Mattel’s New Echo For Kids Debuts at CES 2017

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Mattel Aristotle

Mattel brings a smart home device to kids similar to Amazon Echo.

With smart devices from Amazon (Echo) and Google (Home) encompassing our lives, Mattel introduces a new smart device for kids called Aristotle. The device will make its debut at CES 2017, and when it arrives on store shelves in June 2017 it will retail for $300. This high-tech smart device will read bedtime stories and play soothing sounds for your child at night. It features an assistant by the name of Aristotle, which acts similar to Alexa on the Echo, with an embedded speaker. The device will look very similar to the Amazon Echo design.

This new device from Mattel is built specifically for kids. It offers games, facts, and even soothing sounds when your child wakes up. Perhaps, most importantly, this device has the “smarts” to understand your little one’s speech and it adapts as they age.

Aristotle will feature the voice of a twenty-something teacher. When you child is a toddler, a companion camera changes the speaker into a smart home baby monitor. In this form, it streams a video feed of your baby to your smartphone. The device can be programmed to play soothing and relaxing sounds when your child first wakes in the morning, glow with your child’s favorite colors, or play a game.

In adult mode, parents can access the second voice of the speaker (Amazon’s Alexa) to log wet diapers, feedings, among other things. With this information, Amazon will know you’re low on supplies and automatically order new ones.

Aristotle grows with your child taking on the roles of tutor, friend, and babysitter. It keeps your child entertained and informed when you are busy. If your child is struggling with homework he or she can ask the device a question. Your questions are analyzed by Bing search smarts and Cortana analysis.

Aristotle is also designed for play – it identifies and reacts to natural play. You’ll need to train Aristotle to recognize your  child’s voice by reading a paragraph of text. With a steep price point well above that of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it will be interesting to see how this Echo clone fares in the market. Will it be one of the hot Christmas toys of 2021?

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