Best Toys And Gifts For 7 Year Olds 2017

Best Toys For 7 Year Olds

Your little one is a big kid now. We rounded up the best toys for 7 year olds.

In case you haven’t already noticed, your little one is growing up so fast. Seven year olds tend to ask many questions, because they are curious and enthusiastic about the world around them.  Although your child might look, talk, and act older, remember they are still kids.

What are the best gifts for 7 year olds? At age 7, many children are ready to leave the preschool toys behind. Look  for toys that that take advantage of their longer attention spans such as board games, blocks, puzzles, simple science kits, and building toys. Whether you are looking for the best Christmas gifts or Birthday gifts, here are best toys for 7 year old boys and girls.

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Dolls are some of the best toys for 7 year old girls. When seven year old girls play with dolls, they are creating their own little fairy tales. These dolls not only give little girls the joy of friendship, they inspire imaginative play.

Disney Frozen Fever Elsa DollDisney Frozen Fever Elsa Dollcheck priceCelebrate Anna’s Birthday with this Elsa doll based on the animated short “Frozen Fever.” With a fashionable beautiful green spring time dress, pink flower in her hair, and makeup, Elsa is ready to give her sister the best party ever. Little girls are sure to catch “Frozen Fever.”
Barbie Holiday 2015 DollBarbie Holiday 2015 Dollcheck priceBarbie has been in our lives forever. Celebrate Barbie with the gorgeous 2015 Holiday Barbie Doll. Each doll comes in a gift box. Barbie has on a striking ball room style red dress with ruffles cascading down her dress. The translucent dress covers up her shimmery silver printed flowery dress. Her silvery dress, matches her silvery bodice and earrings. Celebrate the holidays with Barbie.
Hello BarbieHello Barbiecheck priceFor years girls have wanted to talk to Barbie. With Hello Barbie, they can finally do just this. It might seem like science fiction, but you talk and she answers. The doll uses Wi Fi and speech recognition technology to carry on conversations. She can play games, tell jokes, and tell stories. The best part? Because all of the content is stored on the cloud, the doll can be updated. She’s more than just a doll – she’s a friend.
Monster High GooliopeMonster High Gooliopecheck priceThe new Monster High Freak du Chic line is all about celebrating freaky flaws. These dolls feature over the top circus fashions dubbed “scarnivals.” The most exciting doll in this line is the Monster High Freak du Chic Gooliope Jellington Doll. She is the first ever 17 inch Monster High doll. It’s huge. The daughter of the Blob, she was left of the circus steps as a baby and quickly outgrew everything. This doll is going to be “Big.”
Monster High Boo York NeferaMonster High  Boo York Neferacheck priceBased on the new Monster High musical Boo York, Boo York, this is only the second release of Nefera De Nile. The original release is hard to find which makes this release extra special for Monster High fans. She is the daughter of the mummy and Cleo’s sister. With a beautiful Egyptian outfit and streakish blue green hair, she is just gorgeous.
Monster High Astranova SetMonster High Astranova Setcheck priceBoo York, Boo York, is the first ever Monster High Musical. The musical features 9 original songs. In the musical Boo York, Boo York, Astra Nova is a comet that visits Earth with a spectacular musical number. Amazingly, just like the movie, this doll actually floats and levitates on its own. Put on some music and the comet above her will pulsate to the beat of music.
Ever After High DarlingEver After High Darlingcheck priceThere are 2 new royals and rebels in the Ever After High line. This is Darling Charming, the daughter of King Charming. With curly blond hair, a silver tiara, and a silver dress, she looks like a perfect princess, but she is a rebel. Determined not to be another damsel in distress, she is ready to be a knight in shining armor. You can take her out of the box but just don’t rescue her.
Monster High Fright-MaresMonster High Fright-Marescheck priceMix centuars and monsters and you get this new line in the Monster High universe. It looks like My Little Pony walked into Monster High. Each six inch figure has a unique personality. Aery Evenfall has a punk rock persona with her two toned hair.

Art And Crafts Toys

Looking to turn something ordinary into a work of art? Your future artist can design everything from their own headband to their own jewelry with these fun art and crafts toys.

Fashion Headbands Fashion Headbands check priceWith Fashion headbands from Creativity for kids, kids can design their very own headbands. With 10 satin headbands, ribbons, feathers, flowers, and other accessories, it contains everything you need. It even contains glue. This fun and creative toy is the perfect activity for a birthday party. Kids will love making their own headbands, wearing them, or giving them as gifts.
Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Spirograph Deluxe Design Set check priceThe classic Spirograph has been around for ages. It combines art and math to create millions of intricate spiral designs. Completely updated, the deluxe version features all of the fun of the original. The set includes 3 ball point pens. To create a design, you simply place the large wheel on a piece of paper, using putty to hold it down. Then you take one of the included smaller gears and place it inside the large wheel. Place the tip of the pen in the hole and spiral away to create a fun spiral design.
Stick N’ Style Blinglets Stick N' Style Blinglets check priceBling! Bling! Forget bracelets. Blinglets are so much cooler. The Stick N’ Style Blinglets lets kids create their own blinged out bracelets. With over 700 different jewel pieces, kids simply stick the adhesive jewels on the included plastic bracelets. It’s the perfect gift or craft activity.
Rainbow LoomRainbow Loomcheck priceThis award winning toy that swept the world lets kids create bracelets, necklaces, and key chains out of rubber bands. This kit contains a plastic loom, a hand tool, c clips, and a bag of 600 rubber bands. That’s everything you need to get started. By simply adjusting the loom, kids can create an endless variety of jewelry. The best way to learn is to watch the many tutorials on YouTube.
My Life Scrapbook Kit My Life Scrapbook Kit check priceWith this kit, girls can create their very first scrapbook about their own life. This set includes everything including 12 scrapbook pages, stickers, scissors, decorative paper, and more. It allows girls to express their creative and artsy side. If your girl loves to decorate things, she will love a chance to create her own scrapbook.
Crayola Virtual Fashion Set Crayola Virtual Fashion Set check priceYoung fashion designers will love bringing their own fashions to life with the Virtual Design Pro-Fashion set from Crayola. It combines traditional play with modern technology. Kids simply use the included colored pencils, markers, and stencils to create their fashion designs on paper. The coolest part? On compatible devices, they can the scan the design in, creating a virtual runway show with the design they created. It’s a “Runway” success.
ALEX Toys Fantastic Spinner ALEX Toys Fantastic Spinner check priceWho knew creating art could be so easy? Squeeze the handle to make the paper spin. Then simply drip the paint on the spinning paper to create a unique work of art. By spinning the paper, it splashes the color in all different directions, making a different pattern. The set comes with 4 color paints and enough paint and accessories to make 20 projects.
Crayola Light Up Tracing PadCrayola Light Up Tracing Padcheck priceTracing has never been easier than with the Light Up Tracing Pad from Crayola. The pad makes tracing a cinch because it lights up allowing you to easily see through the paper. You can trace just about anything. Along with colored pencils and a graphite pencil, the set includes a lot of images to trace.
Minecraft Minecart PapercraftMinecraft Minecart Papercraftcheck priceIs your child addicted to Minecraft? Here is a fun papercraft set with 48 pieces that doesn’t require a computer. Kids will build Steve along with the minecart track. Kids simply fold the paper into cubes, sticking the tabs together.
Crayola Imagination Art CaseCrayola Imagination Art Casecheck priceWith 64 crayons, 40 washable markers, 22 colored pencils, 30 sheets of paper, and 48 stickers, this art case is perfect for your little budding artist. Everything comes packaged in a cardboard suitcase, which allows kids to neatly store their supplies.
Sticky Mosaics I Love Horses Sticky Mosaics I Love Horses check priceThose who love horses will love this fun craft set from the Orb Factory. To make the pictures come alive, kids simply stick the various colored tiles on the numbered tiles located on the board. This creates a fun mosaic colored design. With 4 designs and over 2100 tiles, it keeps kids busy and gives beautiful results every time. It’s the art project that sticks.
ALEX Toys Candy TattoosALEX Toys Candy Tattooscheck priceTemporary tattoos are a big hit with 7 year olds. For Birthdays, these candy bar tattoos are better than cake and candy. This kit includes 136 designs to choose from featuring cupcakes, lollipops, candy, and more. After the outline of the tattoo is applied on the skin, girls can color or add sparkly dust to it. Girls will feel sweeter than candy.
Plushcraft Purr-Fect Pillow Plushcraft Purr-Fect Pillow check priceWith the PlushCraft Purrfect Pillow, kids can decorate a soft cat shaped pillow. Adding the fabric, mouth, and two eyes requires no sewing. You simply use the included tool to push the fabric pieces into the pillow. Everything is numbered, making it easy to follow the pattern.
Cra-Z-Art Weekender BagCra-Z-Art Weekender Bagcheck priceHere’s a bag that your little girl can personalize. You will barely be able to tear her away from it. With the 5 included fabric markers, she can color it the way she wants, making it her own.

Outdoor Toys

Seven year olds love going outdoors and playing. They especially love sports or activities with a lot of structure like riding a bike, swimming, roller-skating, dancing, or gymnastics. Here are top toys for 7 year olds that will have them playing outside.

Zing Air Fire Tek BowZing Air Fire Tek Bowcheck priceKatniss could only dream of having a bow and arrow this cool. When you squeeze the bow handle, it lights up. Attach the arrows to the bungee cords of the bow, and pull back to send the arrows up to 145 feet away as they light up and whistle like firecrackers through the air. Light up the sky.
Nerf Rebelle StrongheartNerf Rebelle Strongheartcheck priceLittle girls are going to be running around like Katniss with the Nerf Rebelle Strongheart bow. With four shots of power, this pink bow and arrow set can send foam darts flying up to 75 feet.
Nerf Zombie FlipFuryNerf Zombie FlipFurycheck priceZombies have no chance with the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury. Thanks to the flippable drum, kids can fire 12 rounds of darts without reloading. Each drum holds 6 foam darts. When one drum is empty, you can quickly switch to the other with the simple pull of a trigger, sending six more darts flying through the air. It’s great unless you are a zombie on the receiving end of the darts.
MonkeyLectric Bike Light MonkeyLectric Bike Light check priceIn the dark, turn your bike into an electrical light show with the Monkey Light. This system fits kids’ bikes with 16 inch or larger wheels. As the bike travels between 10 to 40 mph, it creates a light show that will get you noticed. With several different light effects, many cars may slow down just to check out the party on your wheels. Safety has never been this fun.
Nerf N-Sports HowlerNerf N-Sports Howlercheck priceThe Nerf N-Sports Vortex Aero Howler Football gives new meaning to the saying “go long.” Thanks to its tail, it’s the farthest flying football. As it flies through the air, it whistles. Kids will feel like a real quarterback as they show off the massive power of their arm. Okay, maybe they cheated a bit.
Nerf N-Sports Weather BlitzNerf N-Sports Weather Blitzcheck priceWhether in rain, snow, or mud, this football from Nerf withstands hardcore play. With a unique design and hi tech colors, it’s made of soft foam with a nice rubber grip. A touchdown from Nerf.

Science Kits

It’s never too early to teach little scientists about how the world works. There is a kid out there that is going to find a cure to an incurable disease, fly into space, or create computer software. These fun science kits get kids thinking about the world in completely new ways. Here are the best educational toys for 7 year olds.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot Wonder Workshop Dash Robot check priceWe are now living in a different age. This is no ordinary robot. This is Dash- a programmable moveable robot. It is an entire robot system that grows with your child. Through play and visual apps, kids will get an introduction to programming and problem solving. With the free app, kids can move his head, move him around, change the lights on him, and can even create complex sequences of instructions for the robot to follow like playing a xylophone. Kids will get a kick out of programming the way he moves. The future has arrived.
Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100check priceWith easy snap together circuits, Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 makes building circuits incredibly easy. The set comes with 30 color coded real circuit components, which makes it easy to identify each component. All of the pieces snap together on a plastic snap grid, requiring no soldering. With over 100 different projects with step by step instructions, kids will build everything from a simple light to voice controlled lamp.
Snap Circuits MotionSnap Circuits Motioncheck priceLittle builders and experimenters will love exploring motion with these easy to build snap circuits. With over 50 parts and 165 projects, kids will build robot crawlers, planes, cars , and more. Kids will especially love using the circuits to make to vehicles go forwards and backwards. There are even lights, sounds, pulleys, and gears to mess with. Put your child’s brain in motion with this great science kit.
Elenco Circuit 200 SoundElenco Circuit  200 Soundcheck priceWith these snap together circuits, kids will explore sound and how it is made. The kit comes with an instruction manual with over 200 projects. All of the pieces are color coded which makes it easy to follow the step by step projects. The pieces snap into place very easily on the plastic grid. Kids will make everything from an electric light switch to touch buzzer to a whistle amplifier. Listen carefully –that’s the sound of learning.
ThinkFun Maker WinchesThinkFun Maker Winchescheck pricePonder, probe, and tinker. Budding engineers will love the Thinker Maker Studio from Thinkfun. Kids can take ordinary objects like a small grocery box and use it to build a working machine. There are four objects to build including a jeep, tow truck, well, and crane. The real fun comes with the 10 challenge cards which forces kids to solve problems such as dragging a box across a table. Maker Studio sets are designed to bring out the maker in your kids.
Crazy for ScienceCrazy for Sciencecheck priceWritten by a science teacher, this guide will help school age children explore the world with many do it yourself experiments. The chapters are broken down into different chapters each covering a different branch of science including biology, chemistry, and physics. With a goofy and light humor, the book outlines each experiment with a clear sequence of steps. Some of the experiments include “Hovercraft Ahoy”, “Pop Goes Goes The Brain” and making fake boogers out of water, borax, and glue.

Board Games

Spend time with your kids on family game night with these great board games.

No Stress Chess No Stress Chess check priceHere’s a great way to learn how to play chess. You don’t even have to know how. It comes will illustrated cards that show you how each piece moves. When you are learning, you simply draw from a deck of 56 cards to determine which chess piece to move. Once you have mastered the basics, you simply flip the 2 sided game board over and play a real game of chess.
Catan: Junior Catan: Junior check priceArg, Matey! Catan Junior is a kid themed remake of the original board game with pirates. In Catan Junior you will use resources to build pirate ships and lairs to loot the island. Building new things requires a combination of different resources. There are 5 resources: wood, goats, molasses, words, and gold. When you roll the dice, you will go to different islands to collect resources. Watch out for the ghost pirate. The first one to put all of their lairs on the board wins.
Super Stadium Baseball Game Super Stadium Baseball Game check priceBatter up! Super Stadium baseball captures the excitement of baseball in the form of a tabletop game. With the controls, the pitcher is able to throw a variety of pitches thanks to the magnetized infield. Kids can throw fast balls, breaking balls, and even curve balls. Fielders can be placed strategically on the game board. Pull the lever and swing for the fences with the spring loaded bat. It’s a homerun.
Moustache Smash Moustache Smash check priceThis strange, silly, and fun game is basically slap jack with mustaches. The game is played with 3 to 6 players. Each player wears a mustache on a stick that has a little suction cup on the end of it. Players take turns as the dealer, flipping over the top card. Test your reflexes. If the mustache matches the one you are wearing by color or shape, you quickly smash it. The object is to collect the most cards. If you smash when you aren’t supposed to, you must give up 2 cards.
Jim Stott My First Magic KitJim Stott My First Magic Kitcheck priceKids will love these easy to do tricks that are perfect for the beginning magician. All of the props are easy to use and self working. You will amaze friends and family with color changing handkerchiefs, an appearing flower, exploding dice, and more. Abracadabra.
Bugs in the KitchenBugs in the Kitchencheck priceThe bugs are loose. Call the exterminator. Kids have to exterminate the battery operated Hexbug bug by trapping it before their opponents. Each player has a hole that the bug can fall into. The board has utensils that kids can turn to redirect the bug through the maze and into their hole. Players roll the die to determine what utensil to turn. Once you trap the bug, you are awarded a token. The player who receives 5 tokens first wins.
Laser Maze Junior Board Game Laser Maze Junior Board Game check priceLazers make everything more fun. In this logic game from Thinkfun you have to solve a maze by shooting a laser through it. There are 40 different challenges that tell you how to setup the pieces on the game grid. You have to figure out how you can bend the laser beam around the pieces so that it can light up the rockets. Light it up.
Disney Pictopia TriviaDisney Pictopia Triviacheck priceBring the magic of Disney to trivia with Pictopia. The 1000 trivia questions cover all things Disney from Frozen to Mickey Mouse. Players roll the die and land on the various spaces on the game board which determine the type of question asked. The player that reaches the castle first wins.
Telestrations 6 PlayerTelestrations 6 Playercheck priceWhat would happen if you sketched out the telephone game? You would get Telestrations. Instead of just passing a word around, you pass illustrations around. Each player takes a marker and drawing pad, drawing the initial word that they see. Then the drawing is passed around until you get your drawing back. Part of the fun is the reveal at the end. You get some of the weirdest drawing that will bring laughter to the entire room.
Thumbs Up! Dexterity Game Thumbs Up! Dexterity Game check priceThumb Ups! from Blue Orange games has players racing to stack colored rings on their thumbs in the correct pattern. The idea is to stack the colored rings in the same order as the drawn challenge card. Sounds easy? It is until you bring others in the mix. The first player that calls “Thumbs Up!” wins the round. A huge Thumbs Up.
Color Clash Board GameColor Clash Board Gamecheck priceMatching colors? It sounds easy, but this game really exercises your mind. The simplicity of this game clashes with the way your brain works. The game demonstrates something called the stroop effect. There are 36 different tiles. Each of the tiles has a picture of a chameleon, a written color, and a different color used for the text. The twist? The colors don’t always match the pictures and words. There are several matching games to play. It’s way harder than it looks. You feel like you are losing your mind.
Tell Tale Disney Story Game Tell Tale Disney Story Game check priceTell me a story? Toy Story fans can make up their own stories with this fun board game from Blue Orange games. It includes 50 double side cards with images on them. On the cards there’s Woody, Mr. Potato Head, Buzz Light Year, and more. There are several games to play, but all of them involve using the cards to make your own story. You’re only limited by your imagination. Make your own Toy story.


Test your logic skills with these fun puzzle toys that will foster memory, logic, and spatial skills.

Perplexus Original Perplexus Original check priceWith Perplexus, kids have to rotate a ball through a mind bending marble maze. The idea of this award winning toy is to flip, rotate, and twist the sphere to work the ball through over 100 obstacles. If the ball falls off the track, you have to start over. Will kids make it through or be perplexed?
Blokus Game Blokus Game check priceBlockus is simple to play but offers endless possibilities. Players choose their favorite colored pieces which look like Tetris shapes. There’s only one rule: The pieces have to touch at the corners and never directly touch each other. As the board fills up, the game gets frantic, because there are less and less open areas. Whoever has the least amount of pieces at the end wins the game.
Rush Hour Jr.Rush Hour Jr.check priceRush Hour is a fun puzzle game that provides hours of fun. With 40 different challenge cards, simply pick one of the challenge cards and set up the traffic pieces as depicted on the card. The idea is simple: you have to get the ice cream truck out of the traffic jam by getting it through the exit opening on one side of the game board. The catch: Cars and trucks will block your escape so you have to slide them back and forth to make way for the ice cream truck. It’s bumper to bumper fun.
Ubongo Ubongo check priceUbongo is like Tetris. This fast paced and addictive puzzle game has players racing to put together a puzzle before other players. Each player gets a puzzle board and has to fit the various shapes into the puzzle board. The player that completes the puzzle first yells Ubango and receives gems. The player with the most gems at the end of the game wins.


Check out this best book list for 7 year olds in the second grade. There is a fun book for everyone.

LEGO Awesome Ideas LEGO Awesome Ideas check priceWhat will you build? Written by Daniel Lipkowitz, this large and beautiful book is perfect reference book for Lego fans. It also makes a great addition to any coffee table. The large pictures and informative text can inspire any builder. Each chapter explores a theme and will take you from the Wild West to outer space. It’s a great gift for anyone who likes Lego.
Day the Crayons Came Home Day the Crayons Came Home check priceThis funny follow-up is every bit as funny as the original. The poor neglected crayons have sent their owner, Duncan, postcards, saying they are coming home. One is stuck in a sock; another has been abandoned; one is lost in a sofa. Every crayon needs a home.
I Will Take A Nap!I Will Take A Nap!check priceHere is another fun book from Mo Willem. The Elephant and Piggie stories are easy to read. Each page contains word bubbles with simple sentences appearing on each page. In this edition, Elephant is cranky and ready to sleep, but he is soon bothered by snoring. With a silly twist at the end, kids will get a kick out of it.
Summer Freeze! Choose StoriesSummer Freeze! Choose Storiescheck priceThis adventure packed story features everyone’s favorite cape crusader, allowing readers to choose their own path. Batman has to stop Mr. Freeze. Will he go down without a fight? It’s up to kids. The story is easy to follow even for younger readers. Kids will love the branching story paths with 13 possible endings as Batman takes down Mr. Freeze.
Lulu Jr. IllustoryLulu Jr. Illustorycheck priceNow children can create their own book with the Lulu Jr Illustory. The kit makes a 20 page book with an About page and dedication page. Kids write and illustrate their story on the included pages. After they are done, they mail the pages to prepaid address. A few weeks later they receive a professionally printed hardcover book.
Wimpy Kid: Old SchoolWimpy Kid: Old Schoolcheck priceWho is not excited for the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Old School? It’s the 10th book in Jeff Kinney’s best selling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Greg is attending a new school and faces an unexpected challenge. Will Greg Heffley survive as his town unplugs and goes “old school” without electronics? Find out.

Vehicle Toys

It’s no secret that vehicles are some of the best gifts for a 7 year old boy. For those that excited about cars, trucks, planes, or anything that rolls, these vehicle toys are sure to go vroom.

Hot Wheels Volcano BlastHot Wheels Volcano Blastcheck priceThe volcano is about to explode. Load up to 8 Hot Wheel Cars on the top of this humongous volcano Hot Wheels set. There are four tracks leading down the mountain. Wind it up and press the button to send the cars racing down the volcano to perform tricks through palm trees, inside a dino mouth, past tiki doors, and collecting treasure. You can even connect it to other Track builder sets to create even more mayhem. It’s a blast.
Barbie Pop-Up Camper VehicleBarbie Pop-Up Camper Vehiclecheck priceBarbie is going camping and we are coming along with this Pop Up Camper. This is no ordinary camper. It transforms. Pull up the handle and an entire play set with three floors of fun pops out. There’s even a pool with a slide. It’s a Barbie Dreamhouse on wheels.

Rideon Toys

Seven is the age when children love running outside and playing with bikes, pogo sticks, and scooters. They will love hopping on these cool ride-ons.

Razor A3 Kick ScooterRazor A3 Kick Scootercheck priceThe Razor A3 is an update to the original Razor Kick Scooter. The 13 inch adjustable handle bar can be adjusted to the right height . Made out of aircraft grade aluminum, children will love scooting on the streets or even to school. When you are done riding, it folds nice and compact.
RipStik Caster BoardRipStik Caster Boardcheck priceShred the streets with this unique ride on toy from Razor. It’s like surfing or snowboarding on wheels. The Ripstick looks like a skateboard but it has two small decks connected by a crossbar. Underneath it has two caster wheels. There is no need to push off the ground. To move you simply twist back and forth like your carving down the street.
Razor RipRider 360 TrikeRazor RipRider 360 Trikecheck priceRegular trikes just got boring. This is so much cooler. It’s part Trike, part Big Wheel, and a whole lot of fun. As you ride around you can swirl around, making 360 spins. Pull the spark bar to let sparks fly. It’s wild and super fun. Get flashy with this ride on.
Roller Derby Girl Stinger 5.2Roller Derby Girl Stinger 5.2check priceWith fun girly colors, the Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger is designed to grow with your child. The skates adjust between 4 different sizes with just a push of a button, extending the life the skates. There are no screws required. It’s a great pair of skates for beginners.

Pretend Toys

These dresses, doll houses, playsets and costumes, will help take your seven year old’s imagination to another world.

Iron Man Arc FX Armor Iron Man Arc FX Armor check priceAvengers assemble. Now kids can become Iron Man with these full sized electronic Iron Man gloves. When kids raise one hand the motion activated light up repulsor will light up, powering up. It only takes a small motion to activate the feature. Your little Iron Man can finally take down the bad guys.
Barbie DreamhouseBarbie Dreamhousecheck priceIt’s a big year for Barbie because she just bought a new Dream House. This massive 3 foot tall Dream House has 3 floors with 7 rooms of fun. There’s a working garage, a flip out pool, and a real working elevator. There’s kitchen, dining room, bath room, family room, bedroom, pet room, and closet. This is a modern home outfitted with smart technology. You can place your smart phone into the family room, making it a television. Offering tons of imaginative play, it inspires girls to dream big.
Littlest Pet Shop Pet JetLittlest Pet Shop Pet Jetcheck priceTake a flight on the Littlest Pet Shop jet. It includes over 160 pieces including Captain Hugsy Lovejoy and 3 passengers. The side of the plane flips open, allowing you to access inside. The passengers can exit the plane with the attachable slide. Whether they are lounging in comfortable chairs or swinging, these pets know how to travel in style.
Minecraft 2-in-1 SwordMinecraft 2-in-1 Swordcheck priceMade of plastic, this pickaxe looks like it came right out of Minecraft. Kids will love the transforming action. Pull the top and it instantly turns into a sword. It can easily convert between the two simply by pulling or pushing. Whether battling the creepers or digging for resources, Minecraft fans will have a hard time putting it down.
Monster High Circus ScareMonster High Circus Scarecheck priceStep right up. It’s the gravest show you’ll ever see. This Monster High themed circus set includes the star of the show, Rochelle Goyle, who can perform many acts including tight roping. Offering tons of play, it has all of the things that you would expect to see in a fun house. It even has a crazy mirror and a pose able face cut out. If your child loves Monster High, they are going to love creating their own Monster High circus show.
Monster High Deadluxe HighMonster High Deadluxe Highcheck priceWith the Monster High Deadluxe High School play set, girls have a place to display up to 30 Monster High Dolls. There are over 6 different rooms with surprises at every corner. It comes with all the pegs to hook the dolls into. Standing over 3 feet tall, it is the biggest Monster High set. It puts the “Monster” in Monster High.
Ever After High Lizzie BooKEver After High Lizzie BooKcheck priceOpen the magic of Ever After High with this book themed play set. When the play set is closed, you can see the included adorable Lizzie Hearts inside. When you open the play set, the book turns into a dorm room, making a cute place for a doll to live complete with shelving, pegs, and storage. This chapter of Ever After High is incredibly fun.
Ever After High Sugar KitchenEver After High Sugar Kitchencheck priceBake up some fun with the Ginger Breadhouse playset. This includes the Ginger Bread House doll wearing a chef hat, an oven mitt, a cute gingerbread dress, and sprinkly heels. It has everything you need to cook up some imagination. There is a 2 story oven with flames. There’s even the secret backdoor as seen in the show. Using the blue prints, Ginger can bake up all kinds of sugary treats. It is a sweet play set.

Building Toys

Construction toys are some of the best gifts for a 7 year old girl or boy. Building toys might not be as flashy as electronic toys, but they encourage problem solving skills even at a young age. There is nothing more fun than building something, playing with it, changing it, and then tinkering with it some more. Here are the best building toys for 7 year olds.

LEGO Elsa’s Ice CastleLEGO Elsa's Ice Castlecheck priceWho needs magical powers when you have Legos? Like Elsa, little girls can build Elsa’s Ice Castle out of 292 Lego pieces. It includes 3 mini dolls: Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. The castle has 3 levels with many play features. Our favorite feature? The secret magical stairs that flip out. Lego it go.
LEGO Friends LighthouseLEGO Friends Lighthousecheck priceWe are hanging out with the Lego Friends with this colorful 473 piece Lego set. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and put one of the 2 included minidolls at the top for a great view. It wouldn’t be Lego Friends without an ice cream shop. Grab a cone, there’s a bunch of flavors inside. The actual lighthouse and ice cream shop overlook the blue Lego sea. There is even a little boat for riding to shore.
LEGO Friends Emma’s House LEGO Friends Emma's House check priceA purple house? This is Emma’s House. It comes with 706 pieces. Both Emma and her parents live in this house. All 3 minidolls are included. This is a fully decorated set on both sides. It’s like a Lego dollhouse with tons of playability. The yard is fully landscaped with tons of foliage and plants. There’s a neat vine that arcs over the entrance gate. The house can even be built with multiple layouts. Each of the sections can be rearranged easily. What dollhouse can do that?
LEGO Elves Treetop HideawayLEGO Elves Treetop Hideawaycheck priceLego Elves is a brand new Lego line for girls who love fantasy role play. The entire story starts with the Treetop Hideway set with 505 pieces. The human, Emily, walks through the mysterious portal in her grandma’s garden and she ends up in this magical world filled with Elves. The set includes 2 trees with living spaces inside. This set include 3 mini figures including 1 human and 2 elves. For such an organic build, there are heaps of mechanical parts like a magical lift. Feel the magic and wonder with Lego’s new theme.
LEGO Scooby-Doo LighthouseLEGO Scooby-Doo Lighthousecheck priceScooby Doo Where Are You? Now Scooby Doo and his friends have gone to the Lego world. This 437 piece lighthouse set includes Shaggy, Scooby, and Daphne. The gang is sent out to the lighthouse to solve the mystery of the Lighthouse Keeper and Swap Creature. Both villains are included. There’s a little boat that Scooby can ride. Who knew Scooby could drive? Zoinks! Shaggy is being Shaggy with his jet skis. The actual lighthouse includes tons of secrets inside from hidden keys to traps.
LEGO Ninjago Morro DragonLEGO Ninjago Morro Dragoncheck priceLegos and Dragons? What could be better? With 658 pieces and 6 mini figures, this is the Ninjago Attack Of the Morror Dragon. The evil Green Ninja has taken control of the giant Morrow Dragon. The Dragon is super awesome with tons of cool articulation with flapping wings, rotating legs, a rotating head, and twisting tail. Watch out! The Morrow Dragon has snapping jaws that can grasp a minifigure inside.
LEGO City Police SwampLEGO City Police Swampcheck priceCop and robbers? With 707 pieces, this is the Lego Swamp Police Station. It includes 6 minifigures including cop and robbers. There is even a cool alligator action figure. This action packed Lego Police Station has everything you need to catch the bad guys and lock them up in jail. Chase the bad guys on land and water with the buildable police jeep and boat. Don’t let the bad guys escape. It’s a “breakout” hit.
LEGO Jurassic DilophosaurusLEGO Jurassic Dilophosauruscheck priceLegos have gone Jurassic. This set comes with 248 pieces, 2 minifigure, and a new Dilophosaurus dinosaur figure that you can only get in this set. The coolest part? There’s is gyro bubble car that is self balancing. When a minifigure is placed inside, he stays upright as your roll the ball around. It looks super neat. Most of the build goes into building the super cool jeep. For Lego and dinosaur fans, it’s a world of fun.
LEGO MinecraftNether FortressLEGO MinecraftNether Fortresscheck priceBuild a fiery fortress with this new Minecraft set from Lego. It has 517 pieces with 5 minifigures. It includes Steve, Alex, Zombie Pigman, a Blaze, and a Ghast. Just like the game, Ghast actually fires a fireball. Step through the portal to enter the Nether fortress. The entire fortress hinges open. Be careful of the fire inside. The coolest part? There is actual flowing lava. Pull up on the lever to release the lava block on unsuspecting minifigures below.
LEGO Minecraft DungeonLEGO Minecraft Dungeoncheck priceGet ready for dungeon crawling action with this 219 piece Lego Minecraft set. This is not the biggest Minecraft Lego set but it is big on play. Inside the dungeon, you’ll find a treasure chest, torches, and wheat. The coolest part? The Zombies can spawn out of nowhere. There is a little spawning point with a little spinning guy inside. Watch out! Zombies can spawn out of nothing. There is a door that flips open to reveal a spawning zombie who is ready to perform a surprise attack. Minecraft fans may never want to exit this dungeon.
LEGO Minecraft Snow HideoutLEGO Minecraft  Snow Hideoutcheck priceTravel through the snow with this 327 piece Lego Minecraft set. It’s the first Minecraft set with snow. You can feel the chill in the air with the frozen lake out front. There’s 3 minifigures: Steve, Creeper, and Snow Golem. The Snow Golem actually fires snowballs. The entire hideout opens up on a hinge. Watch out for the Creeper. Push the lever and he’ll explode as the loose blocks fly through the air.
LEGO Minecraft Desert OutpostLEGO Minecraft Desert Outpostcheck priceWe’re headed to the Desert with this 519 piece Minecraft set. There are 5 minifigures: Alex, Steve, Wolf, and 2 skeletons. Once built, it is hard to penetrate the walls of this fortress. Once inside, you love blowing the unsuspecting skeletons up with the explosive tnt action. Lure the skeletons on the booby trap and send them flying. Like the other sets in this series, the fortress opens up to make it easier to play with from the inside.
LEGO Pirates Brick Bounty LEGO Pirates Brick Bounty check priceArg! It’s Legos and Pirates. This 745 piece Lego set lets kids build a pirate ship with huge sails. It’s been awhile since we got a Lego Pirate Ship. This set is better than ever with more much more detail. Once built, the ship stands about a foot high.
Magnets in MotionMagnets in Motioncheck pricePut a little spin with these buildable magnetic pieces from Magformers. With 61 pieces that snap together easily, kids can build structures like towers or carnivals. Then they can use the gears to crank their creations.


Technology is all around us. More and more tech devices are aimed at kids. Here are great gadgets for seven year old kids so you don’t have to worry about your kids breaking yours.

VTech Kidizoom Action CamVTech Kidizoom Action Camcheck priceLights! Camera! Action! The VTech Action Cam is like a GoPro camera for kids. With 128 MB of ram, kids can mount the action camera to a variety of objects to film every moment of their adventure. You can take it pretty much anywhere. It has a 1.4 inch color screen with a variety of built effects.
Spy Ultra Range WalkieSpy Ultra Range Walkiecheck priceCome in, I’m on a top secret mission. Even spies need to communicate. With these high tech looking spy walkie talkies kids can communicate with each other up to 2 miles away. To talk, you simply hold down the button. Let go of the button to hear the message back. Discover what it feels like to be a spy.
LEGO Darth Vader Clock LEGO Darth Vader Clock check priceLego fans will love this Alarm Clock shaped like a minifigure. Its arms and legs move just like a real Lego minfigure. You’ll never find a Minifigure this big. Who doesn’t want Darth Vader to wake them up?
Zoomer KittyZoomer Kittycheck priceHere kitty, kitty! This interactive kitty can actually track your motion with her eyes. You can control her just just by moving your hands. There is even a little toy that it comes with. She communicates her mood through her eyes. Rub her cheeks and she will start to purr. She can even sing and perform tricks. The best part? You never be allergic to it. What a purr-fect friend!
Kindle Fire HDX 6Kindle Fire HDX 6check priceWith an affordable price and a quad core processor, the Kindle Fire HD 6 is the perfect tablet for parents with kids. It comes in 5 fun colors. The Fire HD 6 includes both a front facing camera and one on the back for taking photos. With Amazon’s rich library of media and apps, everything is a click away. Multiple profile settings make it the ideal tablet for families.
VTech Kidizoom CameraVTech Kidizoom Cameracheck priceThe VTech Kidizoom Spin And Smile camera is a fun and durable camera built just for kids. With 2 megapixels, it takes decent photos, has lots of storage, and is built tough. You can even enhance the photos with silly cartoon distortions. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about it getting dropped.

Video Games

These video games provide opportunities for play, exploration, and open ended play.

Splatoon Splatoon check priceWho knew making a mess could be so fun? Nintendo’s family friendly shooter for kids is splats of fun. Unlike most shooters, the object of the game is to spray everything with ink before your opponents do. Characters can spray ink up walls and dive into the ink with their squid characters, swimming in the ink to obtain a better vantage point.
LEGO Jurassic WorldLEGO Jurassic Worldcheck priceLegos, dinosaurs, and videogames. Those are 3 things that children love the most. Now kids can play out the most iconic scenes from the movie with this videogame. There are 4 different stories included. It starts from the first Jurassic park all the way to the new Jurassic World. It is a Lego adventure as big as the dinosaurs.
Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Makercheck priceThe mustachioed plumber has been around for just about 30 years. Now Nintendo is giving Wii U owners the opportunity to design and share their own levels. If you don’t want to put on your construction belt, you can play the levels designed by other players.
Minecraft – Xbox 360 Minecraft - Xbox 360 check priceIf you have a 7 year old you have probably heard of the computer game Minecraft. The game has taken the world by storm. It’s now available on just about every game console. The game allows kids to build all sorts of things inside the game world. There is nothing like building your own castle. It’s like a bottomless tub of Legos.
Skylanders SuperChargersSkylanders SuperChargerscheck priceSkylands is in peril. It is up to the Skylanders Superchargers to save it. Kids can use the portal of power to bring the new Super Charger toys into the game. This year the toy line focuses on different vehicles to complement the characters. Kids will travel through land, sea, and air. The starter pack includes vehicles and starter characters.
LEGO DimensionsLEGO Dimensionscheck priceWhat do you get when you combine Legos with a videogame? Lego Dimensions. Similar to other games, you will be bringing toys to life. Like other games, you can transfer the specially designed Lego toys into the game by placing them on the peripheral. You even get to build the sets. The starter packs comes with 3 characters: Batman, Gandalf, Wild Style, and a Lego batmobile. It’s a whole new dimension in Legos.

Action Figures

Bring your favorite characters and superheroes to life with these fun action figures.

Shopkins Shoe Playset Shopkins Shoe Playset check priceWhat girl doesn’t love shoes? This Shopkins playset is a shoe store stand for displaying little Shopkins shoes. It includes 2 exclusive shoes. There are 2 shoe boxes and a display that actually rotates. Kids will love loading it up with shoe Shopkins.
Indominus vs. VelociraptorIndominus vs. Velociraptorcheck priceWhat would happen if you stick the head of an Indominus Rex on the body of a Velociraptor? This set lets you do just that. Mix and match parts to create your own dinosaur mashup.The best part is that there are so many pieces that this pack comes with so you can try all sorts of crazy combinations. For more fun, if you have other Hero Mashers toys you can swap parts with one another. Archaeologists have probably never heard of some of these dinosaurs.
Disney Musical BicycleDisney Musical Bicyclecheck priceNow girls can take Anna and Elsa for a ride. Both Anna and Elsa are beautifully crafted. The best part? Their legs are designed to be flexible. Put both sisters on the bike and they actually pedal the bike, when you push it forward. Olaf rides along happily in the basket.
Minecraft Collector CaseMinecraft Collector Casecheck priceDo your kids have a bunch of Minecraft figures lying all over the place? Give teh figures a home with this collector case. The case doubles as a play set. Every Minecraft fan needs this.
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