Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls List

Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls listWhat are the best Christmas gifts for teenage girls? Put on your Santa hats and red lipstick, here is the ULTIMATE Teenage Girl Christmas list.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I am one of those people who loves playing Christmas music right after Halloween. I am so happy until a family member asks “What do you want for Christmas?” Darkness fills the room and the reindeer stop dancing around me. I just let out a blank stare. “I don’t know.”

So we thought it would be really cute to create the ULTIMATE wish list of our favorite gift ideas for teenage girls.

So what’s cool? With over 300 Christmas gifts for teen girls, we’ve got a ton of Christmas list ideas for teens. We have broken this year’s list into 16 different categories to make it easier to navigate. So whether your teenage girl is a girly girl, loves makeup, loves gadgets, or decorating her room, there is something for everyone. Most of the items are very affordable but there are some items meant for Santa Clause’s eyes only. And boyfriends too;)

So whether you are shopping for your teenage daughter, friend, niece, sister, or girlfriend, these are things to get a teenage girl for Christmas. If you are a teenage girl, you can get ideas of what to put on your Christmas list or what to get your friends. Hit the heart button to help others out and be sure to pin your favorites.

Here’s the ultimate Christmas list for teenage girls.

For The Fashionista

Whether she loves being on Instagram or just looking cute, the winning formula for any fashionista involves clothes and a whole lot of accessories. You can’t go wrong with any of these girly gifts for teen girls.

Sleepwear And Underwear

Alkii Winter Fleece Pajama Pants Alkii Winter Fleece Pajama Pantscheck price

When I think of Christmas, I think of pajamas. I always love getting a new pajama set for Christmas. Made of 100% fleece, these pajama bottoms have the cutest Christmas patterns on them. I think they are cute thing to get and comfortable especially during the winter time when it gets cold. While there are so many cute winter patterns, I love the ones with the little moose on them.

Tommy Hilfiger Thermal Pajamas Tommy Hilfiger Thermal Pajamascheck price

There is nothing like wearing a comfortable pair of jammies on Christmas day or Christmas Eve and singing Christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate and opening gifts. Made of a cotton polyester blend, these ones are super cute and would make taking pictures around the tree super fun.

Noble Mount Women’s Knit Striped Pajamas Noble Mount Women's Knit Striped Pajamascheck price

It wouldn’t be Christmas without matching pajamas! These striped ones from Nobel Mount are perfect. I am sure all Santa’s elves wear them. Made out of a polyester and spandex blend, I love their form fitting fit.

Karen Neuburger Girlfriend Pajamas Karen Neuburger Girlfriend Pajamascheck price

Nothing makes me happier than a good pair of pajamas. With a cotton and polyester blend, I love how soft and plush these pajamas from Karen Neuburger look. Some pajamas have a baggy look, but these ones look like they fit really well. Who wouldn’t want to be seen in these? These are boyfriend approved.

Caramel Cantina Need Coffee Nightshirt Caramel Cantina Need Coffee Nightshirtcheck price

Who needs pants? If she hates getting up in the morning and needs coffee to wake her up, she will get a kick out of this long night shirt that says “I Need Coffee.” It’s fairly long but still pretty flattering. Made of 100% cotton, it’s the perfect shirt for sleeping in or wearing around the house.

Tommy Hilfiger PJs All Day Tank And Shorts Tommy Hilfiger PJs All Day Tank And Shortscheck price

I think every girl would love a cute shirt with a cute saying on it like “Pjs All Day.” I love these sorts of pajamas as they are perfect for hot summer days. They are kind of cheesy but you can’t have enough of them.

TowelSelections Hooded Plush Bathrobe TowelSelections Hooded Plush Bathrobecheck price

I love wearing a robe when I am getting ready in the morning. I would love a big fluffy white one with a hood to snuggle up with when it’s cold. This one looks as soft as a blanket, making it perfect for wearing out of the shower and doing your makeup with in the morning.

Silver Lilly Unicorn Onesie Silver Lilly Unicorn Onesiecheck price

I have always wanted an onesie. I think the unicorn one is super cute. I would wear it 24/7. Okay, maybe not to the mall or class.

Victorias Secret Sleepover Knit Pajamas Victorias Secret Sleepover Knit Pajamascheck price

What teenage girl isn’t obsessed with Victoria secret clothing? Body sprays, clothes, pajamas, workout clothes. I love it all. You can practically live in their clothing. Anything from Victoria Secret Pink is awesome, but I love their Christmas pajamas. I think these ones are super cute. The material is so soft and lightweight. Even if you already have a pair, you can never too many.

Sunnyhu Women’s Kimono Robe Sunnyhu Women's Kimono Robecheck price

Every since I saw those silk kimono robes on Scream Queens, I wanted one. These ones are the closest ones that I could find. Made out of satin, I think I won’t be able to stop touching the material. I think it would look great on any girl and it comes in the most adorable colors. Who wouldn’t scream if they got one?

Calvin Klein Bralette and Bikini Set Calvin Klein Bralette and Bikini Setcheck price

C’mon every girl needs underwear. It’s one of life’s essentials. I love the Calvin Klein bralette set with the bikini bottom. I think it looks so cute sticking out of boyfriend jeans. It would be so fun to get it in different colors.

Out From Under Lace Halter Bra Out From Under Lace Halter Bracheck price

I love this black halter bralette from Urban Outfitters. The best part? It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a bra. With lace, this bra looks so good especially when layering under shirts.


xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curler xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curlercheck price

Lately I have seen a lot of beauty gurus using curling wands. This curling wand from Xtava has a bunch of different heads that you can clip on to get different sized curls. The best part? With this 5 in 1 curling wand, the curls last forever. With it, you could create really pretty uniform curls that last all day.

AsaVea Electric Hair Straightening Brush AsaVea Electric Hair Straightening Brushcheck price

I don’t really know if this works but I have seen it everywhere. It’s like a brush that straightens your hair. It gets as hot as 450F. I’m pretty skeptical about it because it seems too good to be true. If it works, it would save so much time.

Remington Triple Infusion Hair Straightener Remington Triple Infusion Hair Straightenercheck price

What girl doesn’t love to straighten her hair? I just love the way straight hair looks. You don’t need an expensive one to get great results. Remington has come out with an inexpensive new one. Apparently, it infuses hair with oils to prevent frizz. Unlike the Chi I had, I love that this one lets you control the heat up to 450F. I am always forgetful, so the auto shutoff feature feels like it was built for me.

Berta Professional Hair Dryer Berta Professional Hair Dryercheck price

A hair dryer! Who wouldn’t want their own blow dryer? For teen girls, hair is a big factor. With 3 different heat settings and 2 speed settings, this tourmaline ionic ceramic hair dryer from Berta is supposed to dry your hair 40% faster than standard blow dryers. It even comes with a concentrator to add volume so you can get salon results at home.

CreaClip CreaClipcheck price

Would you like to be your own hair stylist? Featured on Shark Tank, the CreaClip is DIY hair cutting tool that allows you to cut your bangs to perfection. You can even create layers. The best part? You will save so much money from not having to visit the salon every 3 weeks to trim your bangs.

The New Braiding Handbook The New Braiding Handbookcheck price

Whether I am at school or working out, I love trying out new hairstyles. Sometimes I need a little inspiration. With this book, you don’t have to spend hours in front of your mirror learning how to do different braids. With 60 different hair styles, the beautiful pictures and directions make it easy to follow along for anyone.

Crave Detangling Brush Crave Detangling Brushcheck price

Who loves waking up with knots in their hair? The detangling brush that is supposed to detangle knotted hair without pulling on it. Most of the time I use a wide tooth comb but I have heard so many good things about detangling brushes. Apparently, its innovative teeth configuration allows it to glide through even knotted hair.

JLIKA Elastic Hair Ties (SET OF 100) JLIKA Elastic Hair Ties (SET OF 100)check price

Whether you are working out, in class, or headed to the mall, these elastic hair ties are not only cute but they are designed not to cause bends, creases, or tangles in your hair. With this set you get a ton of colors and few patterns that go together with different outfits. They even double as a pretty bracelet.

ALC Hair Chalk ALC Hair Chalkcheck price

I would love if I could get colorful streaks in my hair, but using hair dye is pretty involved and too damaging to your hair since you have to use bleach to get the best results. I think these hair chalks are a great alternative especially if you have lighter hair. Shaped like crayons, they are easy to apply. The best part? You can easily wash it out.

REECHO Hair Extensions REECHO Hair Extensionscheck price

Would you love to have longer hair? Now you can instantly add length and fullness to your hair with clip on hair extensions. Made of synthetic material, this one comes in several base colors to match your hair. The extensions adds about 20 inches to your hair.

YPCC 24 Synthetic Hair Extensions YPCC 24 Synthetic Hair Extensionscheck price

These colorful clip in hair extensions are the easiest way to add colorful highlights to your hair. The best part? There is no dye so there is no commitment involved. You can wear them on the weekend and take them off during school. With 24 different colors, you can switch them up to match your outfits.

K’ryssma Ombre Gray Wig Dark K'ryssma Ombre Gray Wig Darkcheck price

Right now the trendiest hair color is smoky gray ombre. I’m so in love with it. It’s all over Instagram. Most of us go gray later on, but for those of us who can’t wait you can rock the look right now with this wig. The best part? You don’t even need hair dye. Made of synthetic hair, I love how realistic it looks.

MapofBeauty Ponytail Wig MapofBeauty Ponytail Wigcheck price

Everybody has dreams. Some of us dream of being a unicorn or mermaid. What teen girl isn’t obsessed with Unicorn or Mermaid hair? You could get that crazy cotton candy colored look with hair dye, but this wig looks like it is just as fun to rock. It’s got cute ponytails, but you can easily take out the pony tail holders. The coolest part? You can finally be a unicorn or mermaid.

Manic Panic Hair Dye Manic Panic Hair Dyecheck price

With all the celebrities dying their locks, I think every teenage girl dreams about having rainbow colored hair. Available in just about every color, Manic Panic hair dye will give you the hair you are dreaming about. If you are dying your hair, you do need to bleach your hair for full effect especially if you have darker hair.

Richard Homewares Hair Styling Storage Chest Richard Homewares Hair Styling Storage Chestcheck price

With room for a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron, this is such a great idea for organizing your hair tools. It can hold up to three different hot hair tools in metallic containers. I think it would look so cute on a makeup vanity. The coolest part? There is even a drawer to hold your hair accessories.

Bags And Accessories

Vera Bradley Wristlet Wallet Vera Bradley Wristlet Walletcheck price

If you don’t need a bag for carrying stuff around, wristlets are great. I think this wristlet from Vera Bradley is so cute. I love it because it can fit your cell phone, some money, your student ID, and a pack of gum. It comes in the most adorable prints, so you can find one that matches your outfit.

Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body Bag Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body Bagcheck price

I am in love with anything from Vera Bradley. Available in the cutest prints, I love how roomy this cross body bag is. It’s even large enough to carry around an iPad. It’s got external pockets on front and back which makes it easy to stick your phone, keys and wallet in. The patterns are cute too and go with just about any outfit.

KAVU Rope Bag KAVU Rope Bagcheck price

I love this rope bag from Kavu because of its unique strap design. The strap is completely adjustable so the bag is comfortable to carry. While it’s not a large, it’s roomy enough to hold all the essentials and has the right amount of pockets. Stylish and comfortable, it’s the perfect hands free bag when you are going shopping.

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella Totes Clear Bubble Umbrellacheck price

How cute is this umbrella? Who knew that you could look so good in the rain? I love the look of bubble umbrellas. They are perfect for taking Instagram pictures in the rain. With a 32 inch vinyl bubble canopy, this one from Totes keeps you dry and doesn’t block your vision. The best part? You can actually see where you are going so you are not tripping over everybody.

illumini Handbag Purse Light illumini Handbag Purse Lightcheck price

Do you find yourself digging in your purse a lot? You will wonder how you lived without this little purse light. You simply attach it to your purse with the magnetic closures and flick it on and off. Finally, you will be able to find stuff in your purse anywhere.

Fox Fur Pom Pom Keychain Fox Fur Pom Pom Keychaincheck price

Who wouldn’t love to get a bunch of cute keychains that they can change up? That would be so cute. I have seen these cute poof ball keychains everywhere. Made of real fox fur, I think it would look cute on your keychain or even bag. I do wish I could find one made of faux fur that didn’t fall apart.

Michael Kors Signature Tote Michael Kors Signature Totecheck price

If you have grown out of cross body bags, Michael Kors makes a beautiful tote bag. I love this brown one with the little MK logos all over. It has such a beautiful color. I think it is so cute and love it. With space for a laptop, it has enough room to put a ton of stuff in for school. It’s a little expensive, but if you are getting one item to splurge on, this is it.

Michael Kors Bedford Strap Pouchette Michael Kors Bedford Strap Pouchettecheck price

A Michael Kors bag would make for such a great and exciting gift for a teenage girl. With a super trendy print, this cross body bag has enough room for her wallet, cell phone, and her essentials. The chain detail on the strap gives it a very glam look. She will love it!

Michael Kors Large Wristlet Michael Kors Large Wristletcheck price

If she doesn’t need to carry a lot, this wristlet from Michael Kors is perfect for a night out on the town. Similar to a clutch, it has enough room to hold her cell phone, money, a couple of credit cards, and few other essentials. It comes in a trendy and youthful style that any teen girl would love.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Stacy Bifold Kate Spade Cedar Street Stacy Bifoldcheck price

Anything with Kate Spade on it and teenage girls love it. I think this leather wallet from Kate Spade looks very classy and luxurious. It’s nice to have a wallet where you can keep your driver’s license so all you have to do is pick up your wallet and go. With a minimalistic slim design, it fits just what you need.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Tenley Kate Spade Cedar Street Tenleycheck price

Is there anything better than a black cross body purse from Kate Spade? This one from Kate Spade is super cute. With a perfect amount of sophistication, this black purse goes with just about any outfit. Inside it has room for your phone, a small wallet, keys, and few other essentials.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Satchel Bag Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Satchel Bagcheck price

Kate Spade bags have a spot on youthful and sophisticated style that teenage girls love. While pricey, it is the perfect first grownup gift for any young woman. Not too big or small, its size is between a cross body bag and a tote. Made with cross hatched leather, it has handles but also comes with a detachable strap so you can hold it on your shoulder as well.

COACH South Swingpack COACH South Swingpackcheck price

There are cross body bags and then there are Coach cross body bags. Just about every teenage girl would love this Coach bag. With pebble leather texture, this lightweight cross body bag is perfect for running errands with plenty of room for your wallet, cell phone, keys, and a couple of essentials. Not only will she feel like a million dollars, it’s a bag that she will use for years to come.

Longchamp Tote Longchamp Totecheck price

I am always looking for bags that are pretty big but lightweight so you can put everything you need inside. A purse or handbag won’t do. I love Lovechamp tote bags. They are super cute and I love the navy one. It fits almost everything inside without being too overbearing.

Fajllraven Kanken Daypack Fajllraven Kanken Daypackcheck price

Although I don’t know how to pronounce the name of this backpack, I have seen this Swedish backpack everywhere. This travel size backpack is designed both for school and hiking. I think it is adorable. It comes in so many fun colors and the bold colors are so pretty in person. I love the mustard yellow one or grey one.

Herschel Little America Backpack Herschel Little America Backpackcheck price

Hershel backpacks are so pretty. While it is spacious enough for books, I love that this one has a padded pocket for a laptop. The padded back makes it super comfortable to wear. I never thought I would say this but this backpack actually looks stylish and you will look so cute going to class.

Calvin Klein Infinity Scarf with Sherpa Lining Calvin Klein Infinity Scarf with Sherpa Liningcheck price

I think a scarf can really pull a winter outfit together. It is freezing where I live and nothing makes me happier than a nice quality scarf when it is cold outside. I love the Sherpa lining of this one from Calvin Klein, which looks crazy soft and warm.

Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie Skully Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie Skullycheck price

When I saw this beanie, I knew I had to have it. Everyone needs this beanie. With the cute cable knitting, this might be my favorite new beanie. Super fashionable, you can get a good slouch out of it. Plus, it comes in multiple colors. Yeah!

PINK Emblem Baseball Cap PINK Emblem Baseball Capcheck price

I live in baseball style hats. They are nice to throw on when you don’t have time to do your hair. I think this one with the glittered pink logo on the front would match any Victoria Secret outfit.

SojoS Rose Gold Cat Eye Sunglasses SojoS Rose Gold Cat Eye Sunglassescheck price

Who isn’t obsessed with anything that is Rose Gold? If you really want to make a statement, these sunglasses from SojoS do just that at a very affordable price. The cat eyes corners make you look so glamorous. They look much more expensive than they are.

Ray-Ban Large Aviator Sunglasses Ray-Ban Large Aviator Sunglassescheck price

Raybans make you look hella fleek. I think they are so pretty and I would love a great pair of sunglasses if I could afford it. While they are expensive, Raybans would be so awesome to get. They would make any girl feel like such a diva.

Nail Art

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holdercheck price

Finally you don’t have to worry about knocking over your nail polish. This wearable contraption allows you to hold your nail polish bottle while you paint your nails. The best part? You don’t have to worry where to put the bottle and can paint your nails anywhere.

Essie Nail Polish Winter Set 2016 Essie Nail Polish Winter Set 2016check price

Essie makes great nail polish. Their nail polish goes on so smooth and lasts for a long time. This set contains 4 cute colors including a nice glitter one called rock at the top. With the smaller bottles, it is a great way to sample your favorite colors.

Kiss Products Everlasting False Nails Kiss Products Everlasting False Nailscheck price

Okay girls, these are glue on nails! LOL! Who knew getting beautiful nails could be so easy? These false nails make it look like you got the most glamorous pedicure ever. They are super easy to stick on and last for about 2 weeks. Nobody will even know that they are fake and you will save a ton of money on pedicures.

New8Beauty Nail Art Brushes New8Beauty Nail Art Brushescheck price

Who doesn’t love painting their nails? It’s a great form of self expression. This nail art tool set contains a great collection of fan brushes, small brushes, and dotters. With such a wide selection of bushes, it has everything you need to achieve all types of nail art.

DIY Nail Art DIY Nail Artcheck price

Have you ever wanted to learn nail art? With step by step directions, this book is perfect for those who want to get started doing their own nail art or need some inspiration on designs. You can even change up the colors to create your own DIY designs. With 75 different designs, there are plenty of designs to try out.

USpicy Macaron Nail Dryer USpicy Macaron Nail Dryercheck price

If you get shellac nails done a lot, you can save a lot of money by getting a shellac nail light. Then you can just do your nails at home by yourself in the colors you want. Why go to the nail salon, when you can do it yourself and save the trip? I think it would be fun to invite friends over for a manicure party.

For The Jewelry Lover

Jewelry Lover
Just about every teenage girl loves jewelry and you don’t have to get her diamonds and gold. From rose gold watches to dainty stackackable midi rings, here are jewelry gifts for a teenage girl that are Instagram worthy.

Alex and Ani Initial Bangle Alex and Ani Initial Banglecheck price

Just about any teenage girl would like an Alex and Ani bracelet. Not only do these bangles have a good message, but they go with any outfit. I really love the style of them. To make it more personal, you can get one that’s personalized with her initial or birthstone on it.

Lokai Classic Bracelet Lokai Classic Braceletcheck price

Lokai bracelets are really nice, but I like them more because of their meaning than looks. A portion of the sales go to ending child poverty. These bracelets have tiny bubbles. The white bubbles hold water from Mount Everest and black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea, which are the highest and lowest points on Earth. It reminds you to stay hopeful when you are at your lowest point and be humble when you are at the top.

bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet bittersweet Hair Tie Braceletcheck price

For any girl who loves tying her hair up in a pony tail, finally there is a solution to her biggest hair problem. Where to keep the hair tie? This hair tie bracelet allows her to hold her hair tie on her wrist in a fashionable bracelet that is available in a variety of colors. Who knew hair ties could be so fashionable?

Pandora Silver Bracelet Clasp Pandora Silver Bracelet Claspcheck price

I love Pandora bracelets because they are so sentimental. They are empty charm bracelets that you fill up with your own charms to make a unique bracelet. I think any girl would love one. Every time you get a new charm you get so excited.

Timeline Treasures Charm Bracelet Timeline Treasures Charm Braceletcheck price

Everyone is getting into these charm bracelets that you add little charms to over time. You don’t have to spend a lot to get an empty charm bracelet. Made of sterling silver, this one from Timeline Treasures is almost as good as the real thing and it fits Pandora charms. It even comes with a free beautiful charm to start your collection.

Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle Kate Spade Heart of Gold Banglecheck price

What teen girl doesn’t love Kate Spade jewelry? I love the little Kate Spade bangles with fun words on the inscribed on the inside. This one says ” Heart of Gold,” which I think is adorable. I think stacking it with other bracelets would be so cool.

Sterling Silver Daughter Quote Cuff Bracelet Sterling Silver Daughter Quote Cuff Braceletcheck price

I don’t know why but I am really in love with sentimental jewelry that has meaning instead of random pieces. This one says “A Daughter Is A Little Girl Who Grows Up To Be A Friend” on it. I think it really would make a cute graduation gift or birthday gift.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Ring Set Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stackable Ring Setcheck price

Layering is not only for your clothes, every girl nowadays loves to stack rings. I know you can get sets from Forever 21, but those low quality ring sets make your fingers turn green. Made of sterling silver, these affordable stackable rings look higher quality. I like the different patterns and colors of this set.

Alex and Ani Mermaid Ring Wrap Alex and Ani Mermaid Ring Wrapcheck price

Everybody is obsessed with mermaids. What do you get when you combine Alex and Ani rings with mermaids? It’s no longer a mystery. You get the cutest ring ever. It’s a mermaid that wraps around your finger, bringing mystery and charm to your finger.

925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ring 925 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Ringcheck price

I think this princess ring is so pretty. I think any girl would really love it. I have seen princess rings everywhere. This one gives you great sparkle for an affordable price. The blinging and sparkles make you feel all princessy. I think it would be fun to show off to friends.

I Love You Pendant I Love You Pendantcheck price

Tell her how much you love her with this cute little sterling silver pendant. This necklace doesn’t cost a lot but she will always love you for it. How much do you love her? To the moon and back. She will never want to remove it. It makes a cute gift for a girlfriend, daughter, or even a friend.

Kendra Scott Signature Pendant Necklace Kendra Scott Signature Pendant Necklacecheck price

This dainty necklace by Kendra Scott is so pretty, delicate, and sparkly. It’s super simple but this necklace goes with any outfit whether you are dressing up or wearing something casual. Teen girls will want to wear it every day especially if she loves wearing jewelry.

Kate Spade Initial Pendant Necklace Kate Spade Initial Pendant Necklacecheck price

Necklaces that are personalized have more meaning than just an ordinary necklace. This Kate Spade necklace can be customized with your initial. I love its super simple style. With gold plating and an adjustable chain length, it would look great when layered with other necklaces.

Efy Tal Initial and Birthstone Necklace Efy Tal Initial and Birthstone Necklacecheck price

This dainty, petite, and delicate necklace makes quiet the statement. Because it is not gold plated, you never have to worry about the paint peeling off. The coolest part? It can be personalized with your teenage girl’s initial and a small birthstone, making it even more special.

Kendra Scott Signature Drop Earrings Kendra Scott Signature Drop Earringscheck price

Who doesn’t like Kendra Scott earrings? I love that these drop earrings are available in rose gold, which is my favorite new color. The rose quartz crystals are so beautiful, giving the earrings a very sophisticated look. They look very lightweight and delicate and I think that they will go with anything.

Swarovski Zirconia Round Drop Earrings Swarovski Zirconia Round Drop Earrings check price

I’ve been looking for a good pair of Swarovski earrings that reflect and dazzle in the light like real diamonds. These diamond colored earrings look so real and sparkly. I think they are perfect for wearing to class or even while dressing up.

Miss Chopin Constellation Earrings Miss Chopin Constellation Earringscheck price

Turn your ear into a galaxy with these constellation earrings. Made out of sterling silver, the earrings are accentuated with sparkly cubic zirconium “stars.” With a star pattern shaped like the big dipper, these climbing earrings are out of this world.

Everu Rose Gold Leaf Ear Cuffs Earrings Everu Rose Gold Leaf Ear Cuffs Earringscheck price

Ear cuffs are so back. The more bling, the better. These crystal ear cuffs are an absolute show stopper. Of course they have to be in rose gold. They are beautiful for prom night or even just date night.

Girlprops Tattoo Choker Necklace Girlprops Tattoo Choker Necklacecheck price

Nothing says you are cool like a plastic tattoo chocker. When this lace like plastic ring necklace from Girlprops rests against your neck, it is supposed to look like a tattoo. It’s gothic but not overly gothic because just about anyone can wear one.

Jane Stone Skeleton Choker Necklace Jane Stone Skeleton Choker Necklace check price

Just about everyone is wearing chokers. I think this one with a skeleton skulls bib on it can turn even the most basic outfit into a major style statement.

Evil Jack Skellington Plugs Evil Jack Skellington Plugscheck price

These might be the cutest plugs I have ever seen, but I love the Nightmare Before Christmas. When I see earrings like this it makes me wish I had a large gauge piercing.

Anne Klein Rose Gold-Tone Watch Anne Klein Rose Gold-Tone Watchcheck price

You don’t have to spend much to get a classy looking watch. For the price, I’m surprised just how cute, stylish, and beautiful this watch from Anne Klein is. It’s in my favorite new color Rose Gold. The colors would match just about any outfit. I think the large numbers are not only easy to read but super cute.

Fossil Riley Rose Gold-Tone Watch Fossil Riley Rose Gold-Tone Watchcheck price

A good watch can really tie an outfit together. I originally fell in love with a rose gold watch from Michael Kors, but this one is not only prettier, it costs a lot less. I can’t stop staring at this watch. It is beyond beautiful. I love the rose gold color and the little sparkly rhinestones give it an elegant look and make it look even more expensive than it is.

Michael Kors Parker Rose Gold-Tone Watch Michael Kors Parker Rose Gold-Tone Watchcheck price

Michael Kors watches are so in right now. They are super cute and a watch is a great gift to give especially to an older teenage for graduation. I think this Michael Kors watch in rose gold is so pretty. I love the little sparkly crystals around the bezel of the watch. The large Michael Kors logo gives it a unique and classy look. I think it would accentuate any outfit.

Italian Rose-Tone Chain Anklet Italian Rose-Tone Chain Ankletcheck price

Another trend from the 90s is coming back – the Anklet. It’s been spotted on the ankles of some of the biggest celebrities. With this dainty anklet, your ankle will look amazing. Just like bangles and rings, you can layer it or mix and match it to create a little ankle candy.

MyGift Jewelry Tree MyGift Jewelry Treecheck price

Here’s a fun way to keep your jewelry organized so it is easier to pick out the pieces you want to wear. You can hang earrings, bracelets, and a few necklaces on it. You can even stash some rings in the bird’s nest. Plus, it makes a cute decoration in your room.

Songmics Jewelry Box With Mirror Songmics Jewelry Box With Mirrorcheck price

Do she have a ton of jewelry lying everywhere? With 20 compartments, this jewelry box is the perfect gift for the teenage girl with a cluttered collection of jewelry. With it, she will be able to give all her jewelry a home so she can easily find it.

Marcus Mayfield Dress Jewelry Organizer Marcus Mayfield Dress Jewelry Organizercheck price

No, this is not a pretty black dress you are going to wear on Prom night. It’s actually a carefully disguised jewelry organizer that you can hang on a hanger in your closet. It has pockets and Velcro loops that allow you to store your jewelry collection. The coolest part? While you are dressing up in the closet, you can pick out your jewelry.

mDesign Fashion Jewelry Organizer mDesign Fashion Jewelry Organizercheck price

There is nothing worse than having all your jewelry in a cluttered mess in your room. I think this is such a neat way to put all your jewelry together without having to waste a lot of space. It simply mounts on the wall so you can easily pick out the pieces you want to wear.

Songmics Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Wall Songmics Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Wallcheck price

Do you have a ton of jewelry? Now this is cool. It’s like a hanging mirror that opens up to store jewelry inside. It is perfect if you have a lot of jewelry that can’t fit inside your jewelry box.

For The Makeup Lover

Makeup Lover
If you know a teenage girl who is into makeup, you can never go wrong with makeup as a gift. Just about any makeup product makes a great gift for a teenage girl. Christmas is the best time to play around with new makeup products.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Urban Decay Naked 3 Palettecheck price

When it comes to eyeshadow, you can’t go wrong with any of the Naked palettes. The neutral colors work for almost everyone. All of the shades apply perfectly and are highly pigmented compared to drugstore makeup. If you don’t have the Naked 1 palette, it’s the most versatile palette for all shades of skin. The Naked 3 palette has beautiful rose gold hues.

Maybelline New York The Nudes Maybelline New York The Nudes check price

If you are looking for an inexpensive drugstore eye shadow option, the Maybelline the Nudes is a really pretty palette with pretty colors. Containing 12 neutral shades, this palette is versatile enough to create a bunch of makeup looks.

W7 In The Buff Nudes Palette W7 In The Buff Nudes Palettecheck price

The W7 is basically a cheap version of the original Naked Palette. It has a really big palette that basically is a perfect match for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. With a chalkier feel, the palette is just not as pigmented as the Naked Palette so you have to apply a lot more.

Ultimate Naked Basics Palette Ultimate Naked Basics Palettecheck price

Urban Decay recently announced a new basics palette with many warm shades that is comparable to Kylie Jenner’s Bronze palette. With 12 neutral shades, it comes in the most adorable packaging with a mirror inside. The buttery matte shades are very easy to apply. With a great color range, there are purples, browns, and greys.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palettecheck price

With darker and cooler colors, the Naked Smoky palette is so gorgeous. It’s very different from the other Naked palettes as the majority of the palette are blue tones. With this palette, you can do such a pretty stormy blue smoky eye.

Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette 3 Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette 3 check price

The Lorac Pro 3 Palette has 16 gorgeous colors in warm, neutral, and cool tones. Not only is this palette so gorgeous, the colors go on very smoothly and are highly pigmented. With such a versatile range of shades from matte to shimmer colors, this palette would make a great Christmas gift for the makeup love in your life.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettecheck price

With a nice blend of matte and shimmer shades, the colors in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette look very natural. The packaging is so adorable and I like the whole chocolate vibe on the outside. The coolest part? The palette contains cocoa powder so it delivers a rich chocolate aroma in the air. Yum!

Too Face Peanut Butter Pallete Too Face Peanut Butter Palletecheck price

There are a ton of makeup palettes but how many of them smell like Peanut Butter and Jelly? With 9 matte and shimmer shades, the shades are super pigmented. The lighter shades are perfect for highlighting and the darker shades are perfect for creating a peanut buttery smoky eye. Don’t rub peanut butter on your face since this smells just as yummy.

KyShadow Burgundy Pallette KyShadow Burgundy Pallettecheck price

Kylie Jenner released her first eye shadow palette with neutral bronzes and browns which became super popular. Now she released the burgundy palette with trendy burgundy and berry colors to create a warm burgundy eye. With 9 shades, there are red, brown, and gold shades that come in metallic and matte finishes.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Popcheck price

Highlighting is pretty in right now. The Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop is a creamy powder that adds such a nice shine to your cheeks, which gives you such a sculpted look. It’s amazing how little you need to apply. You can add it anywhere you want to highlight and give some pop.

AddictiveCosmetics Rainbow Highlighter AddictiveCosmetics Rainbow Highlighter check price

When original rainbow highlighter first appeared Etsy, it sold out almost immediately. Why? Every girl dreams of being a unicorn or mermaid. While this is not the original highlighter, this ultra saturated powder allows you to achieve a beautiful rainbow glow. The best part? It’s completely vegan so no unicorns were harmed.

Beautyblender Makeup Sponge Beautyblender Makeup Spongecheck price

If you don’t have a Beauty Blender, go get a Beauty Blender. This sponge is the best thing ever to apply concealer or foundation. Even if you already have one, you are supposed to switch it out because it gets dirty over time. What better time than Christmas to get a new one?

Real Techniques Starter Set Real Techniques Starter Setcheck price

For those new to makeup, these makeup brushes from Real Techniques are really affordable and super high quality. With synthetic bristles, they are great for applying creamy products like eye shadow. With 5 brushes, the largest brush is perfect for blending and the smaller brushes are good for lining your eyes. Pair this with an inexpensive nude pallete and you have got an awesome gift.

Real Techniques Core Set Real Techniques Core Setcheck price

If you are looking for a high quality set of makeup brushes that are a real bang for your buck, the Real Techniques core brushes are some of the best on the market. This set includes 4 of their most popular brushes: a contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush, and buffing brush. Made with synthetic bristles, these brushes make a perfect addition to anyone’s makeup collection.

Best Of Sigma Makeup Brushes Best Of Sigma Makeup Brushescheck price

For the teenage girl who is super into makeup, get the Sigma makeup brushes. While they are expensive, these brushes are amazing. This set of 7 makeup brushes contains the best the brand has to offer. You won’t believe how much of a difference high quality makeup brushes can make as they blend beautifully and you can achieve a flawless finish.

Beyond Mascara They Are Real Beyond Mascara They Are Realcheck price

The Beyond Mascara They’re Real is one of the most popular mascaras of all time. If you have never tried this mascara, there is no better time than Christmas to try it. This mascara has a beautiful black finish and helps lengthen your lashes, creating a super cute look.

Shiseido Eyelash Curler Shiseido Eyelash Curlercheck price

Eye lash curlers are really cool and add a bit of pop that you don’t get with just mascara. If your eye lashes are super flat, you can use these eyelash curlers from Shiseido to add a great sexy curl that lasts a long time.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Linercheck price

I love the cat eye look of Nicki Manaj. The best way to achieve that look is with the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liner. This stuff is amazing and doesn’t come off and smear throughout the day. Plus, one tube lasts forever with daily use. It actually lives up to its name and “stays on all day.”

Purity Cleanser Purity Cleansercheck price

There is nothing like the Philosophy Purity facial cleanser. The Purity facial cleanser is such an amazing cleanser for removing all of your makeup with no left over residue. No other facial cleanser works as well for removing makeup.

Olay ProX Facial Brush Olay ProX Facial Brushcheck price

You don’t have to spend so much money on a Clarisonic. While this facial brush is a bit smaller than a Clarisonic and it runs on batteries, it still leaves your face fresher and cleaner than just manual cleansing. When you pair it with a great facial cleanser, it does wonders for your face.

Clarisonic Facial Brush Clarisonic Facial Brushcheck price

There is a reason why all the biggest stars from Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez use the Clarisonic facial brush. It’s the best facial brush. Just about every makeup guru needs the Clarisonic in her life. It removes dead skin like you wouldn’t believe and the one thing I like about it compared to other facial brushes is that it is rechargeable.

Burts Bees Lip Balm Burts Bees Lip Balmcheck price

When it is cold, we all grab lip balm to moisten our lips. I love the fruit flavored Burt Bee lip balm as it has bees wax that keeps your lips moisturized throughout the day even in the coldest weather. This multi pack is great to stock up on as a stocking stuffer or even in your purse.

Mac Lipstick Mac Lipstickcheck price

A lot of people have been raving about Mac lipstick forever because Mac has really good quality lipsticks in so many fun colors. Almost every big name celebrity uses this stuff. Taylor Swift revealed that she uses “Ruby Woo” for her iconic red lipsticks. The earthy “Whirl” is perfect for recreating Kylie Jenner’s signature look.

Sephora Favorites Beauty Gift Sets Sephora Favorites Beauty Gift Setscheck price

I think any of the Sephora gift kits are a great way to sample perfume, mascara, lip liner, and more. During Christmas, Sephora has so many awesome gift sets that let you sample different products.

Large Capacity Makeup Organizer Large Capacity Makeup Organizercheck price

This is such a cute way to organize your makeup. This organizer keeps everything accessible but super neat on your makeup vanity. It has room and pockets for nearly everything I can think of including eye shadow palettes, which most of the organizers I looked at didn’t have. What a great Christmas gift for any makeup lover!

Acrylic Palette Organizer Acrylic Palette Organizercheck price

If you have a lot of eye shadow palettes, you will love this palette organizer. With 9 divisions, this thing can store all of the Naked Palettes and so much more. I love how it can be oriented upright or laying down. You can even remove the slats to create different sized compartments.

Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Mirror Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Mirrorcheck price

If you need both of your hands to do your makeup, it’s nice to have a lighted makeup mirror especially if you are not near a window. This one from Conair has a ring of light around the mirror and magnification settings so you can see up close. This way you can put your makeup on anywhere and still have good lighting to do your makeup.

Vera Bradley Zip Cosmetic Case Vera Bradley Zip Cosmetic Casecheck price

Every teen girl has to have a cosmetic bag to put her favorite beauty products inside. This way she has a place to keep her most prized products inside. Available in several cool and fashionable patterns, this one from Vera Bradley is perfect for travel. Inside it has a plastic lining which makes it easy to clean.

Coaster Nickel Bronze Vanity Coaster Nickel Bronze Vanitycheck price

Who doesn’t want a makeup vanity? This fairly affordable one comes with a mirror attached along with a little shelf. With its ornate styling, it looks so adorable and classy. It’s nice to be able to have a place in your room where you can apply makeup.

Ikea Alex 5-Drawer Unit Ikea Alex 5-Drawer Unitcheck price

I wish I had an Ikea near me because there are so many things I want from there. Recently, I found these cool Alex 5-drawer storage units that are super cute. I think they would be great to store makeup especially if you have a lot of it.

For The Perfume Lover

Perfume Lover
Who doesn’t like trying out new scents? Girls like to smell good. It’s fun getting a new perfume every Christmas. Celebrity perfumes and girly smelling perfumes make great Christmas presents for teenage girls.

Ariana Grande Ari Perfume Ariana Grande Ari Perfumecheck price

Oh my gosh, the new Ariana Grande perfume comes in the most adorbs bottle with a little pom pom on it. With a mix of marshmallows and red roses, the sweetness goes from fruity to downright candy. It smells like a dream.

Ariana Grande SWEET LIKE CANDY Ariana Grande SWEET LIKE CANDYcheck price

What is sweeter than candy? Ariana Grande’s latest perfume! With a burst of sugary blackberry, Italian bergamot, and pear, this sugary smelling perfume smells more delicious than candy. Too bad you can’t eat it.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Wonderstruck check price

For the Taylor Swift fan in your life who loves listening to Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck is the perfect gift. With a strong sweet vanilla scent, this fruity floral fragrance has got a strong summery vibe with a hint of berries on top. It comes in a beautiful purple bottle with pretty gold charms on it.

Justin Bieber Someday Justin Bieber Somedaycheck price

This is the fragrance for that Belieber in your life. This bubbly fragrance is a mix of fruity pear, vanilla, and jasmine. The bottle comes with the most adorable flower on top. It’s pretty much spot on for the teenage girl in your life who wants to meet Justin Bieber “someday.”

Victorias Secret Bombshell Perfume Victorias Secret Bombshell Perfumecheck price

Bombshell from Victoria Secret literally is the With a fruity floral seductive scent, Bombshell can only be described as irresistible. It’s the perfect perfume for date night or clubbing as it really makes you feel like an absolute bombshell.

Vera Wang Princess Perfume Vera Wang Princess Perfumecheck price

With such a sweet summery smell, this perfume from Vera Wang smells delicious and lives up to its name. Once you spray it on, it not only makes you feel like a princess, it’s like walking around with a cloud of chocolate and vanilla all around you. And did I say it comes in the dreamiest bottle with a princess cap on top?

Britney Spears Fantasy Britney Spears Fantasycheck price

If you could mix bubblegum, cotton candy, cake, and fruit in a bottle, it would be called Britney Spears Fantasy. With a hint of chocolate and fruit, this perfume smells a lot like sweet dessert. Not only does it smell delicious, it comes in the cutest bottle.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Marc Jacobs Daisy check price

If you haven’t smelled Marc Jacobs Daisy, go to your local mall and smell it. It smells so good. It’s such a light, girlie, flowery scent that smells like wild strawberries. I love the bottle with the white daisies on top too.

Prada Prada Candy Prada Prada Candycheck price

Who wouldn’t want to smell like sweet candy? Every time you walk into Sephora, you can smell this perfume. If you like to smell like sweet caramel mixed with vanilla, then you will love this perfume.

Philosophy Birthday Cake Philosophy Birthday Cakecheck price

What’s the next best thing to eating yummy cake? What about a bath set smells like vanilla cake? It comes in the most adorable packaging with a bow on it. With a lip gloss, shampoo, and body wash, it’s the perfect way to celebrate your birthday in the tub.

Bath & Body PocketBac Hand Sanitizers Bath & Body PocketBac Hand Sanitizerscheck price

The pocketbac hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works make great stocking stuffers. They not only keep your hands clean, but keep them smelling great with fun fragrances. This bundle comes with 10 of the best fragrances including cherry blossom. You can tuck them in your purse, backpack, or in your car.

Bath & Body Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Set Bath & Body Japanese Cherry Blossom Gift Setcheck price

Who doesn’t love anything from Bath & Body Works? Nothing says pamper me more than one of the Bath & Body Works spa gift sets. With the Japanese Cherry Blossom shower set, it smells like you are taking a shower in a Japanese Garden. The set comes nicely packaged with a shower gel, body lotion, and mist, making it a great gift for any teenage girl.

Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffusercheck price

An oil diffuser is a great way to enjoy the aroma of essential oils. With a beautiful look, this one from Zen Breeze will fill your room with irresistible scents. Simply fill it with water and add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils. It can hold enough water to run for 10 hours. The coolest part? It cycles through beautiful colors, which makes it a cool nightlight.

Boho Glass Scented Candle Boho Glass Scented Candlecheck price

This glass candle creates such a bohemian vibe and it so pretty as a piece of room decor. There are so many fun scents to choose from. With a mix of roses and grapefruit, the Moonstorm candle smells so good. Once you light it, it fills the entire room with a fresh and comforting scent that feels like you just got out of the shower.

Bath & Body Works Winter Candle Bath & Body Works Winter Candlecheck price

I love how Bath & Body Works candles make your room smell all Christmassy. Their winter candles smell so delicious that you will want to burn them all year round. With a creamy blend of pine needles and sparkling clementine, the Winter candle gives you such a warm and fuzzy feeling during the holiday season.

Nest Holiday Scented Candle Nest Holiday Scented Candlecheck price

What better way to put you in the Christmas spirit than a candle that smells like cinnamon and Christmas trees? Once you walk in your room, you will swear you were at the North Pole. This candle makes you want to put your Christmas tree up. If only you could get it to snow inside.

Rejuvelle Bath Bombs Gift Set Rejuvelle Bath Bombs Gift Setcheck price

What teenage girl doesn’t love bath bombs? The key to any girl’s heart is a bath bomb. Any girl would love this bath balm set that includes 6 different bath balms: Yoga Surprise, Garden Of Gods, Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla Surprise, Sinus Relief, and Stressed Moms. When you have a stressful week, there is nothing like relaxing with a bath balm. These smell so great and bring a relaxing spa environment to your bathroom.

Lush Christmas Gift Set Lush Christmas Gift Setcheck price

Just about anything from Lush makes a great gift from bath bombs to body butters. I love their holiday collection. They come out with holiday themed gift sets that are filled with all sorts of Lush products. It would be so cute to have little spa day during the holidays.

For The Sports Lover

Sports Lover
It’s time to hit the gym, volleyball court, or basketball court. Teen girls love fashion athletic apparel. I feel like your workout clothes and outfit impact how you workout. If you have something cute on, it will inspire you to workout. Here are good Christmas gifts for teenage girls who love sports.

Fin Fun Mermaid Swimming Tail Fin Fun Mermaid Swimming Tailcheck price

Would you like to be an actual mermaid? FinFun Mermaid Tails are swimmable mermaid tails for teen girls that actually let you swim like a mermaid. The tails come in a variety of colors and patterns and this set includes the monofin which is what allows swimmers to swim like a mermaid. You can even complete the mermaid look with a matching bathing suit.

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristbandcheck price

Everyone during the New Year is going to want to track their fitness. The Fitbit Charge 2 not only tracks your fitness but also helps you maximize your workout with a heart rate monitor. It’s great way to see how active you are and track your fitness goals.

Brakinis Neoprene Bikini Brakinis Neoprene Bikinicheck price

Who wouldn’t want a cute bathing suit? Triangl Neoprene bathing suits have taken beaches by storm. Everyone is wearing them on from the celebrities to teens. Now you can get the same look for less. This looks exactly like a Triangl bikini and it’s even got the signature block colored designs. Too cute!

Mira Stainless Steel Water Bottle Mira Stainless Steel Water Bottlecheck price

Available in several colors, this looks just as attractive as a Swell water bottle but is so much cheaper. Because it is double walled vacuum insulated, it keeps the temperature of your drink consistent for several hours whether it is hot or cold.

Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Danum Fruit Infuser Water Bottlecheck price

I am trying to drink more water and water bottles are a great way to stay healthy and hydrated. Drinking plain water can be boring at times so this water infuser is a great way to spice up plain water with fruits.

S’well Water Bottle S'well Water Bottlecheck price

S’well makes the coolest water bottles. They are like metal water bottles where you can put hot or cold drinks inside. The best part? Because the bottles are insulated, they keep the temperature of your drinks consistent for several hours. Available in so many fun colors, they are just super cute, sheek, and very sleek. It would be awesome to bring to school in the morning or to volleyball practice.

Adidas Tiro Training Pant Adidas Tiro Training Pantcheck price

Every girl is wearing these Adidas Tiro pants. These are everywhere and in style right now. With the stripes, they look so dope. I love how they are tapered from top to bottom and the sweat wicking material keeps you dry.

90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Pants 90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Pantscheck price

Made with a nylon and spandex blend, these lightweight and breathable leggings by Powerflex are easy to move in and hold up even after many wears. Available is so many colors, you will want to own one of each color. The best part? You can buy several of them for the price of one pair of Lululemons.

Zella Live In Reversible Leggings Zella Live In Reversible Leggingscheck price

Many people compare Zella leggings to Luluemon leggings. With great coverage, the cut and fit is very similar. The biggest difference? Zella leggings are slightly easier on the wallet. The line is actually designed by Libby Lance who used to work at Lululemon.

ToBeInStyle Heathered Joggers ToBeInStyle Heathered Joggerscheck price

Joggers are super trendy right now. Made of a cotton and polyester blend, these joggers are really cute. I love the way they drop on your hips, making you look so flattering. They are so fun to wear when showing off your sneakers or just working out with.

Under Armour Women’s Tech Twist Pant Under Armour Women's Tech Twist Pantcheck price

I love the fit of these pants from Under Armour. These are the perfect workout pants. Super flattering and cute, they are looser than leggings but aren’t bulky like sweatpants. They are the perfect everyday pant and look super cute when paired with sneakers.

Lululemon Leggings Lululemon Leggingscheck price

While super expensive, every teenage girl wants a pair of Lululemon leggings. You can’t go wrong with a pair of black Lululemon leggings. They are so in and cute right now. Everyone is wearing them, because unlike most other leggings they are amazing quality.

Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag Adidas Squad III Duffel Bagcheck price

When you are working out or playing sports, it nice to have a duffle bag so you can change. I think this duffle from Adidas is super cute. It has a ton of compartments so you can pack everything from toiletries to makeup. There’s even a separate compartment for keeping dirty shoes vented. While there are so many cool colors, I think it looks so dope in shock red and grey.

Funny Threadz Namaste In Bed Tank Funny Threadz Namaste In Bed Tankcheck price

Tanktops are so cool. Whenever you feel cute, you want to work out. I think this tank top is too cute. I love the quote “Namaste In Bed”. This one looks super comfortable and I feel very productive when I wear workout clothes even if I don’t work out.

Nike Leg-A-See Logo Legging Nike Leg-A-See Logo Leggingcheck price

I am really into athletic wear from Nike. Their stuff is so cute. If you want to get more fit, these leggings can really make a difference. I think it looks super comfortable and makes me want to run around the block every time I see it.

Wacces Yoga Gym Non-Slip Mat Wacces Yoga Gym Non-Slip Matcheck price

Who doesn’t love doing Yoga? With this Yoga mat, you can do all your favorite Yoga stretches at home. This one has a grippy mat so it doesn’t slide around on the floor when you are doing your exercises. The padding actually looks quite thick too so your joints will be protected from the floor. I love that it comes in so many fun and happy colors.

Lake Placid Cascade Figure Ice Skate Lake Placid Cascade Figure Ice Skatecheck price

What’s more fun than ice skating at a local rink with friends during Christmas? There is nothing like flying across the ice so freely with only the sound of your blades. It makes you feel all Christmassy inside. With a gold stripe, these skates not only look pretty cool but are a great way to get started.

Rollerblade Women’s Zetrablade 80 Skate Rollerblade Women's Zetrablade 80 Skatecheck price

Who wouldn’t love roller skates? If you are looking to learn how to roller-skate, these roller-skates are for you. With great support, the Rollerblade Zetrablade is a great entry level roller-skate for teen girls. The additional support really helps beginners with their stability and learning the proper technique for skating.

For The Adventurer

Does your teen girl love the thrill of the outdoors? For those who are constantly seeking for adventure, these Christmas presents for teen girls are fun, creative, and exciting.

GoPro HERO GoPro HEROcheck price

I have always wanted a Go Pro. I think it would be very fun if you live near the ocean or you are adventurous. There are so many opportunities during the summer that you can use a Go Pro. I think having one would inspire you to do so many adventurous things. The newest Go Pros are super expensive and have a lot of features that I don’t need. I this one is fine for most people.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard check price

Hoverboards looked awesome until they started blowing up. According to Razor, the latest hoverboards carry the UL 2272 standard which is designed to meet rigorous safety standards. This is a good thing because I’m a little scared of them. While you do need to learn to balance on it, this self balancing board allows you to control the board by simply tilting slightly in the direction you want to go.

Penny Graphic Skateboard Penny Graphic Skateboardcheck price

Who wouldn’t love a Pennyboard? If you know someone that wants a skateboard, this is the skateboard to get. It’s a classic! Made of plastic, these boards are easier to maneuver whether you are cruising down the street or turning. Thanks to its build quality, it’s a difference you can feel under your feet. Available in several designs, I love the way this graphic Pennyboard looks with the chic retro designs.

Ripstik Caster Board Ripstik Caster Boardcheck price

The Ripstik isn’t your ordinary skateboard. This caster board has two decks connected by a rod. Underneath, it’s got two caster wheels that swivel around. The result is that when you ride it, it feels a lot like snowboarding on the street. Unlike a skateboard, you simply twist your body to get the board moving.

Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232 Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232check price

I think riding a bike with the Monkey Wheel Light on your wheel would be so fun. This bike wheel light creates so many fun patterns on the bike wheel as you are riding. It would be fun to ride around when it is dark outside.

Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bicycle Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Bicyclecheck price

Oh my gosh! This bike is so Tumblr! There is no better way to travel on the beach than a beautiful beach cruiser. No other bike looks as cool than a bike built for biking on the boardwalk and even around the neighborhood. I just love the unique style of this bike. There literally is a color for everyone.

Swimline Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Swimline Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice check price

Floaties are super cute if you have a pool in your backyard. I think this slice of pizza floaty looks so fun. What could be cooler? It’s a pizza! The best part? It’s gluten free.

Warmen Touchscreen Leather Gloves Warmen Touchscreen Leather Glovescheck price

I know touch screen gloves have been out for awhile, but these leather touch screen gloves are gorgeous. The fleece lining keeps your hands from freezing. These best part? These have a conductive lining that allows you to use your Smart Device. You can finally take as many selfies as you want when it is cold outside.

Scratch Off Map Scratch Off Mapcheck price

This is so cool. It’s a map that you can put up on your wall. With a scratch off surface, you scratch off the places you have been to. That way it shows everywhere you have been and traveled to. The fun part is filling it out by visiting different places.

Spikeball Spikeballcheck price

You have probably seen Spikeball on Shark Tank. Spikeball is sort of like volleyball. It even has the same rules. The idea is to bounce a ball on a circular net that is just above the floor. Teams of 2 take turns hitting the ball until one team can’t return the ball. I think it would be fun especially at the beach.

Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Slackers 50-Feet Slacklinecheck price

Slacklines are super fun in the backyard. All you need to get started is two trees that are about 50 feet away. Simply wrap the slackline around both trees to provide anchor points and you have got a tightrope in your backyard. Slacklines are super fun to balance on and when you bounce on them they behave like trampolines.

Zupapa 15ft Trampoline Zupapa 15ft Trampolinecheck price

There is no better way to have a party in your backyard than with a trampoline. I think trampoline parks are so much fun and I think having your own trampoline at home would capture a lot of the fun. What could be more fun that bouncing on a trampoline? This 15ft one from Zupapa has a higher weight limit than a standard home trampoline. With a weight limit of 375 pounds, 2 teens can safety bounce on it.

Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stickcheck price

The Vurtego Pogo stick is the world’s coolest pogo stick. This pogo stick allows you to get major height of up to 10 feet height. It’s like having a portable trampoline always under your feet.

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kitcheck price

This emergency roadside kit is a must have for any driver. It has almost everything you need in case of an emergency including a flashlight, jumper cable, emergency flares, and more. Just keep it in your trunk and you don’t have to worry.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger Anker 24W Dual USB Car Chargercheck price

Once you start driving, you will spend most of your time in your car. This little USB charger is essential as it lets you charge your USB devices right in your car. If you forgot to charge your phone the night before, this will come in handy.

ZUS Smart USB Car Charger ZUS Smart USB Car Chargercheck price

This product was built for me. I am always forgetting where I park my car and wander about mindlessly searching for my car. This cool looking device not only charges 2 USB devices, it can also locate your car in a crowded parking lot, using an app.

SuperVizor Seatbelt Cutter SuperVizor Seatbelt Cuttercheck price

You may never need this seatbelt cutter and window breaker, but everyone needs to have this in their car. I like the way it attaches to your visor so in case you need it, you can always find it during an emergency. You never know when it could save your life.

Brightech Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Brightech Portable Car Battery Jump Startercheck price

When the battery of your car dies, it would be so nice to have this portable booster pack. That way you don’t have to wait for a Good Samaritan to jump start your battery. It’s amazing that such a small device can power a car battery. The best part? It not only jump starts your car battery, but it has an attachment for charging your phone and other USB devices.

Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator check price

The iPhone has built in GPS, but standalone units are so much better because they don’t use your phone’s data plan. This might not be the fanciest GPS unit but it gets you where you need to go. Now you don’t have the wander around completely lost.

iOttie Car Mount iOttie Car Mountcheck price

If you have got a phone and want to use it in your car for GPS or music, you need a phone mount. What’s cool about this phone mount is that it is compatible with most of the popular phones. Once you stick it to your dashboard or windshield, the phone magically locks into place with the one touch mounting system. The telescoping arm makes it very easy to position.

Ricardo Mar Vista Carry On Ricardo Mar Vista Carry Oncheck price

What teen girl doesn’t want to travel? I am in love with the pattern on this suitcase. The best part? With the unique pattern, it is very easy to spot in the airport. The 4 wheels make it easy to maneuver in the airport. Measuring about 20 inches with the wheels, it will be allowed as a carry-on at most airlines.

Caribbean Hammocks Hanging Chair Caribbean Hammocks Hanging Chaircheck price

Maybe it’s a dream but I would love a hammock chair to swing and relax in. I think it would be so cool to hang on a tree in the backyard and read a book or fall asleep. Available in so many cool colors, this hammock chair would make me feel like I was in the Caribbean.

Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope and Lantern Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope and Lanterncheck price

There are so many things you can do with this portable LED light strip. Because it runs of USB, you can take or put it anywhere. It’s all up to your imagination. You could illuminate your closet or take it camping. Brighter than normal Christmas lights, it’s like Fairy lights that you can take with you. I think it would be cool to put a couple of them around the foot of your bed to create some cool mood lighting.

Coleman Sundome Tent Coleman Sundome Tentcheck price

One of the best presents a teen girl could get is a camping tent. Sometimes you just want to escape the world. It would be so fun to go camping with your friends or boyfriend. This tent from Coleman has plenty of room for 2 people and is so easy to setup that you might even want to go camping in the backyard.

For The Shoe Lover

Shoe Lover
What to get a teenage girl for Christmas? Shoes! It’s one of the most popular gifts for teen girls. You can never have too many shoes in your closet. This is on every single teenage girl’s wish list. Anything Nike is super hot and gucci right now. Here are the shoes she is going to be asking Santa for. Your feet will thank you later.

Noble Mount Fuzzy Winter Socks Noble Mount Fuzzy Winter Sockscheck price

Who doesn’t like fuzzy socks on Christmas? I know socks sound boring, but fuzzy socks for Christmas never get old. They are such a great stocking stuffer. This set includes 3 warm and comfy pairs in the most adorable colors. Besides, you can never have too many fuzzy socks.

Fiorelle Knee High Crochet Socks Fiorelle Knee High Crochet Sockscheck price

These knee high socks with crocheted material are everywhere on the Internet. I love the laced trimming details. They are super adorable when they are peeking out over knee high boots or with a skirt.

UGG Ansley Slippers UGG Ansley Slipperscheck price

Who wouldn’t love a pair of cozy slippers for the cold winter months? During the holidays there is nothing more comfy than a cute pair of pajamas and toasty UGG slippers. With a wool lining, these slippers come in the loveliest colors. During the winter, most girls will want to live in these slippers.

Clpp’li Slip On Slippers Clpp'li Slip On Slipperscheck price

These super cute slippers remind me of an expensive pair of UGGs but they are super affordable. I like how the lining is made out of faux fur instead of sheepskin and the padding inside actually looks warm and fluffy. They look like they would be fun to wear around the house during Christmas. The rubber sole on them means you can even step outside to get the newspaper or check if Santa is stuck on the roof.

Happy Feet Animal Slippers Happy Feet Animal Slipperscheck price

Just about every girl loves snuggly stuffed teddy bears! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could walk around with teddy bears strapped to your feet? With just about every animal that you can think of, Happy Feet slippers are little stuffed animals that you wear on your feet.

Wishpets Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers Wishpets Grizzly Bear Paw Slipperscheck price

Why what huge feet you have! Do you love impossibly cute slippers? When it is cold, these huge bear claw slippers are super fun to walk like a bear around the house. They are so warm that you might want to hibernate with them!

Adidas Superstars Adidas Superstarscheck price

The Adidas Superstars are all over Tumblr and everyone wants them now. They would be super cool to get as a gift. The white sneakers with the black stripes are the I love their simplicity and I really love the look of white sneakers with lazy day outfits. Anyone can rock them.

Nike Rosche One Nike Rosche Onecheck price

For the last 2 years, everyone has been talking about the Nike Rosches. I love how fashionable the knitted material looks. When you first slip them on, you will be amazed how lightweight they feel. You can wear them with or without socks. While they are not really designed for exercising with, they are made to be comfortable everyday shoes. Perfect when you are out and about running errands.

Nike Free Run Nike Free Runcheck price

There is a whole athletic trend right now where people are just wearing jeans or leggings and a pair of sneakers like Nike Free Runs. It makes sense and it works. Nike Free Run shoes are great whether you are running around or walking around campus. The best part? They weigh next to nothing.

Vans Slipon Vans Sliponcheck price

Who has time to tie shoelaces? When you don’t want to wear boots or flip-flops, slip-on Vans look so cute. These shoes have a little white band on the bottom and simply slide on, making them so easy to change in and out of just about anywhere. Plus, they match so many outfits.

Chuck Low Sneaker Chuck Low Sneakercheck price

Who isn’t in love with Converse shoes? They go with so many outfits. They are the perfect shoe to have in your shoe collection.

High Top Converse High Top Conversecheck price

Recently, Converse came out with a new pair of High Top Converse. They still look the same but the lining is supposed to be more comfortable. The white ones look so cool especially with the red stripe around the bottom which gives them a nice pop of color. Whether you wear them with jeans or dresses, I love the high tops because they sort of look like sneaker boots.

Puma Fierce Core High Top Sneaker Puma Fierce Core High Top Sneakercheck price

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with these Puma sneakers. Look at these. I would love to workout with these on. The coolest part? They have no shoe laces, which means that they are easy to slip on and off. Lightweight and comfortable, they are the closest thing to walking on clouds.

UGG Classic Short ll Boot UGG Classic Short ll Bootcheck price

Don’t you hate when your boots get muddy? The latest UGGS are now water resistant so you can wear them in the snow and rain. Lined with sheepskin, they are so comfortable and they keep your feet really warm during the winter time. They go perfect with skinny jeans or leggings.

Hunter Tall Wellington Boots Hunter Tall Wellington Bootscheck price

If you are interested in getting a pair of over the knee rain boots, get the Hunter boots. I like the shiny black ones. They are the cutest boots ever. Not only are they so popular and stylish, but they last forever. They are super preppy, but you could totally style them with skinny jeans or even a sweater dress.

For The Gadget Lover

Gadget Lover
It’s no secret that electronics are one of the best gifts for teen girls. Everyone loves gadgets for Christmas. If you’re on the hunt for cool gifts for the teen girls in your life these electronics are sure to be a hit.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8check price

This instant camera from Fujifilm has been so trendy in the last year and a half. Like Polaroid cameras, they take instant photos. They are so cute in the summertime, or at concerts, or during parties. It’s so nice to have little Polaroids pictures that you can hang all over your room. If you already have one, it’s nice to pick up some film for Christmas.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Twin Pack Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Twin Packcheck price

Does she already have an instant camera? It probably always runs out of film. Any teen girl would love to get more film so she can take more instant pictures.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2check price

Wouldn’t it be cool to print photos on your phone? This little portable printer can connect to your phone over Bluetooth and just print pictures. You don’t even have to get the photos developed. You can literally take a selfie, print it, and give it to a friend. It’s a fun way to take pictures with friends and remember those moments.

Amazon Fire 7 Amazon Fire 7check price

For the price, the Amazon Fire 7is actually a decent tablet. It doesn’t have the latest specs, but for the price you can’t really expect that. It plays movies, has tons of games, and allows you to read electronic books. What more could you want? This is a great buy for teenage girls who want a tablet.

All-New Kindle Paperwhite All-New Kindle Paperwhitecheck price

The best way to read books is the Kindle Paperwhite. You can read everything from your favorite romance novels to the latest teen dystopian novel. The best part? It stores an entire library of your favorite books. Load it with her favorite book before you give it to her and you’ll get bonus points.

Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Echo Dotcheck price

This Bluetooth speaker does more than play your favorite music. It’s basically Amazon’s version of Siri. You can ask it the weather, what’s on your calendar, and even set a reminder. If only your boyfriend could do all that!

Amazon Fire TV Stick Amazon Fire TV Stickcheck price

This little gadget allows you to watch programming from online streaming services on your television. Simply plug it into your HDMI port. Not only can you watch content from Amazon, but it supports third party streaming services like NetFlix, Youtube, and Hulu. Now it’s been updated with a voice controlled remote.

Anker Selfie Stick Anker Selfie Stickcheck price

Who isn’t addicted to taking selfies and posting them on Instagram? With this selfie stick you can take even more professional photos. I love that it has Bluetooth so all you have to do is hit a button to take a snap. Nobody will even know that you took the pictures yourself.

CamKix 5in1 Smartphone Camera Lens CamKix 5in1 Smartphone Camera Lenscheck price

Everyone these days is using their phones to take pictures. The lens on your phone can only do so much. These inexpensive pairs of lens simply clip onto your phone and you can do cool effects like a fisheye effect, wide angle shot, or extreme close up. With different 5 lenses, it’s a lot of fun to mess around with.

iZERCASE Personalized Phone Case iZERCASE Personalized Phone Casecheck price

I think this is such a cute gift idea for a teen girl. This case from iZERCASE can totally be customized. That means you can put any picture you want on it. You can put a picture of her, her favorite music artist, or even you. That way when she takes the case out, she won’t forget who gave it to her.

Wildflower Amethyst iPhone Case Wildflower Amethyst iPhone Casecheck price

I think phone cases are like clothes for phones. Even your phone needs its own wardrobe. Wild Flower makes some of the most adorable cases for the iPhone. Their cases are gorgeous. All of their cases are handmade by a designer. That means no 2 cases are alike. I love this violet gem case that has a crystal like stone appearance.

Skiva Octofire Multi USB Charger Skiva Octofire Multi USB Chargercheck price

I have a million of things that I need to charge at the same time. That’s why I am in love with this 8 port charger from Skiva. It charges 8 devices at the same time at super fast speeds thanks to the technology built inside. The only thing you need are the cables. Where has this been all my life?

Anker Astro E1 Portable Charger Anker Astro E1 Portable Charger check price

A portable charger is the best thing ever at a concert. About the size of a candy bar, this portable charger can charge your phone at least once. If you are just out and about and your phone dies, you’re just like oh I got my portable charge. No worries.

LumoPack LumoPackcheck price

What is the most annoying thing about your cell phone? It’s probably the battery life. I hate waiting for my phone to charge. With 140 watts of power, the LumoPack is designed to be the world’s fastest battery pack. How fast? The company claims it can charge an iPhone 6 in just 6 minutes.

Mighty Purse Wristlet Mighty Purse Wristletcheck price

A dead phone battery is a huge problem for most of us. This little fashionable clutch wristlet has a built phone charger. Not only does it hold your credits cards and ID, it keeps your phone charged when you are on the go.

SanDisk 32GB Memory Card SanDisk 32GB Memory Cardcheck price

I know that flash memory cards are pretty boring, but they are pretty much essential for anyone who has a digital camera. I am always running out of space and constantly need more memory cards. Plus, these make great stocking stuffers and a perfect to take on trips.

WD 1TB My Passport Hard Drive WD 1TB My Passport Hard Drivecheck price

Do you find that no matter how much of stuff you delete on your computer, it is still full? Then you need this external hard drive especially if you have tons of photos or videos on your computer. The best part? It can be formatted to work with both Mac and Windows computers.

Techkey USB Flash Drive Techkey USB Flash Drivecheck price

It’s hard to get excited about an USB flash drive, but once you get into high school you are pretty using these every day. It might as well be cute instead of super boring. Shaped like a lipstick container, this one is super pretty on the outside and works perfectly.

Anker PowerLine 6ft Lightning Cable Anker PowerLine 6ft Lightning Cablecheck price

When I am in my bed, I can’t use my phone because the charger is too short. I have to always twist my head in the most awkward position just to use my phone. I would love a long charging cord so I don’t have to worry how far away the outlet is. At 6 feet long, this one fits the bill.

SOAIY Aurora Star Borealis Projector Lamp SOAIY Aurora Star Borealis Projector Lampcheck price

This projector is so cool. When you turn off your lights, your whole room gets lit up with an amazing light show. You can even choose different patterns. There is something so relaxing about falling asleep under the stars and lights.

Tile Mate Tile Matecheck price

Do you lose stuff? I lose stuff all the time, so it helps that a product like Tile exists. Tile is super easy to use. Simply stick this gadget on sometime that is very important to you. If you happen to lose the item, don’t go flipping over the whole house. You can use your phone to locate the item.

Marble Hardshell MacBook Case Marble Hardshell MacBook Casecheck price

Most of the time, I don’t take care of my laptop. I just throw it in my bag and carry it everywhere. If you have a Macbook, you need a case for it. Available in many different sizes, I love the way this rubberized marble case gives the Macbook such a premium but minimalistic look.

Mosiso Laptop Sleeve Mosiso Laptop Sleevecheck price

This laptop sleeve comes in a pretty Chevron pattern. I love how it is designed to fit just about any laptop along with the MacBook. You can easily put it inside your backpack or a large tote bag to protect your laptop from getting scratched. There is even a little pouch for your charger.

iProp Bed & Lap Stand iProp Bed & Lap Standcheck price

If you are like me, you never use your tablet on a table. I like to use my tablet when I am in bed or lounging on a couch. That’s where the iProp tablet stand comes in. It’s a beanbag filled stand that conforms to any surface, allowing it to prop up the iPad or tablet on any surface.

Tech Tools Hand Cell Phone Holder Tech Tools Hand Cell Phone Holdercheck price

I guess you could say this is handy. It’s a hand statue that holds your cell phone or any other small device. It is perfect for charging your phone and looks totally cute on your desk. For some odd reason, I would love to paint its nails. LOL!

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver TaoTronics Bluetooth Receivercheck price

I wish I had Apple Play built into my car. This wireless Bluetooth transmitter is the best way to play music from your phone on your car’s speakers. Simply plug it into your Aux port.


I am in love with vintage stuff. I have been looking for a type writer forever. Every writer needs this modern typewriter. It has the styling of an old school type writer, but connects wirelessly to modern devices like computers and tablets. The coolest part? It has the feel of a type writer with click clack keys.

Snapchat Spectacles Snapchat Spectaclescheck price

Just about everybody is using SnapChat. Now Snapchat is getting into the fashion industry. Like the app, these sun glasses called Spectacles record 10 seconds of video. They have a 115 angle lens which means the hands free glasses captures everything from your perspective. It looks like a fun way to capture memories.

Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7check price

Every girl wants the iPhone 7. While it ditches the headphone jack, it has a ton of cool features. My favorite feature? It has a fancy new 12 mega pixel camera. With great image processing, you get spot on colors even in lower light conditions. The new lens allows you to capture close range shots as well as wide angle shots.

Apple Watch Apple Watchcheck price

The Apple Watch lets you check your notifications, email, and fitness on your wrist. I love that you can get so many fashionable bands to match your outfit.

Apple Macbook Apple Macbookcheck price

The Macbook Pro is an I love you forever gift. I love Macbooks because they don’t limit you to staying in your room. You can do homework anywhere even at Starbucks. With a full size keyboard and a Retina display, it’s the perfect combination of power and screen quality.

Apple iMac Apple iMaccheck price

Every teenage girl dreams about a new iMac. Apple makes some of the best computers and most stylish computers for school. With a retina screen and the latest processor, the beautiful iMac is the dream desktop computer for any girl’s room.

Apple iPad Pro Apple iPad Procheck price

Apple has improved just about every aspect of the iPad Pro. It’s Apple’s most powerful iPad ever. Thanks to the smaller screen, it is now more affordable. There are a ton of optional accessories that can make it closer to a laptop like a keyboard cover and pencil. I think graphic artists would love the Apple pencil.

Apple iPad Mini Apple iPad Minicheck price

I’ve always wanted something bigger than my phone but smaller than my laptop. I think that’s where the iPad Mini comes in. It does everything that the larger iPad does, but just has a smaller screen. I love its portability.

Apple iPod Touch Apple iPod Touchcheck price

I think the iPod Touch is the perfect gift for the younger teen that is not yet ready for a phone. It does everything the iPhone does, but you can’t make calls. Still, you can listen to music, play apps, and watch movies.

Microsoft Surface Pro Microsoft Surface Procheck price

I know that Windows is not as popular as Apple nowadays, but the Surface Pro is actually the perfect blend of performance and weight. It does everything that a tablet does, but with the keyboard cover, it turns into an actual laptop. It’s the best of both worlds. You can run actual programs like Microsoft Office or even hold it like a tablet to watch Netflix.

For The Music Lover

Music Lover
Teens are listening to their favorite music non-stop. One of the top gifts for teen girls will be anything to do with music. From the coolest new headphones to portable speakers to musical instruments, these killer gift ideas are sure to surprise the music fan in your life.

Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphonescheck price

Most teenage girls would die if they received a pair of Beats headphones. The Rose Gold iPhone is pretty, but these headphones are even prettier in Rose Gold. With a regular pair of headphones, even on full blast they are not very loud. With the Beats, you can put them on and hear the sound really clear with great bass. The best part? They are completely wireless.

Skinnydip Cat Headphones Skinnydip Cat Headphonescheck price

Who wouldn’t want headphones with cat ears? I think these ones from Skinnydip are really cool and super cute. I am obsessed with the Rose Gold ones. With a wire metal cat ear frame, they are PURRfect.

Ugg Ear Muff Headphones Ugg Ear Muff Headphonescheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a pair of headphones that were also earmuffs? Ugg has already thought of that. Covered in sheepskin, these comfy headphones are just as stylish and toasty as the boots. They keep your ears warm on cold winter mornings and you can listen to your favorite tunes. What more can a girl ask for?

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless On-Ear Headphones Skullcandy Uproar Wireless On-Ear Headphonescheck price

I know Beats are super popular, but these headphones from Skullcandy sound pretty good but cost a lot less. I like that they are completely wireless which means you don’t have to worry about wires. I really like that they are lightweight which makes them perfect for everyday use.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphonescheck price

When you are out and about you just want to throw on some earbuds. Every time I throw my earbuds into my bag, I have to spend days untangling them. Because these are wireless not only are they great for the new iPhone 7, but you can toss these headphones in your backpack and they won’t get tangled. Do you know how much time you will save?

JAM Plus Portable Speaker JAM Plus Portable Speakercheck price

Who wouldn’t love a portable speaker to listen to music in their room? This little 3 inch Jam Plus portable speaker is perfecting for listening to your Spotify playlist and music in your room. Available in so many fun attractive colors, this portable speaker delivers great sound over Bluetooth. The coolest part? You can even pair two speakers together.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker Bose SoundLink Wireless Speakercheck price

While they are more expensive, I love Bose speakers. With a range of 30 feet and an 8 hour battery life, this portable speaker from Bose looks like a rectangle and comes in different colors. I love anything colorful and I think it looks cute in blue. It’s Bluetooth so you can take it anywhere and play Justin Bieber’s latest album all day.

UE BOOM 2 Wireless Speaker UE BOOM 2 Wireless Speakercheck price

Why do they call this portable speaker the UE Boom? With a range of 100 feet, this cylindrical portable speaker delivers surprisingly loud sound in every direction. If you love bass heavy music, this speaker delivers the BOOM with deep bass. The 15 hour battery life means you can invite friends over for a party that lasts all night long.

UE ROLL 360 Wireless Speaker UE ROLL 360 Wireless Speakercheck price

There are a ton of Bluetooth speakers, but how many of them can you wear? If you love to take your music wherever you go, this rugged Bluetooth speaker is wearable. Simply attach the bungee cord to your backpack, clothes, or bike and bump out your tunes anywhere. It streams music up to 65 feet away and the battery lasts for about 9 hours. The best part? It’s waterproof.

VicTsing Bluetooth Shower Speaker VicTsing Bluetooth Shower Speakercheck price

Who doesn’t love listening to music 24/7? As soon as you go in the shower, I hate how you can’t listen to music. Now with this Bluetooth Shower speaker you can listen to your music in the shower. It has a little suction cup so you can hang it on your shower and listen to your favorite tunes.

Blue Microphones Snowball Blue Microphones Snowballcheck price

If you are into recording your own music, doing professional voice overs, or Youtube videos, this USB Microphone can amp up your home recording studio. It makes you sound super professional at a very affordable price. Plug it in and sing, talk, or get on Skype. You will never sound better.

Pick Punch Pick Punchcheck price

You don’t have to ever worry about losing your guitar picks with this little device. If you lose them, you can just punch out new ones. You can use plastic sheets, old credit cards, hotel keys, and even junk mail.

Ukulele Starter Kit Ukulele Starter Kitcheck price

Oh my gosh this Ukulele is so cute. It’s perfect for those just starting out or anyone who wants to learn a new instrument. It’s smaller than a guitar, which not only makes it cuter but easier to play if you have smaller hands. The strings are also easier to play because you don’t have to press down as hard. You may fall in love with it.

Squier Bullet Electrical Guitar Squier Bullet Electrical Guitarcheck price

I am really into electric based music and it would super fun to play those songs on an electric guitar. I can’t believe the price of this electric guitar. From the beautiful finish to the metallic bridge, it looks so beautiful. It’s a great value and perfect for anyone that wants to get into playing the electric guitar. Plug this baby into an amp and you will sound like a rockstar.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntablecheck price

Who isn’t into vintage things from the 50s and 60s? A record player would be awesome and a cute decoration. I love having music that is tangible instead of downloading it on my phone. If I got a record player, there are so many vinyl records I’d be super into. I’ve heard the cheaper ones from Urban bend records so I like this record player from Audio Technica. Simply hook it up to some speakers and get ready to jam.

Taylor Swift 2017 Calendar Taylor Swift 2017 Calendarcheck price

If you know what her favorite artist is, get her a calendar featuring her favorite artist. Right now I am super into Taylor Swift and love this one. It’s the perfect gift for the music lover in your life.

Michael Buble Christmas Michael Buble Christmascheck price

During Christmas, I love listening to Christmas music. A Christmas album featuring her favorite band or artist makes a great gift. I love the Michael Buble Christmas album because there are so many cool Christmas songs on there like Jingle Bells.

Justin Bieber Purpose Poster Justin Bieber Purpose Postercheck price

Posters are a super easy and cheap gift. Get her one with her favorite artist. If she loves Justin Bieber, she will love this huge 24″ X 36″ poster and never want to take it down.

For The Gamer

Wondering what to get the gamer in your life? These games are perfect for the teenage girl on your list.

Nintendo Classic Mini Nintendo Classic Minicheck price

Back in the day, everybody played the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now Nintendo is releasing a miniature version of the console that is so cute and loveable. While it won’t play the original cartridges your parents have stashed in the garage, it comes preloaded with 30 of the most popular Nintendo games including Super Mario Brothers.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim / Pro Sony PlayStation 4 Slim / Procheck price

Playstation 4 is the videogame console topping most gift lists. Not only is it a graphics powerhouse, Sony’s console has something for everyone with a healthy mix of software from shooters to more cartoony games. This year Sony has 2 models. The Slim model is designed for 1080P TVs and the Pro model is designed for 4K displays.

PlayStation VR PlayStation VRcheck price

Virtual reality is the hottest new thing in gaming. Working with the PS4, the PlayStation VR headset mounts on your head, allowing you to experience games from a completely different perspective. The only problem? It’s expensive. In addition to the headset, you need the Move controllers and camera.

Xbox One S Xbox One Scheck price

If she’s been playing games on the Xbox forever, she will love the Xbox One S. The Xbox One is the only place to play games like Halo 5 and Gears Of War. Plus, Microsoft has announced a new slimmer model that looks super sleek.

Classic Zelda Amiibo figures: Ocarina, 8 bit, Toon Link Classic Zelda Amiibo figures: Ocarina, 8 bit, Toon Linkcheck price

Amiibo figures are cute little Nintendo characters. You can put these little figures into your Nintendo games, but I think they are just fun to collect on their own.

Just Dance 2017
Ages 10+
Just Dance 2017check price

There is nothing that gets you moving like the latest Just Dance game. Girls will get into the groove and their heart pumping with over 40 of the hottest tracks from artists like Justin Bieber to Ariana Grande. The game will have you breaking a sweat as players can even monitor the calories burned during their dance workouts.

New Nintendo 3DS XL New Nintendo 3DS XLcheck price

I love anything Nintendo. They make the best games and they have so many games that are just plain fun. I just think it would be really good to have a portable handheld gaming machine for traveling.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Pokemon Sun And Mooncheck price

Pokemon Go caused a worldwide phenomenon. Now fans have a reason to fall in love with Pokemon all over again. There is a new Pokemon game coming out for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s one of the most anticipated games of the year. There are actually two versions of the game coming out. Do you love capturing Pokemon in the day or night? Each game not only takes place during a different time of the day but each has an exclusive Pokemon.

Super Mario Maker
Ages 7+
Super Mario Makercheck price

You have probably played a ton of Mario games, but now you can make your own levels with Super Mario Maker on the 3DS. The game allows anybody to simply drag and drop classic Mario elements on the screen to create a level in minutes. Don’t be afraid to try silly stuff! Like make cannons shoot turtles at Mario. Then you can challenge your friends to try to make it through your level.

Kirby: Planet Robobot
Ages 7+
Kirby: Planet Robobotcheck price

The latest Kirby game might be the most charming game of the year. In the game, Kirby obtains a special suit that allows him to steal abilities from enemies by swallowing them. Part of the fun is swallowing the right enemy to advance through the side scrolling stages.

Animal Crossing New Leaf
Ages 7+
Animal Crossing New Leafcheck price

Animal Crossing is such an adorably cute game. It’s a life simulator game where you are the mayor of a town. The decisions you make change the town. You’ll pay bills, plant gardens, and do much more. Along the way, you’ll meet the most adorable critters. The game can never really be beaten as new discoveries constantly await you every day. It’s so charming and such a great place to escape to.

Tomodachi Life
Ages 7+
Tomodachi Lifecheck price

Weird is the best way to describe Tomodachi Life. That’s weird in a good way. You will create little cartoony avatars of your friends and put them in the game. You can then give them voices, items, and personalities. The fun part is watching them interact in fun and random ways. Sometimes it is downright hilarious.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Ages 17+