Holo Cube Delivers Magical Experiences

Merge VR Holocube

New toy from Merge VR lets kids interact with holograms.

Merge VR designed an augmented reality and goggles system called Holo Cube that allows kids to hold and interact with holograms. The Holo Cube can be transformed into a variety of objects like virtual pets, blocks, or musical instruments to name a few examples. If you combine the Holo Cube with Merge VR’s VR Googles, it allows kids to interact directly with the holograms. It’s amazing technology and it could end up being one of the top Christmas toys of 2017 later this year.

The Holo Cube allows kids to learn, play, and connect with others in a brand new way. With the Holo Cube, Merge VR is converging the digital and physical worlds. It opens the doors for children to explore their imaginations and creativity in a whole new way. Experience the future with Holo Cube.

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