Brilliant Toys For 4 Year Olds 2019

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Best Toys For 4 Year Olds
Here are the best toys and gifts for 4 year old boys and girls that will satisfy their big imaginations.

Your 4 year old is developing a greater sense of control and a big imagination. They love trying things that are different. Becoming more active with stronger language skills, your little one is already skillful at walking, climbing, and jumping. At this age, kids have longer attention spans so they can focus on a variety of playthings like action figures, dolls, crafts, and more. Here are best toys for 4 year olds that that are sure to be winners.

Pretend Play

Pretend Play

Nothing is more fun than make believe. Pretend play toys make some of the best gifts for 4 year olds.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Lets Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!check price

Melissa & Doug are known for creating inspirational toys that inspire kids’ imaginations. And their Let’s Play House set is no exception. It’s a six piece housekeeping set featuring everything from a broom and mop to a duster and brush. Even a storage stand is included to store all of the cleaning supplies. An excellent set for inspiring imaginations.

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and PansAges 3-8Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Panscheck price

This complete cooking set features stainless steel pots and pans with a rack and wooden utencils. More specifically, it contains a pot, two pans, colander, one kitchen rack, and wooden utencils. The kitchen set is dishwasher safe and contains stylish looped handles for easily transporting the pots and pans. The kitchen set is perfect for imaginative kitchen fun! What favorite dishes will your child create?

Melissa & Doug Cutting FoodAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Cutting Foodcheck price

At 4 years old, it’s the perfect time to learn how to start cutting food. This pretend play cutting food is perfect for engaging cutting fun! The hand-painted wooden food comes apart when you cut it and it stays together. As your child cuts the food they make a fun crunch sound which adds to the experience. It’s a fantastic pretend play set for learning basic life skills.

Melissa & Doug Scoop and Stack Ice Cream ConeAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Conecheck price

Scoop up some fun with this ice cream set from Melissa & Doug. A fun Homestyle Ice Cream package serves as the ice cream box and storage for the playset. With the magnetic scoopers, the scoops of ice cream magically attach to the scooper. Then you just need to add to the ice cream cone and serve it to your friends and family for a delicious treat.

LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven Ages 2-5LeapFrog Number Lovin Oven check price

The Number Lovin’ Oven allows kids to cook, count, and share! It teaches important concepts such as counting, sharing, and parts of a whole. The play oven contains sixteen fun ingredients for kids to have imaginative fun! Kids can cut the food into equal pieces to share with family and play pals. With plenty of interactive features like a turning timer with clicks and more than 30 phrases and songs, it creates an entertaining experience.

Cutegirl Cosmetics Pretend Play MakeupAges 3-6Cutegirl Cosmetics Pretend Play Makeupcheck price

Young girls can engage in fun imaginative makeup play without the mess! Girls can do their makeup in the mirror just like mom! Instead of real makeup, mess-free eco-friendly foam and other materials and this pretend makeup doesn’t actually apply to the skin. The set includes blush, glitter pots, nail polish, compact, eye shadow, lipstick, brushes, and a fun polka dot makeup bag. This Cutegirl product is CPSAI-certified so it is safe for kids. Cutegirl products are perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. Great imaginative fun!

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Wooden CookieAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Wooden Cookiecheck price

Mmm … the fresh aroma of tasty treats is in the air. This fun slice and bake set features a dozen sliceable cookies. First extract the cookie dough from the container, slice ’em, decorate ’em, and serve up the delicious and sumptuous treat. A slicer, spatula, oven mitt, and cookie tray are included for a fantastic imaginative play experience.

Black and Decker Jr Tool Belt SetAges 18m-10Black and Decker Jr Tool Belt Setcheck price

Kids who love tools or want to learn about tools will love this tool belt set. It features realistic tolls from a hammer, wrench, screw driver, goggles, and more. Strap on the tool belt and work on amazing projects around the house. A great introduction to the world of construction play.

Green Toys TeaAges 18m-10Green Toys Teacheck price

Made in the USA, this tea set is good for the environment since it is made from 100% recycled materials. Your child can actually drink tea or other beverages in this set since it conforms with FDA regulation standards. Parents will love that the set is dishwasher safe. The Green Toys Tea Set is available in two color variations and includes a set of four cups, saucers, spoons, one tea pot, and one sugar bowl. Both the tea pot and sugar bowl include lids. It’s a great tea set for fun creative play!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza PartyAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Partycheck price

It’s pizza party time! This fun set features a wooden pizza set with sliceable pizza. The set features over 50 toppings to create your own delicious treat! What toppings will you add? A pizza cutter and spatula are included to serve up tasty fun!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Coffee Maker SetAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Wooden Coffee Maker Setcheck price

Kids can brew up their own coffee just like mom and dad. This 11-piece coffee set features 2 mugs, 3 coffee pods, sugar, creamer, spoon, ice cube, and more. Neat features include a turning dial and a lid that opens and closes for realistic play. Durable construction will ensure years of play. Great set for imitative and imaginative play!

Melissa & Doug Spray, Squirt & Squee​gee Play Set Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Spray, Squirt & Squee​gee Play Set check price

Kids will love having cleaning fun with this awesome set from Melissa & Doug. The set inlcudes a storage container for all the cleaning supplies. Kids will learn what works best on different surfaces and they’ll build great motor skills. Set features a spray bottle, squirt bottle, squeegee, scrub brush, sponge, cleaning cloth and more. Inspires creative and imaginative cleaning fun!

Learning Resources New Sprouts Dinner Basket Ages 2-10Learning Resources New Sprouts Dinner Basket check price

Feeling hungry? This New Sprouts dinner basket includes highly realistic play food for awesome fun. It’s an award-winning playset from Learning Resources. The 17 soft pieces look like the real-life food, making for a fun play experience. Made with crush resistant, durable plastic, kids can expect years of fun!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making SetAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Setcheck price

It’s time for some sandwich making fun! Set features 16 wooden sandwich ingredients. Stack your sandwiches your way to create the ultimate sandwich! The high quality wooden pieces are durable and safe for kids. Kids will have so much fun creating different sandwiches and hearing the fun crunch sounds when slicing the sandwiches. It’s a fantastic and creative set to fuel kids’ imaginations.

Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart check price

This toy shopping cart looks just like the real thing. Kids will love playing shopping with this fun little kiddie cart. It’s made from durable metal and features smooth rolling wheels with front rotating wheels to turn on a dime. There is even a folding seat for your favorite pal just like real shopping carts. Coordinate with play food sets to create fantastic imaginative fun! Assembly is required.

Kidzlane Durable Kids Play DishesAges 3+Kidzlane Durable Kids Play Dishescheck price

Playing with dishes is incredibly fun. Kids can eat from these dishes since they are BPA-free and safe for food. The dishes are durable for years of playing fun. The set includes a collection of plates, saucers, utencils, and a dish rack. After eating, kids can wash the dishes and place them on the drying rack for realistic play. Great gift for endless fun!

Hape Pop Up Wooden Toaster Ages 3-5Hape Pop Up Wooden Toaster check price

Breakfast will be a whole lot more fun with the Hape Pop-Up Toaster. Kids can toast and serve up some fun with this fun set. Kids can even slice the butter and pretend to apply it on the bread and serve up to family or toy friends. Great imaginative role play fun for preschoolers.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set (11 pcs) – Play Food and Kitchen Accessories Ages 3-5Melissa & Doug Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set (11 pcs) - Play Food and Kitchen Accessories check price

Love baking cakes? This wooden cake mixer set is perfect for whipping up some fantastic cakes for any occasion. The set includes a mixer and bowl, cake pan, mix box, wooden play knife, and more. Preschoolers can slice the butter and pretend to mix in with the cake batter. The durable wooden construction means your kids will be playing for years. Delicious set for inspiring kids’ imaginations.

Melissa & Doug Julia Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden DollAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Julia Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Dollcheck price

Have fun dressing up Julia with over 25 magnetic dress-up pieces. Simply place the pieces over the character and they magically attach! The set features 8 unique outfits. Even mix and match for creative fun. When your child dresses up Julia, she can create wonderful and creative stories based on the outfit. Great set for encouraging imaginative and creative play.

Kitchen Playsets

Kitchen Playsets

Melissa & Doug Wooden Ice Cream Counter Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Wooden Ice Cream Counter check price

For a realistic experience, kids can own their very own ice cream shop. This 20-piece playset allows kids to select from a variety of ice cream flavors. Scoop it up and serve it up for delicious fun! Set includes the ice cream counter, 8 ice cream scoops, 6 different toppings, 2 cones, play money and more! This is an outstanding set inspiring fun, creative, and imaginative play.

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play KitchenAges 3-15KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchencheck price

The Ultimate Corner Kitchen delivers amazing details for fun kitchen play. Complete with opening and closing refrigerator, microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, and more, the set delivers a realistic play experience. It even features lights and sounds and clicking and turning knobs for a more immersive play experience. What amazing dishes will your 4 year old cook up?

Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & StoveAges 3-10Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stovecheck price

The Splish Splash Sink and Stove set is pure splish splash fun! If your child loves playing with water they will love this set! The set features a realistic kitchen sink with faucet and stove. What’s neat is that the faucet actually allows for fun water play. The stove allows kids to cook up their favorite dishes with 2 play gas burners and turning knobs. The playset comes with 13 fun accessories to make for a fantastic play experience. Kids will have a blast washing all the included accessories.

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen Ages 3-15KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen check price

The Uptown Kitchen features incredibly realistic details, making it one of the top kitchen playsets. It features kitchen appliances, stovetop burners, faucet, and storage area. Kids can wirte on the chalkboard mounted on the freezer surface. It’s a fun set that will inspire endless imaginative fun!

Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen SetAges 2-5Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Setcheck price

Cook up some fun with this kitchen set from Step2. The set comes with 25 accessories that enhance the play experience. Kids will be delighted by the fun lights and sounds as well as fridge and oven with working doors. The set also features a good amount of countertop work surface to cook up some magnificent meals. The see-through window is a unique feature, allowing kids to pass items through this window. Even hang cups and utencils from the hooks integrated into the design.

Dress Up

Dress Up

Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume check price

Inspire your child with this fire chief role play costume from Melissa & Doug. Kids will look like a real fire fighter with the jacket, helmet, extinguisher, and bullhorn. Since you’re the chief, you call the shots using the bullhorn. The bullhorn features real siren sound effects to enhance the fun! It’s the perfect set for imaginative fun!

Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costumecheck price

Stir up your child’s imagination with this fantastic Chef Dress-Up costume. Your little chef will look adorably cute in this realistic chef outfit. It comes with the jacket, hat, mitt, and utencils. Combine with pretend play pots and pans to take your play to the next level! Costume is made from polyester and cotton and is machine washable.

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costumecheck price

Featuring fun details, this doctor role play costume makes playtime more fun. Kids will jump right into action with the doctor coat, mask, ear scope, syringe, and more. Serve up the best patient care and reap the rewards of happy patients. The costume is machine washable. Perfect for endless hours of entertaining role play fun!

Kidoozie My First PurseAges 2-10Kidoozie My First Pursecheck price

Mom carries a purse everywhere she goes. Now your 4 year old girl can carry a purse of her own. This first purse is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. Kids will feel like grown-ups with their own purse. The purse comes along with several accessories to enhance play. Notable products include a cellphone, spending card, mirror, lipstick and keys. Jump-start a world of role play fun and excitement!

JerrisApparel New Cinderella Dress Princess Costume Butterfly GirlAges 4-8JerrisApparel New Cinderella Dress Princess Costume Butterfly Girlcheck price

Who has the most beautiful dress of them all? YOU! Your 4 year old daughter will look so pretty in this magical and beautifully deisgned Cinderella dress from JerrisApparel. It’s made of cotton for a comfort feel with a layered look and butterfly accessories to create an enchanting and timeless look. Girls will have incredible fun dreaming up new adventures as Cinderella.

Melissa & Doug Princess Role Play Costume Set (3 pcs)- Pink Gown, Tiara, Wand Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Princess Role Play Costume Set (3 pcs)- Pink Gown, Tiara, Wand check price

Your little princess will look like a shining star with this pretty and magical princess role play costume set. The costume looks fantastic complete with a beautiful princess gown, shiny princess crown with jewels, and a shiny wand. What amazing princess adventures will she dream up?

Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play Costume Set – Includes Hat, Cape, Wand, Magic Tricks Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play Costume Set - Includes Hat, Cape, Wand, Magic Tricks check price

Abracadabra! Watch in amazement as your preschooler puts on an entertaining magic act! The magician costume looks absolutely fantastic! It comes with a mesh see-through vest, magic wand, rabbit, hat, and cape. The vest feeatures a secret pocket and the hat has a secret compartment. The magician costume is made from high quality materials. Combine with a First Magic Set for incredible entertainment!

Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Tiaras for Costume Role Play (4 pcs) Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Dress-Up Tiaras for Costume Role Play (4 pcs) check price

Add some royal fun to your child’s play with these dress-up tiaras and crowns. Package of four includes 2 crowns and 2 tiaras. Your little girl will look like a royal princess with this magical set. Pair with dress-up skirts and shoes for fascinating imaginative play.

Aeromax Jr. Astronaut SuitAges 4-6Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Suitcheck price

Preschoolers will have extra fun venturing out on space missions with this realistic astronaut space suit. It features realistic logos, like a nice NASA one, zippers, and a NASA branded hat. Lift off into incredible space adventures!

RioRand Comics Dress Up CostumesAges 3-10RioRand Comics Dress Up Costumescheck price

Get ready for amazing superhero adventures with this set of superhero costumes with capes and masks. The set features your favorite superheroes from Superman and Batman to Spider- Man, Captain America and The Flash. Invite friends over for incredible superhero adventures.Perfect as a birthday gift, Halloween, and for almost any occasion.

Melissa & Doug Police Officer Role Play CostumeAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Police Officer Role Play Costumecheck price

Serve and protect the public and maintain the peace as a police officer. Kids will look the part with the police jacket, hat, handcuffs, ticket, and more. The included walkie-talkie adds a sense of fun with sound effects. The costume is machine washable and is perfect for inspiring fun and creative role play fun!

Educational Toys

Educational Toys

Who said learning can’t be fun? We round up the best educational and learning toys for 4 year olds. This collection contains classics as wells as newcomers.

Big Preschool WorkbookAges 4+Big Preschool Workbookcheck price

Jam-packed with over 300 engaging exercises, the Big Preschool Workbook is perfect for preschool learning fun! The book features more than 300 pages of fun educational content like learning letters, counting to 10, recognizing colors, identifying shapes, following directions and a whole lot more! Make learning fun with this excellent resource!

ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set SchoolAges 3-6ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set Schoolcheck price

Ready, Set, School! is an excellent skill building set designed for preschoolers. It’s fill with over 70 activity pages and kids will learn ABCs, numbers, colors & shapes, dot to dot art, cutting, lace tying, and more! The set also includes crayons, stencils, stickers and more for great fun! Experience this award-winning school kit.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wood Lacing SneakerAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wood Lacing Sneakercheck price

Does your preschooler know how to tie their laces on their own? Learning to tie one’s shoe laces are an important skill to learn. Imagine a world in which you didn’t know how to tie your shoes. You would probably trip over quite frequently. But with this great educational toy shaped like a sneaker, preschoolers can practice their lace-tying skills. It’s a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills and build a sense of independence and mastery in your preschooler.

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Preschool Card SetAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Preschool Card Setcheck price

SmartyPants is a fun activity designed for preschoolers. This educational activity is full of puzzles, games, and questions designed to develop your child’s cognitive abilities. Fun activites range from math puzzles, picture puzzles, mazes, tongue twisters and more! With a dash of humor, fun design,and over 120 different cards featuring different questions and activities, it keeps kids engaged and excited about learning fun facts and more.

My First Book Of CuttingAges 3-5My First Book Of Cuttingcheck price

Do you remember the first time you learned to cut? Cutting is not so easy when your beginning but this Kumon workbook helps to develop their fine motor skills and dexterity. Kumon is know for utilizing an easy to follow step-by-step approach to learning. Before you know it, your preschooler will be a master at cutting and will build the confidence to do it by themselves.

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set Ages 2-5LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set check price

Your preschooler can have fun learning the alphabet and letter sounds with this fantastic Fridge Phonics set from Leap Frog. Kids can stick this to the fridge for learning fun. It features fun British voices that are easy to understand. The 26 magnetic alphabet tiles talk, teach, and sing and bring the alphabet to life in a fun way! Kids will be entertained by the memorable alphabet song and pther phonics songs. A great set for developing core learning skills of early phonics, alphabet, and early vocabulary.

VTech Little Apps TabletAges 2-5VTech Little Apps Tabletcheck price

The Little Apps Tablet is a fun learning tablet for preschoolers. It’s packed with a dozen learning activities to keep kids engaged and excited about learning. Learn everything from letters and counting to number order, matching, and more! The learning gets more challenging as you move on to challenge little learners. The tablet features letters, a colored screen with animations, and piano keys for interactive fun! Available in two color variations.

LeapFrog LeapStart Activity Book: Alphabet AdventuresAges 2-4LeapFrog LeapStart Activity Book: Alphabet Adventurescheck price

An activity book designed for use with the LeapStart learning system, Alphabet Adventures takes preschoolers on a exciting adventure to learn about the alphabet and music at the Letter Factory. Kids will be engaged with learning letter sounds, the alphabet, and even the alphabet song. The activity book also teaches vowel sounds and engages with more than 40 educational activities and 25 reward stickers to make learning fun.

LeapFrog LeapStartAges 2-4LeapFrog LeapStartcheck price

The LeapStar learning system is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It teaches counting, problem solving, and even important life and school skills. Kids will be engaged with challenges, questions, songs, jokes, and more to make learning fun and exciting. Choose from 16 activity books to give your child the leap they need to move forward and build the necessary skills to advance to the stage in life.

LeapFrog LeapStart Activity Book: Scout & Friend​s MathAges 2-4LeapFrog LeapStart Activity Book: Scout & Friend​s Mathcheck price

Engage in fun learning with Scout and Friends in this activity book for the LeapStart learning system. This book focuses primarily on mathematics and building problem solving skills. Preschoolers will learn counting to 10, aligning counts to numbers, and drawing comparisons among various items. With more than 40 activities and 25 rewards and a world of fun characters, preschoolers are sure to have loads of fun while they learn.

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe Ages 2-5VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe check price

Filled with engaging content, the Touch and Learn Activity Desk features a fun curriculum for preschool children. Learn with over 100 vocabulary words, 20 fun activities, and over 20 songs and melodies in the core curriculum. The learning desk even converts into an easel and chalkboard for more fun! Expand the learning with expansion packs, make pretend calls on the phone, and listen to fun music. A fantastic educational set for preschoolers. Available in two different color variations.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Spell & Speak Sea Turtle Ages 3-6Fisher-Price Think & Learn Spell & Speak Sea Turtle check price

This Spell and Speak sea turtle makes learning fun! Preschoolers have access to letters and words, rhyming, and fun interactive games by moving its tail. This fun little turtle will teach your preschooler spelling and first words. Kids will even see a picture of the word to reinforce their learning. It’s interactive way to make learning fun for kids.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School SetAges 3-6Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Setcheck price

If your preschooler aspires to be a teacher the Pretend and Play School set is the perfect gift. At an early age kids can develop their love for teaching. This is a great set for fostering and nurturing that passion. Kids will have fun with imitative play and they can teach a classroom whatever curriculum they please. It could be math, science, technology, art, robotics, engineering, language arts, geography, or any subject they love. The set features a dry erase board, map, calendar, grade book, and more to bring your child’s imaginative play to another level.

Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse ClockAges 3-6Melissa & Doug Disney Mickey Mouse Clockcheck price

Preschoolers can learn to tell time in a fun way with Mickey Mouse! It’s a wooden shape sorting block puzzle that must be first solved. The clock features fun colors and shapes to engage your preschooler. Move Mickey’s hands to point to the hour and minute. Have fun learning to tell time with the wonder and magic of Mickey!

Little Tikes Count ‘n Play Cash RegisterAges 2-5Little Tikes Count n Play Cash Registercheck price

This interactive play cash register creates inspiring play for preschoolers. It develops kids with fun colors and coin dropping fun! The register has realistic features, like an opening till, change dispenser, and credit card slot that create limitless fun!

Learning Resources Super Sorting PieAges 3-7Learning Resources Super Sorting Piecheck price

This Super Sorting Pie will make learning how to sort a whole lot more fun! Featuring fun colors and different fruits, kids will learn to sort by color and type of fruit with this award-winning toy. The pie features divisions that make this simple. As your child sorts, they’ll be creating a delicious fruity pie. A great set for developing early skills, such as sorting, grouping, and counting in a fun way.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic CalendarAges 3-7Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendarcheck price

My First Daily Calendar is a fun display board to introduce children to the calendar. This calendar can track not only the day, date, and year, but also it can track temperature, upcoming activities, and using emotions kids can display how they are feeling. It’s full of fun colors and illustrations to make things exciting. Kids can learn about tracking daily events in their life, which is an important life skill to learn early in life.

Curious Chef 11-Piece Kids’ Chef KitAges 4+Curious Chef 11-Piece Kids Chef Kitcheck price

For the budding little chef, the Curious Chef 11-Piece Kids’ Chef Kit is the perfect gift to inspire preschooler’s curiosity with the world of culinary arts. The apron is available in a variety of colors. The set also features a whisk, spatula, cookie cutter, poly spoon, and 6 piece spoon set to cook up some fun! This chef kit is dishwasher safe and is free from BPA. It’s the perfect set to foster imaginative culinary fun!

Melissa & Doug Mickey Responsibility ChartAges 3-10Melissa & Doug Mickey Responsibility Chartcheck price

This Disney-themed responsibility chart makes a great gift for preschoolers. It teaches the importance of setting goals and allows preschoolers to track their overall progress over a period of a week. Kids and parents can decide on what responsibilities and goals should be established and then these can be tracked. Fun, colorful Mickey and friends characters serve to motivate kids. Kids will have a great sense of satisfaction when achieiving their desired goals. This is a fantastic set that teaches important life skills.

Moonjar Classic MoneyboxAges 4+Moonjar Classic Moneyboxcheck price

The Moonjar, an award-winning toy, is the perfect way to help children learn about money. The money jar is a 3-part moneybox, divided into three sections. One for saving, one for spending, and one for sharing. Preschoolers can take their allowance and divide it among these categories. The lids may be removed from the box. Kids will have fun learning the important life skills of saving, sharing, and spending with this fun moneybox.



Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science KitAges 4+Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kitcheck price

The Mind Blowing Science Kit is the perfect introductory science kit for little ones. This STEM kit features 11 different and fun activities to explore. Erupting a color-transforming volcano is one of the standout experiments. Little scientists will learn science fundamentals ranging from chemical reactions to using scientific tools. All the chemical are safe for kids and the awesome part is learning the science behind these reactions. These mind-blowing experiments are sure to delight, excite, and educate young scientists!

Insect Lore Original Butterfly GardenAges 4-15Insect Lore Original Butterfly Gardencheck price

Welcome to the fascinating life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly! Preschoolers will experience the miracle of metamorphosis! It’s a live butterfly garden that’s perfect for exploring the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. The mesh habitat allows kids to watch their butterfly fly around. This is hands-on science fun!

Osmo Starter KitAges 5-12Osmo Starter Kitcheck price

Osmo’s Starter Kit is an award-winning interactive game. The game develops creativity and problem-solving skills. There are four games to play – ranging from spelling and problem-solving to Tangram and a fun drawing game. Its tech innovatively meshes the physical and digital worlds. Discover the STEM toy that critics are raving for with awards for Best Invention and Design Excellence.

Backyard Safari Magnifying GlassAges 6-15Backyard Safari Magnifying Glasscheck price

Gear up for some fun backyard safari adventures with this 3-inch magnifying glass. It’s the perfect way to observe plants and animals with 4x magnification. The handle is easy for little ones to grasp. And kids can even examine bugs from a distance! What amazing scientific finds will your little scientist discover?

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar ToyAges 3-8Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Toycheck price

Code-a-Pillar is a fun and innovative toy that teaches the basics of coding. The Code-a-Pillar is shaped like a caterpillar with eight segments. Kids can rearrange the caterpillar’s segments to alter its paths for limitless combinations! Interactive lights, sounds, and blinking eyes bring the toy to life. The toy develops critical thinking, problem-solving, planning, and sequencing.

Melissa & Doug AbacusAges 3-5Melissa & Doug Abacuscheck price

This colorful 100 bead abacus set is the perfect way to introduce your preschooler to early math concepts like counting. It’s great for developing manual dexterity and fine motor skills. The bright bold colors will appeal to little ones and they’ll have fun learning. The durable wooden design ensures years of learning fun!

Schylling Classic Tin Kaleidoscope Ages 3-6Schylling Classic Tin Kaleidoscope check price

With a classic tin design and brilliant light show, this classic kaleidoscope offers an entertaining, exciting, and educational experience. The light show is full of delightful and beautiful colors to dazzle your eyes and spark your imagination. This tin design is superior to the experience offered by plastic and cardboard versions.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars Ages 3-11Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars check price

Little scientists can explore their backyard for plants, animals, and more with this STEM toy. The Geosafari Jr. Kidnoculars are designed for little hands to easily grasp and use. Kids can even use them at a ball game or concert, as they offer 2x magnification, getting you closer to the object. They are perfect for encouraging little explorers to study the science around them.

Build & Imagine: Draw & Build Dollhouse Ages 3-8Build & Imagine: Draw & Build Dollhouse check price

The Build & Imagine line of toys are great STEAM toys emphasizing the creative arts. These toys inspire creativity and preschoolers reprise the role of designer, builder, and story-teller. The pieces magnetically attach and you are free to bring your creative vision to life by designing the dollhouse and doll figure. There’s unlimited creative possibilities here. Preschoolers will enjoy the open-ended play and bringing their creations to life!

Learning Resources Mathlink CubesAges 5+Learning Resources Mathlink Cubescheck price

These Mathlink Cubes allow your preschooler to learn counting up to 100. The colorful cubes connect and stack for fun building activities. Kids can also learn grouping by color, addition or subtraction with Mathlink Cubes. It’s a great set for promoting early math skills.

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set Ages 3-9Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set check price

Discover incredible science adventures with the Primary Science Lab Set. This is big science for little hands! Kids will learn science concepts through 10 activity cards. Kids will learn with hands-on science experiments. Learn about mixing colors, shiny pennies, and the impossible mixing of oil and water, and so much more. The lab set features everything from a beaker and magnifying glass to test tubes, flasks, and more. This award-winning STEM set encourages kids to learn observation, predicting, and cause-and-effect.

Battat Take-A-Part ToyAges 3-6Battat Take-A-Part Toycheck price

If your preschooler loves building things and taking them apart, the Take-Apart Airplane is the perfect gift. Curious little budding engineers can see how the individual components make up the complete bigger picture. A working power drill with changing bits allows kids to easily disassemble the airplane. The parts are easy to take apart even for little hands. This is a great toy that delivers excellent educational value.

Kids First Automobile Engineer KitAges 3-6Kids First Automobile Engineer Kitcheck price

This Automobile Engineer set is a great introduction to budding engineers. Preschoolers will embark on a fun engineering adventure with this engineering kit and 32-page storybook. The set features 70 large construction pieces that are perfect for little kids to handle and build with. The kit features instructions for building ten different vehicles that are also featured in the story. A great first engineering kit for preschoolers from Thames & Kosmos.

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set Ages 3-10Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Super Set check price

This 150-piece gears set is perfect for the little engineer. Preschoolers will love the bright colorful gears. Through experimentation and hands-on learning, they will learn how gears work as they spin and your set comes to life. This award-winning toy introduces STEM principles like building and design. It’s a great set for encouraging creativity while developing problem solving skills and STEM skills.

Get Qurious Maker BoxAges 4+Get Qurious Maker Boxcheck price

The Get Qurious Maker Box is filled with hands-on games and accessories. It’s an augmented reality experience meshing physical pieces with the digital world. Expolre the world with a companion app by pointing and playing. The Maker Box features 12 story page cards, 2 masks, a two-sided puzzle, and a sticker book. This STEM toy promotes critical thinking, construction, reading, and exploration.

SmartGames Castle LogixAges 3-8SmartGames Castle Logixcheck price

Castle Logix is a multi-level logic game with towering blocks. It’s a twist on traditional puzzle games and kids get to build colorful castles with a variety of durable wooden pieces. The game features nearly 50 challenges that vary in difficulty level. Great set for building logic, problem-solving, and 3D spatial skills.

Quercetti Super SaxofluteAges 2+Quercetti Super Saxoflutecheck price

This unique STEM toy has kids building their own musical instrument. They will use 24 colorful tubes to build creatively. Build a double horned sax, flute, trumpet, oboe, or any instrument you can imagine! What amazing creations will you come up with? What’s cool is that after you build the musical instruments, you can actually play them!

Snap Circuits Snap Circuit Beginner KitAges 5-9Snap Circuits Snap Circuit Beginner Kitcheck price

Snap Circuits is a popular and award-winning discovery kit for little ones to learn about the wonderful world of electronics. The 14 pieces in the set allow kids to create more than 20 different and exciting projects. Preschoolers will have fun building curcuits with the simple color-coded manual. Perfect for budding little engineers!

National Geographic Kids First Big Book of SpaceAges 4-8National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Spacecheck price

If your child is curious about space, the Little Kids First Big Book of Space is the perfect gift. With simple to read writing and fun illustrations, preschoolers will learn about the world beyond the boundaries of Earth. Kids will learn about the solar system, space, the universe and much more!



It’s no secret that vehicles are some of the best toys for 4 year old boys. This collection brings together some of the hottest toy vehicles on the planet, including vehicles from Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Disney, and VTech. Some of our selections include collectibles which are always fun to collect.

Paw Patrol Ryder’s Rescue ATVAges 3-7Paw Patrol Ryders Rescue ATVcheck price

Ryder and his Rescue ATV is a great Paw Patrol set for fans. The wheels actually roll for great car play. Preschoolers can pose Ryder on the vehicle with articulated features. The vehicle features excellent paint work and great design details like tire tread and ATV styling. Race to the rescue in exciting missions to save the Adventure Bay community!

Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump TruckAges 3-15Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truckcheck price

This classic Tonka steel dump truck is built Tonka Tough. With solid steel construction, it is built to last for years of imaginative play! The wheels roll freely for great adventures ahead! The dump truck also features cool unloading action for mighty fantastic adventures!

Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane Ages 3-6Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane check price

Take flight on amazing adventures with the Air Patroller. A convenient handle allows kids to take to the air on fantastic rescue missions in Adventure Bay. The Air Patrollers is highly stylized with a spectacular paint job. Perhaps the coolest part is that this vehicle can transform into a helicopter and it features cool interactive lights and sounds that bring it to life. Even the engines rotate for a heightened sense of immersion. Where will Robo Dog’s air missions take it?

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Thomas Ages 2-6Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Thomas check price

This Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway train features incredible styling and design. It delivers true-to-show details. Fans will instantly recognize Thomas and will love recreating their favorite moments from the show. Thomas the Train connects to other trains with the built-in magnetic feature and it is compatible with Thomas and Friends Wooden Train sets.

Paw Patrol Paw PatrollerAges 3-5Paw Patrol Paw Patrollercheck price

The Paw Patroller is ready for fantastic rescue missions. It is capable of tranporting up to 3 Paw Patrol vehicles or displaying up to 6 Paw Patrol vehicles in open mode. Ryder and his ATV are included with the Paw Patroller to make this an exciting set! Cool features include the sound effects and a functioning elevator lifting vehicles to the command center. The perfect gift set to inspire Paw Patrol fans to create imaginative and fun-filled rescue missions.

Green Toys Dump Truck Ages 1-10Green Toys Dump Truck check price

Oh what incredible dump truck adventures await with the Green Toys Dump Truck! This US-produced dump truck is good for the environment since it is made from pure recycled milk cartons. It’s safe for children, designed with no metal axels and it is free from harmful BPA and phthalate. It is a safe and non-toxic toy. A cool feature is the dumping action of the working dumper. 4 year olds are sure to dream up exciting action with this fun dump truck!

Hot Wheels Gift PackAges 3+Hot Wheels Gift Packcheck price

If you’ve got a car loving 4 year old in your household, the Hot Wheels 50-Pack Set is the ultimate vehicle set to get them riled up. The set features a handy storage box for all 50 of these spectacular cars. This vehicle set is a diverse collection with planes, motor cycles, pickups, SUVs, hot rods, race cars, fire trucks and more! Let your little race car enthusiast’s imagination run wild with this awaesome set!

Green Toys RocketAges 2-8Green Toys Rocketcheck price

Blast off into a world of fun! Here’s another eco-friendly toy that is good for our planet. The Green Toys Rocket is made from pure recycled milk cartons. The toy is produced in the US, safe for the dishwasher, and free of harmful BPA, PVC, and phthalate. The top of the rocket is detachable and it includes two colored astronauts – a red and blue one. Where will their space expeditions take them?

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train SetAges 3+Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Setcheck price

Choo! Choo! This trainset is incredibly fun! Featuring multiple railway paths, fantastic scenery that inspires the imagination, and more than 30 accessories, this set is sure to provide endless fun! The set includes a freight train, passenger train, and truck carrying a cargo load. All aboard for fantastic fun that inspires wonder and the imagination!

Barbie Convertible and Doll PackAges 3-10Barbie Convertible and Doll Packcheck price

Barbie has a super stylish sparkly pink new ride and is ready for adventures ahead. Where is Barbie headed off to? The set includes Barbie and a convertible. Barbie wears a pretty dress and is strapped in to her seat. Girls will have fun with her beautiful hair. A great set for inspiring imaginative doll and vehicle play.

NameTrainAges 3+NameTraincheck price

The NameTrain, made in the USA, is exactly what you would expect. It’s a customizable train with your child’s name, with letters 2.5″ tall. The NameTrain can be customized with up to 8 letters and they come in different colors with the train pushing them along and a caboose at the tail end. It’s great fun for preschoolers.

KidKraft Deluxe Garage SetAges 3+KidKraft Deluxe Garage Setcheck price

This Deluxe Garage Set from KidKraft features 3-stories of fun with a helipad! The set includes 6 auto vehicles, 4 people, and a helicopter for incredible fun! The set features a parking garage, gas station, car wash, and ticket booth. The coolest feature is the moving elevator that takes you between the floors.



Building toys are incredibly fun because they inspire creativity and the imagination. First build by following the examples provides and then unleash the potential by creating your own designs and tapping into your inner creativity. With these top rated toys for 4 year olds, there are virtually endless possibilities.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick BoxAges 4-7LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Boxcheck price

This bright yellow LEGO brick box is glowing with fun! Featuring over 480 pieces in a variety of fun colors, the LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box inspires creative fun! Build all of the shown models at the same time! And explore new creations by tapping into your creative potential.

LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey Birthday ParadeAges 2-5LEGO DUPLO Disney Mickey Birthday Paradecheck price

This Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade is a wonderful set for preschoolers. It features a colorful train with a birthday cake and carriage loaded with gifts for the big celebration! Preschoolers can build the 24-piece set and then engage in fun, imaginative, and creative play!

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set Ages 3-15Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set check price

Squigz are fun, colorful building silicon pieces that connect for construction fun! The pieces come in a variety of shapes and this starter set contains 24 pieces to get you started. Combine with other Squigz sets for more building fun! Each piece features a wacky name and shape. The toy is free from BPA and latex so it’s safe for baby. A great toy for encouraging creativity, experimentation, and imaginative play.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece SetAges 3+Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Setcheck price

Magna-Tiles is a top-notch construction set that was awarded for educational excellence. Magna-Tiles are clear colored tiles that magnetically connect in different directions. This package of 100 tiles allows for creating all types of shapes from basic cubes and pyramids to other shapes. It’s a great STEM toy offering endless fun that promotes math, science, and creative skills.

LEGO DUPLO Creative Play All-in-One-Box​-of-FunAges 18m-5LEGO DUPLO Creative Play All-in-One-Box​-of-Funcheck price

The LEGO DUPLO Box of Fun features over 60 Duplo sized pieces, which are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers’ little hands. Kids will be able to easily build with Duplo pieces as they are perfectly sized for them. The bright green container doubles as a storage box for your Lego Duplos. Build a house, wagon, dog and so much more! Unleash your child’s creative potential with this fantastic building set.

Magformers Standard Set (30-pieces) Ages 3+Magformers Standard Set (30-pieces) check price

The Magformers are colorful magnetic construction pieces that come in all colors of the rainbow. This particular set features 30 pieces of building fun. Combine with other Magformers sets for added fun! The set features colored squares and traingles and they allow you to magnetically attach in different ways, allowing great creative freedom. What amazing creations will your child create? Develop your child’s creative potential with this awesome building set.

Melissa & Doug Wood Building Blocks (60 pcs) Ages 3-8Melissa & Doug Wood Building Blocks (60 pcs) check price

This 60 piece wooden block set from Melissa and Doug delivers incredible fun! The blocks are durable and built to last and they are safe for kids with smooth edges. The top quality hardwood blocks come in a variety of different shapes to inspire fantastic building fun! The set comes with a handy wooden storage container.

Mega Bloks Deluxe Building Bag 150-Piece Ages 1-5Mega Bloks Deluxe Building Bag 150-Piece check price

This 150 piece deluxe building bag from Fisher Price features fun, colorful blocks that will inspire creative building play. The big pieces are perfect for preschool kids to handle and build with. There are endless building possibilities. What fantastic creations will your preschooler dream up? A bag doubles as a storage bag for the blocks.

LEGO DUPLO Ville Big Farm 10525Ages 2-5LEGO DUPLO Ville Big Farm 10525check price

Welcome to the Ville Big Farm! Build the big farm building set with farm house, barn, and stable and interact with fun imaginative play. With just over 120 pieces, this set offers an easy build for preschoolers. A farmer and a child mini figure are included with the set. Imagine all the fun adventures your child will have on this fantastic farm!

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block SetAges 2-5Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Setcheck price

With big, bright, and bold colors, the Big Waffle Set inspires BIG F-U-N! The large pieces are easy for preschoolers to build with and they easily snap together. Kids can build with them in a number of different direction which adds to the fun and excitement! Set includes 18 colorful waffle pieces. What creative ideas will your preschooler come up with?

LEGO DUPLO Disney Doc McStuffins Backyard ClinicAges 2-5LEGO DUPLO Disney Doc McStuffins Backyard Cliniccheck price

We’ve overheard that the Doc is in town seeing patients at her Backyard Clinic. This Backyard Clinic offers a fun build with nearly 40 pieces. Doc McStuffin will examine you and cure you of your illnesses. She has that magic touch! Kids can begin by building this basic set and then explore their creativity by building a new design. Perfect gift for Doc McStuffins fans. Plenty of fun features like the slide, house with opening door and windows, and washing station will inspire creative play.



Dolls make some of the best gifts for 4 year old girls. This definitive dolls collection encompasses all of the hottest dolls of the year. The list includes amazing dolls from Disney Frozen, Disney Descendents, Barbie Princess in Power, and more. This year’s collection includes a wide assortment of dolls.

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid DollAges 3-10Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Dollcheck price

The Barbie Mermaid Doll is still one of the top selling dolls and making a big splash in the toy world! Maybe its because she features a fantastic mermaid design which significantly departs from the typical image presented for Barbie. Or it could be because kids love playing with her in the water and being delighted by the magical colorful light show. Whatever it is, Barbie continues to inspire little girls to be whatever they can be!

Disney Moana Singing Adventure Doll with Friends Ages 4+Disney Moana Singing Adventure Doll with Friends check price

This 14-inch Moana doll is inspired by the animated film. She is ready for big, bold adventures in her beautifully crafted adventure dress. Her pet friends, Pua and Heihei, are ready to spring into adventure, too! Fans will love reenacting their favorite scenes as she speaks phrases from the movie and sings ‘How Far I’ll Go’. Perfect doll set for Moana fans.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Brianna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll with Hair and Outfit Ages 3-15Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Brianna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll with Hair and Outfit check price

This realistic Mine to Love doll is perfect for nurturing play for preschoolers. She is 12-inches tall and features a soft body. Kids will love cuddling, nurturing, and loving this adorable baby doll. She wears a cute outfit with a heart and flower at the center. She also has cute pigtails. Kids can restyle her hair however they please. The doll can be laid down or sit up for feeding with the pacifier. Great first baby toy for imaginative nurturing play.

Shopkins Shoppies Pam Cake Doll Ages 3+Shopkins Shoppies Pam Cake Doll check price

Shoppies Pam Cake is adorably cute. He features a fun and fantastic design with fruits and chocolate drizzled shoes. She even has a fashionable Shopkins purse. Young girls will love styling her beautiful hair with the included hair brush. With two exclusive Shopkins and a fantastic over-the-top fun design, this would make a great addition to your child’s Shoppies collection.

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll Ages 3+Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Belle Doll check price

This 12-inch Disney Princess Belle doll looks incredibly beautiful. From her face and hair to her gorgoeus dress with ombre, girls will be inspired to recreate their favorite scenes from Beauty and the Beast. Fun accessories include a pair of matching earrings and shoes.

Barbie Happy Birthday Doll Ages 3-6Barbie Happy Birthday Doll check price

Barbie is ready for the big birthday celebration with gift in hand. She looks pretty in pink! And she’s accessorized with matching shoes, ribbon, and necklace. Her dress looks magnificent. What will the birthday celebration entail? Girls will be inspired with a variety of fun imaginative stories that will develop their creativity.

American Girl WellieWishers Willa DollAges 5-7American Girl WellieWishers Willa Dollcheck price

The WellieWishers love putting on shows and building friendships. This 14.5-inch Willa doll from American Girl is extremely popular among young girls. She is beautifully styled with brushable pigtails, realistic hazel-colored eyes, fun red wellie boots, and a lovely outfit. She loves climbing trees and playing with furry friends. Little girls will connect with her lively personality and love having fascinating adventures with Willa.

PlayMonster Superhero Will Wonder Crew BuddyAges 3-6PlayMonster Superhero Will Wonder Crew Buddycheck price

What happens when you collide action figures with the nurturing, emotional play of dolls? You get an action doll like Superhero Will Wonder Crew Buddy. He’s sure to become your child’s favorite buddy to tag along wherever their adventures take them. He’s a 15-inch superhero doll that will inspire adventurous play. A matching mask and cape are also included for your child so the superhero buddies can save the world together!

Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Elsa Ages 3+Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Elsa check price

Classic Fashion Elsa looks stunning in her snow queen gown. Her fashion has clearly been inspired by the animated movie Disney’s Frozen. Elsa has matching shoes to complete her look and is about the size of regular Barbie dolls, around 12-inches. She has gorgeous hair and poseable arms for creating inspiring and fascinating tales.

Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Anna Ages 3+Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Anna check price

Classic Fashion Anna looks adorable with her beautiful travel dress and pigtail braids. Pair this fashion doll with Classic Fashion Elsa, her sister, to play out your favorite scenes from Frozen! Anna’s outfit and shoes may be removed. The doll is about the size of a standard Barbie doll.

The Bridge Direct Strawberry Shortcake 35th Anniversary Soft Doll Ages 1-10The Bridge Direct Strawberry Shortcake 35th Anniversary Soft Doll check price

Strawberry Shortcake is an iconic soft rag doll. In toy years, she’s lived happily ever after for 35 years strong. Shortcake is as soft and squeezable as ever. And she smells as sweet as the original doll. Girls will love hugging this berry sweet friend and taking her on berry cute adventures.

Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll – Pink 10 Piece Gift Set with Open/Close Eyes- Perfect for Children 2+ Ages 2-15Berenguer Boutique 15" Soft Body Baby Doll - Pink 10 Piece Gift Set with Open/Close Eyes- Perfect for Children 2+ check price

Isn’t she the most adorable baby ever? Berenguer Boutique’s 15-inch baby doll looks lovely. She has amazingly realistic details that enhance your child’s play experience. She’s so soft and encourages cuddling and nurturing play. Her eyes open and close like a real baby. What will you name her? Little girls will love taking care of their own life-like baby doll.

Raggedy Ann Classic Doll 16″ Ages 3-15Raggedy Ann Classic Doll 16" check price

Relive the classic tale of Raggedy Ann and Andy with this wonderful Raggedy Ann Classic Doll. She is a 16-inch rag doll with realistic details that capture the essence of Raggedy Ann from the classic fairytales. She is so soft and huggable and features a lovely outfit with fancy red ribbons and red yarn hair. Pair this with Raggedy Andy Classic Doll to complete your set and act out the adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Talk & Sing Shimmer Doll Ages 3-6Fisher-Price Shimmer and Shine Talk & Sing Shimmer Doll check price

Inspired by the Shimmer and Shine show, this 12-inch Shimmer doll is authentically created. Shimmer talks and sings, providing hours of playtime fun! Young girls will love acting out their best scenes from the show. It makes a great addition to fans’ collections.

Doll Houses & Playsets


Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sou​nds Home Ages 1-5Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sou​nds Home check price

The Little People Surprise and Sounds Home is one of the best-selling playsets for preschoolers. The playset features realistic details and the house can open for fun play in four unique rooms. Kids can play with the home opened or closed. The set includes 3 Little People figures to enhance your play. With over 50 songs, phrases, and sounds and interactive play features, this is one must-have playset!

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm Ages 1-5Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm check price

Play with this fun farm set either open or closed. The set features seven fun farm figures, including Farmer Eddie and his farm animals. The play figures look adorably cute. The set also features a hay bale to add to the farm fun! The pieces are sized just right for little fingers. A great set that will inspire creative play.

Barbie Glam Getaway HouseAges 3-10Barbie Glam Getaway Housecheck price

With three fully-furnished rooms and over 2.5-feet of fun, the Barbie Glam Getaway House is the perfect getaway for Barbie. The set closes with a handy handle for on-the-go fun! An innovative feature is that the pieces magically stay in place. The set features a small kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Add your favorite Barbie doll to enhance the experience. Girls will be inspired to create fascinating stories in the glam house.

Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House Ages 3-15Peppa Pigs Deluxe House check price

This Peppa Pig Deluxe Set features 2 stories of fun and four rooms. Preschoolers can play in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Each room can be decorated with the included 15 play accessories. Highlights includea a dinner table, bunk bed, and bathtub. With plenty of great play features, kids will be entertained for hours on end.

Calico Critters Deluxe Living Room Set Ages 3-7Calico Critters Deluxe Living Room Set check price

The Calico Critters Deluxe Living Room set is a fantastic set that children will love. It may be small, but the details are amazing, which will lead to more realistic play. The set includes a 3-piece furniture set, center table, side table, fireplace and more. Even the little accessories add to the overall experience. The fireplace illuminates to bring a sense of warmth to the room. Kids will have fun creating fun family stories with this fabulous set.

Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet Ages 3-10Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet check price

Welcome to Barbie’s Ultimate Closet! Get a sneak peek at Barbie’s latest fashions in her wardrobe through the clear double doors. What’s in fashion? We have two of the lastest dress fashions. Store all of Barbie’s accessories in the working drawers and cabinets! This is a fantastic set that will inspire hours of imaginative play. The closet is loaded with glam fashions and accessories. Girls can even travel with the closet for on the go fun!

Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse Ages 2-5Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse check price

My First Dollhouse features bright, cheerful colors that will appeal to girls. The dollhouse is 3-stories tall and includes a mom, dad, and baby figurine. Whether you play in the living space, kitchen, attic, bathroom, or on the balcony, you are sure to have a fun time! The figures are sized just right for little hands. Kids will love emulating real-world scenarios that they’ve experienced. It’s a fantastic first dollhouse for preschoolers.

Barbie Ultimate Puppy Mobile Vehicle Ages 3-7Barbie Ultimate Puppy Mobile Vehicle check price

This is no ordinary vehicle. At first glance it looks like an SUV vehicle but it expands to a 2-foot long puppy playground for the ultimate puppy fun! There’s plenty of great play features to keep kids entertained with a relaxing area, smoothie bar, and puppy beds. The best part is the zipline that activates the palm tree elevator. Amazing puppy adventures await!

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse Ages 3-8KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse check price

Welcome to this enchanted Disney Princess dollhouse. This doll house is officially licensed by Disney. The dollhouse, characters, and design are inspired by the Beauty and the Beast animated film. Girls can decorate their Enchanted Dollhouse with colorful and wonderfully detailed furniture. The dollhouse looks beautiful and will inspire fascinating and magical tales.

KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse with Furniture Ages 3-8KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse with Furniture check price

The Savannah Dollhouse features four stories and 6 fantastic rooms to explore. Decorate your dollhouse rooms with 13 detailed pieces of furniture and play with any 12-inch sized dolls like Barbie or your favorite fashion doll. This is an excellent dollhouse that will inspire countless hours of fun!



Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club, 12 Pack (Styles May Vary) Ages 3-15Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club, 12 Pack (Styles May Vary) check price

This 12-pack of Shopkins from Season 6’s Chef Club features a dozen of your favorite collectibles. Create your favorite dish and collect all of the recipes with this fun collection. Discover two hidden Shopkins figurines in the recipe books. And scan your Shopkins with the companion app!

Shopkins Season 5, 12-Pack Ages 5-15Shopkins Season 5, 12-Pack check price

With over 140 different Shopkins to collect in this collection, Shopkins fans will love this collection from Season 5. The set features a dozen Shopkins and Petkins Backpacks. Discover two hidden Shopkins, two bonus charms, and even glowing charms! Girls can wear the charms and collect and connect the backpacks for added fun!

Shopkins Join The Party Mega PackAges 5-15Shopkins Join The Party Mega Packcheck price

It’s time to join the surprise party! Build your Shopkins collection with this Mega Pack filled with 20 fun and colorful Shopkins figures and four gift boxes from Season 7. Stack the newest member Topkins to make a stacked cake! Will you discover the limited edition Hollywood Party Shopkins? Great way to quickly build your collection!

Shopkins Shoppies Popette’s Popcorn Stand Ages 3-15Shopkins Shoppies Popettes Popcorn Stand check price

It’s popcorn time! The Popette Popcorn Stand is a fun playset. The set features a popcorn stand, six exclusive Shopkins, a bowl, popcorn bucket, and VIP card. Give all your Shoppies friends the VIP treatment at the Popcorn Stand. It’s a great addition to your Shoppies and Shopkins collection.

Shopkins Supermarket Playset Ages 5-15Shopkins Supermarket Playset check price

Girls will love the fantastic play offered by the Shopkins Supermarket Playset. The set includes the supermarket playset, a shopping cart, and two exclusive Shopkins. From the fun slide to the checkstand, exclusive Shopkins, and shopping cart, this is a fantastic set for having imaginative shopping fun and a great addition to your collection.

Action Figures

Action Figures

Toy figures have been around for ages. From the latest blockbuster movies to children’s favorite TV shows – we’ve hand-picked the best figures worth your attention.

Peppa Pig Family Pack Ages 2-15Peppa Pig Family Pack check price

This 4-pack of the Peppa Pig Family features three-inch figures. This family looks adorable with accurate details that fans are sure to appreciate. Fans will love creating fun stories adventures with Peppa, George, Mommy, and Daddy Pig. A great set that will inspire endless creative and imaginative play.

DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 12″ Action DollAges 6-10DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman 12" Action Dollcheck price

This 12-inch action doll from Mattel is based on the DC Super Hero Girls line of toys. The doll features incredible details and stylish design that will appeal to fans. Wonder Woman’s lasso is ready for action. The action doll is poseable with articulation. This doll is sure to inspire creative imaginative fun!

Disney Pixar Toy Story Plush Slinky Dog Ages 3-12Disney Pixar Toy Story Plush Slinky Dog check price

Toy Story fans will love this plush version of Slinky from the animated movie. He features movie-accurate details and his signature slinky body. Preschoolers will love cuddling with their pal because he is so soft and comfy. Kids will love recreating their favorite Toy Story moments.

FunKo Pop! Star Wars, BB-8Ages 3-15FunKo Pop! Star Wars, BB-8check price

BB-8, the loveable robotic droid, was one of fans’ favorite characters from The Force Awakens. BB-8 is accurately recreated as a vinyl bobble-head figure. It’s a great showpiece to display your love for Star Wars and BB-8 and fantastic for recreating your favorite scenes from Star Wars.

Disney Frozen Glitter Glider Anna, Elsa and Olaf Doll Set Ages 3-10Disney Frozen Glitter Glider Anna, Elsa and Olaf Doll Set check price

This set of three officially licensed Disney Frozen figurines set includes our favorite characters from Disney’s Frozen. The set includes Elsa, her sister Anna, and the loveable snowman, Olaf. These figures glide along the surface. Preschoolers will love rolling them into action! Elsa and Anna feature magical shiny dresses. Fans will be inspired to reenact their best moments from the animated films.

Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition Ages 3-12Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition check price

Elf on the Shelf is a #1 best-seller around the world. It’s a Christmas tradition experienced by millions of families. If you haven’t read it already, now is the perfect time to get your hands on one as they typically sellout for the holidays. The storybook is accompanied by a little boy or girl scout elf for your little one to engage in fun adventures of their own!

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ DragonAges 4+FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragoncheck price

Bring your child’s fantasy to reality with Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon. Touch comes to life with more than 50 sounds and life-like movements. The coolest feature is that he breathes a flame-colored mist similar to a real dragon. Preschoolers can feed him his color-changing marshmallow treat. He even features touch sensors that make him feel so real! This animatronics toy will inspire hours of imaginative fun!

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot XtremeAges 3-8Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot Xtremecheck price

The Batbot Xtreme is the ultimate Batman action figure! Batbot stands a massive 2-feet tall with large extendable wings. He’s ready for battle with punching fists, launching projectiles, and a cool voice altering feature! Discover the hidden elevator and Batman’s HQ! There’s so much inspiring play with the Batbot Xtreme!

Marvel Titan Hero Series Captain AmericaAges 3-10Marvel Titan Hero Series Captain Americacheck price

Captain America is one of Marvel fans’ favorite characters. This 12-inch Captain America from the Titan Hero Series features movie-accurate details. He features five different points of articulation and he comes with his infamous indestructable star shield. He’s well-equipped and geared up for intense battles. Kids will love creating epic battles with Captain America – all in the name of saving this great nation.



Children at this age can engage in long periods of active play. They can walk, climb, jump, hop, or skip. They love to throw, catch, kick and bounce balls. Get your 4 year old up and active with these outdoor and sports toys.

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer Ages 3-8Little Tikes Jump n Slide Bouncer check price

The Little Tikes Jump and Slide Bouncer is pure fun! Kids will have a blast on this 12 x 9 x 6-foot play surface. Kids will be safely protected within the mesh boundaries. This bouncer doesn’t damage easily and it provides continuous airflow for years of fun!

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber Ages 2-6Step2 Game Time Sports Climber check price

The Game Time Sports Center is jam-packed with fun! The set features a colorful design with a slide, basketball hoop, soccer goal, and pass-through hole. A small sports ball is included and the set supports up to 60 pounds. It’s a great set that promotes active play.

Hape Kid’s Beach BucketAges 18m-4Hape Kids Beach Bucketcheck price

Looking forward to a fun day out in the sun? Headed to the beach? Be sure to grab this incredible Beach Toy Set from Hape. The best part? It won’t fall apart by the end of summer. Made of sturdy BPA free plastic, this set is much sturdier than cheap sand buckets that you find at the dollar store. The rake and shovel are perfect for digging up sand. Your 4 year old will love building castles in the sand.

Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table Ages 18m-5Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table check price

The Sand and Water Table is perfect for summertime fun in the sun. This sand table is really cool because it has two sides. You can fill one side with sand and the other side with water. It is large enough that 2 children can play the same time without getting in each other’s way. It’s the perfect height for 4 year olds. There’s even a nice shade for preventing from sunburn while they enjoy playing with sand or water.

Green Toys Watering Can ToyAges 18m-10Green Toys Watering Can Toycheck price

Kids love watering things — whether it be flowers or out in the garden. Made of sturdy eco friendly plastic, this well built watering bucket from Green Toys is designed to be abused and last forever. It even comes with 2 additional tools that are perfect for digging. Simply fill it up with water and let kids explore the possibilities.

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse Ages 18m-5Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse check price

This Lookout Treehouse is a fantastic playhouse for preschoolers. It offers a great lookout spot protected with a roof. The large steps are easy for kids to climb. Once kids reach the top they can scope out the area or slide down the fun slide. The set supports kids up to 50 pounds.

Step2 Finding Dory Swim & Swirl Water Table Ages 18m-8Step2 Finding Dory Swim & Swirl Water Table check price

This fun playset features water fun with Dory and friends. Turn the whirl to watch the fish swim around the pool. Ride the slide or take a wild ride on the flipper to take a dip into the water. The three Finding Dory figures feature some cool squirting action. It’s the perfect set for fun in the water!

Ogosport Ogodisk MezoAges 3-10Ogosport Ogodisk Mezocheck price

Throw it. Catch it. Bounce it. It’s the Ogodisk-Mezo from Ogosport. It’s like a hand trampoline for balls. It allows you to play a variety of different games from baseball and volleyball to water balloons and tennis and more. Even create your own games for endless outdoor fun!

Lifetime Kid’s Picnic Table Ages 3+Lifetime Kids Picnic Table check price

This solidly constructed 32.5-inch Kid’s Picnic Table is one of the best selling picnic tables for kids. It seats up to four children, supporting a maximum weight of 90 pounds. Kids can eat at the table, engage in fun activites, play with toys, or have simple conversations with friends. The table easily folds for storage or moving from one area to another. Assembly is required but is very easy.

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play CenterAges 3-10Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Centercheck price

This dome climber is built strong and weather-resistant for years of outdoor fun! It’s perfect for setting up in your backyard or open space, measuring 10′ W x 5′ H. It’s great for developing your child’s muscles, encouraging active play and social development.

Little Tikes Easy Store Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella, Blue/Green Ages 18m-5Little Tikes Easy Store Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella, Blue/Green check price

It’s picnic time with the Easy Store Junior Picnic Table from Little Tikes. Kids will love having picnics over at their house with this fantastic picnic set. The table features a handy umbrella to shade kids from harmful UV rays. Kids can enjoy eating and their conversations. The picnic table seats up to four kids, supporting a max weight of 50 pounds. Setup and take-down is simple with no tools necessary.

Super Spinner SwingAges 3+Super Spinner Swingcheck price

This swing set is super-sized fun! Assemble it on a swing set or hang it from the tree. Assembly is quick and easy and a hanging kit is included in the set. This swing set is built to last, supporting a total weight of 200 pounds and two riders. Makes a great gift for preschoolers.

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable BouncerAges 3-12Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncercheck price

Enter the Magic Castle from Blast Zone, where dreams come true! This bouncer features a fun magical castle design with four towers, flags, a bounce area, and fun slide! Blower supports up to three children at once. It inflates in seconds and is built for long-lasting fun with a commercial quality bouncing surface! Blower measures 8.5 W x 11 L x 8-feet H.

School Smart Stepping Buckets Balance BuildersSchool Smart Stepping Buckets Balance Builderscheck price

These stepping buckets are perfect for the playground or gym. They are great for developing your child’s sense of balance and coordination as well as promoting active play. The set includes 6 colorful two-ply buckets that resist cracking. Buckets are connected by nylon rope and don’t skid. Supports a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

Gonge RiverstonesAges 3-15Gonge Riverstonescheck price

The Gonge Riverstones are a fun way to develop balance and coordination. The set contains three large colored stones and three small colored stones. The stones vary in their steepness levels and the steeper they are, the more challenging. Kids can progress through the challenges to develop their balance and coordination skills. The rubber design ensures your child’s safety and helps prevent slips.



Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Basketball SetAges 3+Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Basketball Setcheck price

At 4 years old, she is ready for her first real basketball hoop. With an adjustable height, this one from Little Tikes is perfect for the driveway. You simply weight it down using either sand or water. With 5 height settings, the height adjusts to about 6 feet. For a 4 year old, you could start around 5 feet with plenty of room to grow to the tallest setting.

Stomp Rocket Junior Glow KitAges 3+Stomp Rocket Junior Glow Kitcheck price

3-2-1 we have blast off! These air powered rockets are a total blast to play with and now you can even play in the dark with glow-in-the-dark rockets! They are powered by your kids’ feet so they promote active play and the foam rockets soar up to 100 feet into the air! Set includes 4 foam rockets, launch pad, air hose, and stand. Great for teaching kids about physics concepts, such as trajectory, projection, force, and motion!

Little Tikes 3 Foot TrampolineAges 3-6Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampolinecheck price

Jump for joy! Kids and trampolines go together quite well and they are such a blast! This 3 inch trampoline is the perfect size for your bouncing ball of fun. The bar helps him soar to new heights. The best part? He can burn of all his extra energy indoors.

Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf SetAges 2-6Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Setcheck price

Tee off with this excellent golf set from Little Tikes. The set comes with everything you need for a fun outing in the backyard or park.Set includes hole, two clubs, three light golf balls, and a travel storage cart. The durable set will last for years of swinging fun! Fun set for little golfers.

Little Tikes T-Ball SetAges 18m-6Little Tikes T-Ball Setcheck price

The TotSports T-Ball Set allows little tots to engage in fun t-ball. Set the ball on the tee and swing away. Batter’s up. Will your 4 year old score a home run?

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Bowling FriendsAges 2-4Melissa & Doug Ks Kids Bowling Friendscheck price

Featuring six bright, colorful and cheerful animals pins and a colorful bowling ball, the K’s Kids Bowling Playset encourages active play and eye-hand coordination. Go for the strike! Practice your game and see if you can consistently knock them all down. Game can be played indoors or outdoors. Great game played solo or with friends for fun, competitive play.

Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer BallAges 3+Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ballcheck price

Designed for fun outdoor activity, the Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ball delivers immense fun! The ball comes in a variety of different colors and in youth sizes it is a size three. This soccer ball is lighter than your typical youth soccer ball, weighing about a quarter less. What this means for your child is that they’ll be able to more easily kick the ball which results in a confidence booster. The ball is durable for years of active fun!

Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer SetAges 2+Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Setcheck price

Here’s a fun soccer set for your soccer superstar. This kid-sized set includes a netted goal, soccer ball, and ball pump. The set is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage or for traveling with it. Preschoolers will be active, have fun, and build motor and coordination skills.

Fisher-Price Barbie Grow to Pro 1-2-3 Roller SkatesAges 2-5Fisher-Price Barbie Grow to Pro 1-2-3 Roller Skatescheck price

The 1,2,3 Roller Skates from Fisher Price teach kids to skate in 3 steps. First, kids can skate walk with a wheel locked. Then they can try moving forward on the wheels. In the last stage, they can try moving forward and backward. The rollerskates look stylish and will look great on preschoolers. The skates are available in two color schemes. Always remeber to wear protective gear for your child’s safety. Who knew learning to skate is as easy as 1-2-3!

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk 12 Foot TrampolineSkywalker Jump N Dunk 12 Foot Trampolinecheck price

What do you get when you combine a trampoline with a basketball hoop? The Jump n’ Dunk Trampoline with Basketball Hoop and Ball! If you’ve always dreamed of slam dunking this will make that dream a reality. The basketball hoop has break-away feature so it doesn’t impact the structure. A safety net helps keep kids safely inside. Available in an assortment of colors. This is slam dunk fun!

Ride Ons

Ride Ons

4 year olds will love cruising around cool ride-ons. Here are the best riding toys for 4 year olds.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car Ages 18m-5Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car check price

The Cozy Coupe is a classic that has thrilled generations of riders. This is one of those classics that has withstood the test of time. New generations of children will be able to experience how great this vehicle really is. It is just how your remember it except now it’s even better and it comes fully assembled.

PlasmaCar Ride On ToyAges 3-8PlasmaCar Ride On Toycheck price

Leveraging kid-power and the magic of physics, the award winning PlasmaCar has preschoolers steering where they want to go. It’s made of high quality craftsmanship and built to last. The toy has been tested to be safe for children. The PlasmaCar functions best on flat hard surfaces. Great toy for getting kids active and outdoors.

Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike Ages 30m-5Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike check price

The Red Rider Trike from Radio Flyer features durable steel construction for years of riding fun! It features smooth riding wheels and a storage container hidden in the back for storing goodies and belongings. Kids will have fun riding this tricycle for years as it features an adjustable seat the adapts to your preschooler.

Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort WagonAges 18m+Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagoncheck price

Step into the Ultimate Comfort Wagon. This wagon delivers a smooth luxurious ride. There are 5 seating and storage options in this versatile design from Radio Flyer. It features cup holders, padded seats, a canopy, and seatbelts for safety. For the ultimate wagon riding experience, the Ultimate Comfort Wagon is second to none.

Strider Balance BikeAges 18m-5Strider Balance Bikecheck price

The Strider is a balance bike designed to get your preschooler ready for the next stage of riding a bike with pedals. This balance bike has no pedals but it focuses on developing your child’s balancing kids. The bike is built with high quality and assembly is quick and easy. The XL seatpost may be necessary for 4 year olds to ride and it extends use for an extra year.

Micro Mini Original Kick ScooterAges 2-5Micro Mini Original Kick Scootercheck price

This Mini Scooter is a top ranking scooter for preschoolers. The lean to steer design makes it fun to ride. The scooter is certified safe for children and offers a quiet ride with three wheels. It’s a great investment that will provide years of fun and delight while getting in great exercise. Supports riders weighing up to 44 pounds.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler Ages 3-6Fisher-Price Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler check price

Vrroom! Featuring realistic styling and Frozen-themed graphics, this Power Wheels Jeep is big on thrills! The vehicle features officially licensed graphics and colors from Disney’s Frozen and realistic styled inspired by the Jeep Wrangler. The vehicle reaches speeds of 2.5 and 5 mph. It can move forward, backward, left, and right with the steering wheel. And the doors actually open and close. Girls can sing along to ‘Let It Go’ and it drives on hard surfaces and even grass. 12 volt battery and charger are included with the set.

Bell Minnie Toddler HelmetBell Minnie Toddler Helmetcheck price

Preschoolers will be well-protected and looking stylish with this awesome Minnie Mouse helmet. It’s the perfect way to protect your head from injuries from riding bikes, skates, and any other ride-ons. Ventillation is built-in to keep your child cool while engaging in fun activities. The helmet features 3D ears and a fun polka dot bow with a sparkly design.

Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX BikeTitan Girls Flower Princess BMX Bikecheck price

Ride in style like a princess with this Flower Princess BMX bike from Titan. It features 16-inch rubber wheels, stylish design that will appeal to girls, flowery basket, decorative handles and training wheels. The bike supports riders up to 150 pounds. Great birthday gift, Christmas gift, and for other special occasions.

Raskullz Dinosaur HelmetAges 3+Raskullz Dinosaur Helmetcheck price

Your preschooler is sure to think that this is the coolest helmet in the whole world! It’s a dinosaur helmet with a fantastic design. It features a shock absorbing shell and nylon straps to ensure your child remains safe while riding their ride-on vehicle. It meets bicycle helmet standards. Available in an assortment of unique dinosaur designs.

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids BikeAges 3-5RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikecheck price

This RoyalBaby BMX Kids Bike looks stylish and sporty, featuring training wheels for your preschooler. It comes in 12-inches, 14-inches, 16-inches, or 18-inch sizes. The bike comes with a bell to alarm people in the vicinity. Makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.



We’ve hand-picked all of the hottest electronic toys of the year. Experience nothing but the absolute best electronic toys this year. Shush! You’re secret’s safe with us. From smartwatches to video cameras we have the top gadgets kids will be yearning for this year. Here are some of the top toys for 4 year olds.

Fire Kids Edition 7″ TabletAges 3+Fire Kids Edition 7" Tabletcheck price

The Fire Kids Tablet is one of the most popular full-featured 7″ tablets for kids. It’s in high demand because it’s a great value just under the century mark. The tablet allows for consuming over 10K books, educational content, games, TV shows, music, movies, and more! 16 GB of internal storage is expandable with up to 200 GB micro SD media. The kid-friendly tablet is easy to use, features a durable design, and features simple parental controls. Plus, Amazon backs the product with an unconditional replacement guarantee. It’s a kids’ tablet too good to resist. Available in assorted colors.

VTech Kidizoom DUO CameraAges 3-9VTech Kidizoom DUO Cameracheck price

The Kidizoom DUO Camera allows your preschoolers to capture their favorite memories with a kid-friendly design. The camera is designed for kids and is easy to use with a built-in viewfinder and auto-flash. Just ensure you get everyone in the shot before taking the picture. With 2 built-in cameras, hence the name ‘DUO’, it is capable of taking selfies. Digital camera takes great shots with a 2.0 MP sensor and 4x digital zoom and it features 256 MB of internal memory. Memory can be expanded up to 32 GB. Available in an assortment of colors. It’s a great gift for self-expression and inspiring creativity!

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DXAges 4-9VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DXcheck price

Young kids can look stylish and hip with the KidiZoom Smartwatch from VTech. Smartwatch takes photos and videos and allows for playing games.

iGuy Protective Kids Case For iPadiGuy Protective Kids Case For iPadcheck price

Do you find your kids playing with your iPad? The iGuy from Speck is the perfect accessory to protect your iPad or iPad Mini from accidental drops. The design is innovative with two flexible ‘arm’ handles and 2 legs. It’s available in an assortment of fun colors – from Chili Pepper and Cupcake Pink to Grape Purple and Lime Green. It allows preschoolers to easily grip the iPad while engaging with content at the perfect angle.

LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Wired HeadphonesAges 4+LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Wired Headphonescheck price

If your kids love listening to music, this is the perfect gift. These stylish and comfortable headphones deliver great audio quality while limiting the volume for little ears. The headphones feature an adapter so another person can listen to the audio without the need for a splitter. Available in a variety of stylish colors. Perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

These art and craft gifts will bring out the artist in your 4 year old child. Music is an art. Kids who begin learning the art of music at an early age tend to be more creative.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Activity BookAges 3-6Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Activity Bookcheck price

Your preschooler will say WOW when they experience these Water WOW! activity books. The magic lies in special water pens that reveal the color. When the water dries, the pages return to their original form. The set includes three activity books to engage kids ranging from alphabets, numbers, and animal designs. Parents will love the fact that there’s no mess involved! And kids can continue to color the books for endless fun!

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection 152 ColorsAges 3-15Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection 152 Colorscheck price

The Ultimate Crayon Collection is the perfect gift for the little artist. It’s one of the best ways to encourage self-expression and creativity! The set features over 150 crayons encased in a crayon caddy. The set features unique glitter and metalic colors to literally make your artwork shine! Now this is long-lasting fun with Crayola!

Play Doh 36-Can Mega PackAges 2+Play Doh 36-Can Mega Packcheck price

With 36 unique colors of modelling clay, what fantastic creations will your preschooler come up with? It’s a magical rainbow of Play Doh! A great toy set for inspiring your child’s imagination and creativity. Squeeze, smash, and mold your way to fun and create virtually anything you can imagine!

ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art Ages 2-6ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art check price

Button Art is perfect for little hands. It’s a great skill builder for preschoolers. Coordinate and push the button into place on the picture to complete your artwork. There are ten unique designs and nearly 50 buttons to engage kids with hands-on learning! Create wonderful button art of houses, nature, animals, and more!

ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Bag Puppets Ages 3-5ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Bag Puppets check price

Preschoolers will love this exciting and fun arts and crafts kit featuring paper bag puppets. Design your own puppet, showcasing your creativity. Then once you’ve created your one-of-a-kind puppet, you’re ready for amazing creative puppet adventures! A lovely, entertaining, and award-winning art project for kids.

Crayola Inspiration Art CaseAges 4+Crayola Inspiration Art Casecheck price

Inspire your preschooler’s imagination with the Inspiration Art Case from Crayola. This is perfect for the little artist featuring 140 different art tools from crayons and colored pencils to washable markers. Drawing paper is also included in the set so you can get started right away. Everything stays organized with a compartment for all the art tools. The colorful and artsy case with handy handle will allow kids to take the fun on the go!

ALEX Toys Little Hands String A Farm Ages 3-5ALEX Toys Little Hands String A Farm check price

Here’s an interesting and engaging skill building activity for your preschooler. It’s called String A Farm from Alex Toys. With fun farm animal designs, kids will be challenged with stringing all the farm animals using a lace of string and wooden needle. This award-winning toy is excellent for building fine motor skills and it also encourages counting and sequencing.

Perler BIGGIE Bead BucketAges 4+Perler BIGGIE Bead Bucketcheck price

This Perler Bead Bucket features 1,200 colorful beads for BIGGIE creative fun! Perler Beads are incredibly popular and allow for expression and limitless creativity. Eight different bead colors are included in this package. You’ll need a pegboard and ironing sheets to complete your projects. Creating the designs is easy and you fuse them together with an iron. An excellent set for inspiring creativity and sparking the imagination.

Crayola Color Wonder Refill Set Ages 3-6Crayola Color Wonder Refill Set check price

This art set is fantastic for children of all ages. The set includes two packages of 10 mini markers for a total of 20 different colors. The set also includes two drawing pads so you can get started right away! The best part is that they are mess-free since they only color on the special paper. That means no more messes on the table, carpet, or walls! A wonderful set to allow preschoolers to explore their creativity!

VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy Ages 2-5VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy check price


This Doc McStuffins-themed Talk & Trace Clipboard with stylus allows kids to engage in doodling fun! In addition to doodling, kids can interact with four learning activities and over 30 melodies and sounds that serve to develop your preschooler’s skills and entertain. Kids will also learn letters, numbers, writing skills, and more. It’s a creative early learning toy.

Kinetic Sand Sand In Motion , 11 lbsAges 3+Kinetic Sand Sand In Motion , 11 lbscheck price

Kinetic Sand brings the delight of sand play to your home. It’s easy to shape and mold into a variety of designs just like sand. It feels great to the touch and never dries out! It offers endless creativity and kids will continue to play with it for years to come. What amazing creations can you come up with?

Step2 Easel For TwoAges 3-8Step2 Easel For Twocheck price

The Easel For Two is a great set for promoting social play. It features two sides for double the fun! With the built-in clip, kids can create their artistic masterpieces. Integrated trays and ledges keep art tools at your disposal. The board features a magnetic surface so it can also be used with the magnetic letters and numbers. The easel folds easily for storage or transport and requires simple assembly.

Spirograph Junior Ages 3+Spirograph Junior check price

Younger kids can enjoy the fun of The Original Spirograph with this Junior edition. The set comes complete with a portable desk with built-in storage trays. The jumbo gears and washable markers are just right for little designers. Your child’s creativity and imagination will be at work when they transform their designs into creative and fun pictures.

Play Doh Super Molding Mania Toy Ages 3+Play Doh Super Molding Mania Toy check price

Explore the limitless creative possibilities with Play Doh Super Molding Mania! This set includes three different colored colding compound containers and a bevy of tools to shape and create your amazing creations. Build animals, stars, and more! What unique creations can you create? Great open-ended play that will fuel your child’s imagination and provide endless hours of fun!

Crayola Frozen Giant Coloring Pages Ages 3-10Crayola Frozen Giant Coloring Pages check price


Perfect for the Disney Frozen fan are these coloring pages based on the Disney Frozen franchise. The book includes 80 mini pages full of coloring activities.

Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom DrumAges 3+Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drumcheck price

Introduce your preschooler to the world of music with this fun Percussion Floor Tom Drum from Remo. The drum produces great acoustic sounds and kids can use either the included drum kit or their hands to play. The drum is wrapped with a fabric rain forest water color-style design full of color and wonderful animal characters that will appeal to preschoolers.

VTech Record and Learn KidiStudioAges 3-6VTech Record and Learn KidiStudiocheck price

Unleash your child’s inner artistic creativity with the VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio. It’s got everything your budding musician needs including a piano and microphone. The light up keys are perfect for beginners learning to play the piano.

POOF 60pc. Sidewalk ChalkAges 3-12POOF 60pc. Sidewalk Chalkcheck price

Chalk can be fun. This outstanding chalk set includes 60 bright colors for kids to bring out their creativity. Great for outdoor activities or even on the chalkboard.

Board Games

Board Games

Board games have been captivated audiences for generations and brought families together for family game night. Millions of people have experienced classics like Monopoly, Connect 4, and more. This collection encapsulates some classic game play elements while weaving in some interesting new game designs that appeal to 4 year olds.

Hasbro Pie Face GameAges 5+Hasbro Pie Face Gamecheck price

Pie Face is a fun game where the arm could splat a pie in your face at any moment. Kids place their head in the mask and score points for for turning the handle and not getting splatted on. Everyone takes their turn waiting in exciting anticipation to see who gets the pie in their face. It’s wacky and zany fun!

Yeti in My Spaghetti GameAges 4-15Yeti in My Spaghetti Gamecheck price

Yeti in My Spaghetti is a silly game for two or more players. Players add noodles on top of the bowl and place Yeti on top of the noodles. Then they take turns removing noodles a piece at a time. But don’t let Yeti fall! If Yeti happens to fall, you lose the game. It’s an exciting game that preschoolers are sure to love!

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game Ages 3-7Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game check price

This Squirrel Game! is a multi-award-winning game from Educational Insights. For 5 consecutive years, it has been the bestselling preschool game. This is a game where strategy is the name of the game. Players will need to aid their forest pals in locating acorns. The first squirrel to capture five acorns wins the game. Preschoolers will learn colors, matching, strategy and more! It’s the perfect fun, addictive game for preschoolers!

Classic Chutes and Ladders Board GameAges 4-15Classic Chutes and Ladders Board Gamecheck price

Chutes and Ladders is a classic game with exciting ups and downs. Kids will go up ladders and down the chutes and learn from their mistakes. The game features the iconic and fun artwork from the 70’s that is sure to bring a sense of nostalgia to some parents. The game is simple for preschoolers to play and games are short from 15-30 minutes. The first player to make it to square 100 is the winner of the game. Who will make it there first and overcome all the obstacles? The game encourages turn-taking and developing basic counting skills.

Jumping JackAges 4-7Jumping Jackcheck price

Jumping Jack is a fun game that has players removing a number of carrots from the hill. Only one carrot will trigger Jack to hop out. But nobody knows which one it will be! Catch Jack to win the game. This is a thrilling game of quick reflexes, eye-hand coordination, and awesome fun!

Sequence for KidsAges 4-6Sequence for Kidscheck price

From the makers of the Sequence Game comes Sequence for Kids. This version of the game is designed for kids. It’s a game of strategy and it is exciting to play. The game can be played by preschoolers even if they can’t read. Players play cards and put chips on the board. If you get 4 in-a-row that is considered a winning Sequence. The twist is you can use a unicorn card to position your chip anywhere on the board and the dragon card can be strategically used to eliminate opponent’s chips from the board.

Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot!Ages 4-8Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot!check price

A cooperative game for kids, Hoot Owl Hoot is a multiple award-winning game of matching. Players need to cooperate to aid the owls in flying to their nest before sunrise. Everyone wins if the players accomplish this challenge. Two challenge levels allow the game to adapt to your child’s level of play. Preschoolers can play without needing to read. Kids will learn a bit of strategy and develop social skills in this fun and simple game.

Toilet Trouble GameAges 5+Toilet Trouble Gamecheck price

Which flush will cause the toilet to erupt? That’s what kids will be wondering in this hilarious new game called Toilet Trouble. Press the flusher the correct number of times. But watch out! Will you get hit with a splash of water? It’s hilarious and wacky fun for 2 or more players.

ZingoAges 4-10Zingocheck price

Zingo! is like Bingo with a twist. Instead of numbers and letters, players will be matching words and pictures on a 3×3 play card. The game can be played by as many as seven players. The first player to cover their entire card, shouts out ‘ZINGO’ to win! The game offers two levels of play for your growing preschooler. Players will build early language skills and engage in matching in this fun and rapid-play game.

Ideal Hot Potato Electronic GameAges 4-15Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Gamecheck price

The classic game of Hot Potato is back with an electronic twist. This Electronic Hot Potato Game, is a musical potato passing game. Players pass the potato while it plays music. Don’t get stuck with the potato when the music stops! If you do, you lose the game. The last player to remain in the game is the winner. This wild, exciting, and thrilling game is a must-play for all preschoolers!

Wonder Forge Richard Scarry’s BusytownAges 3-8Wonder Forge Richard Scarrys Busytowncheck price

Busytown is a fascinating game for preschoolers. Players will race around the city solving various mysteries. Kids will be in search of their answers on a game board that is over 6-feet long! When kids find what they are searching for they shout out ‘I Found It!’ It’s a game where teamwork is promoted and you need attention to detail to match objects.

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the TreasureAges 5-8Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasurecheck price

Race to the Treasure! is an award-winning cooperative board game for preschoolers. Players need to collaborate to race the Ogre to the treasure. They’ll need to successfully create a path from the beginning to the end and then all players win. It’s a game of strategy and cooperation for 2-4 players. Games are short lasting about 20 minutes.

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game Ages 3-15Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game check price

You’ve been invited to a cupcake party. In the Enchanted Cupcake Party Game, you’ll have to mix, match, and create as many cupcakes as possible before the party begins! How many cupcakes can you create? Kids will learn to take turns while working together. It’s a delicious game that inspires creativity and self-expression.

Curious George Matching Game Ages 3-15Curious George Matching Game check price

Wonder Forge understands the essence of what makes a great game. Featuring the lovable Curious George, this fun game of memory and matching challenges kids to match 72 picture tiles. Your memory and matching skills will be put to the test. The game can even be taken on the road for on the go fun!

Educational Insights Raccoon Rumpus GameAges 3-10Educational Insights Raccoon Rumpus Gamecheck price

The Racoon Rumpus Game is a game of color, costumes, matching, and memory! Racoons have ransacked your closet and they are throwing a party. Your mission is to help these racoons to get dressed. The player with the most costumes wins the game! Kids can even play the game of memory. It’s a terrific first board game for preschoolers.

Candy Land Game: Disney Princess EditionAges 3+Candy Land Game: Disney Princess Editioncheck price

As a Disney Princess, you’ve been invited to the ball. This classic game of Candy Land has a fun dancing twist with Disney Princesses. Who will be the first princess to dance? Multiple play levels are offered for different age groups. The game is played by 2-4 players and features eight DIsney Princesses for fantastic adventures.

Spot it! Disney Frozen – AlphabetAges 3-15Spot it! Disney Frozen - Alphabetcheck price

In Disney Frozen Spot It! Alphabet, kids will need to determine the match to learn the alphabet. Disney Frozen fans will enjoy playing with the entire cast from Frozen. With two cards in hand, you’ll have to spot the maching letter or symbol. There are five different ways to play and the game is played by 2-8 players.

Gamewright Hisss Card GameAges 4+Gamewright Hisss Card Gamecheck price

Hisss is a fun, colorful snake-creation tile game for 2-5 players. The game has players matching colors and creating snakes from head to tail. Kids can make long or short snakes. Once a snake is completed from head to tail, it is added to the pit. The player who creates the most snakes is declared the winner. It’s a great game building counting, color matching and visual logic skills.

Educational Insights Shelby’s Snack Shack GameAges 4+Educational Insights Shelbys Snack Shack Gamecheck price

Shelby’s Snack Shack Game is a game where preschoolers will need to help Shelby discover her buried bones. Spin the spinner and fill your bowl with the corresponding number of bones spun. To win, you’ll need to recover the most bones. A fast-paced, fun game for developing number and counting skills.

Hasbro Connect 4 GameAges 6+Hasbro Connect 4 Gamecheck price

Connect 4 is an iconic game for 2 players. It’s similar to Tic-Tac-Toe but much better. You’ll choose a coin color and need to make 4 in a row of the same color either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There’s a bit of strategy involved, too. If you opponent is close to winning, you may want to stop ’em in their tracks with a counter move. It’s a classic game of strategy perfect for preschoolers and all ages.



Puzzles help children develop matching skills. Here we’ve collected some of the best puzzles for 4-year-olds. These puzzles represent some of the highest rated puzzles. We’ve captured beautiful puzzles from the depths of the Earth to the Solar System and some of boys’ and girls’ favorite animated films.

The Learning Journey Match It! SpellingAges 4+The Learning Journey Match It! Spellingcheck price

Your preschooler’s journey to learn spelling will be a fun one with this spelling puzzle set from The Learnign Journey. These puzzles contain short 3 to 4 letter words with pictures to help reinforce your preschooler’s learning. Preschoolers will have fun assembling the puzzles and examining the pictures while learning to spell in a fun and engaging way.

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 Pieces)Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 Pieces)check price

Our solar system is beautifully and colorfully depicted in this 48-piece floor puzzle. Features the planets, sun and the moon.

Melissa & Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle (48 Pieces)Ages 3-6Melissa & Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle (48 Pieces)check price

The underwater sea life is captured so eloquently and beautifully in the scenic 48 piece floor puzzle.

Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Jigsaw Floor Puzzle (48 pcs)Ages 3+Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Jigsaw Floor Puzzle (48 pcs)check price

Discover these amazing dinosaurs that walked our planet many years ago. This jumbo jigsaw floor puzzle creates a fantastic scene complete with several dinosaurs in a 2 x3 picture. The puzzle features 48 thick cardboard pieces for extra durabiity. A great educational puzzle that also teaches eye-hand coordination and problem solving.

Three Little PiggiesAges 3+Three Little Piggiescheck price

Meet the Three Little Piggies. In this multi-level logic game, it will make learning fun with a recognizable theme. It’s a single-player game featuring forty-eight challenges, 24 of which feature the wolf and 24 without the wolf. Challenge levels range from easy to expert. Kids can play with the piggies outside the house but when the big bad wolf arrives they must hide in their homes! A colorful illustrated book starring the Three Little Piggies completes the game set.



Plush toys are huggable, squeezable, and oh so lovable. These are designed to be companions for your loved ones. Our collection of plush toys incorporates adorable favorites from kids TV shows.

Gund Sesame Street Take Along Elmo 12″ Plush Ages 1-5Gund Sesame Street Take Along Elmo 12" Plush check price

Isn’t he the cutest version of Elmo you’ve ever seen? Elmo is looks exactly like the character on Sesame Street and kids are going to love him. He is sure to be their favorite new friend. Preschooler’s will love hugging him because he is so huggably soft with fuzzy plush. And he’s made with high quality plush material. Kids will want to take their favorite pal on fascinating adventures.

GUND Pusheen Happy Birthday PlushAges 1-5GUND Pusheen Happy Birthday Plushcheck price

Based on a web comic, this animated plush figure looks adorably cute with its little bitten cookie in its teeny-weeny hands. Pusheen, the chubby cat, will go to great lengths to satisfy her sweet tooth and she loves cuddling, snacking, and dressing up. Preschoolers won’t believe their eyes as she springs to life with moving whiskers and tail. A great gift for plush lovers for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions.

Pokémon Small Plush XY Pikachu Ages 3-7Pokémon Small Plush XY Pikachu check price

Is Pikachu your preschooler’s favorite Pokemon? If so, this small plush version of Pikachu XY based on Pokemon X and Y may be the perfect gift. Pikachu is so adorable looking and is as cute as ever. Kids will love hugging and squeezing their favorite Pokemon. Catch all your favorite Pokemon!

Goldie Flopsie – 12″ Ages 3-15Goldie Flopsie - 12" check price

Featuring fine plush fur and realistic features, Goldie Flopsie is the most adorable plush puppy you have ever laid eyes on! Don’t be surprised if someone mistakes her for a real pup. Yes, she looks that real! Goldie Flopsie is ultra soft and preschoolers will absolutely fall in love with her. They’ll want to pet her, cuddle her, nurture her, and bring her to life. Engage in fun fetch activities at the park, make her perform doggie tricks, and take her on other incredible adventures!

Gund Curious George Stuffed AnimalAges 1-5Gund Curious George Stuffed Animalcheck price

Your preschooler will be fascinated about exploring the world around them with their new best pal, Curious George. This 12-inch stuffed plush figure features accurate details and styling. George looks so cute and super adorable in his little red tee with his name written on it in yellow print. Kids will love taking him on thrilling adventures around the world. The perfect play pal for your preschooler to inspire fun imaginative play.

Ty Lindi Cat Plush, Pink, Regular Ages 3-15Ty Lindi Cat Plush, Pink, Regular check price

The Lindi Cat is an adorably cute plush cat figure from Ty’s beloved Beanie Baby collection. Lindi Cat features a cute design with sparkling big eyes and gorgoeus details. She’s super soft and made from high quality plush materials. The Ty heart indicates you have an authentic Beanie Baby. Preschoolers will love playing around with this lovable cat.

Gund Boo Plush Stuffed Dog Toy Ages 1-5Gund Boo Plush Stuffed Dog Toy check price

Isn’t Boo the cutest dog in the world? Boo is charming and full of personality with ultra-realistic details. He’s ready to rock and roll your preschooler’s world with out-of-this-world adventures! Kids will love petting his super soft fur and taking him on super-sized adventures. This award-winning plush is the perfect gift for preschoolers.

Ty Beanie Babies Princess Peppa Plush Ages 3-15Ty Beanie Babies Princess Peppa Plush check price

If your preschooler loves Peppa Pig, they’re going to love this Princess Peppa plush Beanie Baby from Ty. With a crown embedded with colorful jewels and a magic fairy wand and wings, fans will be inspired to create fascinating adventures with Princess Peppa. She is made from high quality materials and she’s super soft, lovely, and absolutely magical.

Melissa & Doug Giant SharkAges 3-15Melissa & Doug Giant Sharkcheck price

Oh, no … it’s a giant shark headed our way! This shark looks realistic and scary with its razor sharp teeth and amazing attention to detail. It’s made of high quality plush material and durable enough to last for the wildest of adventures! Plush shark measures 41″ L x 13″ W x 16″ H.



Books have been entertaining children for years. Our collection of books covers a diverse range of genres from children’s classics to humor and graduation. All of these books on our list have earned top honors and been highly rated by readers.

Hallmark Personalized BookHallmark Personalized Bookcheck price

Surprise your preschooler with a personalized book based on him or her! Hallmark’s personalized books star your child with their name printed on the book. It gives it a personalized touch and it’s the perfect bedtime story. Choose from over two dozen fascinating themes!

Giraffes Can’t DanceAges 4+Giraffes Cant Dancecheck price

Can giraffes really dance? Find out in Giraffes Can’t Dance. This best-selling board book edition reveals the story of Gerald the giraffe. Gerald has dreams of being able to dance. But with the structure of his body, how could that be possible? Gerald is able to overcome all odds and with motivation from a surprising pal he is able to achieve his dream of dancing. It’s a wonderful tale that serves as inspiration for little ones.

The Wonderful Things You Will BeAges 3-7The Wonderful Things You Will Becheck price

Parents always wish for the very best things in life for their children. The Wonderful Things You Will Be is a best-selling book about the dreams and love that parents have for their children. Parents will want to read and re-read this book to their children over and over again! It’s a fantastic gift for baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and other occasions.

Puppy Birthday to You!Ages 2-5Puppy Birthday to You!check price

Paw Patrol fans will enjoy this Little Golden Book about having a surprise birthday party for Adventure Bay’s hero, Chase. This fascinating 24-page book is a must-read for Paw Patrol fans.

The Day the Crayons QuitAges 3-7The Day the Crayons Quitcheck price

Every child should experience the book The Day The Crayons Quit. All Duncan wants is to color with his crayons but to his surprise he discovers his crayons have quit! The crayons hilariously get into a quarrel. What can Duncan do to resolve this conflict and make them work together? Find out what Duncan does in the fantastic book!

The Pout-Pout FishAges 3-6The Pout-Pout Fishcheck price

Why does this fish have a grim face? Can anything cheer him up? This NY Times Bestselling book is filled with fun rhymes and illustrations. It’s a fun fish story with a twist that is sure to bring a smile to preschoolers.

The Jesus Storybook BibleAges 4-8The Jesus Storybook Biblecheck price

An award-winning book, the Jesus Storybook Bible uncovers the stories buried in the Bible’s many stories. Preschoolers will have to put the pieces together to solve the mystery. Clues are spread throughout the book with every story ‘whispering’ his name. It’s a unique Bible where kids will learn Jesus is at the heart of God’s deliverance story. Kids will also learn that he is very much part of their story as well.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Ages 3-7One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish check price

Dr. Suess’ One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is a classic early reader book perfect for preschoolers. Filled with silly rhymes, simple to read words, and a fantastic cast of characters, the book entertains little children and demonstrates the power of the imagination. Kids will love reading the book on their own and looking at the wonderful illustrations while laughing and giggling to the very end.

The Book with No PicturesAges 5-8The Book with No Picturescheck price

The Book With No Pictures is a one-of-a-kind award winning book for children. Novak, the author of the book, puts a hilarious twist on this book with her knowledge of how books are read. Parents will read every word on the page even if they are as silly as BLORK, BLUURF, or GLIBBITY GLOBBITY! The book is full of goofy and silly sounds and songs and kids will want you to read it to them over and over!

Where the Wild Things AreAges 4-8Where the Wild Things Arecheck price

Critically-acclaimed and one of the most beloved children’s books ever, Where the Wild Things Are take preschoolers on an interesting adventure with Max and where the wild things are. The classic book features beautiful illustrations and a fun, fascinating, and engaging story. This hardcover edition of the book celebrates the books incredible 40th anniversary!

We Are in a Book!Ages 4-8We Are in a Book!check price

Meet Gerald and Piggie, the elephant and pig. They are the best of friends and full of personality. They discover that someone is watching. And that someone is you – the reader! They decide to make the reader blurt out funny lines. When Piggie says the book is about to end, Gerald has a crisis. When you reach the end, the pair of characters asks readers to read it again (and kids are likely to oblige)!

The Monster at the End of This BookAges 3-7The Monster at the End of This Bookcheck price

Toddlers, preschoolers and even parents love The Monster at the End of This Book. This classic book stars Grover, the lovable, furry character from Sesame Street and he warns readers that there’s a monster at the end of the book! Grover urges readers to not flip the page. Readers will discover that Grover is the monster!

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of WhyAges 3-7National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Whycheck price

The Little Kids First Big Book of Why is tailored to preschoolers. Kids will be entertained with fun facts, interactive games, recipes, crafts and a whole lot more! The book encourages kids to think big and it provides age-appropriate answers in an engaging and fun way for 4 year olds.

Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That GoAges 3-7Richard Scarrys Cars and Trucks and Things That Gocheck price

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry is a fantastic book for car lovers! Start your engines and get ready to learn about cars, trucks, planes, trains, taxis, fire trucks, and even a pickle truck! Each vehicle featured in the book is clearly labeled so kids can learn their names. It’s the perfect book for car enthusiasts.

Time to Be a Hero (PJ Masks)Ages 4-6Time to Be a Hero (PJ Masks)check price

Preschoolers that love PJ Masks will love this superhero book based on their favorite characters from the Disney Jr show. The three superheros will need to cooperate to rescue the train! While Owlette eagerly awaits to check out the brand new train ride at the local amusement park, Romeo suddenly takes the train away! Now Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko need to stop him in his tracks! Will the PJ Masks superhero team be able to save the day and the train?

Inside Your Outside: All About the Human BodyAges 4-8Inside Your Outside: All About the Human Bodycheck price

In Inside Your Outside preschoolers will be entertained by a fascinating journey through the human body, learning all about the body along the way. Kids will reach both sides of the brain, scuba dive through the blood system, and even follow food and water as they move in the digestive tract. It’s a fun adventure your kids won’t soon forget!

The Pigeon Needs a Bath!Ages 3-6The Pigeon Needs a Bath!check price

The Pigeon starring in this book last took a bath about a month ago. Flies have started buzzing around him. Everyone thinks he’s long overdue for a bath, expect himself. What will convince this Pigeon to take a bath? Find out in this interesting tale by Mo Willems.

Pete the Cat’s Super Cool Reading CollectionAges 4-8Pete the Cats Super Cool Reading Collectioncheck price

Preschoolers will love reading these fun books starring the super cool Pete the Cat. This cool collection of books features five stories in one convenient package. Kids can take these books on the go for reading fun while traveling! Kids will experience adventures with Pete the Cat at school, the beach, and while playing ball, plus much more! A great addition to your preschooler’s collection.

Harold and the Purple CrayonAges 4-8Harold and the Purple Crayoncheck price

Experience the imaginative fun of Harold & the Purple Crayon. This classic children’s book will surely inspire their imaginations. The story stars Harold, a little boy, who wanders off with a purple crayon. He crafts a magical and make-believe world of his own with his purple crayon! It’s a delightful story that is sure to captivate readers.

Mix It Up!Ages 3-6Mix It Up!check price

From the compelling and creative author Herve Tullet, creator of Press Here and Let’s Play!, comes a new interactive book for kids called Mix It Up! It’s a delightful adventure that literally mixes things up! It’s an extraordinary, interactive book about mixing colors and demonstrates that Tullet is a true master of his craft. Kids will have fun while learning about colors and their properties. Using their imagination, they’ll be empowered to transform colors.

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap BookAges 1-4Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Bookcheck price

Dear Zoo is a classic flip the flap children’s book. It may be 25 years old but it’s still popular as ever! The perfect delight for a new generation of readers.

Room Décor

Room Décor

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid BackpackAges 3+Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Backpackcheck price

These Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks are perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. They feature fun colors and great zoo animal designs from funny and cute monkeys to bees, ladybugs and more! Meet the entire Zoo family and choose your favorite design. If you could only choose one, which would it be? The backpack has a spacious interior with padded straps, snack pouch, bottle pocket and more.

Blankie Tails Mermaid Tail BlanketAges 3-12Blankie Tails Mermaid Tail Blanketcheck price

The Blankie Tails Mermaid Blankets are the hottest sensation in the world of fashionable blankets. Accept no imitations as this is the original Blankie Tails! They come in an wide assortment of beautiful colors. Choose the perfect one for your daughter or granddaughter. It’s great for keeping you warm in cold weather and cozy during a movie. It’s the perfect gift for your preschooler all year round.

Mattel Thomas The Tank Engine Cuddle Pillow Pal Ages 3+Mattel Thomas The Tank Engine Cuddle Pillow Pal check price

Cuddle with this wonderfully crafted Thomas Cuddle Pillow Pal. Preschoolers who love the Thomas & Friends show will love the soft plush feel of their favortie character. He features a microfiber feel that feels great to the touch. He’s about 20″ long and preschoolers will love tagging him along for fantastic adventures.

Melissa & Doug Round the Town Road RugAges 3-8Melissa & Doug Round the Town Road Rugcheck price

Race around town and visit the entire city with this wonderfully designed town-themed rug and car set. Four wooden cars with rolling wheels are included in this set. It features a skid-proof backing to prevent slipping. The rug is durable and stain-resistant. Plus, it is machine washable. This large 39 x 36-inch rug is the perfect complement to your preschooler’s play room to set the stage for adventure and fun!

Angeles Rest Angeles Germ-Free 2″ Mat Ages 14m-3Angeles Rest Angeles Germ-Free 2" Mat check price

This Angeles two-inch mat is the perfect addition to your preschooler’s playroom. It is fully sealed, water-proof and germ-free. The 2-inch padded mat is easy to wipe clean and constructed of durable vinyl material for years of play. The mat measures 4′ L x 2′ W and it can be folded for storage.

Olive Kids Mermaids Nap MatAges 3-7Olive Kids Mermaids Nap Matcheck price

Who wouldn’t love these colorful themed sleeping bags? They are soft and comfy with a cotton and polyester mixture. Choose from a great assortment of sleeping bags from fairies and mermaids to sports and dinosaurs. The bags are safe for children, free of lead, BPA, and phthalate. They also meet fire safety standards. The nap mat measures 50″ L x 20″ W. A great addition to your child’s bedroom.

Paw Patrol Activity Table SetsAges 3-7Paw Patrol Activity Table Setscheck price

The Paw Patrol Table and Chair Set features a washable foldable activity table themed after one of preschooler’s favorite shows, Paw Patrol. This durable set comes complete with two folding, padded chairs. Kids can eat, draw, play and so much more with this excellent set for the playroom.

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy BoxAges 3-7KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Boxcheck price

Available in an assortment of colors to suit your room’s décor, this Limited Edition Toy Box from KidKraft is an excellent storage solution for your preschooler’s toys. It measures 33″L x 17 1/4″W x 28 3/4″H. It features a nice lacquered finish to add a stylish and functional touch to your playroom. The versatile design also allows children to use the toy box as a bench. How incredible! And the removable casters allow the toy box to be freely moved around.

Fox Print Princess Castle Play TentAges 3+Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tentcheck price

Featuring a wonderful and magical design, this princess tent is an excellent addition to your little princess’s room for role-play fun! The tent measures 41.5″L x 41.5″W x 54″H. Assembly is easy and the design allows for it to be easily folded and carried. The colorful design will appeal to little princesses and inspire fascinating dreams in their magical worlds.

Trademark Innovations White Canvas TeepeeAges 3-8Trademark Innovations White Canvas Teepeecheck price

This large 6-foot teepee is made of durable canvas and manufactured with excellent quality for long-lasting fun! The teepee measures 4’L x 4’W x 6’H. The entrance passage can be opened or closed. It’s perfect for both indoor or outdoor imaginative play. Kids can personalize their teepee with water or oil paints.The set includes a handy, matching carrying bag. The perfect set to inspire fun, creative play.

Pacific Play Tents Space Dome TentAges 3-10Pacific Play Tents Space Dome Tentcheck price

This US Space-themed tent is perfect for inspiring the imagination. It is easy to assemble and made from polyester Taffeta fabric. The flooring is waterproof and it measures 4′ W x 4’L x 3.5’H. The entrances roll-up and the tent offers ample ventilation, which also allows parents to safely keep an eye on kids while they play. 3 or more friends can join in on the fun!

Marshmallow Furniture Minnies Bow-Tique Flip Open Sofa Ages 2-4Marshmallow Furniture Minnies Bow-Tique Flip Open Sofa check price

If your princess loves Disney characters, this Minnie Bow-Tique Flip Open Sofa will be a fantastic addition to her playroom. Kids can relax, read, eat, watch TV, play with toys, and so much more. They can even take a nap after playtime when its flipped open into a lounge sofa. It’s simple to convert it from a soft to bed and back. Wonderful gift for girls’ birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions.

Disney Frozen Do You Want to Build a Snowman Jewelry Box Toy Ages 3-5Disney Frozen Do You Want to Build a Snowman Jewelry Box Toy check price

Do you have a Frozen fan in the household? This lovely Frozen-themed Do You Want To Build A Snowman Jewelry Box is a wonderful gift for fans. Preschoolers will be awe-struck with amazement when they see Anna and Elsa spring to life to create Olaf right before their very eyes! As they build Olaf, they sing the song ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’ from the animated film. A lovely heart ring is also included in this set and kids can add their favorite jewelry in the box. This lovely keepsake is simply too adorable to pass on.

3 Sprouts Storage Box3 Sprouts Storage Boxcheck price

Manufactured of 100% polyester materials, the 3 Sprouts Storage Box is a fun and creative storage and organization solution for storing toys and other children’s belongings. The storage box fits most standard cube shelves and it measures 13″L x 13″W x 13″H. Choose from a variety of designs from dragons and unicorns to cute gorillas, rabbits, and more.

3 Sprouts Storage Bin3 Sprouts Storage Bincheck price

Made from a combination of cotton and polyester, these round storage bins add a touch of playfulness to your child’s playroom. In addition they serve as a great organization tool. The bin is 17″ high with the same diameter. The storage bin is collapsable if necessary. Choose from a handful of inspiring designs from bears and raccoons to sharks, monkeys, foxes and more!

Boon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal StorageBoon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal Storagecheck price

Have too many stuffed animals around the house? Store them all in this convenient stuffed animal storage bag. The bag is available in a variety of different colors and it features a transparent design so you can see some of your stuffed animals. Seal them inside with the zippered design. The bag is safe for kids and is free of BPA, PVC and phthalate. Great organization tool to keep your child’s room looking neat and organized.

My Little Pony Ponyfied Twin SheetMy Little Pony Ponyfied Twin Sheetcheck price

Add a wonderful My Little Pony-themed twin sheet set to your little princess’s room. Set includes a twin fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase featuring officially licensed My Little Pony characters. The set is machine washable and fits Twin-sized beds. The material is soft and comfortable for a good night’s rest. Perfect gift for My Little Pony fans.

Frenchi Kid’s Clothes HangerFrenchi Kids Clothes Hangercheck price

Find yourself with limited space in your child’s closet? The Frenchi is the perfect solution to hand all your kid’s clothing. It’s quick and easy to assemble, features a contemporary design, and is available in a variety of different colors. Perfect for hanging kids’ clothing, coats, and more.

Roommates Peel And Stick Wall DecalsRoommates Peel And Stick Wall Decalscheck price

Showcase your child’s personality and love for major franchises from Star Wars to Pokemon and more! The Pokemon decal set features 24 wall decals. The decals work on virtually any smooth surface. You simply peel and stick. It really is that easy! They can even be easily removed and re-positioned. These wall decals are the perfect addition to your preschooler’s bedroom or playroom.

Melissa & Doug Giant GiraffeAges 3-15Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffecheck price

Isn’t this the tallest and cutest stuffed animal you’ve ever seen? This giant 4-foot life-like plush giraffe from Melissa and Doug looks incredibly realistic. With the high quality construction, soft plush material, and realistic detailing, you can tell it has been hand-crafted with love and care. It’s sure to bring great big smiles and hugs upon entering your child’s playroom or bedroom. Bigger is better!

Melissa & Doug Hopscotch Game RugAges 3-7Melissa & Doug Hopscotch Game Rugcheck price

This colorful and beautifully designed Hopscotch Game Rug is a great addition to your preschooler’s playroom. The game includes two bean bags – one orange and one yellow. With a skid-proof design, this rug is safe for children. The rug measures 78.5 L x 26.5-inches W. It’s great for promoting active play and building counting skills. The design is durable for endless hopscotch fun!

Levels Of Discovery Fairy Wishes Rocker Ages 3-6Levels Of Discovery Fairy Wishes Rocker check price

Little fairies will love relaxing, reading, wishing, and simply dreaming away on this beautifully designed Fairy Wishes Rocking Chair. The rocking chair features a special message for little girls. What will you wish for? This beautiful chair will fit in nicely in your girl’s bedroom or playroom.

Hanta Janss Christmas Santa SackHanta Janss Christmas Santa Sackcheck price

How does Santa deliver all the gifts to children? Well, of course, he needs a Santa Sack! The Santa themed sack states: “Do Not Open Before December 25th”. It also states to return to Santa Claus if undeliverable. The sack measures 27″L x 19″H and it’s made of pure cotton material. Wraps a large gift or even several smaller gifts. It’s a fun way to deliver the kids’ Christmas presents under the tree.

Step2 Fantasy VanityAges 3-10Step2 Fantasy Vanitycheck price

This Fantasy Vanity is the perfect furniture set for your little girl’s room. It features a shatter-proof mirror, functioning lights, and an small accessory set. This smaller set includes a hand mirror, brush, and comb for your child to style their hair until their heart’s content. Assembly is quick and easy. A built-in drawer and compartments help to store makeup and other accessories. A matching stool completes the set.

Nick Jr Paw Patrol Microfiber Twin ComforterAges 3+Nick Jr Paw Patrol Microfiber Twin Comfortercheck price

Surprise your Paw Patrol fan with this amazing bedding set. It features officially licensed graphics and characters from the preschool show Paw Patrol. The set includes a Paw Patrol themed comforter designed for a Twin sized bed. The comforter may be machine washed and it will add big fun to your preschooler’s bedroom or playroom.

LEGO Superman Alarm ClockAges 6+LEGO Superman Alarm Clockcheck price

Everybody’s favorite superhero, Superman is here to save the day! This LEGO Superman Minifig Alarm Clock displays a digital clock, alarm, and lights up. This minifig looks spectacular with accurate details. It even features a snooze button. Activate the snooze functionality by pressing on Superman’s head. Perfect gift for the Superman fan!



Maura Kids Prince George Style Kids BathrobeMaura Kids Prince George Style Kids Bathrobecheck price

Outfit your boy or girl in these luxurious bathrobes. The George Style Bath Robe is for boys while the Princess Charlotte Style is for girls. They are made from high quality cotton and they are comfy and warm. In fact, the robes derive their name from Prince George, who wore a similar robe after meeting and greeting former President Obama at Kensington Palace. Great gift for treating your preschooler like royalty!

TowelSelections Girls Hooded RobeTowelSelections Girls Hooded Robecheck price

These plush hooded fleece bathrobes are perfect for preschoolers. They come in a variety of color choices. The robes are durably constructed of polyester fleece material, warm, and super cozy. In addition, they are lightweight so kids can play in them and they have a hoodie and two pockets for extra warmth. They are available in a variety of sizes and they are machine washable.

This Is What an Awesome 4 Year Old Looks Like T-ShirtThis Is What an Awesome 4 Year Old Looks Like T-Shirtcheck price

Have you ever wondered what an awesome 4-year-old actually look like? Well, with this AWESOME and cute T-shirt, you will certainly know the answer to that question! It’s makes a great 4th birthday gift and it is available in a variety of stylish colors. Different sizes are also available. As a bonus for ordering from Teestars, you’ll recieve an exclusive birthday sticker.

Hatley Pajama Set-Candy Cane StripesHatley Pajama Set-Candy Cane Stripescheck price

Your preschooler will literally look like a candy cane with this cute girls’ PJ set from Hatley. For little girls it’s available in sizes 2-6. These PJs are comfortable with a snug fit. Perfect gift for the holidays!

Bluenido”Unicorn” 2 Piece Pajama SetBluenido"Unicorn" 2 Piece Pajama Setcheck price

This 2-piece premium pajama set from Bluenido, features a fantastic pink and grey top and bottom with a beautiful unicorn. The pants feature magical uniorn stars. Little girls are going to love these! They feature high-quality cotton and they are super comfy and offer a snug fit. Your preschooler’s skin will be protected with no labels and they are machine washable.

Western Chief Kids Girls’ Waterproof Rain CoatWestern Chief Kids Girls Waterproof Rain Coatcheck price

Western Chief offers an array of boys’ and girls’ waterproof raincoats. They are made from a combination of polyurethane and cotton with button enclosures. It features a comfy and soft moisture-absorbent inner lining. Close the coat with the easy to use snap buttons. The rain coat wipes clean with a cloth. This particular girl’s raincoat is available in fashionable pink and yellow colors with butterfly designs. It’s a incredibly cute, adorable, and high-quality gift for little girls. Now all you need are matching rain boots.

crocs Kids Handle It Rain Bootcrocs Kids Handle It Rain Bootcheck price

Crocs are popular, stylish, and great performaning rain boots. They are perfect for rainy weather and keep your feet dry and warm during inclement weather. They are made of synthetic materials. Available in a variety of fashionable colors.

Stephen Joseph Pop Up UmbrellaStephen Joseph Pop Up Umbrellacheck price

Isn’t this the cutest umbrella ever? These Pop-Up animal-themed umbrellas are perfect for little preschoolers. They are perfectly sized and feature fun characters and designs. Best of all, they are functional and easy to use. And there are no buttons to pinch your little one. Choose from fantastic designs ranging from sharks and pirates to butterflies, ducks, and more!

Stride Rite Kids’ My Little Pony MoccassinStride Rite Kids My Little Pony Moccassin