Best Christmas Gifts For Teen Boys

best gifts for teen boys
What are the best gifts for teen boys? With over 350 gift ideas, we scoured the stores all year long to create the ultimate Christmas Wish List for teenage guys.

It seems that nobody knows what the best gifts for teenage boys are. As a result, instead of giving a nicely wrapped gift, most of us settle on giving money or a gift card. I’m okay with receiving money, but I love receiving something wrapped even if it is small.

Maybe it’s because I still believe in Santa Clause, reindeer, and elves.  So we thought it would be really fun to create the ultimate Teen Boy Gift Wish List to make it simpler for everyone. It will be your little cheat sheet.

With over 350 gift ideas for teen boys, we have broken this year’s list into 17 different categories based on popular interests. Teenage boys are all different. So whether your teenage guy is a video gamer, geek, or loves fashion, there is something for every guy. Most of the items are pretty affordable but a few of them are just wishes. A guy has got to wish, right? After all, it’s a Christmas wish list.

So whether you are shopping for your teenage son, friend, niece, brother, or boyfriend, these are the things to get a teenage guy for Christmas. If you are teenage guy, there are ton of ideas of what to put on your list and what to get others. These also make great birthday gifts for teen boys. Hit the heart button to help others out and please pin your favorites.

Here are some awesome Christmas gifts for teen boys.

Cool Video Game Gifts For Teenage Boys

Teenage boys love video games. For the teen gamers on your list, there is so much to choose. From the top games out this year to gamer themed gifts, if he is really into gaming he will love these cool gifts for teen boys.

PlayStation VR PlayStation VRcheck price

Are you ready to go inside of your games? Virtual Reality is about to change gaming forever and Sony’s Virtual reality headset is leading the way. If you already own a PS4, all you need is the headset. The headset is capable of tracking your head motion so you will be able to look around in the virtual worlds. There will be over 50 games at launch to take advantage of the headset.

Nes Classic Edition Nes Classic Editioncheck price

I am a big fan of retro consoles. Nintendo is bringing back a miniature version of Nintendo Entertainment system. The coolest part? While it won’t play your old cartridges, it’s already preloaded with 30 of the best Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Every teen gamer has to own this. It’s a part of video game history.

Classic Zelda Amiibo figures: Ocarina, 8 bit, Toon Link Classic Zelda Amiibo figures: Ocarina, 8 bit, Toon Linkcheck price

Amiibos are little statues based on popular Nintendo characters. This year it is the 30th Anniversary of Zelda. I couldn’t more excited about the special edition Amiibos Nintendo announced to celebrate Zelda’s anniversary. There’s Ocarina Of Time, 8 bit, and Toon Link. Seriously, I want them all.

PlayStation Plus Membership PlayStation Plus Membershipcheck price

If you have a Playstation Gamer, you could always get them a prepaid Playstation Plus subscription. Even if he already has it, it will just stack on top of his current subscription, extending it. The coolest thing? Every month you get a lineup of free games. It’s like Christmas every month. Along with free games, there are other benefits like online multiplayer and exclusive discounts on games.

Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Xbox LIVE Gold Membership check price

The easiest gift to give an Xbox One gamer is a subscription to Xbox Live. If he loves to play Xbox games online with his friends, he will need this. Not only does it let him get online, but it allows him to speak with his friends while playing, saying various pleasantries like “Noob.” Luckily that is not all; every month you get access to a couple of free games.

FPS Freek Thumbsticks FPS Freek Thumbstickscheck price

You don’t have to spend a lot on your gamer. Get these thumbsticks. They work especially well for first person shooters. They go on the thumbsticks of the controller and make your aiming better. It’s really good for shooting games like Call Of Duty.

Sony Playstation 4 Pro Sony Playstation 4 Procheck price

There’s a new Playstation out this year that is designed to take advantage of 4K TVs. For hardcore gamers and those with 4K televisions that want the very best Playstation experience, the Playstation Pro is for you. With a focus on 4k and HDR, the Playstation Pro delivers a level of clarity that was not possible on the original PS4. The best part? It’s only $100 dollars more than the standard model.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Sony PlayStation 4 Slimcheck price

Already 40 million people have bought the Playstation 4. Now the original Playstation 4 is getting slimmer, lighter, and more energy efficient while keeping the same rendering power of the original. For those looking to jump into next generation gaming on 1080P HDTVs, this is the best way. The best part? You won’t be missing out on any games that are available on the Pro model as the library of games is the same.

Xbox One S Xbox One Scheck price

Now the Xbox One got a sleek makeover and the ability to play 4K Blu-Rays. If your teen boy still hasn’t upgraded and loves Xbox games, now is the perfect time. Designed for 1080P HDTVs, the Xbox One has games, apps, and a ton of great exclusives like Halo and Gears Of War.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Rated M
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfarecheck price

There is a new Call Of Duty game out this year and that means your teen boy is going to want it for Christmas. There a two versions of the game. The Legacy version includes a copy of Modern Warfare remastered in HD. With its simplistic fragging gameplay, anybody can pick this game up and mow down enemies. This year the battles defy gravity, taking place in space. Plus, there are zombies in space.

Battlefield 1
Rated M
Battlefield 1check price

Battlefield 1 is probably one of the most anticipated first person shooters this year. With a focus on team battles, this military shooter takes all the mayhem and violence of the Battlefield game and puts in a World War I setting. The coolest part? You can drive authentic World War vehicles like biplanes, tanks, jeeps, and more.

Gears of War 4
Rated M
Gears of War 4check price

Gears Of War is the biggest Xbox One exclusive out this year. With its ridiculously fast paced 3rd person action game play, brutal melee combat, new weapons, new maps, new characters, and new enemies, Gears Of War 4 will give you a nonstop adrenaline rush.

Titanfall 2
Rated M
Titanfall 2check price

Who doesn’t like giant robots? While not as popular as Call Of Duty and Battlefield, Titanfall 2 is another shooter but with giant Mech robots. With several new modes, Titanfall 2 is very similar to Call Of Duty with twitch action gameplay.

Madden NFL 17
Rated E
Madden NFL 17check price

Are you ready to take your team to the Superbowl? Nothing is more fun than playing Madden with your buddies and talking a whole lot of trash. With more emphasis on momentum, this year the running game has completely been overhauled to play and look like a real NFL game. Go long! Madden scores another touchdown!

NBA 2K17
Rated E
NBA 2K17check price

When you can’t go outside for a game of hoops, NBA 2K is the next best thing. In order to make the game as realistic as possible, the developers flew to each stadium to make sure that everything sounds and looks like the real thing. The coolest part? You can scan yourself into the game using the MyNBA2K app. Can you take your team to the NBA finals or will you choke?

Watch Dogs 2
Rated M
Watch Dogs 2check price

In Watch Dogs 2, you roam through the streets of San Francisco hacking everything in sight. With the backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and other famous landmarks in San Francisco, the Bay Area provides the perfect playground for Watch Dog 2’s open world game play. You steal text messages, mess with signal lights, cause cars to malfunction, and more. The open world game play allows you to complete missions in your own way.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Rated E10+
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakenscheck price

What happens when you put Lego characters in a Star Wars video game? You get Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The game’s story follows the movie’s plot except we get our favorite characters in Lego form. Filled with the puzzle based gameplay that you expect in a Lego game, the game is filled with so much charm The coolest part? You will get to pilot an X-Wing.

PowerA Controller Charging Station PowerA Controller Charging Stationcheck price

Nothing is more annoying than having dead controllers. Available on the PS4 and Xbox One, this charging cradle makes it easy to charge 2 controllers at the same time. The best part? It plugs into the wall so your console doesn’t have to be on. Just put your controllers on the cradle and your controllers will be ready to go when you want to play.

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset HyperX Cloud Gaming Headsetcheck price

With a sturdy metal frame, the Hyper Cloud X headset is the headset that every gamer dreams about. Why? These lightweight headphones are designed to wear for a long time. Compared to other headphones, they feel like a cloud on your head. With a detachable mic and satisfying bass, this headset brings your games to life like never before.

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Stereo Headset PlayStation Platinum Wireless Stereo Headsetcheck price

The best selling wireless headset on the PS4 has been completely redesigned with a more premium build than the original. Designed to work with the new VR headset, it has 3d audio and 7.1 surround sound so you can hear sound coming from all directions.

LucidSound LS30 Wireless Gaming Headset LucidSound LS30 Wireless Gaming Headsetcheck price

While most gaming sets make you look like an airport pilot, this is the nicest headset ever. Like a pair of Beats, from the minute you see these headphones, you will fall in love. Completely wireless, they are super comfortable too after long gaming sessions. The microphone plugs in so you can talk to your friends online and it’s compatible with both the PS4 and Xbox One.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Elgato Game Capture HD60check price

If he needs to get high quality footage off the PS4 or Xbox One, then he needs the Elgato Game Capture HD60. With it, he will be able to stream 1080p and 60 frames per second video to Twitch or Youtube. It’s the perfect gift for capturing all of your coolest gaming moments.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Xbox One Elite Wireless Controllercheck price

With stainless steel thumb sticks, Microsoft built the Xbox Elite Controller for serious gamers. All of the buttons and components can be customized. With it, you will always be one step ahead of your Call Of Duty opponents.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit Xbox One Play and Charge Kit check price

Are you tired of burning through batteries on your Xbox One controller? This charger allows you to charge while play so you never have to worry about batteries again.

Amiibo End Level Display Amiibo End Level Display check price

If you collect Amiibos, here is a cool way to display them. It’s a wonderful way to show off your collection of Amiibos. Which Amiibo will grab the flag first?

New 3DS Super Mario Land Bundle New 3DS Super Mario Land Bundlecheck price

If you love Mario and the Nintendo gang, now is the best time to grab a new Nintendo 3DS bundle with Super Mario Land. In addition to its already amazing library, there are a bunch of cool games coming. This year there’s a new Pokemon game and Mario Maker, which lets you make your own Mario courses.

Steam Link Steam Linkcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could play your PC games on the big screen? You can with the Steam link. The coolest part? You can play with your PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U controllers.

GAEMS Personal Gaming Environment GAEMS Personal Gaming Environmentcheck price

Would you like to travel with your game console? This is no ordinary suitcase. It actually has a built in 720P HD screen and speakers. Simply put your console inside and all you have to do is plug it in, allowing your console to go wherever you go.

VIZIO D50u-D1 50-Inch 4K HDTV VIZIO D50u-D1 50-Inch 4K HDTVcheck price

Now that the Playstation Pro has gone 4K, you are going to need a 4K television to take advantage of it. If you are in the market for your first 4K HDTV and don’t want to spend a lot, go with the Vizio Du series. At 13.5 msec, it has one of the lowest input lags on a TV, which is super important for gaming. The price is crazy good for a 50 inch 4k HDTV.

Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p Projector Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p Projectorcheck price

Playing your Playstation 4 or Xbox One on a big screen TV is an amazing experience, but playing it on a 100 inch screen is even better. This projector from Epson delivers full HD 1080p video. What makes it so great for games? The input lag is 22 milliseconds, which is unheard of in a projector.

Unique Geeky Gifts For Teen Guys

It’s okay, being a geek is cool. Does he love Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek or videogames, take a look at these top gifts for teen boys that are sure to make him geek out.

Paladone Pac-Man Ghost Light Paladone Pac-Man Ghost Lightcheck price

Those who love games should make this Pacman light a part of their room. Shaped like the iconic Pacman ghost, this light phases through 16 different colors. But the real fun happens when you set it in party mode, where it reacts to your music. Talk about setting the mood.

Tetris Puzzle Desk Lamp Tetris Puzzle Desk Lampcheck price

Who is not in love with the game of Tetris? This cool little lamp allows you to stack the shaped tiles into different shapes just like Tetris. You can rearrange it however you want. As long as you touch the pieces together, the lamp will light up.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cuttercheck price

How cool would it be to slice your pizzas with this Star Trek Enterprise Ship Pizza Slicer? Shaped like the iconic USS Enterprise, this premium pizza cutter is made of steel. The minute you get this pizza cutter, you are going to want to throw a pizza in the oven and slice it up. It’s the ultimate geeky gift for Star Trek fans.

Star Wars Vinyl Wall Clock Cutout Star Wars Vinyl Wall Clock Cutoutcheck price

I have never seen anything like this and need to hang this in my room now. If he is a true fan of Star Wars, he needs this wall clock on his wall. Made out of a record and cut by laser, it’s shaped like the Death Star and has a silhouette of Darth Vader on it. It’s a unique gift for any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lampcheck price

Who wouldn’t want a light up Millennium Falcon lamp on their desk? If he’s a Star Wars fan, he will be in another galaxy when he sees this LED light in his room. You simply plug the base in the wall and slide the Millennium Falcon piece into the base. When you press the button, it lights up the Millennium Falcon and you can even flip through the various colors. The minute he turns it on, he will feel the force.

Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Chargercheck price

Traditional USB car chargers just got a whole lot boring. When you need to charge your USB devices in your car, this is the only droid you need. With 2 USB ports, he charges 2 devices at once. The coolest part? He comes to life spinning his head and making sounds when you stick a device in the USB port.

Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobe Star Wars Jedi Master Fleece Bathrobecheck price

Who wouldn’t want to become a Jedi? He probably won’t wear a regular bathrobe, but he will love relaxing in this Jedi bathrobe. Made of fleece, not only does it keep you warm and cozy during the winter months, but you can take on Darth Vader with it. The hood allows you to hide when the enemies are near.

Star Wars Darth Vader Fleece Bathrobe Star Wars Darth Vader Fleece Bathrobecheck price

You must choose wisely. Are you a rebel? Your rebel will love this Darth Vader fleece bathrobe. When you need to get your Darth Vader on, put this robe on and go over to the dark side. The best part? It keeps you warm on cold mornings. Now all you need is a Darth Vader helmet and light saber to complete your look.

12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control  12th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control check price

This is no ordinary Sonic Screwdriver. It has the ability to control your entire entertainment system. Styled after the Dr.’s tool, it actually a universal remote. The coolest part? You can actually flick it, making it a cool prop.

Star Wars R2D2 Talking Cookie Jar Star Wars R2D2 Talking Cookie Jarcheck price

Meet the world’s coolest cookie jar in the galaxy. Shaped like R2D2, it holds cookies inside. The coolest part? When you lift up its head to take out a cookie, the cookie jar springs to life, beeping and lighting up. Your teenage boy is going to want to keep opening the jar.

Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jarcheck price

This might just look like a police station, but Dr. Who fans will recognize it as the Dr. Who Tardis. With a lid on it, it’s perfect place for stashing your cookies. The best part? When your little brother opens it, it alerts you by lighting up and making swooshing noises from the show. Stop! You are under arrest! Gimme back my cookie.

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker Star Wars Death Star Waffle Makercheck price

Death Star Waffles! Waffle makers are cool, but a waffle maker that spits out waffles in the shape of the Death Star is even cooler. Star Wars fans will geek out over getting to head to the dark side every morning. Who knew it could be so delicious?

Retro Gaming Shower Curtain Retro Gaming Shower Curtaincheck price

Would you like to be the star in a video game? If you spend most of your time in the shower thinking about video games, then this shower curtain is for you. With it, you are the star of your own 8-bit video game. The best part? There’s a clear panel that reveals the upper portion of your body. Just don’t let your mom or girlfriend walk in on you.

Super Mario Question Block Lamp Super Mario Question Block Lampcheck price

How cool is this? Not only does it light up when you touch the top of it, it plays the famous booping Mario coin sound. Don’t try to hit your head on it, because a mushroom won’t come out. We tried.

BB-8 Desktop Lamp BB-8 Desktop Lampcheck price

Star Wars fans will geek out with this BB-8 lamp. When you touch his head, he turns on like a lamp and his head acts as the shade. While the light is not bright enough to light up the room on its own, BB-8 will always be there to shine a little brightness in your life.

BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lampcheck price

Who wouldn’t love a full sized version of BB-8? Star Wars fans will flip out when they see this. This 26 inch version of BB-8 is actually a floor lamp. Under his head are a set of LED light that cast light down over his body. While it’s not bright enough to improve the lighting in your room, it will make it a heck of a lot cooler.

R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lamp R2-D2 Architectural Desk Lampcheck price

Is your desk a little too boring? Bring a little light to the dark side with this R2-D2 inspired desk lamp. With a shade shaped like R2-D2’s head, it will remind you of your favorite droid. Next time you have homework, use this lamp as an adventurous sidekick. It sure beats doing your homework alone.

BB-8 Architectural Desk Lamp BB-8 Architectural Desk Lampcheck price

Modeled after our favorite Droid, BB-8, this desk light will light your room up. The best part? Unlike BB-8, it won’t roll around. When you are doing your homework, you will find yourself making boop boop sound effects.

Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chaircheck price

Have you caught Snorlax in Pokemon Go? Here’s the biggest catch of all. If you are a Pokemon fan, you need this. Just about life size, this huge 4 foot by 2 foot wide version of Snorlax is actually a bean bag chair. There is nothing like coming home from a busy day of playing Pokemon Go and taking a nap on Snorlax.

Marvel Stark Industries Messenger Backpack Marvel Stark Industries Messenger Backpackcheck price

If Iron Man had a messenger bag, it would look like this. While it won’t make you fly, it will keep your organized. This roomy messenger bag is large enough to fit just about any laptop inside. Iron Man geeks will love the light up arc reactor on the strap. Even Tony Stark needs one of these.

Nintendo Entertainment System Backpack Nintendo Entertainment System Backpackcheck price

I am a big fan of retro consoles. What could be cooler than a backpack designed after the original Nintendo Entertainment System right down to the power and reset button. Too bad you can’t hook it up to your TV and play Super Mario Brothers.

Gadgets For Teen Guys

From the coolest new drones to the coolest new phones, who doesn’t love gadgets? Teen boys are obsessed with technology. Gadgets always make good Christmas presents for teen boys. If he loves gadgets, here are the presents that any teen boy would love to see under the tree on Christmas day.

Tech Toys for Teen Boys

Guys never outgrow some toys. Here are top toys for teen boys.

Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter Syma X5C Explorers Quadcoptercheck price

Drones are super popular at the moment. With the Syma X5C, you don’t have to spend a whole lot to fly a drone in your backyard. With a flight time of about 7 minutes, it’s equipped with a 720P camera. With simple to master controls, it’s a great way to learn how to fly a drone. Not only is it fun to fly, but it can grab cool aerial videos.

DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Dronecheck price

The MJX X400W is an awesome drone. There aren’t many drones in its price range that allow you fly in first person view on your phone or with a VR headset. This drone has a built in Wi Fi camera that your phone can connect to. Simply mount your phone on the remote and you can see what the drone sees in realtime. With a large capacity battery, you get decent battery life of about 10 minutes.

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter DJI Phantom 4 Quadcoptercheck price

The DJI Phantom 4 is the drone every teenage guy wishes he could fly on Christmas morning. It’s got a built in 12 megapixel camera the takes 4K video. With brand new features like object avoidance and the ability to fly autonomously with “tap to fly”, this is the perfect drone for beginners and professionals. The best part? Now that the new drone is out, you can get the DJI Phantom 3 for a lot less.

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droidcheck price

Everybody favorite new character in the Force Awakens was BB-8. With plenty of personality, this toy replica from Sphero is just as awesome. You can control him using your Smartphone. This is the only droid you will need. Not only it fun to take him on adventures, but chasing the cat with him is just as fun.

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Band Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with Force Bandcheck price

With the original BB-8, Sphero managed to create one of the most loveable products in the Galaxy. Now the company is at it again. This thing is so cool. You can now guide BB-8 with a wristband by simply motioning your hand. The force has never been stronger.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit Anki Overdrive Starter Kitcheck price

Start your engines . . . Anki Overdrive proves that Hot Wheels are for kids. In this evolution of slot car racing, teens race and battle with physical cars around a track using an app. It’s the closest thing to Mario Kart in real life. You can even reconfigure the track into different tracks to race on. The coolest part? The AI can race against you around the track without anybody controlling them.

Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RScheck price

While it is impossible to find, the Lego Technic Porshe is literally the only Lego set I want to build this year. With 2700 pieces, this thing is freakin’ unbelievable. From front to back, it let’s you create a super detailed replica of a Porsche 911 out Legos. It’s almost as good as owning a Porsche . . . almost!

Doctor Who 12th Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who 12th Sonic Screwdrivercheck price

Dr. Who fans will love this recreation of the Sonic Screwdriver used in Season 9. With this prop, fans can be just like the Dr. It has a double switch that slides back and forth, activating different LED lights from the tip with authentic sound effects.

Razor RSF650 Street Bike Razor RSF650 Street Bikecheck price

Who needs a license? This slick looking two wheeled ride is based on popular street bikes like Triump, Ducati, and Buell. With about 50 minutes of runtime on flat roads, this bike will zoom up to 17MPH. See you on the track.

Swagtron T1 Self Balancing Electric Scooter Swagtron T1 Self Balancing Electric Scootercheck price

It seemed like hoverboards were taking over the world until they started catching on fire. Now Swagtron claims the latest version won’t blow up as it is UL certified. Like any board, it does take awhile to learn to balance on it. When you learn to balance on it, you simply lean in the direction you want to move and show off your swag.

Swagboard NG-1 NextGen Electric Boosted Longboard Swagboard NG-1 NextGen Electric Boosted Longboardcheck price

How could you make a longboard cooler? Put an electric motor in it! With speeds of up to 11MPH, here is a electrical skateboard that is even cooler than it sounds. Teens control the board using a wireless remote in their hand. Designed for users under 176 lbs and a charge time of about 4 hours, the electric skateboard can go about 4 miles on a single charge. Who needs a hoverboard?

Segway miniPRO Segway miniPROcheck price

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your own Segway? Put the car keys down. Meet the Segway miniPRO. This portable version of the Segway is equipped with most of the features of a regular Segaway. There’s is even an app that pairs with it that helps you learn the ropes. With speeds up to 10 mph and running up to 14 miles on a single charge, just forget you ever heard of a hoverboard.


All-New Amazon Echo Dot All-New Amazon Echo Dotcheck price

The Amazon Echo Dot is basically a smaller and cheaper version of the Amazon Echo. Like the Amazon Echo, it can answer questions, play your music, check the weather, and do a million other things. You can even hook it up to your existing sound setup over Bluetooth or with a wire. The best part? Unlike your girlfriend, it always listens to you.

Amazon Echo Amazon Echocheck price

Meet Alexa, that’s the AI’s name behind the Amazon Echo. Not only is the Amazon Echo a Bluetooth speaker, teen boys can ask it questions like who won the football game last night or even ask it to order a pizza. Amazon Echo is ready to answer all your curious questions. It’s like a girlfriend that always listens to you.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Amazon Fire TV Stickcheck price

Enjoy over 4000 channels, apps, and games with the thumb sized Kindle Fire streaming stick. Simply plug it into the HDMI port on your TV and it streams stunning HD content from your favorite providers like Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu. There is no need for cable anymore!

Amazon Fire Tablet 8 Amazon Fire Tablet 8check price

Now just about everyone can own a tablet since Amazon launched the Kindle Fire. While it’s not an iPad, it comes equipped with 18GB of memory, an 8 inch screen, a front and back camera, and an easy to use interface. With the ability to go online, play apps, and watch movies, it does everything that most teenage boys would want a tablet to do.

All-New Kindle Paperwhite All-New Kindle Paperwhitecheck price

With a battery life that extends for weeks, the Amazon Paperwhite brings the joy of reading to electric form. Storage space of 4GB means you can stock your entire library of books on it. While the screen is black and white, the screen is easy on the eyes unlike a tablet’s..

Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Anker Astro E1 5200mAh check price

Nothing can ruin a good conversation like a dead phone battery. Now your teenage boy has no excuse to ignore your text messages with this phone charger from Anker. About the size of a candy bar, he can easily tuck it in his pocket. It has enough juice to charge his twice.

LumoPack LumoPackcheck price

Don’t you hate waiting hours for your phone to charge? There are a million different phone chargers out there but none of them are like the LumoPack. With 14X the charging power of a standard battery charger, in less than 18 minutes, it fully charges your phone. It might be the world’s fastest charger. Everybody needs this.

Skiva Octofire Multi USB Charger Skiva Octofire Multi USB Chargercheck price

Do you have a lot of gadgets to charge at the same time? Now you don’t need to unplug them. OctoFire is the world’s first 8 Port USB charging station that eliminates the mess of wires needed to charge multiple devices. The coolest part? It can detect your device for optimum charging times.

Cocoon GRID-IT! Gadget Organizer Case Cocoon GRID-IT! Gadget Organizer Casecheck price

There is nothing worse than digging through the bottom of your bag looking for your phone. Now you can keep your gadgets and even personal effects organized in a systematic way with this gadget organizer case. With endless ways to organize your stuff, the elastic cords keep everything securely in place.

Star Wars R2-D2 8GB USB Flash Drive  Star Wars R2-D2 8GB USB Flash Drive check price

Every teenage boy needs a USB drive for school. This R2-D2 USB flash drive is a playful way to save your projects and documents. Featuring various characters from the Star Wars Universe, each USB contains 8GB of storage space.

Tile (Gen 2) Tile (Gen 2)check price

Don’t you hate it when you lose your keys, phone, or wallet? Check out Tile. This little Bluetooth tracker allows you to locate anything you lose in seconds using an app. Simply attach Tile to any item that you tend to lose. When you are within 100 feet of the item, the app will beep until you find it.

Anker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Plus Anker Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S Pluscheck price

This battery case from Anker not only protects your phone, it adds 100 percent more battery life. It’s especially useful on long car trips or when he’s at a sporting event and can’t charge his phone. The best part? He won’t be able to say that his phone’s battery ran out when he is late for dinner.

iZERCASE Personalized iPhone 6/6S Case iZERCASE Personalized iPhone 6/6S Casecheck price

These days everybody seems to have the same phone case. What if you could make yours one of a kind? Imagine you could create your own phone case! With iZercase you can upload a custom image to put on the back of your phone. The best part? Every time he pulls out his phone, he will think of you.

TSTAND iPad stand TSTAND iPad standcheck price

Tablets are so cool, but holding them up is too much work especially after a few hours. This unique tablet stand allows you to adjust your tablet at any angle. It has an adjustable spring loaded arm that is designed to fit just about any tablet. The base of the stand flips allowing it to stand upright on a tabletop or rest on your body when you are lying down.

iProp Bed & Lap Stand iProp Bed & Lap Standcheck price

Have you ever tried to use your tablet in bed? Finally, there is a tablet stand that is designed for holding up your tablet on any surface even if it is bumpy. It’s called the iProp. The stand’s base conforms to any surface thanks to the beans inside.

CamKix Phone Camera Lens Kit CamKix Phone Camera Lens Kitcheck price

Help your teenage boy capture Instagram worthy photos with this set of mobile lens from CamKix that clips onto his phone. With a macro, wide angle, fishye, and telephoto lens, it’s a fun lens kit to mess around with.

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Cameracheck price

These days teenage boys love instant gratification, so this retro camera from FujiFilm is all the rage these days. It comes in the funkiest colors. Just like the old school Polaroids of yesterday, it gives you instant snaps that you can share with your friends. Who needs Instagram?

Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer check price

He’s probably taken tons and tons of photos on his Smartphone. Now he can print them out with this compact Smartphone printer that communicates with your phone wirelessly. It’s cool way to get your photos off your phone and share them with your friends.

Anker Selfie Stick Anker Selfie Stickcheck price

Selfie sticks are everywhere and their popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. That’s because they make taking photos of yourself easier than ever. With built in Bluetooth and 20 hours of battery life, this selfie sticks extends over 2.5 feet so he can capture his best angle.

TCL Roku Smart 32 Inch TV TCL Roku Smart 32 Inch TVcheck price

Now this is a Smart TV. This inexpensive HDTV has a Roku box built inside it, allowing you not only to watch TV but stream your favorite services on the web like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Amazon, and more. Like the Roku box, the simple interface allows you to easily access your content. The best part? It’s dirt cheap.


Who isn’t in love with vintage stuff? The typewriter is back! The Qwerkywriter is wireless keyboard that combines the look of a vintage type writer with today’s technology. When you type on it, it even has the clicky clunk of a typewriter. The coolest part? It connects wirelessly to Bluetooth device like laptops, tablets, and iPads.

Philips Pocket Projector Philips Pocket Projectorcheck price

About the size of a small cell phone, this nifty pocket-sized projector can be used to beam a video game, movie, or photos on the wall or a screen. Invite the friends over and turn your room into a little movie theater. Powered over USB, you can use your laptop or a USB battery pack to power it up.

Apple Watch Series 2 Apple Watch Series 2check price

Watches are no longer just for telling you the time. Offered in a variety of styles including ceramic, the Apple Watch has become a fashion accessory. The Apple Watch 2 has been completely redone with an all new dual core processor, better graphics, a built in GPS, and a brighter display. Like the iPhone, teens can download all sorts of apps to the watch to do cool stuff. The coolest part? You can go swimming with it.

Ipad Air 2 Ipad Air 2check price

If you don’t need the latest iPad, the iPad Air 2 is still a really good tablet. With the ability to multitask and a beautiful retina screen, it has everything you could ever want in a tablet. The best part? With the new iPad Pro available, it is now more affordable than ever before.

Ipad Pro Ipad Procheck price

The iPad Pro is probably that iPad your teenage boy is dreaming about. Filled with the latest tech and a better speaker system, this is the best iPad. With a 9.7 inch screen, it is now compatible with a host of additional accessories including the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. The only problem? It’s expensive.

Acer Aspire E 15 Acer Aspire E 15check price

If you are looking for a laptop that will give you the best bang for your buck, check out the Acer Aspire E15. Most teenage boys don’t need more than the Intel i5 processor for school work. What makes the laptop such a great value its dedicated graphics card and ample storage. That means it can even handle some light gaming.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Microsoft Surface Pro 4check price

The Microsoft Surface Pro gives you the portability of a tablet and the performance of a laptop. This lightweight computer is easy to throw in your backpack and is perfect for checking out Netflix or surfing the web. Pair it with the type cover and you got a full on laptop that runs Windows 10. It’s the best of both worlds.

Apple Macbook Pro Apple Macbook Procheck price

I love the MacBook Pro because of its design. Apple builds the best laptops. If you can afford it, the Macbook Pro is the way to go. It’s equipped with a beautiful Retina display and the latest Intel processor. It’s the perfect mix of quality, portability, and performance. Get him a Macbook and he will love you forever.

Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7check price

The iPhone has transformed the way we communicate. There is a reason that everybody loves the iPhone. Jam packed with new features like taptic feedback and a 12 megapixel camera, the iPhone 7 is world’s most advanced SmartPhone. With a completely new design available in a variety of colors, this is the most elegant looking phone that Apple has produced.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Phonecheck price

The minute you see the Samsung Galaxy 7, you are going to want it. With a 5.7 inch screen, fast processor, and amazing camera, this is a beautiful phone. Besides the stunning and sleek design, it’s filled with some cool features that are super useful like wireless charging and a fingerprint reader. Compared to last year’s phone, the battery life has finally been improved. The coolest part? It’s compatible with Samsung’s entry level VR headset.

Samsung Gear VR Headset Samsung Gear VR Headsetcheck price

If you have one of Samsung’s new phones(S6 and S7), you can jump straight into VR with just your phone and this affordable headset. There are some great apps on the phone that allow for some great 3D content on your phone that will blow you away. The future is here!

Oculus Rift Oculus Rift check price

We have been dreaming about virtual reality for years. Now it is finally here with the Oculus Rift. Once you put on this headset, you will be taken to another world. The only problem? You will need a pretty beefy PC to handle it. You can either get the Oculus Rift headset separately or opt for a bundle that is designed to handle virtual reality.

ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition ASUS ROG G752VS OC Editioncheck price

If I could have only one laptop this year it would be the ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition. I know it’s expensive but a guy can dream can’t he? This thing is insane. This baby is one of the first gaming laptops to use Nividia’s Pascal based video cards. That means it’s VR ready and offers double the performance of the next closest gaming laptop.

Outdoor Adventure Gifts For Teen Boys

Does he love traveling, the great outdoors, or extreme sports? We’ve rounded up the best gifts for adventurers who are looking for their next big thrill.

GoPro HERO4 Silver GoPro HERO4 Silvercheck price

Does your teenage boy love documenting all his adventures on social media? With stunning 1080P video at 60fps and a built in LCD screen, the Go Pro Hero4 Silver is probably the action camera your teenage adventurer is dreaming of. Waterproof, it perfect for going epic adventures, jumping in the ocean, or hopping in the pool.

GoPro HERO Session GoPro HERO Sessioncheck price

With an affordable price, finally, there is a GO Pro Hero for all of us. It’s the smallest Go Pro ever! Shaped like an ice cube, this little camera is perfect for capturing all your teenage adventures whether you are surfing or skiing. Shedding its housing, its unique waterproof design makes super light weight and compact.

Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232 Monkey Bike Wheel Light M232check price

Now that’s a cool bike! Get ready to turn heads with the Monkey Wheel light. With several different modes, it creates an animated light show on your bike wheel. The best part? It keeps you safe at night in the dark.

Mascolti Scratch Off Map Mascolti Scratch Off Mapcheck price

Does he dream of traveling the world? Then help him keep track of the places he has been and the places he dreams of going with this scratch off map. He will love scratching off the places he has already visited.

Ripstik Caster Board Ripstik Caster Boardcheck price

With two swiveling caster wheels, the RipStik is a skateboard and snowboard hybrid. While it sort of looks like a skateboard, you don’t push off like with a skateboard. Instead, teens pivot back and forth on the board like crazy to accelerate. The result? It feels like you are snowboarding on the street.

Razor Rip Surf Razor Rip Surfcheck price

Are you ready to surf on the road? Take the original RipStik and give it a surfboard design overhaul and you get the Rip Surf. The two caster wheels underneath have been moved closer, which provides more stability. Shaped like a surfboard, it’s the closest thing to surfing on the road.

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainercheck price

Is he always asking to ride a skateboard or surfboard? Then this balance board is the best way to get started. With a wooden board and plastic roller, it forces you to use your core strength, agility, and posture to learn how to balance. The coolest part? You can use it indoors.

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Penny Graphic Complete Skateboardcheck price

Available in the coolest colors and patterns, Penny Boards are some of the coolest skateboards on the planet and the skateboard that every teenage boy dreams of owning. With a 22 inch plastic deck, this small and light board gives all the benefits of a long board in a compact size. Because the board is shorter, it’s easier to maneuver.

Quest Longboard Skateboard Quest Longboard Skateboardcheck price

Every teenage boy needs to try long boarding. While it is easier than skateboarding, it gives you the adrenaline rush of surfing. There is a reason that this Quest Super Cruiser is one of the most popular long boards. The long 44 inch deck and big wheels make you glide through the streets, making it fun to cruise around.

Landwave Skateboard Ramp Landwave Skateboard Rampcheck price

Now you can bring the thrill of the skate park home with these Land Wave driveway ramps. What teen boy wouldn’t love to ride their BMX bike, skateboard, scooter, or even RC cars over these? The best part? You can easily add and stack more components to create an even cooler ramp. Just be careful, it might become a permanent part of your driveway.

Taotronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder Taotronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holdercheck price

This phone holder clamps onto your bike handle bar, allowing you to use your phone as a GPS or play music. Plus, it is perfect for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go while you ride. The unique clamp allows you to easily adjust the width of the clamp so it can fit just about any phone on the market.

Diamondback Overdrive Hard Tail Mountain Bike Diamondback Overdrive Hard Tail Mountain Bikecheck price

Looking for an affordable mountain bike? With great features, the Diamondback Overdrive is a great option. The light weight aluminum body and angled design allows for a more responsive ride. With powerful disk brakes and a four inch front suspension, this is a solid entry level mountain bike to hit the trails with and take on sweet jumps.

Macaco Slackline 52’x 2″ Macaco Slackline 52'x 2check price

Now you can bring the fun of the circus home with this slackline from Macaco. This 2 inch line is perfect for beginners. After tightening it around two trees or poles, the slackline behaves like a tightrope that you walk and bounce on. Not only does it help improve your balance and posture, it is probably the most fun you can have in the backyard.

Zupapa 15ft Trampoline Zupapa 15ft Trampolinecheck price

Who doesn’t love to bounce? There is no better backyard toy than a trampoline. Not only does it help you stay active, but it is fun at the same time. Supporting up to 300+ pounds, this one is perfect for teenage boys. With a TUV safety certificate and net, it’s the sturdiest trampoline you can buy.

Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stickcheck price

Imagine you can shoot yourself 10 feet up into the air! The Vutego V4 Pro pogo stick takes bouncing on a pogo stick to an all new extreme. The coolest part? By tweaking with the air pressure, you can control just how high you can jump. Who needs a trampoline?

EnergyFlux Enduro Hand Warmer EnergyFlux Enduro Hand Warmercheck price

When the winter rolls around, this pocket sized hand warmer, which runs off a lithium ion battery, can keep the cold away. The best part? With a run time of up to 7 hours, not only does it keep your hands warm, but it can also charge your USB devices.

Teton Sports Sleeping Bag Teton Sports Sleeping Bagcheck price

If he loves sleeping under the stars, the Teton Sports Celsius sleeping bag is designed for him. The warm flannel lining will keep him warm even when the temperature drops to 0°F. The bag’s exterior is made of double taffeta which makes it very breathable.  The best part? With plenty of room, it gives him plenty of space to stretch out or roll around.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rodcheck price

There is a reason that many people consider the Ugly Stik to be the world’s most versatile fishing rod. With a matte black finish, this noticeably light weight rod is nearly indestructible thanks to its fiberglass body. The best part? This rod will work with just about any fish type from large bass to lightweight trout.

Solo Stove Lite  Solo Stove Lite check price

Now this is a cool little stove. The best part? You don’t have to carry any fuel, which means it’s super easy to backpack with. For fuel, you simply feed it sticks around the campsite and you can boil water and cook food.

Coleman Sundome Tent Coleman Sundome Tent check price

Sometimes you just need to unplug. Gift your teenage boy this tent from Coleman and he will think of you whenever he goes camping. With a roomy 6 foot high interior, it’s large enough to stand up in. The excellent ventilation and waterproofing will keep you comfortable. The best part? He doesn’t have to worry about setting up the tent as it only takes a few minutes.

Snow Sled Saucer Heavy Duty Snow Sled Saucer Heavy Dutycheck price

Around the holidays, he’s probably begging to go sledding. Made out of heavy duty plastic, this sled saucer from MH Sleds holds up even on the most adventurous downhill slopes. The nylon grip handles allow you to securely hold onto the sled. With the weight of a teen, it will practically fly down the slopes wickedly fast. He’ll be using it for years to come.

Gifts For Teen Boys Who Love Things That Shoot

Airsoft Lover
If you have a teen boy who loves anything that shoots, he will love taking these Nerf blasters and air guns on epic battles or using them for target practice. Here are the blasters that make great gifts for teen boys.

Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blastercheck price

The one toy that boys never seem to really grow out is Nerf guns. Last year, Nerf created its Nerf Rival line for teenage boys. These blasters shoot foam balls at speeds topping 70 MPH. The latest one is called the Khaos which is fully automatic, firing 40 rounds in just 11 seconds. It’s sure to be a winner.

Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200check price

Super powerful and loud, the Nerf Rival Atlas is double firing pump action shotgun. Just in case, you didn’t think one foam ball flying at 70MPH was enough, this one fires two at the same time.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodoncheck price

Nerf guns are a neighborhood staple. Your teenager will dominate his next Nerf battle with the Mega Mastodon. This thing is so humongous and heavy that it feels like you are carrying an elephant. The flywheel unleashes 24 mega darts in under 20 seconds. With the rotating drum, it’s like a turret. The only problem? You are going to need extra darts!

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Nerf Modulus Tri-Strikecheck price

Three Nerf guns in one? There is a reason that they call this the Tri Strike. Not only does it fire 3 types of ammo, but it can break down into three different weapons. It fires Elite darts, Mega darts, and a bomb shaped dart.

Nerf Lazer Tag Nerf Lazer Tagcheck price

Who wouldn’t love laser tag? Nerf guns are cool but laser tag is even cooler. There is nothing like playing a game of laser tag with friends. With this set, you can even add an additional set for a multiplayer battle. Because there are no bullets, you can play inside or outside. With all the flashing, beeping, and rumbling, it’s like an interactive videogame.

Super Impulse Precision RBS Rubber Band Launcher Super Impulse Precision RBS Rubber Band Launchercheck price

Do you remember shooting rubber bands at people when you were younger? This is so much better. With rubber bands that spin through the air with crazy distance, meet the most accurate rubber band gun. The coolest part? Teens can deliver a barrage of 14 rubber bands at once at distances of up to 50 feet shooter. Talk about extreme.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Guncheck price

For new paintball players, there is nothing more thrilling than receiving the Tippman Cronus on Christmas or your Birthday. You won’t find a better paintball marker than the Cronus. This set comes with all the equipment and accessories that he needs to suit up including a safety mask. It shoots 280-300 feet per second, which means he can take it on the field.

Water Sports QF-2000 Stream Machine Water Sports QF-2000 Stream Machine check price

Now this isn’t your average water gun. You need this at your next water fight. They don’t call it the stream machine for nothing. Featuring a 36 inch barrel, this monster water gun shoots a stream of water at a great distance.

Marshmallow Fun Classic Straight Shooter (4-Pack) Marshmallow Fun Classic Straight Shooter (4-Pack)check price

Want a gift idea that is unique? Get a marshmallow shooter. In fact, get a couple of them and a couple bags of marshmallows so you can have a marshmallow war. Blast them at each other and in your mouth.

Perfect Point Throwing Knife Set Perfect Point Throwing Knife Setcheck price

The art of throwing knives has been around since ancient times. This set of throwing knives can offer hours of entertainment in your backyard especially with a couple of friends. The best part? All you need is this set of throwing knives, a little patience, and a wooden target to get started.

Genesis Archery Bow Set Genesis Archery Bow Setcheck price

There is nothing more satisfying than pulling back a string, breathing, aiming, and hitting a target a few feet away. The Genesis bow is a bow that is designed for everyone. With its innovative single cam design, even beginners can fire this bow. No matter how far you draw back the string, this bow will fire accurately. Your teenage boy will lose his mind over this bow.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Gogglescheck price

Eye protection is probably the most important safety requirement you need during a game of airsoft. Rounds from air soft guns can cause injury to your eyes. The goggles from Lancer keep your eyes protected without impeding your vision.

Lancer Tactical LT-12B Lancer Tactical LT-12Bcheck price

If you are new to air soft, the Lancer Tactical LT-12B is a great way to get started. Lancer has managed to create an air soft gun that is affordable but still has a full metal gearbox. It shoots 390 to 400 feet per second and is ready to shoot right of the box, which means that you can take it out on the field.

Elite Force 1911 Tac Airsoft Elite Force 1911 Tac Airsoftcheck price

With its earthy two tone finish, this air soft pistol is a replica of the famous 1911 pistol. Aesthetically, there are nice details on it. Shooting it feels a lot like shooting a real 1911. Requiring a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, it looks good, shoots accurately, and has a great blow back.

Daisy Red Ryder BB Pistol Kit Daisy Red Ryder BB Pistol Kitcheck price

Generation after generation, the Daisy Red Ryder has provided for hours and hours of fun in the backyard. Even today it is a wonderful BB gun to use for target practice. With great distance, power, and accuracy, it will keep him entertained in the backyard for hours. Just make sure to get enough of BBs.

Umarex Colt Peacemaker BB Gun Umarex Colt Peacemaker BB Guncheck price

Based on one of the most iconic guns in history, the Colt Peacemaker looks like it came straight out of a western. This replica has managed to capture every detail right down to the weight of a .45 colt. Using a CO2 cartridge, this six shooter fires exactly like the real thing too. Quick, let’s see how fast you can draw.

The Scout Hunting Slingshot The Scout Hunting Slingshotcheck price

What teenage boy wouldn’t love to fling things at targets in the backyard? With a rubberized handle, this versatile slingshot allows you to quickly change between shooting grips though a finger style grip works the best. You will be amazed at the amount of power this slingshot has.

Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerang Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerangcheck price

Nothing is cooler than throwing a boomerang that comes back to you. While it requires a lot of trial and error to get it to come back to you, part of the fun is practicing. Made of sturdy plastic with the perfect heft, this is a great boomerang to start out with.

Sports Gifts For Teenage Boys

He probably loves sports. For aspiring NBA players to sports fans, score big with these presents for teen boys that will help him bring his game to the next level.

Capture the Flag REDUX Capture the Flag REDUXcheck price

Who doesn’t love capture the flag? Take the fun of capture the flag and add darkness and you get Capture the Flag Redux. The game still requires strategy, planning, and teamwork, but with this modern spin players have to steal glowing orbs instead of actual flags. You won’t be able until nighttime.

Spikeball Spikeballcheck price

Spikeball is a great excuse for him to go outside and hangout with his friends. This super fun twist on the classic game of volleyball involves bouncing a ball back and forth on a circular net that is placed on floor. It’s so easy to take to the beach or even outside in the backyard.

Watermelon Ball Watermelon Ballcheck price

What the heck is a watermelon ball? Designed to look, feel, and float like a real Watermelon, this ball can be dribbled on land and passed through water up to 10 feet. Take it to your next pool party and it is sure to be the star of the show. Who needs rugby, basketball, or football?

Tiki Toss Game Tiki Toss Gamecheck price

Bring Tiki Toss to your next BBQ party and it is sure to be the life of the party. The idea is simple. There is a metal ring attached to a long string and a hook on a bamboo board. Players have to flick the ring so it catches onto the hook. Everyone will want to play just one more game.

Glow City LED Light Up Football Glow City LED Light Up Footballcheck price

How can you make a football cooler? Make it glow in the dark! This official sized football has LED lights built in. It shuts off automatically after about a minute of non use. The best part? You don’t have to stop playing just because the sun went down.

SKLZ 10 Man Flag Football Set SKLZ 10 Man Flag Football Setcheck price

The only thing more fun than watching football is playing football with a couple of buddies. This flag football set allows 10 players to play a game of flag football. It includes 10 nylon belts with 2 Velcro flags. After you are done with football, get a bunch of people together at a local park and play an epic game of capture the flag.

Hydro Flask Hydro Flaskcheck price

While this might look like a regular water bottle, it is vacuum insulated. Thanks to its double wall insulation, the Hydroflask is designed to keep both your hot coffee warm and your cold juice cool for a few hours. You can use it to hydrate you at the gym or keep you warm on cold mornings.

HYDRA SmartBottle HYDRA SmartBottlecheck price

There is a reason why they call this a smart water bottle. You wouldn’t believe this list of things that this water bottle can do. It can charge your phone but the coolest feature has to be that there is a Bluetooth speaker built into the cap. So your music and charger goes wherever your water bottle goes. But that’s not all – – it’s also a colorful lamp. Oh, you can also drink water out of it. What can’t it do?

TuneBand for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S TuneBand for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6Scheck price

The best way to workout with your phone and listen to your music is with Tuneband. It securely fastens your iPhone to your arm while at the same time giving your direct access to all the buttons on the phone. No matter how intense your workout, it’s designed so it won’t slide down your arm.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Ratecheck price

The Fitbit is the best known fitness tracker to track your physical activity on a daily basis and over time. Now you can wear one on your wrist with this smartwatch. He will want to track all his activity whether he is at the baseball game or with friends. It allows him to track everything from the amount of steps he has made to the how many calories he has burned.

ShotTracker for Basketball ShotTracker for Basketballcheck price

Would you like to be the next Stephen Curry? This wrist sensor monitors your shot attempts, made shots, and misses. It even tracks where on the basketball court you took your shot from. Simply put on the wrist sensor and attach the net sensor to the net. All the information will then be communicated to you with the app. Who needs a coach?

Wilson Evolution Basketball Wilson Evolution Basketballcheck price

Not only is this the number one selling high school basketball, but the Wilson Evolution is pretty effing amazing. Very lightweight, it has a great feel in your hand, allowing you to have great control over the ball. With wide pebbled channels, it has a great grip and cushion. All you need is a little game.

Rawlings Baseball Glove Rawlings Baseball Glovecheck price

Founded in 1887, Rawlings has been making baseball gloves forever. For the casual baseball player, this is a quality glove from Rawlings. Made of all leather, this glove is designed to have an easy break in period. The padded pocket helps to absorb the impact of a thrown ball.

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboardcheck price

What could be cooler than grabbing a drink and throwing some darts? Your teenager will love this professional quality dartboard. With a thin wire construction, this dartboard is designed to eliminate bounce outs so that the darts stick to the board. The premium construction means it will be able to withstand any abuse.

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kitcheck price

Boxing is a great past time. Not only does it offer great cardio benefits, it’s a great way to take your lingering Spartan rage out on an inanimate object. If you are ready to start hitting things, this 75 pound punching bag puts up a decent amount of resistance. Designed to take a beating, the natural and synthetic filling withstands the force of your blows.

Mikasa FT5 Goal Master Soccer Ball Mikasa FT5 Goal Master Soccer Ballcheck price

The soccer fan in your life will love kicking around this soccer ball. Purists might not really consider this a soccer ball. It’s actually the official ball of Footvolley, which is a combination of soccer and volleyball played on beaches. Unlike most soccer balls, this ball won’t fall apart easily or have to be constantly inflated.

Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bagcheck price

This is the perfect gift for the teen guy who loves sports. He can cram all his sports equipment inside and head to the gym. It has the perfect amount of pockets for stashing his stuff and the ventilated pocket on the side is perfect for stinky shoes or wet clothes.

Nike Team Training Gymsack Nike Team Training Gymsackcheck price

If he spends a lot of time at the gym, he will love this fashionable gym bag from Nike. Available in a variety of colors, this bag is made to be tossed around. It’s got a zippered pouch on the front for his essentials and a large pocket with a horizontal divider inside for his gym stuff.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Barcheck price

What teen guy doesn’t want to get ripped? This pull up bar is probably the next best thing to the gym. It easily hangs over a doorway and installs in seconds. The best part? There are no screws. He’s going to want to do a pull-up every time he walks through his door.

Yes4All Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells Yes4All Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells check price

Do you want to get strong like the Hulk? These might be the coolest dumbbells. Unlike a traditional set, they are adjustable dumbbells. You can lift different weights simply by adding or subtracting the plates. The best part? You can start out with low weights and keep upping them as you get stronger.

Perfect Pushup Elite Perfect Pushup Elitecheck price

Pushups are probably the easiest way to train your chest, but they can be hard on your wrists. That’s where the Perfect Pushup comes in. These pushup handles reduce the stress on your wrists by elevating your body. Because the handles swivel, you are able to get a deeper stretch in your chest than an ordinary pushup.

Shaun T’s Focus T25 Shaun T's Focus T25check price

Are you ready for the most intense cardio workout in your life? Created by the guy who did Insanity, Focus T25 has you exercising nonstop every day for 25 minutes. 25 minutes a day for 10 weeks is all it takes to get the best body of your life.

NFL Patches Ugly Sweater NFL Patches Ugly Sweatercheck price

No Christmas is complete without an ugly sweater. If he watches the NFL every Sunday, this ugly sweater is a great way for him to show his love for his team while still keeping everything fun and festive. It also a way to make fans of the opposing team jealous that you got on such a hideous sweater. They might even want to route for your team.

NFL Jersey NFL Jerseycheck price

Does he love the NFL? Even if his team is not doing well, a NFL jersey will help him show his love for his favorite team or player. Even if he already has a jersey, you can never have too many.

Under Armour Curry 2 Under Armour Curry 2check price

Who is your favorite basketball player? If you dream of being Stephen Curry, you have to own these shoes. With great ankle support, they are great for working out with or playing basketball. While they won’t make you shoot like Stephen Curry, they will make you as cool as him.

Jordan Retro 5 Metallic Gold Coin Jordan Retro 5 Metallic Gold Coincheck price

Michael Jordan brought a whole new level of play to the world of basketball. Staying true to its roots with its iconic shape, the Air Jordan 5 has been given a gold medal treatment. With a gold tongue, this is a respectful nod to Michael Jordan’s greatness and your coolness.

VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bike VirZOOM Virtual Reality Exercise Bikecheck price

Virtual reality is all the rage these days. So what better way to get you to exercise than a bike designed to take advantage of your new VR headset? Put on the VR headset and exercise suddenly feels like a game. The bike includes virtual reality games that motivate you to pedal like a madman. It’s compatible with the Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTV Vive.

Best Music Gifts For Teen Boys

Music Lover
Christmas is a time to celebrate what you love. What teen boy doesn’t love music? Anything that has to do with music make good gifts for teen boys. Why not give the gift of music? From the coolest headphones to beginning music instruments, here are some gift ideas to get the music fan in your life.

Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphonescheck price

There is no better way to pump up your tunes than with a pair of stylish Beats. With bumping bass, the latest ones come in bright funky colors with sick styling. Beats are super expensive headphones, but owning a pair will make you a whole lot cooler. It’s scientifically proven.

Skullcandy Uproar Wireless On-Ear Headphones Skullcandy Uproar Wireless On-Ear Headphonescheck price

Who said that you have to pay a lot for a good pair of wireless headphones? Cut the cord with this lightweight pair of headphones from Skull Candy. With easy to use controls and a built in microphone, it’s comfortable to wear with thumping bass to bring your music to life.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphonescheck price

I’ve been looking for a cheap pair of earbuds that I can go running with. Plus, they would work great with the iPhone 7. My wired ones constantly get tangled. These wireless ones from Tao electronics couldn’t be more affordable. With the open ear design, the earbuds are designed to stay put in your ears.

Music Angel Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Music Angel Levitating Bluetooth Speakercheck price

There are a ton of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but how many of them can fly? It doesn’t do anything much for sound quality, but this speaker is so cool to look at. Not only does this Bluetooth speaker levitate, it throws out a fancy light show.

UE BOOM 2 Wireless Speaker UE BOOM 2 Wireless Speakercheck price

Thanks to its cylindrical shape, this portable Bluetooth speaker delivers 360 degrees of awesome bass kicking sound in every direction. You won’t believe how loud this small speaker can get. The 15 hour battery life means the party never has to stop.

JAM Plus Portable Speaker JAM Plus Portable Speakercheck price

What teenage boy isn’t into music? This budget friendly speaker comes in a lot of fun colors. Its small size means that you take your music just about anywhere The best part? You can pair two of them together to make them sound even more awesome.

UE ROLL 2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker UE ROLL 2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker check price

If you want to take you music everywhere and I mean everywhere, there is no better Bluetooth speaker than the UE Roll 2. This ruggedly designed speaker can even be dunked in water. You can hook this disc shaped speaker on practically everything with the included elastic cord. With Bluetooth range of 65 feet, you can treat everybody around you to a free concert even on the beach.

Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker Bose SoundLink Wireless Speakercheck price

With its retro look and 8 hours of battery life, the Bose Soundlink is still one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. It sends out rich, clean sound with the perfect amount of bass for its size. Even if you jam up the volume, the sound remains clear with very little distortion. He will love blasting his playlist while he gets through his chores or homework.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speakercheck price

Now this is just cool! It’s a Bluetooth speaker disguised as the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. The coolest part? Not only does it light up, but when you hit the button on it, it even plays the Star Wars theme. It might be the coolest Bluetooth speaker in the galaxy.

SONOS PLAY:1 SONOS PLAY:1check price

Don’t be fooled by other wireless speakers on the market, the Sonos Play is the most impressive wireless speaker I have ever heard. While it lacks the portability of a Bluetooth speaker, it is perfect for your listening to music around your house. The unique thing about this speaker is that you can add additional speakers to build a wireless home audio setup.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphonecheck price

Does he want to create his own Youtube channel or podcast? Then the Blue Yeti USB microphone will come in handy. This popular USB microphone not only is plug and play, but provides professional sounding results that is perfect for those just starting out their online career whether they are musicians or gamers.

Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable System Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turntable Systemcheck price

With vinyl becoming popular again, everybody wants a record player. If you have a vinyl fan in your life, get them the audio Technica AT-Lp60. This fully automatic belt driven turntable is the best entry level turntable. With new artists putting out their records on vinyl and old classics, he’s going to love getting on the vinyl bandwagon.

Pick Punch Pick Punchcheck price

Guitar players now don’t ever have to worry about losing their guitar picks. Simply take old credit cards and stamp out your own guitar picks with this pick punch. Just don’t use your real credit card.

Kala Soprano Ukulele Kala Soprano Ukulelecheck price

Is he really into music? Then why not get him a beginning instrument like a Ukulele? Made out of beautiful mahogany wood with Aquila strings, this Ukulele is perfect for beginners. He’s going to love playing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz to his girlfriend.

Rocksmith 2014 With Guitar Rocksmith 2014 With Guitar check price

What teenage boy doesn’t want to learn to play the guitar? It’s an instant chic magnet. This package not only includes an electric guitar, but everything you need to get started playing. The coolest part? The guitar works with the video game Rocksmith, which is a fun and interactive way to learn how to play. Who said video games can’t teach you anything?

pBone Plastic Trombone pBone Plastic Trombonecheck price

The pBone is a trombone made entirely out of plastic. Yup, you read right – plastic!  Unlike other plastic instruments, this is the real deal. Beginners won’t even be able to tell the difference. The best part? It’s a lot cheaper.

Dashbon Flicks Mobile Boombox Projector Dashbon Flicks Mobile Boombox Projectorcheck price

The boombox has been reinvented. This might be a Bluetooth speaker, but when you flip it around it’s also a 720 HD projector. Since it’s portable, you can have movie night in the backyard or watch football on the garage door. With a built in HDMI port, you can hook up everything from an Amazon Fire Stick to your PS4 to it.

SubPac M2 Wearable Tactile Bass System SubPac M2 Wearable Tactile Bass Systemcheck price

What the heck? How would you like to feel your bass in your body? The Subpac is actually a wearable bass system that does just that. SImply strap it on and it will enhance videogames, music, movies, and more. With a Virtual reality headset, it completely adds a new dimension to gaming.

Gifts Ideas For Teen Scientists

The Scientist
Learn to code and to build electric circuits with these science gifts that are sure to please the aspiring mad scientist on your list.

Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kitcheck price

This dirt cheap miniature sized computer is the perfect gift for the tinkerer in your life. With an endless array of uses from creating your own 8 bit videogame system to a media server, it’s perfect for learning how to code. The latest one is not only faster than ever before, it’s got built in wireless. With fun introductory projects, this kit has everything you need to get started tinkering around .

The Arduino Starter Kit The Arduino Starter Kitcheck price

Do you love tinkering? Then Arduino is for you. With it, anybody can get into DIY electronics. You can program these boards to interact with the real world to do all sorts of cool stuff. Now you can learn the basics of Arduino with this ultimate Arduino starter kit. With 15 hands on projects, you will be working on your own DIY Arduino projects in no time.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 LEGO Mindstorms EV3check price

Wouldn’t it be cool to create your own robot? With Lego Mindstorms, you can build, customize, and program your own robots using sensors, motors, and the electric brain. The brain of robot is called the Intelligent Brick, which teens can program or even control using a smart device. Lego gets you up to speed with tutorials to build 5 different robots, but building your own is where the fun is at.

Elenco Learn to Solder Elenco Learn to Soldercheck price

Just about everybody should learn to solder if they want to get into the world of electronics. This kit not only comes with everything you need to learn how to solder, but it also comes with instructions to walk you through the whole process. It comes with a soldering iron, stand, and set of wire cutters. Every beginning electrician needs this.

Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit Elenco AM/FM Radio Kitcheck price

How cool would it be if you could build your own AM/FM Radio? This is an AM/FM radio that you build yourself using soldering. After installing all the resistors, capacitors, transistors, and transformers, you will have your own working radio.

Makey Makey Makey Makeycheck price

With Makey Makey, your teen can flex his creativity by turning anything into an input device for his computer. The device plugs into the computer and you can connect just about anything to it. Turn play dough into a joystick or a banana into a piano. What will you create?

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystemcheck price

This is too cool. I love pet fish but I always end up killing them. With this aquarium, you don’t have to do any maintenance. The entire ecosystem is designed to filter itself much like in nature. The shrimp create waste and plants clean the water. This is the best pet.

Aquapod Bottle Launcher Aquapod Bottle Launchercheck price

How would you like to turn 2 liter bottles into rockets? The Aquapod is a rocket launcher than launches 2 liter bottles up to 100 feet in the air. Simply fill the bottle with water and pump it up with a bicycle pump. Then pull the cord to launch the bottle sky high into the air. It’s like the best science experiment ever.

Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescopecheck price

This simple tabletop telescope will encourage your teen to explore the world out there as he gets lost in the stars and constellations. It is powerful enough to see the craters on our moon and get a glimpse of Jupiter and its moons. The coolest part? Because it sits on the table, you can set it up anywhere.

Make: Electronics Make: Electronicscheck price

With a hands-on approach, this book is a necessity for anyone who wants to get into electronics. All the concepts are explained through hands on experiments instead of just theory. It’s a wonderful approach to studying about the basics of electronics.

Learn To Make An iOS App Learn To Make An iOS Appcheck price

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own app. This looks like a wonderful idea for someone who is really into computers. It contains tutorials on how to build 4 different iOS apps. Maybe one day he can create his own app to sell on the app store.

Treehouse Treehousecheck price

Does he want to create his own website or learn how to make his own app? Check out Treehouse. For $25 dollars a month, it offers a variety of video learning courses for beginners to learn programming. It has never been easier to learn how to code.

Tools For Teenage Guys

For the DIYer, camper, or handyman on your list, check out these tools which are worth adding to his toolbox.

Leatherman Wingman Multitool Leatherman Wingman Multitoolcheck price

Every teenage boy needs to carry a multitool wherever he goes. That way he can pull out whatever handy tool he needs. With a great selection of 14 tools from scissors to pliers, the Leatherman Wingman is always ready to save the day. The coolest part? It has a pocket clip.

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knifecheck price

There is nothing cooler than receiving your first pocket knife. Why? You can measure things with the ruler. You can fix thing with the screwdriver. You can cut things with the scissors. With 33 tools, there are millions of things you could do with one. No teenage boy should leave the house without a Swiss Army knife.

PocketMonkey PocketMonkeycheck price

There are plenty of multitools but how many of them fit in your wallet? About the size of a credit card, the Pocket Monkey allows you to do everything from peeling an orange to opening a letter. Plus, it’s got a little monkey head on it and its TSA approved. How could you not love it?

Go-Comb Go-Combcheck price

Don’t you hate when you can’t find your comb before your date? Looking good just got a whole lot easier. Made out of stainless steel, this credit sized comb fits in your wallet so you will always be able to style your hair wherever you go. Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?

Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit Stanley 94-248 65-Piece Homeowner's Tool Kitcheck price

Nothing says you are all grownup like a simple toolbox. If he loves fixing things or helping mom and dad around the house, this 65 piece tool set will come in handy. It contains all the basic tools like different screwdrivers, a hammer, wrenches, and more. It’s a gift he will always remember.

Nite Ize BugLit Nite Ize BugLitcheck price

Shaped like a spider, this is not your ordinary flash light. What makes it so different? It has bendable legs that can be bent or hooked onto anything. It’s the perfect light for backpacking or camping.

Vitchelo Headlamp Vitchelo Headlampcheck price

Would you like to see in the dark? A headlamp is crucial for outdoor activities or home repair projects. Running on 3AAA batteries with a brightness of 168 lumens, this is one of the brightest headlamps. With different levels of brightness and a white and red light, it can turn pitch darkness into daytime.

Luci Inflatable Solar Light Luci Inflatable Solar Lightcheck price

The light bulb just got reinvented! This inflatable solar powered light is completely powered by the sun. Simply put it under the sun for 7 hours to charge it and you get 12 hours of light. Great for emergencies or even on a camping trip, it’s completely waterproof too. Thomas Edison would be so proud.

Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope and Lantern Luminoodle Portable LED Light Rope and Lanterncheck price

Powered by USB, this is a 5 foot rope with LED lights on it that emits a super bright 180 lumens. What can you do with it? Since it is portable, you can tie it around anything from your dog to lighting up your driveway for a late night basketball game. It has built in magnets and loop ties that allow it to be attached to anything. You can even use it as a lantern if you go camping. There are so many uses for it.

Compact Key Holder By ThorKey Compact Key Holder By ThorKeycheck price

Do you hate bulky jangling keys in your pocket? Forget fumbling around in your pocket for your keys. This is not just another keychain. Similar to a swiss army knife, this compact keyholder allows you to hold up to 10 keys in a compact form, keeping you organized and eliminating the bulkiness in your pocket.

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife Light My Fire Swedish FireKnifecheck price

Measuring 3.75″ and made of half tanged stainless steel, this is no ordinary knife. While it’s stupidly sharp, it’s equipped with a fire starter in the handle, which makes it a great survival knife. You can not only prepare your food, you can cook with it.

Southord PXS-14 Piece Lock Pick Set Southord PXS-14 Piece Lock Pick Setcheck price

Who doesn’t want to be able to pick locks? Now you can teach yourself how to pick locks with this 14 piece beginning lock set. Get a couple or transparent locks so you can see what you are doing when you start. After that, you can try picking the lock to your house and work your way up to your girlfriend’s house. Okay, maybe not!

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit by Citadel Black Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit by Citadel Blackcheck price

When the Zombies take over, you are going to need tools survive. Just don’t let the zombies bite you. Luckily, you will have everything you need in this zombie survival kit that includes 25 tools including a multi tool, fire starter, and paracord bracelet. Everything is packaged in a tin that is covered in fake blood. Or maybe it’s real?

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detectorcheck price

There is something so thrilling about discovering hidden treasures in the ground. If you want to get into the hobby of metal detecting, this metal detector is a great way to start. It searches up to 3 feet in the ground for large objects. With 3 detection modes, you never know what you will uncover . . . coins, hidden pirate treasure, or maybe even gold.

Anker Solar Charger PowerPort Anker Solar Charger PowerPortcheck price

When power outlets are nowhere to be found, these solar charge from Anker comes in handy for keeping your smart devices charged. If you have a full view of the sun, it can charge up the iPhone 6 in about 2 to 3 hours. Attach it to your backpack or set in down under the sun. Perfect for off the grid charging.

Olympus Trooper 10×50 DPS Olympus Trooper 10x50 DPScheck price

Every teenage boy should own a good pair of binoculars. Whether he is an animal watcher or football fan or just wants to check out the neighbors, a good pair of binoculars can make him much more than a spectator. Olympus makes a fairly affordable pair of binoculars that has good quality optics and specs for just about every use.

Herschel Little America Backpack Herschel Little America Backpackcheck price

Give him a new minimalistic backpack with this super popular backpack for teens by Hershel. You have probably seen these backpacks everywhere. With a throwback design and one large compartment, it’s got plenty of room for him to stash his books and even laptop. Along with the padded laptop sleeve, there’s a small front pocket which is perfect for his wallet and keys.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bagcheck price

This cool and functional messenger bag from Timbuk2 is perfect for school. In addition to keeping you organized, there is so much to love with bag. There are plenty of pockets to keep all your stuff compartmentalized. With an adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn on either shoulder, it super comfortable to wear on your shoulder.

Gifts For Teen Car Lovers

Car Lover
Does he love his car more than you? The car lover in your life will love these gifts that will make him spend more time in his ride.

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kitcheck price

What do you buy for a teen that just started driving? Get him new driver survival kit. This one from Top Gear contains all the essentials he should have in his car in case his car breaks down in the middle of the road. It’s got jumper cables, a multi tool, a hand crank flash light, and more. Plus, there is plenty of room in the bag to add additional items to the kit.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger Anker 24W Dual USB Car Chargercheck price

If your teenage son just started driving or he rides alongside with you in the car, this USB car charger will come in handy from keeping his gadgets charged. With the ability to charge 2 devices at once, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer.

nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger nonda ZUS Smart Car Chargercheck price

Don’t you hate it when you forget where you parked your car? There are a ton of USB car chargers that attach to your car’s cigarette lighter, but this is something different. Surely, it charges 2 USB devices at once, but it can also locate your car in a crowded parking lot so you never have to go absent mindedly looking for your car again.

SuperVizor Seatbelt Cutter SuperVizor Seatbelt Cuttercheck price

Let’s hope that he never has to use this seatbelt cutter. Still, everybody needs to carry one of these in case an emergency arises. This one is great because it attaches to your visor so it is always within reach should you have to use it.

Brightech Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Brightech Portable Car Battery Jump Startercheck price

Don’t you hate when your car battery dies? You don’t have to worry anymore. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this compact portable jump starter has enough power to start almost all cars. The coolest part? Not only does it power up your car, but it can charge your USB devices.

Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPScheck price

If you have a driver on your list, this GPS from Garmin is the perfect gift. Although his smartphone probably already has a GPS, a dedicated GPS doesn’t require cellular coverage. While it isn’t the fanciest, this one gets you to your destination with clear voice prompts. What more could you want out of a GPS?

Meguiar’s G55032 Complete Car Care Kit Meguiar's G55032 Complete Car Care Kit check price

If he is a car nut, he will appreciate this complete car kit. The kit contains everything you need to hand wash your car including a shampoo, condition, detailer, wax, and more. When he is done washing his car, it will look good as new.

Brush Hero Wheel Brush Brush Hero Wheel Brushcheck price

Does he love his car more than anything else in the world? Then he will love Brush Hero. Using just the force of water, this rotating brush attaches to your garden hose and quickly cleans the dirt off your tires and wheel wells. Your rims will look like new.

ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuumcheck price

If your boyfriend is a gear nut and has to keep his car spotless, he might love this portable wet/dry vacuum. With several useful attachments and sufficient suction, it’s designed to pick up dirt from inside your car, reaching the most difficult places.

AUTO-VOX Cam 6 Rear Reverse Backup Camera AUTO-VOX Cam 6 Rear Reverse Backup Cameracheck price

Don’t you hate backing up in tight spots? When you are starting to drive, putting a rear camera in your car makes a lot of sense. It’s better to be safe than sorry. This one mounts on your license plate and uses a wireless transmitter so there are no wires to install. It helps you when you are backing up and parking between 2 cars.

iOttie Easy One Touch 3 iOttie Easy One Touch 3check price

If you are going to use your phone in your car as a GPS, this car mount will come in handy. It comes with a super sticky compound that allows you to mount it to your dash or windshield. The telescoping arm allows you to position your phone at the perfect angle for the optimum viewing.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver TaoTronics Bluetooth Receivercheck price

This little gadget is the easiest way to get the music on your phone on your car’s speakers. Simply plug it into the aux port in your car. The coolest part? It can make just about any wired pair of headphones or speakers wireless.

OPT7 Aura LED Glow Underbody Lighting Kit OPT7 Aura LED Glow Underbody Lighting Kitcheck price

Want to be the coolest guy on the road? With 16 different colors, this underbody lighting kit will let you put on a light show wherever you go. Just make sure the color you set it on is legal in your State. You can install it yourself or get it professionally done. The coolest part? You can make the light move to the beat of your music.

OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kitcheck price

Trick out the interior of your car with these ultra bright LED under dash lights. With two methods of installation, just about anybody can install this kit. Not only are the out of this world neon colors pretty dope, you can set it light up with the beat of your music. Everybody is going to want to ride around with you.

Drive Car Garbage Can Drive Car Garbage Cancheck price

Have you ever been in your car and wondered where to throw your garbage? Don’t throw candy wrappers and junk on the floor and in your cup holders like me. Stash them in this car garbage can. Simply strap it to the passenger seat and say goodbye to Mr. Messy.

Crafty Gifts For Teen Boys

Does he love making things, doodling, or painting? If he is an artist or creative type, he will love getting his hands dirty with these crafty gifts.

Under Star Projectors: The Drake Coloring Book Under Star Projectors: The Drake Coloring Bookcheck price

While it may be unofficial, you know adult coloring books are big when there is one based on Drake. With 32 black and white pages, this coloring book is a tribute to the awesomeness that is Drake. Coloring books are known to help with stress. Now you can relieve some stress with Drake at your side.

Release Your Anger: Adult Coloring Book Release Your Anger: Adult Coloring Book check price

Do you have a sense of humor? We finally found the cure for stress. Show off your sense of humor without taking your anger on someone else with this adult coloring book filled with bad words. It’s filled with beautiful designs that are accompanied by 49 swear words like “Bull—-.”

Johanna’s Christmas: Festive Adult Coloring Book Johanna's Christmas: Festive Adult Coloring Bookcheck price

Christmas is a time for relaxing. Get him in on the adult coloring book trend with this festive coloring book from Johanna Basford. It features intricate Christmas themed designs for him to color, helping him get through the day. Fill your Christmas with color.

SodaStream Source Home Soda Maker Starter Kit SodaStream Source Home Soda Maker Starter Kitcheck price

What’s more fun than drinking soda? What about making it? With SodaStream, you can make your own flavored bubbly soda out of regular tap water. It works by injecting carbonation into water from a CO2 pack. Who needs canned soda?

Millennium Falcon Metal Model Kit Millennium Falcon Metal Model Kitcheck price

This model kit is a great upgrade from your standard building set. With it, teens build a miniature 2.5 inch version of the Millennium Falcon. It has very tiny metal tabs that you have to bend up with a pair of jewelry pliers and tweezers. It’s actually quiet challenging to put together. Your teenage boy will love it not only because it’s a cool craft activity, but because it’s Star Wars.

Revell Shelby Cobra 427 Plastic Model Kit Revell Shelby Cobra 427 Plastic Model Kitcheck price

If your teenager is a car lover who loves to build, he will love this model car. While he wasn’t around when it was created, it’s a model of the Shelby Cobra, one of the most iconic American muscle cars ever. Because he will have to glue and paint it, it makes for an awesome project.

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit check price

How would you like to take your shoes to the next level? With this acrylic paint there are endless ways you can customize your kicks. With so many shoe colors, this paint goes on so smooth and beautifully adheres to leather. You can customize just about every part of the shoe or just retouch them.

Klutz Star Wars Folded Flyers Klutz Star Wars Folded Flyerscheck price

Who knew that folding paper could be so fun? These are not your normal paper planes. This kit contains 30 paper spaceships that are straight out of the Star Wars movies. You will fold up everything from the Millennium Falcon to a Jedi Starfighter.

Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleball Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleballcheck price

Your teenager will be on top of the world with this unique 540 piece puzzle. It contains plastic pieces that when put together form a real spinning globe that is fantastic for reference.

Us State Quarter Collection Us State Quarter Collectioncheck price

Who would have thought that collecting quarters would be so fun? Your teenage boy will love collecting quarters from different states with this map. It has quarter sized slots for the coins to go in. Like a treasure hunt, it’s exciting to look for the coins you are missing.

3Doodler Start 3Doodler Startcheck price

Look ma! I doodled a robot! 2-D drawings just got a little boring. This is not a normal pen. It allows you to create 3 dimension masterpieces using a variety of colors. Simply wait for the pen to heat up and put one of the pieces of plastic inside. As you draw with the pen, the melted plastic comes out. As it cools, it hardens. What will you doodle?

Thingmaker Thingmakercheck price

Would you like to make your own action figure? Now anybody can own a 3D printer. Using predesigned components, the Thingmaker allows users to create custom toys on an Android or iOS app. Then you can print out the pieces with the 3D printer and assemble your own Frankensteinian toy. Mattel better watch out!

Teen Boy Room Décor Gifts

The game room
From posters to playful furniture, he is going to love these gifts that make his room look “cool.”

Heritage Sports Banner Heritage Sports Bannercheck price

The easiest way to brighten up his wall is with this sports banner. No matter what sports he loves, he will love this colorful and sturdy banner. Measuring 2.5 feet long, it’s a pretty good size and made of a nice fabric. His favorite teams from the MLB, NFL, NCAA, and NBA are available.

Umbra Hangit Photo Display Umbra Hangit Photo Displaycheck price

Do you have a lot of photos? Here is an artsy way to hang up photos on your wall. It comes with all the mounting hardware that you need to put it up on the wall. The template makes it super easy to install. After hanging it, simply use the 40 wooden clips to hang up your photos.

Star Wars 2017 Wall Calendar Star Wars 2017 Wall Calendarcheck price

Get him a wall calendar. I am a big fan of Star Wars so naturally I want this cool looking Star Wars Calendar. On every month, it contains a popular Star Wars character from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Keep Out Gamer at Play Video Game Poster Keep Out Gamer at Play Video Game Postercheck price

I am totally nerding out over this poster. So us gamers, when we play, you probably don’t want to disturb us because we are too busy battling enemies, defeating bosses, smashing cars, mastering moves, and blowing up things. Measuring 25″ X 36″, this poster says it all.

KEEP OUT Gamer At Play ENTER Tin Sign KEEP OUT Gamer At Play ENTER Tin Signcheck price

About a foot high, this tin sign must be put on every teen gamer’s bedroom door. You don’t want someone to accidentally walk in on you when you are fragging enemies and calling each other a bunch of Noobs.

Noob Poster Noob Postercheck price

This 8.5” X11” poster has to be framed and put on the wall of every gamer’s bedroom. It’s the one word we live by: Noob. Translation: You suck.

Personalized Gamer Name Decal  Personalized Gamer Name Decal check price

What could be cooler than having your name printed in Minecraft text in your room? If he lives, breathes, and thinks of Minecraft all day long, he needs this personalized name decal on his wall.

EAT SLEEP MINE Gamer Wall Decal Sticker EAT SLEEP MINE Gamer Wall Decal Stickercheck price

All of us gamers need to eat and sleep, but when we are not doing that we are mining in Minecraft. Available in multiple colors, this 22″ X 30″ wall decal tells our story.

JP London Framed Retro Nintendo Video Game Controller JP London Framed Retro Nintendo Video Game Controllercheck price

I am a big fan of retro videogames. This framed photo of the original NES controller is a video game creed that every gamer must live by: Let video games control your life and everything will be okay.

Dxracer Gaming Chair Dxracer Gaming Chair check price

While DXRacer originally started out making racing seats for cars, their line of gaming racing chairs has become super popular with gamers. Shaped like a Formula one seat, this chair is designed to be super comfortable even after long gaming sessions. It’s the only gaming chair that every gamer wants in his man cave.

SUCK UK Punch Bag Drawstring Laundry Bag SUCK UK Punch Bag Drawstring Laundry Bagcheck price

While it’s not really a punching bag, this laundry bag shaped like a punching bag makes laundry as fun as it can be. Plus, it doubles as cool room decor when you hang it up. Doing laundry is not fun. In fact, it makes me want to punch something. No guy wants to do his laundry, but maybe this punching bag will inspire him to “knock it” out.

NFL Plush Raschel Throw Blanket NFL Plush Raschel Throw Blanket check price

On Sunday, I just want to cozy up on the sofa and watch a game of NFL football. This NFL throw blanket is perfect for snuggling while I route my team on. What could be more comfortable than a blanket with your favorite team on it?

Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanket Bedsure Sherpa Throw Blanketcheck price

Soft and cozy throws are the perfect winter accessory for snuggling on the couch and watching a football game or Netflix. Made of 100% microfiber, this fuzzy Sherpa blanket keeps every inch of your body warm and it is the softest blanket you have ever felt. It’s feels like lying on a cloud in a cartoon.

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw