Disney Tsum Tsum Craze

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Disney Tsum Tsum Collectibles

Does Disney have a new collectible hit on its hands with Tsum Tsum?

Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Packs from Jakks Pacific are the latest collectibles taking the world by storm. This is the latest must-have sensation that kids are going crazy over. First, Shopkins was all the rage and now it’s all about Disney Tsum Tsum. Some analysts are already predicting that Tsum Tsums may be one of the best toys for Christmas 2021.

They might be just the size of a small Twinkie, but Tsum Tsum may be the hottest new thing. You have never seen this level of cuteness before. This oblong shaped plush toys are available in Disney’s most popular characters. These toys are meant to be purchased in groups and stacked on top of each other. In fact the word, Tsum in Japanese means “stack.” These unique toys are not only fun to collect, they are fun to stack.

As the name implies, you get a mystery character included in the package and the characters are stackable. Collect all your Disney favorites, including Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Lucky, Cheshire Cat, Dumbo, Figaro, Marie, Sebastian, Dale, and Stitch. Minor assembly is required for some accessories.

Part of the appeal is that they are so adorably cute, collectible, stackable, and there’s a surprise mystery character in every package! What’s cool is that they are minifigures of famous Disney characters that come with a little accessory stand.

Tsum Tsums were first introduced in Japan as a complement to the video game. More than 1.8 million toys have been sold in Japan.

According to the New York Times, Disney wasn’t sure if the toy would sell well in the United States. They started with a small trial and the toys are selling like wild cakes. The most popular characters are Stitch and Dumbo. Disney is trying to stock them as fast as possible and even expand the line to teenagers.

Will Tsum Tsums be a big hit? Even Disney can’t predict the future. Disney misread the forecast for Frozen merchandise. Further, toys that do well in Japan don’t always do well in the United States

Disney Tsum Tsums are available at big box stores like Target and they are also available online at Amazon.com. There are literally over 1000 different Tsum Tsums to collect in all! In addition to these Mystery Stack Packs, there are also adorable collectible plush figures of Tsum Tsums.

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