Beware Poor Quality Fidget Spinners Are Dangerous

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Last Updated on December 26, 2019 by Danielle

Poor Quality Fidget Spinners

A warning has been issued over poor quality fidget spinners based on testing.

Fidget spinners are the hottest toy craze of 2017 – literally everybody wants one. Given how long the craze has lasted, it looks like the fidget toys are here to stay. While children love playing with their spinners, a new study raises awareness about low quality fidget spinners, as some pose a serious safety hazard. Previously, we had reported concerns over lead found in some fidget spinners.

According to a new investigation by BBC1’s Watchdog, parents are warned to be extra cautious about poorly constructed and designed import fidget spinners, as they could potentially cause serious injury to your child or anyone playing with them.

The findings of the investigation were that some of the fidget spinners had sharp edges that could easily damage children’s skin or eyes.
Parents are advised to be aware that many companies are simply trying to rush their fidget spinners to market to capitalize on the enormously popular toy trend.

In the United States and even in the United Kingdom, certain schools have banned fidget spinners altogether. Some people have reason to believe that they can aid children in focusing and reliving stress and anxiety. They are especially good for children with ADHD. Kids love flicking and spinning them for endless fun.

When Watchdog conducted interviews with parents, they were surprised by the poor quality of the sample fidget toys tested. Some of the fidget spinners feature metal which can cause bleeding if they edges make contact with your child’s skin.

The Watchdogs purchased five fidget spinning toys from stores and a toy safety specialist determined that they all failed basic safety tests and should have never been sold on the market.

Additionally, they purchased three fidget spinners from eBay that look like shurikens. All of these spinners tore through tomatoes and pork skin, representing human eyes and skin, respectively, in their testing. When the investigation brought to light this information to eBay, it took swift action removing these fidget spinners immediately and stating that those types of items are not allowed on the site.

Parents are advised to purchase their spinners from trustworthy stores or online e-tailers. You also want to examine spinners for sharp edges that could cause lacerations or other harmful injuries. In Europe you can also look for the CE symbol printed on the package.

Source: The Guardian

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