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Pool Float Toy

Pool floats have become super popular thanks to celebrities on Instagram.

If you want to stay cool this summer we’re guessing you’ll probably end up near a pool. Nothing like a good dip in the water to cool down and relax and avoid the sweltering heat of the sun. Practically everyone, including celebrities, on Instagram has an inflatable pool toy. Last summer Taylor Swift posted pics with inflatable swans. As a result, there was a surge in Google searches for “swan pool toy”. Again, in June 2016, this search saw an increase. Searches for “pool float” have also seen an increase – higher than seen in previous summers.

In fact, one of the most popular pool floats is the giant inflatable swan, which is over six-feet long.

Interestingly, inflatable swans are not the only ones gaining popularity. Hot pink flamingos, slices of pizza, and donuts are increasingly gaining popularity. People have a variety of favorites when it comes to pool floats. In fact, it got so big that it made our hot christmas toys 2021 list.

Celebrities help to bring an increase to these floats when they are seen on pics on Instagram and other social media sites.

Some of the companies that sell floats include but are not limited to Funboy and BigMouth. Funboy is the creator of the swan float. They offer a gigantic black swan with an orange beak that is awesome. In fact, on Instagram it has garnered over 650 likes and generated over 30 comments. BigMouth is a toy company and pool floats are among some of their most popular products. They sell many hot pink floating flamingos. BigMouth also has a giant pink donut that is popular. Reese Witherspoon was captured in a $20 donut float costing roughly $20. Many celebs have been posing with pink flamingos. In fact, on Instagram, believe it or not – there are over 10,000 posts tagged with #flamingofloat and there are over 40,000 posts tagged #poolfloat. So, clearly, floats are a must-have for your fun in the pool this summer.

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