Brilliant Toys For 8 Year Olds 2022

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Best Toys For 8 Year Olds

From arts and crafts kits to gadgets, here are the best toys for 8 year old boys and girls.

In the 2nd or 3rd grade, 8 year olds are beginning to develop their own personalities and interests. Maybe they can’t put down their favorite chapter book at the dinner table. Perhaps they enjoy sleepovers, dancing ,or playing team sports. Using our smart phones at every chance they get, they probably know more about technology than we did as kids. They are probably a bit of all those things, but one thing is certain: they are becoming more independent and developing their sense of identity through themselves and others.

What are toys for 8 year olds? Your eight year old is between a kid and a tween so they probably still love playing with toys. The trick is to look for gifts that aren’t too simple but at the same time not too overwhelming. This is the age where kids really start to develop their own interests so knowing a little about them can help. Look for toys that help them use their creativity or ability to solve problems like craft kits, art supplies, science kits, board games, and books. Here are gift ideas for 8 year olds.

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Arts & Craft Toys

Kids will spend hours playing with toys that allow them to create things. Here are art toys that will satisfy their inner artist.

Crayola Imagination Art CaseCrayola Imagination Art Casecheck priceHere is a grand collection of color from Crayola. This 150 kit includes 64 crayons, 40 markers, and 22 colored pencils. There are so many choices for your little artist. It comes in a cardboard suitcase to keep everything organized.
ALEX Toys Craft Groovy Scrapbook Kit ALEX Toys Craft Groovy Scrapbook Kit check priceThis 48 page spiral bound colorful scrapbook is perfect for 8 year old girls. The hardcover book and heavy paper is durable and lightweight. The colorful patterned pages make your memories feel alive. The kit comes with everything you need including stickers, gems, glue, scissors, ribbons, and more.
ALEX Toys Craft Giant Knot and Stitch Pillow Kit ALEX Toys Craft Giant Knot and Stitch Pillow Kit check priceGirls will love stitching their own giant cute pillow with the words “love” on one side and “hope” on the other with this kit. All the fabric comes pre punched, making it easy to stitch even for beginners.
Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set, Over 90 Pieces Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set, Over 90 Pieces check priceForget Minecraft– it’s Papercraft. Minecraft fans will love this craft activity which has them building Minecraft blocks out of paper. The pieces come printed on high quality stock paper. The blocks stay together with tabs so there is no need for glue or tape. Kids will spend hours away from the game folding all the pieces.
Ravensburger Aquarelle Horses Arts and Crafts Kit Ravensburger Aquarelle Horses Arts and Crafts Kit check pricePainting with watercolors has never been this easy than with Aquarelle. This set has kids painting 3 different horse canvases. The canvas has special wax outlines lines on it that stops the paint from running. You can’t paint over the wax lines which means you don’t have to worry about messing up. It’s easy to get fantastic results every time. All you need is a frame.
Lauri Toys Wood WorX T-Rex Kit Lauri Toys Wood WorX T-Rex Kit check priceHow would you like to design and build your own dinosaur out of wood? Dino lovers will love designing and painting their own T Rex with this fun kit. The coolest part? The jaw moves. Rawr!
Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad PinkCrayola Light Up Tracing Pad Pinkcheck priceTracing is a great way to begin developing drawing skills. This particular tracing pad lights up to make it vey easy to trace your favorite pictures.
Makin’ Mayhem CreationsMakin’ Mayhem Creationscheck priceMinions fans will fall in love with this zany little set. It includes Play-Doh and a Minions theme. Create silly disguises for your Minions and have a blast.
Kinetic Sand FloatKinetic Sand Floatcheck priceKinetic Sand Float introduces the innovation of floating sand. So you can create various creatures and watch them float on water. It’s pretty cool indeed!
The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Fabulous FishThe Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Fabulous Fishcheck priceCreating you own mosaics can be so fun. Orb Factory allows kids to engage in fun, creative play. There are many different possibilities. It’s all up to your imagination.
Chocolate Bar MakerChocolate Bar Makercheck priceKids can create their own chocolate creations with the Chocolate Bar Maker. It’s real simple to use and delivers great results. The fun part is making your creations one of a kind.
AmiGami Peacock FigureAmiGami Peacock Figurecheck priceThe AmiGami Peacock is a stunning work of art once completed. This type of arts and craft toy inspires creativity and expression. Kids can choose their favorite styling and work to bring them to life.
Crayola Story By Me Hardcover KitCrayola Story By Me Hardcover Kitcheck priceWhich kid doesn’t love story time? Well now kids can create their own story from scratch with the help of this hardcover kit. It’s called Story By Me. Spark the imagination of your young child and help them develop a story worth sharing with others.
Crayola Model Magic Modeling CompoundCrayola Model Magic Modeling Compoundcheck priceAh, remember art class. Kids love playing with modelling clay. This kit allows kids to mold and shape their creations and unleash their creativity with a 2 pound bucket of modelling clay.

DIY Fashion Kits

DIY Fashion kits are one of the best gifts for 8 year old girls. Why? Girls want to do something cool but something that is playful and fun. They will love creating their own jewelry and fashions these fun kits.

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye KitTulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kitcheck priceNow you can create your own fashions with tie dye. With the Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit, you can tie dye everything you can think of from pillows to hats to shirts. Throw a party or play date as this kit comes with 18 bottles, 6 pair of gloves, and a plastic table wrap. There is no need for soda ash it is already in the mixture. With just one step, just add warm water to the dyes, shake, and you are ready to apply. Once you add water, you’ll need to use it in 24 hours to get the most vibrant color. It’s never been so easy to Tie dye.
ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Infinity Jewelry Kit ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Infinity Jewelry Kit check priceWhere did you get your fancy jewelry? With this kit from Alex Toys, you can create your own fun necklaces and bracelets. The kit contains everything you need to make 2 bracelets or necklaces. The jewelry looks so good that everyone will think you bought it.
Monster High Knit Beanie Kit Monster High Knit Beanie Kit check priceEven beginners can knit their own stylish Monster High Beanie with this knitting kit. The kit includes everything you need including the knitting loom, needle, and yarn. After you are done, you’ll have all the tools to make more beanies. It’s perfect gift for girls that love Monster High and crafts..
Rainbow Loom 2.0 Bands with Metal Hook Rainbow Loom 2.0 Bands with Metal Hook check priceWith Rainbow loom, girls can weave some pretty incredible colorful rings, bracelets, and necklaces out of rubber bands. The kit comes with everything you need to get started including the loom and an assortment of 600 colorful rubber bands.
ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Duct Tape Jewelry ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Duct Tape Jewelry check price8 Year old girls love duct tape fashions. This set has kids making their own headbands, belts, necklaces, and more. It comes with plenty of jewelry with eight rolls of duct tape. Who knew duct tape could be so glam?
Cra-Z-Art Shimmer N Sparkle Weekender Bag Cra-Z-Art Shimmer N Sparkle Weekender Bag check priceGirls can design their own little bag with this craft set from CraZArt. Simply use the fabric markers to color the design and you have got your own personalized bag. Mom may even want her own.
Shrinky Dinks Peace and Love Shrinky Dinks Peace and Love check priceYou probably remember these when you were a kid. Shrinky dinks are little plastic designs that you color and heat. When you heat them in a toaster oven they shrink and harden. You can then use the pieces to create all types of wearable designs like bracelets and necklaces. These Peace and Love designs are super cute.
ALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 GoALEX Toys Spa Hair Chalk Party 2 Gocheck priceThis 74-piece set includes everything your diva needs for instant fun. It’s perfect for sleepovers or birthday parties. Features temporary hair color and shimmering beads.
Lauri Toys Wood WorX Jewelry Box KitLauri Toys Wood WorX Jewelry Box Kitcheck priceWhat girl doesn’t love jewelry boxes? Girls are encouraged to create their own jewelry box with this kit. The set conveniently includes everything you need!
Fashion HeadbandsFashion Headbandscheck priceThis is great educational fun for kids. It allows them to create 10 awesome headbands that children can decorate with flowers, feathers, jewels, and more. It’s creativity and fun in a box.
The Orb Factory Stick’n Style Crystal ClutchThe Orb Factory Stick'n Style Crystal Clutchcheck priceThis set offers mosaics by numbers making it easy for anyone to join in the fun. With over 500 pieces with varying colors, you too can create stunning masterpieces.
Melissa & Doug Treasure Box & Mirror SetMelissa & Doug Treasure Box & Mirror Setcheck priceLove playing with glitter but hate the mess? Then try this mess-free glitter set which includes a mirror and treasure box. The best part is that you obtain real glitter results without all the mess. Many parents will love this.


There is nothing more that eight year olds like than trying to solve a problem on their own. With a longer attention span, they would rather try to solve things on their own before asking for help. These puzzles will have them thinking creatively to solve a problem.

Ravensburger Disney Frozen Difference Hidden ChangesRavensburger Disney Frozen Difference Hidden Changescheck priceRavensburger’s 100 piece puzzle features an important scene from the hit animated Disney film, Disney Frozen.
Ravensburger Disney Pixar: Nemo and his FriendsRavensburger Disney Pixar: Nemo and his Friendscheck priceThis beautiful 100-piece set is based on the beautiful Disney Pixar hit Finding Nemo. The dimensions measure 19.5 x 14.25.
White Mountain Puzzles Dolphin TreasuresWhite Mountain Puzzles Dolphin Treasurescheck priceThis beautiful scenery of Dolphin Treasures is perfect for children ages 5 and older. It is a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle that kids will enjoy solving.
Ravensburger Princess and UnicornRavensburger Princess and Unicorncheck priceThis 5-star rated puzzle sey includes 100 pieces and features a Princess and Unicorn puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete you will realize your masterpiece before your eyes.
Ravensburger Disney Planes: Fighting The Fire Ravensburger Disney Planes: Fighting The Fire check priceBased on a scene from Disney Pixar’s Planes, fans get an fantastic 100-piece puzzle set.
Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams Collection 4 In 1 PuzzleThomas Kinkade Disney Dreams Collection 4 In 1 Puzzlecheck priceThomas Kinkade is recognized for some of the most beautiful puzzles. This is a beautiful collection of four jigsaw puzzles, themed around Lady and the Tramp, Winnie the Pooh, Tangled and Disney Dreams Collection. It’s a great collection for puzzle lovers.
Perplexus TwistPerplexus Twistcheck priceThis is a great puzzler for challenging the way you think. This is great for kids who are up for a perplexing challenge.
Rubik’s CubeRubik's Cubecheck priceThe Rubik’s Cube is a classic puzzle game. You have to rotate a cube with multiple section until you have all of the same color on a side. It can be quite challenging but there are strategies that can be developed to win the game.
Ravensburger Disney Pixar: Toy StoryRavensburger Disney Pixar: Toy Storycheck priceThis is a great puzzle set of Disney Pixar Toy Story, which includes 100 pieces.
ALEX Toys Active Play HopscotchALEX Toys Active Play Hopscotchcheck priceWhile kids are away from school they can still play hopscotch with the set from Alex Toys. Simply lay it down anywhere and you are ready to hop away!

Education Toys

At age 8, children are curious to learn about various topics. Toys or kits that allow them to learn through play make great gifts. These days there is nothing cooler than science. Impressing friends will always be popular at any age. Here are the best educational toys for 8 year olds.

Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery KitSnap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kitcheck priceHave fun learning all about electronics with this amazing set. With snap together circuits, the set allows kids to build over 300 exciting projects. Contains over 60 parts.
Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery KitSnap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kitcheck priceThis circuit kit includes lights and contains over 55 different parts. The circuits simply snap together, making it easy for anyone to build them. Kids can build over 175 exciting projects with this discovery kit.
Elenco Circuit Maker 200 Sound Plus Electronics Discovery KitElenco Circuit Maker 200 Sound Plus Electronics Discovery Kitcheck priceThis discovery kit allows you to create over 200 projects. There’s so much educational fun to be enjoyed with this kit. Designed for ages 8 and older.
Kids First Physics Lab KitKids First Physics Lab Kitcheck priceThis is a great beginners physics lab kit. Lots of great experiments here. There are over 20 physics experiments to wow your kids.
Trend Enterprises Multiplication 0-12 Flash CardsTrend Enterprises Multiplication 0-12 Flash Cardscheck priceFlash cards are a great tool for learning multiplication. This set includes multiplication for 0 through 12. Great educational tool for kids.
Educational Insights Speed GrammarEducational Insights Speed Grammarcheck priceWant a fun way to learn grammar? Try Speed Grammar from Educational Insights. Grammar can be mundane to learn but this is a great way to spice up the learning.
LeapFrog LeapPad PlatinumLeapFrog LeapPad Platinumcheck priceIf you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best kids’ tablet then consider the LeapPad Platinum from LeapFrog. The new kids tablet delivers great performance and portability. Kids are going to love learning on this new tablet.


Books aren’t exactly playthings, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun or make a great gift. It’s one of the best gifts for an 8 year old boy or girl. More than any other gift, they can take your 8 year old to places where they never dreamed of.

I Will Take A Nap!I Will Take A Nap!check priceThis hardcover edition is a top-rated book for children starring Gerald and Piggie. Find out what happens on their adventure.
Welcome to the NeighborwoodWelcome to the Neighborwoodcheck priceThis is an amazing pop-up book featuring several animal builders. Read about how their skills help them survive the neighborwood.
Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection check priceThis is the perfect book for new parents, birthdays, and other special occassions. It’s a great collection of children’s favorites, including Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, and Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks.
The Book With No PicturesThe Book With No Picturescheck priceThis book features no illustrations but it’s a real crowd pleaser. Kids will be requesting multiple readings.
Happy Birthday To You!Happy Birthday To You!check priceThis book celebrates individuality and it is a classic read enjoyed by millions of readers. Experience the thrill of celebrating a birthday Katroo-style.

Building Toys

You can’t go wrong with building sets for 8 year olds. Eight year olds love creating and building things.

LEGO Classic Brick BoxLEGO Classic Brick Boxcheck priceThis LEGO Classic Brick Box brings the fun and enjoyment of LEGO building to life. There are models to build and kids are encouraged to explore building new things using their creativity. LEGO inspires creativity in kids.
LEGO City Police Swamp Police StationLEGO City Police Swamp Police Stationcheck priceEvery LEGO City needs a police station to enforce the law and put criminals behind bars. Add this awesome Swamp Police Station to your LEGO City collection.
LEGO Minecraft 21121 the Desert OutpostLEGO Minecraft 21121 the Desert Outpostcheck priceMinecraft continues to be one of the most popular games on the planet. The Desert Outpost is a great set offering a great build and allows for building of other models based on your imagination.
Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon GetawayMega Bloks Minions Station Wagon Getawaycheck priceThe Minions are so popular right now with a movie release and toys aligned with the movie release. Better snatch them up before they fly off shelves! The Station Wagon Getaway is one of the top sets from Mega Bloks.
LEGO Friends 41092 Stephanie’s PizzeriaLEGO Friends 41092 Stephanie's Pizzeriacheck priceIf your girls love LEGO Friends, they should check out this nice pizzeria. This is Stephanie’s Pizzeria. It makes for a great addition to their LEGO Friends collection.
LEGO Scooby-Doo 75904 Mystery Mansion Building KitLEGO Scooby-Doo 75904 Mystery Mansion Building Kitcheck priceScooby-Doo is still popular nowadays. This new LEGO set is themed around The Mystery Mansion. Join Scooby and his friends for some awesome adventures.
LEGO Jurassic World 75916LEGO Jurassic World 75916check priceThe LEGO Jurassic World is receiving rave reviews from owners. The bottom line is that it is a fantastic set so it is no wonder. This is simply one of many great new LEGO Jurassic World sets. Collect all your favorite LEGO Jurassic World sets.
LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice CastleLEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castlecheck priceThe Elsa’s Spakling Ice Castle looks like a real winner at first sight. If your child loves Frozen and LEGOs this is a must-have set. It offers and easy build and it looks great for acting out scenes from the movie.
LEGO Friends 41093 Heartlake Hair SalonLEGO Friends 41093 Heartlake Hair Saloncheck priceWhat would your LEGO Friends collection be without a hair salon? Add Heartlake Hair Salon to their collection to complete your LEGO Friends universe. The set looks fantastic and includes Emma and Natasha.
LEGO Superheroes The Hulk Buster SmashLEGO Superheroes The Hulk Buster Smashcheck priceThe Hulk Buster Smash set is a popularand high-rated LEGO set. If you love the Avengers, then this is one of the top buzz-worthy sets.Great for creating scenes from the Avengers Age of Ultron movie.
LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop TransportLEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Transportcheck priceThe Imperial Troop Transport looks impressive to say the least. Star Wars fans will definitely want to add this to their collection. The Imperial Troop Transport is from the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series.
Sick Bricks, 3 – in – 1 Power Up PlaysetSick Bricks, 3 - in - 1 Power Up Playsetcheck priceIf you haven’t discovered Sick Bricks, now’s the best time to join in the fun and excitement. These fall under the category of toys to life. You can actually bring your characters to life in the app which works on iOS devices.

Electronic Toys

Kids love electronic toys. These are the coolest electronic toys for 8 year olds.

StarLily My Magical UnicornStarLily My Magical Unicorncheck priceStarLily will be you child’s best friend. StarLily is a magical animated plush electronics toy from Hasbro. It’s part of the Fantasy Collection. This is the most advanced FurReal Friend to date, featuring life-like motion and poseable wings.
Imaginext Ultra T-RexImaginext Ultra T-Rexcheck priceIt’s the dawn of the dinosaurs with Imaginext Ultra T-Rex. Dinos are all the rage this year, especially with the release of Jurassic World. This 3-foot tall beast looks stunning and features impressive interactive features. The set also serves as a playset for double the excitement.
Zoomer KittyZoomer Kittycheck priceKids looking for a pet play pal should look no further than Zoomer Kitty. This is SpinMaster’s follow-up to the successful Zoomer Dino. It’s a fantastic electronic kitty for the kids.
Minions Tumblin’ StuartMinions Tumblin' Stuartcheck priceThis toy is hilarious and kids simply can’t get enough of Tumblin’ Stuart. Watch him fall over and over again; it never gets old. Great fun for Minions’ fans.
Minions Rock ‘N Roll StuartMinions Rock 'N Roll Stuartcheck priceInspired by the Minions’ movie, Minions Rock ‘n Roll Stuart is ready to rock your world. This is a great interactive Stuart featuring his original voice and speech. Stuart sings and even talks back to you!
Star Wars Furbacca FurbyStar Wars Furbacca Furbycheck priceStar Wars and Furby have been united to create Furbacca Furby. This is a play on Chewbacca for Star Wars fans. Great electronics toy for kids who love interacting with pet toys.
Hello BarbieHello Barbiecheck priceHello Barbie is causing quite a commotion in the toy world. This new Barbie is set to redefine the doll category again. Girls have long had imaginary conversations with their dolls. Now girls can have real conversations with Hello Barbie.
Little Live Pets S2 Tweet Talking Owl and BabyLittle Live Pets S2 Tweet Talking Owl and Babycheck priceIf your kids love pets, then they’ll love the Little Live Pets. This set includes the Graceling family – a talking owl and baby. Kid will enjoy as they sing and talk together.
Disney Sing Along ElsaDisney Sing Along Elsacheck priceSing Along Elsa is the perfect doll for Frozen fans. Kids can sing along with Elsa in a karaoke mode. Great for recreating scenes from the popular animated Disney film.
Meccano Meccanoid G15KSMeccano Meccanoid G15KScheck priceThe Meccanoid G15KS is a dream come true if your child loves robotics. Once you experience this toy you will be a believer. It’s so cool to experience all that the Meccanoid G15 KS has to offer. In many cases, this version is only available online. Hands-down, this is one of the coolest innovations in the toy world this year.
HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction SetHEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Setcheck priceThis is something totally new from the creators of Hexbugs. It’s a robotic construction set called the Hexbug Vex IQ. Kids are going to love this robotics toy.
Meccano MeccaNoid G15Meccano MeccaNoid G15check price The Meccano Meccanoid G15 is the little brother of the Meccanoid G15 KS. If you don’t want to spend too much on a robotic toy, then the Meccanoid G15 is the next best thing.


Gadgets aren’t only for adults. As technology advances and kids get more sophisticated, kids want what we want. As long as it comes with the right message, an expensive gadget could make a good gift. Encourage children saying “I think you are ready for a big kid item. Now show me that you can take care of it and use it responsibly. If you can’t ,it goes away.”

KidiZoom ActionCamKidiZoom ActionCamcheck priceVideo capture has never been easier for kids with Vtech’s KidiZoom ActionCam. The ActionCam includes games, photo effects, frames and filters for added fun. This is a creative toy for kids.
VTech KidiZoom SmartwatchVTech KidiZoom Smartwatchcheck priceThe Apple Watch and other smartwatches are picking up steam. Now kids can have their very own Smartwatch with the KidiZoom Smartwatch. It looks stylish and it is functional.
Wonder Workshop Dash RobotWonder Workshop Dash Robotcheck priceThe Dash Robot teaches kids how to program in a simple and fun way. This is one of the top nominees for innovative toy of the year. Kids will have a blast with the Dash Robot.
VTech Kidizoom Spin and Smile CameraVTech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Cameracheck priceKids can capture great memories with this kid-friendly camera from VTech. The camera includes 256 MB built-in memory for capturing all those precious moments.
Spy Gear, Spy Snake CamSpy Gear, Spy Snake Camcheck priceKids can go on stealth missions with the Spy Gear Snake Cam. Spy on your enemies or siblings and unravel the mystery. Displays good video for those stealthy missions.
Star Wars The Force Trainer II HologramStar Wars The Force Trainer II Hologramcheck priceThis is perhaps one of the coolest toys from the toy show. It’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. You can see these holograms and control the experience with your brainwaves. Pretty cool!
nabi DreamTab HD8nabi DreamTab HD8check priceThe nabi DreamTab HD8 is the next generation tablet that delivers performance and portability. It’s for kids who want more than a stripped down version of a tablet.
Amazon Fire HD 7Amazon Fire HD 7check priceThe Fire HD is an affordable, high-quality tablet that’s well-suited for kids. It’s great for exploring educational content, games, books, videos, music, and more! This is the portable 7-inch version of the Fire HD with 8GB of memory.

Video Games

Video games have become the go to amusement for 8 year olds. These videogames brings toys to life and encourage kids to build their own worlds.

Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Makercheck priceSuper Mario Maker has awesome written all over it. This is an idea that should have been brought to life much earlier. There are tons of levels to explore or create your own to share with others. This is a highly anticipated game for the Wii U.
Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter PackSkylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Packcheck priceSkylanders SuperChargers is expected to be a top seller on videogame lists. This is the latest incarnation in the franchise. The game will be available for all major platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, amd Xbox 360.
Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter PackDisney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Packcheck priceDisney Infinity introduces Star Wars into the mix in an all-new edition sure to captivate fans. Disney Infinity 3.0 is also expected to be a top seller in videogame, especially the Toys to Life category.
LEGO Dimensions Starter PackLEGO Dimensions Starter Packcheck priceIn LEGO Dimensions brings together characters from different worlds together. This is a new title to emerge in the Toys to Life category which has grown in popularity of the past few years. This has hit written all over it.

Pretend Play

Eight year olds aren’t too old for fantasy play. From dollhouses to batcaves, it’s okay to make believe with these fun toys.

Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice PalaceDisney Frozen Elsa's Ice Palacecheck priceFrozen fans will love recreating this memorable scene from the animated movie. This is surely going to make the top of many Christmas wish lists. The Ice Palace rises and allows for great play value.
Barbie DreamhouseBarbie Dreamhousecheck priceThe newest Barbie Dreamhouse is by far the best one yet. Explore all that this new dream house has to offer. There are even smart accessories which heighten the interactivity like never before. Great design and funcitonality come together to create one of the most impressive Barbie dream houses in history. Hands down this is the best doll house for the year. A must-have for Barbie fans.
MLP Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot CastleMLP Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castlecheck priceThe Canterlot Castle is ideal for My Little Pony fans. It’s a great playset that offers great play value. Plenty of great detailing and features a cool elevator.
Monster High Deadluxe High School Monster High Deadluxe High School check priceMonster High fans need a great playset to enrich their play with their Monster High Dolls. Now they can make this possible with the Monster High Deadluxe High School.
Shopkins Series 3 Scoops Ice Cream TruckShopkins Series 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truckcheck priceShopkins is one of the top collectible toys presently. A top new release is this Ice Cream Truck Playset which will take Shopkins play to the next level of fun. It makes for a great addition for Shopkins fans’ collections.
Transforming BatcaveTransforming Batcavecheck priceThere’s something mysterious about a Batcave, especially a Transforming Batcave. Batman fans will love this transforming Batcave, as it will take their play experiences to another level. There’s so much to see and do in this Transforming Batcave.
Chomping T Rex HeadChomping T Rex Headcheck priceSlip one on an you’ll instantly be transformed into a dinosaur on the prowl. Let you creative and imagination go wild.
Cinderella’s HorseCinderella’s Horsecheck priceGreat for recreating the magic of the Cinderella universe. Recreate your favorite scenes from the movie and relive the magic. Beautifully sculpted and great for playing and showcasing.
Star Wars Darth Vader Ultimate FX Lightsaber ToyStar Wars Darth Vader Ultimate FX Lightsaber Toycheck priceThe force will really be with you with the Star Wars Darth Vader Ultimate FX Lightsaber Toy. Engage in intense friendly battles just like in the Star Wars movies.
Barbie Pop-Up Camper VehicleBarbie Pop-Up Camper Vehiclecheck priceThe Pop-Up Camper is going to be a hot toy making many top toy lists. Perfect for Barbie fans who want a fun playset to add to their Barbie world.
miWorld Deluxe Environment Make Up PlaysetmiWorld Deluxe Environment Make Up Playsetcheck priceMiWorld delivers an engaging make up playset with real mini figs. CHildren can build, work and play in this playset. The set includes one figure and 50 accessories for a great play experience.
Hot Wheels AutoPark Ultimate GarageHot Wheels AutoPark Ultimate Garagecheck priceHot Wheel fans will love the Ultimate Garage. This garage allows Hot Wheels owners to store several Hot Wheels vehicles in the garage. It allows for great storage and play.
Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin MegazordFisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazordcheck priceOne look at the Power Rangers Megazord and you’ll be impressed. This is perfect for Power Rangers fans. It is the ultimate gift for a Power Rangers fan.
ALEX Toys Sweet Cupcake Tea SetALEX Toys Sweet Cupcake Tea Setcheck priceFor kids who love playing make believe, Alex Toys’ Sweet Cupcake Tea Set is perfect. Kids can play tea time anytime with this amazing tea set for kids.


Even at 8, the majority of girls are still very much into their dolls. It is still one of the best toys for an 8 year old girl. At this age, they are going to love dolls with a strong sense of self expression. From Frozen to Monster High to Barbie, here are the dolls that 8 year old girls are going to love.

Disney Frozen Fever ElsaDisney Frozen Fever Elsacheck priceFrozen Fever Elsa looks stunning in a beautiful evening gown. Makes for a great addition for Frozen fans. This is a fan favorite for Frozen fans.
Ever After High Darling Charming DollEver After High Darling Charming Dollcheck priceThis Ever After Doll is a sight to behold. Darling Charming sparkles from head to toe and includes hairbrush in the form of a key. Includes several accessories for Darling Charming.
Ever After High Duchess Swan DollEver After High Duchess Swan Dollcheck priceDuchess Swan looks like royalty in a stunning gown. The doll also includes a stand and hairbrush plus a brush key. The doll is fully poseable and several accessories to accentuate the Duchess.
Monster High Freak du Chic Gooliope Jellington DollMonster High Freak du Chic Gooliope Jellington Dollcheck priceThis doll is huge – standing a full 17-inches tall. Girls who love Monster High will love this new doll. It’s from the new Freak du Chic line.
Barbie Collector 2015 Ballet Wishes DollBarbie Collector 2015 Ballet Wishes Dollcheck priceBarbie collectors and fans will agree that the 2015 Ballet Wishes Barbie looks so beautiful. Makes for a perfect gift for Barbie fans and collectors alike.
Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa and Olaf Doll Gift SetDisney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa and Olaf Doll Gift Setcheck priceThis is a great gift set for Frozen fans who love Elsa and Olaf. The detailing on this set is great and each character closely resembles their likeness from the animated film.
Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts DollEver After High Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts Dollcheck priceLizzie Hearts looks absolutely dazzling in her outfit. This is a must-have for Ever After High fans. Add Lizzie Hearts to your collection today.
Ever After High School Spirit Apple White & Raven Queen Doll Ever After High School Spirit Apple White & Raven Queen Doll check priceBring home Apple White and Raven Queen. Apple White is pretty and the fairest one of them all. Raven Queen is stylin’ a fashionable look.
Monster High Fright-Mares Aery Evenfall DollMonster High Fright-Mares Aery Evenfall Dollcheck priceDo you have frightmares? Well you surely will once you lay eyes on this Monster High Fright-Mares doll. Meet Aery Evenfall. She is part centaur and part monster. Includes scary cool accessories.
Barbie Chelsea DollBarbie Chelsea Dollcheck priceBarbie Princess in Power fans will love this cute doll. It’s great for creating scenes from the show. Collect all your favorite dolls from the show.
Monster High Vinyl Collection Frankie Stein FigureMonster High Vinyl Collection Frankie Stein Figurecheck priceFrankie Stein looks stylishly cool. This new Monster High Vinyl collection includes many great collectibles. This is a great way to enjoy all your favorite Monster High characters.
Monster High Ghoul Fair Howleen Wolf DollMonster High Ghoul Fair Howleen Wolf Dollcheck priceMonster High students may lose their scool dance. Will the show groan on? Monster High fans can find out with the Monster High Ghoul Fair themed dolls. Collect all your favorite dolls in the collection.
Disney Descendants JaneDisney Descendants Janecheck priceBased on the show Disney Descendants, Jane is well representative of her character in the show. She looks prettyt and beautiful. Fans can collect all their favorites in the new fashion doll collection.
Lalaloopsy Girls Tippy Tumbelina DollLalaloopsy Girls Tippy Tumbelina Dollcheck priceSome may remember the craze of Lalaloopsy a few years back. Well these are the Girls line featuring all these cutsie dolls each given that special tender loving care in the creation process.

Action Figures

These action figures give 8 year olds the ability to create their own superheroes and villains.

Mario AmiiboMario Amiibocheck priceThere are several Amiibo to collect. Collect all your favorite Nintendo characters from Mario and Link to Samus, Fox, and Donkey Kong.
Hero Electronic Spider-ManHero Electronic Spider-Mancheck priceSpider-Man fans will love the new Hero Electronic Spider-Man. This is one of the best Spider-Man toys of the year. It’s a 12-inch figure featuring 20 phrases and sound effects.
My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Skywishes FigureMy Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Skywishes Figurecheck priceCutie Mark is such a cutie with beautiful, colorful hair. This figure includes a charm and necklace. Great for My Little Pony fans. Looks just like Skywishes.
Minions Movie Bob Mini FigureMinions Movie Bob Mini Figurecheck priceThis collectible toy is perfect for Minions fans. This is a Minion Bob mini figure based on the new Minions movie. Collect all your favorite Minions figures.
The Ugglys Pet Shop!, Series 1 Mini Figures, 8-Pack The Ugglys Pet Shop!, Series 1 Mini Figures, 8-Pack check priceThe Ugglys Pet Shop Series 1 mini figures is a popular 8-pack. This pack is a great way to start or build your Ugglys Pet Shop collection. There are over 101 Ugglys to collect.
Jurassic World Hero Mashers Tyrannosaurus Rex FigureJurassic World Hero Mashers Tyrannosaurus Rex Figurecheck priceThe T-Rex Hero Mashers allows kids to create a hybrid dinosaur. Kids can fire projectiles from the dino’s mouth. The best part is that the dino is fully customizable. So let your imagination run wild.
Chubby Puppies Boston TerrierChubby Puppies Boston Terriercheck priceThe Chubby Puppies are irresistably cute. Little kids will love these little critters. Collect all of your favorites to build your collection.
Disney Frozen Glitter Glider Anna, Elsa and OlafDisney Frozen Glitter Glider Anna, Elsa and Olafcheck priceThis is a popular Frozen set which includes Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. Perfect for Frozen fans. Kids can create their favorite scenes from the Frozen movie. Kids can even change their outfits.
Shopkins S3 Fashion Spree Themed Pack Cool N CasualShopkins S3 Fashion Spree Themed Pack Cool N Casualcheck priceShopkins fans can go on a shopping spree with this great set. This is the Shopkins Fashion Spree pack. This pack includes eight exclusive Shopkins with their weekend wardrobe. It’s part of the Cool Casual Collection. Collect this as well as other great Shopkins packs.
Star Wars The Black Series StormtrooperStar Wars The Black Series Stormtroopercheck priceThis 6-inch Stormtrooper from the Black Series makes for a great collectible. It’s a fantastic collectible figure that’s a fan favorite. It’s an accurate representation of a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars movies.
Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Man Mark 43Marvel Legends Infinite Series Iron Man Mark 43check priceIron Man is a fan favorite from the Marvel universe. This 6-inch figure is fully articulated and is an accurate replica of Iron Man Mark 43. Collect all your favorite Marvel Legends figures from the Infinite Series.
WWE Battle Pack Series #34: Animal vs. HawkWWE Battle Pack Series #34: Animal vs. Hawkcheck priceWWE fans know the tag-team of Animal and Hawk. They have been around since the WWF days. Boys will love this WWE battle pack series featuring none other than the Animal vs. Hawk. Includes two WWE wrestling figures.
Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Devastator Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Devastator check priceDesigned for ages 8 and over, the Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Devastator set can best be described as awesome. With six figures, you can combine them to form a massive 18-inch Devastator figure. This is a must-have for any Transformers fan.
Transformers Super BumblebeeTransformers Super Bumblebeecheck priceSuper Bumblebee is huge and it can transform from a robot to a vehicle. It converts in 3 easy steps and features lights and sounds.


Vehicles are still top toys for 8 year old boys. For those who still love cars and trucks, these vehicles make great gifts.

Cars Color ChangersCars Color Changerscheck priceBack by popular demand are the Cars Color Changers. Now that they are back on the market you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on them. There are many different Cars Color Changers to collect. Watch in amazement as the Cars change colors!
Hot Wheels Star WarsHot Wheels Star Warscheck priceFor the first time ever Hot Wheels and Star Wars have joined forces! Collect all you favorite How Wheels based on Star Wars universe characters like Han Solo and Darth Vader.
Switch and Go TriceratopsSwitch and Go Triceratopscheck priceExperience an RC toy with two modes – a dino and vehicle mode. What’s interesting is that this toy teaches kids cool dino facts and generates sound effects.
Hot Wheels DC UniverseHot Wheels DC Universecheck priceHot Wheels and DC Universe have joined forces for the first time ever, creating a match made in heaven. Now collectors can collect Hot Wheels vehicles based on popular DC Universe characters. Makes for a great gift.
Spider Man U-Command MotorcycleSpider Man U-Command Motorcyclecheck priceRace Spidey on an adrenaline-racing thrill ride with the Spider-Man U-Comand Motorcycle. Weave him in and out of traffic or other obstacles and create fantastic missions for our webbed hero.
NKOK Remote Control Krabby Patty Vehicle with SpongebobNKOK Remote Control Krabby Patty Vehicle with Spongebobcheck priceSpongeBob drives a Krabby Patty vehicle in this RC vehicle. SpongeBob is represented accurately and so it the vehicle. It’s cool to drive around SpongeBob in a RC type vehicle with real working headlights.
McQueen Diecast Vehicle McQueen Diecast Vehicle check priceLightning McQueen is a die-cast vehicle of everyone’s most popular character from Cars. The attention to detail will be appreciate by Cars fans. There are several die-cast vehicles to choose from.
Disney Planes Bulldog Disney Planes Bulldog check priceIf your child loved Disney Planes, there’s a high liklihood that they’ll also love these vehicles based on the Planes universe. Collect all your favorite Planes figures to build the ultimate Planes universe.
Air Hogs Shadow LauncherAir Hogs Shadow Launchercheck priceThe Shadow Launcher is a 2-in-1 RC vehicle with a secret weapon enclosed within. With the push of button you can unleash a secret heli that launches out of the Shadow Launcher vehicle. You’ve got to experience it really appreciate it.
Air Hogs Smash BotsAir Hogs Smash Botscheck priceBrace yourself for no-holds-barred action! Controlling the bot with an RC controller, you have to smash yur way to victory. There’s even a turbo mode for unleashing great impact on your opponent.
WowWee MiP Robot Rev ToyWowWee MiP Robot Rev Toycheck priceREV represents the future of battle. Features unparalleled multiplayer and AI battle experience. REV is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
Anki OverdriveAnki Overdrivecheck priceAnki Overdrive is a videogame in real life. Imagine a living racing videogame and you get the idea. One of the coolest toys ever is now hitting overdrive. With ten track pieces that can be configured anyway you like, you can now build the track so it is no longer just flat. The starter set comes with two toy cars plus a 10 track pieces. You’ll just need the iOS or Android app to start those engines.

Plush Toys

These soft, huggable, squeezable, and oh so lovable plush toys, make great companions for your loved ones.

Hog Wild Brobo Brobo PlushHog Wild Brobo Brobo Plushcheck priceBrobo are cutsie plush figures with kooky out-of-this-world designs. Each bedtime buddy includes a nightlight.
GOOGIES Fun and Multi-functional Smart Travel PillowGOOGIES Fun and Multi-functional Smart Travel Pillowcheck priceGoogies are fun and playful character pillows for children. There are many different ones to collect. Choose your favorites and have fun!
Minions Huggable Plush – BobMinions Huggable Plush - Bobcheck priceBob is one of the most popular Minions characters from the movie. Kids will love this huggable plush. Squueze him, hug him, and love your buddy.
Gund Elmo Large – 20″Gund Elmo Large - 20check priceElmo is represented as a 20-inch large plush doll of many children’s favorite Sesame Street character. Elmo is well represented and true to his Sesame Street likeness. Perfect for little ones who love Elmo. They won’t want to be without their pal.
Webkinz Colorblock Monkey PlushWebkinz Colorblock Monkey Plushcheck priceThis plush monkey is like a futuristic version of the traditional teddy bear. With Webkinz, kids will learn important computer and internet skills. Parents need not worry as it is done in a controlled environment.
Little Buddy Toys Nintendo Official Super Mario PlushLittle Buddy Toys Nintendo Official Super Mario Plushcheck priceNintendo and Mario fans will fall head over heels for this Official Super Mario Plush. It is an 8-inch version of Nintendo’s mascot. It is also an accurate representation of Super Mario from the Nintendo games.
Nintendo Official Super Mario Donkey Kong PlushNintendo Official Super Mario Donkey Kong Plushcheck priceEverybody remembers Donkey Kong from the first game with Mario. Some may have experienced this game in the arcades. This plush version of Donkey Kong is an accurate replica of Donkey Kong. This is a 9-inch version of Donkey Kong.

Sports Toys

Eight is sort of the age when children begin to describe themselves as athletic or unathletic. Now is a great time to consider gifts that support physical activity, teamwork, and confidence.

Wilson NFL Air Attack FootballWilson NFL Air Attack Footballcheck priceWith the Wilson Air Attack Football, kids can engage in classic fun play. This is an officially licensed product giving your game a more authentic feel. Throw short or go deep for the Hail Mary. Score touchdowns and win the game.
BOOMco. Mad Slammer BlasterBOOMco. Mad Slammer Blastercheck priceThe Mad Slammer includes a 20-dart clip, 20 smart stick darts, and 2 targets. The blaster features rapid firepower and shooting distances up to 60 feet.
Nerf MEGA RotoFuryNerf MEGA RotoFurycheck priceThe MEGA RotoFury is capable of firing 10 darts at a time without the need for reloading. Includes 10 whistle darts and shoots up to an amazing 90 feet.
Nerf Zombie Strike FlipfuryNerf Zombie Strike Flipfurycheck priceThe FlipFury is an action-packed blaster that fires 12 darts without reloading. Includes 12 Zombie darts and two six dart drums.
Zing Air Huntress Fire Tek BowZing Air Huntress Fire Tek Bowcheck priceThe Zing Air Huntress encompasses sheer awesomeness. You’ll feel like a real hunter wherever your adventures take you. It’s quick and easy to use.
Nerf N-Sports Vortex Aero Howler FootballNerf N-Sports Vortex Aero Howler Footballcheck priceTake you game to the next level with the Vortex Air Howler football. The tail propels it further than you ever imagined possible as compared to a traditional football. Have your offense go long and launch away for exhilarating thrills.
Chicago Girl’s Rink SkatesChicago Girl's Rink Skatescheck priceFor those who want a little thrill, it’s worth checking out these skates. They deliver good support and smooth rolling for a thrilling experience. Each pair includes a 30 day warranty.
Multiple Bubble Wand, GreenMultiple Bubble Wand, Greencheck priceNever before has creating bubbles been so fun. The Bubble Wand allows you to actually create bubbles as big as yourself. It super fun and easy. Once you start it’s hard to stop.
Nerf Rebelle Strongheart BowNerf Rebelle Strongheart Bowcheck priceThe Strongheart Bow is well-received by users. Your opponents will fear the power that this bow can unleash. Capable of firing up to distance of 75 feet.
Razor RipStik RipsterRazor RipStik Ripstercheck priceConstructed of high quality materials,the Ripstick Ripster delivers an awesome experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. It’s great for performing tricks and it’s a good replacement to the old fashioned skateboard.
JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 230F JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 230F check priceIf your kids love jumping around then this trampoline may be the perfect gift for them. This model is high rated and is sturdy and safe for kids to be jumping around and having a ball.
POOF Strato Slam Rocket Super SetPOOF Strato Slam Rocket Super Setcheck priceThe Strato Slam Rocket set is easy to use and allows kids to launch a rocket up to 200 feet soaring into the air. The set includes two rockets and you simply slam on the blast chamber to watch it blast off.
Zing Sky Ripperz, Double PackZing Sky Ripperz, Double Packcheck priceFor some great outdoor fun, the Zing Sky Ripperz delivers. Each rocket can blast up into the air about 250 feet. It even features a cool whistling action as it soars off into the air.


Even 8 year olds love ride-on toys. Wait until they zip around the driveways on these cool ride ons.

Razor Lil’ Crazy CartRazor Lil’ Crazy Cartcheck priceThe Lil’ Crazy Cart is the little brother of the Crazy Cart and it spins and drifts just like it’s bigger brother. The Lil’ Crazy Cart reaches speeds of 2 mph and supports riders up to 44 lbs in weight.
Razor Cruiser ScooterRazor Cruiser Scootercheck priceThe Cruiser Scooter is engineered with a whole new design and styling. Easily folds for storage. This scooter is suitable for ages 5 and older, supporting riders up to 140 pounds.
Radio Flyer Classic Red WagonRadio Flyer Classic Red Wagoncheck priceIf you want a classic ride for your child, the Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon is a solid choice. It features a solid design and engineering that has endured for generations. Plus, it looks attractive and works like a charm.
Razor Black Label A Kick ScooterRazor Black Label A Kick Scootercheck priceThis Razor Black Label A Kick Scooter is designed for young girls. It delivers good riding performance and can be easily folded. It’s suitable for ages 5 and up and supports riders weighing up to 140 pounds.
Razor A3 Kick ScooterRazor A3 Kick Scootercheck priceThe Razer A3 Kick Scooter features a shock absorbing system which delivers a smooth, enjoyable ride. It is engineered of aircraft-grade aluminum which carries in Razor’s long tradition of focusing on crafting high quality scooters. This scooter is suitable for ages 5 and up and supports riders weighing up to 140 pounds.
Razor Spark ScooterRazor Spark Scootercheck priceThe Razor Spark Scooter delivers a smooth ride and sparking action. The sparking action is best viewed in the night for best results. Replacement spark cartridges are sold separately.

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