Greatest New Toys of Toy Fair 2019

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best new toys of 2019
From beloved brands like Barbie to Lego among many more surprises, we showcase the best new toys from New York Toy Fair 2019!

We attended the 2019 New York Toy Fair on the hunt for the best new toys of the year. With seven football fields worth of fun and hundreds of thousands of playthings on display, it’s like the world’s biggest toy store and you can’t help but get excited like a child with an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek at all the hottest and coolest new playthings from the biggest companies for the upcoming year before they even hit store shelves. Everyone’s looking for the ‘must-have’ toy of 2019. Unfortunately, the show isn’t open to the public; however, we’ve got you covered with an all-access pass. From hot new collectibles to nostalgic toys and more, Toy Fair had something for everybody.

After examining the latest trends, scouring the showroom floor, experiencing many of the playthings first-hand, and heated deliberation, we’ve rounded up the Best Toys of Toy Fair 2019. Here’s your backstage pass to all the coolest new toys, games, and playthings we discovered at New York Toy Fair. Let the fun and games begin!

Best Of Toy Fair Awards

Best Of Toy Fair Awards

Here are our favorite playthings showcased at Toy Fair 2019. These must-haves stood out from the pack, so we had to honor them with an award.

LEGO Hidden SideAges 7+LEGO Hidden Side

By LegoLEGO Hidden Side offers an innovative new theme featuring a cool augmented reality experience combined with immersive, interactive play. After building your physical LEGO set, scan it into your app to bring it to life. Explore the Hidden Side, solve challenges, find the key items, capture all the ghosts, and overcome all the boss ghosts in this school-themed set. This is a concrete example where the digital play augments your physical play. What’s cool? Each set in the new theme offers a regular build as well as a haunted version. Can you transform the haunted world and restore it to normal?

HongaAges 8+Honga

By HabaHonga, a new strategy game for 2-5 players from HABA, is a resource management and worker placement game. It’s a great family game, as it is easy for beginners to understand, yet offers enough depth for parents to enjoy it as well. Players compete by completing various tasks: gather supplies, comb through the forest, respect the nature gods, lure mammoths, and establish barters with other clans. But watch out! Honga, the saber-toothed tiger, is hungry. It’s a game where you’re rewarded for efficiently and carefully managing your resources. The player with the most victory points wins.

AKA Also Known AsAges 12+AKA Also Known As

By Endless GamesAKA Also Known As is the latest great party game from Endless Games. The game replaces the names of popular titles with what they might also be known as. For instance, ‘Superhero also known as Arachnid Guy’ or ‘Will Ferrell movie also known as ancient group of fish’. Can you correctly guess the answers? The player with the most correct answers wins.

Artie 3000Ages 7+Artie 3000

By Educational InsightsArtie 3000 from Educational Insights is a Wi-Fi-enabled creative coding robot leveraging your child’s whole brain. The left side of the brain is for logic, math, and programming, while the right side is for creativity and art. Artie brilliantly mashes these two worlds together, so he is the creating art coding robot. Artie features pre-loaded programs loaded into him and uses a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop coding interface on your PC or tablet to instruct Artie what to draw. What’s cool? Kids can also program their own coding steps, and he features 4 modes of play and includes 4 washable colored markers. A convenient built-in simulation mode allows you to save ink and avoid mistakes by allowing you to see the final result before drawing. Additionally, he features a remote control function so you can use Artie like a remote control to draw. Kids will learn to code line by line while having fun. We love the fact that even with no programming background whatsoever, anybody can have fun learning to code.


By YuluEarlier this year Yulu launched an innovative new fashion doll line known as #SNAPSTAR where you snap, style, and share. Six social influencer dolls are featured in the line, each with different interests ranging from fashion, beauty, and music to travel, photography, and design. Kids have to reveal their doll and the set includes one complete outfit, accessories, removable hairstyle, green screen, stand, and a cute mini cell phone for the doll. Fifteen points of articulation allow girls to pose the dolls in a number of ways, bringing their storytelling to life. What’s cool? The companion app allows kids to share photos of their doll on social media. Plus, with the app, you can add makeup, experiment with different hairstyles, add backdrops, and more.

Pop Pops Snotz / Pop Pops PetsAges 5+Pop Pops Snotz / Pop Pops Pets

By YuluWho doesn’t love popping bubble wrap? Combining bubble wrap popping, slime, and blind collectibles, the new Pop Pops line from Yulu brings meaningful innovation and fun play to the world of collectibles. Pop the bubbles to reveal your hidden characters. Series 1 of Pop Pops Snotz and Pop Pops Pets feature 60 characters with common, rare, super rare, and special editions to collect. For even more fun, a hammer-like toy allows you to quickly bash open your Pop Pops. Once you pop, you can’t stop!

PaiBotzAges 4+PaiBotz

By Pai TechnologiesPaiBotz introduces early learners to coding and robotics with a set that allows little ones to create, program, and play over 30 interactive augmented reality puzzles. Using 150 included block pieces, kids can build six different PaiBots or build their own and bring their robots to life with digital tools in the app. In addition to the classic building play pattern, we love that kids will learn fundamental coding principles, such as sequencing, looping, and conditional coding. What’s cool? Kids can program their robot to move, drum, dance, make sounds, and even light up. It’s a fun way to prepare kids for future jobs, as it empowers kids to create tomorrow.

Baby Shark Family Singing Hand PuppetsAges 2+Baby Shark Family Singing Hand Puppets

By WowWeeLove the Baby Shark song? Now kids can sing the ‘Baby Shark’ song along with their own cute little plush Baby Shark puppet. As you move the shark’s mouth faster, the song speeds up. Slowing the mouth movement slows down the song. It’s a cool use of technology that makes singing the ‘Baby Shark’ song super fun.

BlumeAges 5+Blume

By SkyRocket ToysBlume dolls bring healthy innovation to the exciting world of collectibles. These dolls represent the next big collectible with a unique, cool, and magical bloom surprise reveal experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. Simply add a few drops of water onto the ‘seeds’ and watch your Blume doll literally bloom out of her flower pot. Featuring unique hairstyles, mix-and-match outfits, handbags, cute mini friends, and sticker books, the first series will feature 22 dolls when they launch later this summer.

Calico Critters Elegant Town Manor Gift SetAges 6+Calico Critters Elegant Town Manor Gift Set

By EpochLooking for a fun new playset for your child’s Calico Critters world? The Town Series expands with the Elegant Town Manor Gift Set, a two-story mansion for Stella Hopscotch Rabbit. What’s cool? Featuring a highly-detailed terrace, spiral staircase, and detachable roof, the Elegant Town Manor can be connected to the Designer Studio, sold separately, to create Stella’s Grand Residence. One Stella character is included in this set. Imagine the endless storytelling possibilities!

Razor UB1Razor UB1

By RazorThe Razor UB1 is an affordable folding lightweight electric urban micro bike. It rides like a charm and offers a comfortable, smooth ride. This bike offers a more traditional bike-style ride where you sit down rather than stand. It features great foldability for ease of storage in the trunk of your car and it is a strong commuter product. It’s a great product if you’re looking for a solid performing Razor at a reasonable price point.

LeapFrog RockIt TwistAges 4-8LeapFrog RockIt Twist

By LeapFrogNintendo may have a stronghold on the portable videogame market, but LeapFrog fills the gap and introduces a new handheld gaming device designed for preschoolers ages 4 through 8. This new, innovative product features rotating 4-sided play with buttons, spinner, slider, switch, light-up controls, multiple games, digital pets, songs and more. Kids will learn basic literacy, math, problem-solving, science, and creativity. Additional games, sold separately, allow for expansion.

Arcade1Up Pac-Man Wall-CadeAges 14+Arcade1Up Pac-Man Wall-Cade

By Arcade 1UpCan’t fit a larger arcade in your room? No problem! Now Arcade1Up has introduced a new line of miniature arcades known as Wall-Cades. As you may expect, these machines are wall- or door-mountable, saving precious space in your room. Pac-Man is still one of our favorite old-school games. The game has been perfectly translated with this new unit – so you and your friends can get your Pac-Man fix anytime you please.

Speak & SpellAges 7+Speak & Spell

By Basic FunSpeak & Spell makes its big return in 2019! Speak & Spell was the first educational toy designed to help children learn to spell more than 200 commonly misspelled words. This new and improved version features an enhanced speech synthesizer, which is vastly easier to understand than the original. Featuring various play modes and challenge levels, kids will have fun while learning to spell and building their vocabulary. Parents who previously owned a Speak & Spell as a child will most likely want to share this experience with their children, as it is a great educational tool for developing your spelling skills. Build the Spelling Bee champions of tomorrow!

Fortnite Victory 12-Inch Action FiguresFortnite Victory 12-Inch Action Figures

By JazwaresSomething big happened at Toy Fair 2019 for Fortnite fans! Jazwares unveiled its latest officially licensed Fornite 12-inch action figures from the Victory line. Inspired by the massive Fortnite videogame phenomenon, these new figures feature intricate sculpts and multiple points of articulation that are sure to satisfy collectors and Fortnite fans alike. Collect them and bring your Fortnite adventures into real life.

HairDUDEables BFF 2-PackAges 3+HairDUDEables BFF 2-Pack

By Just PlayThe Hairdorables line expands with new dudes – HairDUDEables – with the same ‘Big Hair Don’t Care’ attitudes. These double-packs feature an exclusive Hairdorable doll with her BFF HairDUDEable, which is hidden. With new, hip personalities and accessories, there are 6 dudes to collect in the line. Pull, peel, and reveal your surprise HairDUDEable and create fun-filled adventures.

Barbie FashionistasAges 3+Barbie Fashionistas

By MattelFeaturing the most diverse and inclusive lineup on the market, the Barbie Fashionistas line offers a wide range of over 100 different looks. Choose from a wide variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and textures, body types and fashions. Celebrating its 60 anniversary, Barbie dolls are designed to inspire storytelling and reflect today’s diverse world in which we live. You can now get Barbie in a wheel chair and even with a prosthetic leg.

Off The Hook Style DollsAges 5+Off The Hook Style Dolls

By Spin MasterLooking for something new that shakes up the fashion doll world? Meet the Off The Hook fashion dolls with off the hook fashions! Style them from head to toe — from their hairstyle to the top and bottom to their shoes and accessories. Change your mind? No problem! Easily switch up the look with limitless creative possibilities. What could be in those mystery shopping bags? The mystery bags reveal two fashions to add to your wardrobe.

Juno My Baby ElephantAges 5+Juno My Baby Elephant

By Spin MasterJuno My Baby Elephant is an adorable elephant featuring over 100 animations, life-like motion, tricks, and sounds that bring her to life. Juno has a big personality and can kiss, pick up things, make trumpet sounds, and even perform cool tricks like the helicopter. She interacts with her included peanut and mouse accessories. What’s cool? Juno grows from shy to silly via touch and play. She’s the perfect companion for little ones, as they’ll love taking her on all sorts of fun adventures.

Crayola Glitter DotsAges 5+Crayola Glitter Dots

By CrayolaLooking for a fun, creative, mess-free activity for your kids? Crayola Glitter Dots allows you to create fun glitter projects without all the mess. Simply squish the dots to create the glitter output. It’s a real game-changer in the world of arts and crafts. The best part? It doesn’t stay on your hands. We love how Glitter Dots can be used for a variety of art projects and on a range of surfaces from paper and wood to craft foam, felt, and more. Kids will love expressing their creativity with Glitter Dots.

BoomTrixAges 8+BoomTrix

By Goliath GamesBoomTrix from Goliath Games brings innovation and fun to the table with an activity-based game where players can design their own trampoline course and showcase a variety of trick shots. The set includes mini trampolines, obstacles, and launch pads for creating your own original courses. The open-ended nature is perfect for allowing kids to express their creativity while developing spatial reasoning and learning STEM concepts. Who knew learning physics could be so much fun?

Slimi CaféAges 8+Slimi Café

By OrbLooking for the next big thing in the world of squishies? Slimi Café is the latest innovation from ORB meshing the two popular trends of slime and squishies. Mix Soft’n Slo Squishies with Slimi Café toppings to concoct a variety of delicious food creations that can mixed-and-matched, decorated and squeezed for an extremely satisfying experience unlike anything before. This really takes the fun of squishies to the next level. The best part? Even after squeezing and mixing the slime and squishies, you can easily take them apart and start all over again — so the fun never really ends. Just when you thought they have done everything they can with squishies, you realize they’ve taken it to a whole new level!

Bunch O Balloons Party Starter PackBunch O Balloons Party Starter Pack

By ZuruHate blowing and tying balloons for parties and celebrations? Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons Electric Party Pump is a real game-changer that eliminates the hassle of blowing up and tying party balloons. With this pump, you can fill, tie, and string 40 balloons in 40 seconds! Talk about a real time saver. It makes the process a cinch so anybody can do it. Connect the stems to the Electric Party Pump and watch your balloons inflate and self-tie in mere seconds like magic. An included adapter also allows for filling the balloons even quicker with helium or an air compressor. The best part? The balloons are reusable and the Self-Sealing Party Balloons come in wide assortment of colors. The Party Starter Pack includes the Electric Party Pump, 48 self-sealing party balloons, helium tank adaptor, and fast-fill hose attachment for other inflatables. Say goodbye to old-fashioned blowing and tying. Birthday parties will never be the same!

10″ Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie Feature PlushAges 6+10" Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie Feature Plush

By Wicked Cool ToysWicked Cool Toys has a whole line of Pokemon Toys that are inspired by the upcoming Detective Pikachu live-action movie opening this May. The 10-inch Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie Feature Plush is one of our favorites. It features 2 voice modes: Detective Pikachu and Pikachu. Squeeze its chest once to hear Detective Pikachu and twice to hear Pikachu’s voice. Detective Pikachu comes to life with motorized ears, a detective hat, and more than 14 interactive responses. Kids will love reenacting their favorite moments from the movie.

ZaxAges 4+Zax

By Zing ToysA fun new game from Zing, Zax has players competing to throw and land the Zax onto a flat surface, such as a wall or glass surface. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the Zax measures 12-inches long. With a quick flick of the wrist you can easily land most shots. Practice your technique then challenge your friends.

Buzz Lightyear Star Command CenterAges 4+Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center

By Jakks PacificInspired by the Toy Story 4 animated film, the Buzz Lightyear Table Top Star Command Center allows kids to take their pretend play experience to the next level with cool interactive lights, sound effects, blaster buttons, joystick with trigger, and moveable targets. The Command Center looks straight out of the movie, creating an authentic experience. Kids will love reenacting their favorite moments from the movie.

Pikmi Pops Pajama LlamaPikmi Pops Pajama Llama

By Moose ToysWhat happens when you combine slumber parties and llamas? You get Pikmi Pajama Llamas. It comes in cute popcorn packaging. You flip to llamas to reveal what type of themed pajamas he’s wearing. It comes both in blue and pink and you can get cute slumber accessories with it.

OrangutwangAges 4+Orangutwang

By PlayMonsterBy PlayMonster, OranguTwang is a fun suspenseful game where players take turns balancing bananas on a orangutan. Watch out! If the orangutan is not balanced, he will jump off the vine and drop all the bananas.

Hexbug Battlebots Black SmithHexbug Battlebots Black Smith

By HEXBUGThis year Hexbug has added two new robots to its Battlebots line, Blacksmith and Bite Force. Bite Force was the winning robot in Battlebots last year and this year we are getting a remote-controlled robotic replica. The coolest part? The robots have been designed to create all the iconic battles in the show. Some of the armor is loosely fitted so it goes flying everywhere when the robots collide.

Pictionary AirAges 8+Pictionary Air

By MattelThe latest Pictionary — Pictionary Air — from Mattel introduces cool tech innovation with a special light-up pen and companion app. Now you can play Pictionary on your phone, tablet, or TV. The gameplay stays true to the original, but the player drawing illustrates in the air with the included pen. The guessing team aims the in-app camera at the drawer and their drawing is streamed to the screen. Guess the clue correctly to win. The game offers over 1000 clues to solve and it’s so easy to use. The best part? We love the record option for reliving those hilarious moments.

Your favorite new toys of 2019?

What are your favorite new toys? Did you find the must-have toy of 2019? Sound off in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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