’s a g-string candy necklace for your naughty bits and gives new meaning to the phrase “eat my shorts.”

More Funny Gifts?

Did you find something on our gag list? Which funny gift did we forget? Leave a comment down below?

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