Most Wanted Toys For Girls 2022

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Best toys for girls

What are the top toys for girls in 2016? Below you will find a list of the best toys for girls from the hottest new dolls to coolest gadgets. With all the exciting new toys for girls coming out this year, we’ve got tons of cool Christmas gift ideas for girls.

What do girls like to play with? While not all girls are the same, most girls like dress up, tea parties, and taking care of their toys.

That said, sometimes we just take all things pink and sparkly and call them girl toys. We forget that girls love to dress up like superheroes and build things. As parents, we want to find unique toys for girls that are not only fun, but also expand their opportunities.

What to get a girl for Christmas? Frozen! Barbie! Monster High! Stem Toys! Those are just some of the best gifts for girls in 2016. There are so many cool toys for girls coming out this year. With the help of kids, we’ve sorted through all the Christmas toys for girls and selected our favorites. Here is a list of the coolest and hottest toys for girls that every girl is going to want for Christmas. Princess lovers are going to be very happy.

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At a young age, girls tend to mimic the people around them so naturally they are drawn to toys that let them be mommy. That’s why dolls are some of the most popular toys for girls. What’s hot in the doll isle in 2016? Anything Frozen is sure to be one of the top gifts for girls.

Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa DollAges 3-5Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa Dollcheck priceWhat girl doesn’t love singing “Let It Go”? Finally there is an Elsa doll that sings the entire 3 minute song. Not only that, but also her necklace and dress illuminates too. The coolest part? She can actually recognize your child’s voice and take turns singing in a duet. Simply move the included microphone near Elsa’s lips and she will start to sing. When you move it away, Elsa stops and your child can take over while the tune continues. Girls won’t be able to “let it go.”
Disney Frozen Ice Power Elsa DollAges 3-10Disney Frozen Ice Power Elsa Dollcheck priceThis 12 inch Elsa doll actually shoots ice from her hand just like in the movie! How cool is that? It’s Elsa with a superhero twist. Simply load one of the snowflakes in the hole in her sleeve. Lift her other arm and she shoots the snowflake up to a foot away.

Disney Frozen Fever Elsa DollAges 3-10Disney Frozen Fever Elsa Dollcheck price

Frozen fans will love this 12 inch doll based on the animated short “Frozen Fever” that aired in 2015. Elsa is planning a surprise Birthday for her favorite sister, wearing a beautiful green spring gown. She has even got on the same green ice sandals as in the movie. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for Frozen fans.

Disney Frozen Fever Anna DollAges 3-10Disney Frozen Fever Anna Dollcheck price

How cute is the Anna Doll? Her cute Birthday outfit is based on the animated short film “Frozen Fever.” She has never looked more adorable than with her floral dress and green tunic. Frozen fans will love celebrating Anna’s Birthday with this lovely Frozen doll. It’s the best Christmas present ever.

Monster High Floatation Astranova DollAges 6-12Monster High Floatation Astranova Dollcheck priceA Monster High Doll that actually levitates? How amazing is that? Astranova is actually from the new Monster High movie Boo York, Boo York that came out in 2015. It’s super easy to make her float. You simply put the plastic guitar between the top of her head and the comet. When you remove it, she floats like magic. Her comet even lights up to the beat of music. This is one of the coolest new toys of this year.
Monster High Gooliope JellingtonAges 6-12Monster High Gooliope Jellingtoncheck priceIs there any way that Monster High could get bigger than it already is? Meet Gooliope Jellington, the world’s first 17 inch Monster High Doll. It’s awesome. It’s much bigger than you expect. You won’t realize how big she is until you put her next to another Monster High doll. With lemon colored hair with pink streaks and bubble gum colored pink skin, she is gorgeous and what every Monster High fan wants for Christmas. Bigger is better.
Disney Descendants Signature MalAges 3+Disney Descendants Signature Malcheck priceForget regular dolls. Based on the new Disney Descendants, Mal is cool. The doll line is all about the sons and daughters of the most popular Disney characters. Even villains have kids too. Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, the wicked fairy god mother. From her purple colored hair to her boots, she is the perfect gift for fans of Disney Descendants.
Ever After High Darling Charming DollAges 6-15Ever After High Darling Charming Dollcheck priceThis is not Barbie or Cinderella! While she might look like the perfect princess, Darling Charming from Ever After High has other plans. The daughter of King Charming, Darling Charming hopes to be a knight in shining armor. Her curly blond hair with blue highlights help complement her metallic armor. She makes a great gift for Christmas. Just don’t rescue her!

Barbie Holiday Doll 2015 Ages 6-12Barbie Holiday Doll 2015 check price

What girl doesn’t love Barbie? There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with this gorgeous Holiday Barbie doll. These dolls have been around for 27 years and Barbie has never looked better. Look at her beautiful ruffling red gown with the silver foiling underneath. The silvery detail on her dress is inspired by jingle bells. It is exquisite. Even her hair is beautifully glammed up. Barbie is ready for Christmas.

Hello Barbie Doll Ages 6-15Hello Barbie Doll check priceSay “hello” to Barbie. For years girls have been asking for a Barbie doll that they could talk to. With Hello Barbie, girls’ dreams have finally come true. The doll uses Wi-Fi and speech recognition technology to bring Barbie to life. All of the content is stored in the cloud. Barbie will listen to girls when they press her belt. When they let go, she will respond. The coolest part? She learns your likes and dislikes.
Barbie Rock ‘N Royals CourtneyAges 3-10Barbie Rock 'N Royals Courtneycheck priceWhat can’t Barbie do? Now she is trying to take over the music world as a rock star. Press her necklace to make her sing. While she looks like a princess, this is no ordinary Barbie doll. When you lift her arm, her dress flips around from a princess to a rock star. How awesome is that?
Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse Ages 3-10Barbie Saddle 'N Ride Horse check priceWhat girl doesn’t love Barbie and horses? Barbie is all geared up to ride her horse. The most amazing part? With the press of a button, Barbie swings up on her horse and begins to ride it.
Care Bears Cheer Sing-a-Long BearAges 2-6Care Bears Cheer Sing-a-Long Bearcheck priceRemember the Care Bears? There is Share Bear, Funshine Bear, Cheer Bear, and Grumpy Bear. They are back in a completely new fun way. These adorable super soft plush toys are full of life.. You are going to want to get more than one. Why? They will actually talk to each other and even sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” together.
Disney Princess Palace Pets Bright EyesAges 4-15Disney Princess Palace Pets Bright Eyescheck priceDisney Palace Pets fans will love this adorably cute plush toy. Her eyes light up when she talks. The best part? She makes a great bedtime pal as her bright eyes can be used like a nightlight for those who are afraid of the dark.
Disney Take Care of Me LambieAges 3-6Disney Take Care of Me Lambiecheck priceWhat girl doesn’t love Lambie? Take Care Of Lambie is the cutest thing ever. The only problem? Take Care Of Lambie is sick and needs all the checkups and cuddles your little girl can give. Press Lambie’s tummy and she laughs or sings with over 50 different responses.
Minions Bob with Teddy BearAges 4+Minions Bob with Teddy Bearcheck priceIs there anything cuter than this? Look at the little guy. He’s 10 inches of pure cuteness. The cutest part? When you give him a hug, his checks glow. It’s the perfect gift for a girl who is crazy about the Minions.

Pretend Toys

pretend play
Enter the world of Make Believe. Girls have big imaginations. Girls often imitate what they see parents doing, which is often expressed through dollhouses and pretend play toys.

Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice PalaceAges 3-10Disney Frozen Elsa's Ice Palacecheck priceRemember the scene in Frozen where Elsa built the Ice Palace? This set lets girls recreate the entire scene. Press on the bottom step to transform the snow into stairs. The coolest part? Girls can use the crank to make the castle grow to over 3 feet tall just like Elsa.
Monster High Deadluxe High SchoolAges 6-12Monster High Deadluxe High Schoolcheck priceWhere is the coolest place for Monster High Dolls to hangout? At the Monster Deadluxe High School!This thing is more than huge. It’s a monster! This massive doll house stands over 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide. With 14 clips and 7 rooms, no other school holds more monsters. It’s the perfect gift for any Monster High fan.
Barbie DreamhouseAges 3-10Barbie Dreamhousecheck priceIt’s Barbie’s Dream House! Three floors, seven rooms, a working elevator, and a new garage make this the ultimate place to live for Barbie and her friends. There is even a flat screen television that actually holds your smartphone. How awesome is that?

Barbie Glam Getaway HouseAges 3-10Barbie Glam Getaway Housecheck price

This Barbie Glam Getway House actually folds up compactly so that girls can take it on a getaway of their own. There is even a little carrying handle. How awesome is that? Barbie sure knows how to get away even if she doesn’t have space. When you open it up, there’s a kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom. Girls will love all the fun accessories that it comes with from cookware to bathroom items.

My Little Pony Rarity BooktiqueAges 3+My Little Pony Rarity Booktiquecheck priceThe My Little Pony Rarity Booktique playset is so adorable! The set is shaped like a book. The best part? The Booktique has 3 different scenes that you can change by simply turning the pages. There’s a spa, bedroom, and boutique. The set also comes with the Rarity pony and 20 fun accessories. Girls will love that you can store everything inside the play set and carry it with the little handle.
My Little Pony Canterlot CastleAges 3+My Little Pony Canterlot Castlecheck priceStanding almost 2.5 feet tall, the My Little Pony Canterlot Castle is huge. Three floors, a working elevator, and a grand staircase make this a palace fit for a princess. It comes with both Princess Celestia and Spike who are ready for a celebration. With over 40 accessories, girls will have fun decorating the palace. The best part? It’s a lot of fun taking the ponies up the elevator. Every My Little Pony fan will be asking for this for Christmas.
Disney Frozen Snowman Jewelry BoxAges 3-5Disney Frozen Snowman Jewelry Boxcheck priceThis has got to be the cutest toy jewelry box ever. When it plays the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, both Anna and Elsa turn back and forth building Olaf on the top of the jewelry box. How adorable is that? It comes with a little cute ring. Every little Frozen fan is going to want this for Christmas.
Disney Frozen Musical BicycleAges 3-10Disney Frozen Musical Bicyclecheck priceFeaturing Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, this musical bike is beyond cute. Olaf sits in the basket in the front and does the singing. Not only does it play “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”, Anna and Elsa actually pedal the bike. How awesome is that?
Fisher-Price Little Musical Dancing Palace Ages 18mt-5Fisher-Price Little Musical Dancing Palace check priceIt’s got Little People! It’s got Disney Princesses! It’s the Little People Musical Dancing Palace featuring 2 fun Disney songs, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” and “Beauty and the Beast”. The little princess figures are perfect for smaller hands, making it a great toy for toddler girls. You get Belle, Cinderella, and Belle’s prince. The best part? When you spin the handle, the little figures twirl and dance on the floor.

Whisker Haven Lights PawlaceAges 4-15Whisker Haven Lights Pawlacecheck price

While this may look like a palace, it is actually not. It’s a Pawlace. With 3 levels of place, 7 play areas, a swing, a moveable elevator, it is the ultimate place for the little Palace pets to hang out and relax. The best part? The escalator lights up. The set comes with one palace pet.

Shopkins Shoe DazzleAges 5-15Shopkins Shoe Dazzlecheck price

What girl doesn’t love collecting Shopkins? There is nothing more that girls love than Shopkins and shoes. This cute set includes both of them, making it an instant hit with girls. The set comes with 2 shoeboxes, 2 shopping bags, a display stand, and a couple of shelves. It’s like a little shoe store for Shopkins. The only problem? The set only includes 2 Shopkins shoes. A girl can’t get enough of shoes.

VTech Flipsies Sandy’s Ocean CruiserAges 4-9VTech Flipsies Sandy's Ocean Cruisercheck priceGirls will flip when they see this new line of toys from VTech. Flipsies all contain transforming elements. Meet Sandy. She dreams of becoming a marine biologist one day. Girls can help her reach her dreams with this Ocean Cruiser. It might look like an ordinary Ocean Cruiser, but when you lift up the side it instantly transforms into a doll house. What could be cooler than that?
Mini Lalaloopsy Party Cake SetAges 4-9Mini Lalaloopsy Party Cake Setcheck priceA Mini Lalloopsy play set shaped like a Birthday Cake? It’s colorful , it has cupcakes that light up and sing, and it comes with so many cool accessories. What could be more awesome than that? The set includes one exclusive mini doll, Surprise Party Curls, but you can invite all your Mini Lalaloopsy dolls over. The best part? You can make a wish and actually blow out the toy candle.
Doc McStuffins Vets N Pets Care CenterAges 3-6Doc McStuffins Vets N Pets Care Centercheck priceWhat little girl doesn’t love playing doctor? Your little veterinarian will love taking care of Fido the dog with the Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center. With the included tools, girls can do everything from weighing Fido to giving him an x-ray. We’re sure Fido will feel better in no time.


stem for girls
Over the last couple of years we have heard a lot about Stem toys. What we play with matters. Toys help to shape how we view the world. That’s why it is so important to introduce girls to science, technology, engineering, and math at a young age through the things they play with. In 2016, here are the best Stem toys for girls that make great Christmas gifts for girls.

LeapFrog Epic Android Kids Tablet 16GB Ages 3-9LeapFrog Epic Android Kids Tablet 16GB check priceNow you can finally get your iPad back! LeapFrog has finally come out with a full fledged Android tablet for kids. Finally kids can play their favorite apps like Fruit Ninja and have access to educational content. Parents don’t have to worry as all the apps are screened by LeapFrog. The best part? You never have to buy cartridges again as all the apps install straight from the device.

SmartLab Girls Only! Secret Message LabAges 8-15SmartLab Girls Only! Secret Message Labcheck price

What girl doesn’t love being a spy? This science kit is so adorable and very girly! It’s for girls only! The kit comes with 2 kits, one purple and one blue. One is for your little girl and other one is for her bestie. The set has everything they need to communicate a secret message like spies. One girl uses the invisible ink pen and the other uses a UV light to reveal the message. There are 25 ways to share secrets.

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit Ages 6-12Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit check priceScience just got a whole lot more fun with the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit. The science kit comes in a adorable fashionable tote. How awesome it that? Even the glasses are super cute. There are so many fun experiments inside that girls will love from making bubbles to creating lava. The coolest part? There is a little microscope inside.

SmartLab Spa Lab: Soaps Science KitAges 8-15SmartLab Spa Lab: Soaps Science Kitcheck price

How cool would it be if you could create your own soap? This kit comes with all the supplies you need from the base to the pigments. All you need is a microwave. It comes with a wonderful instruction book that walks you through the steps with tons of fun ideas. The best part? It comes with 5 gift boxes so girls can make the soaps for their friends. What could be more awesome?

Educational Insights Nature KeeperAges 8-12Educational Insights Nature Keepercheck price

Have you ever stopped and realized how beautiful the world is around you? This is no ordinary journal. It’s a journal about nature. The diary instructs girls to adopt a tree and observe it over the course of the year. Girls will sketch, collect, and document their finding in this cool journal as they learn more about trees and nature. This diary is such a unique gift for budding scientists.

Build & Imagine Malia’s Beach HouseAges 4-8Build & Imagine Malia's Beach Housecheck priceWhat girl wouldn’t want to build her own doll house? Girls can build their doll house any way they want with this fun set by Build And Imagine. All the panels join together magnetically. When they are done building the house, girls can decorate the house with magnetic props. The coolest part? Girls can take apart the house and quickly rebuilt the dollhouse to create new stories.

Arts & Crafts

arts & Crafts
Girls love arts and crafts.Why? It gives them an outlet for their creativity even if they are not artists. There is nothing more that girls like to do than get together with friends and make bracelets, necklaces, and do other crafty stuff. Whether she likes Play-Doh, painting, coloring, or nail art, here are our top toy picks for 2016.

Fashion Plates Deluxe KitAges 5-12Fashion Plates Deluxe Kitcheck priceFashion plates are back! These bring back so many childhood memories. It now comes in the cutest carrying case. Simply mix and match the top, middle, and bottom pieces to create your own cool outfits. There are 100s of different outfits that girls can create. In 2015, there are new expansion kits for creating sporty and glamorous looks. You might find yourself playing with these as much as your girls.
Play-Doh Crazy CutsAges 3+Play-Doh Crazy Cutscheck priceWhat girl wouldn’t love running her own salon? Girls can create wacky hairstyles with this fun Play-Doh set. SImply put one of the included plastic Play-Doh figures in the styling chair. Then turn the crank and watch their hair grow. With 6 cans of Play-Doh and a variety of design tools, your little hairdresser will have so much fun. Just don’t let them experiment on your hair.
Play-Doh Rainbow Dash Style SalonAges 3+Play-Doh Rainbow Dash Style Saloncheck priceMy Little Pony and Play-Doh? What could be better? My Little Pony fans will love styling Rainbow Dash’s hair with this fun play set. With 6 cans of color, girls can use the colors of the rainbow to decorate Rainbow Dash. The coolest part? Girls can create and style Rainbow Dash’s hair.

Crayola Color Wonder Stamper Ages 3-6Crayola Color Wonder Stamper check price

This toy works like magic. Little girls can create a beautiful ocean scene with the ocean themed stamps included in this kit. These are not ordinary stamps. They are color wonder stamps which means that the ink only appears on Color Wonder Paper. There is no mess as the ink won’t stain furniture, fabric, or skin.

Crayola Cling Creator Ages 8-10Crayola Cling Creator check priceWhat is cooler than stickers? Clings that stick on windows! The Crayola Cling creator comes with everything girls need to create their own colorful clings. With the included instructions, it is super easy to do. The best part? Girls will love experimenting with the included colors to create their own colors.

Crayola Story By Me Hardcover KitAges 6-15Crayola Story By Me Hardcover Kitcheck price

What girl wouldn’t want to draw and write her own story? This kit from Crayola lets girls become authors. The kit comes with everything kids need including eight markers and the page templates. After kids create the story, they mail it in the postage paid envelope. A few weeks later, girls get their very own professionally printed book.

Girl Scouts Cookie OvenAges 8-15Girl Scouts Cookie Ovencheck priceYummy. What girl wouldn’t want to make her own Girl Scout cookies? Now you can make your favorite Girls Scouts cookies with this set that includes an actual oven, baking pan, prep mat, and Thin Mints Mix. The only problem? Resisting the urge to eat Girl Scout cookies every day.
ALEX Toys Nail Pen SalonAges 8-15ALEX Toys Nail Pen Saloncheck priceWhat girl doesn’t love nail art? This kit from Alex toys contains everything girls need to glam up their nails. It includes 5 nail pens in awesome colors and fun accessories and stickers. The cooloest part? The nail pens have two different tips. Girls can paint their nails with one side of the pen and use the fine tip on the other side for detailing.
ALEX Toys DIY Charm BraceletsAges 8-15ALEX Toys DIY Charm Braceletscheck priceWhy buy jewelry when you can make your own? This kit contains everything girls need to create two charm bracelets. Girls can add on beads, gems, and glitter to make their own one of a kind creation. What could be cooler?
Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Caddy (60-Piece)Ages 8-15Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Caddy (60-Piece)check priceFor girls, Tapeffiti might be the hottest new thing in fashion. Girls can use Tapefetti to wrap anything from school supplies to earrings, giving it a bit of style. This set includes 60 different tapes with fun patterns from animal prints to floral prints.
Klutz String ArtAges 10-15Klutz String Art Book Kit check priceWho knew that you could create stunning artwork with just pins and string? With this set from Klutz, girls will create all types of fun string art from cute hearts to fruity cherries. The instructions are easy to follow and girls will learn three types of techniques as they complete over 20 projects. It’s the perfect gift for girls who love crafts.

Klutz Shrink & Link JewelryAges 10-15Klutz Shrink & Link Jewelrycheck price

Do you remember Shrinky Dinks? They are back. With this kit, girls can create their own shapes and pop them in the oven. There are 50 traceable designs that they can choose from. When they are done creating their Shrinky Dinks they can mix and match them to create a unique necklace.


Looking for cool gifts for girls? Gadgets are all the rage in the adult world so of course kids want to be involved in the trend too. Now companies are trying to create “kiddie versions” of our favorite gadgets.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DXAges 4-9VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DXcheck priceWearable tech is hot. Why can’t kids get in on the act? VTech is now bringing Smartwatches to kids. Not only can it tell time, it’s the smartest watch for kids with built in apps. Kids can customize how the watch looks by choosing from 50 designs. There is also a built in camera and video recorder. The coolest feature? It comes with apps that encourage kids to run and jump around.
VTech Kidizoom Action CamAges 4-9VTech Kidizoom Action Camcheck priceEvery kid wants a Go Pro Hero camera but it’s expensive. VTech has got the answer with the Kidizoom Action Camera. This wearable camera comes with a whole suite of accessories so that girls can capture just about any adventure. It comes equipped with 128 MB of memory but you can also purchase sd cards for additional storage.
Just Dance 2016Ages 10+Just Dance 2016check priceHaven’t heard Circus by Britney Spears enough? The new Just Dance 2016 has it along with other popular songs from artists like Katy Perry, Nick Jonas, and Selena Gomez. Girls will love dancing with their entire families as they work up a sweat to their favorite tunes.
New Nintendo 3DS XLAges 5+New Nintendo 3DS XLcheck priceWhat girl wouldn’t love a new Nintendo 3DS for Christmas? There are so many cool games on it that girls will love. This is the best Nintendo 3DS that Nintendo has ever put out with more processing power, better 3d, and the ability to work with Amiibos, Nintendo toys.
Amazon Fire Kids EditionAges 3-12Amazon Fire Kids Editioncheck priceDoes your little girl love playing with your iPad? This is the new Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition for 2015. It is not a toy tablet. This thing is powerful. It’s got a quad core processor, front and rear camera, and good battery life. Plus, it comes with features that parents are looking for to keep their kids safe like parental controls, a sturdy case, and software screened by Amazon.
My Password JournalAges 6-12My Password Journalcheck priceThis is more of toy than an actual journal but it is still fun. It used to be if girls wanted to keep their journal away from their brothers, they would keep the journal under lock and key. With the My Password Journal, the journal unlocks with your child’s voice. How awesome is that?

Outdoor Toys

For the sporty girl, outdoor toys make good gifts for girls. These outdoor toys are great excuse for girls to go outside and run around.

SwagwayAges 12+Swagwaycheck priceWho doesn’t want a self balancing scooter for Christmas? Why walk when you can cruise around in unbelievable style? Some of the coolest celebrities have been seen cruising around with these things. It’s sort of like a Segway but it has no handles. The Swagway travels up to 10 miles per hour with a charge that lasts over 10 miles. It’s the hottest new way to travel. Show off your swag.
Zing Air Huntress Fire Tek BowAges 5+Zing Air Huntress Fire Tek Bowcheck priceYoung girls will be running around like Katniss with the Zing Air Huntress Fire Tek Bow. With the bungee launching system, this pink bow and arrow can shoot really really far. How far? Up to 145 feet. The best part? The bow and the arrows light up.
Nerf Rebelle Revolution Bow BlasterAges 8+Nerf Rebelle Revolution Bow Blastercheck priceWhat girl wouldn’t want to be Katniss? This bow not only looks fashionable, it is huge. Load the 6 arrows into the quiver. Pull the trigger to release one arrow. Draw back the arrow and release. The coolest part? The arrows whistle like fireworks as they soar through the air up to 90 feet. Even Katniss needs one of these.
Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire BowAges 8+Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bowcheck priceBlasters don’t have to have girly colors and flowery designs for girls to like them. Girls also like things with Zombies and skulls on them as long as they are cool. Zombie lovers with love the Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow. It has a cool crossbow mechanism that any Katniss fan would love.


Who said vehicles are only for boys? Girls will love these cool vehicle toys.

Barbie Pop-Up CamperAges 3-10Barbie Pop-Up Campercheck priceHow awesome is this? The Barbie Camper is no ordinary vehicle. When you lift the handle on the top, it expands into a 2 floor dollhouse with a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. It even has a pool! If we had one of these, we would go camping every day.
Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Ages 4-15Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck check priceThere are two things that girls love more than anything else: Shopkins and Ice Cream. This is the Scoops Ice Cream Truck. It includes 2 Shopkins: Kylie Cone and Wally Water, 2 shopping coolers, and an umbrella stand. There is plenty of room for your Shopkins in this set. The best part? The roof pops up, turning the van into a little ice cream stand. Is there anything cooler?
My Little Pony Pinkie Pie R/C ScooterAges 3+My Little Pony Pinkie Pie R/C Scootercheck priceDoes your little girl love Pinkie Pie? My Little Pony fans will love this remote controlled version of Pinkie Pie. Not only is the toy cute, it comes with the most adorable butterfly shaped remote control. The remote is the perfect size for smaller hands. It is super easy to use. You can drive her forward, backwards, or in circles. All the buttons on the remote control play music and make sound effects. Whoohoo!
Littlest Pet Shop Pet JetAges 4+Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jetcheck pricePrepare for takeoff! With a slide, swing, and even place to eat, the Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet is the most luxurious way for pets to travel. The set include 4 Littlest Pets including Hugsy LoveJoy, Kelvin Vinning, Pommy Leclerc, Anik Von Flee. The coolest part? It comes with 160 deco bits and stickers so you can decorate it.

Electronic Toys

Your daughter may no longer need imaginary friends with these electronic toys that are more lifelike than ever before. These hot toys for girls are sure to be on their Christmas wish list.

FurReal Friends My Magical Unicorn StarLily Ages 4+FurReal Friends My Magical Unicorn StarLily check priceWhat little girl wouldn’t want to bring home a magical Unicorn for Christmas? This is the most life-like Unicorn ever with expressive eyes that blink and even fluttering wings. The FurReal Friends StarLily interacts and listens to your little girls with over 100 responses. She has sensors all over her body so when you pet her, she will respond appropriately. The coolest part? Her horn lights up to let girls know how she is feeling. This is going to be that one thing girls absolutely want.
Paw Patrol Mission Chase Ages 3-8Paw Patrol Mission Chase check priceGirls can go on their own Paw Patrol Missions with Paw Patrol Mission Chase. Mission Chase comes to life moving and talking when you press his badge. He will take kids on 24 different rescue missions just like the TV show. The coolest part? His backpack is loaded with all kinds of cool gear that automatically pops out when he needs it. He’s got a net launcher, working microphone, and search light. Take him on a mission this Christmas.
FurReal Friends My Jumpin’ PugAges 4+FurReal Friends My Jumpin' Pugcheck priceWhat girl wouldn’t want to adopt this adorable little pug for Christmas? With his droopy big eyes, he’ll be so happy when he sees your little girl. He behaves just like a real dog. When you wave at him, he jumps on his hind legs and even barks in the most adorable way possible. When girls pet him on the head, they can teach him how to sit.
Zoomer KittyAges 5-10Zoomer Kittycheck priceDoes your little girl love cats? Then Zoomer Kitty is a robotic kitty that they can get excited for. This is not just any kitty. It’s equipped with sensors to behave just like a real kitten. When you pet her on the cheeks, she will purr like a real kitten. The cutest part? She will actually follow her little kitty toy around. How adorable is that? Come here kitty kitty!
Playskool Play All Day ElmoAges 18mt+Playskool Play All Day Elmocheck priceThis is the Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo. What would Christmas be without Elmo? At 21 inches, he’s huge! He’s got 2 modes of play for toddlers and preschoolers. Girls can tickle his belly, kiss him, and even press his nose. How cute is that? With 8 games and activities, girls may want to play with him all day long.
Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo Ages 9mt-3Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo check priceWho wouldn’t want to dance with this adorable little guy? Standing about one foot tall, this colorful robot lights up and dances. When he shakes his hips and moves his head, his LED tummy lights up like a disco ball. The coolest part? You can help Beatbo write a song. Talk to him and he will repeat back what you say in a danceable beat. How awesome is that?
Baby Alive Snackin’ SaraAges 3+Baby Alive Snackin' Saracheck priceLittle mommies will love taking care of Baby Alive Snackin Sara. The best part? Girls can feed her fun pretend food made out of Playdoh. It’s got to taste better than veggies right?
Minions Tumbling’ StuartAges 4-15Minions Tumbling' Stuartcheck priceDespicable Me fans will love Tumblin Stuart who speaks fun phrases from the movie. Tumbling all over the place, he just happens to always fall down but always seems to get back on his feet.

Construction Toys

Here are the construction sets girls are going to want for Christmas.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle Ages 6-12LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle check priceWhat little girl wouldn’t want to build her own Sparkling Ice Castle just like Elsa? This 292 piece Lego set lets girls do just that. It includes 3 Lego Mini dolls: Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. It also comes with cool accessories like a blanket, sled, and ramp. For Frozen fans, what could be cooler?
LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour BusAges 8-12LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour Buscheck priceA pink and purple tour bus? Girls can go on tour with their Lego Friends with this 682 piece Lego set. This is the set we wished we had when we were kids. This might look like an ordinary tour bus but it is not. When you pull on the bus and open it up, it reveals a stage for our Lego Pop Stars. How awesome is that?
LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand HotelAges 6-12LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotelcheck priceDo you know where the Lego Friends stay when they are on vacation? It’s got to be at the 1552 piece Heartlake Grand Hotel. This is one of the best Lego Friends sets with exquisite detail from the Lego Chandelier in the lobby to the fountain outside. There is so much to do inside. Even the elevator moves. Girls may never want to leave this 5 star Lego hotel.
LEGO Friends Heartlake Private JetAges 6-12LEGO Friends Heartlake Private Jetcheck priceGrab your bags, we are going to the airport with Lego. Little girls won’t be able to wait to build this 230 piece Lego airplane. The coolest part? When girls are done building the plane, they can fly all their Lego people all over the place even Legoland.
LEGO Scooby-Doo Mystery MansionAges 6-12LEGO Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansioncheck priceWhat girl isn’t a fan of Lego and Scooby Doo? The 860 piece Mystery mansion is not only a blast to put together, but also it is super fun to play with. Girls will love this set because it includes Velma and Daphne along with Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Can the Scooby Doo Gang get to the bottom of this mystery? There are so many cool details like hidden keys, disappearing walls, man eating plant, and more. The coolest part? When you unmask the villain monsters, they have little human faces underneath.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2015Ages 5-12LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2015check price

Christmas is almost here. Let the countdown begin this December with Lego Friends Advent Calendar. There is no better way to bring in the Holiday season. There are 24 Lego Friends themed surprises to build inside with a new surprise everyday of the month until the big day. Christmas! It’s the perfect gift for any Lego princess lover.

LEGO Elves The Elves’ Treetop HideawayAges 8-12LEGO Elves The Elves' Treetop Hideawaycheck priceFor girls who are over princesses but still like elves, unicorns, and fantasy worlds there is Lego Elves. It’s Lego’s newest line for girls in 2015. This is the Lego Elves Treetop Hideaway. Girls will love building this fantasy world out of 505 pieces. The set is loaded with cool play features like a pulley system and transforming ladder. Even the tree leaves can be drawn shut to let our little elf friends catch some shut eye.

LEGO Juniors Supermarket SuitcaseAges 4+LEGO Juniors Supermarket Suitcasecheck price

What could be more adorable than this Lego set? Every little girl needs to own this suitcase of Legos. With 134 pieces, this is a great set for introducing little ones to Legos. With the pieces inside, girls will build a cool little supermarket out of the colorful Lego bricks.

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick BoxAges 4+LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Boxcheck price

Sometimes it is better to just give girls a set of bricks and tell them to build whatever they like. That’s where the Lego Classic Large Creative Brick box comes in. It comes with 790 pieces of just about every color block you can think of from blue to pink.

LEGO Minecraft Crafting BoxAges 8+LEGO Minecraft Crafting Boxcheck priceWhat girl doesn’t love Minecraft? Fans of Minecraft will love this 518 piece Lego Minecraft set that allows them to build their own Minecraft world just like the videogame. The best part? It’s all up to their imagination.

Board Games

Board Games
Family game night will never be the same with these great board games.

Pie FaceAges 5+Pie Facecheck pricePie Face! It’s messy but girls will love getting splattered in the face. This action packed game involves whipped cream on a moveable hand that is ready to smash you in the face at anytime. Slide your head through the contraption and pray. As you turn the handles, the pie hand can strike at any time.
Scrabble Twist GameAges 8+Scrabble Twist Gamecheck priceIt’s the Scrabble we love with an electronic makeover. The game unit shows 5 letters and it’s up to girls to create as many 3 to 5 words as possible. Simply tap the letters and lock in the words by twisting the game unit.
Perplexus OriginalAges 8+Perplexus Originalcheck priceWhat girl doesn’t love mazes? Perplexus is an award winning toy where girls have to rotate a huge transparent sphere to direct the little ball through the obstacle course inside. There’s over 22 feet of mind bending fun as the game forces you to think spatially, challenging you for hours.

Spot it! Disney FrozenAges 3+Spot it! Disney Frozencheck price

Spot It and Frozen! For girls that is a match made in heaven. There are 55 Frozen themed cards with 8 different pictures on them. The most amazing part is that between any 2 cards there is exactly one match. The player who spots it the first, keeps the cards. It’s the perfect gift for Frozen fans.

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