Well Known Character in Nintendo’s Upcoming Mobile App

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Nintendo outlines its future mobile apps. The company promises the next mobile app will feature one of its best known characters.

Although Nintendo didn’t reveal any new information on the mysterious Nintendo NX console, it did drop some hints as to what to expect for its next mobile app. Rumors point to the Nintendo NX working with the PS4 and perhaps even Xbox One.

Nintendo previously revealed its mobile strategy and partnership with DeNa, a third-party mobile software development company, last year. Expect Nintendo to release at least five new apps/games in 2016. DeNa will release the titles for iPhone and Android based devices. Previously Nintendo was against developing its content for mobile devices; however, that stance has drastically changed with Satoru Iwata’s mobile strategy announcement last year.

Nintendo’s first foray into mobile apps is known as Miitomo and it will debut in March 2016. It is a communication app and nothing more than that. Nintendo fans were expected something more than that.

Nintendo has hinted that the next mobile game would feature one of its ‘best-known characters’. Who could it be? That has loyal Nintendo fans and newcomers speculating what the new game could be. Could it be a new Mario game (Mario), Pokemon game, Zelda game (Link/Zelda), Donkey Kong game (Donkey Kong), Mario Kart game (Mario, et al.) , Super Smash Brothers game (Mario, et al.), StarFox game (Fox McCloud), Metroid game (Samus), Punch-Out game (Little Mac), Kirby game (Kirby), Yoshi game (Yoshi), or Pikmin game?

It also begs the question: will it be a classic reborn on iOS and Android or will it be a completely new game starring our favorite Nintendo character? Wonder if there is any chance we could see a Mario Maker on iOS and Android.

The strategy is that Nintendo could serve the mobile market at a lower cost when compared to its regular operations by partnering with DeNa. Moreover, Nintendo could remain focused on producing games for its dedicated home consoles.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) game that is expected to be released this year.

If Nintendo delivers the goods for gamers, it could certainly open new opportunities and help build the brand in a more positive light since there are many more users on mobile nowadays than a dedicated home console. We’ll have to wait and see to determine if this strategy works wonders for Nintendo. In any case, it will be exciting to experience a Nintendo game on a mobile device this year since they make some of best videogames! We just can’t wait to see what the new mobile app is and experience it for ourselves!

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