Fun Easter Gift Ideas: Meet the New Calico Critters Nursery Collection

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Calico Critters Nursery Collection

With Easter around the corner, we’ve compiled a wonderful collection of Easter gift ideas for your Calico Critters fan.

Looking for fun Easter gift ideas for your Calico Critters fan? The globally popular Calico Critters collection – the cherished series of beautiful and richly-detailed animal figures that live in ‘The Village’ like humans and share core values of ‘Nature, Family, and Love’ – has some sweet treats in store for fans this Easter from the Calico Critters Nursery Collection. Highlights from this collection include everything from blind bags to adorably sweet new Baby Critters to new magical environments to inspire endless creative and imaginative play. Each of these products is currently available at most major retailers as well as online. Any of these make for lovely additions to your child’s Easter basket.

Calico Critters Nursery Collection

Calico Critters Blind Bags - Baby Shopping Series

Calico Critters Blind Bags – Baby Shopping Series
Ages: 3+ | SRP: $4.95/ea. | Availability: Available Now
Who doesn’t love surprises? Hiding inside these blind bags is an adorable Baby Shopping Critter perfect for adding to your Nursery Collection. The best part? A fun surprise awaits! You won’t know who is hidden inside until you open the package. Each package contains an adorable Baby Critter along with uniquely designed grocery and shopping accessories. In all this collection features 9 new collectible babies ready for exciting shopping adventures, including Hopscotch Rabbit Baby with Bread, Buckley Deer Baby with Shopping Cart, Wilder Panda Baby with Popcorn, Outback Koala Baby with Shopping Bag, Polar Bear Baby with Ice Cream, Sweetpea Rabbit Baby with Eggs and Juice, Tuxedo Cat Baby with Shopping Cart, Silk Cat Baby with Cash Register, and an exclusive secret style baby to join the fun at the Grocery Market! Will you find the extra secret style critter?

Calico Critters Blind Bags - Baby Band Series

Calico Critters Blind Bags – Baby Band Series
Ages: 3+ | SRP: $4.99/ea. | Availability: Available Now
Combining the fun of blind bag collectibility with Calico Critters play, the Baby Band Series offers lovely new Baby Band Critters to add to your Nursery Collection. Aren’t they the most adorable critters? Open the package for your ‘Big Reveal’. Each blind bag package in the Baby Band Series retails for $4.99 and contains one surprise Baby Critter along with a fun musical instrument. There will be 8 cute new collectible babies in the entire band: Shiloh Yellow Labrador on xylophone, Daisy Maple Cat playing the Trumpet, Jason Cuddle Bear with cymbals, Henry Sweetpea Rabbit on the drums, Milo Toy Poodle with accordion, Grace Hopscotch Rabbit playing the violin, Joseph Tuxedo Cat on the piano, and Luke Hazelnut Chipmunk playing the tambourine. Who will you find? Collect all your favorites and build your own band.

Calico Critters Baby Ferris Wheel

Calico Critters Baby Ferris Wheel
Ages: 3+ | SRP: $17.95 | Availability: Available Now
While at the amusement park, take your Baby Critters on a fun adventure on this sweet little Baby Ferris Wheel. Open the gondola doors and your Baby Critters can hop in the carts for an exciting ride on the spinning Ferris Wheel. This playset features three functional gondola doors plus Baby Milo, a toy poodle, who is ready for some outdoor fun, thrills, and excitement! Imagine all the wonderful storytelling possibilities!

Calico Critters Nursery Friends Set

Calico Critters Nursery Friends Set
Ages: 3+ | SRP: $12.95 | Availability: Available Now
Prepare your Baby Critters for nursery school with the Nursery Friends Set. This lovely set features 3 cute Baby Critters in their adorable school uniforms with fun accessories. Look for Grace Hopscotch Rabbit wearing a cute red hat, Luke Hazelnut Chipmunk with a water bottle, and Bonnie Persian Cat with her pink backpack. What amazing nursery adventures will you create in the magical world of Calico Critters?

Now that you’ve seen the new Calico Critters Nursery Collection – let us know what is your favorite from this collection? Leave a comment below and have a Happy Hippity-Hoppity Easter!

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