Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls

Find the best gifts for 10 year old girls with our gift guide. We asked them what they want for 2015.

The best gifts for 10 year old girls will depend on her hobbies and interests. At this age, our 10 year old niece, Cassie, wanted her own room or personal area. She loves decorating it with things she is interested in. She loves anything that has to do with fashion like jewelry and hair accessories.

Being 10, she has loves everything Taylor Swift. She’s always playing with her iPod touch or Xbox. Dolls and toys are still going to be on her wishlist, but some girls may be starting the develop hobbies like cooking, science, gaming, or reading. We can’t pull ours away from books. She eats, drinks, and sleeps books. Depending on your 10 year old girl’s personality type, here are some excellent gift ideas for Christmas or Birthdays.

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For The 10 Year Old Adventurer

Does she love the great outdoors or sports? These gifts are sure to bring out her adventurous side.

Swagway Self Balancing ScooterSwagway Self Balancing Scootercheck price

What would happen if you mixed a skateboard with a segway? You would get the Swagway. Although it is designed for teens, every 10 year old girl dreams of owning one of these. It’s got 2 wheels and a self balancing gyroscope inside. Unlike a Segway, there are no handles. When you lean in a direction, it goes in that direction. Like a skateboard there is a learning curve and you must wear the proper protective gear, but once you can balance on it there is no cooler way to get around.

Razor Pocket ModRazor Pocket Modcheck price

Scooters are cool but for girls who need a faster way to get around there is the Razor Pocket Mod. How cool is this? Available in several fashionable colors, it looks like a classic Italian Scooter. The seat flips open and acts as a storage area. Your 10 year old will love zipping around the neighborhood in style up to 15 mph. You might even want to get one for yourself.

Micro Sprite ScooterMicro Sprite Scootercheck price

Girls will love cruising along on this two wheeled scooter designed for 10 year olds and even adults. With an adjustable handlebar of 34 inches, it is perfect for older kids and adults up to 220 pounds. Compared to other scooters, it got larger wheels which makes it easier to control and smooth even on bumpy surfaces. It’s even got a built in kick stand. The coolest part? It folds compactly, making it easy to store and travel with.

Razor RipStik RipsterRazor RipStik Ripstercheck price

Who needs snow? This might look like a traditional skateboard but it is not. The RipStik’s unique design allows girls to carve down the street. The front and back of the board are connected by a rod, allowing you to twist back and forth on the board to gain acceleration.

Penny Complete SkateboardPenny Complete Skateboardcheck price

There is a reason the Penny board is one of the most popular skateboards. Available in several styles and constructed out of sturdy plastic, this 22 inch board offers the perfect combination of speed and stability that is friendly enough even for beginners. Compared to other similar boards, the Penny board has a better push off, allowing you to just glide down the street. There is no better way to cruise around.

Spooner Boards FreestyleSpooner Boards Freestylecheck price

This plastic board shaped like a spoon is a great way to learn balance and coordination before moving onto one of the board sports. The Spooner board mimics the feeling of riding a board in the comfort of your own living room. It can actually be used on any surface and even outside. Beginners can simply spin around on it while more advanced users can use it to perform cool tricks. The best part? It’s doesn’t have to be sunny outside.

Monkey Light M210 Monkey Light M210 check price

It’s a bike party! Riding a bike just got a whole lot more fun with this bike wheel light from Monkey Light. As you ride around, this bike wheel light creates an incredible light show on the bike’s spinning wheel. The faster you pedal, the better the light show. With 19 different patterns, your 10 year old girl won’t be able to wait until it gets dark.

slackers 50-Feet Slackline slackers 50-Feet Slackline check price

Now you can turn your backyard into a playground with this easy to use slack line kit for beginners. The Slacker Slackline simply attaches between 2 trees, becoming a 50 foot tightrope that kids can balance, walk, and even bounce on. It combines the fun of a trampoline with balancing. The teaching line makes it even easy for beginners to get the hang of it.

Flybar Foam Master Pogo StickFlybar Foam Master Pogo Stickcheck price

Who doesn’t love pogo sticks? There is something about jumping up and down on a pogo stick that is accelerating. Girls will love this pogo stick from Flybar. With a rugged frame and a rubber tip, this pogo stick is designed to support riders between 80 to 160 pounds. Girls will love having contests to see who can jump the highest.

Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ DunkSkywalker Trampolines Jump N' Dunkcheck price

What 10 year old girl wouldn’t love a trampoline in the backyard? With this 8 foot trampoline from Skywalker , the backyard may never be the same. Built with safety in mind with a double locking door, the trampoline supports up to 175 pounds. This one has a built in hoop inside for added enjoyment.

Zing Air Huntress Fire Tek BowZing Air Huntress Fire Tek Bowcheck price

Young Katnisses will love this bow from Zing toys. It comes with darts that whistle and light up through the air. Load the dart and pull the string back to fire up to 145 feet away.

Genesis BowGenesis Bowcheck price

Why play with a toy bow when you can use the real thing? There is a reason that the Genesis bow is used in the National Archery program for training young children. Even beginners can shoot it right out of the box. Because it adjusts easily, the bow is perfect for 10 year old girls. The entire family will love shooting it in the backyard.

Olympus Trooper 8×40 BinocularsOlympus Trooper 8x40 Binocularscheck price

There is no better way to explore the great outdoors than with this inexpensive pair of binoculars. One look through these and you will see the world you are missing. It has 8X magnification and a 40mm objective lens. This setting is perfect for bird watching, hiking, or even for concerts. With great optics, it’s a great value for the price.

Coleman Sundome 2-Person TentColeman Sundome 2-Person Tentcheck price

Measuring 5 X 7 feet, this inexpensive 2 person tent is a great way to spend time camping outdoors. It’s easy to set up, roomy inside, and has good ventilation. It has 2 built in pockets for storing stuff. The built in bug screen is perfect for keeping mosquitoes out. You’ll want to spend every day under the stars.

Walkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance StiltsWalkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance Stiltscheck price

What could be more fun than learning to walk? How about trying to walk with stilts on? With an adjustable height of 12 to 17 inches off the ground, the stilts are easy to adjust so even beginners can get the hang of it. She won’t be able to stop walking about without them.

Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids SkateRollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Kids Skatecheck price

Not only do these Spitfire skates from Rollerblade look cool, they are super easy to adjust. With a simple press of a button, the skates can be resized to make them fit perfectly around the foot.

adidas Squad II Duffeladidas Squad II Duffelcheck price

For the girl who loves sports, the Squad II duffle bag from Adidas makes a great gift. It’s got lots on space inside for all types of sporting equipment like shoes, a water bottle, and gym clothes. The coolest part? Inside the zippered pocket on the front, it says “girls rule.” Of course, they do!

Fit Spirit Pink Yoga Starter SetFit Spirit Pink Yoga Starter Setcheck price

Available in several fun vivid colors, this thick Yoga Mat from Fit Spirit is perfect for beginners. Girls will fall in love with it as soon as they perform their first child’s pose. It provides the perfect cushioning while you are doing your yoga stretches or pushups.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Art & Crafts Lover

Arts & Crafts Lover

Spirograph Deluxe Design SetSpirograph Deluxe Design Setcheck price

Remember the childhood favorite Spirograph? This is throwback toy that made a big comeback this year. Girls use the rings and pens to construct fun colorful spiral shaped patterns. The possibilities are unlimitless.

Crayola Cling CreatorCrayola Cling Creatorcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make your own colorful window clings? Clings are little pieces of art that stick to your window. This set from Crayola comes with everything you need to make up to 20 clings. You can use one of the molds or even create a custom design. Simply mix the firming solution with the colors and pour it into the mold. 15 minutes later, you have got your own cling.

Crayola Marker Maker Wacky TipsCrayola Marker Maker Wacky Tipscheck price

Why buy markers when you can create your own with this kit from Crayola? This kit lets girls make and name their own markers. It comes with a guide to create the different colors but girls will love experimenting with making their own. The coolest part is watching the marker soak up the color.

Klutz String Art Book KitKlutz String Art Book Kitcheck price

You wouldn’t believe that you could create gorgeous art work with just strings and pins. This kit from Klutz comes with everything you need including a 56 page guide, string pins, 6 project boards, and more. Simply pick one of the templates and poke the pins into one of the project boards. Then you wrap the strings around the pins to create everything from animals to cute fruits and shapes. The final result is so attractive.

AlexToys Craft Duct Tape PartyAlexToys Craft Duct Tape Partycheck price

Invite the friends over. This kit let girls create cool glasses, handbags, earrings, hair clips, and other fashion accessories out of duct tape. It comes with 12 rolls of duct tape and everything girls need to design 14 different projects. It’s so fun that girls might get carried away and duct tape everything in their room.

Fashion Plates Deluxe KitFashion Plates Deluxe Kitcheck price

If you grew up in the 80s, you probably grew up with Fashion Plates. It’s back and just as fun. Simply mix and match plates to form a design. Then place a piece of paper over the design and rub over the paper with the included crayon to transfer the drawing to the paper. Then you can color in the design. The little case makes it easy to keep everything together.

ALEX Toys Craft Groovy Scrapbook KitALEX Toys Craft Groovy Scrapbook Kitcheck price

Who doesn’t love a scrapbook? With 48 patterned pages, this is a great way to preserve memories. It’s perfect for Birthdays, holidays, or parties. 10 year old girls will love sticking their pictures inside. It comes with everything you need to jazz up each page including stickers, gems, a stencil, scissors, and other decorative items.

Zipit Grillz Pencil CaseZipit Grillz Pencil Casecheck price

Oh my gosh! This must be the cutest pencil case ever. It got little eyes with the most adorable eyelashes. The cutest part? The zipper is the mouth and teeth. You could probably fit 50 pens or pencils inside.

Lulu Jr. Illustory – Craft KitLulu Jr. Illustory - Craft Kitcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could write your own book? With this kit from Lulu Jr., you can. Simply write and draw out your story on the provided pages that come included in the kit. Mail the package. In a few short weeks, you’ll get a professionally printed book. How awesome is that?

Royal & Langnic​kel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box SetRoyal & Langnic​kel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Setcheck price

Every beginning artist needs a good set of tools. Whether your little girl loves to draw, water color, or oil pain Royal & Langnickel has the perfect art kit for them. The sketching kit comes with over 50 tools including graphite pencils, lead sticks, charcoal sticks, pastels, and more. It’s a great way for budding artists to develop their skills.

For The DIY Fashion Designer

For the girl who loves to create her own fashions, here are some great gifts.

DIY Lip Balm KitDIY Lip Balm Kitcheck price

What could be cooler than lip balm? What about creating your own lip balm? With this lip balm kit, you get everything to create up to 20 different balms. It’s the perfect kit to get started including 4 different flavors, shea butter, and almond oil. The lip balms are even fun to give to friends.

Sophisticated Science Perfume ScienceSophisticated Science Perfume Sciencecheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make your own perfume? This perfume kit from Thames and Kosmos contains several essential oils and all the ingredients needed so that girls can mix their own fragrances. The best part? It comes with a great guide explaining the science of perfumes.

SmartLab Spa Lab: Soaps KitSmartLab Spa Lab: Soaps Kitcheck price

How would you like to make your own soap? The SmartLab Soap Kit comes with everything girls need to create 25 different soaps. All you need is a microwave. Some recipes do require additional items found in the kitchen or garden. It comes with a little booklet with colorful illustrations that walk you through the entire process. The best part? It includes cute little boxes which are perfect for giving the soaps as gifts.

Klutz Shrink & Link Jewelry Craft KitKlutz Shrink & Link Jewelry Craft Kitcheck price

Remember Shrinky Dinks? They are back. With this kit from Klutz, kids can design or trace their own shapes and pop them in the oven. When girls are done, girls can use their shrinky dinks to create fun jewelry like necklaces and rings. The coolest part? Girls can swap the shrinky dinks to create a new look.

Klutz Make Clay Charms Craft KitKlutz Make Clay Charms Craft Kitcheck price

This book from Klutz comes with everything you need to make adorable little clay charms. It comes with an instruction manual that gives you step by step directions to make all sorts of charms from animals to foods. Once you are done making them, you bake them. The coolest part? You can put them together onto the included charm bracelet.

Style Me Up i-Loom Starter PackStyle Me Up i-Loom Starter Packcheck price

Who doesn’t love making friendship bracelets? Rainbow loom is cool but here’s a modern take on the classic loom toy. The coolest part? It allows you to attach an iPad to the device. The app walks you through step by step animated tutorials so even beginners can follow along as they practice the different knots and patterns. When you are done with the bracelets, the bracelets are fun to trade and give as gifts.

ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Infinity Jewelry KitALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Infinity Jewelry Kitcheck price

Why buy jewelry when you can create your own with this fun kit from Alex Toys? The kit has enough material to make 2 bracelets and 2 charm necklaces. It contains charms, beads, twines, cords, clasps and more. The best part? Everyone will be asking what store you bought your jewelry from.

Rainbow Loom Bands with Metal HookRainbow Loom Bands with Metal Hookcheck price

This craft kit lets kids make bracelets out of different colored rubber bands for their family and friends. Girls can make all kinds of different patterns from simple designs to more complicated ones. There are ton of ideas on youtube.

X-cords Paracord Friendship Bracelet KitX-cords Paracord Friendship Bracelet Kitcheck price

This craft kit allows girls to create high quality friendship bracelets out of paracords. These are thick beautiful bracelets. It comes with 10 vibrant colored paracords and clasps. Girls can create different styles following both the included instructions and the videos online.

BohoTats Flash TattoosBohoTats Flash Tattooscheck price

What could be more fun than temporary tattoos? This temporary tattoo kit from Boho contains 5 sheets of over 50 tattoos. When they are placed on the skin, they have a shiny and glittery appearance. They are super easy to apply too. You simply remove the plastic and place the tattoo on the skin. Then you apply a wet cloth over the tattoo. Then you pull the paper backing off and you have a glittery tattoo.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Who Loves To Sew

Orb Factory PlushCraft Puppy Love Pillow KitAges 5+Orb Factory PlushCraft Puppy Love Pillow Kitcheck price

Here is a fun pillow that requires no stitching. You simply use the stylus to pop the little colored fabric pieces in. Each fabric piece is assigned a number. It’s like fabric by numbers. When you are done, you’ll have the most adorable furry dog.

Fleece Starry Sky Knot-A-Quilt No Sew Craft KitAges 6+Fleece Starry Sky Knot-A-Quilt No Sew Craft Kitcheck price

Here is a fun kit from HeartSong for beginning quilters or sewers that allows girls to make their own quilt with no stitching, sewing, or stuffing required. All the fleece is precut so it is easy to make. Girls simply double knot the square pieces together at the fringes. It’s not only a great craft activity, but the finished project makes a great blanket to put on the bed or give as a gift.

ALEX Toys Craft Ultimate Hip Hoop KnittingAges 8+ALEX Toys Craft Ultimate Hip Hoop Knittingcheck price

It’s never been more fun to knit than with this kit from Alex Toys. The knitting kit allows girls to create fun accessories that they can wear including fingerless gloves, legwarmers, and an infinity scarf. It includes blue, green, pink and orange colored yarn along with the tools to knit. The thick yarn makes it even easy for beginners.

ALEX Toys Craft Giant Knot and Stitch Pillow KitAges 8+ALEX Toys Craft Giant Knot and Stitch Pillow Kitcheck price

How adorable is this? The stuffed pillow has the word “Love” on one side and “Hope” on the other. Girls will not only love stitching this pillow but also using it to decorate their room. Everything is included inside including 2 needles, colorful threads, stuffing, beads, and fabric. Thanks to the pre punched fabric, it is easy to stitch. After stitching the fabric pieces, girls just have to knot the sides and stuff the pillow.

American Girl Crafts Monkeys Sew and Stuff KitAges 8+American Girl Crafts Monkeys Sew and Stuff Kitcheck price

Who doesn’t love monkeys? This cute little Sew & Stuff kit is perfect for teaching beginners how to stitch. With the kit, girls can create 2 stuffed monkeys. The sewing kit includes everything girls need to complete the project including the instructions, 22 felt pieces, adhesive gems, embroidery floss, needle, needle threader, and bag of stuffing. The holes are pre punched into the felt which makes it easy to stitch.

American Girl Crafts Owls Sew and Stuff KitAges 8+American Girl Crafts Owls Sew and Stuff Kitcheck price

The Sew & Stuff stitching kit is perfect for beginners. The kit contains everything girls need to create 2 adorable little owls along with the needle, stuffing, and materials. The materials are all precut with pre punched holes. Even for beginners, it’s easy to follow along with the step by step illustrated instructions. When you are done, the final product is “sew “ cute.

Artterro Needle Felting KitAges 8+Artterro Needle Felting Kitcheck price

This is a fantastic introduction to needle felting. The kit contains 4 felt canvases, four felting needles, and 13 colored wool rolls. It’s an opened ended art kit and the instructions only provide inspiration. Kids simply poke the wool into the canvas to create any picture they want. It’s like painting with wool. The best part? It’s made with eco friendly materials.

Brother XL2600I Sewing MachineBrother XL2600I Sewing Machinecheck price

If your 10 year old already knows how to sew, knit, crochet, then she will be delighted with this very affordable sewing machine from Brother. This compact and portable sewing machine is perfect for beginners. It’s got automatic needle threading, lcd screens, and built in designs.

Room Décor

Room Decor
Just about every 10 year old girl wants to redecorate their room to make it their own. Here are some fun gift ideas.

Redo Your RoomRedo Your Roomcheck price

Redo Your Room contains 60 different ways to transform your room. The coolest part? None of the ideas are super expensive. All it takes is a simple trip to a craft store. Girls will learn how to use scarves as curtains or accessorize a lamp shade with jewels.

iHome Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm ClockiHome Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clockcheck price

How cute is this alarm clock? It is not only cool looking, it has a lot of neat features. It charges your phone, plays the radio, and even wirelessly streams music from your phone. The coolest part? The soft glowing changing LED light adds a nice touch of color to any room. It doesn’t hurt that it wakes you up in the morning.

MagicLight WiFi LED Light BulbMagicLight WiFi LED Light Bulbcheck price

This is not just any bulb. With the help of your smart device, you can change the color of this bulb through an app over WI-FI. With over 16 million colors to choose from, it can add a spark of color to any room.

Orbeez Mood Light Orbeez Mood Light check price

Here is a fun mood light that girls will love making. It comes with 2500 Orbeez both clear and blue. When you soak the Orbeez in water overnight, they grow. After growing your Orbeez, you simply fill the lamp with them. There are 3 different settings: solid, flashing, and changing colors. It’s the perfect night light.

Emoji Smiley Emoticon PillowEmoji Smiley Emoticon Pillowcheck price

Who doesn’t love soft cute things in their room? For those that can’t get enough of texting, these smiley faced Emjois are the perfect pillow to add to any room.

SAYM Home Bedding Sets Elegant Rural StyleSAYM Home Bedding Sets Elegant Rural Stylecheck price

A duvet set can completely transform any room. This from SAYM comes in several cute colors and sizes to match the decor of any room. The set comes with the duvet cover, a flat sheet, and 2 shams. Your 10 year old girl won’t be able to wait to get into bed at night.

Uncle Milton Super Moon In My RoomUncle Milton Super Moon In My Roomcheck price

Who doesn’t love looking at the moon at night? Bring the moon inside of your room with this cool moon light. The coolest part? It has a lunar clock that allows it to automatically match the phases of the real moon outside. What could be cooler?

Taylor Swift Black and White Music PosterTaylor Swift Black and White Music Postercheck price

What 10 year old doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Swifties will love decorating their room with this Taylor Swift Poster. This gorgeous black and white poster measures 22 X 34 inches. The best part? It goes with any wall color.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Fashionista



Neff Cupcake Beanie HatNeff Cupcake Beanie Hatcheck price

How cute is this? It’s like frosting on your head. Made of 100% acrylic, this adorable crocheted beanie comes in so many colors, so you can choose between a vanilla cupcake, strawberry cupcake, or chocolate cupcake. It’s perfect for those cold days and bad hair days. The only problem? They are all so cute with the pom pom cherry on top.

iGot Tech Texting GlovesiGot Tech Texting Glovescheck price

Don’t you hate having to take your gloves off to use your phone? These texting gloves have conductive tips which means you can keep texting even with the gloves on. Unlike other gloves of this type, these are not bulky and the material is pretty thin so they give you the precision you need. It’s the perfect gift for anyone with a Smartphone.

Monster High 4-Piece Pajama SetMonster High 4-Piece Pajama Setcheck price

Do you have a Monster High fan? Your 10 year old will love acting like a zombie with this cute Monster High pajama set. Made of 100% cotton, the set includes 2 pajamas with both tops and bottoms. So soft, cozy, and adorable, Monster High fans will want to wear them all night and even during the day.

Afoxsos Cartoon Onesie Afoxsos  Cartoon Onesie check price

Who wears a onesie? 10 year old girls. Your 10 year old will look adorable in this cute cartoon onesie. There are so many characters to choose from. Not only are they fun to wear at night, but also fun for lounging on the couch while watching your favorite cartoons. Girls will love wearing them all day long just about everywhere.

TowelSelections Soft Fleece BathrobeTowelSelections Soft Fleece Bathrobecheck price

Snuggle up on cold winter nights and mornings in this warm 100% fleece bathrobe. Soft, warm, and thcik, it is perfect for those chilly mornings before school or wearing over pajamas. She might even want to wear it when it is 90 degrees outside.

Muk Luks Women’s Reversible Infinity ScarfMuk Luks Women's Reversible Infinity Scarfcheck price

With a beautiful colorful snowflake pattern, this reversible snuggly scarf from Muk Luks is perfect for keeping your 10 year old warm all winter long. Both fashionable and trendy, it is the perfect holiday gift.

For The 13 Year Old Shoe Lover

Who doesn’t love shoes? Even a 10 year old girl can’t have enough of shoes. These pairs are sure to give her happy feet.

Bearpaw Ema Short BootsBearpaw Ema Short Bootscheck price

She’s probably been asking for a new pair of UGG boots all year round, but they are super expensive. Bearpaw boots are probably the closest thing to a real pair of Uggs. Made of suede and available in several colors, these are just as stylish and comfortable. Best of all, they go with just about any look. She won’t be able to wait to sink her feet into them when it’s cold outside.

Keds Women’s Taylor Swift 1989 Tour SneakerKeds Women's Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Sneakercheck price

Taylor Swift and Keds? What could be better? This year Keds announced the Taylor Swift Keds Collection. Each shoe has a super cute design. Swifties may recognize this design. The White Birds on the sky blue background appeared on Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. If you are a big fan of Taylor Swift, you need these adorable shoes. They come in the cutest styles.

Converse High Top SneakersConverse High Top Sneakerscheck price

You can’t go wrong with a pair of good old Chucks. These high top kicks never go out of style. This is the first time in 100 years that the shoe is getting an update. It still features the classic style but now there is a new sock liner for added comfort.

Clpp’li Faux Fur SlippersClpp'li Faux Fur Slipperscheck price

These slippers look a lot more expensive than they are and are perfect for younger children. Cute, cozy, and comfy, these fashionable faux fur slippers come in pink, tan, black, and even more fun colors. The slippers have a thick inner lining so you want to order a size up from your normal shoe size. Your 10 year old will think they are so cute and might not want to take them off.

Olyer Animal Cotton Socks Olyer Animal Cotton Socks check price

Who doesn’t love cute socks? Made out of 100% cotton, these animal socks might be the cutest thing ever. They have little animal characters on the top with soft furry ears. You get 4 pairs in each set. When you wear them with boots, the little face peeks out. They come in a lovely box which is perfect for gift giving.

Solmate Mismatched SocksSolmate Mismatched Sockscheck price

These are super cute! You can’t go wrong with a cute pair of socks. These socks from Solmate are not only cute but they are super fun. Part of the charm is that they don’t match. They come in the most vibrant colors.


Girls love nails. There is nothing more that a 10 year old tween girl loves than to paint her nails. Little nail kits filled with bottles of nail polish, nail decals, and nail art will likely be a huge hit.

New8Store Nail Art Kit SetNew8Store Nail Art Kit Setcheck price

Designed for beginners, this nail kit is wheels of fun. It comes with everything 10 year olds need to start creating their own nail art. The kit contains many different sized jewels, rhinestones, nail decals, and striping tape. With so many materials, there are endless designs you can create. Girls will want to do their nails every night.

Migi Nail Art Fingernail Polish KitMigi Nail Art Fingernail Polish Kitcheck price

These nail pens are perfect for younger girls. The neon colors are bright and the nail pens are a lot easier to use than standard nail polish. Th pens are even precise enough to make the tiniest details on your nails. Girls will have a blast painting doing each other’s nails. They’ll want to paint every fingernail and toe nail with cool designs.

Cool Nail ArtCool Nail Artcheck price

There is nothing more fun than nail art. With this book, even beginners will be able to create gorgeous nail art. It’s written by Hannah Lee who has her own Youtube channel. The step by step directions make it easy to follow along.

Bundle Monster Nail Art Tool Kit SetBundle Monster Nail Art Tool Kit Setcheck price

Everyone needs a good set of nail art tools. This 20 piece set contains different brushes and dotters that allow you to create wonderful nail art. The kit has all the tools you need to follow along with the tutorials on Youtube. It’s the perfect gift for tween girls who are really into nail art.


Under Armour Perfect HeadbandUnder Armour Perfect Headbandcheck price

Who doesn’t love wearing headbands? Under Armour headbands are extremely popular with young girls. Most headbands are great until you start exercising. If your daughter is into sports, this headband from Under Armour holds better than most. For 10 year olds, it might just be the perfect headband.

The New Braiding HandbookThe New Braiding Handbookcheck price

Does your daughter love styling her hair? This book has 60 different tutorials to create the most beautiful hairstyles. You’ll learn how to do fishtails, beautiful buns, knockout knots, classy updos, and more. There is literally a style for every occasion. The book is beautifully laid out with step by step photographic tutorials.

ALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 GoALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 Gocheck price

Who doesn’t love adding a sparkle of color to their hair? For 10 year old girls that are not yet allowed to dye their hair, hair chalk may be the answer. Unlike dye, hair chalk washes out easily with shampoo. This set contains 12 hair chalk pens including 5 metallic colors. The kit also includes 30 beads, a beading tool, and 30 hair elastics. The best part? Everything comes nicely packaged in a carrying kit which makes it easy to take the party on the go.

Art Naturals Detangling Hair BrushArt Naturals Detangling Hair Brushcheck price

A good detangling brush is a must for every girl. Thanks to its unique shape and design, this brush removes knots without you having to go through all the pain. The secret is the different sized bristles which help the brush glide through even knotted hair.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Jewelry Lover

Jewelry Lover
For jewelry, the more sparkles the better. Your 10 year old doesn’t care how much it costs as long as it’s sparkly. Here are the best gifts for jewelry lovers.

Rose Gold Plated Stud EarringsRose Gold Plated Stud Earringscheck price

Who doesn’t want a little sparkle? You wouldn’t believe that these earrings are not real diamonds. They are actually cubic zirconium studs, but they look much more expensive. The best part? They are gorgeous, glittery, and sparkle just like a real pair of diamond earrings. Nobody will even know.

Disney Frozen Rhinestone WatchDisney Frozen Rhinestone Watchcheck price

Look at this watch! It’s Frozen and it sparkles. What could be better? With a beautiful rhinestone bezel, this watch is perfect for any 10 year old Frozen fan. It comes in a nice box, which makes it the perfect gift.

Timeline Treasures Charm BraceletTimeline Treasures Charm Braceletcheck price

An empty charm bracelet is a great gift idea– that way girls can add their own charms and make it their own. Pandora bracelets are super popular. The only problem? They are super expensive. Here’s a super inexpensive way to get all the fun of a Pandora bracelet. This inexpensive charm bracelet from Timeline Treasures is made out of stainless steel so it lasts forever. The best part? Pandora charms fit perfectly on it.

Claire’s Best Friends PendantClaire's Best Friends Pendantcheck price

Every 10 year old girl has a bestie. How cute is this? It’s a heart shaped pendant that is actually 2 necklaces. One half of the heart says “best” and the other says “friends.” It’s a beautiful gift to share with her best friend.

Cat Shape Metal Wire Earring HolderCat Shape Metal Wire Earring Holdercheck price

Does your 10 year old have so many small earrings all over the house? Here’s a fun way to organize a collection of small earrings. The cat shaped earring holder is beyond cute especially for cat lovers. The little rungs are perfect for small earrings. The whiskers are useful for hanging rings, watches, and necklaces. The tail works well for rings. How much cuter could you possibly get?

Songmics Black Leather Jewelry Box Songmics Black Leather Jewelry Box check price

For the 10 year old girl that wants to start a jewelry collection, here is an elegant way to organize it. With slide out drawers, necklace hooks, and pouches, this jewelry box has everything girls need to keep their jewelry nice and organized. With so much room inside, it’s a gift that will last a long time. She will love filling it up with jewelry.

For the 13 Year Old Perfume Lover

Perfume Lover
What girl doesn’t love to smell good? These gifts are sure to pamper her.

Bath Bombs Gift Set by RejuvelleBath Bombs Gift Set by Rejuvellecheck price

Baths will never be the same after you try these bath bombs. Made of completely natural products with no dyes, these bath bombs fill the entire bathroom with a relaxing fragrant smell. The set includes 6 different fragrances. Everything comes nicely packaged in a tin with a cute little bow on top. You’ll be so soft and smooth. It’s the perfect gift.

Burt’s Bees Tips N Toes Hands & Feet KitBurt's Bees Tips N Toes Hands & Feet Kitcheck price

This little gift set from Burt Bees is the perfect gift. It includes trial versions of 6 different Burt Bees’ products. There’s an almond milk hand cream, honey and grape seed hand cream, hand salve, lip balm, foot cream, and cuticle cream. Your feet and hands will thank you.

Bath and Body Works “Sweet Pea” Gift SetBath and Body Works check price

10 year old girls love anything from Bath and Body Works. With a light and fruity fragrance, the Sweet Pea spa set makes the perfect gift set. With a cute little bow, this gift basket comes with a body lotion, shower gel, and fragrance mist. It smells like pears and raspberries, which 10 year old girls seem to love.

Oceanside Breeze Tub Spa Bath Gift SetOceanside Breeze Tub Spa Bath Gift Setcheck price

How pretty is this? This small spa set comes in the cutest little blue bathtub. Inside it includes a shower gel, bubble bath, and body lotion. The relaxing scent makes you feel like you are in the middle of a calm ocean.

For the 10 Year Old Music Lover

Music Lover
10 year old girls love listening to music 24/7. Here are great gifts for the music lovers in your life.

Svance Water SpeakersSvance Water Speakerscheck price

This might be the most awesome wireless speaker. As you play music, the water shoots up with the beat and tempo of the music, creating a stunning light display. The higher the volume the stronger the water jets. It’s such an awesome effect. The coolest part? It not only works with a wire, it’s also a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

JAM Plus Portable SpeakerJAM Plus Portable Speakercheck price

Girls can beam their favorite music from their smart device to this wonderful sounding wireless speaker with up to 4 hours of play.

Memorex SingStand Karaoke SystemMemorex SingStand Karaoke Systemcheck price

Does your 10 year old girl love singing? Now she can make every night Karaoke night with the Sing Stand from Memorex. The best part? You can hook it up to any device that has a headphone jack including a iPhone, iTouch, Kindle, and more. With Youtube, that means you will never run out of songs. Along with the microphone, it has a built in amp and speaker. The only problem? Your daughter may never stop singing.

VicTsing Shower SpeakerVicTsing Shower Speakercheck price

Who doesn’t love singing their favorite tunes in the shower? This waterproof Bluetooth speaker from VicTsing streams music from your wireless device. Because it’s waterproof, it can be used in the shower or even outdoors. The only problem? She will want to spend a little more time in the shower.

LilGadgets Bluetooth HeadphonesLilGadgets  Bluetooth Headphonescheck price

Offered in several fun colors, these stylish headphones from LilGadgets are especially designed for kids. The best part? They are completely wireless and work over Bluetooth with a range of about 30 feet from the source. Battery life is about 10 to 12 hours. They are so comfortable that your 10 year old girl may never want to take them off. You might just want to borrow them.

Panasonic RPHJE120P In-Ear HeadphonePanasonic RPHJE120P In-Ear Headphonecheck price

The headphones that come with the iPhone aren’t very good. These inexpensive in ear headphones from Panasonic provide sound quality well beyond their price. They are extremely comfortable. Offered in cheerful colors, these make the perfect stocking stuffer.

One Direction Made in the A.M.One Direction Made in the A.M.check price

Made In The AM proves that only Directioners matter. “Perfect” with its soaring strings and synths is sure to make any 10 year old girl swoon. Other gems include “Long Way Down”, “Hey Angel”, and “What a Feeling”. The album is a big thank you to One Direction fans. If this in One Direction’s final curtain call, they are going out on top.

Taylor Swift 1989Taylor Swift 1989check price

1989 is different from almost every other Taylor Swift album, proving she is growing as an artist. Filled with great songs Taylor Swift explores the sound of pop. The songs continue to speak to young girls with themes like bullying, friendship, hate, and love. Girls will want to “Shake It Off.”

For the 10 Year Old Science Lover

STEM Lover
In recent years, all of us have become aware that we need to get more girls interested in science and stem. Just 1 in 7 engineers is female and only 27% of programmers are female. Every girl can be a scientist if she is given the opportunity to learn at an early age. It all starts with toys. These toys and games can help young girls develop logic and analytical skills critical to science, technology, engineering, and math.

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750Ages 8-15Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750check price

Girls can learn how electronics works with Electronic Snap Circuits. Unlike traditional electronics, there are no wires. All of the components snap together on a grid, making it easy for younger girls to build circuits. With over 750 projects, girls will build a FM Radio, doorbell, voice recorder and more.

Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry KitAges 8-12Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kitcheck price

Created by female scientists and moms, this kit proves that girls don’t need science sets designed around beauty products to have fun. With this chemistry kit, girls will learn real science. Using actual lab equipment, girls will learn about scientific concepts like the scientific method. Girls can even design their own experiments. It even comes with a notebook to record everything.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313Ages 10+LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313check price

What girl wouldn’t want to design her own robot? Not only can you build robots, this kit gives you the ability to program and control your robot. With 550 pieces, this robotic set comes with a programmable brain along with sensors. Out of the box, girls can build 5 different robots. While expensive, this is one of the best robotic kits for girls.

littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadge​ts KitAges 8+littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadge​ts Kitcheck price

Here’s a fun kit from LittleBits that allows your 10 year old girl start exploring robotics and electronic circuits. Little Bits are little circuit components that snap together with magnets so anyone can create circuits. With 15 easy to use snap together components, this kit lets girls build 12 different inventions from a bubble maker to a rotating lamp.

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab KitAges 6-12Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kitcheck price

This is no ordinary science kit. It’s super cute and super educational at the same time! All the experiments have real value, but do require common household ingredients. With 30 different components, kids will do everything from creating a rainbow in a jar to making glittery slime. It even comes with a simple working microscope with a 4X zoom. The coolest part? The science kit comes in a fashionable tote that future scientists will love carrying around.

Dino-Lite USB Handheld Digital Microscope Dino-Lite USB Handheld Digital Microscope check price

This is no ordinary microscope. It’s a compact USB powered microscope. It comes with a CD that walks you through the installation. Then with the usb wire, you simply plug in the camera to the USB port. There is a magnification dial on the microscope which goes up to 220X optical zoom. The coolest part? You will see the image on your computer monitor and can even save the images.

AmScope M500 Monocular Compound MicroscopeAmScope M500 Monocular Compound Microscopecheck price

Just about every future scientist needs a real working microscope. This one from AmScope has a 10X wide field eyepiece, 4 lenses, and good quality optics. With a nice build quality, this affordable microscope is comparable to something you would find in high school classes. It’s powerful enough to see blood cells up close. It’s the perfect microscope for a 10 year old girl. It’s fun just to put stuff under the microscope and see a whole new world.

Thames & Kosmos TK1 Telescope & As​tronomy KitAges 10-15Thames & Kosmos TK1 Telescope & As​tronomy Kitcheck price

Budding Astronomers will love looking at the stars, constellations, and distant planets with this entry level telescope from Thames & Kosmos. With a sturdy tripod, this telescope is perfect for beginners. With the included lenses, you can see everything including the moon’s surface, the moons of Jupiter, Saturn’s rings, and more. It’s out of this world fun.

Prime ClimbAges 10+Prime Climbcheck price

Who said math is boring? Here is a board game unlike any other that teaches that math can be fun. As players roll the dice, they move from number square to number square by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The idea is to make your way the center of the board. All of the numbers are color coded so it is as easy as matching colors. The fun part? You can knock players back to the start.

Makey MakeyAges 8+Makey Makeycheck price

Have you ever played a piano with bananas? Makey Makey lets kids control their PC with everything from fruits to Play-doh. This small board can turn just about anything into an input device simulating a mouse or keyboard. You simply hook the board to your computer and clip it different objects. The fun part is coming up with crazy ways to use it. With Makey Makey, anyone can be an inventor.

PuzzletsAges 6+Puzzletscheck price

Puzzlets is one of the most inventive app toys. It’s supposed to teach computer programming but the way it does so is so inventive. It comes with a tray with 22 puzzle pieces and an app called “Cork the Volcano.” These puzzle pieces can be used to control the onscreen characters within the app by moving them left, right, down, up, and more. Kids will have to use the puzzle pieces to direct their characters to complete levels.

Ozobot Bit 2.0Ages 8+Ozobot Bit 2.0check price

This inexpensive bite sized robot is a great way to introduce basic programming to 10 year old girls. At the most basic level, this robot can follow paths that you draw and read colors as it passes over them. The fun part is learning to program the little guy by using a programming language called Blocky. Using a drag and drop interface, girls can program their robot.

Wonder Workshop Dash RobotAges 8+Wonder Workshop Dash Robotcheck price

Dash is an interactive robot friend that girls can program. There is so much Dash can do with the included free apps. Girls can drive the robot around, make him play sound effects, change his lights, or even record sounds. 10 year old girls will love programming the robot with the programming languages known as Blocky and Wonder. The drag and drop interface and tutorials makes it super easy for anyone to learn.

Zoomer KittyAges 5-10Zoomer Kittycheck price

What 10 year old girl doesn’t love pets? This robotic cat has built in sensors in its head, ears, and cheeks that allows it to behave like a real cat. It responds to your child’s touch and movement. When you tickle its face, it purrs. The coolest part? This cute little robotic cat will follow its ball wherever it goes. How cool is that?

Volcano Science Kit by National GeographicAges 6-15Volcano Science Kit by National Geographiccheck price

Who wouldn’t want to create their own volcano? This kit comes with a guide that teaches all about volcanoes and how to build your own. Girls have to first decorate the volcano with the included paints. The coolest part? With the eruption powder, girls will be able to make the volcano erupt.

SmartLab Girls Only!Ages 8-15SmartLab Girls Only!check price

What 10 year old girl doesn’t love exchanging notes? Now they can do it secretly with this unique science kit. The kit comes with 2 kits so that girls can share messages with their best friends. There are 25 different ways that girls can secretly communicate with each other. One experiment has girls using invisible ink to write secret messages to their bestie.

For The 10 Year Old Gadget Lover


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8Fujifilm Instax Mini 8check price

Offered in several fun colors, this inexpensive, retro-looking instant camera is super fun for girls to take pictures with at parties. In the digital age, there is something magical about this digital camera. It’s like a big toy. Compared to the old Polaroid, the colors on the photos look wonderful.

VTech KidizoomVTech Kidizoomcheck price

Have you heard of the Go Pro Camera? The Vtech Kidizoom is essentially the kiddie version of the Go Pro Camera. While it doesn’t have the resolution of the more expensive cameras, this wearable camera is perfect for capturing just about any adventure in the air, underwater, and on land. It comes with several mounts to attach the camera to any flat surface and even a waterproof case.

Amazon Fire 7″Amazon Fire 7check price

The new Kindle Fire is more affordable than ever which makes it a great gift for a 10 year old girl. Kids get to play apps, watch movies, and read their favorite books. The Amazon appstore makes it very easy to purchase additional content. We love that the Kindle Fire has built in parental controls to control how much time your girl is spending with the device.

All-New Kindle PaperwhiteAll-New Kindle Paperwhitecheck price

If your girl loves reading, then the Paperwhite is probably the best new way to read books. The display is almost like reading a book and the battery life seems to last forever.

Apple iTouchApple iTouchcheck price

Every ten year old girl dreams of getting her very own iPod. It’s more than just a mp3 player. With the Apple App Store, there are so many apps and games to choose from.

Apple iPad MiniApple iPad Minicheck price

Apple came out with a new tablet that is smaller and less expensive than the regular iPad but it will run all of the same apps. If your daughter has been asking for an iPad, this is the way to go.

Zilu ZLBPX 4400mAh Portable ChargerZilu ZLBPX 4400mAh Portable Chargercheck price

Don’t hate when your cell phone runs out of battery? Available in several colors, the Zili Battery Pack will become your 10 year old’s best friend. This little device has enough juice to charge your iPhone at least 1 time. It’s so inexpensive that every 10 year old girl should carry one around with them.

Otterbox Commuter Case Purple FlowersOtterbox Commuter Case Purple Flowerscheck price

There are so many fashionable iPhone 6 cases but a lot of them don’t really protect your phone that well. If you have an accident with your phone, you definitely want something like the Otterbox to protect your phone. Now you can get the Otterbox in several fashionable prints.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Bookworm

Book Lover
So she can’t put that book down? Here are great gifts for 10 year old girls who love reading.

LuminoLite Book Light LuminoLite Book Light check price

Every book lover needs this book light. It’s the perfect gift for the girl that loves reading at night. You just snap it to your book or even Kindle and you can read. Once you clip it on, you can adjust the flexible neck and choose between the 2 brightness settings.

Guinness World Records 2016Guinness World Records 2016check price

Did you know that the world’s largest animal wasn’t the dinosaur? It’s actually the blue whale. The Guinness World Records is back with thousands of fun record breaking trivia on animals, Star Wars, the human body, and more. Filled with larger than life pictures, it’s brimming with all sorts of fun tidbits and facts that will impress every 10 year old girl.

Ripley’s Special Edition 2016Ripley's Special Edition 2016check price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could live in a gingerbread house? Believe it or not there is actually a real one in Texas that can fit an entire family of 4. With 144 pages, this fun book is filled with so many fun, weird, and quirky facts. You just won’t believe it or be able to put it down.

The Hunger Games TrilogyThe Hunger Games Trilogycheck price

If they haven’t already, just about every 10 year girl wants to read the Hunger Games trilogy. In the book, America has been destroyed and a new leadership has arisen. There are 12 districts. Every year one girl and one boy get chosen to compete in the Hunger Games. Only one can survive. The story revolves around Katniss, who is a young girl that must compete in the Hunger games. Will she survive?

Just Between Us: Mom & Daughter JournalJust Between Us: Mom & Daughter Journalcheck price

How well do you know your daughter? Here’s a fun take on the classic journal. It’s a journal for both daughters and moms. With fun prompts on every page, moms write on one side of the journal and girls write on the other side. You’ll discuss everything from your favorite song to even boys. It’s a diary that will bring you closer to your daughter.

Wreck This JournalWreck This Journalcheck price

This is such a liberating idea for a journal. The whole point of this journal is to wreck it. Each page contains a fun prompt to destroy the book. You’ll spill coffee on the journal, poke holes with a pencil, shower with it, scribble mindlessly, and more. What could be more fun?

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #10: Old SchoolDiary of a Wimpy Kid #10: Old Schoolcheck price

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Old is one of the most anticipated books of the year. Would you be able to live in a world without electronics? When the town decides to give up electronics, Greg will have to try to find a way to survive. As with the other books in the series, the book is written on notebook paper with fun stick figure illustrations. What will happen?

Dork Diaries Box Set 1 – 10Dork Diaries Box Set 1 - 10check price

Often compared to the Diary of A Wimpy kid series, Dork Diaries is one of the most popular books for 10 year old girls. This set includes books 1 – 10. The story is about a middle schooler who writes about her life in a diary as an eight grader. Parents should know the main character is materialistic.

The Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew CollectionThe Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew Collectioncheck price

Did you read the Nancy Drew series as a child? This set of Nancy Drew books are classic books that every 10 year old girl must read. There are so many fun mysteries for young readers to discover including the Cinderella Ballet Mystery and the Case of the Sneaky Snowman.

Fashion Angels Project Runway PortfolioFashion Angels Project Runway Portfoliocheck price

Future fashion designers will fall in love with The Fashion Design workshop. The set includes a sketchbook with outlines of models. The fun part is dressing the figures with clothes and accessories using the various stencils to added dresses, shirts, bags and shoes. The runway is yours.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Board Game Lover

Boardgame Lover
There is nothing that brings family and friends closer than a good board game. Here are the best board games for 10 year old girls.

Pie Face GamePie Face Gamecheck price

This is a great game for 10 year old girls. First players load up the hand with whip cream. Girls take turns rolling the dice. After sticking their head in contraption, they have to turn the lever underneath the contraption the same amount of times as the die they rolled earlier. Watch out! At any time the pie hand could go off, smacking you in the face with whip cream. It’s a smash.

Bounce-Off GameBounce-Off Gamecheck price

Are you ready for Bounce Off! The game can be played head to head but is even more fun in teams. In Bounce Off, players first choose either the blue or yellow team color. Then they have to match the pattern on the drawn card by bouncing their colored balls into the game board. The catch? The ball must bounce at least one time before it goes into the tray.

Apples to Apples JuniorApples to Apples Juniorcheck price

Apples to Apples Jr. is a fun party game. There are red cards and green cards. The green cards contain adjectives like funny, nasty, etc. The red cards have nouns like Spiderman, poodle, etc. One person is the judge and flips over a green card, revealing the adjective. Then players put down a red card that fits well with the adjective. The judge then picks the best combination.

5 Second Rule5 Second Rulecheck price

The 5 Seconds Rule board game will challenge your ability to think on your feet. You have 5 seconds to answer the most random questions like “Name 3 Yellow Foods.” Quick, you only have 5 Seconds. Times up!

HedBanz GameHedBanz Gamecheck price

Headbanz is a fun party game where you have to guess the object on your head. The catch? Everybody can see it except you. You’ll have to ask questions like “Am I a person”, “Am I a food,” and so forth. You’ll have to guess before time runs out.

Wits & Wagers Deluxe Board GameWits & Wagers Deluxe Board Gamecheck price

Wits and Wagers is a fantastic party game. How many pounds does the heaviest Sumo wrestler weigh? Who cares? In this trivia game, you don’t have to know the answers. You just have to be able to guess who at the table has the correct answer. The game has now been updated. The Deluxe version has plastic poker tokens, more durable currency, and better dry erase markers. The coolest part? It has high quality no wrinkle mat. For 10 year olds, it’s the closest thing to being in Vegas.

Melissa & Doug SuspendMelissa & Doug Suspendcheck price

Suspend is a fun game where players have to hook, hang, balance, and suspend metal rods of different sizes on each other without knocking any others off. With every piece, the entire structure shifts, making it even more fun and tense.

Ubongo Ubongo check price

What would happen if you combined Tetris with a board game? You would get Ubongo. It’s a puzzle game that tests your speed. You must finish your puzzle faster than others and collect the most gems. Up to 4 players can play. Everybody gets a pile of shapes and a board. Then players have fit their shapes into the puzzle board. The player who finishes first yells “Ubongo.”

Perplexus OriginalPerplexus Originalcheck price

In Perplexus, players have to guide a small ball through a maze inside a sphere. Players have to twist, turn, and rotate the sphere to manipulate the ball to stay on the track. If the ball falls off, you have to start over. It is addictive to try to get to the end.

Ticket To RideTicket To Ridecheck price

In the award winning Ticket To Ride, players have to build railway routes through cities. The longer the route, the more points you receive. The only problem? Other players will try to block your route, causing you to rethink your strategy.

Catan: JuniorCatan: Juniorcheck price

Catan Junior is the perfect game for 10 year old girls. It’s based on the classic board game Settlers Of Catan but is just as fun. This pirate themed game has players going around and collecting resources to build pirate ships, pirate lairs, and pirate parrots. In order to succeed, players will have to trade resources. The player that controls seven pirate hideouts the first, wins the game.

Monopoly Here & Now GameMonopoly Here & Now Gamecheck price

Here is a fun twist on the classic game of Monopoly. The game has players racing around the game board visiting and buying popular US cities like New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. When players buy cities, they collect stamps to fill up their passport. The player that fills up their passport first wins.

Jim Stott’s Ultimate Magic KitJim Stott's Ultimate Magic Kitcheck price

Young magicians will love this magic kit filled with awesome tricks including levitating cards, transforming 3 different sized ropes into the same size, and sticking a pen through a bill. Everyone will be asking how you did it.

Gravity MazeGravity Mazecheck price

It’s got marbles! It’s got mazes! Here is a fun puzzle game that will test your puzzle skills. There are 60 different challenge cards with varying levels of difficultly. The idea is to set up the maze so that when you drop the marble through the maze it works its way to the target. It’s a game that makes you think.

For The 10 Year Girl Video Gamer


Just Dance 2016Ages 10+Just Dance 2016check price

Every girl loves to dance. This game will get them on their feet, dancing to some of today’s hottest hits including One Direction’s No Control

LEGO Dimensions Starter PackAges 10+LEGO Dimensions Starter Packcheck price

Lego Dimensions is a new toys to life game that combine the fun of Legos with videogames. The game lets players build objects with the provided pieces and transport their creations into the game. How cool is that? The starter pack includes Wyldstyle, Gandalf, Batman, and the Batmobile. Other sets are sold separately.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter PackAges 6+Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Packcheck price

Now girls can play with their favorite Disney characters inside of a video game. With the starter pack , kids can play out the stories of Star Wars. If your kid ever wanted to yield the power of a light saber, this game is a must have. The game recreates some of the coolest aspects of the movie including pod racing, space battles, and even light saber duels.

Super Mario MakerAges 5+Super Mario Makercheck price

Who doesn’t love Nintendo’s little mustachioed plumber? Now girls can design their own levels for Mario to jump and run through. The drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone to be a Nintendo designer. Players can even share levels and download other people’s levels.

Skylanders SuperChargersAges 10+Skylanders SuperChargerscheck price

The latest Skylanders game adds vehicles to the mix. The vehicles can be used on land, underwater, and in the sky. Players can even race their vehicles against a friend. The starter pack includes one supercharger vehicle and 2 characters.

MinecraftAges 10+Minecraftcheck price

Minecraft is the most popular kid’s videogame of our time. You might not understand why it’s so popular until you actually see it. It’s like a digital box of Legos. In the game, girls can create their own worlds out of blocks to create cities, buildings, and anything else kids can imagine.

Yoshi’s Woolly WorldAges 5+Yoshi's Woolly Worldcheck price

My gosh this game is so cute. In this game, the entire world along with Yoshi has been turned into yarn. It’s so adorable. You’ll wish you could reach into the screen and play with everything. This platformer has players jumping on platforms, fighting bosses, and making their way past increasing challenges. Players can play solo or with a friend to save Yoshi’s world from turning into a tangle ball of yarn.

New Nintendo 3DS XL New Nintendo 3DS XL check price

Nintendo’s portable system is one of the best selling game devices of the year thanks to a strong lineup of games. The system allows gamers to view games in 3D and the XL comes equipped with a bigger screen.

For The 10 Year Old Builder


LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand HotelAges 8-12LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotelcheck price

So this is where the Lego Friends stay when they are on vacation? This huge 1552 Lego set, lets girls build a Lego Hotel. The set comes with 5 minidolls and a ton of fun accessories that make this set so great. At the entrance we are greeted by a red carpet and revolving door. Inside the hotel, the lobby area has a beautiful Lego chandelier and grand piano. There is even a working elevator. The Lego Friends will never want to leave this 5 Star Lego hotel.

LEGO Elves The Elves’ Treetop HideawayAges 8-12LEGO Elves The Elves' Treetop Hideawaycheck price

This is no ordinary Lego set. It’s part of the new Lego Elves line which is a fantasy extension of the Lego Friends line. In the line, a young girl by the name of Emily walks through a portal and ends up in a mystical world filled with Elves. The sets are vibrant and imaginative. This 505 piece Lego set has girls building 2 mystical trees complete with moving parts and a magical bridge.

LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour BusAges 8-12LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour Buscheck price

We are going on tour with the Lego Friends. Lego fans will love hopping aboard this 682 piece Lego Tour Bus. It comes with 3 mini dolls: Livi, Stephanie, and Mia. Like the other Friends sets, there are some fun accessories including a DJ Stage and chairs for the minidolls to relax on. The coolest part? The bus extends out, revealing a little stage for our Lego Stars to perform on.

LEGO Minecraft Nether FortressAges 8+LEGO Minecraft  Nether Fortresscheck price

It’s Minecraft! It’s the Nether world from the game so it’s got lava and fire all around. Minecraft fans will love building the 571 piece Nether Fortress. It’s got Alex, Steve, Zombie Pigman, Ghast, and Blaze. Ghast can even shoot fire balls out of his mouth. Watch out for the falling lava block! The coolest part? The fortress can swivel at the hinge, creating an alternate look.

LEGO Friends Heartlake JetAges 6-12LEGO Friends Heartlake Jetcheck price

Girls have fallen in love with Lego Friends. We are going on vacation with the Lego Friends. This 230 piece set lets girls build a private jet complete with a luggage scanner. The coolest part? You can get to the interior by removing the roof. Inside there is a cockpit for the pilot, passenger seats, and a rest room. It’s time for takeoff!<

Ravensburger 3D The Earth PuzzleballAges 10+Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleballcheck price

This is no ordinary globe. It’s actually made out of 540 puzzle pieces. The most amazing part? When girls put the puzzle to together it forms a completely smooth sphere thanks to the unique interlocking plastic pieces. When they are done, girls will love displaying the completed project on the included stand.

For The 10 Year Old Girl Doll Lover

Doll Lover

Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday DollBarbie Collector 2015 Holiday Dollcheck price

Barbie is looking more elegant than ever with her beautiful 27 Anniversary holiday red gown. There is no better way to celebrate the holidays.

Monster High Freak du Chic Gooliope JellingtonMonster High Freak du Chic Gooliope Jellingtoncheck price

The newest line in the Monster High line is called Freak du Chic line. This is Gooliope Jellington. She is no ordinary Monster High Doll. At 17 inches, she is a larger doll. She is the daughter of the Blob, abandoned as a baby and adopted by the circus. She’s got lemon color hair with pink streaks. Her bubblegum pink colored skin bring out her beautiful face. She’s gorgeous.

American Girl GraceAmerican Girl Gracecheck price

American Girl dolls are extremely popular with 10 year girls. Meet Grace. With a pretty charm bracelet, her outfit is very cute. She’s got a shirt with the Eiffel Tower on it , an adorable little bow on her skirt, and the coolest pair of boots.

Monster High Deadluxe High School PlaysetMonster High Deadluxe High School Playsetcheck price

Monster High Fans will love this huge 3 story play set with 8 rooms. This thing is an absolute monster, measuring 4 feet tall and 5 inches wide when it’s opened. All of the most popular rooms from the movies are brought to life. There is even a hidden room in the clock tower. The Monster High Dolls love hanging out here and it has 14 clips for displaying the dolls.

Barbie DreamhouseBarbie Dreamhousecheck price

Since they were little, every girl dreams about the Barbie Dreamhouse. Measuring 4 feet tall, this is a gigantic doll house with 6 rooms including a bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and garage. The coolest feature? Kids can put their smart phone in the TV and actually watch shows. It lives up to the name Dreamhouse.

Barbie Pop-Up Camper VehicleBarbie Pop-Up Camper Vehiclecheck price

This is no ordinary camper. It can be opened up, turning it into a little dollhouse. The back opens an there is mini kitchen on the door. Inside there is a little bed. Swing open the hood and there is a bathroom with a toilet and sink inside. The top lifts open, turning it into a 3 story house with a living and dining area. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a pop out pool. There’s even a little slide. We wish we had a real camper like this.

For The 10 Year Girl Foodie


Babycakes Cake Pop MakerBabycakes Cake Pop Makercheck price

This cake pop machine is fantastic for 10 year old girls. It’s better than a toy because it is a real kitchen appliance. After the cake pops are done put them on a stick and decorate them. Yum.

MiniMu Kids Apron SetMiniMu Kids Apron Setcheck price

This is a very cute apron for 10 year old girls that love helping mom around the kitchen. She will look stylish with her apron and matching hat and mittens.

Ferrero Rocher Gift CubeFerrero Rocher Gift Cubecheck price

Who can resist a hazelnut covered with creamy chocolate? This beautiful gold package contains 18 sinful chocolates inside. These are delicious. Once you start, it is impossible to resist these.

Hershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate BarHershey’s Milk 5-Pound Chocolate Barcheck price

Who doesn’t love Hershey Bars? An ordinary Hershey Bar is amazing, but this is no ordinary Hershey Bar. Weighing 5 pounds and measuring 10″ X 20” , it’s the world’s largest Hershey Bar. It tastes just like a regular Hershey Bar except it is way bigger. It will probably take weeks to get through the whole thing.

What are some great gifts for 10 year old girls?

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