100+ Favorite Books for 2 Year Olds 2021

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Best Books For 2 Year Olds
Whether you are looking for the best bedtime stories, best sellers, or new stories to read, here are the best books for 2 year olds that will spark their imagination and support their development.

What are the best books for 2 year olds? Two year olds not only understand most words and objects, but also have a rapidly growing vocabulary. At 2 years, it is important to read to your child every day to promote language, social, and emotional development. According to the CDC, 2 year olds are learning their ABCs and probably starting to use words and speak in short sentences.

Children this age can understand a storyline and even repeat a story in their own words. Because of their shorter attention spans, you want to choose books that are short and easily digestible.

From books that promote early learning to board books, we’ve selected the top books for 2 year olds worth adding to your collection.

Children’s Classics

There is a reason these classics have been read thousands and thousands of times. They are timeless stories that are told to generation after generation. Any of these books would be a great place to start.

The Very Hungry CaterpillarAges 0+The Very Hungry Caterpillarcheck price

Here is a classic book that every 2 year old must read. It’s about a caterpillar that eats everything and finally ends up with an upset stomach. The coolest part? As the caterpillar eats the foods, he leaves behind little holes in each page, which helps kids learn to count. So cute!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Ages 2-5Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?check price

This is a must-have book for 2 year old boys. The book introduces children to animals, letter, and colors. It contains a lot of repetition that makes it easy for kids to memorize.

Goodnight MoonAges 1-4Goodnight Mooncheck price

This a classic book that has been around for years. Every of parent of a 2 year old must own this book. It’s the perfect bedtime story to fall asleep to.

Where’s Spot?Ages 1-3Wheres Spot?check price

Little ones will love lifting the flaps and hunting for Spot in this board book edition featuring a new attractive design that pops. Eric Hill created this charming and adorable book for his 2-year-old son as a bedtime story. Now you can share this most famous adventure with your 2-year-old. It’s perfect for teaching kids, and they’ll never get bored of the teaching nor the story. Can you find Spot?

Love You ForeverAges 4+Love You Forevercheck price

Love You Forever is the heartwarming story that touched millions of hearts around the world. It’s about parenting and enduring love and reminds us that no matter our age, we are always someone’s child. Don’t be surprised if you shed a tear reading this beautiful and meaningful book.

Where The Wild Things AreAges 4-8Where The Wild Things Arecheck price

Written by Maurice Sendak, “Where the Wilds Things Are” is children’s classic. It’s the story of a rambunctious little boy who is sent to bed with no dinner. When he goes to his room, he goes to a magical place filled with monsters. The wonderful illustrations are sure to stir your preschooler’s imagination.

The Giving TreeAges 1-8The Giving Treecheck price

The Giving Tree is a story about caring, giving, and love. It’s about a tree that gives itself to make a child happy. While your child might not be able to see the symbolism yet, parents know that the “giving tree” represents them. It’s a book with such an emotional message.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!Ages 4-8Oh, the Places Youll Go!check price

At age 2, your toddler is still growing. But it’s never to early to reflect on what their life could be. Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go! motivates readers to find the success within though humorous verses and wonderul illustrations. This is one of those all-time favorite books that makes a great gift.

CorduroyAges 1-3Corduroycheck price

Does your 2 year old love teddy bears? Then you can’t miss out on the story of Corduroy, which celebrates 50 years of the teddy bear. It’s an endearing picture book about a teddy bear who loses a button but finds a friend. Nobody wanted this bear but he finds a home with someone willing to embrace his imperfection. Kids will love how adventurous Corduroy is in this classic. It’s almost certain to be among your 2-year-old’s most-loved books.

Green Eggs and HamAges 3-7Green Eggs and Hamcheck price

Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham is a beloved children’s classic. It has a fun story with simple words, and we love the book’s rhymes, illustrations, and characters. By the end of the story, will Sam-I-Am convince you that green eggs and ham are a delectable treat to be enjoyed everywhere and in every way? Every generation should experience Dr. Seuss’s books, as they inspire creativity, curiosity, and imagination. It’s an important part of their childhood.

The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board BooksAges 2-3The Little Blue Box of Bright and Early Board Bookscheck price

This gift set includes Hop on Pop; Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!; Ten Apples Up On Top!; and The Shape of Me and Other Stuff. It’s a good quality set for toddlers. The size is perfect for a 2 year old. These are smaller than the regular versions. We love the little case for toting around. Our favorite book in the set is Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! We only wish they had Green Eggs and Ham and Cat in the Hat in this collection, too.

The Cat in the HatAges 3-7The Cat in the Hatcheck price

The Cat In The Hat is one of the most beloved children’s classics. Dick and Sally are trapped indoors with nothing to do, until the Cat in the Hat arrives. They have an adventure that almost wrecks the place. It’s heavy on phonics with charming illustrations. Kids will want you to read it over and over. Compelling, funny, memorable, and full of heart, it deserves a spot in every child’s library.

The Monster At The End of This BookAges 3-7The Monster At The End of This Bookcheck price

Written by Maurice Sendak, “Where the Wilds Things Are” is children’s classic. It’s the story of a rambunctious little boy who is sent to bed with no dinner. When he goes to his room, he goes to a magical place filled with monsters. The wonderful illustrations are sure to stir your preschooler’s imagination.

The Runaway BunnyAges 0-4The Runaway Bunnycheck price

The Runaway Bunny is a classic children’s book from the author of Goodnight Moon. A mother tells her little bunny if you run away, I will come after you, for you are my little bunny. It’s a story about the love and bond between a mother and her child. The mother lets her child know that she’ll always be there for them — through the good and the bad. Some kids love reading this along with Goodnight Moon. We love how the mother gives her child space to grow while ensuring its safety. We really love the story, and it’s one of the sweetest picture books for kids out there. Every child should own this classic!

The Poky Little PuppyAges 2-3The Poky Little Puppycheck price

The best-selling picture book of all-time, The Poky Little Puppy is a delightful story of a curious puppy that digs holes under fences and goes to bed without strawberry shortcake. The puppy takes longer to leave and return from home each day. He makes out better than his siblings, until he’s outsmarted at the end. We love that it’s short and sweet with good plot development without being overdone. It’s just perfect for little ones. The story, artwork, and flow are all well done. It’s a wonderful classic that belongs in every little one’s collection. It’s one of those books passed on from generation to generation. It’s so good!

I Am a BunnyAges 3+I Am a Bunnycheck price

Richard Scarry’s I Am A Bunny is a beloved classic with a short and sweet story. The bunny character is endearing and we love Scarry’s depiction of the four seasons. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. Kids will love pointing out various things in the images. It’s one of those books you won’t mind reading again and again, and it’s one that you’ll want to pass on from generation to generation.

The Snowy DayAges 2-5The Snowy Daycheck price

Do you remember the first time your experienced snowfall? The Snowy Day perfectly captures the magic of that wonder and presents the hope of clenching onto that wonder forever through the adventures of a young boy on a snowy day. Not only is it a classic, but also it’s one of the most important written picture books that 2 year olds will treasure. Joy, wonder, disappointment, and excitement are universally shared emotions, regardless of ethnicity. It delivers an important message about childhood and life and the artwork is beautiful.

The Happy Man and His Dump TruckAges 2-5The Happy Man and His Dump Truckcheck price

The Happy Man and His Dump Truck is a story about a happy, friendly man who takes farm animals on a joy ride in his dump truck. It’s very simple but kids love how the animals get a great ride and have so much fun. Although it doesn’t further explore dump trucks or animals, it’s still a cute book that feels like a classic Little Golden Book and kids can relate to it. We love how the happy man treats everyone like his friends, including the farm animals. It’s a great gift for toddlers who love trucks and/or animals.

JamberryAges 2-4Jamberrycheck price

Jamberry is a best-selling and charming classic about a boy and a bear embarking on berry-picking adventures to make jam. Kids love the fun rhymes and silliness of the book. It has good flow, the rhythm is magical, and it’s also gorgeously illustrated with adventure-filled scenes. Encapsulating what childhood should and ought to be — full of joy, love, and trust — it’s a must-have for any young reader’s collection and a go-to for baby showers. It’s one of those few books you won’t mind re-reading to your child. It will almost certainly create many wonderful memories.

The Story of FerdinandAges 3-5The Story of Ferdinandcheck price

The Story of Ferdinand is an absolute classic with a timeless message. Unlike other bulls, Ferdinand doesn’t like to fight. Instead, he’d rather smell flowers. This Viking edition is the best version of the book. The message focuses on being yourself, being kind, and the power of peace. Although the illustrations are in black-and-white and may not appeal to some toddlers, they capture charming details, reflect Ferdinand’s gentleness, and depict mature animals unlike the Disney characters. With its timeless message, it deserves a spot on your child’s bookshelf.

The MittenAges 1-3The Mittencheck price

In The Mitten, Nicki loses a white mitten while walking in the snow. Animals small and big find shelter in the mitten. When a bear sneezes — they all fly out of the mitten, and the mitten flies in the air and Nicki discovers it. The text feels poetic and it’s beautifully illustrated. It’s a beautiful story for children, and kids will love how the animals are portrayed with both charm and humor.

Whistle for WillieAges 2+Whistle for Williecheck price

Whistle For Willie is a sweet story of an African-American boy and his dog and learning to whistle for his dog. It’s a timeless classic that still remains fresh today. We love the endearing character and positive vibe. Keats’ bold, vibrant illustrations bring the story to life. It’s a wonderful addition to your 2 year old’s library.

A Pocket for CorduroyAges 1-3A Pocket for Corduroycheck price

A Pocket for Corduroy is the sequel to Corduroy. Get ready for a soapy adventure at the Laundromat with Lisa and Corduroy, her teddy bear. Although the story is not as original as the first, if your child loved the first book, there’s a good chance they’ll love this one, too. It does offer rich vocabulary for little ones. The first story is much more meaningful, but it’s a must-have for Corduroy lovers.

Early Learning Books for 2 Year Olds

With the help of these learning books, your 2 year old will learn the basics of grammar even before their first day of school. Through listening, practicing, and memorizing over and over, they will enrich their vocabulary and language skills.

Chicka Chicka Boom BoomAges 1-4Chicka Chicka Boom Boomcheck price

This charming rhyming book is a fun way to introduce the alphabets to your 2 year old. The story revolves all of the alphabets, A through Z, climbing up a coconut tree. When all of the letters make their way up the tree, the tree goes “Chika Chicka Boom Boom”. With fun sound effects and rhymes, it’s an entertaining story that young children will love.

First 100 WordsAges 1-3First 100 Wordscheck price

Introduce your 2 year old to 100 essential first words and pictures with First 100 Words. With simple words, amazing imagery, sturdy board pages, and a soft, padded cover, kids will be engaged while learning all sorts of new words every day and building their vocabulary. A few of the words are repeated, but it’s not a deal-breaker. It’s a great educational book every toddler should have in their collection.

First 100 Board Book Box SetAges 1-3First 100 Board Book Box Setcheck price

This First 100 Board Book Box Set incldues 3 books: First 100 Words, First 100 Animals, and Number Colors Shapes. The books are sturdy, well-built, and provide great educational value for your 2 year old or toddler. Kids learn words and key concepts. They love the animals book and looking at all the pictures. The photos coupled with words facilitate your child’s learning. We love that these are perfectly sized for little hands.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound BookAges 3-6Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound Bookcheck price

Love the Baby Shark song? Now toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy this officially licensed interactive Sound Book. Explore the world of Baby Shark with vibrant illustrations and 10 interactive songs. Get ready to do the Baby Shark!

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADAAges 1-3Your Babys First Word Will Be DADAcheck price

Jimmy Falon, Emmy award-winning host of The Tonight Show, wrote Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA. Everyone knows fathers have long waged a war to make sure their babies’ first word is ‘Dada’. This book shows how the dad keeps wanting to have his child say DADA first. What this book lacks in substance with a story, it makes up for with a fun read that is simple with nice illustrations. Sure, we all expected it to have his signature humor, but, bottom line, it entertains little ones. And that’s really all that matters. It’s so cute when all the animals say ‘DADA’ at the end. Kids love mimicking the animal sounds. It’s a perfect book for animal lovers — but just know that it lacks a story and his iconic humor.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue FishAges 3-7One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fishcheck price

Dr. Seuss makes wonderful children’s books. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is a classic. Using rhythm, rhyme, and silly illustrations, this is a great book teach 4 year olds how to read on their own by sounding out the words. Even reading it hundreds of times, it never gets old.

ABC’s for Boys Ages 0-5ABCs for Boys check price

Looking for an ABC book for your 2 year old boy? Packed with airplanes, dump trucks, boats, tractors, and more, this ABC book keeps your 2 year old’s interest. They’ll be learning while having fun. While it’s designed for boys, even girls may like some of the things in this book. Most importantly, it really sparks learning new letters. The pictures are nice, large, and colorful. As it’s a precious way to learn the alphabet, it’s a must-have for your child’s book collection.

First 100 Words BilingualAges 1-3First 100 Words Bilingualcheck price

Want to teach your child in both Spanish and English? Introduce your 2 year old to 100 essential first words in Spanish and English with pictures in First 100 Words Bilingual edition. With simple words, amazing imagery, sturdy board pages, and a soft, padded cover, kids will be engaged while learning all sorts of new words every day and building their vocabulary. The bright colored photos will appeal to young kiddos. It’s a must-have educational book every toddler should have in their collection, and we love the bilingual learning aspect.

Baby Up, Baby Down: A First Book of OppositesAges 0-3Baby Up, Baby Down: A First Book of Oppositescheck price

Babies and toddlers can learn their opposites with this adorable read, Baby Up, Baby Down: A First Book of Opposites. Opposites covered include up/down, clean/messy, wet/dry, near/far, quite/loud, and awake/asleep. What’s cool? It features adorable babies of various races demonstrating the opposite concepts. There’s one baby for each pair of opposites. It really helps kiddos understand opposites. We just wish they had even more opposites.

I Love You, Stinky FaceAges 4+I Love You, Stinky Facecheck price

I Love You, Stinky Face is a story of a mother’s unconditional love. A mother tells her child that her love would not waiver even if her child were a smelly skunk, scary ape, or green alien. It’s the sweetest bedtime story and the message is profound. The beautiful illustrations elevate the story to a whole new level. It’s the perfect gift for baby showers and for any child’s collection. It’s a heart-warming family-favorite!

BIG Letter Tracing for Preschoolers and ToddlersAges 2-4BIG Letter Tracing for Preschoolers and Toddlerscheck price

For toddlers and preschoolers, tracing letters and numbers is not easy. Toddlers can learn letter tracing, number tracing, and basic shapes with this resource. Each alphabet or number is printed large on a single page, providing kids with plenty of space to form letters. The number and dotted line guidelines indicating the direction and path to take are really helpful for kids. If you laminate all the pages and use try erase markers, you’ll get the most out of this activity book. It’s an excellent resource for homeschooling that builds confidence and helps with pen control.

Simple First Words Let’s Say Our ColorsAges 1-4Simple First Words Lets Say Our Colorscheck price

Who’s ready to learn their colors? Simple First Words Let’s Day Our Colors introduces young readers to the wonderful world of colors. Press the interactive buttons to hear the color’s name. Each color is shown with many objects on a single page, while the last page shows an object with each color. It’s great for learning to identify colors and developing your 2 year old’s speech. There’s a great feeling of satisfaction when you see your child say each color and point out each color.

From Head to ToeAges 1-4From Head to Toecheck price

Written by the same author as The Hungry Caterpillar, this fun animal book encourages your little one to move. All the different animals in the book move their bodies and ask children to do the same. Children will love stretching and bending their bodies with the animals, using their whole body from head to toe.

Mouse PaintAges 0-3Mouse Paintcheck price

Mouse Paint introduces kids to basic color theory — primary colors, secondary colors, and mixing colors — with an adorable story. Kids love the story and the cute mice throughout the book. It’s a fun way for kiddos to learn about colors. Kids will be encouraged to experiment with mixing their own paint.

First 100 Numbers Colors ShapesAges 1-3First 100 Numbers Colors Shapescheck price

First 100 Numbers Colors Shapes is an essential that belongs in every toddler’s library. It teaches numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, times of day, routines, places, and even 100 simple first words. Two year olds love the vibrant pictures. Surprisingly, not all the colors are represented. We just love how these books are packed with so much information for your little one. It’s an excellent teaching tool for kids we can’t recommend highly enough.

Press HereAges 3-5Press Herecheck price

Press Here is one of the most unique books you will ever read with children. With technology so infused in our lives, it amazing that Herve Tullet managed to create a book that is just as interactive as an app. Each of the pages instructs the reader to press, shake, and tilt the book. On the following page, something magical will happen.

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little ToesAges 0+Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toescheck price

Celebrate the joy baby fingers and toes bring to the world with Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Multicultural babies from around the globe move across the pages until one child receives 3 kisses on the nose from its mother. The watercolor illustrations are simply adorable. Toddlers will love the rhyming and repetition. The main theme is that regardless of our differences, we all have 10 fingers and 10 toes. It’s wonderful to give your 2 year old kisses just as in the book. It’s such as sweet book that’s my go-to for baby showers.

I Love You Through And ThroughAges 2-3I Love You Through And Throughcheck price

I Love You Through and Through is a wonderful book about a toddler who declares his unconditional love for his teddy bear. The message is touching and it’s about loving your loved one from head to toe. The text is simple and sweet, the pictures are beautiful, and the rhymes are thoughtful with a beautiful cadence. It’s a favorite of toddlers that will get many requests for re-reads. Kids will also learn various body parts. It’s a simple, adorable book without a story but the message is profound. We love this book through and through!

Indestructibles: Beach BabyAges 0-2Indestructibles: Beach Babycheck price

Beach Baby is headed to the beach for some good ol’ fun in the sun! Baby’s got a bucket and shovel and is ready to play with sand, water, and seashells. While it’s not much of a story, it’s a cute book with vibrant illustrations, and it helps with learning objects and pointing. The best part? This passes the rough toddler test and holds up.

Counting KissesAges 1-5Counting Kissescheck price

Counting Kisses is a beautiful interactive book that counts down starting from 10 kisses to 1 final kiss. You’ll eventually kiss your 2 year old from head to toe. And who doesn’t love extra kisses? The illustrations are bright, colorful, and beautiful. It’s a wonderful bedtime book and perfect for early math learning. It’s helps you bond and create lasting memories with your child.

Eating the AlphabetAges 0-3Eating the Alphabetcheck price

Eating the Alphabet beautifully combines the alphabet with fruits and veggies. Kids learn about a variety of fruits and vegetables for every letter of the alphabet. Two year olds will love learning their ABC’s as well as the vibrant collage illustrations. Some may even be encouraged to try new healthy foods.

Yummy YuckyAges 1-3Yummy Yuckycheck price

Yummy Yucky is a fun way for your 2 year old to learn about opposites and what they should and should not eat. The mix of clever pairings, bold artwork, and expressive, comedic toddler make this a fun, funny, and amusing book. And who can complain when they’re learning and having fun?! The illustrations are simple and fun, and it’s a great learning tool.

Indestructibles: Let’s Go Outside!Ages 0-2Indestructibles: Lets Go Outside!check price

Let’s Go Outside! is perfect for teaching little learners to identify outdoor objects. It takes readers on a tour outdoors with actions on every page. Kids are encouraged to perform various actions like flap like a bird, buzz like a bee, hop like a frog, stretch like a tall tree and more. We love the interactive element, and toddlers love acting out the actions. This book is also great for developing kids’ vocabulary. The bright colors, animals, and insects delight kids. The adorable background details truly make this shine. Best of all, it’s entertaining, educational, and tear-proof.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABCAges 1-3The Very Hungry Caterpillars ABCcheck price

Young readers will love exploring Eric Carle’s wonderful creatures in this awesome alphabet book. With bright, vibrant colors, each letter is comprised of big and small animals. It’s one of the better ABC books with a letter and an animal corresponding with the letter on each page. There’s an interesting and diverse set of animals representing the alphabet albeit some are obscure. We love Eric Carle’s illustrations. The book’s size is perfect for little toddler hands. It’s a perfect gift for fans of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a great tool for those seeking to learn their ABCs in a fun way.

Never Touch a Polar Bear!Ages 2-4Never Touch a Polar Bear!check price

Never Touch a Polar Bear! is a touch-and-feel book that shares the message of being careful not touch animals. It’s a hit with kids, keeping them entertained and engaged.

AlphablockAges 1-3Alphablockcheck price

With simple vocabulary, retro-inspired illustrations, and cutout letters, Alphablock is a wonderful package that delights both kiddos and parents alike. Kids will love flipping through the book on their own, interacting with the alphabet, and looking at all the lovely pictures. We love how the pages are cut to the shape of the letter of the alphabet. We only wish it had thicker and more solid pages like a traditional board book for little ones. There are a handful of words you won’t find in other ABC books. As one of the best alphabet books, it’s a great educational tool for developing your 2 year old’s vocabulary.

Not A BoxAges 2-4Not A Boxcheck price

Honored with a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award, Not A Box is an imaginative book for toddlers. When is a box not just a box? It shows kids the power of the imagination with virtually limitless possibilities. It will stretch your traditional notion of a box. Kids will have fun guessing what the box is in each picture. Although the story is rather short, it’s very imaginative and encourages kids to think outside the box. We love the clever concept of this book.

VTech Touch and Teach Elephant BookAges 1-3VTech Touch and Teach Elephant Bookcheck price

Designed for kids ages 1 – 3, the Touch and Teach Elephant book is interactive and educational. Kids will learn letters, shapes, and more. Learn about animals, numbers, and hear piano sounds. The book also features 150 songs, melodies, and sounds to entertain your child. A built-in question button tests your child’s reading comprehension.

TouchThinkLearn: WigglesAges 2-4TouchThinkLearn: Wigglescheck price

TouchThinkLearn: Wiggles is a fantastic book combining directions, color, shapes, and fine motor development in a fun read for both kids and parents alike. The basic idea is you hear an instruction, repeat the words, and trace out its action with your hands. Kids love interacting with the book, touching each line and dot on each page. We love the hands-on learning approach. It’s a sturdy book that should last in your library for a long time.

Your Nose!Ages 0-4Your Nose!check price

Celebrate the love between parent and child and the beautiful noses we love with the book Your Nose! It’s a fun, super-cute book that kids love. Interestingly, it comes bundled with a free online song. The song is a welcome complement to the book that makes it even better. After reading this, your child will see noses in a whole new light.

Hello HelloAges 3-5Hello Hellocheck price

Hello Hello is a celebration of all types of animals that inspires kids to care for wild creatures. Its message about endangered species is powerful. Two year olds will love learning opposites and seeing all the animals. It’s easy to read and beautifully illustrated. Kids will want you to read it over and over. This is the perfect gift for animal lovers.

CountablockAges 1-4Countablockcheck price

Countablock is a wonderful companion to Alphablock that lets kids count from 1 to 10, and up by 10s to 100. Like Alphablock, the pages are cut to the numbers. Not only is it a counting book, but also it’s an educational book with fun concepts to explore. If your child is rough with books, the cutouts may be a concern. I only wish they had counted to 20, then gone up by 10s. In any case, your 2 year old will learn to count to 10 and by 10s in no time.

Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3Ages 2-3Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3check price

Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3 is a great counting book with pure cuteness overload. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and wonderful overall. The book is not filled with a lot of words but instead beautiful pictures. We love how it’s a story of what these friends do and see. This is perfect for little ones learning to count as well as duck lovers.

Blue’s Clues & You Skidoo into ABCs BookAges 2-5Blues Clues & You Skidoo into ABCs Bookcheck price

Go on a skiddo scavenger hunt to find words and letters like the show. Fans will explore a farm, present store, haunted house, and more. Press the lighted buttons to hear letter names, letter sounds, and the names of things in different locations.

Goodnight, NumbersAges 2-5Goodnight, Numberscheck price

Danica McKellar puts her own twist on the classic bedtime story. In this book, children will enjoy counting as they say goodnight to everything. Each page in the book centers on a number all the way up to 10. It’s the perfect introduction to early math skills.

Hooray For Fish!Ages 2-3Hooray For Fish!check price

In Hooray For Fish!, join Little Fish on an undersea adventure that you won’t soon forget. It teaches patterns and shapes in a fun way. The rhythmic pattern is perfect for reading and kids love the vibrant illustrations. Best of all, it’s short yet entertaining for kids. It’s a favorite of 2 year olds.

How Do You Say I Love You?Ages 2-4How Do You Say I Love You?check price

Want your child to learn to say ‘I Love You’ in 10 different languages? Then you’ll want to read How Do You Say I Love You? Children from around the world tell you how to say ‘I Love You’ in different languages. No matter what part of the world you’re from, the meaning remains consistent. It’s a sweet board book with beautiful illustrations, and it’s a fantastic book for kids.

Chomp Goes The AlligatorAges 2+Chomp Goes The Alligatorcheck price

Chomp Goes The Alligator is a cute interactive counting picture book about a hungry alligator who loves to eat. Kids will learn animal names, colors, and counting from 1 to 10. Kids will be delighted by the grand finale pop-up scene. Just be aware that the pull tab with the moving alligator head is delicate and can easily rip with younger audiences.

A B SeeAges 2-5A B Seecheck price

A B See is a beautifully illustrated alphabet book with a fun search and find twist. Look closely and you’ll discover several images that make up each letter like a collage. Can your 2 year old identify all of the images correctly? Toddlers will enjoy naming all the letters and images. What we love most is that it’s a book that can grow with your child.

HippoppositesAges 1-4Hippoppositescheck price

At its core Hippopposites is a book of opposites, but it’s unlike any other. Opposites are shown with hippos and a slick visual aesthetic. Although some of the pairings aren’t ideal, it offers words you don’t often find in other books and it’s refreshingly presented. Pairings include squared/rounded, invisible/visible, in front/behind, and soft/rough. Two year olds will love learning about opposites along with the tactile element. The book is sturdy for younger patrons. Your little one will love this book.

Ten, Nine, EightAges 4-8Ten, Nine, Eightcheck price

A Caldecott Honor Book, Ten, Nine, Eight is a bedtime counting book. The pictures are beautifully illustrated and nicely detailed. We love the picture of the bond between the daughter and father. It’s a comforting and delightful read. Don’t be surprised if your 2 year old wants you to read it every night.

Little Quack’s Hide and SeekAges 2-5Little Quacks Hide and Seekcheck price

Little Quack’s Hide and Seek is another great addition to the series. Mama Duck counts to 10 in a game of hide-and-seek. Everyone hides except for Little Quack. Where should he hide? The pictures are bright, colorful, and engaging. Kids will be laughing and shouting at mom duck when Little Quack hides right behind her. It’s a cute story that kiddos will love you to read again and again.

ABC DreamAges 3-7ABC Dreamcheck price

ABC Dream is a beautiful picture alphabet book. It takes an innovative approach on teaching the alphabet. It offers a unique blend of animals, insects, and nature. The artwork is stunning and creative, and kids love looking at the artwork and learning the words that describe each picture. It’s truly a unique gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Growing up & Facts Of Life


Giraffes Can’t DanceAges 4+Giraffes Cant Dancecheck price

Can giraffes really dance? Giraffes Can’t Dance is a board book starring Gerald the giraffe. He wants to be able to dance. The problem is he has crooked knees and thin legs. How could he possibly dance? Eventually Gerald dances thanks to encouragment from a surprising friend. It serves as inspiration for every child who has dreams of greatness.

I Love You to the Moon and BackAges 2-5I Love You to the Moon and Backcheck price

I Love You To The Moon and Back is a sweet, classic bedtime story about a bear and cub waking up together, going on adventures together, and sharing their love for one other. They touch noses, play chase, and hug each other. It’s a wonderful story about unconditional love. Parents will love that it offers an easy read and it’s the cutest book ever with beautiful illustrations. We only wish it had the title’s name in the verses. It’s the perfect book for reading before bedtime and makes for a great baby shower gift.

Sesame Street P is for Potty! Ages 3+Sesame Street P is for Potty! check price

Toddlers will love learning to use the potty with Elmo in Sesame Street P Is for Potty! Packed with paragraphs of text, the book could have opted for a more simplified version for the target audience. Still, it gets toddlers excited about potty training. Kids love peeking under the flaps. Although the lift-up flaps reveal surprises, they don’t close and they can tear pretty easily. This is a great gift for your Elmo-obsessed fan who’s ready for potty training. Otherwise, a better option is Potty.

The Pout-Pout FishAges 0-4The Pout-Pout Fishcheck price

“Blub, Bluuuub, Bluuuuub.” With a catchy song, rhyming, and repetitive phrases, this book offers silly fun. It is the story of a fish that loves to “pout.” All of the other animals in the ocean tell him that he needs to cheer up. It has a good message about staying positive even when things are looking down.

The Wonderful Things You Will BeAges 3-7The Wonderful Things You Will Becheck price

Written for younger audiences, this best-selling book is a modern take on “Oh the Place You Will Go.” Authored and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin, it’s beautifully illustrated with a whimsical style. With a moving message, this love letter to your 2 year old boy imagines the things he will become. It makes a great birthday gift.

When Virona the Corona Came to TownAges 2-11When Virona the Corona Came to Towncheck price

Looking for a book to teach your child about the Coronavirus pandemic? When Virona the Corona Came To Town tells the story of MaryEllen, who lives through the pandemic. In a child-friendly manner, it shares how to cope with difficult feelings during this unprecedented and uncertain time. It spotlights the true heroes and shows the power of positive thinking. Not only does it explain what happened during the pandemic, it also explains key terms like ‘social distancing’ and ends with powerful advice. With an authentic story, timeless message, and impactful illustrations, this is a must-have for anyone living through the pandemic. What we love most is that it shines a light on this topic in a fun way — addressing kids’ emotions and many of their questions.

Skin Like MineAges 1-12Skin Like Minecheck price

Celebrate the diversity in our world with Skin Like Mine. It explores different shades of brown skin and fuels kids with self-love. We love the profound message that people of color are beautiful, too. With its powerful message, it’s a book that every child should have in their library. Everyone stands to benefit from this book.

I Am a Big BrotherAges 2-4I Am a Big Brothercheck price

If a new baby is on the way, this light hearted book is a must have. Most young children have a bit of difficulty with the arrival of a new one. In the book, the main character becomes a big brother. The book shows how cool it is to have a younger sibling and the responsibility that comes with it. The big brother in the story feeds the baby, changes its diapers, and even plays with the baby. Your little guy will do the same. He will be so excited!

Grumpy MonkeyAges 3-7Grumpy Monkeycheck price

A #1 New York Times best-selling picture book, Grumpy Monkey focuses on inexplicable feelings and the danger in suppressing them. Jim the chimpanzee is in a terrible mood even though it’s a beautiful day. His friends try to give him advice, but he melts down. Kids learn that they can be in touch with their feelings and that it’s okay to have a grumpy day once in a while. The book’s message is powerful and delivered well through the funny illustrations.

I Am a Big SisterAges 2-4I Am a Big Sistercheck price

Is she going to be a big sister? With beautiful illustrations, this is such an adorable book on how to take care of a new baby. She will love repeating the words to her baby brother or sister.

On the Night You Were BornAges 1-4On the Night You Were Borncheck price

Here’s a book that celebrates the day your 2 year old came into this world. On that miraculous day, a beautiful baby boy was born. “The moon smiled … Polar Bears danced … and life will never be the same.” With breathtaking illustrations and an almost musical tone, this is one book that will make you teary eyed as you read it to your child.

PottyAges 1-3Pottycheck price

Potty training just got a little easier with this fun book. The story is told from a young child’s point of view with fun colors, a loveable character, and a great deal of humor. Before you know it 2 year boys will be saying “Tinkle, Tinkle, Toot. I did it.”

Antiracist BabyAges 2-3Antiracist Babycheck price

Empower parents and children to uproot racism in our society and ourselves with Antiracist Baby. It delivers a powerful messsage and lays the groundwork for enlightening conversations with our kids as they grow older. It’s beautifully illustrated, but some of the vocabulary is a bit advanced for younger readers. An adult has to stop and explain things which may interrupt the general flow. Nevertheless, don’t let that stop you from teaching your child to be an anti-racist for a more fair and just society.

A Is for Awesome!: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the WorldAges 1-3A Is for Awesome!: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the Worldcheck price

A Is For Awesome is an alphabet-themed that introduces young readers to 23 iconic women who changed the world. We love the inspirational message that you can be a superhero, too! It’s a charming story that pays homage to some of history’s greatest women. It’s wonderful to see so many strong women represented and to see books like this out there. A great book with an empowering message, it makes for a lovely gift for any girl.

All the WorldAges 2-5All the Worldcheck price

The poetic-like rhythm of All The World is absolutely beautiful. 2 year olds love the soothing pictures full of details. Although the message is simple, it’s also deep and important. It’s so beautiful that it may make you tear up. It focuses on an individual’s life, family, and society. The world may be grand in scale, but this book helps you appreciate the smaller things in life. You’ll learn to think from different perspectives. It’s easily one of the best children’s books that deserves a spot in your child’s collection.

Llama Llama Red PajamaAges 1-3Llama Llama Red Pajamacheck price

Llama Llama Red Pajama is a classic that has charmed many readers. Many parents and grandparents can relate to this wonderful story. The story is easy for little ones to understand. The message is that even if a parent isn’t with their child, they haven’t forgotten them, and still love them. It’s the perfect bedtime story with a good message and great rhyming and rhythm.

I Love You, DaddyAges 2-4I Love You, Daddycheck price

I Love You, Daddy is a sweet story that celebrates the relationship between a child and its father. Daddy Bear believes Little Bear is ready for grown-up adventures. But Little Bear is in need of help. With the sea of mother/child books, it’s great to see a father/child book that shines. In this touching story, we love that Daddy Bear supports, encourages, and teaches Little Bear to be more independent by engaging in more grown-up adventures. It serves as a wonderful example of how positive encouragement is not only important to children, but it’s also key to building strong relationships. Fathers will love reading this to their loved ones. It’s a great gift for Father’s Day or any occasion you want to celebrate your dad. A mothers’ version is also available.

In My Heart: A Book of FeelingsAges 2-4In My Heart: A Book of Feelingscheck price

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings explores a wide range of human emotions and show how one feels inside. The artwork is beautiful and engaging, and the book does a great job of exploring feelings for kids with a wonderful story. Toddlers can learn to better express and identify their own emotions, and it can further help as a coping tool. While 2 years old is a great time to introduce little ones to this book, the closer they get to 3, the deeper they relate to the emotions. Kids realize that it’s perfectly normal to have feelings. Because it delivers a great introduction to emotional intelligence, this is an essential that belongs in every child’s library. Bottom line, it’s amazing and a go-to gift for both babies and toddlers alike.

Please, Baby, PleaseAges 2-5Please, Baby, Pleasecheck price

In Please, Baby, Please, Spike Lee and his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, share a sweet story of the chills, spills, and thrills of raising a baby. Most parents of young children can relate to this story. Kids want to read it often; thankfully, it’s enjoyable to read. The vocabulary is perfect for learning toddlers, and we love the beautiful illustrations depicting typical baby activities. It’s a big hit with 2 year olds, making it worth putting on your child’s bookcase.

I Loved You Before You Were BornAges 0-2I Loved You Before You Were Borncheck price

I Loved You Before You Were Born is a lovely book perfect for reading on Grandma’s lap. Grandma delivers a special, loving message that even before her grandchild was born, she was their grandma and she loved them. Bear in mind, this book is written from the paternal grandmother’s perspective. It’s a wonderful gift for a paternal grandparent (mother of a son about to become a new dad) to give their grandchildren.

Indestructibles: Baby, Let’s Eat!Ages 0-2Indestructibles: Baby, Lets Eat!check price

Baby, Let’s Eat lets toddlers explore a variety of delicious foods like strawberry, raspberry, lemon, broccoli and more. The colorful illustrations are fun and appeal to little ones. Kids love looking at and talking about the pictures. They can also relate to it because these are foods many toddlers eat. The best part? It’s tear-proof!

Big Girl PantiesAges 2-5Big Girl Pantiescheck price

Big Girl Panties is a adorably illustrated book that encourage girls to switch from wearing diapers to panties. It’s really the next step after potty training. The fun part is the memorable rhymes and cute drawings with a girl in underpants doing all sorts of fun things. After reading it, your 2 year old will want to say goodbye to diapers and hello to being a “Big Girl.”

I Like Myself!Ages 0-3I Like Myself!check price

I Like Myself! is a book that encourages kids to appreciate themselves inside and out despite what others may think or say. We love how that the little girl eventually learns to love and accept herself with her unique features. It’s a great book focusing on self-esteem and the message is universally appealing. Everyone is unique and should be loved and liked.

Sesame Street Potty Time with ElmoAges 0-4Sesame Street Potty Time with Elmocheck price

Sesame Street Potty Time with Elmo is a great book for toddlers learning to potty train. The book is engaging for little ones, and they love turning the pages and pressing the buttons to hear all the interactive sounds. Rather than having Elmo’s doll learn to use the potty, it should have featured Elmo on the potty. Kids seem to think it’s only about flushing. It’s great for familiarizing kids with the concept, but not actually helping with the potty training. The storyline is adorable and toddlers can relate to it. It’s a great tool for easing your little one into potty training.

What Brothers Do BestAges 0-3What Brothers Do Bestcheck price

Celebrate all the wonderful things brothers do with What Brothers Do Best. This is best suited for a sibling who has a brother. It’s short on words, making it perfect for those with short attention spans. The book demonstrates all the great things brothers can do — but, most importantly, brothers can give you lots of love. It’ such a cute book, and we love all the examples of brotherly love.

Calm-Down TimeAges 1-3Calm-Down Timecheck price

Calm-Down Time helps kids learn to deal with meltdowns and temper tantrums. Kids learn to use a quiet space, ask for a hug, and use breathing exercises among other strategies. Sometimes it works during meltdowns and really has a positive impact. It’s great for teaching your child to deal with emotions. It’s a great addition to your toddler’s collection.

The Family BookAges 3-6The Family Bookcheck price

The Family Book celebrates the love for our family, multiculturalism, and diversity of families. The message is about embracing our differences and that every family is unique in its own special way. We love how it teaches about diversity appreciation and acceptance. Kids love the bright, fun artwork and fun writing. Not only is it a fun book to read, but it’s also great for educating your kids about different types of families.

You Are LightAges 4-8You Are Lightcheck price

You Are The Light is such a well-crafted art book that is not only beautiful to look at, but also beautiful to read. Hold the book up to the light and watch the colors glow. It’s a book about the power and importance of light. It’s also about colors, the sun, our environment and ecology. You really have to experience it yourself to truly appreciate it. It’s simply gorgeous and every child should experience it. It’s my go-to for any gift-giving occasion. With a magical design and lovely message, it’s a must-have for every child’s book collection.

Grumpy BirdGrumpy Birdcheck price

A Grumpy Bird wakes up grumpy and his friends help him overcome his grumpiness. The message is simple and the illustrations are cute, gorgeous, and capture the attention of a 2-year-old. Kids enjoy the simple writing. It’s the perfect tool for talking to your 2 year old about their feelings. Two year olds love pretending to be the Grumpy Bird.

The Way I FeelAges 2-8The Way I Feelcheck price

The Way I Feel is a valuable addition to your child’s library. In fact, it’s highly recommended by both parents and teachers. It uses expressive albeit exaggerated imagery to help your child connect words with specific emotions. Emotions covered include Silly, Happy, Angry, Scared, Proud, Excited, and Sad. Note that the board book edition doesn’t include the full array of emotions as the hardback and paperback versions. It’s missing Bored, Jealous, and Frustrated. It’s a great way to teach your 2 year old about emotions, so they can better express how they are feeling.

Share a Little KindnessAges 0-11Share a Little Kindnesscheck price

Share A Little Kindness is an uplifting children’s book inspiring children to be the good in our world. It offers solid life lessons on tolerance, diversity, active listening, and owning one’s own truth. The author encourages young ones to be kind, use their imaginations, assert themselves, revel in nature, and forgive. We especially love the kindness challenge at the end. If more parents read books like this to their children, the world would be a kinder place. Both the story’s words and illustrations are beautiful. The pictures complement the text nicely, and the rhymes are fun. With positive, timeless messages of compassion, forgiveness, and discovering good in others, this is an essential for every child’s library.

HugAges 2-3Hugcheck price

Hug is a cute little story with an endearing tribute to love and belonging. The story is beautifully captured through its expressive pictures. You have to examine the animal’s faces and body language to fully understand the story. Most toddlers seem to understand the story told through pictures and just a handful of words. Don’t be surprised if your toddler says, “Hug” after experiencing this gem of a book.

Oh No, George!Ages 2-5Oh No, George!check price

Oh No, George is a story about an owner leaving his well-behaved dog, George, alone for the day. Will George behave himself with cats to chase and flowers to dig up?! Can he possibly resist the temptation? Kiddos who have trouble following rules can relate to George. It’s funny with substance without being overbearing. This is a real crowd-pleaser for dog lovers. It’s easily among the best toddler books ever and likely to become a favorite, requested over and over. It delivers a message of kindness and forgiveness, and we love its open-ended ending that invites conversation.

No Matter WhatAges 0-3No Matter Whatcheck price

No Matter What is a wonderful, heart-warming book about a mother (Large) and child (Small). The child fears that the mother doesn’t love it. It’s packed with endearing illustrations, good humor, and a great message. It’s a great book for showing your child that you love them unconditionally just like Large in the book. The new version eliminates the line about death from the original, but it reassures kids that love stays with you no matter how far apart you are.

Bear Feels SickAges 3-7Bear Feels Sickcheck price

In a Bear Feels Sick, a bear feels sick and his friends help him get well soon. But his friends become sick. The bear eventually returns the favor. It’s a sweet and charming book with friendship lessons and beautiful illustrations. Honestly, with a good story and word flow, I don’t mind reading it to my 2 year old. Kids get excited when you read it to them, and they love the cute and captivating characters. It’s a must-have for any child’s bookshelf.

Love Makes a FamilyLove Makes a Familycheck price

Love Makes A Family is a sweet, lovely book that teaches little ones it’s the love that families share that is the most important. Kids will see that love is expressed in many forms. It’s important that this book is inclusive and shows all types of families that do many of the same things as your own family. No matter what your family looks like — it demonstrates that love is a central element to a family.

Dad By My SideAges 0-3Dad By My Sidecheck price

Celebrate the heartwarming father-daughter relationship with Dad By My Side. With a sea of good mother/daughter books, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a great father/daughter book for a change. Kids love this sweet book with beautiful and adorable illustrations. It serves as a wonderful lesson that just because you learn to braid her hair or sew her doll a new dress, that doesn’t make you any less of a man. In fact, you’re more of a man! It’s also a great book for a dad who wants to share and be in touch with his emotions. This is one of the best father/daughter books by far. It makes for a great Father’s Day gift ‘from’ your daughter.

Hooray for Hat!Ages 0-3Hooray for Hat!check price

Celebrate friendship, sharing, and fun hats with Hooray for Hat! Everyone seems to be having a grumpy day. That is until Elephant share his new hats with his friends. It’s a simple story that sheds light on the fact that even smaller acts can lead to a better life. It’s as magical as a smile. There’s true joy in giving and friendship. The story is inspirational and the artwork is fantastic.

I Love You Because You’re YouAges 3-5I Love You Because Youre Youcheck price

I Love You Because You’re You is a book of unconditional love. A mom tells her little one that she loves him no matter whether he’s wild, angry, or sad. The rhymes are wonderful and the illustrations are beautiful. The story is simple for younger audiences to understand and the message is profound. It’s such a sweet story for bedtime or anytime. Kids and parents alike adore this book because it instills a sense of security that a child can never lose your love — no matter what. Get it, read it, and let your child know every day that they are loved unconditionally.

Nelly Gnu and Daddy TooAges 3-5Nelly Gnu and Daddy Toocheck price

From the author of the best-selling Llama Llama books, Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too tells an uplifting story of a little girl spending quality time with her father and building a house with her father. It’s wonderful to see a book capturing the sweetness and importance of a father-daughter relationship, given the sheer lack of books in this genre. It’s a must-have for Llama Llama fans, and it’s not one you’ll get easily tired of reading. This book is for the dads taking an active role in spending time with their daughters.

Stories for 2 Year OldsAges 1-3Stories for 2 Year Oldscheck price

Looking for great stories for your 2 year old? Stories for 2 Year Olds is an adorable book that delivers stories that actually hold your 2 year old’s attention. While we’re not huge fans of the stories or some of the messages, 2 year olds love it. It’s beautifully illustrated and it has a lot of entertaining stories and poems. It’s a great gift idea for 2 year old birthdays that makes a great keepsake. Two year olds want the stories read again and again.

That’s Me Loving YouAges 3+Thats Me Loving Youcheck price

That’s Me Loving You is a touching and lovely book expressing parents’ unconditional love for their children. It reassures little ones that their parents are always with them even by simply observing nature. Affection can also come from a breeze or a shimmering star. It’s perfect for families where loved ones are far apart or for families with those who have passed on. It’s one of the sweetest books with a special meaning that we can’t recommend enough. It’s one of those few books that gets me emotional after reading it.

Plant a KissAges 3+Plant a Kisscheck price

Plant A Kiss presents a story of life, kindness, and giving. Kids learn that true happiness comes from being open and unselfish. It’s a simple story that looks at kisses in a unique way and it’s fun to read. It’s beautifully illustrated, contributing to the positivity of the book. The message is impactful and important for all kids.

Little PeaAges 3+Little Peacheck price

Picky eaters can definitely relate to Little Pea. Here’s the conundrum: If Little Pea doesn’t eat all of his sweets — no veggies for dessert! Oh, no … what’s Little Pea to do? Little Pea loves his spinach but struggles eating candy as the main course. It’s a fun twist on the classic parent predicament and a great way to get your 2 year old interested in veggies. The simplistic illustrations help readers connect to the story.

Mr. Gumpy’s OutingAges 4+Mr. Gumpys Outingcheck price

A Boston Globe-Horn award-winner, Mr. Grumpy’s Outing is a classic story about a man who goes on a boating trip and is joined by children and animals. Soon the boat reaches capacity. But somehow it comes to a happy conclusion. The ending demonstrates that even when things don’t go as planned, you can still have fun. It’s a simple, charming, and funny book with a good storyline and beautiful illustrations.

I Love You, Good NightAges 1-4I Love You, Good Nightcheck price

I Love You, Good Night is the perfect bedtime book focused on parents’ unconditional love for their child. It’s a super sweet story with delightful descriptions and colorful illustrations. Whether you say I love you in a silly or heartfelt way, this book is perfect for affirming your unconditional love for your child.

Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets!Ages 2-10Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets!check price

Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets! is a book about honesty and self-control. Cami loves nothing more than sweets, but she can’t stop thinking about them. Even after getting caught, she finds ways to sneak in her favorite sweets. This book helps kids learn to deal with common challenges and temptations honestly. It also is a great tool for teaching your kids the benefits of healthy eating as well as teaching them about practicing good oral hygiene. Kids love the beautiful and adorable illustrations, and they can really relate to Cami.

No More Diapers for Ducky!Ages 2-3No More Diapers for Ducky!check price

No More Diapers for Ducky is a valuable tool and motivator for getting through potty training. Although the book is simple and short, the message is clear. It’s our favorite potty book because it doesn’t make such a big deal about diaper usage. We also like that because Piggy, Ducky’s friend, uses the potty, it encourages and empowers Ducky to also use the potty. Some kids like reading it while on the potty. It’s a welcome addition to any 2 year old’s library.

Bear Has A Story To TellAges 2-6Bear Has A Story To Tellcheck price

Bear Has A Story To Tell is a story about friendship and patience. With winter fast approaching and Bear getting sleepy, he needs to tell his friends a story but everyone’s too busy doing something or another. Will anyone hear his story? When Bear awakens in the winter, he forgets his story and his friends have to help him recover the tale. There’s an opportunity to teach your child about seasons, migration and hibernation. It’s such a lovely book and we love the beautiful watercolor illustrations. It’s truly a treasure that belongs on your little one’s bookshelf.

Just for MeAges 2-5Just for Mecheck price

In Just For Me, the main character Ruby learns a valuable lesson from her parents about sharing with friends after a struggle ensues and a toy evenutally breaks. For the better part of the story, Ruby claims things are just for her. Ruby eventually realizes that she can have even more fun sharing with her friend. It’s a charming story filled with humor and heart and the ending will make you say, “Awww”. Every 2 year old’s collection should have Just For Me in it.

Will Bear Share?Ages 2-3Will Bear Share?check price

One bear has a single ice cream cone. Yum! But ‘Will Bear Share?’ With few words, cute illustrations, humor, and a simple message, it’s a memorable story of sharing, friendship, and compromise.

Educational, Science, and Biographies

Want to know how stuff works? Here are some of our favorite educational books for 2 year olds.

Baby Signs: A Baby-Sized Introduction to Speaking with Sign LanguageAges 2-3Baby Signs: A Baby-Sized Introduction to Speaking with Sign Languagecheck price

With Baby Signs, you can teach your toddler to use sign language to communicate their needs, wants, and feelings. This book offers 13 different signs to learn: milk, water, more, all done, diaper, dog, cat, it hurts, help me, mommy, daddy, book and sleepy. We would have also liked to see signs for ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Each page has a picture along with a description of how to use the sign. It’s good as an introduction to sign language. The pictures are not always easy for kids to figure out the sign. For your child to really learn, you need to apply the signs in a real-world context. It’s an especially great resource for parents if your child doesn’t speak yet.

Wherever You GoAges 0-3Wherever You Gocheck price

Wherever You Go is an inspiring story about exploring one’s world and knowing that you can always return home. It has a great story with gorgeous illustrations. Kids will be fascinated to explore the detailed illustrations. You can always find something new. We love its positive message and how it encourages adventure. It’s wonderful as a graduation gift or as a bedtime story. Toddlers will ask for it to be read again and again.

Wipe-Clean WorkbookAges 2-4Wipe-Clean Workbookcheck price

This Pre-K Wipe-Clean Workbook lets your 2 year old practice their ABCs, numbers, colors, and shapes. Kids also benefit from learning through letter tracing (Upper/Lower Case), number tracing, word tracing, shape tracing, reward chart, and more. It’s great for learning to write and kiddos love it. The best part? The wipe-clean surface means you can wipe it clean with your finger or a dry cloth and reuse it again and again. That means that the learning fun never ends. Dry erase markers make cleanup a breeze. The package includes a wipe-clean pen. Kids love it and the pen is perfectly sized for little hands. It’s a great beginning workbook for toddlers/preschoolers and much more fun than a paper workbook.

Think Big, Little OneAges 0-3Think Big, Little Onecheck price

Think Big, Little One is an inspirational book that teaches little ones to pursuit their biggest ideas. The book spotlights 18 aspirational women Dreamers who inspire you to grow up and be as amazing as them. It’s well-written and beautifully illustrated. We especially love the artwork and inspirational message. It’s wonderful to still have gems like these around where you can learn about important historical figures.

World of Eric Carle, My First Library Board Book Block 12-Book SetAges 0-4World of Eric Carle, My First Library Board Book Block 12-Book Setcheck price

Hungry for fun? Eric Carle’s Book Block Library features 12 board books, including 6 seek-and-find books and 6 books exploring concepts ranging from numbers and letters to colors and shapes. We love that these board books are perfectly sized for little hands, sturdily made, and kids love their interactive nature. The seek-and-find books have a hidden caterpillar to find — how cute?! Just know that these are not books you read, but you can certainly make up a story as you go. Delivering good value, it’s a great educational book for little ones.

Disney Baby Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Toy Story and More! – My First Library Board Book Block 12-Book SetAges 0-5Disney Baby Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Toy Story and More! - My First Library Board Book Block 12-Book Setcheck price

Your little one will love learning with Disney and Pixar characters with this 12-book set. Kids learn words, numbers, shapes, emotions, time, body parts, and more. The case with handle lets you take the learning fun wherever you go. The size is perfect for smaller hands. With few words on a page, it’s perfect for those with short attention spans. Best of all, these book are simple for little ones to understand. Two year olds love the cute Disney characters and this collection. It makes a great birthday gift for babies and toddlers.

Hello, World! WeatherAges 0-3Hello, World! Weathercheck price

With a question-and-answer format and happy illustrations, Hello, World! Weather introduces babies and toddlers to weather and seasons. It’s worth noting that this book focuses on clothing to wear for different types of weather. We would have liked to see more scientific facts and fun facts like the other books in the series. Even so, kids can still learn from the content of this book and plan what to wear, their activities, and agendas accordingly.

Hello, World! Construction SiteAges 1-3Hello, World! Construction Sitecheck price

Love construction vehicles? Then perhaps you’ll enjoy Hello, World! Construction Site. It takes you on a journey to a construction site to see what all the machines are building. We love how both men and women and people of color are represented in this book, making it great for both little boys and girls and anyone who loves construction. Your 2 year old will probably be able to name most construction vehicles while riding around. Parents will love that it’s an easy read and keeps the kiddos engaged.

CityblockAges 3-5Cityblockcheck price

In Cityblock, you explore city life from top to bottom. It’s divided into these sections: Things That Go, Things to See, and Things to Eat. It discusses a broad range of topics ranging from traveling in the city, things to do for entertainment, and what to eat and where. We love the cute illustrations and the interactive flaps that let you complete the scene. Two year olds will love reading this again and again. It’s a wonderful addition to any little one’s library. We can’t recommend the Block book series highly enough.

This Little Dreamer: An Inspirational PrimerAges 3-5This Little Dreamer: An Inspirational Primercheck price

With age-appropriate facts and fun illustrations, The Little Dreamer showcases 10 memorable important people who dared to dream big and paved the way. The book is easy to read and understand for a 2 year old. Kids love the bright colors and bold illustrations. It’s fantastic when your 2 year old can correctly identify figures. It’s a fun way to teach little ones about current and inspiring historical figures.

Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our PlanetAges 4-8Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planetcheck price

Beautifully written and illustrated, Thank You, Earth is a love letter to our planet exploring its natural beauty and complexity. Poetic text and breathtaking photos introduce kids to science, nature, geography, biology, poetry, and community. We love how kids are encouraged to write their very own thank-you notes to the planet. Although there aren’t many words, the message is clear. Not only does it serve as a reminder that we need to preserve and protect our planet, but it also sends a powerful message of appreciating our world. Celebrate our beautiful planet on Earth Day or any day.

Activity Books

Most 2 year olds have difficulty sitting in one place for too long. Keep their attention focused with these look and find books. Activity books encourage 2 year olds to touch, point, and identify objects and words.

My First Toddler Coloring Book: Fun with Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colors, and Animals!Ages 1-3My First Toddler Coloring Book: Fun with Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colors, and Animals!check price

With My First Toddler Coloring Book, kids get a coloring book that also teaches numbers, letters, shapes, colors, animals, simple words, and counting. Bold lines help toddlers color within the lines. Two year olds love this book. A pro tip is to replace the binding with a coil at Office Depot/Office Max, so you can lay it flat without worrying about it folding over. The pages are fairly thick so you need not worry about tearing. Most importantly, you can beat that the kiddos will be learning and building important skills while having fun.

Peek-A Who?Ages 0-12Peek-A Who?check price

With cutout peek-a-boo windows, bright colors, and simple guessing rhymes, this charming book is hard for little ones not to love. Peek-a-boo surprises include a cow, owl, ghost, zoo of animals, train and a mirror to see yourself. Two year olds will be amused by this board book. They’ll love the simple repeating text, bright imagery, and guessing who/what is showing through the window. It’s a go-to for baby showers and first libraries.

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? Ages 1-4Where Is Babys Belly Button? check price

Here is another cute interactive lift the flap book from Karen Katz. Your little one is on a mission to find “Where’s Baby’s Belly Button.” With plenty of suspense, young readers will flip the flap only to reveal one of baby’s body parts. Where are baby’s eyes? Under her hat! It’s a fun way for your 2 year old to learn the parts of the body.

I Spy Everything!Ages 2-4I Spy Everything!check price

Love ‘I Spy’ adventures? Then you’ll love I Spy Everything! We love how this new edition is organized alphabetically. With about 10 pictures per page, it’s not overwhelming for a 2 year old. Each puzzle focuses on a different letter of the alphabet. Most importantly, kids will have fun while learning.

The Outdoor Toddler Activity BookAges 1-3The Outdoor Toddler Activity Bookcheck price

The Outdoor Toddler Activity Book presents over 100 fun early learning activities and games for outdoor play. It has a lot of simple ideas for all seasons to keep kiddos busy. Your toddler will be running, exploring, making noise, be messy, challenging their brains, and even practicing fine motor skills. We love how each activity is carefully thought out — outlining materials, preparation time, and sequenced events. Kids love playing the games. Parents are pleasantly surprised at how fun and educational the activities are. It’s a must-have resource for any parent or teacher of young kids.

My First Animals: Touch and Feel Picture CardsAges 1-3My First Animals: Touch and Feel Picture Cardscheck price

Who wouldn’t want to pet the animals? Children will love learning about animals with these sensory flash cards. The coolest part? On each card, there is a textured area where kids can feel each animal.

The Ultimate Toddler Activity GuideAges 1-3The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guidecheck price

The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide is a wonderful resource with fun and educational activites to do at home or preschool. This guide presents 200 fun, age-appropriate activities for your toddler. Parents are busy so there are over 100 activities requiring minimal prep. We love that kids learn through play and you can easily find activities by category of interest. It’s really designed with usability in mind. Most importantly, these quality activities keep my 2 year old engaged and stimulated. If your toddler loves to learn through play, this is a highly valuable resource for parents.

I Spy Animals!Ages 2-4I Spy Animals!check price

I Spy Animals is a fun I Spy adventure that has you searching for different animals beginning with different letters. For younger kids, we wish that the book was organized alphabetically. Nevertheless, kids will love searching for different animals starting with different letters of the alphabet. We love that it’s educational while being fun.

My First Brain Quest, 4th Edition: 350 Questions to Build Your Toddlers Word SkillsAges 2-3My First Brain Quest, 4th Edition: 350 Questions to Build Your Toddlers Word Skillscheck price

Looking to develop your 2 year old’s vocabulary? Recommended by educators, My First Brain Quest presents 350 questions and their corresponding answers to help you achieve your goal. This product delivers and it’s great for language development. It gets kids talking and creating sentences. It’s fun to be smart.

Peekaboo MorningAges 2+Peekaboo Morningcheck price

Peakaboo Morning is a sweet and fun book for toddlers. Your child is invited to play peekaboo along with the lead character. It’s beautifully illustrated and it’s the perfect book for your morning read. With so many bedtime books, it’s good to see a morning book. It’s adorable and, most importantly, kids love it. After multiple reads, don’t be surprised if your child says, “Peakaboo … I see you!”

My First Book of TracingAges 2-5My First Book of Tracingcheck price

Want to learn how to trace? Kumon’s My First Book of Tracing helps kiddos learn and master basic pencil skills for writing letters and numbers. Kids start off with straight lines and progress to curved, zigzag, and diagonal lines. A helpful tip is to slip it into a page protector and have your child use a dry erase marker so you can make the most of it. It’s wonderful to see your child make progress. It’s a great workbook for teaching toddlers how to hold their pencil and write. It’s also great for building confidence and developing their motor skills.

My First Book of CuttingAges 3-5My First Book of Cuttingcheck price

My First Book of Cutting teaches preschoolers how to cut. It teaches by allowing kids to practice his cutting skills with scissors. It helps develop your child’s manual dexterity.

Count the Animals!Ages 2-5Count the Animals!check price

Love ‘I Spy’ books and animals? Then you’ll love Count The Animals because it combines the best of both worlds! This is perfect for little learners, as it focuses on counting a certain animal, finding common attributes (e.g., tails), and counting sets of animals to see which set has more. 2 year olds love looking for the animals. The illustrations are super cute. The best part? Little ones will be having too much fun to know they’re learning. We love how it goes beyond basic counting and delves into differences and greater than/less than.

Hi-Five Animals!Ages 3+Hi-Five Animals!check price

What’s the best way to greet someone you meet? A handshake? A hug? Hi-Five Animals introduces the idea of a high-five as the solution, while developing important socio-emotional skills. It’s a super cute book with cute illustrations, silly text, and fun and catchy rhymes. It’s an engaging book that kids love. And you won’t mind repeat readings. Don’t be surprised if your 2 year old starts giving everyone high-fives.

Animal Books

Whether they love dinosaurs or dragons, animal lovers will love these books. In many of these books, animals do more than “moo” and “bark.” They are often given “human” traits, which make them relatable.

If Animals Kissed Good NightAges 3-6If Animals Kissed Good Nightcheck price

A best-selling children’s book, If Animals Kissed Good Night, imagines how animals would kiss their loved ones good night. How do different animals kiss good night? The story is cute with beautiful rhymes and good flow — depicting how a variety of animals would kiss their loved ones good night. Two-year-olds will learn animal baby names, animal body parts, and animal sounds. The charming illustrations help bring the story to life. We love how it sheds light on both moms as well as dads. It’s the perfect bedtime story for little animal lovers, and a sweet addition to their book collection.

Moo, Baa, La La LaAges 0-3Moo, Baa, La La Lacheck price

Moo, Baa, La La La is a silly book that teaches little ones about animals and their sounds. Cow says ‘Moo,’ Sheep says, ‘ Baa,’ and 3 singing pigs say, ‘La La La’. No … no … of course, pigs go ‘Oink Oink Oink’! Although it’s a simple story, kids ask for multiple readings. Parents will love that it’s easy to read and short and sweet. If you haven’t already received this as a shower gift or first birthday gift, this gem is worth adding to your child’s collection. Every baby and toddler should have this treasure in their collection.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap BookAges 1-4Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Bookcheck price

Written and illustrated by Rod Campbell, this cute flip the flap book is perfect for the 2 year old animal lover in your life. When a kid writes to a zoo that he wants a pet, hilarity ensues. The zoo sends the child all sorts of animals like a giraffe, lion, snake, and more. Each animal is revealed by pulling back the flap and peeking inside. If you have little animal puppets, this is the perfect book to act out.

Baby Touch and Feel: AnimalsAges 3+Baby Touch and Feel: Animalscheck price

Who doesn’t love animals? Your little animal lover will love touching and feeling adorable puppies, cuddly bunnies, and other soft animals like kittens, penguins, and more. Kids can learn animal recognition and animal noises. The book is perfectly sized for little hands. Kids love the bright colors, petting the soft fur, and pointing at various animal parts. Surprisingly, not all of the animals feature touchable fur, but every page has something to touch. We only wish every animal had a touchable area. With that said, it’s still wonderful for delivering a captivating learning and sensory experience for young ones.

Dragons Love TacosAges 3-7Dragons Love Tacoscheck price

While some parents have mixed feelings about the story in Dragons Love Tacos, kids absolutely love it. It’s a story about dragons who love tacos and what ensues if they have spicy salsa. With a fun, silly, and hilarious story, it’s a great way to spice up and mix up your child’s library. The length is perfect for bedtime reading.

Puppy Birthday to You! Ages 2-5Puppy Birthday to You! check price

Paw Patrol is the hottest thing right now for 2 year olds. If it is his birthday, he will love seeing all of his favorite characters from the show in a book. The pups are trying to throw a surprise birthday party for Chase, but the power suddenly goes out. It’s up to the pups to come to the rescue. With a cute birthday storyline, it’s the perfect gift for his birthday.

Night Night FarmAges 1-3Night Night Farmcheck price

Night Night Farm is the perfect bedtime book to read to your 2-year-old. As nightime falls on the farm, you can say ‘Night Night’ to all the animals on the farm and watch them go to sleep. It’s a cute story with beautiful illustrations. If there is any downside, it’s the choice of dark fonts against dark backgrounds isn’t ideal for reading in a dimly lit room. It’s cute how the animals go to their respective place to sleep. It’s the perfect story before your child goes to bed.

The GruffaloAges 3-7The Gruffalocheck price

The Gruffalo is a humorous, preposterous, and wonderful story that delights kids. A mouse strolls through the woods and runs into a hungry fox, owl, then snake. The mouse seems like a tasty treat, but he invents a big, bad Gruffalo creature. We love the rhymes and cadence. The length is perfect for a 2 year old. It teaches the importance of staying calm under pressure and thinking creatively. This is a must-have for any child’s literary collection.

Curious George and the RocketAges 0-3Curious George and the Rocketcheck price

While it’s not the best Curious George story, Curious George and the Rocket is perfect for fans of monkeys and space. Curious George becomes the first space monkey. Kids who love Curious George and space travel love it — asking for it to be read again and again. It’s a great story and the size is perfect for little hands.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!Ages 2-6Dont Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!check price

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! is a Caldecott Honor Award winner. When the bus driver takes a break and asks your child to watch over things, a pigeon pleas, bribes, and demands to drive the bus. It’s interesting to see how your child reacts to the pigeon, and it’s a great for teaching your 2 year old how to appropriately say no. The style of speaking directly to the reader is brilliant. It’s hilarious and funny with memorable characters and nice illustrations. As it holds little one’s interests, they’ll want you to read it over and over again.

Dinosaur Dance!Ages 1-5Dinosaur Dance!check price

Dino lovers — get ready for a roaring good time with Dinosaur Dance! from Sandra Boynton. Have you ever seen a dinosaur boogie? Well, now you can! Kids laugh and giggle when these dinos dance the Shimmy Shimmy Shake, the Quivery Quake, or the Cha-Cha-Cha. Kids love the funny sound effects. It has simple rhymes with adorable illustrations. If you act this out with silly dances, you’ll make it even more entertaining for your 2 year old. Encourage your toddler to follow along. Kids will be exposed to different dinosaurs. For dino lovers or Boynton fans, this hit makes a worthy addition to your collection.

The Very Busy SpiderAges 3+The Very Busy Spidercheck price

The Very Busy Spider is a classic from Eric Carle about a spider that spins a web that is not only beautiful — but also useful. Farm animals attempt to distract her, but she doesn’t lose her focus. What’s cool? The board book version offers a unique sensory experience where kids can FEEL the raised webs on the pages. It would’ve been icing on the cake if the spider web was textured. It’s worth noting that the hard cover edition has the web ridges, but they’re not as pronounced. We love the story, and kids love making the sounds of animals on each page. It’s a simple, lovely story with beautiful illustrations. The size is perfect for toddlers’ little hands. We recommend this for anyone who loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar book — it’s a great complement.

First 100 AnimalsAges 1-3First 100 Animalscheck price

Discover and learn 100 different animal names with words to read and awesome photographs in First 100 Animals. Kids love pointing to the pictures and saying what they are. Although there are a few duplicates, it’s a top choice that we don’t hesitate in recommending. The size is perfect for little hands. It’s the perfect gift for 2-year-old animal lovers.

Good Night, GorillaAges 1-3Good Night, Gorillacheck price

Good Night, Gorilla is one of our favorite children’s books. It’s a wonderful book for early development about a mischievous gorilla with a key. All the animals at the zoo go to sleep for the night except for the Gorilla. The illustrations help drive the story forward. It’s a funny and delightful story with a fun surprise. The images are cropped in the Board Book edition. We wish they scaled the images to better fit the format, but it doesn’t detract from the experience. It’s a must-have for any toddler’s library that’s likely to be a new favorite.

Babies in the ForestAges 0-5Babies in the Forestcheck price

Babies in the Forest introduces kiddos to a variety of forest animals from foxes and deer to bears, beavers and more. It has cute, beautiful, charming artwork with realistic animal depictions with thick flaps that reveal special surprises. The flaps hold up to lots of little tugs. The story revolves around Rusty and Ruby — two fox siblings. Rusty greets a deer in the forest, while Ruby is nowhere to be seen. Then it asks, “Where’s Ruby.” Lift the flap to see “There she is!” The book continues to switch between the siblings in this manner. It’s fantastic if your little one loves forest animals.

Indestructibles: Hello, Farm!Ages 0-2Indestructibles: Hello, Farm!check price

In Hello, Farm!, as the rooster awakens the farm, it says hello to all the animals on the farm. This is a big hit with little ones who love farm animals and bright colors. These Indestructables books are built for rough readers and hold up quite well. We love creating our own little story on the farm with different animal sounds. With a tear-proof design and great educational content, we can’t recommend this series of books highly enough!

Open the Barn DoorAges 2-3Open the Barn Doorcheck price

Your 2 year old can explore life on a farm with Open the Barn Door. You’ll find cows, pigs, chickens, horses, ducks, goats, dogs, cats, roosters, and owls at this barn. Lift the flaps to reveal what animal makes the sounds. Kids will love this peek-a-boo feature. It’s perfect for kids who love animals and those who love making their sounds. Its super small size is perfect for purses and bags.

Big Red BarnAges 2-3Big Red Barncheck price

Big Red Barn is a story about farm animals that play and sleep peacefully. As the sun sets, the animals fall asleep. The text flows nicely, it rhymes in a sing-song type rhythm, and the story includes size, color, and number concepts. Since the animals fall asleep, it’s perfect for bedtime reading. It’s a hit for kids who love animals, making it a wonderful addition to any preschooler’s library.

DinosnoresAges 0-4Dinosnorescheck price

Written by Sandra Boynton, Dinosnore is a great bedtime story with dinosaurs. The story is adorable, it has good flow and rhymes like a song, and the artwork is fantastic. It’s one of my 2 year old’s favorite bedtime stories. Dino-loving kiddos will love going to sleep with these dinos. It’s a fun read!

Hello, World! Backyard BugsAges 0-3Hello, World! Backyard Bugscheck price

Your insect lover will love Hello World! Backyard Bugs. It introduces babies and toddlers to all sorts of insects. This is a favorite of my 2-year-old. After reading this book, he loves spotting bugs. Overall, it’s very informative with some simple activities and colorful pictures. The only problem is that it erroneously mentions that ladybugs eat leaves, when they eat aphids. Other that that, we love the facts on each page, and the size is perfect for little hands.

Little One, God Loves YouAges 2-5Little One, God Loves Youcheck price

Little One, God Loves You is a sweet and cute book about letting little ones know God created them to be loved and cared by him. We love the little story and the vibrant illustrations. It feels just about the right length to not overwhelm young readers. With such a beautiful message, this makes a great gift for baptisms, Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, baby showers and birthdays. It’s a must-have to teach your toddler about God.

Noni the PonyAges 2-5Noni the Ponycheck price

Noni The Pony is a simple and sweet story about a happy pony. It’s about friendship and play. We love the sweet message, endearing character, rhythm, rhymes, and length. Two-year-olds love the story — it really holds their attention. It’s easy to read with colorful illustrations, and the soothing ending will appeal to young readers. You get good bang for your buck. This is the perfect gift for your pony-loving toddler’s library.

Bear Snores OnAges 2-5Bear Snores Oncheck price

A Bear Snores On is an adorable story about a bear that sleeps in a cave for the winter. Soon several uninvited guests — animals and birds — join the bear to stay warm. Even after brewing tea and popping corn, the bear continues to snore. Watch what happens when he awakens. It has a nice cadence and kids love the rhyming verses. It’s beautifully written and illustrated. Since the book is entertaining, you won’t mind repeated readings at all. It’s a great book that deserves a spot in every little one’s library.

A Sick Day for Amos McGeeAges 2-6A Sick Day for Amos McGeecheck price

A Caldecott Medal recipient, A Sick Day For Amos McGee is a charming friendship story about Amos who makes time for his friends at the zoo, making them feel comforted and loved. When he’s sick, his friends return the favor. Amos is an endearing character and the illustrations are well done. Although the publishers recommend a higher target audience, younger readers can also enjoy it. It’s a must-have for your 2 year old’s bookshelf, teaching kids about friendship, loyalty, kindness, caring, and selflessness. It’s one of those books you’ll never get tired of, and you’ll discover new details in the pictures with every read.

Hello, World! BirdsAges 0-3Hello, World! Birdscheck price

Hello World! Birds introduces babies and toddlers to the world of birds. It’s written in simple terms with fun, bright illustrations. Kids learn about all sorts of feather friends. This is perfect for your bird-loving child. Two year olds love the book because it’s both engaging and interesting.

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a BallAges 2-5Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ballcheck price

Sometime I Like To Curl Up in a Ball is likely to be a bedtime favorite often requested. It offers a sweet and fun story with beautiful pictures. Your toddler may want to act out parts of the book and then end up curling up and going to sleep. The rhyming text has a smooth flow, and it’s so cute seeing your child act it out. Bottom line, it’s entertaining and keeps kids engaged, making it a worthy addition to your 2 year old’s library.

Little GorillaAges 0-3Little Gorillacheck price

Everybody loved Little Gorilla until one day he kept growing. Even though he eventually grows big, everyone sings, dances, wishes him Happy Birthday, and still loves him. The message that love is never-ending is clear. It’s a beautiful book with a wonderful message and it’s charmingly illustrated. Quite many 2-year-olds are obsessed with this really sweet book.

Hooray for Birds!Ages 3+Hooray for Birds!check price

Hooray for Birds! lets kids imagine that they are birds. It’s a wonderful book of bird rhymes, and kids will love the bright colors, the different birds, and mimicking the birds in the book. It has an engaging story and beautiful illustrations. We love how it ignites the imagination of little ones and encourages interaction.

Monkey and MeAges 2-8Monkey and Mecheck price

Monkey and Me tells the short but sweet story of a young girl who plays with her stuffed monkey animal toy, emulating various animals. It makes for a wonderful guessing experience for little ones, as they play along and guess what animal they’re trying to imitate. Although the ending is a tad disappointing, it reads well out loud with a rhythmic cadence and beautiful illustrations. The simple but repetitive language is perfect for your child’s speech development. Even though kids know the story, they’ll be excited to hear the story over and over again.

Never Touch A Dragon!Ages 2+Never Touch A Dragon!check price

Never Touch A Dragon! teaches kids the danger of touching a dragon and ignoring that advice. This touch-and-feel book features a different silcone texture on each page. Little ones enjoy the storyline and feeling the different textures. The story is short enough to keep their attention.


Story time! Two year olds have big imaginations and love telling stories. If you are looking for bedtime stories for 2 year olds, the books on this list are perfect for capturing your 2 year old’s imagination.

A Collection of Stories for 2 Year OldsAges 0-3A Collection of Stories for 2 Year Oldscheck price

Celebrate your 2-year-old with this collection of 10 classic stories, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes. Two year olds will be delighted by classics like The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and new stories like Muddypaw’s new friends and the I Love You story as well as nursery rhymes. The stories in this collection are short and easy to read. Some 2 year olds love the nursery rhymes and pointing at the vibrant pictures and naming various things. The book is beautifully illustrated, we just wish it had even more than 3 real stories. It’s a great bedtime book for 2 year olds with a good variety of content to keep kids engaged.

OliviaAges 2-5Oliviacheck price

A Caldecott Honor Book, Olivia is an adorable book that captures the personality of Falconer’s niece in the lead character — a pig with self-esteem. It depicts a little girl’s behavior, which is fun and perfect for modeling in your own children. She loves soccer and drama, and isn’t afraid to put her own flair on them. Even though the story feels disjointed with various activities from Olivia’s days, it’s perfect for kiddos’ short attention spans. Although the illustrations are minimalistic with black, white, and red, they’re entertaining and visually appealing. It offers a quick read with a simple story, and it’s a fantastic introduction to the world of Olivia. Interestingly, as your child grows with the Olivia series, Falconer adds a new color to the illustrations.

Disney Moana Little Golden BookAges 2-5Disney Moana Little Golden Bookcheck price

Is your 2 year old obsessed with Disney’s Moana? This beautifully illustrated book brings back all of excitement of the film. With big words, she will love reading through the book and acting out all of her favorite scenes.

Never Touch A MonsterAges 2+Never Touch A Monstercheck price

Would you ever touch a monster? Never Touch A Monster is a monster-themed touch-and-feel book that kids love. It has a short poem about how you should never touch a monster. But you know kids will still do it! It’s such a silly book, where these cute monsters are trying to get you. The words are lyrical and fun to read. It has rubberized textures — nothing fuzzy — that vary from page to page. We would have liked to see a little more variety in the textures. Toddlers will enjoy exploring the textures and looking at the bright pictures.

I’m a UnicornAges 2-5Im a Unicorncheck price

Introduce your unicorn lover to a magical unicorn in I’m a Unicorn. The text is not overly wordy — it’s perfect to keep your toddler’s attention. Honestly, we’re a little disappointed that there’s no storyline. Instead, you get a couple of sentences describing unicorns in general like physical features, what they like to do, and what their abilities are. Even so, it’s a great introduction to the mythology of a unicorn. Each page has a unicorn, and the illustrations are lovely. It’s a perfect for unicorn lovers but just don’t expect an engaging narrative.

Each Peach Pear PlumEach Peach Pear Plumcheck price

Each Peach Pear Plum is a classic story and picture book. The poetic-like rhyme of the book makes it easy for young ones to learn and remember. Older toddlers will love the “I Spy” aspect that has kids hunting for classic nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters. The pictures are really fun and interesting for kids. Short, sweet, and well-written, the book delivers a fantastic mix of poetry, classic characters, and I Spy. You can literally find new details every time, and parents won’t mind multiple reads. As a classic that kids love, it’s a must-have for your collection.

Incredibles 2 Little Golden BookAges 2-5Incredibles 2 Little Golden Bookcheck price

Fans have been waiting 14 years for the sequel to the Incredibles. Now it’s finally here! If you loved the movie, you’ll love reading the book. And if you haven’t watched the movie, you’ll definitely want to read the book. The illustrations have a retro art style that will appeal to younger readers and the story will captivate readers from start to finish. It’s a wonderful addition to your child’s Golden Book collection.

Cars, Trucks, Trains & Things Go

It’s no secret that even 2 year olds boys and girls love things that go Vroom. Inspire a whole new generation’s love for automobiles with these great books for 2 year olds.

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?Ages 2-5Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?check price

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? is a beloved construction bedtime tale. The rhyming phrases matched with individual machines are clever, flow well, and make this super adorable. Each page features a different truck and its baby truck getting ready for bed and snuggling with the parent. The illustrations bring the trucks to life in an entertaining way. It’s a must-have for any big truck/construction truck lover and perfect as a bedtime story.

Little Blue Truck Leads the WayAges 0-3Little Blue Truck Leads the Waycheck price

Little Blue Truck Leads The Way is about working together and taking turns. Little Blue visits the congested big city, where everyone (angry vehicles) is pushing to be first. Ultimately, this causes a major traffic jam. Although it’s not the sequel most expect, it delivers a valuable message for 2 year olds. Some fans believe the story is rude and nasty. The first one had mostly positive interactions, but this book has many angry vehicles in it and the illustrations make it feel more negative. If that doesn’t make you shy away, then it’s worth considering because it delivers a strong message worth sharing with your child. Beep Beep Beep.

Lift-the-Flap TrucksAges 2-4Lift-the-Flap Truckscheck price

Got a truck lover? Lift-the-Flap Trucks introduces little truck lovers to all sorts of trucks from fire trucks to dump trucks and everything in between. The book is wonderfully illustrated with lift-open flaps that reveal the inner workings of each truck. With simple text, bright/vibrant illustrations, and a good assortment of trucks, it will likely be an instant-favorite of any 2-year-old obsessed with trucks.

The Goodnight TrainAges 0-3The Goodnight Traincheck price

All aboard for fun! Kiddos will want to snuggle up tight for The Goodnight Train. As the train departs, passengers do their bedtime routines. By mid-book, they’re travelling fast and having fun. When they get sleepy, the train slows. By the end, they fall asleep and the train goes into a tunnel for the night. It’s well-written with a beautiful story and gorgeously illustrated. We love looking at all of the fun little details in the pictures. Kids love that it’s silly, rhymes, and has colorful illustrations. It’s fun to read with good flow and gentle rhythm, and the words are quite catchy. It’s just the right length to keep your child’s attention. Two year olds will be excited to read this book every time. Even after reading through hundreds of times, surprisingly you won’t get sick of it. It’s almost certain to become a new favorite of yours and your child. This is one of my go-to birthday gifts for toddlers. It’s perfect for train lovers and kids who love bedtime stories.

Little Blue TruckAges 0+Little Blue Truckcheck price

Here’s a wonderful story of friendship and kindness that 2 year old boys will absolutely love. It’s the story of a little blue truck that gets stuck in the mud. Luckily, he’s made friends along the way who help him out. With bright illustrations, kids will love saying all the sound effects the truck makes out loud. Beep! Beep!

Goodnight TractorAges 1-4Goodnight Tractorcheck price

Goodnight Tractor is the perfect bedtime story for kiddos who love the farm or tractors. The main character plays with and drifts off to sleep, dreaming of saying good night to his equipment and farm animals. He says good night to the farmer, plow, trailer, cow, dog, sheep, and even tractor, then finally ends by saying it’s time to sleep. With fun rhyming words and beautiful illustrations, kids can wish their favorite things ‘Good Night’. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a busy day. Kids have no problem falling asleep. We love that it’s such as simple and sweet story, and it’s quick and easy to read before bedtime.

Rumble! Vroom! Zoom!: Let’s Listen to Things That Go!Ages 2-7Rumble! Vroom! Zoom!: Lets Listen to Things That Go!check price

Little ones will enjoy exploring vehicles on land, air, and even underground with the interactive book Rumble! Vroom! Zoom!: Let’s Listen to Things That Go! Discover vehicles that go ZOOM! And VROOM! like monster trucks, race cars, and police cars as well as vehicles that RUMBLE! like garbage trucks, fire trucks, and subway cars and more! Press the matching button on each page to hear the interactive sounds. Rather than a story, the book is packed with fun facts and sounds for every one of the 10 vehicles. Two year olds love the book and love imitating the sounds. It’s a colorful book with wonderful interactivity. We highly recommend it for all little vehicle lovers.

Baby Touch and Feel: TrucksAges 2-3Baby Touch and Feel: Truckscheck price

Baby Touch and Feel: Trucks is a best-selling book for truck lovers. Through tactile learning and clear photography, little learners will explore a wide range of trucks from fire trucks, cement mixers, and dump trucks to refrigeration, garbage, and sweeping trucks and more. In addition to learning the different types of trucks and their names, kids will also learn color and shape recognition. The truck pictures are really nice. The size is perfect for little hands and it’s also quite sturdy. Just wish there was more to touch and feel in terms of quantity and area per page. We feel the touching area should have been bigger for little ones.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site: Excavator’s 123Ages 0-2Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site: Excavators 123check price

Construction-loving fans will enjoy learning to count from 1 to 10 with Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site: Excavators 123. This is not your typical counting book. It’s well-written, the rhyme and cadence are perfect for reading, and it’s wonderfully illustrated. We love how the authors weave in an interesting story instead of purely focusing on numbers. With the story element, kids are engaged from the start, which is key to keeping little ones interested in learning their numbers.

Little Blue Truck’s ChristmasAges 0-3Little Blue Trucks Christmascheck price

In Little Blue Truck’s Christmas, Blue spreads Christmas cheer, delivering Christmas Trees to his friends. The cute story revolves around counting. Kids learn to count to 5, learn big/small/short/tall, and make animal sounds. Kids especially love the twinkling Christmas tree lights when you open the last page. We love the message of giving and sharing something special with a friend. With heavy cardstock pages, the book is quite durable even for rough 2 year olds.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction SiteAges 1-6Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Sitecheck price

Does your little boy love trucks? Here is a fun twist on the classic goodnight story where the main characters are not animals but construction trucks. One by one all the trucks get tucked into bed. The charming illustrations and rhyming text makes this a great gift for truck lovers.

Freight TrainAges 0-3Freight Traincheck price

Freight Train is a Caldecott Honor picture book award-winner. Although the story is a bit minimal, it’s more poetic with fantastic illustrations. The pictures are bright and engaging for kids. Some parents like being creative in their delivery, making their own sound effects. It’s likely to be a new favorite and a perfect gift for little train lovers. They’ll be begging for multiple reads. It’s great for teaching colors, counting, and different types of cars in a freight train. It’s one of those rare gems that can be passed on from generation to generation.

First 100 Trucks: And Things That GoAges 1-3First 100 Trucks: And Things That Gocheck price

Although the book is titled ‘First 100 Trucks,’ this book features more than just trucks. It has other modes of transportation as well like buses, 4x4s, convertibles, trains, boats, and more. Words are paired with photographs to faciliate your child’s learning. It’s the perfect gift for your transportation-loving toddler. Two year olds absolutely love it.

The Circus ShipAges 4-8The Circus Shipcheck price

The Circus Ship is charming, humorous, and full of heart — telling a story about the bonds of community. If you’re looking for a quality children’s book, look no further. Seriously, it’s a richly entertaining book your child will want you to read again and again … and honestly you won’t mind. The lyrical rhyming text and stunning artwork instantly draw you in. Young animal lovers will love hunting for the well-disguised animals in the final images.

Little ExcavatorAges 2-5Little Excavatorcheck price

From the author of the Llama Llama books, Little Excavator is a cute story about Little E, a baby excavator, who wants to help build a park with the big rigs. The only problem? He’s either too small or gets in the way. Finally, near the end there’s a job the others can’t do, so it’s Little E’s time to shine. It’s a fun book to read with wonderful illustrations and a nice message. The words are easy for toddlers and the rhyming text is very readable. It’s a must-read for little construction lovers.

TouchThinkLearn: VehiclesAges 3+TouchThinkLearn: Vehiclescheck price

Your vehicle lover will love this TouchThinkLearn: Vehicles book. While it’s not as interactive as the other books in the series, the colors, textures, and cutouts keep kids engaged. Just don’t expect a story or sentences here. If you’re child prefers story, you can always cook up your own creative stories. The book is very durable, making it perfect for multiple uses without having to worry about damage even with rough users.

Wheels on the BusAges 2-3Wheels on the Buscheck price

Based on the popular children’s song, the Wheels on the Bus is a great book to sing to your child. The beautiful illustrations are geared toward children and full of details. While it doesn’t include all the verses, you can’t help but sing it to your 2 year old. It teaches counting, facial expressions, and politeness.

ABC’s For Future Race Car DriversABCs For Future Race Car Driverscheck price

Car enthusiasts — looking for a fun way for your child to learn their ABCs? Vroom! Vroom! ABC’s For Future Race Car Drivers lets your kids learn their ABCs with car parts and other car-related illustrations. How fun! The illustrations are fantastic and the descriptions are simple and short for a 2 year old to easily understand. It’s always fun to see when your kid remembers the car parts. It offers a creative mix of words/pictures to make it a fun and useful teaching tool. The quality is great for a kids’ book. Since it teaches ABCs and gets young ones interested in cars, it’s perfect for car enthusiasts to teach their kids their ABCs.

Funny Books

As they master language, two year olds love funny books that are filled with jokes. These books encourage 2 year olds to make nonsensical sounds and be silly.

The Going-To-Bed BookAges 2-5The Going-To-Bed Bookcheck price

With funny illustrations and rhyming words, this silly story is the perfect bedtime story for 2 year old boys. In the book, the animals are getting ready for bed. They brush their teeth and go through their nighttime routine. There are few unexpected twists and turns that are sure to get a couple of laughs. He will want to read it every night after he finishes his bedtime routine.

Everything Is MamaAges 1-3Everything Is Mamacheck price

From the Emmy award-winning host Jimmy Fallon, Everything Is Mama depicts a mom who attempts to teach her child new words, but it calls for mama. Unlike Fallon’s Dada book, this one is hilarious! This book is great for developing your child’s vocabulary. Kids like talking about all the animals. It’s a simple book without a story but it’s nicely illustrated. We love the beginning and ending of this book. Elegantly simple but brilliant, it’s a beautiful and funny book that we highly recommend!

Sheep in a JeepAges 0-3Sheep in a Jeepcheck price

Sheep in a Jeep is a wonderful, funny, and silly story about sheep that attempt to drive a Jeep. How absurd! The driver sheep doesn’t pay much attention, so it ends up breaking down. It’s simple and short with delightful illustrations that match well with the storytelling. Kids and adults will be giggling and laughing all the way through. It’s a go-to gift for kids and grandkids.

Click, Clack, Moo Cows That TypeAges 3-8Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Typecheck price

Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type delivers a silly, creative, and fun-to-read story. Literate cows discover a typewriter and request electric blankets. When the farmer declines their request, the cows and hens go on strike — not providing milk or eggs. With ducks overseeing the exchanges, they finally agree to exchange typewriters for electric blankets. Both the cows and hens are content, but the ducks take the typewriter. The story and illustrations are cute, and the book holds a 2-year-old’s interest. In fact, don’t be surprised if your child wants you to read it again.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath Book!Ages 0-3The Pigeon Needs a Bath Book!check price

Everyone agrees that this pigeon needs a bath except for him. What will it take to convince this bird that he really needs a bath? Eventually this bird takes the plunge in this great read for toddlers. Fitting with the theme, this bath book edition is perfect for using in the tub. William’s comedic timing is fun. Get ready for some splish-splash fun! Bathtime will never be the same.

StuckAges 3-7Stuckcheck price

Stuck is a story about a boy named Floyd who gets his kite stuck in a tree. He’s determined to get his kite, but how? It’s both fun and funny. Without spoiling the fun, kids laugh at some of the silly things Floyd throws at the tree. It’s great for teaching problem-solving and it’s nice to have a book that makes you laugh. It’s one of those few books parents won’t mind reading over and over. Note the board book version loses the humor in the abridging process.

Toy Story 4 Little Golden BookAges 2-5Toy Story 4 Little Golden Bookcheck price

Experience the latest chapter in the Toy Story saga with this Little Golden Book of Toy Story 4. Meet old friends and new friends like Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Bunny, Ducky, Duke Caboom and Forky. This 24-page book is perfect as a bedtime story. Find out all about Woody and the gang’s latest exciting adventures.

Shhh! We Have a PlanAges 2-5Shhh! We Have a Plancheck price

Both funny and sweet with a few words, a repetitive pattern, and stylish illustrations, kids will be delighted by Shhh! We Have a Plan. It’s one of the best picture books that illustrates that when the best laid out plans fail, poorly laid out plans certainly don’t stand a chance. It teaches kids lessons about force versus gentleness. It’s a masterful delight that’s sure to get repeated readings. It’s a treasure that never gets old.

Peck Peck PeckAges 3+Peck Peck Peckcheck price

Peck Peck Peck is a charming picture book about a woodpecker who learns to peck. He pecks right through a door and explores what’s on the other side. With flowing rhymes, bright illustrations, ‘pecked’ holes, and a fun story, this is a lovely book about a child’s enthusiasm and a father’s love. It’s wonderful to see a child/father book, given the sea of child/mother books. Well-written and engaging, it makes a great addition to your library.

Wild Bios: Frida CatloAges 0-2Wild Bios: Frida Catlocheck price

A National Parenting Product award-winner, Wild Bios: Frida Catlo is an animalistic introduction to one of the history’s greatest figures. Despite her health issues and personal struggles, her artwork still came from her heart. It’s packed with colorful illustrations and hilarious animal puns to make learning fun. Bottom line, it’s super cute and kids love it. We love the concept and that it’s both educational and fun.


Introduce your 2 year old to your faith with these religious books. These simple to read books come beautifully illustrated.

Baby’s First Bible StoriesAges 1-6Babys First Bible Storiescheck price

Share your faith with your little loved one with Baby’s First Bible Stories. This book features 12 Bible stories, ranging from the Creation to Noah, Daniel, the Lions, and more, that conclude with an age-appropriate prayer. The stories are short and easy to read and understand with cute illustrations. The stories are brief and simplified — each a page in length. Two year old love it to be read to them. Most of the stories are from the old testament with a few from the new testament. It’s a fantastic way to introduce toddlers to God and the Bible. It makes a great gift for baby showers, baptisms or Easter baskets.

Baby’s First Bible Boxed SetAges 0-2Babys First Bible Boxed Setcheck price

Written with simple stories and bright illustrations, Baby’s First Bible Boxed Set is a wonderful way to introduce toddlers to sacred characters and stories from the Bible. This bundle set features 4 individual stories: The Story of Moses, The Story of Jesus, Noah’s Ark, and Adam and Eve. It doesn’t include other stories from the Bible. Although the stories are simplified for younger readers, it’s still packed with details. Unlike other Baby Bibles, it discusses sin entering the world and Jesus’s crucification and resurrection. Kids love looking at the pictures. A couple issues include not outright stating that Jesus is the son of God, and The Story of Jesus fails to mention his birth in the manger. Aside from those few issues, it makes for a great Baptism or Christmas gift.

Baby’s First Book of PrayersAges 2-5Babys First Book of Prayerscheck price

Baby’s First Book of Prayers is a cute, charming, and wonderful first prayer book for little ones. This book includes 41 short and sweet prayers. Spreads are laid out with artwork on the left and a corresponding prayer on the right. The size is perfect for toddlers’ little hands. There’s a page for you to write who it is To/From and the date given. It’s a great gift for newborns, christenings, baptisms, first birthdays, Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, and baby showers. It’s a precious treasure we’re so glad to discover.

God Gave Us YouAges 2-3God Gave Us Youcheck price

Has your child ever asked, “Where did I come from?” God Gave Us You is the perfect book to answer this query on many little ones’ minds. The story is beautiful as are the illustrations. It beautifully illustrates the journey, love, and anticipation of having a baby. Based on the story, it’s not suitable for adopted kids. We love how the story is simple and easy for little ones to understand. It’s a great way to introduce your child to God, and makes a great christening gift.

Snuggle Time PrayersAges 0-4Snuggle Time Prayerscheck price

Snuggle Time Prayers offers a collection of 15 adorable, sweet, and poetic bedtime prayers. The prayers are beautiful yet simple. A Bible verse of scripture is paired with each prayer. Every rhyme is sweet, and 2 year olds love the pictures and prayers. The drawings are beautiful and it holds young ones’ attention. You’ll love the messages of love and comfort. It’s great for introducing your little one to the notion of prayers and how God takes care of all of us. It’s perfect for baby showers, baptisms, and birthdays.

Little Book of PrayersAges 2-4Little Book of Prayerscheck price

Inspire your little one to pray with the Little Book of Prayers. It’s packed with prayers for thankfulness, praise, school, mealtime, and bedtime. Its 18 simple, beautifully written prayers help young ones to understand and trust God. With short prayers and verses, it’s easy for kids to understand. It also has passages related to daily routines and life topics. Parents love the prayers and kids love the pictures. We love that it takes diversity and representation into account. It’s perfect for baby showers, adoption parties, baptisms, Easter baskets, birthdays, or Christmas. It’s a great way to get your little one started with prayers.

Holidays & Celebration

Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, and other special occasions don’t come often. Celebrate the special occasion with one of these books.

Disney Frozen Fever The Best Birthday EverAges 2-5Disney Frozen Fever The Best Birthday Evercheck price

Frozen fans’ eyes will light up with delight with this Little Golden Book featuring beloved favorites like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf join forces to give Anna the best birthday ever! While it closely follows the Pixar animated short of Frozen Fever, it adds key plot points to progress the story and make it feel more complete. The friendship between Anna and Elsa is wonderful, helping reinforce the friendship concept. What we love most is that it holds a 2 year old’s attention without going over their head. The illustrations are nicely done and help bring the story to life. Any Frozen-obsessed fan will enjoy this short and sweet story about Anna’s birthday celebration. Frozen fans absolutely adore it!

Llama Llama I Love YouAges 0-3Llama Llama I Love Youcheck price

Llama Llama I Love You is a sweet book about a little llama who expresses love toward family and friends through heart-shaped cards and hugs. It’s a short and sweet book focused on Valentine’s Day. The text is the perfect length for little ones’ short attention spans. Unlike the other Llama Llama books there’s not much of a story — it’s more of rhymes describing Valentine’s celebrations. We love the message and beautiful illustrations, making it a wonderful addition to your little one’s bookshelf. Rather than sweets, it makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for little ones.

Little Blue Truck’s HalloweenAges 0-3Little Blue Trucks Halloweencheck price

Beep! Beep! Gear up for a Halloween treat! Little Blue’s picking up his friends for a Halloween costume party. We love the lift-up flaps that reveal which animal is hiding under the costume and that the author returned to what fans loved about the first book. It helps reinforce animal names and the kids love guessing and looking at the costumes. 2 year olds love this book! With a simple fun storyline, cute illustrations, and fun lift-the-flap interactivity, this delightful book belongs in every Little Blue fans’ library.

Sesame Street Happy Birthday!Ages 1-4Sesame Street Happy Birthday!check price

Celebrate your child’s birthday with this wonderful Sesame Street-themed party guestbook. It’s a keepsake with plenty of space for your guests to sign their name and write a little message. It’s like a sweet, extended birthday card and a great way to remember your birthday forever. It has cheerful celebratory text with Sesame Street characters, and it’s fun to read along with everyone’s stories, memories, and well wishes. It’s perfect for your child’s Sesame Street-themed birthday party.

Disney Pixar CocoAges 2-5Disney Pixar Cococheck price

Disney Pixar Coco tells the story of Miguel, who aspires to become a musician like his idol. In the Land of the Dead, Miguel meets Hector, and they go on an adventure to uncover the truth behind Hector’s family history. It does a great job of summarizing the movie with essential plot points and without some of the darker parts. The length is perfect for younger readers. Kids absolutely love this book, and it’s wonderfully illustrated. What’s cool? It’s compatible with Google Home/Mini so you can have it read along and play sound effects to heighten the overall experience.

Birthday Monsters!Ages 0-4Birthday Monsters!check price

Birthday Monsters! is a story about a madcap crew of party crashers. Like other Boynton books it has good flow and the rhyming doesn’t feel forced. Kids love the rhymes. We appreciate the humor that keeps it entertaining for parents to read. The story is silly, super cute, and interesting and the illustrations are colorful. The look on the hippo’s face is priceless and you can’t believe that the birthday monsters are so naughty. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with a fun ending. It makes a great birthday gift for your little birthday monster.

Now You Are Two!Ages 5-6Now You Are Two!check price

So they’re turning 2?! Get them a birthday board book instead of a birthday card. It’s like a greeting card and keepsake in one. You can share a personal message (along with who it’s from and what’s the occasion) with your newly minted 2 year old. The complete package includes the book, envelope, and seal. It’s a super cute book and kids love the cute rhymes. The best part? Unlike a throw-away card, you can save the memories for when your toddler grows up.

Bear Stays Up For ChristmasAges 2-8Bear Stays Up For Christmascheck price

Join Bear and his friends for the holidays with Bear Stays Up For Christmas. Bear’s friends awaken him to find a Christmas tree, bake cakes, hang stockings, and sing Christmas carols. Toddlers learn that giving is one of the best Christmas gifts. They love all the different animals. This is a secular book with no mention of the religious meaning of Christmas. Beautifully illustrated with a good message, it’s a heartwarming tale of friendship that kids love, making it a must-read for your 2 year old. This is our favorite in the Bear book series.


As your child’s grasp of language is increasing, she will grow more interesting in exploring her artistic side. It’s a good idea to introduce music in their lives as early as possible. Encourage creative thinking with these books that encourage 2 year olds to sing melodic jingles.

Barnyard Dance!Ages 0-4Barnyard Dance!check price

Who’s ready to do the Barnyard Dance!? Join in on the fun of twirling pigs, fiddle-playing cows, and other wacky animals. Sandra Boynton’s wacky animals are sure to make kids laugh and her clever rhymes make re-reads easier than ever. We love the humor and adorable illustrations, and kids love this book. What’s cool? You can download the official Barnyard Dance! song for an extra layer of fun. Capturing kids’ attention and imagination, it’s a short, sweet, and entertaining book for kiddos.

Daniel Tiger’s Friendly SongsAges 2-6Daniel Tigers Friendly Songscheck price

Sing along to Daniel Tiger’s favorite songs from the show while building early literacy with Daniel Tiger’s Friendly Songs. The book features lyrics for each song along with fun artwork and characters based on the show and push-activated buttons. Kids will love pressing the buttons and singing along to their favorite songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Tunes include Be My Neighbor, Be My Friends; Sharing With You Is Fun for Me Too; This is My Happy Song; Friends Help Each Other, Yes They Do; and It’s You I Like. Bear in mind, it doesn’t sing the song with vocals, and the music quality is typical of similar music books. You can sing the vocals to bond with your child and make it fun.

The Story of RapAges 0-2The Story of Rapcheck price

Hailed as ‘so adorbs!!’ by Missy Elliot, the Story of Rap is perfect for aspiring baby/toddler rappers. Your little one can learn all about the history of rap and the rappers that started it all. It’s a super cute book with nice rhythm and flow. The story remains true to the history of rap, and we love that it even rhymes. Although it features Missy Elliot and Grandmaster Flash among other rap superstars, it omits Sugar Hill Gang and Eminem. Overall, we felt The Story of Rock was more fun with a better background, but it’s a great gift for little rap fans.

The Story of Rock Ages 0-2The Story of Rock check price

Who’s ready to rock and roll?! In The Story of Rock, little kiddos will enjoy learning about how rock and roll evolved over time and experience the music legends that started it all. Rock stars include Elvis, Beatles, Queen, Nirvana, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Weezer, and more. It starts from the beginning of rock to modern favorites. Well-written, illustrated, educational, and entertaining for both kids and adults alike, this deserves a place in every little kid’s library. It make a great gift for your music loving little one. Rock on!

Bedtime SongsAges 0-5Bedtime Songscheck price

Looking for bedtime songs for your 2 year old? Bedtime Songs is an interactive children’s music book featuring 10 sleepy time song melodies for toddlers and preschoolers to sing along to before bedtime. Press the buttons to hear classic melodies like Twinkle, Twinkle; Hush Little Baby; Brahms Lullaby; I See the Moon, and more. Kids can practice matching and fine motor skills while having fun with music. It’s gorgeously illustrated and the songs are beautiful and relaxing. It plays the first verse. The pages are thick so no need to worry about tearing pages. We only wish it had volume control.

Disney Frozen – Let It GoDisney Frozen - Let It Gocheck price

Unleash your inner musical starpower with Disney Frozen – Let It Go! This interactive music note sound book features an instrumental version of Frozen’s iconic song ‘Let It Go’! The quality is better than other toys and sounds reasonably loud and clear. You can also hear Elsa sing solo. Parents will love that you can stop the song at any time. We wish it played the entire song instead of only a portion. OMG, toddlers love singing and dancing again and again. It’s a cute gift for any Frozen-obsessed fan sure to entertain and delight while developing language and literacy skills.

I Got the RhythmAges 2-5I Got the Rhythmcheck price

I Got Rhythm is such a cute picture book. We love the concept and that’s it’s happy, upbeat, and inclusive. This book provides a fun way for kiddos to learn new ideas and words related to music, singing, and dancing. Snapping your fingers, clapping your hands, and your feet along with the story helps young ones better connect to the text and imagery. The little ones love this book. Who’s ready to boogie?

Best Books For 2 Year Olds?

Reading to your child is the best way to develop their language skills. Children naturally will have their own favorite books. We hope you found a wide variety of good books for 2 year olds. Let us know your favorite books in the comments.

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