King and Moschino Unveil New Candy Crush Merchandise

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Moschino Candy Crush Capsule Collection

New Candy Crush merchandise and apparel from Moschino releases for die-hard fans.

Candy Crush fans are being treated to new gear inspired by the mobile game with a new partnership between King, the popular mobile game’s developer, and Moschino, a clothing company. With the newly formed partnership, fans can expect a Moschino Candy Crush backpack, swimwear, and a phone case. It’s the perfect way to show your love for the 5-year-old freemium puzzle game and it is expected to be launched at Coachella.

Everyone who’s played Candy Crush Saga knows that ‘one more round’ addictive feeling of the game and has probably forked over a ton to play the game. But will this partnership translate into a new successful business opportunity for King? One thing is for certain – Candy Crush’s maker, King, knows how to generate business. But it could also be the brainchild of Activision, who purchased King for nearly $6 billion roughly 1.5 years ago. If you thought the luster has disappeared for this game – think again. This is likely to help give the game a short-term sales boost and get people excited about Candy Crush all over again in addition to bringing in a slew of new users into the fold.

What may surprise some fans with the new Candy Crush-themed merchandise and apparel are the prices. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – be prepared for some real sticker shock! The 2017 Candy Crush Capsule Collection features a Candy Crush Phone Case for $70, Candy Crush women’s swimsuit for $300, Candy Crush Men’s Bathing Suit for $250, and a Moschino Candy Crush Backpack for a whopping $650! With that kind of price tag it would have been sweet to be able to play an electronic version of Candy Crush on the backpack, but unfortunately you cannot. Although the prices are a bit steep, if you’re a real Candy Crush fan, you’re probably going to love the designs. This exclusive collection will be sold on Moschino’s website,, on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last.

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