Top Toys And Best Gifts For Toddlers 2017

Best toys for toddlers

What are the top toddler toys and best Christmas gifts for toddlers in 2016? It is hard coming with Christmas gift ideas for toddlers because you can’t exactly ask them, so we had to ask Santa.

Wondering what the best toddler toys in 2016 are? Bursting with energy and curiosity, every day is a new adventure for toddlers. Being a toddler is hard work. Toddlers are just starting to get up and explore their world.

Through play, toddlers are exercising their muscles, practicing social skills, and pushing their imaginations to new heights.There is nothing more that toddlers love more to imitating mommy and daddy with their toys.

Look for gifts that allow them to use all their five senses and involve a lot of repetition. As toddlers become more mobile look for toys that they can ride, push, or pull. For their cognitive needs, puzzles and blocks will be big hits with little ones. The best toddler toys are durable, bright, loud, fun and repetitive. Read on for the best gifts for toddlers arranged by age.

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12 to 18 Months

As your toddler is just starting to walk, they are becoming much more active and ready to use their whole body. This is the point when you will wish they were crawling again as they are non stop action machines. They can be destructive and irresistibly cute at the same time.

One year olds love experimenting and seeing what happens. Toys that involve cause and effect and a lot of repetition are great for toddlers of this age as they never get tired of doing the same thing over and over.

What are the best toys for toddlers 12 to 18 months? Look for blocks, push toys, shape sorters, balls, art supplies, ride ons, and board books for this age group. These popular toddler toys and top rated toddler toys are sure to be a big hit.

Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo Ages 9mt-3Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo check priceWant to dance? With his bright colors, Beatbo might be the hottest new toddler toy of 2015. Press his tummy or feet and the little guy lights up with tricks, songs, phrases, and even dance moves. Kids will learn letters, colors, counting, music, cause & effect and more. Talk to Beatbo and he will remix what you say in a robotic danceable beat. The best part? Freeze dance mode will have little ones working a sweat as they learn to freeze.
Little People Animal Friends FarmAges 1-5Little People Animal Friends Farmcheck priceYee haw. Even Old MCDonald didn’t have a farm like this. With a hinged design, the barnyard can open up. Filled with talking animals, the set lets kids learn about animals and even hold them in their hand. Each animal has it own area. Like the other sets in the Little People line, the stocky animals on this set are the perfect size for little ones. Little ones will love spending time on this farm.
Fisher-Price Little People Big Animal Zoo Ages 1-5Fisher-Price Little People Big Animal Zoo check priceToddlers love the zoo. With the Fisher Price Big Animal Zoo, little ones can visit the zoo every day. With two little people and 2 animals, there’s so much to explore with this set. Swing the monkey on the tree or give the animals a checkup by taking their height and weight. The best part? The big elephant. Not only is he huge, you can pull his head or tail and he comes to life with silly sounds. There is a big elephant in the room.
Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play SpaceAges 6mt-3Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Spacecheck priceGet up and dance! With its unique shape, this toy is not only large enough to sit inside but it also encourages toddlers to stand up and bust a move. For budding DJs, a simple touch of this lightbar activates music and lights as it teaches ABCs, numbers, and more.
Playskool Fold ‘n Go Busy ElephantAges 3mt+Playskool Fold 'n Go Busy Elephantcheck priceThe Playskool Fold ‘n Go Elephant is a portable floppy friend that easily tucks into your diaper bag. He stuffs up neatly and one of his ears becomes a handle. When you unfold him, the 2 foot long play mat has all sorts of fun rattles, crinkly textures, squeakers, and even a mirror to keep baby happy during tummy time.
Mary Meyer Taggies LambAges 3mt+Mary Meyer Taggies Lambcheck priceWho wouldn’t love this cute soft animal friend? With bright colorful colors, this little lamb is beyond adorable. His shape makes him so huggable even for young ones. The best part? It’s got little tags on it to keep little ones occupied for hours.

VTech Magic Star Learning TableAges 6mt-3VTech Magic Star Learning Tablecheck price

Chock full of things to explore, toddlers will love engaging with this toy. Even young ones will love simply pressing the buttons and spinning the wheels. As they get older, they will take delight in turning the steering wheel to drive the bear in circles over and over again. The coolest part? Kids will love flipping the book page to hear a nursery rhyme. With the attachable legs, it’s a great toy that is the perfect height for standing toddlers.

Tomy Kids Jumbo Jamboree Ages 12-18 mtTomy Kids Jumbo Jamboree check priceThis looks like an ordinary elephant toy that rolls around playing happy tunes. However, it’s actually a band in an elephant with 5 different instruments including a rattle, harmonica, xylophone, drums and trumpet. Simply pull him a part as his colorful body parts are actually instruments. The coolest instrument? The trumpet made out of Jumbo’s trunk.

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Roll and Discover BallAges 6mt-2VTech Baby Lil' Critters Roll and Discover Ballcheck price

Every toddler needs a ball that they can kick, toss, or shake around. While the Lil Critters Roll & Discover Ball by VTech is meant to be tossed around, it is super soft. The coolest part? When the ball is thrown around it plays cheerful music. Little ones will love grabbing the little tags and listening to the music over and over.

Skip Hop Rocking Owl StackerAges 6mt+Skip Hop Rocking Owl Stackercheck priceThe rocking owl is a cool twist on the classic stacking toy. When kids stack the pieces, it forms a loveable owl. All of the stacking components are nice and chunky for little hands. Each piece is fun to play with on its own. What a hoot!
Little Tikes Crawl ‘n Pop! TurtleAges 6mt-3Little Tikes Crawl 'n Pop! Turtlecheck priceDo you know how to walk like a turtle? Shape sorting goes deep sea diving with this cute little turtle buddy that helps toddlers crawl, sit, stand, and walk. Kids will love learning about colors as they place the colored plastic blocks into the turtle shell. When toddlers learn to walk, they will love chasing the turtle around as the little guy toddles around in random directions to cheery music.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train Ages 1-3VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train check price

Choo! Choo! Toddlers will love hopping aboard the Ultimate Alphabet Train from VTech. This action packed train is designed to grow with your kid. There are all sorts of activities for developing fine motor skills including an interactive story book, double side blocks, moveable gears, and light up buttons. Not only is it great for riding, it great “track” for learning ABCs and letters.

Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Building BagAges 1-5Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Building Bagcheck price

Even toddlers love building blocks. Typically between 12 and 18 months, toddlers learn how to grasp blocks. Your child’s first set of block should be the award winning Megablocks. These chunky blocks are perfect for little hands with a locking mechanism that is easier for beginners. With 145 colorful blocks, your child will be building all kinds of towers and castles.

Little Tikes Press N’ Go DogAges 12-18mtLittle Tikes Press N' Go Dogcheck price

Toddlers just learning to walk will love walking this incredible cute dog. He rolls and rolls across the hardwood floor or carpet. The coolest part? Press him down and he speeds across the floor on his own without the need for batteries. Little ones won’t be able to stop giggling as they chase after it over and over again for hours of fun.

Laugh & Learn Crawl Around CarAges 6mt-3Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Carcheck priceCrawling toddlers will look like a racecar drivers with this stationary play set from Fisherprice. Offered in pink or blue, little ones will love opening and closing the doors of their brand new car. Although there is no seat inside little ones can crawl inside to get into the driver’s seat where they can honk the horn, shift gears, and turn the wheel. With 3 modes of learning and 7 songs, phrases, and tunes, this is one ride toddlers won’t want to miss.
Little Tikes Lil’ Ocean Explorers Adventure CourseAges 6mt-3Little Tikes Lil' Ocean Explorers Adventure Coursecheck priceReady! Set! Go! Even little ones need a play ground to sit, crawl, or stand. The Octopus encourages kids to stand up and play ball, squealing when you push down on the lever. The coolest part? Toddlers will love crawling through the tunnel with the underwater canopy. With fun sounds, the Little Tikes 3 in 1 Adventure Course will feel like a little indoor Disneyland for toddlers.

18 to 24 Months

Toddlers over 18 months are starting to explore their world with their hands. They love flipping switches, opening and shutting things, and just plain fiddling with things.

What are the top toys for toddlers 18 to 24 months? Look for pretend toys, blocks, musical instruments, puzzles, books, vehicle sets, balls, and art supplies. These cool toddler toys will leave a big smile on their face.

Playskool Play All Day ElmoAges 18mt+Playskool Play All Day Elmocheck priceWhat toddler is not completely in love with Elmo? Toddlers will love running around with their new best friend, Play All Day Elmo. This soft and cuddly red friend is a great size for toddlers. In toddler mode, little ones will love tickling him or squeezing his nose, just to see what Elmo will do. With over 150 responses and activities like hopping like a bunny, freeze dance, and pat-a-cake, Elmo has never felt more alive. Toddlers will want to play with him “all day.”
Battat B. Parum Pum Pum Drum ToyAges 18mt-15Battat B. Parum Pum Pum Drum Toycheck priceLittle musicians will get a kick out of this wonderful set of instruments neatly packaged in a drum. When friends come over, it is easy for them to join the orchestra with the musical instruments included. There’s a drum, 2 drumsticks, egg shaker, bell, maraca, and tambourine. Everything has a whimsical design with the instruments shaped like little animals. Our favorite? The Jingle Bell ants! It’s the perfect gift for toddlers that love to march to their own beat.
Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter Ages 18mt+Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter check priceThe classic shape sorting toy has been given a makeover for today’s busy parents. The Playskool Pop Up Shape Sorter is portable and easily folds flat into your diaper bag for on the go fun. Simply pull the compartment up and you have got a shape sorter. Collapse it to store it flat. The four colored shapes fit easily into the little cat’s body. It is perfect when you are desperate for something that will distract your toddler in the back seat.
Fisher-Price Little People Spinnin’ AirportAges 18mt-5Fisher-Price Little People Spinnin' Airportcheck priceIt’s got Little People! It’s got cars! It’s got flying airplanes. Up, up, and away! It’s the Little People Spinnin’ Sounds Airport. Little ones will love going to the airport with this incredibly fun toy. The best part? There is an actual flying plane that kids will love flying over and over again. Simply take the plane to the top of the tower and press the cloud and watch it spin from the top until it lands safely at the bottom. Remember kids fasten your seatbelts.

LEGO DUPLO My First Creative Building BoxAges 18mt-5LEGO DUPLO My First Creative Building Boxcheck price

Children are never too old for Legos. The Lego Duplo Creative Building Box set is the perfect first Lego set for your toddler. It comes with 70 colorful chunky sized bricks. There is a nice spectrum of color included with this set. The best part? It is completely open ended so kids can build whatever they want

Fisher-Price Little People WheeliesAges 18mt-5Fisher-Price Little People Wheeliescheck price

Who doesn’t love racing? Little racecar drivers will love zooming their wheelie cars down this ramp over and over. The set come with two cute wheelie cars which are perfect for little hands. Kids being kids will love just trying to put everything and anything down the track including balls, plastic animals, and food. The coolest part? Everything folds up allowing you to store everything easily inside. There is even a little handle.

Step2 WonderBall Fun PlayhouseAges 18mt-5Step2 WonderBall Fun Playhousecheck priceWhat could be cooler than a colorful playhouse full of fun? This is the kind of playhouse that we wish we had when we were kids. With ball ramps and tunnels, there is nothing else like it. Toddlers can invite all their friends over. The coolest part? There is nothing more fun than tossing the balls through the roof and watching them spin and spiral down the ramps. It is something that never gets old. If you are looking for the big wow gift from Santa, this could be it.

VTech 2-in-1 Learn & Zoom MotorbikeAges 1-3VTech 2-in-1 Learn & Zoom Motorbikecheck price

This is not just any scooter. It has the ability to switch from a 3 wheeled tricycle to a two wheeled scooter. Like other toys of this kind, it’s equipped with lights, buttons, and gears that little ones will love messing with as they build their fine motor skills. With the ability to transform, this riding toy will get a lot of mileage.

24 to 30 Months

Two year old toddlers are much more developed than one year old toddlers as now they can walk, run and jump. They are also developing cognitive skills as they learn to speak. Look for educational toys that help them learn about numbers, shapes, and the abcs. These award winning toddler toys of 2015 are great for their development.

LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven Ages 2-5LeapFrog Number Lovin' Oven check priceWhy can’t toddlers have their own oven? Just like mommy and daddy, toddlers love fun kitchen toys. The LeapdFrog Number Loving Oven cooks up number fun with food divided into fractions. With 16 fun ingredients and 30 songs and phrases, it is a recipe for fun.
VTech Go! Go! Ultimate RC Speedway Ages 1-5VTech Go! Go! Ultimate RC Speedway check priceToddlers will love zipping around this racetrack designed just for them. As the cars race along they will perform cool stunts as they tip over gaps in the road and climb an elevator to the top of the track. The coolest part? It has a simple remote control shaped like a steering wheel.

Manhattan Baby Stella Sweet DreamsAges 1-6Manhattan Baby Stella Sweet Dreamscheck price

With her cozy pajamas and friendly little lamb, Baby Stella wants to go to sleep. When toddlers hug her, she lets off a light soothing lavender scent. Sweet dreams!

Little People Dancing PalaceAges 18mt-5Little People Dancing Palacecheck priceIt’s got dancing princesses! It’s got happy music! It’s got a castle. No, it is not Disneyland! It is the Little People Musical Dancing Palace, which includes 3 of the most adorable little people toy figures. The little adorable figures are chunky sized, making them perfect for little hands to grasp? Little girls will love twirling the characters on the dance floor making them “dance.”

Hape Geometric Shapes Knob PuzzleAges 2-4Hape Geometric Shapes Knob Puzzlecheck price

After your child has mastered the coordination used in jumbo knob puzzles, it time to build their fine motor skills with peg puzzles. This one from Hape is perfect for learning shapes like triangles, squares, rectangle, and more. The colors are bright and beautiful. Once they master the puzzle, they can trace the shapes for even more fun.

Paw Patrol Spy Chase PlushAges 2-7Paw Patrol Spy Chase Plushcheck price

Who doesn’t love Paw Patrol? Don’t tell kids that there isn’t much to this toy. To a 2 year old, Chase has never looked cuter than as an 8 inch plush pup with vibrant colors.

Fisher-Price Silly Wheelie MickeyAges 2-5Fisher-Price Silly Wheelie Mickeycheck priceWhat’s cooler than Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse on a bike. Mickey Mouse fans will love chasing this toy around as Mickey performs cool bicycles stunts. There is nothing cooler than seeing Mickey pop wheelies. Simply tap his flag to make him perform different tricks, switching between the modes. The coolest part? Mickey actually pedals the bike as he rides on it.
Fisher-Price Rainbow Dazzle MinnieAges 2-5Fisher-Price Rainbow Dazzle Minniecheck priceWhat could be more fun than dressing up Minnie Mouse? This is really not much of a toy, but it is still adorable for a huge Minnie fans. It’s more like a lamp where you can change Minnie’s outfit by simply tapping on Minnie’s bow, skirt, or blouse. It makes a cute decoration for a young girl’s room.

30 to 36 Months

Your child is almost 3 which means that they are almost ready for the big kids toys. As they already can run and jump, toddlers this age love running around and playing so outdoor toys and scaled down sport equipment is perfect.

As your toddler gets older, he or she is going to start developing a big imagination so pretend toys are sure to be a big hit with this age group. These are the most awesome toddler toys for this age group.

Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa DollAges 3-5Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa Dollcheck priceWho hasn’t fallen completely in love with Frozen? Your little girl won’t be able to stop singing with this beautiful Elsa doll that sings entire 3 minute “Let It Go” song. The coolest part? The toy includes a microphone that senses the doll. When you put it close to her lips, the doll sings. Take it away and she stop singing, letting your little girl sing a duet. No little girl will be able to let it go.
Bright Eyes Pets BreezeAges 2+Bright Eyes Pets Breezecheck priceFor toddlers who are afraid of the dark, the Bright Eyes pets make falling asleep so much easier. Available as many different animals, they are so cute! This soft teddy bear features light up eyes and touch sensors. Pet his head and watch him wake up as his eyes light up. The neatest part? Pet his back and watch him fall asleep and snore.
Mega Bloks Scooping WagonAges 12mt-5Mega Bloks Scooping Wagoncheck priceWho likes cleaning up? This is no ordinary wagon. It actually scoops up MegaBloks when you roll over them. It’s got little rubber fingers inside that rotate and scoop up the blocks. While it works better when the blocks are spread out over the floor, it is incredibly cool when it works. Kids can pick up their MegaBloks and take it to a new construction site.
Sofia the First Royal Castle 10595Ages 2-5Sofia the First Royal Castle 10595check priceFor little ones who love princesses, there is this 87 piece Lego Duplo set. With 3 minifigures including Princess Sofia, Princess Amber, and Clover the rabbit, kids will love building this little castle out of chunky Lego bricks. Like other Duplo sets, the colors are bright and the pieces are easy to hold and take apart.

LEGO DUPLO Doc McStuffins BackyardAges 2-5LEGO DUPLO Doc McStuffins Backyardcheck price

Uh-Oh! Legos have gotten sick! What would happen if you mixed Doc McStuffins with Lego Duplo? You would get this 39 piece Lego set. While there aren’t a lot of blocks here, Doc McStuffins, Lambie, and Stuffy have all been turned into the cutest minifigures. After you build the set, it’s fun to role play with them. Kids will love sliding down the slide. These Duplo sets are better for little ones because the blocks are chunkier and they are easier to take apart and put back together than regular Legos.

LEGO DUPLO Batman AdventureAges 2-5LEGO DUPLO Batman Adventurecheck price

Who doesn’t love superheroes and Legos? The more the better. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have all come together to save the day in Gotham with this 47 piece set. Both little boys and girls can play. What’s the big mission? A cat has fallen off a broken bridge and needs 3 superheroes to save it. Don’t worry kitty . . .Superman has the strength to repair the bridge, Batman has his Batboat, and Wonderwoman has her motorbike.

Little Tikes Lean To Turn ScooterAges 2-4Little Tikes Lean To Turn Scootercheck priceWhy can’t even little ones have their own scooter? This scooter from Little Tikes is the perfect first scooter for toddlers. It is equipped with 3 wheels and a lean to steer mechanism that make it easy to turn and balance. Even little ones will ride it like they were born to ride.
Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant Yo-ller Coaster Ages 3-6Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant Yo-ller Coaster check priceIs there anything more fun than roller coasters? The Yolercoaster is a rollercoaster for spinning tops called Yos. Toddlers will be mesmerized by the movement of these spinning tops. Kids will direct all the action as they send the spinning discs around the various tracks. The tops will crash through barrels and bounce back up, seemingly defying gravity.

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