Top Toys For Christmas 2017

top toys for christmas 2017
Here is the ULTIMATE gift guide to the Top Toys For Christmas 2017.

Looking for the top Christmas gifts for 2017? Yup it is that time of the year. For the holidays, you might be thinking about heading to your local drugstore to pick up a knock-off Barbie with arms that fall off when you move them. Don’t worry we got you covered.

To find the best and hottest toys of 2017, we looked at dozens and dozens of playthings. We nearly froze when Santa invited us to the North Pole to spend time with the elves.

What better way to find the coolest toys for kids? We got the children to help out and tell us about the toys they are asking Santa for. With the help of kids, we’ve chosen over a hundred awesome toys. This year we have categorized our list to make it easier to find the perfect gift to put under the tree. We also have identified “Buzz Toys.” A “Buzz Toy” is a toy that is extra awesome.

Grab a Santa hat, mittens, and a scarf. Let’s take a sleigh ride to the North Pole and look at some of the best toys of 2017 that inspire creativity, spark the imagination, and push the boundaries of fun engaging play experiences. Remember to vote for your favorite toys by clicking the heart button. No login is required! Have fun looking at our guide. We hope it helps. From everyone at Toybuzz, Happy Holidays.

Top Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Top Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Aristotle by Nabi Aristotle by Nabicheck price

Aristotle by Nabi is the first all-in-one, voice-controlled smart baby monitor that grows with your child. Aristotle features a virtual assistant similar to Alexa, Siri and Google Home. In addition it features a baby monitor, speaker, smart light, HD Wi-Fi camera, and sound machine. Aristotle will be able to answer a range of queries, stream HD video in real-time to your smart device, and even turn on the light and play music if your baby is crying. This all-in-one solution is more affordable than if you were to purchase all of these gadgets separately and it’s a great investment that will serve your family for many years to come.

Playskool Friends Sesame Street Tickle Me ElmoAges 18m-4 Playskool Friends Sesame Street Tickle Me Elmocheck price

After more than a decade, Tickle Me Elmo is back! This little cuddly friend created quite a toy craze back in the day. Elmo is softer than ever, features four levels of laughter, and more activation areas than before. He’s full of giggles and fun when kids tickle Elmo’s tummy or foot. He loves nothing more than to laugh! Ha! Hee! Hee! Keep tickling him for endless laughs and fun! Could we experience another Elmo toy craze this year?

Baby Alive Sweet Tears BabyAges 3+ Baby Alive Sweet Tears Babycheck price

Ready for the next-generation of Baby Alive dolls that puts the ‘alive’ in motion? Believe it or not – Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby now features actually tears and frowns when she’s not well! What will they think of next? She drinks her juice bottle, lets you know when she needs to blow her nose, sneezes, and lets you know when she doesn’t feel well and cries. Give her a checkup with the included stethoscope and thermometer. Baby Alive is more realistic than ever before, taking toddler play to a whole new level.

Baby Alive Snackin’ Luke Baby Ages 3+ Baby Alive Snackin Luke Baby check price

Baby Alive Snackin’ Luke is the first new boy since 2006. Meet Baby Snackin’ Luke! He’s adorably cute with his big eyes. Luke loves nothing more that to fill his tummy. Feed him, change his diaper, and nurture Luke. Kids will love the nurturing play and caring for their own baby boy. What a bundle of joy!

Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Roadster Racing Adventures MickeyAges 3+ Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Roadster Racing Adventures Mickeycheck price

Gear up for magical fun with Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Racing Adventures Mickey. Based on the hit Disney Junior show, Mickey is a plush figure the comes to life moving his head, waving his flag, moving his arms, talking, singing, and even making racing sounds. Mickey’s roadster performs fantastic figure-eights, drifts, and full 360-degree spins! Play games like Race to the Flag. Toddlers and preschoolers will be amazed by his victory dance after capturing the flag!

Minnie’s Walk & Play PuppyAges 3+ Minnies Walk & Play Puppycheck price

Minnie’s Walk & Play Puppy is a fun playset for toddlers. Minnie looks fantastic and can instruct her puppy to perform a number of tricks. She can even sing and talk. Her play puppy pal also performs spins and barks like a cute little puppy. The set features two modes of play – walk and teach!

PJ Masks Rival Racers Track PlaysetAges 3+ PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playsetcheck price

The PJ Masks Rival Racers playset is full of thrills and imaginative play. The playset features a car that zips through a thrilling race track complete with a spiral loop! Will you be able to make it across the track to save the day?

Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base PlaysetAges 3-7 Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base Playsetcheck price

The BB-8 Adventure Base Playset is a fantastic and fun set for little kiddos. It features a complete playset featuring a BB-8 figure that opens into a playset. PLay in either configuration! The set includes BB-8 and Rey mini figures to expand the imaginative play. The BB-8 Adventure Base features flashing lights and sounds effects to immerse you into the action.

Real Workin’ Buddies DustyAges 3+ Real Workin Buddies Dustycheck price

Parents and kids alike will fall in love with Real Workin’ Buddies Dusty. Dusty features several fun phrases and looks super cool. But the best part? He makes cleanup a breeze. Simply roll Dusty over your toys and it ‘gobbles’ it into its trunk. You can even empty it wherever you need to. What an ingenious idea!

LeapTop Touch 2-in-1 LaptopAges 2+ LeapTop Touch 2-in-1 Laptopcheck price

LeapFrog has a new hybrid 2-in-1 device for toddlers combining a tablet and laptop in one. It features a touch screen, kid-friendly design, and a convenient carrying handle to transport the device. The LeapTop Touch 2-in-1 Laptop promotes learning letters, numbers, music, and much more.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart PuppyAges 9m+ Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart Puppycheck price

Babies 9 months and older will love interacting with this fun puppy from Fisher-Price. The Laugh & learn First Words Smart Puppy teaches kids first words. They learn with 8 blocks, illuminating shape buttons, music and more. The playset features different reading stages to grow with your child.

Learning Resources Count & Build TotBotAges 2+ Learning Resources Count & Build TotBotcheck price

Count & Build TotBot is perfect for your 2 year old child and older kids. It teaches all the learning essentials for this age group from numbers to colors to shapes and more! It’s a 9-piece set with bright, cheerful, and colorful pieces that make learning fun. Kids will twist, stack, and build their way to fun! They can build a colorful robot character. Kids will develop number recognition, shape recognition, and fine motor skills.

Learning Resources Latch and Learn School HouseAges 3+ Learning Resources Latch and Learn School Housecheck price

The Latch and Learn School House is a fun way to teach toddlers and preschoolers how to work a variety of latches while developing critical fine motor skills. The set features a colorful schoolhouse to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy’s A to Z Smart PadAges 18m-3 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppys A to Z Smart Padcheck price

The Laugh & Learn Puppy’s A to Z Smart Pad is a great way to introduce toddlers to letters, animals, objects and more. The set grows with you child, offering four levels of play. The Puppy entertains kids with fun phrases and songs. Perfect for learning at home or on the go.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Let’s Get Ready SinkAges 18m-3 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Lets Get Ready Sinkcheck price

The Laugh & Learn Let’s Get Ready Sink is a fun way for kids to imitate real life. The set teaches daily routines, role play, familiar objects, and colors and ABCs. The playset features over 50 sounds, songs, music and phrases to encourage good hygene. Kids can turn the faucet, squeeze the toothpaste, and even pretend to use the soap. It’s sure to inspire hours of imaginative play while promoting good habits.

CubettoAges 3+ Cubettocheck price

Cubetto introduces young preschool children to the basics of coding with a wooden puzzle and coding instructions. Kids are encouraged to experiment with various blocks and combos and learn through trial-and-error. Kids will learn real programming concepts like functions, recursion, randomization, and negation.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag MoviAges 3+ Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach n Tag Movicheck price

Movi is an interactive learning robot. It features games like Red Light, Green Light and Movi Says. Movi features over 60 facial expressions and has kids guessing different animal sounds. It’s great for teaching kids to listen and follow directions.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart CycleAges 3+ Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cyclecheck price

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle merges digital and physical play. The Smart Cycle connects with your tablet for entertaining active adventures. Kids will learn while getting in some great exercise. One free reading app is included and additional content may be purchased separately.

SmarTrike 3-in-1 Activity Center TrampolineAges 1+ SmarTrike 3-in-1 Activity Center Trampolinecheck price

This trampoline set grows with your child. Kids will have a blast jumping around. The safety bar can be removed as your child grows older. And you can turn the set over and use it as a fun ball pit.

MoonliteAges 2-8 Moonlitecheck price

Moonlite is the first bedtime story projector for your mobile phone. It instantly adds magic to storytime by projecting images in your room, making story time more engaging and something kids will actually look forward to. Bedtime is sure to be a whole lot more exciting!

The Chuckle BallAges 18m-4 The Chuckle Ballcheck price

The Chuckle Ball is a sensory development ball that rolls and bounces. It features fun, bright colors to appeal to babies ages 18 months and older. It features fun soft characters all aroound the ball to make playtime more fun! It encourages kids to move, crawl, and develop their gross motor skills. Get ready for laughs, giggles and all out fun!

Top Electronic Toys

Top Electronic Toys

Electronic toys spring to life with technology. Sing, play, and dance with some of the best toys for Christmas 2017.

Teddy RuxpinAges 3+ Teddy Ruxpincheck price

Teddy Ruxpin, the iconic story-telling teddy bear from the 80’s, is back with a tech makeover. He now features cool emotive LCD animated eyes and he’s lighter, softer, and more huggable than ever now that he’s gone all digital. And he even comes to life with a motorized mouth synched to the story. He has built-in storage with 10 stories – with three of them unlocked. Additional stories can be unlocked with a smart device. Kids can even sing along with Teddy. He’s the perfect bedtime companion. Kids can play with Teddy alone or interact with the stories via the app. It’s the perfect educational toy that combines story-telling, friendship, and reading into a fun kid-friendly package. You thought Teddy was cool before … now he’s even cooler than ever!

My Little Pony Movie My Magical Princess Twilight SparkleAges 3+ My Little Pony Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparklecheck price

Magical Twilight Sparkle is an interactive version of the My Little Pony character. She is magically brought to life with over 90 phrases and she even responds to touch and sound. Twilight Sparkle loves telling stories. Fans will love interacting with Twilight Sparkle and recreating their favorite moments from the My Little Pony Movie.

LuvabellaAges 3+ Luvabellacheck price

SpinMaster has created the most realistic doll ever with Luvabella. She loves being tickled – tickle her feet or tummy. She’s a really happy baby and loves playing games like Peek-a-boo. She is extremely life-like with blinking eyes and an animated mouth, head, and arms. Her life-like expressions make her come to life. What makes her so special is that she features hundreds of responses. You can even hear her little heartbeat if you put your head to her chest. The cool part? The more you play with her, the more she learns. Bring home this loveable bundle of joy!

Hatchimals GlitterAges 5-7 Hatchimals Glittercheck price

The Hatchimals took the world by storm last year and were unquestionably the hottest toy of the year. Hatchimals Glitter are the latest animals to hatch, riding the wave of success. These new Hatchimals feature glittery egg shells and glittery fur. Could these new Hatchimals repeat the enormous success of the originals and be the most-sought-after toy again?

FurReal Friends Roarin’ TylerAges 4+ FurReal Friends Roarin Tylercheck price

Isn’t he the cutest baby tiger ever? Roarin’ Tyler is the newest adorable member of the FurReal Friends family. Tyler looks fantastic and features over 100 motions and sounds that bring him to life. He responds to touch and reacts very realistically. If you roar at Tyler, he’ll roar right back. He even plays tug of war with an included squeaker toy. Adopt what is sure to become your kid’s new favorite pet companion.

FurReal Friends Chatty Charlie The Barkin’ BeagleAges 4+ FurReal Friends Chatty Charlie The Barkin Beaglecheck price

Do your kids wish they could bring home a pet? Bring home FurReal Friends Chatty Charlie The Barkin’ Beagle. He’s the perfect interactive companion and the next best thing without all the mess! The cool thing about Chatty Charlie is that his magical dog collar converts his pup barks into English. Kids will be astonished and won’t believe their eyes or ears!

Little Live Pets CuddlesAges 4+ Little Live Pets Cuddlescheck price

Last year we saw Snuggles puppies. This year we get Cuddles the kitten. Cuddles comes to life with animatronics technology. It is so cute, cuddly, and the perfect pet pal for kids. Bring them home today!

Zoomer Show PonyAges 5+ Zoomer Show Ponycheck price

Take a look at this cutie! It’s Zoomer Show Pony. She’s an interactive show pony that moves, plays, makes sounds. It features cool emotive eyes and even performs for you. And you can comb its beautiful hair. What a cool pony!

Minion MiP Turbo DaveAges 8+ Minion MiP Turbo Davecheck price

Minion MiP Turbo Dave is a fun electronic toy that brings your favorite Minion to life! He features a variety of fun actions and he can be controlled via a companion app. There’s app interaction and even a coding component to perform various actions. He responds to touch and features over 140 fun sounds and phrases from the movies. Super cool gift for Minions fans!

Transformers Autobot Sqweeks RCAges 6+ Transformers Autobot Sqweeks RCcheck price

Transformers fans will love this awesomely detailed Sqweeks RC Autobot. His eyes illuminate and you can manuever him on your adventures. He dances, features sounds, emotive eyes, and he can even activate his blaster.

ChippiesAges 5+ Chippiescheck price

Awww … look at these cute robot dogs! Chippies are new lovable robot pals and the successor of CHIP from WowWee. They are so cute and you can train them to perform a number of tricks. They respond to touch and they love playing with kids. Available in three color varieties: blue, pink, and black.

Little Mighty Gym Mighty RunnerAges 5-10 Little Mighty Gym Mighty Runnercheck price

Little Mighty Gym combines physical with digital play and it encourages kids to get up and active. It’s a running game system. Choose from different engaging games ranging from track and field to rocky running trail to a zombie dash. Then kids run and jump on the pad to play the game. Connect your smartphone or tablet to immerse yourself in fascinating digital worlds. Shhhh! Kids will have a blast while exercising.

Top Gadgets

Top Gadgets

Get geeked out over some of the coolest Christmas gifts of the year.

BeatMoovz BeatMoovzcheck price

BeatMoovz is an innovative new gadget that allows you to make music by simply moving. The band features more than 400 different sounds. What’s really cool? You can even make sounds like a robot – perfect for those robot choreographies. And you can play with other to form a complete musical band. How cool is that?

XYZ Printing da Vinci Mini MakerAges 8-14 XYZ Printing da Vinci Mini Makercheck price

Ever dream you could make your own toys? Well now you can stop dreaming and start bringing your imagination and creativity to reality with da Vinci MiniMaker. Make cars, a dollhouse furniture, and a whole lot more! What fantastic creations will you dream up?

IDO3D 3D Print ShopAges 8+ IDO3D 3D Print Shopcheck price

Now even kids can get in on the 3D printing action without any special software! Kids will have fun creating their own 3D toys with this printer. It’s all about creating, customizing, cloning, and repeating. Create everything from jewelry to toys and more! What amazing creations will you create? Who knows … with something like this your little one could get into business.

LekaAges 3+ Lekacheck price

Leka is an interactive robotic learning device and friend for kids with autism. It’s a multi-sensory smart toy that exceptional children can use to play, interact with, learn, and enhance their lives. It can spin, roll, play music, and display photos and emojis. Leka has a face that displays emotion and it helps special needs children learn and develop. It also helps with communication, interpersonal skills, and understanding social cues. It’s more than a toy, it’s an educational aid.

Vtech Smart Communication and Gaming DeviceAges 4+ Vtech Smart Communication and Gaming Devicecheck price

This durable kid-friendly smart device is both a communication and gaming device in one. Kids can use it to communicate like a smartphone and it also features over 40 games, e-books, and a messenger app featuring emojis. It can be used for kids-safe web browsing, texting, messaging, photos, drawings, and more! Preloaded apps include math, spelling, science, music, and more.

Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8Ages 6+ Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8check price

Hero Droid BB-8 is a life-size radio-controlled version of BB-8. He interacts with fans, listens to their commands, features motion-sensing, and even follows you. The voice commands really bring BB-8 to life! The perfect gift for Star Wars and BB-8 fans!

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam 180Ages 4-12 VTech Kidizoom Action Cam 180check price

The Kidizoom Action Cam 180 is perfect for capturing your adventures. It features a 180-degree rotating camera allowing kids to shoot photos, selfies, and video. You can even mount the camera on your adventures. The water-resistant case even allows you to go on 6-feet deep underwater adventures. Lights, camera, action!

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2Ages 4-12 VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2check price

The big kids have the Apple Watch and Fitbit – so where does that leave kids? Featuring a new sleek and stylish design, kids can get in on the smartwatch action with the Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2. In addition to telling time, it shoots photos and captures video. The watch features two cameras for photos and selfies. It features a fun monster-catching game a la Pokemon Go. Kids can play fun games and activities.

Holo CubeAges 10+ Holo Cubecheck price

Imagine holding a hologram in your hands. That’s precisely what Holo Cube does when you view it through VR goggles. There are many fascinating applications, including puzzles, games, and peering at human organs. Are you ready to experience the future?

Polaroid Pop Polaroid Popcheck price

Instant printing is cool again with Polaroid Pop! The Pop features an LCD screen, 20 MP sensor, full HD video, SD card slot, and USB port for charging. It prints on special 3″ x 4″ zinc paper. It’s a high quality portable camera that makes printing fun again!

Hello Barbie HologramAges 6+ Hello Barbie Hologramcheck price

The future is now with Hello Barbie Hologram. Barbie is now a futuristic virtual figure that lives inside a light box. Barbie sings, dances, and has conversations about food, weather, and more. She’s like a personal assistant because you can have her remember important dates and she also serves as a nightlight. She’s the perfect BFF for fans.

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueenAges 6+ Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueencheck price

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen is like an animated Pixar character jumped straight out from the movie and into your room. He really feels full of personality! His animation feels movie-realistic with animated eyes and mouth, he responds to touch, its headlights light up, and it can even raise and lower its body. It even speaks over 300 phrases from the movie. Control McQueen with your smartphone or tablet and race him up to 6 mph. On a single charge, it runs for about 40 minutes. The ultimate gift for the Cars 3 fan!

Ocean PetsAges 3+ Ocean Petscheck price

Bring your putty creations to life with the magic of augmented reality and create a virtual aquarium! Create, animate, and nurture! Ocean Pets works in tandem with your smart device. Kids will have a blast playing with their creations in a virtual on-screen aquarium. What a magical experience developing creativity, curiosity, and responsibility!

Sakar Emoji Flashing Karaoke MachineAges 5+ Sakar Emoji Flashing Karaoke Machinecheck price

It’s party time! This Emoji Movie themed bluetooth karaoke machine is perfect for your child who is constantly singing wherever they go. Kids can sing to all their favorite songs until their hearts’ content.

PBS Kids Plug & PlayAges 2+ PBS Kids Plug & Playcheck price

This new kid-friendly TV streaming stick looks like a cute racecar. It’s the first kids’ streaming stick. You can view kid-appropriate content anywhere with this stick. The stick features more than 100 hours of content to entertain and engage kids. The stick can also be used wirelessly via Wi-Fi to access PBS Kids’ 24/7 live stream channel.

PixlPlayAges 3+ PixlPlaycheck price

Transform your smartphone into a fun camera for kids with Pixlplay. It’s compatible with most standard phones, including Apple and Android phones. The cool thing is it’s easy to use and you can start shooting right away! Encourage active play while learning about photography. Express your creativity!

VR Real FeelAges 8+ VR Real Feelcheck price

The VR Real Feel Racing Game is a 3D reality simulator. The device works with your iPhone or Android phone and allows you engage in an immersive VR-like racing experience. Steering is handled by the included steering wheel which makes racing games more immersive and exciting. The wheel even features force feedback to heighten the sense of immersion when you crash into cars or walls. The best part? Use the headset with other free VR apps.

DJI SparkAges 16+ DJI Sparkcheck price

Finally, there’s a drone for everyone – the DJI Spark. It’s a small, lightweight, portable drone and one of DJI’s most affordable drones that’s actually easy to fly. The secret is intuitive motion-based controls, but you can also use your smartphone or a remote control. It also features obstacle-avoidance sensors to avoid obstacles and you can’t crash it into the ground. Plus, you can livestream from this drone. Battery life is about 10-15 minutes. Best of all, the Spark is fun to fly!

Holy Stone HS170 PredatorAges 14+ Holy Stone HS170 Predatorcheck price

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator is a great beginning drone. It’s a nano drone that makes it simple to fly regardless of your skill level. The set includes an extra set of propellers and it’s reasonably priced. This drone doesn’t feature a camera – it’s designed solely for flying.

Syma X5C Explorers QuadcopterAges 12+ Syma X5C Explorers Quadcoptercheck price

The Syma X5C Explorers drone gives you good bang for the buck. It features a 2 MP camera that captures photos and video. The quality is pretty decent for the price point. Because it is lightweight and easy to maneuver, this drone is perfect for beginners. If you’re on a budget and want to experience basic aerial photos, it’s a good drone but don’t expect high quality shots from the camera.

Holy Stone F181 QuadcopterAges 14+ Holy Stone F181 Quadcoptercheck price

The Holy Stone F181 is an easy drone to fly for beginners. It features a 2 MP camera so you can experience ariel shots while flying around. The F181 is pricier than other beginner drones because it packs in a ton of extras, such as an extra battery, charging cables for both batteries, extra props, card reader, and even motor spare parts. There’s a mode perfect for beginners and it features 4 sensitivity levels so practically anyone can enjoy the experience.

UDI 818A HD+ RC QuadcopterAges 14+ UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcoptercheck price

The UDI 818A is perfect for beginning pilots because it’s designed to escape crashes. Pilots will have greater confidence while flying with this drone. Two sets of extra props are included in case you need them. It features a 2 MP camera for playing with still and video shots and it has two sensitivity levels perfect for any pilot.

Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable BandAges 6+ Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable Bandcheck price

The Hanazüki Moodgleam Wearable Band is a fun wearable for fans of the show. Depending on your mood, the wearable band displays different colors. It’s a great way for fans to show and express their ever-changing moods just like the character in the show. You can even connect the wearable to the app to engage in fun activities. Fun gift for fans!

Fidget CubeAges 8+ Fidget Cubecheck price

Who doesn’t love to fidget? If you love to fidget, the Fidget Cube is ideal for you. The Fidget Cube jump-started the whole fidget toy craze of 2017! Whether you like flicking, spinning, pressing, or rolling, there’s enough fidgeting fun for everyone. Best of all, they’re inexpense and provide endless fidgeting fun!

Fidget SpinnerAges 8+ Fidget Spinnercheck price

Move over Hatchimals. The Fidget Spinners were the hottest new toy craze to take the world by storm. There are so many different variations – it’s crazy! Everybody wants in on the spinning action from kids to adults! They are designed to alleviate stress and anxiety and they are a good way for some to ‘focus’ their attention on something else while they’re distracted with the fidge spinner. Go figure! Get your hands on the biggest toy craze this year!

SpinzipzAges 4+ Spinzipzcheck price

Spinzipz are the next generation of spinning toys. The cool thing about these spinners is that they light up and you can connect them for even more fun.

Top Dolls

Top Dolls

It’s no secret that some of the most popular toys of 2017 are going to be dolls. Little girls love dolls because they are like best friends. Here are the top new dolls of 2017 that girls can play dress up with and tell secrets to.

Barbie FashionistasAges 3-10 Barbie Fashionistascheck price

The Barbie Fashionistas line continues to grow and diversify. Mattel will launch new Barbie dolls with new body types, stylish and trendy clothing, hairstyles, and colors. The doll evolves!

Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanting Ball Gown BelleAges 3+ Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanting Ball Gown Bellecheck price

The Enhanting Ball Gown Belle is a beautiful recreation of Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She wears her signature golden ball room gown. The doll comes with a hair piece, necklace and matching pair of shoes to accessorize her and enhance your play. Fans will love recreating the magical moment in the movie and will love creating their own fascinating tales with this lovely doll.

Disney Princess Enchanted Ballroom RevealAges 3+ Disney Princess Enchanted Ballroom Revealcheck price

Are you ready for the big reveal? The Disney Princess Enchanted Ballroom Reveal set includes two dolls in one set – Belle and The Beast. After dancing with The Beast, Belle realizes he’s the prince. Fans can transform The Beast into a prince with the flick of a switch. Fans will love recreating the magical moment from the Beauty and the Beast movie.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Battle Ready DollAges 6-10 DC Comics Wonder Woman Battle Ready Dollcheck price

Wonder Woman is primed and ready for battle! Are you? Inspired by the box-office hit film Wonder Woman, the Wonder Woman Battle Ready doll looks bold and powerful. She’s an officially licensed DC Comic property. She wears her unmistakable superhero costume and includes her Lasso of Truth and headband. Fans will love acting our their favorite scenes from the movies. Perfect gift for Wonder Woman fans!

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Adventure FiguresAges 4+ Star Wars Forces of Destiny Adventure Figurescheck price

Based on the female heroes of Star Wars, Forces of Destiny is a brand new 11-inch adventure figure line. These figures combine traditional doll play patterns with action figures to create ‘adventure figures’. There will be a doll for the main characters, including Rey, Leia Organa, Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Sabrine Wren, and Jyn Erso. The figures features great articulation for action poses and reenacting your favorite moments from the shorts.

Disney Elena of Avalor Action & Adventure DollAges 3+ Disney Elena of Avalor Action & Adventure Dollcheck price

The Disney Elena of Avalor Action & Adventure Doll looks pretty in her adventurous dress. Now there are two ways to play! Creation action scenes or go on fantastical adventures. She comes with a tiara and her hair looks beautiful. Move her arm and she swirls like a beautiful princess and sings ‘My Time’. Her sword can actually swing and she features over 20 phrases to enhance your play. Fans will love taking her on amazing action adventures.

Disney Frozen Play A Melody Elsa DollAges 3+ Disney Frozen Play A Melody Elsa Dollcheck price

Perform the smash hit ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen with Play A Melody Elsa. Elsa’s dress looks beautiful and also lets kids play it. Kids can either follow the lighted snowflakes to play the songs or compose their own musical masterpieces in freestyle mode. Fans will have endlesscreative and imaginative fun with this musical Elsa doll.

Disney Descendants 2 DollsAges 3+ Disney Descendants 2 Dollscheck price

Disney Descendants 2 dolls are inspired by the new TV movie of the same name. Fans will see all their favorite characters, including Mal Isle of the Lost and Ursula’s daughter from The Little Mermaid. These are going to be among the year’s best fashion dolls.

Disney Tangled The SeriesAges 3+ Disney Tangled The Seriescheck price

Inspired by the Disney Tangled The Series comes a new Rapunzel doll perfect for fans of the show. The doll features 9 inches of hair for fantastic hair play. She even features a flexible braid that can allow her to hang from places. Sure to inspire endless imaginative play.

EnchantimalsAges 4+ Enchantimalscheck price

Welcome to the magical world of Enchantimals. They’re so pretty and it’s all about girls sharing that special bond with their animal best friend. These girls are half-animal and half-human and they share some abilities and attributes with their animal besties. There’s a doll and animal assortment featuring some of girls’ favorite characters and animals from a bunny, peacock and skunk to a sheep, koala and a fox. Everyone loves the sheep Enchantimal!

DC Super Hero Girls StarfireAges 6-10 DC Super Hero Girls Starfirecheck price

Starfire is the latest addition to the world of DC Super Hero Girls. She’s a 12-inch action doll with stunning fashions. She features plenty of articulation for action poses and acting out your favorite action scenes. Unleash your inner superhero!

DC Super Hero Girls FrostAges 6-10 DC Super Hero Girls Frostcheck price

Frost is the newest addition to the DC Super Hero Girls line. She wears awe-inspiring fashions and looks lovely. Frost is a 12-inch action doll ready for powerful frosty fun! The doll features great articulation for springing her into action and awesome storytelling adventures. A fantastic addition to your DC Super Hero Girls collection!

18-inch DC Super Hero Girl DollsAges 3+ 18-inch DC Super Hero Girl Dollscheck price

These 18-inch DC Super Hero Girls from Jakks Pacific are the newest members of the family. They look super fun and are larger than life – sure to inspire endless imaginative fun! Their fashions are inspired by the DC Super Hero Girls show. Collect all your favorites and live out your superhero dreams!

American Girl Logan EverettAges 8+ American Girl Logan Everettcheck price

American Girl Logan Everett is the first boy doll in the company’s 30-year history. He’s a drummer and he loves playing music with his friend Tenney Grant. He wears hip and trendy clothing and kids will have endless imaginative and creative play with Logan. Makes a great addition to your American Girl collection.

American Girl Tenny GrantAges 8+ American Girl Tenny Grantcheck price

Tenny Grant is a singer-songwriter from Nashville and her friend is Logan Everett, the drummer.

American Girl ZAges 8+ American Girl Zcheck price

Z’ is the latest American Girl doll. Z is short for Suzie. She’s the first Korean-American doll and she’s based on the likeness of a vlogger of the same name. Z is known for creating stop-motion videos, documentaries, and creative narratives online. She wears a hip outfit and stands 18-inches tall and includes The Real Z book. She has posable arms and beautiful hair that fans can brush ans style. It’s a great toy showcasing the importance of inclusivity in the diverse world in which we live. Fans may be exposed to new cultures while having fun through imaginative play.

Shopkins Shoppies Pretti PressieAges 5+ Shopkins Shoppies Pretti Pressiecheck price

Fans of the Shopkins love the Shopkins Shoppies dolls. You’re invited to a surprise party! The latest addition from Season 7’s Join the Party is Pretti Pressie. The set features a Pretti Pressie doll in a cute outfit and turquoise hair with beautiful blue eyes. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? The set features two exclusive Shopkins and accessories, including a VIP Part Pass! Great addition to your Shoppies collection.

Barbie Dream Horse & DollAges 3-7 Barbie Dream Horse & Dollcheck price

Barbie’s always been dreaming of her dream horse and now she’s got it! Barbie’s Dream Horse performs, gallops, and dances to three songs. It’s brought to life with realistic sounds and it even responds to your touch and voice with more than 30 reactions. Kids will be fascinated by the hair play and they can even personalize their experience by giving their dream horse a name. What will you name your dream horse? Let’s get this party started!

My Little Pony Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria CastleAges 3+ My Little Pony Movie Canterlot & Seaquestria Castlecheck price

The Canterlot and Seaquestria Castle combines two worlds in one amazing playset. The set is inspired by the new My Little Pony Movie and captures the essence of Canterlot and Seaquestia. This playset is loaded with tons of inspiring play. Fans will love reenacting their favorite moments from the movie with this awesome set.

Shopkins Shoppies Super Mall PlaysetAges 5+ Shopkins Shoppies Super Mall Playsetcheck price

Welcome to the Super Mall where the Shopkins Shoppies go shopping of course. This is the largest Shopkins playset to date. It features a pop-out cafeteria, smartphone cinema, and three stories of fun! With the smartphone cinema, you place your smartphone on the set and play a movie to entertain the Shoppies. There’s so much creative play here for endless fun! Once you shop, you can’t stop!

Elena of Avalor Royal Palace of AvalorAges 4+ Elena of Avalor Royal Palace of Avalorcheck price

The Royal Castle of Avalor is 3-stories tall and looks spectacular with rich, bright colors that will appeal to fans. The castle is inspired by the TV series. The castle features four rooms of play. – the bedroom, kitchen, and more. Elena can look out over Avalor or reveal her magic room where Zuzo is hiding. The castle features a cool winding staircase, secret chamber, and even a trap door for plenty of excellent play.

Doc McStuffins Checkup All-in-One NurseryAges 3+ Doc McStuffins Checkup All-in-One Nurserycheck price

The Doc McStuffins Checkup All-in-One Nursery is the newest addition to the Doc McStuffins line of toys. Just Play has a long lineage of coming out with strong contenders for Toy of the Year and the Doc McStuffins Nursery is no exception. There are so many ways to play! The set includes 11-pieces and the nursery features a lights and sounds laptop, rocking cradle, and the ability to measure your baby figure’s height and weight. Fantastic role play for Doc McStuffins fans! Could it be the next big hit for the holidays? We’ll have to wait and see.

Cutie Cars Drive Thru DinerAges 4+ Cutie Cars Drive Thru Dinercheck price

So you have collected some of the hottest new Shopkins Cutie Cars collectibles! You’ll need a playset to enhance your play. The Cutie Cars Drive Thru Diner is the best Cutie Car playset. It’s a wonderfully designed set with the Cutie Cars sign and a little Diner with a drive-thru area. Fans will love this playset. It’s the perfect complement to your Cutie Cars to inspire hours of imaginative and creative play.

Happy Places SchoolAges 5+ Happy Places Schoolcheck price

Who wants to play school? Happy Places School allows fans to design four school classrooms and engage in creative play. The set includes loads of Petkins accessories to make learning extra fun and happy!

Littlest Pet Shop LPS Cruise ShipAges 4+ Littlest Pet Shop LPS Cruise Shipcheck price

So you have collected a ton of cute Littlest Pet Shop figures. You need some place to play with all those figures, right? The Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship is the perfect playset to inspire imaginative fun. Where will your dream cruise adventures take you?

Barbie On-The-Go PlaysetsAges 3+ Barbie On-The-Go Playsetscheck price

The Barbie On-The-Go Playsets include a car wash, post office, and ‘Best in Show’ stable. The tracks can be connected to form an even bigger playset. The sets include mini Barbie dolls and feature motorized vehicles, like horses, scooters, and cars on tracks. Great new way to have fun with Barbie on the go!

Top Collectible Toys

Top Collectible Toys


Shopkins Season 7 is here! It’s time to Join the Party with this ultimate Mega Pack featuring 20 Shopkins and four gift boxes. It’s a super fun party theme that inspires hours of fun-filled role-play. The new Topkins figures can be stacked to design an outfit or make a towering cake. There are different party themes from birthdays and picnics to weddings and more. Surprise! It’s party time!

Shopkins Cutie CarsAges 4+ Shopkins Cutie Carscheck price

Shopkins has a new trick up its sleeves in the form of Cutie Cars. Aren’t these the cutest little collectible cars you’ve ever seen? The collection features 37 different Cutie Cars to collect. They’re made from premium die-cast, meaning their really high quality. They ride really smoothly. The coolest part? They each come with their own mini Shopkin inside the driver’s seat. The cars are based on the Shopkins they come with. This could be the next big hit for Shopkins! Experience a world on wheels.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles – 4-Pack + BonusAges 5+ Hatchimals CollEGGtibles - 4-Pack + Bonuscheck price

The Hatchimals created a massive toy craze last year. Now the latest craze could be the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles. These are your favorite mini Hatchimals that you know and love but they hatch from smaller eggs. They are collectible Hatchimals with 70 to collect in all for Season One. Rub the heart on the egg and when it changes color, you know it’s ready to hatch! Which ones will you hatch and will you get lucky to get the ultra-rare editions? Kids are going to go crazy over these!

Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack Series 5-8Ages 6-9 Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack Series 5-8check price

Five new waves of Disney Tsum Tsums – the collectible stack ’ems – will be unleashed this year! Waves 5-8 and 5SE are the latest waves. Wave 5 will feature Monsters Inc., Finding Dory, and The Jungle Book characters. Wave 6 features Beauty & the Beast and Disney villains. Wave 7 features Moana, The Muppets, and Finding Nemo and Wave 8 features A Bug’s Life and Wall-E characters. Collect all your favorite characters and track your collection with the Collector’s Guide!

Disney Crossy RoadAges 5+ Disney Crossy Roadcheck price

Disney Crossy Road are popular collectible figures based on your favorite Disney characters from The Lion King to Toy Story and Big Hero 6 and more! They look like 8-bit videogame versions of Disney characters and kids love collecting them in the app. Series 1 features over 40 mini figures to collect. Now they can collect them in the real world. Collect all your favorites to build your Crossy Road world.

Lego BrickHeadzAges 10+ Lego BrickHeadzcheck price

Lego’s newest entry is the world of collectibles is BrickHeadz. As you may have guessed these are buildable collectibles. The new line features characters from your favorite franchises from Disney, DC Comics, and more! They are great for building, collecting, and displaying. They stand about two-inches tall. The coolest part is you can combine with other BrickHeadz sets to make your own creations for never-ending fun!

Disney D-LectablesAges 5+ Disney D-Lectablescheck price

D-Lectables are fresh new collectibles inspired by the sweetest of Disney characters – ice cream, milkshakes, and cupcakes. Each one is made from four interchangeable components and the cool thing is you can mix and match them for literally hundreds of different configurations and endless fun! They are perfect for mixing, matching, building, trading, and collecting. They come packaged in mystery eggs. Perfect collectible for the sweet tooth!

Despicable Me MineezAges 5+ Despicable Me Mineezcheck price

These new collectible Despicable Me Mineez mini figures are so cute! They will release this summer in time for Despicable Me 3. The really cool thing is they have golden Minions which are limited editions. There are also the ultra lost unigoats. Series 1 features over 75 collectibles in all. They are so squishy and cute and kids are going to love these. Collect all your favorites to act out your favorite scenes from Despicable Me 3. Endless creative fun!

Ty Teeny TysAges 3+ Ty Teeny Tyscheck price

Ty Tenny Tys are fun new collectibles that you can stack and collect. They are adorably cute plush stackable figures like the Beanie Babies. The main difference is that they are tiny and super cute. From pigs to pups and penguins there’s so much collectible fun! Could this be the next Beanie Baby craze? Collect all your favorite Teeny Tys for a stackable world of fun!

Little Live Pets Surprise ChickAges 5+ Little Live Pets Surprise Chickcheck price

Hatchimals aren’t the only surprise toys. Little Live Pets have some of their own hatching magic eggs. Meet these cutie pie Surprise Chicks. Hatch ’em from their shells and do it all over again until your heart’s content! Unlike the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, these baby chicks hatch in under a minute!

Littlest Pet Shop Nests & Nooks Blind BagsAges 4+ Littlest Pet Shop Nests & Nooks Blind Bagscheck price

Collect all 24 of the pets from the Littlest Pet Shop Nest & Nooks Blind Bags series. They come with rings that you can wear and the LPS figures can fit on the ring’s peg. Wear ’em as a ring or a necklace. There’s even a top you can fit over the ring. The set also includes a base for displaying your little pet. The figures are super tiny, cute, and adorable! Collect all your favorites to create a world of imaginative fun.

MadBalls Series 1 Blind PacksAges 4+ MadBalls Series 1 Blind Packscheck price

Madballs, the popular 80s toy, is back with awesome new blind packs. Series 1 features 13 Madballs to collect. There’s an ultra rare glow-in-the-dark Skullface, which is super fun! They’re squishy foam figures with insanely cool designs. And they bounce pretty well, too! Collect all your favorites for mad ball fun!

Cupcake SurpriseAges 3-16 Cupcake Surprisecheck price

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? These lovely cupcakes have a beautiful surprise hidden inside. Open the cupcake to reveal a small doll. And you can even take the cupcake top, and use it as a beautiful hat accessory for your doll. They even have super sweet scents. Delicious and surprising fun!

FingerlingsAges 5+ Fingerlingscheck price

Fingerlings are new baby monkey collectibles that you wear on your finger. They are interactive – reacting to motion and even touch! Your monkey friend even greets you with cute monkey babble. It can even sense its position whether its right-side-up or upside down. Hold it upside down by its tail … it loves monkeying around. It interacts with you in different ways. You can pet it and it reacts. You can blow a kiss and they even respond to sounds. You can even use it on your pen, mug, backpack and more! Your monkey can even sing and with more than one they sing together. Fingerlings are friendship at your fingers!

Top Action Figures

Top Action Figures

Start a brand new collection of toys with these fun new collectible figures of 2017. Action figures are as fun to play with as to collect. Put these collectible figures on your 2017 hot toy list.

Wonder Crew BuddiesAges 3+ Wonder Crew Buddiescheck price

The Wonder Crew Buddies are fantastic new action dolls. They merge action figures with the doll and stuffed animal play. Now kids get the best of both worlds – action, empathy, and nurturing play. Best of all, boys or girls can enjoy them and take them on fascinating adventures. They inspire endless creativity and spark the imagination. And your little kiddo can join in the fun with their own matching superhero mask and costume!

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot XtremeAges 3-8 Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtremecheck price

The Batbot Xtreme is an awesome new interactive action figure playset standing 2-feet tall! Cool features include a voice-changer, wings that fling out, a functional elevator concealed behind Batbot’s chest armor, and a hidden area in the foot that houses the Batmobile.

Transformers Generations Titans Return TrypticonAges 18+ Transformers Generations Titans Return Trypticoncheck price

Trypticon is the largest Decpticon ever and the largest figure in the Transformers Generations Titans Return line this year. Trypticon T-Rex is a monster city playset that transforms into a T-Rex spaceship that consumes cars for dinner. It has three forms – dino, spaceship, and a city. Tryticon includes a Deluxe Class Full-Tilt figure and a Titan Master Decepticon Necro figure. Bigger is better!

Ultimate VoltronAges 4+ Ultimate Voltroncheck price

Ultimate Voltron is an awesome looking 14-inch action figure complete with cool lights and sounds that create a richer, captivating experience. Simply press Voltron’s belt to activate the lights and sounds. Ultimate Voltron also features incredible wings and a sword for epic battles. Fantastic showpiece for fans of the Netflix show.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 15-inch Tech Suit Spider-Man FigureAges 4+ Spider-Man: Homecoming 15-inch Tech Suit Spider-Man Figurecheck price

Tech Suit Spider-Man is an awesome 15-inch action figure that features over 40 motion-activated phrases and sounds and light-up eyes. It features a special flight mode with webbing that helps him as he flies and a battle mode to engage the bad guys. Spidey reacts to whether you hold him upside-down or on either side. Spidey is perfect for acting out your favorite scenes from the Spider-Man movie. Now if only he could fly or shoot those webs!

Transformers: Knight Armor Turbo Changer Optimus PrimeAges 6+ Transformers: Knight Armor Turbo Changer Optimus Primecheck price

Inspired by Transformers: The Last Knight, Optimus Prime Turbo Changer is an awesome turbo-charged action figure for fans. It features incredible movie-accurate detailing that fans will surely appreciate. Optimus can transform from robot mode to truck mode quickly for explosive action. Fans will love recreating their favorite epic moments from the movie! Perfect gift for the Transformers fans.

Hexbug Battlebots ArenaAges 8-15 Hexbug Battlebots Arenacheck price

Bigger is better! The latest Hexbug Battlebots are bigger than ever and they accurately capture the details from the show. Gear up for epic battles with big bots controlled via remote control. Enter your bot into the arena for a shot at the championship. Will you come out on top?

Top Pretend Play Toys

Top Pretend Play Toys

Everything comes to life with these dollhouses and pretend toys. It’s okay to make believe with these top kids toys of 2017.

Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery StoreAges 3+ Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Storecheck price

Kids would love imitating the grocery store experience with this fantastic Grocery Store playset from Melissa & Doug. This is their flagship playset this year. Clearly, they’ve gone all out with a functional hand-cranked conveyor belt, card-swiping machine, scanner that beeps and lights-up, and shelving for pretend shopping. The best part? You can play the role of the grocer or the customer. Incredibly fun role-playing experience!

Step2 All Around Playtime PatioAges 2-8 Step2 All Around Playtime Patiocheck price

This Patio Playhouse is a fun outdoor playset that promotes plenty of imaginative fun. The set includes a kitchen and grill, sand and water play, and a snack table. The playset features is spacious and looks fantastic with a canopy. It’s sure to inspire endless creative play and invite social interaction.

Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force LightsaberAges 4+ Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsabercheck price

The Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber allows fans to choose their side – the Rebel or dark side by swapping the lightsaber’s base. Red and blue bases are included with this lightsaber so you can change the color of the lightsaber. May the Force be with you!

Melissa & Doug Beauty SalonAges 3+ Melissa & Doug Beauty Saloncheck price

Kids love imitating real life. With the Melissa & Doug Beauty Salon kids can engage in fun, imaginative play and be just like mommy! The set is safe for kids with smooth, curved corners and edges. The set features a vanity, working drawer, and several play accessories to add to the creative play. Beauty essential accessories include a play hair dryer, brush, nail polish, and makeup for make-believe makeovers!

Star Wars: The Black Series Poe Dameron HelmetAges 8+ Star Wars: The Black Series Poe Dameron Helmetcheck price

The Poe Dameron Helmet is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan. It’s fantastic for role-playing fun and endless imaginative play acting out scenes from the Star Wars movies. Heightening the sense of immersion, you can actually hear cool sound effects, droids, battles and more for an awesome Star Wars experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord HelmetAges 18+ Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Helmetcheck price

Imagine you are the Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy with the Star-Lord Electronic Helmet. It’s a premium constructed mask with stunning details. It features two illuminating eyes and electronic sound effects to enhance your role play. Fans will love recreating their favorite moments from the movie.

Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night VisionAges 6+ Spy Gear Ultimate Ninja Night Visioncheck price

The Ultimate Ninja Night Vision is the ultimate gift for spy fans! This is one of the coolest new toys of the year. It features true night vision for incredible spy missions. See up to 30 feet in the dark like a secret agent. Provides endless imaginative fun for kids ages.

Orbeez Magic Chef SetAges 5+ Orbeez Magic Chef Setcheck price

With Orbeez Magic Chef set you can make a world of delicious imaginative meals using Orbeez. Craft a hearty breakfast to sumptuous seaweed and tasty pizza and so much more. Place your Orbeez into the machine and crush them and crank them out. It comes out so fine you can mold it and shape it. Recipe cards show you how to craft your meals. Best of all, you get everything you need to craft spectacular dishes. The perfect set to unleash your child’s inner culinary artistry.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream CartAges 2+ LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cartcheck price

Kids will have a blast operating their very own ice cream shop! The Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart teaches kids about ordering, critical thinking, and following directions. Did somebody say ice cream? Mmm… it’s deliciously fun learning!

Spider-Man Homecoming Rapid Reload BlasterAges 5+ Spider-Man Homecoming Rapid Reload Blastercheck price

Strap on the Spider-Man: Homecoming Rapid Reload Blaster for some fun-filled blasting action! The blaster looks incredible and rapidly fires 6 Nerf web darts. The blaster is easy to reload when the action gets intense! Get ’em Spidey!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider Sight MaskAges 5+ Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider Sight Maskcheck price

Imagine being the web-slinging hero Spider-Man! With the Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider Sight Mask, kids can reprise the role of Spider-Man with this awesome Spidey mask. His eyes are emotive and fans will love recreating their favorite scenes from the movie.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Sizzlin’ StovetopAges 3+ Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Sizzlin Stovetopcheck price

Play-Doh’s line is now expanding into the kitchen with Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Sizzlin’ Stovetop. The cooktop features fun lights and sizzling sounds to heighten the immersion and imaginative play. Kids will enjoy endless creative and imaginative play. Sizzle up some fun!

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical OvenAges 3+ Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Ovencheck price

Kids will have fun with the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven. It makes pretend play baking fun! The playset features cool lights and sounds to heighten the experience. But the coolest part is that a lever at the back of the unit allows the baked good to appear to ‘rise’. Now how cool is that?

Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Ball BeltAges 4-8 Pokémon Clip N Carry Poké Ball Beltcheck price

Pokémon fans love storing their Pokémon inside Poké balls. Now they can clip and carry their Poké balls with this adjustable belt. A grass-type exclusive limited Poké ball along with a red and white ball is included as part of the package.

Nickelodeon SlimeAges 6+ Nickelodeon Slimecheck price

Slime is oooey gooey fun! This Nickelodeon Slime Kit includes everything you need to make your own slime! Kids can mix and create glitter, foam, neon, glowing, and even scented slime. Super slimy fun!

Top STEM Toys

Top STEM Toys

Lego BoostAges 7-12 Lego Boostcheck price

LEGO Boost is a top contender for Toy of the Year honors thanks to its brilliant innovation and design. Build five different models from a robot to a working guitar and a cat. Lego Boost allows kids to bring their Legos to life with simple programming – adding personality, sound, and even motion. The set includes over 840 pieces. And the best part is you can combine with your own pieces to create your own designs.

Dance Code BelleAges 5+ Dance Code Bellecheck price

This beautiful new Belle doll is inspired by Beauty and the Beast. She’s no ordinary doll. Fans can bring her to life with dancing routines programmed via a free companion app. Belle also features more than 100 phrases and sings 7 songs from the movie. A great way to introduce girls to coding.

FurReal Makers Proto MaxAges 6+ FurReal Makers Proto Maxcheck price

Meet Proto Max – the latest toy in the Maker movement. Proto Max is an electronic pet that kids build and you use a companion app to control it. Kids will also be able to code different actions for Proto to perform.

KamiGamiAges 8+ KamiGamicheck price

KamiGami robots are about to invade homes across the nation. Kids get to build their robots using flexible plastic sheets. Next you program your robot via a companion app. Finally, you’re ready for battle! Battle the KamiGamis in a winner takes all competition! Super creative fun supporting STREAM learning.

LittleBits Education Code KitAges 8+ LittleBits Education Code Kitcheck price

LittleBits circuit builder sets are some of the most popular STEM toys. Their new Code Kit allows kids to create and program their own electric gadgets. Drag and drop coding is utilized to teach kids about the basics of coding and kids can build everything from an electric guitar to a hot potato game and more!

Osmo Coding JamAges 5-10 Osmo Coding Jamcheck price

What would you get if you crossed programming with music? You get Osmo Coding Jam which combines music with computer programming. The system includes blocks which are used to program musical notes. Blocks can be connected to create longer musical pieces. Code can be stored in subroutine and nested repeat blocks to emulate musical patterns. The system also allows for adding chord progression and layered jams. It adds a creative dimension to coding. It’s a STEAM-based experience that encourages creative problem-solving. This set requires the Osmo base set to work. Endless creative fun!

Meccano M.A.X. RobotAges 10+ Meccano M.A.X. Robotcheck price

Meet M.A.X. the latest addition to the Meccano family. M.A.X. is easy to build and kids can program him. He features artifical intelligence to help him learn with every interaction. Kids can make him sing songs, tell jokes, and even guard your bedroom door. He can even be used as a calendar remembering important days. Great for learning about robotics and developing engineering and coding skills.

Meccano MeccaSpiderAges 10+ Meccano MeccaSpidercheck price

A high-tech shadow prowls in the darkness … waiting for the perfect moment to strike. It’s MeccaSpider, a robotic spider from Meccano, and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! It moves around on its own in autonomous mode or put it in patrol mode to protect your space, searching for unwanted guests. Using IR tech it can engage, pursuit, and apprehend with the venom (water) attack. Plug into MeccaSpider’s bluetooth and go on your very own adventures. Then gather your friends around for a game of MeccaSpider Roulette. So start building because all of this fun awaits!

UBTECH Jimu Robot TankbotAges 8+ UBTECH Jimu Robot Tankbotcheck price

The Jimu Robot Kit is a shared experience for kids and their parents to work together on building a robot. It can be challenging to build alone for younger kids. The robot features six motors and 200 parts that connect by snapping them together. Control Jimu via your smart device and make it walk, dance, or shimmy. Using a drag and drop interface, families can create a variety of pre-set movements for Jimu.

Be Amazing! Sick Science Super SizeAges 6-96 Be Amazing! Sick Science Super Sizecheck price

The Sick Science! Super Size Experiment Set supports STEM learning. The set features 30 insanely cool experiences for ages 6 and older. From stacking to launching to testing, you’ll do it all! You and your friends will be amazed at thw wonders of science. Endless learning fun that’s really cool! Experience all the amazing sets from Be Amazing!

Be Amazing Insta-Snow JarAges 4+ Be Amazing Insta-Snow Jarcheck price

Wanna make snow? With Insta-Snow Powder, you can make two gallons worth of fluffy white snow. Simply add water and watch as the water fluffs up the snow. It’s the most realistic faux snow, period! Best of all, it’s safe and non-toxic. Great for decorating or snow ball fights all year round! Who wouldn’t love this?

Build-A-DroneAges 12+ Build-A-Dronecheck price

Odyssey’s Build-A-Drone is a drone you build with about 60-70 building blocks. You can build either an 8 or 12 inch drone with this set. They are quick and easy to build. If you crash it and parts break off it only takes a couple minutes to rebuild. Despite its kiddie look, it features a strong motor and great stability. They have great flyability and speed.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Solar RoverAges 8+ Educational Insights GeoSafari Solar Rovercheck price

Are you ready for some serious science and fun in the sun? The GeoSafari Solar Rover allows kids to gain hands-on learning about solar energy and solar panels. The coolest part is by using the sun’s light and shadows you can actually power this solar rover. You block and allow sunlight to hit the solar panels to power and steer the vehicle! Now how cool is that? Discover how fun science can be!

Educational Insights GeoSafari Motorized Solar SystemAges 8+ Educational Insights GeoSafari Motorized Solar Systemcheck price

Transform your room into a working planetarium with the Motorized Solar System from Educational Insights! This set features 2-in-1 planetary fun with a spinning solar system with 8 planets, the sun, moon, and a constellation projector! It’s a fantastic set promoting STEM learning by observing and exploring planet rotation and properties.

ElmojiAges 3+ Elmojicheck price

Elmo is now in robot form and he teaches kids to code with emojis, hence the name Elmoji. Cute, huh? It’s an Elmo version of the Coji robot that released last year. Kids will learn counting, shapes, colors, puzzles and can play a variety of games.

Uncle Milton Critter Catcher Bug VacAges 5+ Uncle Milton Critter Catcher Bug Vaccheck price

Got a child who’s fascinated with bugs? Kids can collect and observe live critters with this motorized bug-friendly vacuum. Fantastic great outdoors set for bug lovers.

Top Building Toys

Top Building Toys

Looking for the best kids toys for 2017? You can’t go wrong with building toys. Children love building things. Build your child’s imagination with these hot items for Christmas.

Circuit CubesAges 8-12 Circuit Cubescheck price

Circuit Cubes are a collection of various components, such as battery blocks, switches, relays, and tools, that allow kids to transform Lego sets and even household items. The components can be used to bring toy cars to life, create flashlights or design a noise-making object. Kids will be exposed to the basics of circuitry. Tenka Labs will also deliver online instructional videos to inspire kids and help them learn to build with Circuit Cubes.

K’nex IMAGINE: Rotor-Powered RC Building SystemAges 8+ Knex IMAGINE: Rotor-Powered RC Building Systemcheck price

Ready for a brand new way to K’nex? Build ten unique models and make them move with an included remote control. The set is rotor-powered and allows you to build a car, ship, tank, and a quadcopter that actually flies! Isn’t that so cool?

K’nex THRILL RIDES: Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building SetAges 7+ Knex THRILL RIDES: Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Setcheck price

Promising BIG building fun, the Thrill Rides Web Weaver Roller Coaster is one wicked roller coaster! It goes horizontal, vertical and in crazy loops on one fantastic thrill ride! The set features nearly 400 pieces and an air-propelled spider coaster car. A second coaster can also be built. The coolest part is this roller coaster also glows in the dark!

LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 42063Ages 10-16 LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 42063check price

Featuring over 600 pieces, the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle looks absolutely incredible. It features steering and suspension, two-cycliner Boxer engine, and a single-sided swingarm. The cool thing is you can build an alternative concept model. Lego collaborated with BMW’s designers on this model. A simply awesome set!

Lego Disney Princess Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace 41148Ages 6-12 Lego Disney Princess Elsas Magical Ice Palace 41148check price

Frozen fans rejoice there’s a brand new amazing Elsa’ Magical Ice Palace from Lego. This is the best Magical Ice Palace ever! It features a grand entrance, sliding bridge, magic revolving stairs, wonderful balcony, slide, and more! There’s even a snow fort and it’s all very colorful, inviting creative play. There’s so much fantastic play with this fabulous set. And Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Marshmallow and 4 Snowgies and several accesories are included to enhance your play experience. If you’re a Frozen fan, this is one you just can’t ‘Let It Go’!

Lego Friends Snow Resort Ski LiftAges 8-12 Lego Friends Snow Resort Ski Liftcheck price

The newest addition to the Lego Friends line is this Snow Resort Chalet. It’s a 400 plus piece set that looks wonderful with a ski lift design with two towers. It’s a set that inspires creative and imaginative play.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184Ages 6-14 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184check price

The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 75184 will feature 24 cool new Star Wars surprises to unveil each day leading up to Christmas. Fans can expect surprises ranging from Star Wars mini figures to vehicles based on the Star Wars universe. BB-8 will be one of the surprises. Fans will love creating their favorite scenes from the movies.

Oonies Starter PackAges 5+ Oonies Starter Packcheck price

Placing a small colored pellet into the Oonies machine, you magically can inflate them and connect these colorful bubble-like balloons. The cool part is that they attach to each other like magic. There are endless creative possibilities with Oonies. Create an octopus, pig, hippo, fish, and so much more! What amazing creations will you dream up?

Mega Construx Pokemon CharizardAges 8+ Mega Construx Pokemon Charizardcheck price

Mega Construx introduces Pokemon into its family this year. Fans will be able to get their hands on Pokemon Charizard, an amazing build of this character complete with his big wings and claws. It features incredible details and includes a little Poké ball. Fans won’t be able to wait to get their hands on these fantastic new sets.

The Lego Batman Movie The Ultimate Batmobile 70917Ages 10-16 The Lego Batman Movie The Ultimate Batmobile 70917check price

Gear up for thrilling action and adventure with the Lego Batman Movie The Ultimate Batmobile. This set builds an awesome Batmobile measuring 14 L x 4 H x 6 W inches. The Batmobile features a ton of incredible features, including an opening cockpit, four stud shooters. dual boosters, dual non-firing cannons, and more. The set includes Batman, Robin, Bat Girl, Polka Dot Man, Alfred Pennyworth, Wicked Witch of the West, and two monkeys to add to the play experience. Fans will love acting out their favorite scenes from Lego Batman Movie.

The Lego Batman Movie The Batwing 70916Ages 9-14 The Lego Batman Movie The Batwing 70916check price

Get ready for epic adventures with The Batwing. Use The Batwing to soar to Harley Quinn’s rooftop location for an incredible showdown. Will Batman and Robin be able to put a stop to Harley’s antics? Harley is equipped with a cannon attack. Cool features on the Batwing include an opening cockpit, wings that adjust, spring-loaded blasters, and a rear compartment that houses a small car. A fantastic set that will inspire endless imaginative and creative play.

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Commander 75531Ages 7-14 LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Commander 75531check price

Gear up for intense action with the Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper Commander. This new Lego set builds a high-quality model of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. It’s durable, sturdy, and offers plenty of posability for acting out those action scenes. The Commander features a blaster that actually fires, heightening the sense of immersion. It’s a fantastic building figure that will inspire fascinating play.

LEGO Star Wars The Arrowhead 75186Ages 8-14 LEGO Star Wars The Arrowhead 75186check price

Designed for Lego fans ages 8 and older, The Arrowhead is an awesome recreation of the starship from the Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventure series featuring over 770 pieces. The Arrowhead is massive, measuring 20 L x 9 W x 2 H inches. The starship features an opening cockpit and dome, 2 spring-loaded blasters, and a battering ram to enhance play. Four minifigs are included with this set, including Zander, Kordi, Quarrie, Stormtrooper, and R0-GR. They also include weapons to enhance your imaginative story-telling adventures. Blast off into amazing adventures!

Lego Minecraft The Ocean Monument 21136Ages 8+ Lego Minecraft The Ocean Monument 21136check price

Go on an epic underwater adventure with Lego Minecraft The Ocean Monument. This set includes five Lego Minecraft figures and over 1,100 pieces. The set looks fantastic and will inspire hours of creative play.

Lego Minecraft The Ice Spikes 21131Ages 8+ Lego Minecraft The Ice Spikes 21131check price

Are you ready to explore a snowy world? The Lego Minecraft The Ice Spikes offers a fantastic and easy build. The set includes over 450 pieces and includes plenty of inspiring play with tall ice pillars, a library, ladders, shelter, and a bed. Four minifigs are included – Steve, baby cow, snow golem, and a spider to enhance your play. The best part? You can change to new models and there is a special surprise attack with the snowman-to-snow golem feature.

Lego Friends Heartlake Sports Centre 41312Ages 6-12 Lego Friends Heartlake Sports Centre 41312check price

The Heartlake Sports Centre is a fantastic addition to your Lego Friends collection. From playing hoops and soccer to riding a bike, there’s plenty of creative play in this set. The Sports Centre features just under 330 pieces and looks wonderful with bright, bold colors. There’s plenty of role-play action inside as well and several accessories and Mia and Robert mini-doll figures to enhance your play. Pair with the Heartlake Summer Pool to expand the fun and excitement!

Wizhead Donald TrumpAges 6+ Wizhead Donald Trumpcheck price

The Wizhead Donald Trump Paper Model Puzzle allows you to build a 3D model of the president of the free world. He’s main agenda is to ‘Make America Great Again’ and you too can make America great again by assembling this inspiring puzzle. The puzzle is made of 25 pre-cut pieces and you put it together without any glue. The final design looks photo-realistic and serves as a great showpiece for fans of politics.

LEGO Disney Princess Ariel and the Magic Spell 41145Ages 5-12 LEGO Disney Princess Ariel and the Magic Spell 41145check price

Go under the sea on a magical adventure with Ariel and the Magical Spell. The set features 222 pieces and offers a simple build for ages 5 – 12. The set features bold, bright colors combined with a fantastic design to inspire amazing story-telling adventures. The set includes Ariel, Flounder, and Ursela along with several cool accessories like a treasure chest to enhance your play.

LEGO Disney Cinderella’s Enchanted Evening 41146Ages 6-12 LEGO Disney Cinderellas Enchanted Evening 41146check price

Relive the enchanted tale of Cinderella with this magnificent recreation of Cinderella’s horse and carriage. The set includes Cinderella, a fairy, horse, and mouse as well as a beautiful 2-story house to set the backdrop of an amazing and magical tale. Several included accessories add to the fun. Fans will love building this set and recreating the magic of Cinderella.

Top Board Games

Top Board Games

Make family game night more interesting with the hottest new board games of 2017. Enjoy the very best card, board, and trivia games with these popular toys for Christmas 2017.

Pie Face Sky HighAges 5+ Pie Face Sky Highcheck price

Step right up! Pie Face has been an enormously successful game for Hasbro. Pie Face Sky High is the successor to the award-winning 2016 Game of the Year, Pie Face. In this latest version, it’s somewhat like a popular carnival game where players have to hit a lever with a mallet which shoots up to try to activate the whipped cream flinging action. Do you have what it takes to pie your friends?

Speak Out Kids vs ParentsAges 8+ Speak Out Kids vs Parentscheck price

Last year Speak-Out was the surprise hit board game that took the world by storm. The latest edition has a face-off between kids and their parents. It’s the same ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game for the whole family! Who’s gonna win – the kids or the parents? It’s time to Speak-Out!

Bop It! MakerAges 8+ Bop It! Makercheck price

The latest version of Bop It! is called Bop It! Maker. Kids can make their own moves with this version. You simply squeeze it to record your move. Will anybody be able to copy your moves?

Simon OptixAges 8+ Simon Optixcheck price

Simon Optix heads into the future with a device that resembles a virtual reality headset. Players have to wave their hands in front of the colors as they appear on the display. The cool thing is that the game connects with other headsets for fantastic social multiplayer games.

MonopolyAges 8+ Monopolycheck price

Monopoly is a classic game that gets a slight makeover this year. It’s the world’s greatest family board game. It’s a fast-dealing property trading game for 2 – 6 players and it’s incredibly fun to make other players bankrupt! The thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow have been replaced by new tokens – a T-Rex, rubber ducky, and a penguin. Fans voiced their opinion on the replacement tokens. Now that the fans have spoken … it’s time for a game of Monopoly!

Noisy Persons Card GameAges 7+ Noisy Persons Card Gamecheck price

Featured on ABC’s The Toy Box, Noisy Persons is an original card game where you have to create the best impersonation of various characters. It’s a game that inspires creativity and imagination and is super fun for family game night!

Westminister Tabletop Air HockeyAges 8+ Westminister Tabletop Air Hockeycheck price

Do you love air hockey? Now you can transform any flat surface into an air hockey rink! Best of all, it sets up in seconds. The set includes two goals, two paddles, a hovering puck, and eight suction cups. Think you can win? Bring it on!

Bean Bag BucketzAges 8+ Bean Bag Bucketzcheck price

Bean Bag Bucketz is a fun new indoor or outdoor game featuring several buckets and bean bags. Much like basketball, to score you need to land the bean bag in one of the buckets on the tower of buckets. Each bucket is worth between one to four points, with 21 points need to win. Simple and fun game for all ages. Great game encouraging social play and coordination.

Harmonix DropmixAges 16+ Harmonix Dropmixcheck price

It’s time to duel! DropMix is a fantastic music mixing game. It’s the perfect party game where you’re the DJ. It works with your smartphone, play cards, and a physical board. You place cards on the board to create an original mix with different vocals, bass, drums, and more. The cool thing is your mix is created in real-time. The first player to 21 points wins. Do you have what it takes to be the DropMix Champion?

Boom Blast StixAges 6+ Boom Blast Stixcheck price

Boom Blast Stix is a simple game for the whole family. The game keeps you in suspense as each player takes a turn adding a stix to the pile. The pile could go Boom and Blast at any moment! If it goes boom, you lose. Last player left standing wins! Easy to play and super fun game the whole family can enjoy! An explosive high stacks game!

Pokemon Guess? Pokemon EditionAges 6+ Pokemon Guess? Pokemon Editioncheck price

Pokemon Guess? is a fun Pokemon guessing game. You think of a Pokemon and the computer has to try to guess it. The set includes a Trainer Field Guide so you can be up to date on all of the Pokemon. The game asks you various questions in an attempt to guess the correct Pokemon. Perfect game for Pokemon fans!

Toilet TroubleAges 5+ Toilet Troublecheck price

Toilet Trouble is like a game of roulette – you never know whether you’ll win or lose. Players start by spinning the toilet roll to determine the number of times they need to flush the toilet. Then they need to flush the toilet the same number of times. Will you get gushed with water? Super fun game for the whole family!

Dunk Hat GameAges 5+ Dunk Hat Gamecheck price

Dunk Hat is a wacky game in the same vain as Wet Head. Like one of those dunking pools you see on TV, you have to hit the target to soak your friends. Will you be able to dunk the person with the hat? Wacky fun for friends and family.

Egged On GameAges 5+ Egged On Gamecheck price

Egged On is a suspenseful game of egg roulette. Select an egg and put your luck to the test! Pick an egg but don’t get soaked. If the egg goes splat, you’re out! Your family will have fun crackin’ eggs on their heads. Don’t worry the eggs are rubbery and don’t hurt your head. Some of the eggs have water. The last player standing wins! Wacky and EGG-cellent fun for the whole family!

Top Active and Outdoor Toys

Top Active and Outdoor Toys

Kids love moving around. Get your kids off the couch with these top holiday toys for 2017.

Laser XAges 6-15 Laser Xcheck price

Introducing Laser X – it’s the ultimate high-tech game of tag! Select team Red, Blue or go rogue and blast anyone. Supporting an unlimited number of players, you can play one-on-one or take on the entire neighborhood. Experience pin-point laser accuracy up to 200 feet! The vests count your hits and the blaster’s power indicator shows you when to reload. An interactive voice coach keeps you focused on the game. Laser X inside or out, day or night – it’s like a laser arena right in your own backyard! It’s the real-life laser gaming experience.

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10KAges 14+ Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10Kcheck price

Nerf Rival is great for more intense battles and head-to-head team-based competition. The Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is the big news in the world of Nerf. It’s the first time they feature an easy-load hopper and it’s motorized. The Nemesis is super easy to load on the go and it holds a colossal 100 Rival rounds. Isn’t that crazy? Choose between the red team or blue team. Get ready for satisfying rapid firing and incredible precision for your battles.

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000Ages 14+ Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000check price

Designed for ages 14 and older, the Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 is the blaster you’ve been waiting for! It holds as many as 100 foam balls and can blast them at a rapid rate with great range for intense battles.

Nerf Doomlands The JudgeAges 8+ Nerf Doomlands The Judgecheck price

Doomlands is about that post-apocalyptic adventure. In the far distant future – 2169 – you’ll need a powerful blaster to protect yourself and humanity from disaster. The Doomlands The Judge is the best option to save the day! This awesome and powerful blaster is a dream come true – firing three pellets at a time and holding 30 pellets on a rotating barrel. It’s also one of Nerf’s biggest blasters. Nothing will get in the way of The Judge!

Nerf N-Strike Modulus RegulatorAges 8+ Nerf N-Strike Modulus Regulatorcheck price

The Modulus Regulator answers fans’ requests for better customization and personalization. It’s the first time Nerf is offering Switch-Fire technology. You can choose among shooting one dart, a burst of 3-4 darts, or a continuous stream of darts. The big thing with Modulus is that it allows users to customize all the parts and pieces so you can build the ultimate blaster with stocks, scopes, flashlights, and more!

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrikeAges 8+ Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrikecheck price

AccuStrike is a new segment within Elite. Nerf spent over two years designing a new dart. The new AccuStrike dart features better accuracy than ever before. This is perfect for indoor play and now fans have more options depending on their play style. It’s the premiere blaster in this line and delivers consistent blasting performance.

Nerf N-Strike MEGA TwinShockAges 8+ Nerf N-Strike MEGA TwinShockcheck price

MEGA is all about power and size. It features the larger darts. The TwinShock holds 10 darts and you can choose whether to shoot one dart at a time or two darts. Lots of power, lots of size, and more distance for intense battles.

Star Wars Nerf Glowstrike First Order StormtrooperAges 8+ Star Wars Nerf Glowstrike First Order Stormtroopercheck price

Sometimes you need something more powerful than a lightsaber to take on the dark side. The Nerf Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Mega Blaster is perfect for battle. Cool lights and sound enhance the experience. The blaster features Glowstrike tech so your darts glow in the dark! May the Force be with you!

Nerf N-Strike Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope Ages 6+ Nerf N-Strike Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope check price

The Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope is a great accessory for your Modulus for two vision modes. Use it for night battles or in the day as a zoom to better see what you’re firing at.

Nerf Super Soaker DartfireAges 6+ Nerf Super Soaker Dartfirecheck price

The Nerf Super Soaker Dartfire combines the best of both worlds – a water soaker and a dart blaster in one awesome blaster. It’s the first time Nerf has offered both systems in one blaster. The perfect blaster for outdoor fun!

Nerf Super Soaker HoverFloodAges 6+ Nerf Super Soaker HoverFloodcheck price

The Hoverflood is a brand new innovative addition to the Super Soaker family. It soaks and hovers in the air! You connect it to your hose and it flies and sprays water from the air. It’s the perfect outdoor toy to beat the heat.

X-Shot Bubble BallAges 8+ X-Shot Bubble Ballcheck price

The X-Shot Bubble Balls are an extremely fun outdoor activity. You strap into the bubble and slam into other players to try to knock them down. Best of all, they’re among the most affordable bubble balls on the market. You’d be hard-pressed to find something with similar quality for such an affordable price. It’s endless outdoor fun!

Zimpli Kids Slime BlasterAges 4+ Zimpli Kids Slime Blastercheck price

Scoring a Buyer’s Choice Award, Zimpli Kids’ Slime Blaster is the perfect toy for outdoor fun! It’s oooey gooey fun! Kids love this Slime Blaster. It’s the hottest product of the summer. It’s slime time!

Splatoon Splattershot BlasterAges 8+ Splatoon Splattershot Blastercheck price

Splatoon fans will love the Splatoon Splattershot Blaster. It’s inspired by the Nintendo franchise. It’s a small colorful blaster that shoots goo just like in the game. Happy blasting!

Nerf Dude Perfect Signature BowAges 10+ Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bowcheck price

The Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow is an awesome new bow and arrow playset from Hasbro. It’s the largest bow they’ve ever created and it’s easy to load, as it guides your shot. They developed a new arrow based on accuracy and distance. This guy is massive and the cool thing is that the arrows create a whistle as they soar through the air. The bow shoots distances up to 100 feet. Great archery type play!

Thumb ChucksAges 5+ Thumb Chuckscheck price

Thumb Chucks is a skill-based toy somewhat like a yo-yo where you can perform a number of cool tricks with your hands and the toy. It’s a toy requiring a bit of practice to get great, but it definitely is worth it to wow audiences. It’s also great for building eye-hand coordination skills.

Disc Jock-eAges 8+ Disc Jock-echeck price

Disc Jock-e is the flying disc that plays your music. It works with your mobile device and streams the music to its built-in speaker via Bluetooth. While having classic disc flying action, you can play, pause, adjust volume and change tracks. It can fly up to 100 feet away and charges in roughly three hours. A fun twist on a classic!

Candylicious BubblesAges 5+ Candylicious Bubblescheck price

Which kid doesn’t love bubbles? Now bubbles are extra fun with edible flavored bubbles from Little Kids! With the Candylicious Bubbles blaster you can now taste cotton candy flavored bubbles. Mmm … delicious bubble fun!

Top Ride-On Toys

Top Ride-On Toys

Actev Motors Arrow Electric Smart-KartAges 5-9 Actev Motors Arrow Electric Smart-Kartcheck price

The Actev Arrow Smart-Kart is a dream go-kart ride-on for kids with a beautiful racecar body. It reaches thrilling speeds up to 12 mph. This smart kart can also be controlled via GPS control. The speed, range, and even emergency brakes can be activated remotely.

Swagtron T6 Off-Road HoverboardAges 14+ Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboardcheck price

Experience no limits to your adventures with the Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard. This hoverboard boldly goes where others only dream of going with 10-inch rugged tires. It’s great for mud, grass, rain, and even gravel and it reaches thrilling speeds up to 12 miles per hour with a 12 mile range. With Bluetooth, the Swagtron T6 can stream music from your phone to make your adventures more enjoyable. Supports rides up to 420 pounds. Most importantly, the Swagton is safe, awarded UL certification for passing rigorous safety tests. Dare to go where other boards only dream of going!

Hovertrax 2.0 DLXAges 13+ Hovertrax 2.0 DLXcheck price

The Hovertrax 2.0 DLX is a self-balancing hoverboard with a stylish design and great battery life. It’s new and better that before! It provides great stability and a super smooth ride. It achieves speeds up to 6 miles per hour and operates for up to 2 hours. It features a stylish new design and emits a cool futuristic blue LED light. The Hovertrax 2.0 DLX is UL certified, meaning it’s safe for riders and has passed rigorous testing. It supports riders up to 220 pounds.

RazorX CruiserAges 9+ RazorX Cruisercheck price

The RazorX Cruiser is a new electric skateboard featuring a remote control that allows users to adjust its speed and even brake. And even when you’re battery has died, it still works! It performs great and delivers a new experience.

Razor RipSurf Balance BoardAges 8+ Razor RipSurf Balance Boardcheck price

If you’re not quite ready to surf in the water, the Razor Rip Surf allows kids to surf on land with all the super cool carving action! Its design combines a skateboard with a surf board to bring the surfing experience to land. Experience the awesome thrills of surfing and skating in one awesome board. Surfs up dude!

Razor Spider-Man RSF350Ages 13+ Razor Spider-Man RSF350check price

Featuring a stylish design, the newest Razor electric motorbike’s design is inspired by the Spider-Man movie. The bike is well-designed with movie-accurate details and 10-inch 3-spoke wheels. It reaches thrilling speeds up to 14 miles per hour and a charge lasts about 30 minutes. Kids will enjoy riding this motorbike all around town in search of the baddies. The bike supports riders up to 140 pounds. It delivers one smooth ride.

Neon KartAges 7+ Neon Kartcheck price

If you own a hoverboard – get ready for a fantastic new way to ride with your hoverboard. It’s the perfect accessory for your hoverboard. Connect your hoverboard to the rear of the Neon Kart. Hop on – you’ll ride low to the ground with two handle bars and a foot rest. It’s a thrilling new riding experience that is endless fun!

Rastar Ferrari LaFerrariAges 2-4 Rastar Ferrari LaFerraricheck price

Boy are kids lucky these days! You probably won’t be able to drive a Ferrari anytime soon, but your toddler or preschooler sure can with the Rastar Ferrari LaFerrari Ride-On. The styling looks absolutely incredible on this vehicle. It features meticulous attention to detail and accurately captures the smallest of details, creating a thrilling experience. Kids can drive the vehicle or it can even be controlled via remoe control by a parent. The care even features engine start up sounds, working lights, turn signals, horn, and seat belt. You can even connect your MP3 player to the car to hear your music. Experience the ultimate ride-on experience.

Moderno Kids Mercedes SLS AMGAges 2+ Moderno Kids Mercedes SLS AMGcheck price

Step into sporty luxury with the Mercedes SLS AMG ride-on vehicle. It’s an officially licensed vehicle created by Moderno Kids. It drives like an absolute charm, reaching thrilling speeds of 5 mph. Kids can control the vehicle or it can be controlled via remote control. The styling is incredible, staying true to the Mercedes SLS AMG lineage. It features working doors, trunk, lights, and even an MP3 player. Talk about laying out all the bells and whistles. Drive luxuriously in style!

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Ride OnAges 3-5 Disney Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Ride Oncheck price

Calling all Lightning McQueen fans! The Disney Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Ride On accurately captures your favorite Cars 3 character with amazing details. It’s a movie-accurate replica of Lightning McQueen from the animated movie down to the decals and wheels. Interactive features include working doors, flashing lightning bolts, working headlights, and cool racing car sounds that create a more immersive experience. Fans will love riding this realsitic Lightning McQueen race car! Will you be the racing champion?

Fuzion Spinner SharkAges 7+ Fuzion Spinner Sharkcheck price

Gear up for a thrilling new riding experience with Fuzion Spinner Shark. You ride low the the ground with your knees on the board. The best part is this design allows for some insane drifting and power slides! The low profile offers great stability and comfort. It’s solidly constructed with a high-quality steel frame and has a dual-braking system to safely bring the ride-on to a stop. Experience the amazing thrills and excitement!

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart – Race GreenAges 4-8 Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-Kart - Race Greencheck price

This pedal-powered go-kart is well-designed and delivers superior performance. It offers very responsive steering and features good grip and a delightful ride. It offers the versatility of allowing various size riders to ride the ride-on with it’s bucket-style seating. The go-kart is available in two color schemes – Red and Black and Race Green. Are you ready for the thrills and excitement of go-kart racing?

Power Wheels The BoomerangAges 3-7 Power Wheels The Boomerangcheck price

The Power Wheels The Boomerang is the newest addition to the family. Power Wheels are recognized for their quality, safety, and fun! The vehicle will be able to drive forward, reverse, left, and right. It features a stylish new design and will reach thrilling speeds up to 5 mph. The ride-on will include the battery and charger. Get ready for thrilling adventures with The Boomerang!

PonyCycleAges 3-5 PonyCyclecheck price

Ever wish you could ride a pony? With the PonyCycle your child’s dreams can come true! It’s creates a realistic galloping motion that simulates the motion made by a pony. The horse looks incredibly realistic and can be ridden both indoors and outdoors. Make your little one’s dreams a reality! It’s a sensational experience that shouldn’t be missed!

Razor Jetts DLXAges 8+ Razor Jetts DLXcheck price

Razor Jetts DLX are similar to Heelys. The difference is they can be removed and they offer the flexibility of being able to attach to any shoe up to size 12. The wheels feature cool lights as you move around. The best part? When your child brakes, they fire out cool sparking action!

Top Vehicle Toys

Top Vehicle Toys

There is nothing more fun than zooming around the race track with the hottest new R/C & Vehicles. Race around with the hottest toys of 2017

Hot Wheels Track Builder System Construction Crash KitAges 5+ Hot Wheels Track Builder System Construction Crash Kitcheck price

What do you get when you combine Hot Wheels and Mega Bloks? You get the Hot Wheels Track Builder system which is the most awesomest Hot Wheels track set ever! It’s like a match made in heaven. Create brand new track designs you could never possibly imagine before! Make it epic!

anki Overdrive Fast & Furious EditionAges 8+ anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Editioncheck price

Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition is the newest installment of the Overdrive series. It features two Fast & Furious supercars, Dom’s Ice Charger and Hobbs’ MXT, one Power Zone track piece, and various other track pieces. Race the cars with your smartphone. The best part? Anki Overdrive and this Furious edition work together. Add some ‘furious’ excitement and fun to your tracks!

Tech Touch Lightning McQueenAges 3-7 Tech Touch Lightning McQueencheck price

The Tech Touch Lightning McQueen is an authentic replica of Lightning McQueen featuring amazing details. It comes alive with over 100 movie sounds and phrases! McQueen also features moving eyes and mouth that make it seem as though he’s jumped right out of the silver screen and into your room! The coolest part? You can draw your own racing path on the rear window touchscreen and Lightning McQueen will follow that path! How cool is that?!

Just Play Cars 3 Mack’s Mobile Tool CenterAges 3+ Just Play Cars 3 Macks Mobile Tool Centercheck price

Cars 3 fans will love Mack’s Mobile Tool Center. Its design is inspired by the new Disney-Pixar animated movie Cars 3. This 24-piece set includes Lightning McQueen, the Tool Center, and several play accessories. The truck opens to reveal the Tool Center. The truck has a handy carrying handle for easy transporting. Retool Lightning McQueen to prepare to win the racing championship.

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate GarageAges 5+ Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garagecheck price

The Super Ultimate Garage is bigger than ever! The garage features an elevator with a gorilla attempting to knock down cars, car wash, and jet plane parking spot. This garage is about a foot larger than the previous one. Fantastic set for endless creative and imaginative play.

Fast & Furious Dom’s Turn & Burn Dodge Charger RC CarAges 8+ Fast & Furious Doms Turn & Burn Dodge Charger RC Carcheck price

The Fast and the Furious Dom’s Car is an awesome looking replica of Dom’s car from The Fast and the Furious. The car model is inspired by The Fast and the Furious movie. The coolest part is it is a remote-controlled vehicle so gear up for adrenaline-fueled missions!

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Super StationAges 3+ Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Super Stationcheck price

The Thomas & Friends Super Station is the ultimate train track ever! It’s a gigantic beast of a set with 36 feet of track! In fact, it’s the largest homas track ever built The best part? Build the track any way you can imagine and use any Thomas engine on the tracks for endless creative and imaginative fun!

Modarri CarsAges 6+ Modarri Carscheck price

Modarri Cars from Thoughtful Toys feature a modular design that lets car lovers mix and match various parts to create a customized car. The coolest part is the fact that they feature real steering and suspension. You can actually control the steering wheel with your hand. Experience the ultimate toy car with Modarri!

Nerf Nitro DuelFury DemolitionAges 5+ Nerf Nitro DuelFury Demolitioncheck price

Nerf combines its blaster tech with soft foam cars to create a new vehicle experience. It’s all about big stunts, big jumps, and faster speed. There are no tracks here – it’s all about out-of-the-box play. The Duelfire Demolition set features 9 foam cars, a eight obstacles, a double blaster and two rings of fire for thrilling action. Dive into the action with Nerf Nitro!

Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid RallyAges 5+ Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rallycheck price

The Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally set features motorized rapid-fire blasting! It’s designed for speed and distance and instead of foam darts – you’re blasting foam cars. This set features a Nerf Nitro Blaster, 9 foam cars, and high-jump and long-jump ramps for thrilling blasting action! Perfect for Nerf enthusiasts who want to create their own stories and stunts and then share it with their friends. It’s all about high jumps and thrilling speeds!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutants Deluxe Sweeper OpsAges 4+ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutants Deluxe Sweeper Opscheck price

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutants is a 2-in-1 vehicle that transforms into a playset. It’s compatible with 4.5-inch Turtles action figures. The awesome thing is that the vehicle opens to become a full-blown command center! There are plenty of rooms and levels of play to discover! It’s time to clean up the streets of NYC with this vehicle!

Carrera First Mario Kart R/C Slot Car TrackAges 3+ Carrera First Mario Kart R/C Slot Car Trackcheck price

The Mario Kart R/C Car Track features 1:50 scale slot car Mario Kart racers. Mario and Yoshi in their racing go-karts are included with the set and they look fantastic, capturing the essence of the Nintendo characters and karts with amazing details. The ergonomic controllers are designed so that even smaller hands can control them. The track is battery-operated and the slot car racers race in a fun figure-8 track. Now if only we could get the power-ups!

Hot Wheels DC Comics Superhero Girls VehiclesAges 3-7 Hot Wheels DC Comics Superhero Girls Vehiclescheck price

These premium 1:64 scale Hot Wheels DC Comics Superhero Girls Vehicles look spectacular and feature your favorite superheroes in vehicle form. Choose from Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and more! Race into amazing adventures!

Hot Wheels Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Character CarsAges 3+ Hot Wheels Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Character Carscheck price

The newest additions to the Hot Wheels Marvel Character Car lineup are inspired by Guardians of the Galxaxy Vol. 2. These are premium 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles. Choose from all your favorite characters, including Rocket Racoon, Groot, Yondu, Star-Lord, and more! Race into thrilling adventures!

KD Interactive Aura DroneAges 7+ KD Interactive Aura Dronecheck price

We’ve all seen drones before. But have you seen one where you can control it with simple hand gestures? Meet the Aura drone. Using hand motions with a special glove, you can control the Aura drone. The other cool thing is that you never have to worry about crashes since the drone is chambered in frame. Pure magic!

Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race DroneAges 8+ Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Dronecheck price

The Micro Race Drone from Air Hogs is a great entry-level drone for kids. Kids can fly it both indoors and outdoors. It features both a beginning and advanced mode.

Alpha Force Drone ForceAges 6+ Alpha Force Drone Forcecheck price

The Drone Force is aline allowing kids to fly five drones. Each of the drones will feature different features. For example, there will be a drone that fires projectiles and another that swoops up and down. Great drones for beginning pilots.

Odyssey Toys Bumper DroneAges 8+ Odyssey Toys Bumper Dronecheck price

Odyssey Toys’ Bumper Drone is a cool drone for beginning pilots. It’s easy to fly, safe for kids, and there’s no need to worry about crashing into things thanks to the handy bumpers. Despite the kiddie-looking bumper, it’s a mighty powerful drone. Kids will enjoy flying this entry-level drone. The base model doesn’t include a camera, but advanced models will offer a built-in camera.

Top Arts & Crafts Toys

Top Arts & Crafts Toys

Color, design, and get creative with the best new arts & crafts toys in 2017. Entertain your kids for hours with these top rated toys of 2017.

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life StudioAges 3+ Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studiocheck price

The physical and digital worlds collide in Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio. Bring your physical creations to life with your smart device. First, create your creation and place it on the studio. Then scan into the app and watch in amazement as your creation magically comes to life right before your eyes on your device. Now you can play with your creations in virtual worlds. Experience unlimited creativity!

Artsplash 3D Liquid ArtAges 5+ Artsplash 3D Liquid Artcheck price

ArtSplash 3D Liquid Art was the winning toy invention from ABC’s The Toy Box toy competition. The idea is ingeniously simple and allows kids to create colorful 3D art with just water! Mix the colors to create any color you can imagine and use the Aquapen to add the colored water in the Artsheet designs. The best part? You are only limited by your imagination! Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Sweet ShaperAges 5-7 Sweet Shapercheck price

Featured on ABC’s The Toy Box, the Sweet Shaper lets kids transform your favorite candy into amazing and fun designs. The shaper tool features eight candy shaping molds. Create butterflies, unicorns, and more! The coolest creation is a candy design shaped like a whistle that actually works! Perfect gift for the sweet tooth lover!

Etch A Sketch FreestyleAges 3+ Etch A Sketch Freestylecheck price

The classic toy Etch-A-Sketch is making a comeback with Etch-A-Sketch Freestyle. Spin Master has given it a tech makeover. Now the art tool features a black LCD screen instead of the aluminum powder mechanism. Also, now you can draw in rainbow colors using a stylus. The buttons have been converted to rubber stamps for creating circles, stars, and hearts. Erasing the image still works by shaking the device. A classic reborn sparking endless creative fun!

3Doodler Start Robotics Pen SetAges 8+ 3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Setcheck price

The 3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set allows kids to doodle anything they can imagine in 3D. It’s safe, easy, and unlimited fun! There are no hot parts. It’s perfect for STREAM learning and sparks the imagination and creativity. Are you ready to create amazing 3D masterpieces?

Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush & Drawing PadAges 3+ Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush & Drawing Padcheck price

The Magic Light Brush & Drawing Pad is a wonderful arts and crafts kit for kids. It’s a mess-free coloring system that magically lights up to show you the paint color! The set includes one light-up brush, 6 colored paints, and an 18-page coloring pad. The best part? Have endless creative fun because it only colors on the special paper and never gets on skin, furniture or fabric!

Crayola Magic Scene CreatorAges 3+ Crayola Magic Scene Creatorcheck price

The Crayola Magic Scene Creator works like magic! Kids can take their still images and transform them into cool animated scenes with special markers and 70 action cards. Bring your creativity and imagination to life.

Barbie Create & Style Clay FashionsAges 3+ Barbie Create & Style Clay Fashionscheck price

Do you dream of creating new fashions for Barbie? Well now you can with the Barbie Create and Style Clay Fashions set. Using a special modeling compound, Barbie fans can become fashion designers and create the latest trendsetting fashions for Barbie. It’s fun, simple, and super creative. The best part is you can save your favorite designs.

Mad MattrAges 3+ Mad Mattrcheck price

Mad Mattr is a new sensory toy similar to Kinetic Sand. It actually is softer, easier to shape, and easier to cleanup than Kinect Sand. Let your creativity and imagination run wild! What incredible things will you create?

StikBot Stop Pirate Movie SetAges 4+ StikBot Stop Pirate Movie Setcheck price

For the budding movie director, the StikBot Stop Motion Set is perfect for creating creative stop-motion videos. The kits feature a pirate ship, farm or green screen and movable stick figures. With the Pirate Movie Set you get a ton of accessories, can build a pirate ship, and there’s even a shark! Bring your creative vision to life! Create, animate, and share! Super cool set promoting the creative arts.

Digiloom Starter KitAges 8+ Digiloom Starter Kitcheck price

In tandem with an app, DigiLoom allows kids to craft cute and cool friendship bracelets. Use the app to create your personalized design and send over Bluetooth to the DigiLoom. The machine holds the strings in place while you wrap so you can create fashions that are custom and unique. In the UK the DigiLoom caused a major craze a few years ago. Could we experience a similar craze in the US? Express your creativity with DigiLoom!

Perler Super Mario Bros 3 Mario Deluxe KitAges 8+ Perler Super Mario Bros 3 Mario Deluxe Kitcheck price

The Perler Beads are an extremely popular arts and crafts set. Perler and Nintendo have teamed up to bring officially licensed Super Mario Bros. 3 designs to the Perler brand. Now fans can create their favorite character, Super Mario, with the magic of Perler beads. This Deluxe Set will feature 4,000 beads and 13 different projects to keep kids engaged for hours at a time.

Perler Super Mario World Deluxe Box KitAges 12+ Perler Super Mario World Deluxe Box Kitcheck price

Nintendo and Perler have joined forces to bring Super Mario World characters and themes to the world of Perler Beads. It’s an officially licensed product so you’ll get accurate colors and designs that look just like in the Super Mario World videogame! It’s a match made in heaven and now kids can create 18 fun Nintendo-themed projects with 16,000 beads.

Crayola Art With Edge Pop ArtAges 6+ Crayola Art With Edge Pop Artcheck price

Create brilliant pop art by coloring on dark paper. This Art With Edge Pop Art set includes a 30-piece art case, 12 pop art markers, and 18 pages. The cool part is that the markers pop like bright neon colors when you color on the dark paper. Express your creativity with Crayola!

Crayola Fashion Superstar KitAges 8+ Crayola Fashion Superstar Kitcheck price

Crayola Fashion Superstar is perfect for your budding fashionista. It combines sketching with a digital designer app and allows kids to design their own clothing. The set includes a design piece with 18 markers, 24 color pencils, and an awesome design book. It’s a cool activity that allows you to create custom fashions and bring them to life in the app. The app is super cool, allowing future fashion designers to customize their outfit and feature it in a magazine. You can track your fashion design progress and even share designs. How cool is that?

Alex Spa Glitzy Locks Hair SparkleAges 6+ Alex Spa Glitzy Locks Hair Sparklecheck price

Girls can make their hair sparkle and shine with Glitzy Locks from Alex Spa. Young girls can easily add beautiful, fashionable glitter sequins to their hair! Add 3D butterflies, stars, hearts, and more! There are 180 glitter sequins included in this set and they can be easily combed out and reused. Dazzling and decorative hair fun!

Alex D.I.Y. Pom TasslerAges 8+ Alex D.I.Y. Pom Tasslercheck price

This crafty kit from Alex Toys is great for the crafty kid, as it’s a popular trend. The set allows crafters to create three sizes of pom poms and tassles. Several fascinating project ideas are included with the set. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to use. Simply squeeze and spin.

Alex D.I.Y. Happy Little LoomAges 8+ Alex D.I.Y. Happy Little Loomcheck price

Happy Little Loom is easy weaving on the go fun! It’s a handheld loom and the set includes fun project ideas to inspire creativity as well as online videos that are straightforward to follow. The best part? Weavers can use any yarns with this loom set.

Alex D.I.Y. Sew Your Heart OutAges 8+ Alex D.I.Y. Sew Your Heart Outcheck price

Introduce your children to the wonderful world of sewing with Sew Your Heart Out from Alex Toys. This kid-friendly sewing machine includes project ideas, a storage case, and a pin cushion. The machine features 7 different stitch settings and three sewing patterns to select from. Fantastic beginning sewing kit!

Crayola Silly Scents Marker MakerAges 6+ Crayola Silly Scents Marker Makercheck price

These new markers from Crayola may not look like anything special at first glance. But take a sniff and you may be in for a little surprise. Kids can create a wide range of smells ranging from sweet to sour. Smell everything from fresh oranges, cherries, and blueberries to marshmallows and more. The coolest part is that you can even create your own scents!

Alex Spa D.I.Y. Bath BombsAges 6+ Alex Spa D.I.Y. Bath Bombscheck price

Combining science and cosmetology, these D.I.Y. Bath Bombs allow tweens to create six fizzy bath bombs! What’s cool is that you can actually mix colors and scents for an invigorating, relaxing, and soothing spa-like experience.

Top Stuffed Toys

Top Stuffed Toys

Folkmanis Disney Hand PuppetsAges 18m+ Folkmanis Disney Hand Puppetscheck price

These Vintage Disney Puppets bring the magic of our favorite Disney characters home. They are high quality plush figures of Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Pluto. Delightful endless classic imaginative play.

Seedling ParkerAges 3-6 Seedling Parkercheck price

Parker is your augmented reality bear. It is all plush and snuggly with no batteries, bluetooth or buttons to fidget with. It’s all about encouraging care and play and your child gets to be the bear’s doctor and can discover the magic of augmented reality. Parker will let kids know why he’s not feeling well and he’ll help kids make him feel all better. What a cool new experience!

Pillow Pets Sweet Scented Pets Marshmallow OlafAges 3+ Pillow Pets Sweet Scented Pets Marshmallow Olafcheck price

Pillow Pets is adding new scented plush dolls to the family along with a host of new characters. Disney Frozen’s Olaf will appear in the new line and will smell like toasted marshmallows. Don’t forget it doubles as a pillow. Yummy to the tummy!

Pillow Pets Sweet Scented Pets Cotton Candy UnicornAges 3+ Pillow Pets Sweet Scented Pets Cotton Candy Unicorncheck price

This plush Pillow Pet Unicorn smells oh so delicious! It smells like cotton candy. The fresh scent is oh so pleasing.

Pokémon Shoulder Plush DollsAges 5-10 Pokémon Shoulder Plush Dollscheck price

The Pokémon Shoulder Plush Dolls are plush figures that accurately capture your favorite Pokémon characters. They are so soft and cuddly and you just gotta have ’em all! Each of the Pokémon come with a shoulder bag for easy transport.

Fiesty PetsAges 5+ Fiesty Petscheck price

Fiesty Pets are cute looking plush critters that comes in a variety of different animals. They are soft and cuddly little friends. Surprise! Squeeze them and they open their mouth to reveal sharp teeth … the better to eat you with, my dear! Ha! Ha! Incredibly fun new plush animals!

Top Videogames

Top Videogames

There is a ton of innovative software coming out in 2017 that challenges the definition of a video game. Your thumbs will be hurting with these these top selling toys for 2017. Game on.

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-ConRated 5+ Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Concheck price

The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate hybrid console in the world of gaming that totally lives up to the hype! It truly is a beautiful piece of hardware. Play all your favorite Nintendo games at home or on the go. There’s amazing content for every gamer and for all ages and its library continues to expand. Plus, eventually you’ll be able to play classics! The Switch literally switches up conventions and lets you play anywhere. The Switch is in extremely high demand with stores unable to keep shelves stocked since launch day. With Nintendo ramping up production for the holidays, this should make it a tad easier to get your hands on what is expected to be the hottest gift this holiday season. Consider yourself lucky if you can score one!

Xbox Project Scorpio Xbox Project Scorpiocheck price

Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio is the world’s most powerful gaming console ever. It’s the hotly anticipated successor to the Xbox One. It features 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, true high-fidelity 4K gaming, and best of all, it’s fully compatible with Xbox One games and accessories. Microsoft’s next console also marks the beginning of a generationless era of gaming. Play all your favorite Xbox games optimized for 4K HDTVs. Experience silky smooth frame rates and awesome online multiplayer experiences. Are you ready to experience the best in gaming with Project Scorpio? Coming Holiday 2017. Reserve yours today!

PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim / PS4 PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim / PS4check price

The PS4 is the best-selling videogame console this generation. It features a strong library bolstered by exclusive first and third-party content. Play your favorite PlayStation games from Uncharted 4, GTA V, Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn and a whole lot more! The PS4 offers a robust online experience as well as support for PSVR. With a whole slew of amazing content down the pipeline, greatness awaits!

Xbox One S Xbox One Scheck price

The Xbox One is home to solid first-party exclusives like Halo, Forza, Gears of War and more! It’s also home to one of the best online multiplayer experiences with Xbox Live. The console is a powerhouse delivering amazing HD graphics and immersive gameplay experiences. A new Netflix-like platform will allow you to play at least 100 titles from spanning many of Xbox’s top titles.

New Nintendo 3DS XLRated 7+ New Nintendo 3DS XLcheck price

The New Nintendo 3DS XL plays all 3DS games. It delivers better performance, 3D face tracking, and a new C-stick. It also features amiibo compatibility and NFC support. Play all of your favorite Nintendo games on the go from Mario to Pokémon to Super Smash Brothers and Zelda. The system offers an e-shop for playing classic games. Best of all, it offers a unique 3D experience to experience a new dimension in gaming. The 3DS is the leading portable console with no real competition in sight. Get the best portable gaming experience this holiday.

New Nintendo 2DS XLRated 5+ New Nintendo 2DS XLcheck price

The New Nintendo 2DS XL now features a clamshell design and screen similar to the one featured on the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The cool thing is the 2DS XL will support all Nintendo 3DS family games. Albeit – without the 3D effect. Fans can play all their favorite Nintendo games on the go and get great performance and portability. The 2DS XL will also feature a new C-stick for enhanced controls. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for portable gamers.

Super Mario OdysseyRated 5+ Super Mario Odysseycheck price

Super Mario Odyssey is the big holiday title for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a hotly anticipated title that will allow gamers to play Mario on the big screen as well as on the go for the very first time. The game will return to the sandbox-style gameplay made popular by Super Mario 64. Fans are eagerly awaiting to get their hands on what could the best Mario since Mario 64 and the Galaxy series. Expect one incredible adventure traversing through new worlds and expect a few new moves and surprises along the way.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildRated 10+ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildcheck price

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has garnered critical and commercial success. It’s the first must-own title for the Switch. The game has been reinvented from the ground up, making it accessible to more gamers. As Link you embark on an epic adventure to save Princess Zelda in a massive sprawling open-world environment that is simply breathtaking in scale and design and a sheer pleasure to explore. You’ll have to overcome enemies, bosses, puzzles, and so much more as you unravel the engaging narrative. Hands-down, this is the best Zelda experience ever! A can’t-miss if you’re a gamer.

Mario Kart 8 DeluxeRated 5+ Mario Kart 8 Deluxecheck price

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch is an insanely fun and entertaining experience. Hands-down, this is the best Mario Kart game in the storied franchise. The game runs super silky, features incredible course designs and gameplay mechanics, oodles of characters and tracks, a thrilling online experience, and an all-new battle mode to create the definitive version of Mario Kart. The game is accessible to all gamers – even beginners with a new mode. A must-own if you own a Switch!

Splatoon 2Rated 10+ Splatoon 2check price

Splatoon 2, exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, is the sequel to the original game on the Wii U. Don’t let the bright, colorful colors fool you! It’s a game for all ages 10 and older. Yeah, it features some of the same paint-splatting fun of the original – but it’s addictively fun! It’s somewhat like paintball but a lot more fun. In the 4-on-4 matches you’ll need to cover the majority of the turf with your team’s paint color. You constantly want that ‘one more game’ which is a mark of a great game. In addition to a solid multiplayer online mode, the game will also feature a solo campaign and a handful of new weapons. Let the turf wars begin!

ARMSRated 10+ ARMScheck price

Arms is a brand-new property exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It’s a fighting game with fascinating character designs, extendable arms, beautiful arenas, and mini games that build your skills. The gameplay is very addictive and has a lot more depth than at first glance. It can best be described as a cross between Street Fighter and Punch-Out!! You can play the game with motion controls or the standard controls. The game features mild animated cartoon violence and is rated for ages 10 and up. Do you have what it takes to be the online Champion?

NBA 2K18Rated 8+ NBA 2K18check price

NBA 2K18 will be available for all three major consoles, including the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch! The game will feature the solid gameplay and graphics that the 2K series has become known for. The game will feature all NBA teams, up-to-date rosters, and a host of game modes to keep things exciting. Think you got game and can take your favorite team all the way to the NBA Finals and win it all?

Skylanders ImaginatorsRated 10+ Skylanders Imaginatorscheck price

Skylanders Imaginators is a fun, creative toys-to-life game combining toys with videogames. Players bring their characters to life in an epic adventure full of puzzles, battles, and a fascinating narrative. The game features new heroes and villains and it now stars Crash and Dr. Neo Cortex. You’ll get to play in a level inspired by the iconic game. Over 300 toys in the entire Skylanders franchise will be compatible with the Switch version without the need for the Portal of Power.

Lightseekers Starter PackRated 8+ Lightseekers Starter Packcheck price

Lightseekers represents the next big evolution in the world of toys-to-life. Now it’s evolved into connecedt play. It’s a mixed media entertainment system combining smart connected action figures, AI, and AR. The 7″ toy connects to your device and impacts the game in interesting ways. The mobile game is an action adventure RPG and the characters feel alive and their personality changes as you play the game. The cool part is you can use the character to control the game. Two Starter Packs are available for Tyrax and Mari.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & MoonRated 7+ Pokémon Ultra Sun & Mooncheck price

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon will be the latest Pokémon adventure hitting the 3DS in time for the holidays. Ultra Sun and Moon will be the follow-up to Pokémon Sun & Moon. Fans can expect new stories, characters, and Pokémon to catch, battle, and trade. This is sure to be a must-have for Pokémon fans. Gotta catch ’em all!

Your Top Toys For Christmas 2017?

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