Notorious Announced as Merchandise Licensor for Tetris Toys

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Tetris Notorious

Notorious has been announced as the licensing company for Tetris toys.

Tetris, originally released in 1984, is one of the world’s best-selling videogames of all-time. It is a super fun puzzle game with several different shaped tetrominos that is simple to play but challenging to master. Players have become addicted to the game and some even still play this classic game today, serving as a true testament to its brilliant game design. Now the popular game of Tetris is invading our world with new toys, merchandise, and even apparel with a new licensing agreement.

The Tetris Company and Notorious announced just last month that Notorious will be the official merchandising licensing company for Tetris toys and merchandise.

With the agreement, Notorious will create apparel, consumer products, accessories, and even toys based on the Tetris brand. As of this time, Notorious will create this merchandise in Spain and Portgual.

Since every market is different from the next, they continue to seek partners to enter various markets around the world. Here’s hoping this iconic brand merchandise makes its way to the United States and other nations around the world since it’s a global phenomenon that many gamers hold near and dear to their hearts.

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