Could 2018 Be The Year of the Poop Toys?

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PooPeez collectibles

With poop toys flying off shelves, could this become the first big toy craze of 2018?

With 2017 in the bag, we’re expecting a new crop of exciting new toys to launch at Toy Fair 2018. However, there’s a popular trend that is difficult to overlook from last year: Poop toys are flying off retail store shelves in alarming numbers.

A game called Pull My Finger by Jakks Pacific hit it big this past Christmas for Toys ‘R’ Us. The game has players competing to pull a monkey’s finger. The catch? You have to do it without making the monkey release a big noisy fart.

Another game called Toilet Trouble has kids flushing a toilet bowl without getting splashed by the toilet on their turn. It’s wild and wacky toilet fun.

Previously, you may have also heard of a game called Doggie Doo. This game teaches kids to clean up after their dogs. In a way, this is teaching our kids socially responsible behavior. So it may not be such a bad thing that kids are into these kinds of toys. In fact, since its release in 2010, the game has generated $3 million in sales and last year was its best year ever. Goliath Games’ CEO David Norman admitted, they were worried moms wouldn’t get it for their kids. But clearly, they love it just as much as their kids, as voted by their wallets.

There’s also the always popular Fart Blaster that kids absolutely love based on the Despicable Me franchise. As you would expect, it delivers loads of different fart sounds to entertain until your child’s heart is content. This one simply never gets old and a new version was released just last year based on Despicable Me 3.

According to toy experts, major big box stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys ‘R’ Us are betting big on these potty trends for 2018. This includes toys that spew fake poo, flatulence-based toys, and practically anything poo-related. You could say the toy industry is headed straight to the toilet. Retailers are expecting the registers to blow up. According to Jim Silver, President of TTPM, 2018 will be the ‘Year of the Poop Collectible’, as several companies will be placing heavy bets on this popular category of toys for boys and girls.

So as far as 2018, what’s poop-related toys can parents expect to see on store shelves?

Jakks Pacific will launch Skid Shot 30. Skid Shot 30 is a toy gun that blasts wet balls of toilet paper. Nothing spells more fun than wet balls of toilet paper! This is likely to be popular with boys.

Basic Fun will be releasing one-inch squishable and stretchable toilet-themed collectibles called PooPeez. New PooPeez poop collectibles are expected to launch sometime later this week. This collectible line is based on a YouTube show and will feature thirty-six collectible figures, including Skid Mark, Lil’ Squirt, and Toot Fairy. And in the fall of 2018, 72 new PooPeez will launch along with plush toys and outhouses. The figures will come creatively packaged in a toilet paper roll.

Goliath Games has more toilet-themed toys in store for fans, although detailed specifics have yet to be revealed. Their first hit was Doggie Doo, which was followed-up by their second hit Who Tooted. Could they have another hit on their hands?

Previously, toilet-themed toys weren’t seen as anything more than a gag gift, like Whoopie Cushions and such. Rather than being frowned upon, now they are becoming more accepted by society at large. Now we’re even seeing baby dolls that poop in their diapers, creating a more realistic play experience. One of the more popular gifts for kids is the poop emoji. Younger generations growing up with South Park and emojis may also be contributing to the popularity of this toy category.

Other toilet-themed toys include Gas Out from Mattel, Despicable Me Fart Blaster from Thinkway, and Poo Dough from Sky Rocket. Gerrick Johnson, a BMO toy analyst stated they are ‘especially prevalent’ of late.

Although educational games may be popular, toys focused on pure fun still have a place in kids’ hearts and toy boxes. But will it become as big a toy craze as the fidget spinners, Fingerlings, and L.O.L. Dolls of 2017?


Source: New York Post

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