Amazon Plans Holiday Toy Guide

Last Updated on December 23, 2019 by Danielle

In an attempt to fill the void of Toys R Us and spur growth, Amazon is planning to create its own physical holiday toy guide.

Now that Toys R Us has shut down operations, Amazon is attempting to fill the void by creating its own physical holiday toy guide. Many parents turned to Toys R Us’ annual toy catalog for help in making holiday purchasing decisions. Typically, this was distributed around the month of October.

Toys R Us’s BIG Book typically showcased hundreds of pages full of the hottest toys for creating children’s Christmas wishlists. Toymakers would be vying for a coveted spot in the holiday guide. Reportedly, Amazon may take a page out of Toys R Us’s playbook with its latest strategy. Interestingly, this is typically a strategy utilized by brick-and-mortar retail stores but the online e-commerce giant could integrate it into their overall strategy.

Prior to the holidays, Amazon plans on circulating its printed Holiday Toy Guide via mail and through its Whole Food retail locations. That way Amazon wouldn’t be solely relying on its digital marketing. It is now looking at potentially implementing traditional marketing strategies to grow its business.

As Amazon continues to be a holiday shopping destination, it is seeking opportunities to drive sales growth. In 2007 when Amazon first published an online holiday guide, its market share experienced growth. Similarly, with a printed holiday guide, it could help drive its business to the next level.

Since Amazon hasn’t officially confirmed its plans on the printed holiday guide, we’ll have to wait and see whether it will execute on this strategy. However, Toy Buzz has already published a Holiday Gift Guide for Kids to help make your holiday shopping easier.

Source: Digital Trends

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