Highlights of CES 2016

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Best Of CES 2016

Car Tech, Televisions, Phones, Wearable Tech, and Virtual Reality Round Out Highlights of CES

CES, the world’s biggest annual technology event, showcases tech trends to look out for in the year and beyond. Although the annual show didn’t unveil that life-changing tech that sent the world abuzz, the show was dominated by car tech and wearable technology. Unlike prior years, there was no prevailing theme; instead it was more of a diversified experience – featuring everything from wearables and gadgets to car tech, smart home devices and virtual reality.

Analysts contend auto tech stole the show. The top categories at CES this year included Car Tech, Televisions, Phones, Wearable Technology, and Virtual Reality. Here our editors spotlight some of the ‘Best of the Show’ in each category that might make our annual hot toys for Christmas 2021 list.

Car Tech/ Automotive

  • Faraday Future – Revealed details of concept car featuring 1000-horsepower and 0 – 60 in under 3 seconds with a top speed of 200 MPH.
  • Chevy Bolt EV – $30,000 after tax credits – Electric Vehicle – Features 200 mile range – doubling that of most electric vehicles
  • Toyota Concept Hydrogen Fuel Car
  • BMW iVision Future Interaction Concept Car – Autonomous vehicle
  • BMW i8 – Mirrorless car – Blind spots are a thing of the past.
  • BMW 7 Series – AirTouch 3D Gesture Control System
  • Arcimoto SRK – $11,900 – All-electric 3-wheeled motorcycle


  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Screen Technology – impressive advancement from Samsung, LG, Sony provides improved brightness and color accuracy than existing  HD or 4K TVs. A concern is that only a handful of movies/TV shows have been reissued in a format taking advantage of HDR. The Panasonic 65DX900 – Ultra HD Premium was a TV showcasing this amazing next-gen screen technology.
  • LG 18-inch OLED Rollable TV – Although this was in prototype form, can you imagine a future where you could roll up and transport your television in your pocket? That future may be here sooner than you think.
  • Samsung KS9500 SUHD TVs
  • Sony X93D Series Bravia 4K LCD TV – Sony’s flagship TV line was featured at CES
  • LG 65G6 Signature OLED TVs – LG showcased its spectacular OLED technology
  • LG 98-Inch 8K LED TV – Dream BIG with premium luxury!

Wearable Technology

  • Fitbit Blaze – Fitness Smartwatch – Available March 2016 – $199.95. The Blaze can answer phone calls, check text messages and receive calendar alerts.
  • Under Armour Gemini 2 Smart Sneakers – $180 – Fitness trackers for your feet. Sensors track your workouts without the need to tether to your smarthphone. Features include the ability to track distance travelled and calories burned.

Virtual Reality

  • Oculus Rift $599 / $1499 with Computer
  • HTC Vive Pre Headset – Allows users to drink or sit down without taking headset off. Encourages users to get off the couch and wander around in a space up to 5 meters diagonally.
  • Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill – Gaming on a treadmill – taken to the extreme. The user is harnessed, enters a ring, and is given a gun and headset. Then you start running. The aim is to navigate the virtual landscape in real life and hunt your opponent before he finds you. This is an interesting twist on virtual reality that provides a great workout.
  • LeVR COOL 1 – Virtual Reality viewer compatible with any Android smartphone
  • Virtual Reality Roundtable – For real VR gamer geeks, they can hold their gaming sessions just like the Knights of the Round Table.


  • Typhoon H Drone – Intel has revealed a collision-avoiding drone that automatically avoids obstacles in its path. The drone utilizes RealSense technology.
  • Intelligent Energy Drone – Hydrogen-fuel powered drones – fly for more than the average drone, which flies on average for about 20 minutes.
  • Parrot Disco Drone – Exception to rule – Most drones take form of quadcopter with spinning blades. This is more of a Predator-like affair. It redefines the design of drones for the future.
  • WowWee R.E.V.A.I.R. Car and air drone that can chase each other. User can play against each other or against CPU, shooting infrared lasers at the target vehicle to try to win.
  • Ehang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle – All electric quadcopter scaled from a drone – large enough to transport humans

Tech Toys

  • Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar – Fisher-Price + LEGO = Teaching young kids (preschoolers) tech concepts, basics of learning to code. There is no actual coding; however, it reinforces skills associated with writing code.
  • Hackaball ($85) March 2016 – for future or would-be programmers, encourages kids to program their own light-up  handheld ball. Users can make it vibrate and emit sounds via a smartphone app so they can invent their own games to play.
  • Sphero’s Force Band – Control Sphero BB-8 with the force! Controlling BB-8 has never been this fun!
  • LEGO WeDo 2.0 – Robotics kit for elementary school children teaching STEM concepts.


Recently, there have been reports of cheap, low-quality hoverboards catching fire, exploding, and injuring people. Razor promises users that their hoverboard won’t cause safety concerns.

  • OneWheel – $1,500 – Safe, Quality, Patented (Copy-Cats); already on market for 2 yrs
  • Razor Hovertrax – Carried by Amazon $599, DLX Model – LED lights / chrome finish $699.


  • Technics EAH0T700 – $1,200 – Best New Headphones – Comfort, Quality – awesome sound, bass
  • Holosonics Speaker System $1000 – Special speaker system allows TV to play different audio to two viewers. Delivers a split-screen TV listening experience.
  • Sony Walkman A26 – Delivers high quality audio with a splash of color. Available in 6 stylish colors.
  • Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar – Features Dolby Atmos immersive cinema-style sound from home theaters


  • Ossia Cota Wireless Charging System – Wirelessly charge your iPhone – No cables required! Requires a special chip embedded in your phone.
  • Jaq Smartphone Charger – MyFC – Swedish startup – world’s smallest and most powerful fuel cell charger in the world. Lets users stay charged without using a wall outlet. The Jaw creates a chemical reaction with a sealed card containing water and salt. Slip the card inside the charger and its hydrogen fuel cells convert the resulting energy into 1800 mAhs. That is nearly a full charge for iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 and it is transferred to your phone via USB.

Mobile Computing

  • Alienware – Unveiled world’s first OLED gaming laptop! 13-inch screen delivers deeper blacks and lower latency. Starting at $1499.
  • Razor Blade Stealth – One of the most impressive laptops of the year $999. Offers power and high-res touchscreen. Thin and lightweight (2.75 lbs). Add the Razor Core – an external graphics card dock – connects to Blade Stealth transforming it into supercharged desktop gaming PC!
  • Samsung Galaxy TabPro S– New competitor to iPad Pro and Surface Pro – 12-inch tablet with full Windows 10 operating system to run all traditional programs.

Home Appliances

  • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – Now your appliances can go shopping for you. Order food from the fridge with Fresh Direct or Shop Right delivery services. The refrigerator even has a built-in camera which beams the image to your smartphone for determining contents of the fridge even when you’re away from home. Ever forget to get something? That may be a thing of the past.

3D Printing

  • Mcor Arke – Desktop 3D printer uses paper, glue, and razors to create highly detailed objects
  • Nano Dimension Dragonfly 2020 – 3D prints real circuit boards. Designed for engineers and developers who need rapid prototypes.

Digital Photography

  • Nikon D5 – This is a beast of a camera and it represents Nikon’s top-of-the-line DSLR. It’s designed for professional photographers who demand the very best in performance. It even shoots 4K video.
  • Phase One XF 100MP – $48,990 – Capable of shooting incredibly detailed imagery


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