50+ Fun and Interesting Board Games for 2 Year Olds 2022

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best board games for 2 year olds
Here are the best board games for 2 year olds that will support their development and entertain them! Discover your 2 year old’s new favorite from beloved classics, first games, and educational games to memory games, cooperative games and more!

Looking for the best board games for 2 year olds? According to Dr. Dan Brennan, important areas of growth are hand and finger development, language, social and emotional skills, and learning skills. While it can be challenging to find games suitable for this age range, our play experts have rounded up a wide assortment of age-appropriate board games for toddlers that engage, entertain, and develop your 2 year old physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

In addition to developing social and motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination, many of these games help your two year old learn the fundamentals of board games — taking turns, working together, and following directions. Two year olds absolutely love these games and will never say “No”– they’re 2-Year-Old-Approved!

From beloved classics, first games, and educational games to memory games, cooperative games and more, discover the next great game for your 2 year old. Bring on the fun!

Active & Dexterity

Active & Dexterity

Two year olds should be able to manipulate small objects easily. Board games are a wonderful activity for developing your child’s motor skills. These board games will encourage him to use the small movements in his wrists, fingers, and palms and even his whole body.

JengaAges 6+Jengacheck price

The classic game of Jenga is all about stacking and crashing fun. Players start by building and stacking wooden pieces to build a tall tower. Then they take turns carefully removing the pieces one by one. But wait! One wrong move could send the whole structure toppling to the ground. Whoever drops the tower loses the game. It’s a game of skill, strategy, and luck. How do you stack up? Building fine motor skills, it’s a great game for the whole family — including 2 year olds. Note: Contains small parts.

Pop Up PirateAges 4+Pop Up Piratecheck price

Pop Up Pirate delivers high-flying pop-up action! Two to four players take turns inserting swords into a barrel. The catch? Choose the wrong slot and watch the pirate soar into the air out of the bucket. If the pirate pops out on your turn, you’re eliminated. We only wished the trigger point was random. The rules are super easy and everyone loves that surprise ‘ah-ha’ moment. For your little one, it’s sure to entertain for hours on end and generate tons of giggles.

KerPlunk GameAges 5+KerPlunk Gamecheck price

Designed for 2-4 players, KerPlunk is a classic game of suspense and excitement. Pass the sticks through the tube’s holes and lay the marbles on top. Now players are challenged to remove a single stick at a time, but don’t let the marbles drop! Get the least amount of marbles in your compartment to win. With small marble balls, adult supervision is required. Two year olds may need help with the setup. It’s so much fun for the whole family. It’s easy to learn and a blast to play. Full of suspense and excitement, the game teaches hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and dexterity.

Magnetic Wooden Fishing GameAges 3+Magnetic Wooden Fishing Gamecheck price

This magnetic wooden fishing game is fun for early learners. Parents choose a letter or color for kids to ‘reel’ in with their magnetic fishing pole. The bright wooden pieces engage kids and are built to last. The magnets are secure and it’s exceptionally well made. Kids will have fun learning their alphabets and colors, while building eye-hand coordination ‘fishing’ for little magnetic fish. It’s a big hit with 2 year olds and families.

Yeti in My SpaghettiAges 4+Yeti in My Spaghetticheck price

Hey Ma, there is a Yeti In My Spaghetti! Similar to Jenga, this simple TOTY award-winning board game can bring hours of entertainment for the whole family. The board is shaped like a bowl. The little Yeti character sits on top of the criss-crossing plastic noodle pieces. Players take turns removing one noodle at a time. But watch out! One wrong move and the Yeti will fall into the bowl. Can you get the Yeti out without letting it fall into the bowl? It’s easy to play with a 2 year old, teaches turn taking, and they’re delighted by the suspense in removing a single noodle at a time. With small parts, parental guidance is suggested.

Thinkfun Roll and PlayAges 18m+Thinkfun Roll and Playcheck price

This is supposed to be your toddler’s first game. It comes with a large plush colored cube. Kids roll the cube and depending on what color comes up, they pick up the corresponding matching card and perform the action on it. For instance, kiddos will be asked to “Hop four times” or “Find something RED”. Two year olds love this simple, educational, and fun game. They can learn colors and expressing emotions, which most 2 year olds aren’t especially good at. It’s a great starter game with numerous ways to play, providing endless entertainment.

Don’t Break The IceAges 3+Dont Break The Icecheck price

Does your child love destroying things? Don’t let the penguin fall! In Don’t Break the Ice, kids take turns poking out blocks of ice with a mallet, while trying to keep the penguin from falling through the ice. Setup is super easy: Place all the ice blocks into the frame and you’re ready to play. Because it teaches how to take turns and builds fine motor skills, it’s a great game for younger players. Two year olds love this game — they may need assistance with assembly. With small parts, parental guidance is suggested.

Hungry Hungry HipposAges 4+Hungry Hungry Hipposcheck price

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a classic marble chomping game. Release the marbles at the center and let the feeding-frenzy fun begin by chomping away! The faster you press its tail, the faster the hippo eats. Instantly win by gobbling the golden marble or by chomping down the most marbles. Designed for 2-4 players, it’s fast and fun for little ones and their families. Do you have what it takes to win?! With small marbles included, adult supervision is advised for a 2 year old.

Monkey AroundAges 2+Monkey Aroundcheck price

Ready to wiggle, giggle, and have silly fun with your 2 year old? This simple game gets kids active while having fun. To play choose a card and your child has to perform the action. Kids perform various actions from balancing and hopping to marching and more with their banana prop. You and your 2 year old will be giving hugs, high-fives, balancing, hopping, marching and more. The best part? It gets kids active and it’s all about playing, learning, exploring, and connecting. Your 2 year old will develop socio-emotional skills, gross motor skills, coordination, understand spatial concepts, recognize matching body parts, listening and build vocabulary. Additionally, it’s a great way for parents to bond with their child while monkeying around and learning in a fun way. Are you ready to Monkey Around?

Let’s Go Fishin’Ages 3+Lets Go Fishincheck price

Let’s Go Fishin’ is the classic fast-action fishing game. As the game board spins, the fish open and close their mouths. Using the fishing poles, try to catch as many fish as possible. The player with the most fish caught wins! This set comes with a bonus set of Go Fish cards. It’s fast, fun, and perfect for developing your little one’s hand-eye coordination. With small parts included, parental supervision is advised.

Pancake Pile-Up! Ages 4+Pancake Pile-Up! check price

On your mark, get set, stack some pancakes! In this fun relay race, two teams race to stack pancakes in a certain order on a plate, balancing them on a spatula. To setup the game, you must place the plate and pancakes 15-feet apart. A card is drawn and players must stack the pancakes as indicated on the card. Players on each team take turns using the spatula similar to a track and field race. Note: Contains small parts.

Electronic Hot PotatoAges 4+Electronic Hot Potatocheck price

Who doesn’t love the classic party game of Hot Potato? Kids squeeze the adorable plush potato to start the music. Now the fun begins! Kids frantically pass the potato around until the music stops. But don’t get caught with the spud — the player who has the potato in their hands is eliminated. The last player standing wins. It’s perfect for 2 year olds, as it’s easy to play, easy to pick up, and fun.

Crocodile DentistAges 4+Crocodile Dentistcheck price

Who knew pulling teeth could be so fun? Crocodile Dentist is a super simple game for really young kids. In this game, players take turns pressing one of the crocodile’s teeth in hopes his mouth doesn’t snap shut. Hit his sore tooth and he goes snap. Don’t get chomped to win! Parents can rest assured that the snap doesn’t hurt little fingers. Everytime the sore tooth changes for that element of surprise. It’s essentially Russian roulette, so it can even be used to determine who goes first. Although it doesn’t have a ton of replay value, two and three year olds get a kick out of this game as it’s simple, fun, and generates laughter. It’s also great for teaching your 2 year old how to take turns. It’s hilarious, suspenseful, and 2 year old-approved. Note: Contains small parts.

Honeybee TreeAges 3+Honeybee Treecheck price

Honey Bee Tree is an award-winning game similar to KerPlunk that’s easy to play. Players need to carefully remove leaves without waking any of the adorable little sleeping bees. The object is to choose the leaf waking the fewest bees and delicately pull it without disturbing them. But watch out — pulling the wrong leaf can wake up the bees! With every turn, you rotate the tree. The player with the least bees in their tray wins. Some two year olds love playing with the most bees. Haha! After all, it’s whatever is fun for them. Kids have no issues turning the tree on their own. Setup is a bit involved — taking longer than playing. The quality of the game is great — it’s nice and sturdy. Full of suspense and excitement, the game teaches hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, dexterity, and turn taking. We love that family members of all ages enjoy it. With small parts included, adult supervision is suggested.

Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Fishing GameAges 3+Melissa & Doug Catch & Count Fishing Gamecheck price

Does your 2-year-old love to fish? Then they’ll love the Catch & Count Fishing Game from Melissa & Doug. In this game, you can actually reel in the fish and count up your score. The fish are magnetic so they easily attach to the magnetic hook. How many can you catch? It’s a fun game for developing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and learning counting. Your toddler will be busy having so much fun to know they’re learning. A convenient storage bag allows for easy storage. It’s a big hit with 2 year olds. Just be cautious of 2 year olds using the fishing rods as weapons.

Animal Upon AnimalAges 2+Animal Upon Animalcheck price

A multiple award-winner, Animal Upon Animal is like Jenga for little ones. Stacking blocks is fun, but stacking animals is even more fun. While the original game is great, we love this version for 2-year-olds because the bright, chunky wooden animals are designed for their little hands. Kids take turns stacking the animals on top of each other, trying not to knock over the tower of animals. Perfect for developing fine motor skills, it’s all about being steady and precise with your hands. It’s also great for encouraging first understand of game rules and developing eye-hand coordination. With 3 game play variations, there are plenty of different ways to throw an animal party.

Where’s Bear?Ages 2+Wheres Bear?check price

Where’s Bear? is a hide-and-seek stacking block game for you and your 2-year-old from Peacable Kingdom. It’s easy for 2 year olds to learn and enjoy. It combines the fun of stacking blocks with locating hidden objects. Taking turns, parents and kids hide and look for the bear figurine under the nesting boxes. One player hides the bear under a box, while the other closes their eyes or goes to another room. Kids love stacking the boxes and hiding bear on their own. The illustrations, representing different rooms of the house, on the stacking and nesting blocks are fantastic, making it feel special for young kiddos. The blocks are quite sturdily built. A matching game helps to expand play. It’s a great game for developing your 2 year old’s visual matching, sorting, object permanence, and problem-solving skills. It’s also great for bonding and playing with your 2 year old and it keeps their attention.

Silly StreetAges 4+Silly Streetcheck price

Are you ready to get silly? Silly Street is a creative game that gives 2 year olds a chance to get active and develop social skills. The coolest part? The huge game board serves as a simple puzzle that kids have to put together. In the game, toddlers draw a card and then perform an action, such as “say the alphabet like a mouse,” “roar like a lion,” or “chomp like a croc”. There’s a good mix of educational and silly cards. The pictures make it easy to understand the cards even if kids can’t read yet. There are a lot of hilarious ones that give your two year old a chance to get silly. It’s fun, engaging, and something the whole family can enjoy.

Stack Up!Ages 3+Stack Up!check price

Who doesn’t enjoy knocking down blocks? Stack Up! is a simple stacking game for 2-6 players where kids have to work together to stack 12 blocks before the Stack Smasher knocks the tower down. Players take turns spinning, completing challenges, and stacking blocks. With three different skills levels and the ability to grow with your child, it’s a great cooperative game that helps kids develop fine motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination as well as teaches counting and the importance of teamwork. Note: Contains small parts.

HABA Here Fishy FishyAges 2+HABA Here Fishy Fishycheck price

Here, Fishy Fishy! In Here Fishy Fishy, kids will enjoy catching fish. It’s a really basic first game that teaches following rules, taking turns, and color recognition. With big chunky fish that can’t be swallowed, even the smallest children can play. Kids roll the colored die and fish for that colored fish. The fish are magnetic, easily attaching to the magnetic hook. Once they get the fish, they have to fill in their puzzle board according to the fish they caught. There’s a dexterity, tactile, color, and shape component. Kids also learn fine motor skills, colors, and shape matching. Two year olds always want to play this fishy game and don’t mind playing several rounds. It’s easy to play for the whole family, and kids also enjoy free-playing.

Tumblin’ MonkeysAges 5+Tumblin Monkeyscheck price

Tumblin’ Monkeys is a thrilling game of skill and action for 2-4 players. Create a ‘web’ by putting the sticks through the tree holes, then place the monkeys in the tree. Roll the die and take turns to remove the corresponding colored stick — one at a time. If all the colored sticks of the rolled color are removed, you get to skip your turn. The goal is to keep the monkeys in the tree. Don’t let them fall! Collect the least number of monkeys to win. Some younger kids like to play it by getting the most monkeys. It’s the perfect length for younger audiences — both engaging and full of excitement. Although it takes some time to setup, it’s worth the effort. Since the monkeys don’t fall as easily as the marbles, it’s far better than KerPlunk and the whole family can enjoy it.

Thinkfun Move & Groove GameAges 18m-5Thinkfun Move & Groove Gamecheck price

Similar to Roll & Play, Move and Groove is designed to be your child’s first board game. It comes with a large and colorful plush die that kids love throwing around. Depending on what color the die lands on, kids have to perform different actions that involve them moving around. The best part? Kids can play it by themselves or everyone can jump in. We love how it keeps kids active, and kids love throwing the cube and performing the various actions.

Ants in The PantsAges 3+Ants in The Pantscheck price

I remember having so much fun playing Ants in the Pants as a child. The goal is to flip the ants — one by one — into the dog’s pants. The first player to get them all inside wins. Kids love when they successfully get the ants to land in the pants. It’s so gratifying. While it takes a little practice for a 2 year old, it’s super fun and kids can learn counting.



At the age of two, most children don’t like sharing willingly and may even act selfishly. Their entire world is built around them. A Cooperative game is one of the best ways to teach your child to work together with other children. In these games, there are no winners and losers. Everybody has to work together to win or lose.

Richard Scarry’s BusytownAges 4+Richard Scarrys Busytowncheck price

In Busytown, families race around town solving mysteries and finding hidden objects in this classic game of “I Spy”. It’s a fast-paced family favorite game that keeps the attention of 2 year olds for hours on end. Working together with your team, you will be trying to find hidden objects like buckets, ladders, flags, and much more. When you find an item shout out: “I Found It!” For each item found, your team advances one space. Can you solve all the mysteries, board the ferry, and get to Picnic Island before the pigs finish the food? It’s fun and easy to play. Just make sure you understand it first so you can explain it your child. Note: Contains small parts.

Disney Eye Found It!Ages 3+Disney Eye Found It!check price

Explore a dozen Disney realms in Disney Eye Found It!, a hidden picture card game. The game features beautiful illustrations from the wonderful world of Disney, including magical worlds and beloved Disney characters. Race to see how quickly can you find the objects. It’s a great game teaching matching and object identification. Are you ready for the hunt? If you like this game, you may also want to try Busytown.

Pete The Cat The Missing Cupcakes GameAges 3+Pete The Cat The Missing Cupcakes Gamecheck price

Pete the Cat’s birthday cupcakes have disappeared! Two to four players have to cooperate to help get the cupcakes back from Grumpy Toad. In this game, kids perform actions ranging from singing songs to acting out activities to choosing their favorite foods, animals, and words to get the cupcakes back. Other players have to guess your action. Correct guesses earn you cupcakes. Beware the Grumpy Toad spaces allow it to steal cupcakes. Since no reading is required, even young ones can join in the fun. It’s a game combining luck, cooperation, and memory, and we love how it plays differently every time you play.

Hoot Owl Hoot!Ages 4+Hoot Owl Hoot!check price

In Hoot Owl Hoot!, there are no losers. It’s a cooperative game where everybody works as a team. The object is to get the owls home before daylight. It’s a simple color matching game with a bit of strategy. Older kids can learn basic strategy. On each turn, players play a colored card to move their owl along. If players draw a sun card, the sun will move. It teaches cooperation, teamwork, and sharing. It’s also great for learning counting, colors, turn taking, and following directions. Because there’s no reading required, even 2 year olds can play with a little guidance. Note: Contains small parts.

First OrchardAges 2+First Orchardcheck price

First Orchard is a brilliant classic enjoyed for over 30 years. It’s a unique cooperative game from Haba that’s a simplified version of Orchard, designed for ages 2 and older. We like that the pieces are large so little ones won’t be able to swallow them. The best part? This is a game where kids are encouraged to work together. As kids play, they learn color matching, counting, following rules, and taking turns. We love that even a 2 year old can understand the rules and fully enjoy it. The idea of the game is simple: All the players have to pick the fruit off the trees before the raven eats them. Will you beat the raven to the fruit?

Snail’s Pace RaceAges 3+Snails Pace Racecheck price

Snail’s Pace Race is an award-winning, cooperative 2-6 player game for toddlers. Be the first player to race your colored snail to the finish to win. What’s cool? Even the losers win in this game! Players roll the color-coded dice to move the corresponding colored snails one space forward. It’s a great game for teaching younger players basic board game skills, such as taking turns, dice play, and piece movement. This simple and quick game incorporates counting, cooperative play, color recognition, and memory, and even helps develop your child’s social skills. Traveling at a snail’s pace, who will win the race? With the small dice, adult supervision is required for two year olds. For a 2-year-old, it’s an easy game great for teaching colors and shapes.

Feed The WoozleAges 3+Feed The Woozlecheck price

Feed the Woozle is a silly and goofy cooperative game where preschoolers work together to feed a goofy monster. To succeed, it will take dexterity and teamwork. The game is simple to play. Simply roll the die to determine how many snacks to feed him. Now kids have to walk, spin, dance, or bunny hop over to the Woozle, while balancing the funny food on a spoon. Can you feed him 12 treats before the snacks run out? With 3 levels of play, it’s a great preschool game for building gross motor skills and dexterity and learning balance, counting, and language development.

Count Your Chickens Board GameAges 3+Count Your Chickens Board Gamecheck price

In Count Your Chickens, the chicks have flown the coop, and you need to round them up by working together and return them to the coop. Spin and move to the corresponding space as indicated by the spinner. Count the number of spaces you move and gather up the same amount of chicks. Then it’s the next player’s turn. Once all the chicks have been gathered, everybody wins. What’s great? No reading is required so even toddlers can join in on the fun. Two year olds may need some guidance. Kids will have fun learning to count, taking turns, following directions, and cooperating to win. Note: Contains small parts.

Friends and Neighbors: The Helping GameAges 3+Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Gamecheck price

A cooperative game designed for 1–4 players, Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Game centers around emotions. For instance, kids will be faced with various challenges, such as can you help a sad little girl who’s standing in the rain, a boy who’s scared of the dark, a crying girl who lost her balloon? Grab a token from the help bag and see if you can help someone by matching the token with a person’s problem. We love that with this matching game, kids can learn to identify emotions, help people, and build empathy. You have to fix the kids’ problems to make them happy. However, by showing what piece is supposed to match, it takes away from the problem-solving aspect. You can talk to your child about the character’s feelings, why they feel that way, and explain how your child can help. Parents love the discussions about feelings, how to help people, and that 2 year olds stay engaged. It’s not a competitive game; instead you are working together toward the same goal. Not only is it wonderful for emotional development, but also it enourages social communication, and cooperation.

HABA Little GardenAges 2+HABA Little Gardencheck price

Little Garden is a cooperative garden game designed for toddlers. It’s really well made and delivers a satisfying experience that both kids and adults can enjoy. We love how it introduces the concept of growing a garden and working as a team to win. The twist? Watch out for Molly Mole – don’t let her build her molehill before you harvest. The best part? It’s easy for kids to understand and 2 year olds love it. Depending on your child, the rules may be simplified. Kids learn about garden plant’s life cycle, fine motor skills, concentration, language skills, and color recognition. Win by placing all the patch cards on the board, but lose if Molly Mole is quicker than the gardeners.

Snug as a Bug in a RugAges 3+Snug as a Bug in a Rugcheck price

In Snug as a Bug, a cooperative game for 2-4 players, players have to work together to move all the colored bugs under the rug before the 3 stinkbugs make their big reveal. After players roll a die and spin the spinner, they have to find the matching bug with the same color, number, and shape. If there is no matching bug, you get a stinkbug. Work together toward finding the matches to win. Depending on your child, you can adjust the difficulty. It’s simple enough for a 2 year old to understand and play. A simple recognition game with a focus on cooperative play, it’s perfect for teaching toddlers matching, counting, colors, and shapes. Can you get all the bugs under the rug before the 3 stink bugs stink up the place? Note: Contains small parts.



Your 2 year old understands mostly everything you speak to him. Not only is his grasp of language increasing, but 2 year olds can solve problems in their head. It is important to stimulate their growing brains and intellect. With these educational board games 2 year olds will begin to understand simple concepts like counting and colors.

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game Ages 3+The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game check price

Who doesn’t love cute squirrels? Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel is an award-winning game for toddlers. With small acorn pieces included, parents should supervise their 2 year old while playing. Building fine motor skills, this starter game teaches kids colors, numbers, and how to take turns. There’s no reading required, as kids only spin and count. Spin the wheel and pick up the matching colored acorn using the squirrel-shaped tweezers. Be the first to gather 5 acorns to win!

Hi Ho! Cherry-OAges 3-6Hi Ho! Cherry-Ocheck price

A favorite for over 50 years, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, a first counting game for kids, delivers laughs and fun in spades. Of all the versions on the market, this is most like the original game. Kids have to pick fruits from the colored trees and fill up their buckets. The first one to fill up their bucket wins. It’s a great game for developing early math skills like counting, adding, and subtracting. Two year olds find it easy to play, and it also teaches 2 year olds the concept of taking turns. With small parts, parental guidance is suggested.

Let’s Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar GameAges 3+Lets Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Gamecheck price

Combining counting, collecting and building, Let’s Feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game is a fun, adorable game for 2-4 players. No reading is required, so even pre-readers can play, learn, and understand the game. Players embark on a journey transforming their caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. They move 3D sculpted caterpillars from fruit to fruit, collecting a unique butterfly puzzle piece everytime they ‘eat’. The first one to get all 5 puzzle pieces and build a beautiful butterfly wins. What’s cool? Everytime you play, you can create a different work of butterfly art. Although it’s recommended for 3+, it’s engaging, enjoyable, and entertaining for 2 year olds. Two year olds love it, and it’s great for recognizing numbers, counting, colors, and puzzles. Although it’s easy to play, parents may need to help manage the game and give instructions. Kids will want to play again and again. Note: Contains small parts.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Welcome to Mainstreet GameAges 3+Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Welcome to Mainstreet Gamecheck price

Welcome to Main Street has players venturing through the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. It’s a short game perfect for short attention spans. The theme is wonderful for fans of the TV show. Visit Main Street shops to get items for your backpack — never forgetting to say ‘Thank you’. Multiple paths allow for some strategy. The goal is to gather certain items and be the first to reach the end. When landing on the ‘present’ space, you give another player an item they need to win. We love that the focus is not purely on winning. The game builds social skills, while teaching counting, sharing, and helping. It’s a great introduction to playing games and also teaches turn taking. Kids will ask to play it multiple times a day. With small pieces, supervision of your 2 year old is advised. Although some may need help on what to do next, 2 year olds can master this game with some guidance initially. It’s perfect for any Daniel Tiger fans, and a great socio-emotional learning tool.

Acorn SoupAges 2+Acorn Soupcheck price

Acorn Soup is a counting game where you help a squirrel make delicious soups with the recipe cards. Squirrel stores extra food for the winter. Two year olds understand the concept of the game well and enjoy it. It’s a cute game where you count to less than 10. Two year olds love making the recipes and balancing the food on the spoon. It’s great for skill building and inspiring the imagination, and we love the concept and quality. Some kids also love pretending to ‘cook’ in their play kitchens. It’s easy to clean up and store. It’s both challenging and fun — perfectly suited for 2 year olds. It’s great for language development, counting, reading, and it’s just plain fun.

Shelby’s Snack ShackAges 4+Shelbys Snack Shackcheck price

From the makers of the Sneaky Squirrel Game comes this fun counting game. With cute illustrations, kids have to find all the hidden bones by spinning the spinner and picking up the same number of bones as they spun. The cutest part? Kids pick up the bones with the Pug Squeezer, which is not only adorable but great for developing those pincher skills. Kids love the realistic pieces and the doggy tongs. It’s fun to teach your 2 year old numbers and counting through play.

Three Little Piggies DeluxeAges 3-6Three Little Piggies Deluxecheck price

Three Little Piggies is a simple puzzle game for toddlers. This Deluxe edition allows parents to share the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs with their kids complete with colorful illustrations. Kids will use logic and reasoning to complete the 48 challenges, while having so much fun hiding from the big bad wolf. A 2 year old could complete the easy puzzles, but the harder challenges will even challenge adults. Kids will have to help the pigs build their houses, arrange the pieces so the pigs can play outside, and hide inside when they see the wolf. It’s a fun game for developing spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. It’s both challenge and fun for 2 year olds, and they can hardly wait to save the little pigs from the big bad wolf.

Go Away Monster!Ages 3+Go Away Monster!check price

Go Away Monster! is a perfect first game for 2 year olds. Every little kid can relate to getting frightened of monsters. In Go Away Monster, kids have to draw from a bag without looking and avoid pulling out monsters. The goal is to only use your sense of feeling to pick out only the bedroom furniture and furnish your bedroom. If 2-year-olds pull out a monster, they will love screaming “Go Away Monster!” We love how it empowers kids to overcome their fear of monsters, while teaching shape recognition, taking turns, sharing, and cooperation. Two year olds never seem to get tired of it — they can play it hundreds of times. Note: Contains small parts.

Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco GameAges 4+Frankies Food Truck Fiasco Gamecheck price

A multiple award-winner, Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco Game is a shape-matching game for kids. While the game targets ages 4+, it’s more perfectly suited for a 2-3 year old. Spin the spinner and use the adorable Frankie tweezers to grab the food items matching the shape. Spinning a ‘Chef’s Surprise’ is lucky, but flies and greedy guests only slow you down. If you land on a circle, triangle, square, or rectangle, you’re required to take the corresponding shape. But if you already have that shape, you can’t do anything on that turn. A Chef’s Surprise lets you choose a food matching any of the four shapes pictured that you still need. Be the first to collect five pieces of your meal to win. We love that the game is ready to play right out of the box, and makes learning early math skills fun. There’s no reading required so kids can play by themselves. Kids love using the cat to pick up food items. Kids will have fun while developing eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and shape recognition skills. Shhh! Kids won’t even know they’re learning, because they’re too busy having fun.

Bunny BedtimeAges 2+Bunny Bedtimecheck price

Bunny Bedtime is a game of choices for your 2 year old. It’s bedtime for Bunny. Roll a 3-colored die and move Bunny along the path. You’ll help bunny make choices about her bedtime routine: Which bath toy should she play with? What pajamas shall she wear? Will bunny use the big or small potty? Through play kids learn matching colors/shapes, decision-making, problem-solving, listening, and socio-emotional skills. We love how this game captures things 2 year olds love like mastering routines, completing puzzles, and making choices. If your 2 year old can take turns, work on a puzzle, and follow rules, then this game will be fun. With only a handful of games suitable for this age range, this takes the cake in terms of age-appropriateness. It’s engaging and right on track for 2 year olds, and some will even enjoy free-playing with the main piece and rabbit.

First 100 Words Activity GameAges 2+First 100 Words Activity Gamecheck price

First 100 Words Activity Game is entertaining and educational for little ones. Kids roll the dice and locate the cards. It’s designed for 1 or more players. The game gives you 5-6 ideas to play with. You can either play the game with your 2 year old, or lay out the cards and have them find the correct ones. The best part? No reading is required. The realistic images are bright and attractive to capture early learner’s attention with animals, colors, and other items. It’s great for teaching first words. Kids will have fun while learning, so it’s a must-have for any toddler.

Button, Button, Belly ButtonAges 2+Button, Button, Belly Buttoncheck price

Button, Button, Belly Button is a simple matching game designed for 2 year olds and up. Your goal is to gather a rainbow of buttons and discover belly buttons along the way. Flip your card and find the matching colored button on the board. If you find a bear, match it to the corresponding colored bear’s picture on the board. Then kids can show off their belly button, if they’d like. Two year olds love playing it with their parents, but thankfully they can also play it solo. Kids will learn color identification, same vs. different, taking turns, and following directions with this fun and cute little first game made for 2 year olds. It’s perfect for kids fascinated with their belly buttons.

Melissa & Doug Puppy Pursuit GamesAges 4+Melissa & Doug Puppy Pursuit Gamescheck price

Your little puppy lover will love Puppy Pursuit Games. A parent hides 6 stuffed animal puppies, and the kid goes on a hide-and-seek adventure using the card clues. The clues give you hints as where to look — like look under the bed, look in the closet, look under the chair, and more. In all, there are 10 games to develop a range of skills. We love the early learning component, variety of game options, and that kids enjoy playing it for hours on end. It’s such a cute game for kiddos, and kids love searching for the cute puppies and hiding the puppies only to have their parents find them.

Orchard Toys Dotty DinosaursAges 3-6Orchard Toys Dotty Dinosaurscheck price

Got a little dino lover? Your 2 year old will have fun learning with these cute, colorful dinosaurs. Match shapes and colors with these friendly dinos. It’s a fun educational game for kiddos to learn shapes, colors, and taking turns. The best part? It’s easy for little ones to understand and complete. It’s a great first game that 2 year olds love playing again and again.

HABA Tidy up!Ages 2+HABA Tidy up!check price

HABA’s Tidy Up! is a great first game for toddlers. It’s a simple game with multiple ways to play. Setup is simple and two year olds love it. Little Tomcat had fun playing and now you have to help him organize the printed tiles with a variety of objects on the three-dimensional bookshelf. It’s great for organizing, teaching concepts of top, middle, bottom, as well as taking turns, color recognition, and following directions. You have to sort the items by category. It’s a great first game for kiddos. Now if only little ones can learn to clean up their own rooms. We can dream, right?



At this age, most 2 year olds haven’t grasped the concept of sharing time. These family games are a great way to encourage your 2 year old to play together with the whole family.

Connect 4Ages 6+Connect 4check price

Players: 2 | Time: 15 minSimilar to Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4 is a classic game where players have to drop in colored coins and whoever gets four in a row wins. The colored coins can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. While toddlers may not understand the rules, they will enjoy dropping coins into the grid and releasing all the coins over and over. Not only does it keep them busy, it’s great practice for their little hands. The game’s also great for teaching colors, counting, and taking turns. Note: Contains small parts.

Candy Land 65th Anniversary GameAges 4+Candy Land 65th Anniversary Gamecheck price

What 2 year old wouldn’t love a candy-themed game? Celebrate Candy Land, a classic board game, with this 65th anniversary edition with graphics and components inspired by the original. It’s a delicious race to the castle with this simple and colorful game. If they know their colors, Candy Land is the perfect first board game for toddlers. Toddlers move around the board by spinning and matching colors. Since it’s all about color matching, they don’t need to be able to read or understand numbers. Draw a colored card and move to the nearest colored space. Be the first player to reach Home Sweet Home to win. Note: Contains small parts.

Chutes and LaddersAges 3+Chutes and Ladderscheck price

Chutes & Ladders is a classic game for younger audiences and families. This classic is sure to bring back a lot of old memories. Little ones will learn basic counting skills as they try to avoid the chutes and climb up the ladders. The first one to the top wins the game. Although the game relies heavily on luck, it’s a great first game for 2 year olds since they learn basic game rules, dice play, turn taking, and counting.

ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score Game SetAges 3+ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score Game Setcheck price

Everyone’s favorite party game is now supersized. It’s like Connect 4 where you have to get 4-in-a-row to win, but this is on a larger scale. Two year olds love playing with the bigger pieces and oversized game board. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor fun and comes with a handy travel case. Think you have what it takes to win?! This is a game the whole family can enjoy.

The Ladybug GameAges 3+The Ladybug Gamecheck price

An award-winning game designed by a first grader, The Ladybug Game takes kids on a brand new adventure every time you play. With an intriguing story and easy play mechanics, kids will have fun as they try to get the ladybugs home in this simple game. Pick a card and move the required number of spaces. The best part? No reading is required so most pre-readers can play without help. But with somewhat complex rules and small parts, parental guidance is suggested for 2 year olds.

Memory & Matching

Memory & Matching

Help his memory develop with these simple matching games that require him to sort objects by shape, patterns, and color.

Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Matching GameAges 3+Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Matching Gamecheck price

The Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Matching Game is a fun game of picture matching and memory skills. The game features 72 beautifully illustrated Disney picture tiles with favorites like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy, and more. It’s just like the classic game of Memory with a super fun Disney theme. Start with the tiles placed face-down. Flip two over at a time to find matching pairs. The player with the most pairs wins. The game can be played solo or with more than one player. It’s a great game for developing your child’s matching and memory skills in a fun way.

Zingo!Ages 4+Zingo!check price

Zingo is BINGO with pictures. It’s a great game to introduce toddlers to the idea of taking turns and following simple rules while building language, critical thinking, and matching skills. The Zinger machine dispenses out little picture chips. Since it uses pictures and it’s just matching, no reading is required so even your toddler can participate. The player matching all the pictures on their card has to yell “Zingo” to win. Two year olds love this game! Note: Contains small parts.

Spot It Jr.! AnimalsAges 4+Spot It Jr.! Animalscheck price

Spot It Jr. is a fast-paced matching game. You place any 2 cards in front of everybody and players have to find the matching animal on both cards. Between any 2 cards there is always a match. Spot It Jr. features cute animals, which makes it easier for toddlers to play. It’s a game the whole family can enjoy, including many 2 year olds.

Orchard Toys Farmyard Heads & TailsAges 18m+Orchard Toys Farmyard Heads & Tailscheck price

With a fun farm theme, kids will have fun matching heads and tails of farmers and farm animals. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the wipe-off cards are perfectly sized for little hands. It’s a fantastic game to develop your 2 year old’s matching and memory skills. The set includes 12 matching pairs. Two year olds love this game and it’s easy to play.

Orchard Toys Shopping ListAges 3-7Orchard Toys Shopping Listcheck price

Love shopping? In Shopping List, an award-winning game, players race to shop for groceries on their list. It’s a game of matching and memory. Flip over a card – if it’s on your list, simply add it to your basket. If not, flip it back over. You’ll want to pay attention to every card turned over. The first player to gather all the items on their grocery list wins. Since the game is made in Britain, the selection of items are of common items in the UK. It’s a great simple game for 2 year olds that delviers a fun twist on the classic game of Memory.

Seek-a-BooAges 1+Seek-a-Boocheck price

Seek-a-Boo is a fun board game that’s also a great teaching tool. It’s a matching game that comes with large picture cards, and it’s easy for two-year-olds to understand. The main way to play is to lay out the 6 big circle cards, and then flip a small square card over one at a time to find the match. You can also play a memory game. It’s a wonderful way to introduce your 2 year old to matching, animals, colors, ABCs, vocabulary, and more. What’s great about it is that the rules can be easily modified depending on your child. So you can start with a few cards and then gradually build up to your child’s level. We also love that there are multiple ways to play with varying challenge levels. Two year olds love naming all the pictures and finding their matches. It’s a fun game for developing memory, vocabulary, and large motor skills.

Banana Panda – Suuuper Size Memory GameAges 2+Banana Panda - Suuuper Size Memory Gamecheck price

With colorful illustrations, large 6″x6″pieces and simple rules, Banana Panda Suuuper Size Memory Game is a wonderful first game for your 2 year old. The size is perfect for little toddler’s hands, and the illustrations are adorably cute and age-appropriate for a 2-year-old. There are 12 different animals in all. It’s perfect for developing memory and matching skills, concentration, and cognitive thinking. The cards may also be used to teach first words. It’s a cute educational gift for 2 year olds obsessed with animals.

Lucky DucksAges 3+Lucky Duckscheck price

Lucky Ducky is a fun memory and matching game with adorable ducks. As the ducks swim in the circular pond, players take turns picking up ducks and checking the color and shape underneath. If the colored shape matches yours, you keep the duck. Otherwise, you put it back. Be the first to collect 3 ducks matching your shape to win. The rotating pond is a fun twist on classic memory games. The game is easy enough to understand, keeping kids’ interests. When your kids play several rounds, you’ll wish there was a way to shut off those quacking ducks. Perfect for 2 year olds, it’s a simple and cute game for kids that teaches turn taking, shapes, and colors.

Busy Barnyard DominoesAges 1+Busy Barnyard Dominoescheck price

Now even toddlers can play dominoes. These dominoes feature fun pictures that kids can match and play dominoes. The wood quality feels sturdy. Toddlers don’t have to know numbers because they just have to match the animals. The coolest part? On the back, the dominoes are numbered, so it’s great for counting, too. Two year olds grasp the concept easily, and they love matching the barnyard animals. It’s a great tool for developing cognitive skills like sorting, matching, and arithmetic, and it’s a set that can be used for years to come.

Zoo On The LooseAges 4+Zoo On The Loosecheck price

Zoo On The Loose allows kids to learn through play. The game has players leading 5 adorably cute stuffed animals on an adventure. Read the action cards to your child, and let them determine the location on the mat matching your description. In addition to turn taking and following directions, kiddos will learn spatial relations, early reading skills, memory, and color recognition. The catch? When you get the zookeeper card, you have to quickly return the animals to their respective places. There are 2 ways to play, but creative kids can dream up other fun ways to play. Kids can also take their animal friends on their own little adventures or sleep with them in bed. We love how it engages kids and keeps them active without being rowdy. Kids love this game, and it’s a great tool for developing listening skills and vocabulary.

Orchard Toys Smelly WelliesAges 2-6Orchard Toys Smelly Welliescheck price

Smelly Wellies is an adorable matching game featuring cute monsters. These smelly monsters need your help matching their socks with various colors and patterns. Match the socks correctly to win. It’s both educational and fun and great for developing your 2 year old’s matching skills. As your child develops their ability and confidence, you can play a memory game.

Eric Carle Matching GameAges 3+Eric Carle Matching Gamecheck price

Designed for one or more players, Eric Carle Matching Game is a fun game of picture matching for toddlers and their families. Played like the classic game of Memory, it’s a great game for developing your child’s matching and memory skills. Kids will be matching beautifully illustrated images of fun animals like fish, bears, birds and more. The cards are sturdy enough for a 2 year old. Although it challenges 2 year olds, they’re more than capable of matching the animal tiles. As your child gets older, they can try their hand at the memory game.



Most 2 year olds don’t have the attention span to play cards for a long time. These simple card games don’t require any reading and have shorter play times, making them perfect for 2 year olds.

gofinditAges 3+gofinditcheck price

Gear up for an exciting scavenger hunt with gofindit! Each card has a word and drawing, and you have to find the item in the real world. The drawings make it easier for young ones to understand. There are a few cards 2 year olds may not understand, but there are plenty that they will get. Designed for 1-6 players, this is a game you can play during any season and practically anywhere — the park, at home, and on hikes. It’s truly a fun game for the whole family, where kids of all ages can enjoy it. We love the flexibility of games being as short as 2 minutes to a whole day. We only wish the cards were laminated for toddler durability. It’s a really fun way for kids to explore nature. This is a game kids will be begging to play everywhere — they’ll notice all the finer details and true beauty of nature!

HisssAges 4+Hissscheck price

Hisss is a card game designed for younger children. In this color-matching game, the object is to build the largest snake. But each snake must have a head, body, and tail. All of the colored body parts have to match as well. Start with all the cards face-down and flip over a card. Players take turns picking up cards and can choose either to build a new snake or add it to their existing snakes. If you complete a snake, add it to your snake pit. The player with the most tiles in their snake pit wins. The game is great for promoting counting, color recognition, and visual logic. Unlike many games that get boring after a while, 2 year olds and their parents will actually enjoy playing this game together. Kids love making snakes in the game. If your 2 year old can follow directions, focus on a specific task, and match colors, this game is perfect for them.

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks GameAges 3+Richard Scarrys Cars and Trucks Gamecheck price

While it’s based on luck, this card game is a great tool for teaching your 2 year old how to count and add numbers. Each card in the deck of cards has an illustrated vehicle with a certain amount of passengers. Every player draws a card. The player with the most passengers wins the round. If a player draws a bonus card, then that player gets to flip over another card and add the two cards together. If your 2 year old knows their numbers and greater than this is perfect, otherwise they may need some guidance. It’s especially fun for 2 year olds obsessed with cars and trucks.

Zoo On The LooseAges 4+Zoo On The Loosecheck price

Zoo On The Loose allows kids to learn through play. The game has players leading 5 adorably cute stuffed animals on an adventure. Read the action cards to your child, and let them determine the location on the mat matching your description. In addition to turn taking and following directions, kiddos will learn spatial relations, early reading skills, memory, and color recognition. The catch? When you get the zookeeper card, you have to quickly return the animals to their respective places. There are 2 ways to play, but creative kids can dream up other fun ways to play. Kids can also take their animal friends on their own little adventures or sleep with them in bed. We love how it engages kids and keeps them active without being rowdy. Kids love this game, and it’s a great tool for developing listening skills and vocabulary.

Best Board Games For 2 Year Olds?

We hope you have enjoyed our roundup of best age-appropriate board games that engage, entertain, and develop your 2 year old. Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below.

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