Build-A-Bear Workshop to Add New Spider-Man Bears

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Last Updated on January 3, 2020 by Danielle

Build-A-Bear Marvel Mega Minis Spider-Man Bear

Build-A-Bear adds new Spider-Man customizable bears to its collection.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7th and Build-A-Bear Workshop has announced it will feature Make-Your-Own Spider-Man Bears just in time for the big summer blockbuster.

The Make-Your-Own Spider-Man Bear closely resembles our web-slinging hero and kids are sure to love it. He’s so soft, lovable, and ultra huggable. It features a Build-A-Bear wearing Spidey’s infamous superhero costume and mask. It’s an officially licensed Marvel product that is designed for the fans of Spider-Man.

In addition to the Make-Your-Own Spider-Man Bear, Spider-Man fans will be able to get ahold of a Spider-Man costume and Spider-Man digital sound. The Spider-Man costume comes in two pieces and allows you to transform your favorite stuffed animal or teddy bear into Spider-Man! The set includes Spidey’s mask and iconic body suit.

The Spider-Man bear looks incredibly cute with its red, blue, and black Spider-Man costume and bright green eyes. The bear’s foot features an authentic Spider-Man print with the name Spider-Man written on it.

The Make-Your Own Spider-Man Bear line will retail for about $15 in the United States and is available online at Build-A-Bear Workshop’s site. It’s an 8-inch Marvel Mega Minis Spider-Man Bear that comes packaged in a Mini City Condo. Get ready for some thrilling superhero adventures!

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